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Seller: beastoree (4,954) 99.6%, Location: Newport, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item: 263473118609 GENUINE MILITARY ISSUE GAS MASKS I DECIDED TO PLACE ALL MY GEAR IN ONE PLACE SO IT CAN BE BETTER VIEWED AND I HOPE THAT YOU'LL FIND SOMETHING INTERESTING FOR YOU:) THANKS FOR LOOKING!!PLEASE SELECT YOUR DESIRED SET FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU ABOVE AND READ THE INDIVIDUAL DESCRIPTIONS BELOW. I wanted to start the listings in order from the cheapest ones but the MP5 is my best one, am really happy of it so I will start from MP5:)) That's my favourite gas mask, With full NBC/CBRN protection. MP5 MODERN POLISH GAS MASK MP5 MODERN POLISH GAS MASK WITH NO FILTERS EXTRA. The material resists the penetration of toxic substances (Fallout material, Biological, chemical)- this mask has a drinking system available, You need to connect an MP5 specific drinking straw, (good news it if the straw breaks with over usage, you just need to change the detachable straw and not the whole Respirator) Not an integral drinking system for better CBRN protection.- wide field of view, single panoramic lens.- condensation/sweat is exhaled through the exhaust valve without having to remove the mask itself.- the ability to talk clear and loud, thanks to a great speech diaphragm.- A strong but lightweight mask (below 600g) - long-term storage and use.all NATO 40mm filters can be used. Respiratory protection and face protection * anti-allergic silicone * European standard PN-EN 136 * resistant to penetration * Special built of panoramic screen for better protection against shards (screen is very durable), external drinking system for better CBRN protection. RUSTED MC1:RUSTED MC1:MC mean civilian mask. As some of them come rusted I will sell them at a reflective price. There can be rust on a bag clasps or some metal parts. Worth of it's price. 177 sold in here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MC1-MILITARY-RUSTED-POLISH-GAS-MASK-BARGAIN-VERY-CHEAP/263209223991?epid=2245564636&hash=item3d487e0737:g:g~kAAOSwHpdZvBQ8 MC1 NEW:THE SAME ONE AS ABOVE BUT NEW. AND IN GOOD OVERALL CONDITION.more than 400 sold: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WORTH-OF-CHECKING-OUT-NEW-MC1-RAT-GAS-MASK-SET-IN-THE-BEST-PRICE-IN-HERE/262075588571?hash=item3d04ec1fdb:g:wwgAAOSwtTJZyqx6 MP4 USED.Not all of them have been used. Some of them are still disassembled but generally most of them have mounted filters - so having to sell them as used. Add a pair of spare filters and buy them at a good price. MP4 BRAND NEW ONE:REALLY NICE ONE. LIKE STRAIGHT FROM PRODUCTION LINE, SEALED WITH SPARE SET OF FILTERS. Yes there is m17 shown on the main photo, do not want to cheat anyone but my wife created this listing for me and I can not do anything ;) But congratulations for the person who discovered it;)250 sold in here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-SEALED-RELIABLE-ADJUSTABLE-POLISH-MP4-GAS-MASK-WITH-SPARE-FILTERS/262076447243?epid=707962156&hash=item3d04f93a0b:g:9kMAAOSwJhFZfIqV MP4B WITH DRINKING SYSTEM:A very Rare one. Got them for the first time. I can bet You haven't ever seen them before. The same as the MP4 but with a drinking system and waterproof bag. Produced in 90s for Polish special forces. I add a pair of spare filters to every Respirator. TANKERS HELMET WITH NEW MC1 GAS MASKAnswering in advance too some strange questions that I receive sometimes: I'm not 100% sure if You can connect this helmet to your home PC and play word of tanks but it's still a good piece of kit. You wont be able to hear your wife nagging whilst playing in it for sure:)Selling these cheaply as I was lucky to bulk buy them. Check their prices. I