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Seller: paratroopeasy506ef (865) 100%, Location: Braintree, Massachusetts, Ships to: US, Item: 113832877851 WWII BRITISH STEN GUN Mk III CAP FIRING (PFC) REPLICA MODEL GUN (MGC) VERY RARE! WWII BRITISH STEN GUN Mk III CAP FIRING (PFC) REPLICA MODEL GUN (MGC) VERY RARE! Click images to enlarge Description From a private WWII museum collection of over 20 years, featuring all types of original WWII period clothing, equipment and assorted military pieces, as well as a variety of reproduction items, uniforms, equipment, and European military surplus. All items have been part of a variety of WWII displays. This private WWII museum collection is being sold off. The following item is offered for sale – WWII BRITISH STEN GUN Mk III CAP FIRING (PFC) REPLICA MODEL GUN (MGC) VERY RARE! ADDITIONAL 24 PICTURE GALLERY INCLUDED FROM THE WWII MUSEUM COLLECTION: THIS IS THE CLASSIC & EXTREMELY RARE MGC (Model Gun Company) WWII BRITISH MK III STEN GUN CAP FIRING MODEL REPLICA THIS REPLICA MODELGUN COMES WITH A PERMANENTLY AFFIXED ORANGE BARREL PLUG/TIP, REQUIRED BY EBAY AND FEDERAL LAW,THAT CANNOT BE REMOVED. THIS REPLICA MODEL GUN COMPLIES WITH ALL EBAY RULES & REGULATIONS. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL & “EXTREMELY RARE” MGC PRODUCTION (PFC) PLUG FIRE CARTRIDGE CAP FIRING TOY REPLICA MODEL WWII BRITISH “MK III STEN GUN.” THEY’RE NOT AROUND .. CAN’T GET ONE ANYWHERE! THESE ARE EXTREMELY RARE … DON’T MISS OUT!! MY DAD PURCHASED (PFC) MODEL REPLICA GUNS FROM 3 DIFFERENT DEALERS .. MODEL GUNS UK & 2 DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA … MY DAD HAD ABOUT A DOZEN DIFFERENT (PFC) WWII MODEL REPLICA GUNS, FROM THIS STEN TO THE BEAUTIFUL THOMPSON SMG’s. THESE MK III STEN GUNS WERE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET .. ONE OF THE AIRSOFT DEALERS IN CA. WHO DEALT IN (PFC) REPLICA GUNS WAS ABLE TO MAKE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS AND ACTUALLY GOT ONE, AND GUARANTEED DELIVEREY TO MY DAD FOR $1000. THAT’S WHAT MY DAD PAID TO AQCUIRE THIS. THEY ARE JUST ABOUT IMPOSSIBLE TO GET NOW! WE ARE NOW SELLING IT, AS THE ENTIRE WWII COLLECTION IS BEING SOLD OFF. A REAL SUPPRESSOR/SILENCER FOR A MK II STEN GOES FOR $2000. BY ITSELF …. JUST THE SILENCER, & A REAL MK II STEN SELLS FOR $8000. ON GUN BROKER … SO THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET A RARE BEAUTY MGC NEVER USED MK III STEN, FOR JUST A MERE PITTANCE OF THAT! CONDITION: ALL ZINC-ALLOY SHEET FABRICATED METAL WITH STAMPED & WELDED CONSTRUCTION, JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL & LOOKS JUST LIKE AN ORIGINAL IN IT’S SIMPLE STAMPED & WELDED PRODUCTION BUILD.. “EXTREMELY REALISTIC”, IT IS IN LIKE NEW CONDITION WITH ONLY MINISCULE DISPLAY CASE WEAR. IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED NEVER BEEN LOADED NEVER BEEN FIRED NEVER USED FOR LIVING HISTORY OR REENACTMENT IT HAS ONLY BEEN USED FOR STATIC MANNEQUIN & OR GLASS CASE DISPLAY IN THE WWII MUSEUM COLLECTION…”THAT’S IT” “DISPLAY ONLY!” REMAINS IN THE EXACT SAME CONDITION AS WHEN MY DAD BOUGHT IT!! “TRY FINDING ONE OF THESE “NEVER USED” JUST ABOUT IMPOSSIBLE!” US SALES ONLY!!!! IT HAS BEEN PLASTIC STORED THE LAST 5+ YEARS. THIS REPLICA STEN WAS MANUFACTURED BY MGC IN DEEP GREY/BLACK ZINC-IRON COMBO METAL TO REPLICATE THE ORIGINAL. IT FEATURES THE SAME EXACT MK III STEN PRODUCTION WITH FULL 18 INCH TUBE BARREL WITH SHORT NOSE MUZZLE TIP (USED ON THE MK III STENS) FEATURES THE BASIC ( T ) SHOULDER STOCK. FEATURES A RIGHT SIDE BOLT, RECEIVER & SPRING ASSEMBLY AND A LEFT SIDE MAGAZINE PORT WITH