Vintage Stiffel Brass Table Floor Lamp w/ 3 Candlesticks Hollywood Regency MCM

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Seller: spudrussell (126) 100%, Location: Pasadena, California, Ships to: US, Item: 113540983767 OVERVIEW: You are buying 1 (one) vintage Stiffel antique brass floor lamp with an integrated circular brass table and with a three candlestick array under the two sockets. As shown, this unique vintage brass lamp includes a Stiffel brass lamp finial and a circular brass top element designed to reflect some of the light downward. Thank you for looking and buying. This lamp was obtained in Southern California and is in very good condition consistent with its vintage age. This unique table lamp carries its original "Stiffel" foil badge on one of the two sockets. The condition, design, weight, switch, wiring, and plug style are consistent with other Stiffel brass lamps that I have handled of similar style and age. So that you have a sense of what this lamp might look like with a vintage lamp shade, some photos show a Stiffel vintage lamp shade mounted on this lamp. This lamp simply quite beautiful and gives off a warm and cozy look, especially with a lighted vintage lamp shade. (Any lamp shades and/or light bulbs pictured are NOT included -- When used in my photos, lamp shades and bulbs are only for illustration purposes and are not part of the product offering. Also, if something is not in the picture, do not assume that it is included unless stated in the description. If in doubt, please send me a message through eBay's "contact seller" link.) SIZE: 57 inches high overall, including the vintage brass finial and supporting pipe. The round base width is 9 inches across.The integrated circular brass table in the middle is 14 inches in diameter. WEIGHT: This metal lamp weighs approximately 18 pounds. The shipping box and packing materials usually add 4 or 5 more pounds. CONDITION: This is a beautiful and very sturdy prestige lamp that was built to last. If you keep this elegant table lamp clean and dry, it should give you many years of faithful service. This lamp was electrically tested and found to be working properly. This particular Stiffel lamp has two horizontal two-way light sockets. The light is switched on and off using the switch on the pole just above the integrated brass table. This switch activates one light, then the other, then both lights in progression. Therefore with light bulbs of different wattage, this lamp can function as a three-way light. The electrical parts used by Stiffel are very durable. I did nothing to affect the original patina of this fine table lamp. I simply cleaned it with a soft cotton towel. Please review the photos carefully. The photos are part of the product description. I supply numerous, clear, and unaltered photographs of the actual lamp for sale. These are taken from various angles providing views of the full lamp from all sides. You should have reasonable expectations about buying a used, vintage brass lamp. This antique lamp is sold "AS IS." Over the years, vintage lamps develop a rich patina. Vintage patina may include tarnish spots. Your should expect that with vintage, previously owned metal light fixtures, there may be some level of user markings, scratches, and/or tarnish. The polished brass finish on this particular brass table floor lamp is in very good condition without significant imperfections. There are some tarnish spots and markings on the integrated round brass table. Also, one side of the base has noticeable tarnish markings, as well. QUESTIONS: Please ask any and all questions, BEFORE you purchase. This is a product that you can use for many years, and I want you to be satisfied. While you might never become as enamored of Stiffel lamps, as I have become, I do want you to be happy with your purchase. PURCHASING: Payment is through Paypal, and this does include PayPal's credit card services for all major credit cards. Prompt payment is very much appreciated. I begin our shipping process, after payment has been processed. State sales taxes will be automatically added for California residents. Sorry, no international orders. I will only ship to the 50 United States. (Please do not ask me to export. The hassle and costs are just not worth the effort.) SHIPPING: I try to ship all orders within 3 (three) business days of payment.I pack carefully and safely, and I may ship via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Because this floor lamp is quite large, the lamp base will be unscrewed and packed to the side of the bottom of the lamp. The brass table will also be dismounted, so that it can be wrapped for better protection during shipping. This partial disassembly will shorten the required box by several inches and will also reduce the other two dimensions, since the table can be packed vertically and on the diagonal. Thus, your shipping costs will be lower than they otherwise would have been. Detailed written re-assembly instructions will be provided and anyone with modest mechanical skills and a flat head screw driver should easily be able to put the table and base back on the lamp. Shipping fees cover both product shipment and packaging materials. They are as low as they can be while packing for safe shipment to