sell them for 1/3 of market value. Tank helmet is 70's soviet model (4 protective combs) used in all kinds of tanks and armored vehicles. Here is probably a T72 crew. Both winter and summer issues. OM-14:Better copy of Soviet GP5. Very nice gas mask with filter breathing hose and nice bag. BTW. Please do not believe they're the WWII GP5!! MUA GAS MASK:Better copy of OM-14;) Comes with a very nice waterproof bag, breathing hose, and filter. Produced until the 90s. All I've got is from the end of production.The difference between om-14, gp5 and others is the voice diagram on the face part. It can be made of plastic or metal. Sending them randomly, but I've got both kinds. About 200 sold in different listings: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MUA-ZsM41M-GAS-MASK-VOICE-CHAMBER-FILTER-HOSE-AND-WATERPROOF-BAG-NOT-GP5/262741956704?hash=item3d2ca41860:m:mRBuJi5wD7oQoKbKUamx0Lw OM-14 FIRST MODEL:A VERY RARE ONE. Exhaust valve similar to GP5. Beginning of production of this gas mask. MK-221:RARE ONE. The Mk-221 mask is very similar to the Mk-212 mask. It was produced on the same basis and also by FASER.The Mk-221 mask was used in industry. The plastic valve chamber used in it significantly lowered its weight, which enabled it to be used in hard-to-reach places such as wells, canals or chimneys.Something like a mix of GP5 and MC1. US famous m17a2 gas mask. Grandmother of all cheek filter system ones copied in many countriesAt first I was selling them as M17a1 but here again someone smarter than me told that's M17a2. Sorry, didn't want to mislead anyone! It's M17a2. Thanks!!What is so different about this gas mask? I'd imagine that you would rather not buy from mainland Europe, I think it's better that I have them here in the UK so you can save on shipping costs.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M17a1-gas-mask/263074478034?hash=item3d4075f7d2:g:xfQAAOSwIINZvt5X M10M WITH CZECH NBC SET AND SPARE FILTERS:COLLECTIBLE M10 WITH DRINKING STRAW!!COMPLETE SET INCLUDES BAG / FILTERS & MASK.IN UN-ISSUED CONDITION BUT HAVE BEEN IN STORAGE FOR MANY YEARS SO SOME STORAGE MARKS MAY BE VISIBLE. ROMANIAN M72VERY NICE ROMANIAN GAS MASK FROM ROUGHLY 1989. IN SEALED BAG WITH WATERPROOF BAG AND INSTRUCTION PRW WITH MS4 PLUMBED FILTER.Still a rare one but without anti-fire sleeve and original bag, with a different filter. That's why I sell them cheap. Some of them may have some rust. Nice Russian gear - still used today what you can see in here, (check the last man on the photo):https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRW-U-RARE-BLACK-RUSSIAN-GAS-MASK-SARIN-SYRIAN-TROOPS-CHEMICAL-COLLECTIBLE/262929222842?hash=item3d37cd8cba:g:SlIAAOSwB-1Y6dbD PRW ROCKET LAUNCHER OPERATORS GAS MASK Rare one. Good for collections. For rocket launcher operators and prepared to be used with scoped weapons. For example Russian night vision fits it perfectly! There are no holes on voice chamber so the flames not to get in. Smart Soviet technical thought.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRW-U-RARE-PRW-COLLECTABLE-SOVIET-GAS-MASK-FULL-SET-WITH-ANTI-FIRE-SLEEVE/263155114017?hash=item3d45446021:g:cv0AAOSwSYpZ2fIN SCHMS/SHMS SOVIET SNIPERS GAS MASK SOMETIMES CALLED ,,MONEKY FACE''Made for snipers. Ideally fits any scoped weapons, night vision and other equipment like that. One of my favourites for sure. Its quite a scary respirator. Some of them may be discoloured or show signs of a little rust.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-RUSSIAN-SOVIET-SCHMS-SHMs-SNIPERS-GAS-MASK-MONKEY-FACE/263209407064?hash=item3d4880d258:g:yQIAAOSwH2VaMYh3 SR-1 Head wounded gas maskProduced between 80's and 90's. It's purpose was to safety transport head wounded soldiers to the hospital in contaminated areas. Creepy but certainly an interesting one... Some of them are still in powder (for storage after production) some of them may be a little discoloured.