TOP MOUNTED RELEASE BUTTON, & FRONT TRIGGER SAFETY RELEASE BUTTON. COMES WITH (1) ORIGINAL FUNCTIONAL 30 ROUND STAINLESS STEEL MAGAZINE CLIP, AS PICTURED. ITS JUNE 6TH, 1944 … YOU’RE A BRITISH PARATROOPER,“D” COMPANY, OX & BUCKS, BRITISH 6TH AIRBORNE DIV. YOU’VE LANDED IN YOUR HORSA GLIDER, JUST 50 “ YARDS AWAY FROM PEGASUS BRIDGE … YOU’VE QUICKLY EXITED OUT OF THE GLIDER … AT THE URGING OF YOUR COMPANY COMMANDER YELLING …. “UP THE ACTION BANKS!” “UP THE ACTION BANKS!” YOU SPRINT OVER BARBED WIRE .. RUNNING TO THE BRIDGE, AND, AS YOU STEP ONTO THE BRIDGE, YOU LEVEL YOUR MK III STEN GUN, HAVING HOISTED IT TO CENTER CHEST, & SECURELY TUCKED INTO YOUR RIGHT SIDE…YOU HOLD THE TRIGGER IN YOUR RIGHT HAND, WHILE YOUR LEFT HAND FIRMLY HOLDS THE MAGAZINE FACING STRAIGHT OUT TO YOUR LEFT, TO STEADY THE GUN. … YOU HAVE PULLED BACK & COCKED THE RIGHT SIDE BOLT … YOU ARE STANDING IN THE CLASSIC STEN GUN POSTION .. READY TO FIRE .. YOUR LEFT HAND THUMB PRESSES THE LEFT SIDE MOUNTED TRIGGER SAFETY RELEASE BUTTON, YOU PULL THE TRIGGER ….. AN OPEN FIRE THE BOLT SLAMS FORWARD ON THIS BEAUTIFUL STEN GUN, AS YOU FIRE OFF A FULL CLIP … YOU QUICKLY CLEAR THE FRONT OF THE BRIDGE OF THE FEW GERMAN SOLDIERS STILL REMAINING, WHILE THE REST OF YOUR MATES SWARM PAST TO CLEAR THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE ….. YOUR COMMANDER, MAJOR JOHN HOWARD SMILES, AS THAT SINGULAR THOUGHT FLASHES THRU HIS MIND “HOLD UNTIL RELIEVED … HOLD UNTIL RELIEVED!!!” AFTER COCKING THE BOLT, AND WHEN HOLDING THIS FABULOUS (PFC) PLUG FIRE CARTRIDGE MODEL GUN, AS YOU PRESS THE TRIGGER SAFETY BUTTON WITH YOUR LEFT THUMB, AND PULL THE TRIGGER, THE BOLT ON THIS REPLICA GUN WILL SLAM FORWARD WITH GREAT POWER … “AND A LOUD CRACK” THIS IS AN AMAZING (PFC) MODEL REPLICA GUN, THAT WILL FIRE OFF A FULL MAG “BLOODY QUICK” "JOLLY GOOD!" NO VISIBLE (MGC) MAKER NAME COMES WITH ITS OWN UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER SER.# 10899 SERIAL # IS FOUND ON TOP OF THE MAGAZINE PORT MGC TECHNICAL SPECS: FEATURES * All metal construction, has a very real gun like feel to it * Fires in full automatic * Disassembles, operates and simulates firing like the real Sten. (Shells & Caps NOT INCLUDED) Length: 30 inches Weight: Approx. 7 LBS / pounds Magazine capacity: 30 PFC Replica cartridges (Shells & Caps NOT INCLUDED) Firing mechanism: Open bolt blowback USES CAP LOADED SIMULATED BRASS SHELLS (NOT INCLUDED) & SIMULATE FIRES “AMAZING” THIS REPLICA MODEL GUN CAN NOT FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE OUT OF THE BLOCKED & ORANGE PLUGGED BARREL. THIS IS NOT A REAL GUN THIS IS A TOY MODEL FOR ADULTS IT CAN NOT BE CONVERTED TO SHOOT ANY PROJECTILE … IT ONLY EJECTS BRASS SHELLS OUT OF THE PORT. BARREL IS BLOCKED HAS AN PERMANENT ORANGE MUZZLE PLUG (AS REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW & EBAY RULES & GUIDELINES) **** ADDITIONALLY, IT COMES WITH AN ORIGINAL WWII BRITISH STEN GUN KHAKI WEB RIFLE SLING WITH ATTACHING C CLIPS (INCLUDED) (ORIGINAL WWII ISSUE STEN KHAKI WEB SLING) MY DAD PAID $45. FOR THE SLING AT THE TIME. IT IS BROAD ARROW MARKED BUT NOT DATED. ORIGINAL WWII ERA SLING SHOWS SLIGHT WEAR CONSISTANT WITH 70+ YRS. AGE. THIS IS THE ONLY KNOWN WORKING (PFC) “STEN MK III” “SHORT NOSE” REPLICA MODEL GUN PRODUCED MAKING IT VERY RARE INDEED!! *** ABLE TO SIMULATE FIRE A CAP FILLED REPLICA BRASS SHELL CASING, WHICH IS EJECTED OUT OF THE RECEIVER EJECTION PORT. THIS IS A NON-GUN REPLICA TOY MODEL & CANNOT FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE OUT OF THE BARREL!!! *** FORGET THOSE CHEAP STAND THERE & JUST LOOK AT DENIX MODEL STEN GUNS .. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL (MGC) (PFC) CAP-FIRING BRITISH MK III STEN GUN! THIS WILL MAKE AN EXCELLENT ADDITION TO ANY WWII BRITISH MILITARIA COLLECTION, OR FOR LIVING HISTORY OR REENACTMENT. IT HAS BEEN A PRIZED PART OF MY DAD’S WWII COLLECTION, & HE IS SAD TO SEE IT GO. WE DO NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL BOX OR USER GUIDE/HANDBOOK THAT CAME WITH THESE. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WERE USED FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY & ARE NOT INCLUDED, & NOT FOR SALE > BRITISH FIELD JACKET/BATTLE DRESS SHIRT SCARF BRITISH LEATHER JERKIN VEST BRITISH P-37 WEB/UTILITY SET WITH POUCHES BRITISH BINOCULARS SET & CARRY CASE WEB BELT BRITISH SATCHEL CHG’S CARRY BAG HAT BAYONET FROG BRITISH OFFICER’S MK VI WEBLEY REVOLVER W. LANYARD COLLECTORS BOOKS A WORD ABOUT SHIPPING: MOST LARGE AIRSOFT & REPLICA GUN STORES/DEALERS HAVE NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS FOR REDUCED SHIPPING RATES ON LARGE BOXED ITEMS, THE SAME WAY ALLOY RIM SHOPS GET REDUCED RATES TO SHIP YOU 4 NEW ALLOY RIMS WITH MOUNTED TIRES FROM CALIF. TO ANYWAY IN THE 48 STATES FOR CHEAP RATES, AND THESE DEALERS SELL HUNDREDS OF MODEL GUNS THAT COME IN LIGHT-WEIGHT CUSTOM MADE FACTORY BOXES WITH GUN SHAPE MOLDED STYROFOAM PADDING. “WE DO NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL BOX” …… >>> BUT AS AN INDIVIDUAL SHIPPING A REPLICA GUN, RATES FROM THE POST OFFICE ARE TWICE THAT … WE PURCHASED A SPECIAL BOX FROM UPS & CUSTOM FABRICATED IT TO SECURELY HOLD/CARRY & SHIP THIS GUN. THIS MGC WWII BRITISH MK III STEN REPLICA GUN HAS BEEN BEAUTIFULLY CUSTOM PACKED & WRAPPED FOR WONDERFUL SAFE & SECURE SHIPMENT TO THOSE STATES IN THE 48 THAT ALLOW REPLICA GUN PURCHASES & SHIPMENTS THE POST OFFICE & UPS PEOPLE LOVE US & TOUT US FOR THE BEST PACKED BOXES THEY SHIP. “NOBODY PACKS BETTER ON EBAY THAN US!!! .. NOBODY!” MAKE SURE YOUR RECOGNIZE OUR INCREDIBLE PACKING IN YOUR FEEDBACK! THIS BEAUTIFULLY PACKED STEN AT USPS WEIGHS OUT AT APPROX. 12.5 POUNDS FULLY PACKED & ITS DIMENSIONS ARE > 36" LONG 12” WIDE 13” HIGHT / DEEP FROM BOSTON TO CA 90210 COMES IN AT USPS PRIORITY FOR THEIR USPS SPECIAL BALLOON RATE ON OVERSIZED DIMENSIONS BOX > USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING = $66.30 THAT’S WHAT THEY CHARGE AN INDIVIDUAL TO SHIP THIS. REFER TO 2 OTHER EBAY CURRENT PFC GUN LISTINGS FOR PRIORITY SHIPPING RATES TO SEE THE SAME COMPARABLE SHIPPING PRICE RANGE >> IN ORIGINAL FACTORY BOXES > >MGC CAR15 PFC SMG M16 GUN EBAY ITEM #263977834387 – SHIPPING - $55.80 >TANAKA M1898 TRENCH SHOTGUN PFC MODEL GUN EBAY ITEM #264122080435 – SHIPPING - $56.45 EXACT SHIPPING FOR THIS MODEL GUN COSTS ARE $ 26.00 – SPECIAL PURCHASED/CUSTOM-MADE BOX WITH SPECIAL PACKING/PACKAGING ALL MATERIALS PLUS USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING (SHIPPING TO A CLOSER ADDRESS THAT IS A REDUCED RATE, THE DIFFERENCE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED BACK TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCT.) History of the STEN: The STEN name came out of names of the designers (R. V. Shepard and H.J. Turpin) and from the factory where they worked (Enfield arsenal). It was one of the most crude and ugly and simply, but effective submachineguns of the WW2. More than 4 millions of STENs of different versions were made from 1941 until 1945. The first STEN, Sten MK.I, was developed in mid-1941. It was blowback operated, automatic weapon that fired from the open bolt. The tubular receiver and the barrel shroud were made from rolled steel. The gun was fed from left side