you.Shipping prices are generated by an eBay shipping calculator for the 50 United States. This shipping calculator tends to be close to carrier charges. The further away that you are from Pasadena, California the higher the shipping cost. Note that shipping costs of lamp shade-only packages are higher than you might expect. (See the section below on vintage Stiffel lamp shades for more information.) FEEDBACK: I do my best to deal with each customer with honesty and integrity and strive to complete each transaction to your satisfaction. Please leave positive feedback once you have received your item, and I will do the same for you. If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, I will make it right. I want my buyers to be happy. Please communicate with me. I try to describe the item as best I can and take as many photos as possible. I am happy to work out any issues. Please contact me directly before leaving negative or neutral feedback or opening a case with eBay. I will do my best to make this a good experience for you on eBay. 5 star feedback is my goal and very important to me! If you don't think your transaction was 5 star, I want to know before you leave feedback! I would appreciate the chance to correct any problems before posting anything other than a 5 star positive feedback. Thank you! RETURNS: If you carefully consider your decision, read this description, evaluate the pictures, and ask questions, there should be no reason to return the product to me. However, if you must return the product, then please follow eBay's 14 day return policy rules. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. To obtain this refund, the returned item must be in its original box and packing with all contents just like you received the item. Upon proper return of the item, your purchase price will be refunded without any restocking fee. ELECTRICAL: Lamps are tested electrically before shipment and fixed when needed. Stiffel lamps are two-way or three-way lamps and the electrical parts used were very durable and do not often need repair. Light bulbs are not included. They can break during shipment. I suggest you purchase a new three-way bulb. Pay attention to the maximum wattage. A typical 3-way incandescent bulb is 50W / 100W / 150W, but higher wattages are available. My preference is to avoid using any three-way bulb with a maximum wattage higher than 150W. If the socket carries a maximum wattage sticker, do not exceed that maximum wattage. You should note that compact fluorescent three-way bulbs are available that are designed to replace 3-way incandescent bulbs, using less energy and giving off less heat. If a good three-way bulb does not seem to work, screw it in a bit more firmly, because a three-way bulb needs to make contact at two points at the bottom of the socket in addition to the socket sleeve. If a three-way lamp still does not function, UN-PLUG the lamp first. (Verify that the three-way bulb is good on another three-way lamp.) Then, use appropriate tools to ensure the the center tab in the lamp socket is angled upward slightly and that the two terminals at the bottom of the socket have been scraped to remove any residue that could interfere with a clean electrical connection. Plug in and retry. Note that the lamp will also function with bulbs that are not three-way bulbs. CARING FOR YOUR LAMP: This lamp was in very good condition when I obtained it. I cleaned it up with a soft cotton hand towel, which is the procedure recommended by the original Stiffel Company. During manufacturing, original Stiffel brass lamps received heavy lacquer coatings to preserve them for many years. The original homeowner care tags that were attached to new Stiffel lamps decades ago specified cleaning with a soft cloth and recommended against using any kind of cleaner or polish on the lamp. If this vintage brass lamp becomes soiled when you own it, you could also use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water only, but then you should follow up immediately with a dry cotton cloth. If any fluids get on your vintage Stiffel lamp, you should clean the lamp promptly. Never, never, ever use any chemical cleaners or polishes of any kind on any Stiffel lamp. No one can easily "clean" off the tarnish on these vintage lamps without making the appearance worse (see below), so the best strategy is preservation. Realize that it is remarkable that these vintage and antique Stiffel lamps have lasted decades already, and you can enjoy them for more decades. VINTAGE STIFFEL LAMP SHADES: I also sell original Stiffel lamp shades in reasonable vintage condition. If you wonder why many vendors do not include a lamp shade with a lamp, there are reasons related to taste and economics. Many buyers want a high quality vintage brass lamp, but they want to buy a new shade of a different or more modern style. Even if a vintage lamp shade is desired, it is very difficult to pack a heavy lamp along with a much more fragile lampshade in the same package and have them arrive in good condition. Thus, it is better to ship the lamp and lampshade in separate packages, but separate shipping is significantly more expensive. Shipping costs of lamp shade-only packages are higher than you might expect, since lamp shades are