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Soviet-Polish-Rare-SR-1-HEAD-WOUNDED-SR1-GAS-MASK-Very-scare-and-creepy-one/263042681932?hash=item3d3e90cc4c:g:Gt4AAOSw~e5ZRUAT IP5 gas mask/ diving mask. One of my favourites!https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IP-5-IP-5-Vintage-Surplus-Soviet-DIVERS-GAS-MASK-Collectible-and-very-rare/262080227620?hash=item3d0532e924:m:mrcHyRfBKI4wwwTXMR2BRhQ ML POLISH GAS MASKReally another rare one. Just after war production. It's not GP4. The bag was produced just for this gas mask, with clear instructions. A collectable one for sure. All of them are almost like new. Genuine Military surplus. IMPORTANT! THE FILTERS JUST FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. NVA ShM41 GAS MASK This comes from the 60s, from East Germany ruled by Soviets. This gas mask comes with a unique short green tube used by Germans just for this model... Worth buying it just for a awesome bag. The whole set is in very nice condition. IMPORTANT! THE FILTERS JUST FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. SOVIET ShM41 GAS MASKJust after war production. Most of them come from about 1954. A very nice brown bag with a sturdy leather strap and material tube. The whole set is in very nice condition.IMPORTANT! THE FILTERS JUST FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. MC1 KIDS SIZEAs it is civilian gas mask - it was produced also in kids sizes.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-RARE-MC1-CHILD-KIDS-GAS-MASK-MILITARY-POLISH-GAS-MASK-SIZE-0-1/263209270469?hash=item3d487ebcc5:g:a24AAOSwEOpZ-jcF SOVIET IIWW HORSE GAS MASK GR1I was very lucky to been able to buy 30 of them, it was almost impossible to find them- but I did - from old man whose father was taking care of Soviet stables in Bialystok! The stables don't exist any more... He took care of the gas masks:))Selling them in grade 1 and 2 still at a price much below their market price. THE PRICE IN HERE IS JUST TO FILL A TICK BOX, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WHOLE SET PLEASE CHECK IN HERE: SOVIET IIWW HORSE GAS MASK GR2I was very lucky to been able to buy 30 of them, it was almost impossible to find them- but I did - from old man whose father was taking care of Soviet stables in Bialystok! The stables don't exist any more... He took care of the gas masks:))Selling them in grade 1 and 2 still at a price much below their market price. THE PRICE IN HERE IS JUST TO FILL A TICK BOX, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WHOLE SET PLEASE CHECK IN HERE: NBC COAT WITH MC1 GAS MASKCan be used as raincoat as well. Very thick and durable rubber coat with hood. L2 NBC SUIT with gloves1 part anti-nuclear, biological and chemical suit. You can use it with almost any gas mask. The price is just for the suit, without the gas mask. Great piece of kit. Can't compare with NVA ones. Like in here:More than 1500 sold all over the word in different listings and portals. I think it testifies about itself. (Ah.. I had one situation with one greedy lady who wanted to get the posted gear for free and she stated that dosimeter leaked (there is no liquid inside) and she wanted full compensation as probably everything is probably radiated right!?!and demanded a refund now....Otherwise she will inform ebay. After my short message she soon changed her mind;) - some people eh?https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RADIATION-NBC-HAZMAT-SUIT-GAS-MASK-SEALED-FILTERS-NBC/262703888347?hash=item3d2a5f37db:m:mL-UV-PWbYSpeXZRUU8fGGwhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GAS-MASK-NBC-HAZMAT-SUIT-RADIATION-SURPLUS-CHERNOBYL-CHEMICAL-FALLOUT/262359099335?hash=item3d15d227c7:m:mJYvGN8oAvmsD15TJF8mJYw