mounted box magazines. The stock was of skeleton type, made from steel. Sights were fixed, adjusted for 100 yards distance, peep hole rear and blade front. The Mk.I featured spoon-like muzzle jump compensator. Some guns featured small folding forward grip. The Sten mk.II was a mainstream gun, slightly smaller and lighter than Mk.I. It featured skeleton or wooden stocks. The magazine and the feeding module were the main drawbacks of the Mk.I and Mk.II, since those were prone to failures to feed. The magazines also often were loaded with only 30 rounds instead of full capacity of 32, to reduce strain on feed springs. The magazine housing was flexible to cover feed window when not in use. Some Mk.II's were manufactured with integral silencers for undercover operations and were marked as Mk.II(S). The Sten MK.III was modification of mk.I. The major change was that the receiver and the barrel shroud was made from single sheet-steel tube that extended almost to the muzzle. Another changes were fixed magazine housing for improved reliability and small finger guard in the front of the ejection port. Internally, Mk.III was similar to Mk.I and has same variety of skeleton stocks. Mk.III first appeared in 1943. The Sten mk.IV was only experimental and did not entered the production. The Mk.V was an attempt to made Mk.II a more "good lookin'" gun. Being internally the same as Mk.II, the Mk.V featured wooden buttstock and rear handle, new front sight that allowed bayonet mount. Early mk.V's also featured wooden front grip, but it was prone to breakage and was removed soon. Mk.V's appeared in 1944 and remained in service until the early 1960s' being replaced by then-new Sterling SMGs. REPLICA GUNS: APPLICABLE LAWS & GUIDELINES: "This listing complies with eBay’s air gun guidelines found here http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/firearms-weapons-knives.html” I will only sell and ship this Replica Non-Firing gun to buyers in jurisdictions where permitted by applicable laws. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING! Blaze Orange Tips are required on ALL Replica Guns for sale on Ebay. Federal Law requires Blaze Orange Tips on all post-1898 Replica Guns: This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug THIS IS NOT A REAL GUN THIS IS A TOY FOR ADULTS DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES remove, alter, obscure, or otherwise change the appearance of the colored tip at the barrel end of the replica gun. The item can't be converted to shoot a lethal projectile. ALL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING COMPLIANCE WITH ANY APPLICABLE LAWS & RESTRICTIONS. When you purchase this replica gun, you represent that you are of legal age and that the Merchandise can be purchased and owned in your State, Country, and/or city of residence. We are not responsible for any misuse. DO NOT CARRY THIS REPLICA IN PUBLIC AS IT MAY BE REPRESENT A THREAT TO EITHER CIVILIANS OR LAW ENFORECENT AND MAY BE IN VIOLATION OF LOCAL LAWS. USE FOR LIVING HISTORY, REENACTMENT OR HISTORICAL THEATRICAL USE. SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: CAN NOT SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING STATES > CONNECTICUT, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK STATE, WISCONSIN, MINNESOTA, AND PUERTO RICO: All replicas of antique firearms (pre-1898) are allowed, excluding New York City (all 5 Boroughs). We can only ship replicas of modern firearms (post-1898) to military, police, theatrical companies, or other government account with valid proof of identity. Sufficient proof would be a copy of a purchase order or request on letterhead from one of these organizations. ALL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING COMPLIANCE WITH ANY APPLICABLE LAWS OR RESTRICTIONS AT THE POINT OF DESTINATION. PLEASE CHECK LOCAL LAWS PRIOR TO ORDERING. * Portions of some text & or historical information used for item discriptions or historical info. is borrowed from several contributing web sites to provide as accurate info. as possile, when available. A variet of historical & reference sources are used *** All this research was done by my Dad over years of collecting, thanks for all your great work Dad. Will J. ... ALL OTHER UNIFORM DISPLAY PIECES, LEATHER JERKINS, MAPS, WATCHES, CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, GLOVES, BELTS, HOLSTERS, MANNEQUINS, HAVERSACKS, GI STOVES, REPLICA GN’S, BOOKS, & ALL OTHER ITEMS NOT LISTED FOR SALE AS PART OF THIS LISTING ARE USED FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY & ARE NOT FOR SALE ** MANNEQUINS ARE USED FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES & ARE NOT FOR SALE** *SHIRTS & TIES ARE USED FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY & NOT FOR SALE, UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED* ** ALL ITEMS, DESCRIPTIONS & CONDITION ARE PROVIDED AS BEST AS POSSIBLE** ** SIZE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED WHEN POSSIBLE BUT FIT IS NOT GUARANTEED** **THE ENTIRE WWII COLLECTION IS BEING SOLD OFF, SO ALL SALES ARE FINAL & NO RETURNS, BUT ALL ITEMS ARE COVERED UNDER THE EBAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. **QUESTIONS ARE WELCOMED. PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO LISTING ENDING THRU EBAY MESSAGING. I WILL RESPOND ASAP. **PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED THRU PAYPAL. PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASE WITHIN 5 DAYS. I DO MY BEST TO SHIP WITHIN 2 DAYS OF CLEARED PAYMENT " US SALES ONLY .... STD USPS SHIPPING TO THE 48 STATES ONLY!! (ALL ITEMS ARE CAREFULLY WELL PACKED FOR SHIPMENT) I have predominantly been a collector of WWII militaria for the last 20+ years, though I have sold some pieces from the collection before, as well as other items, but it is finally time to sell the collection off & let others enjoy adding new pieces to their collection. I hope others enjoy them as much as I have. I have a perfect 100% positive Feedback record of doing business on eBay, both as a Buyer & Seller. I have always treated everyone I’ve done business with on eBay the same way I would want to be treated & pride myself on being prompt, courteous, honest & professional & will work very hard to offer the very best customer service to my customers. If you have any issue of any kind please contact me immediately & I will work to resolve the issue. ... After your purchase of any item offered from the collection For Sale or Auction, **When you receive your item & are completely satisfied with your purchase, please leave 5 Star Positive Feedback & then I will do the same for you.** Thank you for viewing this item. Thank you to all the men & women of “The Greatest Generation” for their service & sacrifice during WWII and thank you to all the men & women who proudly serve or have served our country in the United States military to protect our country and our freedom. “GOD BLESS AMERICA” Pictures sell! Auctiva offers Free Image Hosting and Editing.250+ Listing Templates! Auctiva gets you noticed! The complete eBay Selling Solution. Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter Condition: Used

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