L1 NBC SUIT with gloves and dosimeter.I have listed these for the first time, but used them in the past, I've paid quite a bit for them, I don't know if they will sell well - but trust me that's the BEST hazmat suit I have ever seen!Comes in 2 parts- trousers with waders and a Smock. You can wear it in a minute (if you' practice) And one important thing: Yes you can buy the British NBC suits but there is activated charcoal inside and after time it expires - So check the dates, there's simply no sense in buying something like that if you could have something incredibly durable and can last for decades if stored correctly. No competition. FOO-1 CBRN SUIT WHOLE SET. MOBILE BUNKER:))It's the Jewel of my collection, as they are made just for military purposes. Comes with a brand new MP5 gas mask. A TRUE CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL RADIOLOGICAL AND NUCLEAR SUIT. A man asked me why I sell my suits so cheap as they cost about £1k brand new, (I have connections;) So now i've got a suit like that at an affordable price. The Expiry date is 2022 and you can't get them on the civilian market. PRICE IN HERE IS JUST FOR A GAS MASK, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WHOLE SET PLEASE CHECK IN HERE:PRICE IN HERE IS JUST FOR A GAS MASK, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WHOLE SET PLEASE CHECK IN HERE:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MODERN-CBRN-NBC-SUIT-CHEMICAL-NUCLEAR-RADIATION-EXP-2022-SET-NBC-FILTER-GAS-MAS/263297841344?hash=item3d4dc638c0:g:TcYAAOSw-xVZ~dxT GERMAN BUNDESWERH NBC ABC ZODIAC SUIT:Nice one and well known. As in description:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/gas-mask-modern-filter-BUNDESWERH-ZODIAK-hevy-duty-NBC-HAZMAT-RadIATION-suit/262747827095?epid=14002985188&hash=item3d2cfdab97:g:FpYAAOSw4GVYRBoI NEW 40MM RUBBER GAS MASK EXCELLENT TUBE 50-54CM LENGTH 40 MM PIPEMore than 150 sold. Like in here:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-40MM-RUBBER-GAS-MASK-EXCELLENT-TUBE-50-54CM-LENGTH-40-MM-PIPE/262741997682?epid=717097425&hash=item3d2ca4b872:g:3cUAAOSwa~BYPs7y FULLY REFURBISHED 40MM GAS MASK HOSE TUBE SUITABLE FOR MANY FILTERSREALLY NICE ONES! After spending time with them using some secret ingredients they are LIKE NEW!;)https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FULLY-REFURBISHED-40MM-GAS-MASK-HOSE-TUBE-SUITABLE-FOR-MANY-FILTERS/262446905067?epid=687145058&hash=item3d1b0df6eb:g:M3AAAOSwInxXNcB7 FP5 CBRN FILTERGreat filter! More that 200 sold just on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MODERN-MILITARY-GAS-MASK-FP5-FILTER-40MM-CBRN-NBC-FOR-MOST-MODELS-SALE/262747982477?epid=934867313&hash=item3d2d000a8d:g:0F8AAOSwB09YRDz0 MS4 filter. 40mm GOST thread.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-40mm-GOST-MS4-GAS-MASK-FILTER-FIT-ALL-SOVIET-GM-AND-IS-FULLY-SAFE-MS-4/262388239092?epid=854393641&hash=item3d178ecaf4:g:prAAAOSwiYFXDmcJ MP4 CHEEK FILTERS X 5 SON-1u (From my private collection) NBC toddlers 1989 hospital evacuation box. I've got 3 in my collection. You will not find any information about that stuff. After catastrophe in Chernobyl not many of them were produced. It is supplied with 6xR20, the atmosphere air comes to the box threw the filter with the pump supplied with batteries. Inside it is hermetically sealed. Need to upload a video on Youtube, maybe anyone will have any information about that stuff. Do not know how many more of them still exist. Was lucky to buy 3 long long time ago. Haven't ever seen or heard about this stuff. Big value. . Type: Gas Masks, Conflict: ALL;), Clothing Type: NBC, Era: 1914-1945

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