relatively lightweight. Shipping companies do not want to waste their valuable shipping volume capacity by shipping lightweight, low revenue boxes. Therefore, when light-weight packages exceed one cubic foot in volume, a different and more expensive "dimensional billing" billing schedule is applied, and you pay much higher shipping fees for these larger, lighter packages. For example, UPS Ground will bill a 4 pound (16" x 16" x 16") package as a 25 pound package. ABOUT VINTAGE STIFFEL LAMPS: I am familiar with vintage Stiffel lamps [pronounced "St(eye)(ful)"], and I have directly studied a very wide variety of them in my own collection, on line, and in thrift shops and antique stores. (My wife patiently tolerates my obsession with these durable, high quality lamps.) Founded in Chicago, Illinois during the Great Depression, the original Stiffel Company soon became the premier U.S. lamp manufacturer. Sadly, it went out of business in 2000. After that, some Stiffel branded lamps were manufactured in China and imported to the US, but quality standards declined. In 2013, a New Jersey company obtained the rights to the Stiffel brand name and began US manufacturing new brass table lamps and floor lamps with premium prices, new designs, and high quality standards similar to the business strategy of the original Stiffel firm of Chicago. Note that through all these transitions after the 2000 bankruptcy, the original product molds have been lost, so vintage Stiffel lamps and newly manufactured lamps may be similar, but cannot be not the same. Vintage Stiffel table and floor lamps were designed with a central internal pipe that screws into or is embedded into the base and supports the lamp overall. On most Stiffel lamp models, slightly unscrewing the top by twisting the harp base counter-clockwise just under the lamp socket will loosen the lamp overall. The body of the lamp is composed of a column of stacked metal sections around the central, structural pipe. This can be useful if there are a few blemishes on some of the sections, since those blemishes might be rotated toward the back of the lamp and out of sight, if you loosen and then re-tighten the lamp. Stiffel lamp shades for table lamps and many floor lamps typically are fixed to the lamp with a brass finial. These lamp shade finials normally have a thread size of 1/4-27. Some older lamps have a larger 1/8 IPS finial thread size, but converters can be purchased so that you can use a finial with the more common 1/4-27 finial threading. Lamp threads are a confusing topic, so online research is helpful. These standards are a legacy of natural gas lighting fixtures within homes that were later converted to electrical wiring once electricity become common. Vintage Stiffel lamps are not "solid brass," as some people claim. Others even have inappropriately called them bronze lamps or gold table lamps. Instead, the sections of these metal lamps have a molded zinc core which is the primary body and weight of the lamp. This molded and polished core was then heavily plated with nickel followed by a heavy plating of polished brass. Numerous grinding and polishing steps were involved during manufacturing to develop a bright, polished brass lamp. Then, special colored lacquer coatings were applied generously while spinning the lamp to give the lamp either a honeyed polished brass or an antique brass look. These lacquers have protected these special lamps for many years and eliminated the need for periodic polishing to maintain the original look. Over the decades on many Stiffel lamps, these special original lacquers have deepened and matured to create a rich and very lovely patina, albeit often with some dark spots. When properly cared for, vintage Stiffel "brass" lamps have served owners for many decades. Many old Stiffel lamps remain in very good condition and have been passed down through generations within families. Stiffel Company lamps were premium, high quality American manufacturing products that were built to last. Do not believe any claims that you can simply "polish" a vintage Stiffel lamp. You cannot. I have personal experience with both successful and unsuccessful attempts to renovate vintage Stiffel lamps that I obtained in very poor condition. Attempts to remove blemishes mechanically with polishing wheels or chemically with acetone, Brasso, and/or other lacquer and tarnish removal agents lead to exposure of the bright polished brass underlying the antique lacquered patina. Once you start the process, most often, there is no logical stopping point short of stripping the lacquer and patina entirely from the lamp. If removal is done carefully and properly over many hours, you might end up with a very functional and beautiful bright polished brass lamp. However, the lamp's vintage patina and character will be gone. If this renovation process is not done carefully, it is also possible to strip away too much of the heavy brass plating exposing the nickel plating below. Also, pitting of the metal caused by very poor care and exposure over the decades simply cannot be repaired easily or cost-effectively. Abused lamps with pitted metal are basket cases that cannot be fully restored without grinding, polishing, electroplating, and lacquering. Even then, after heroic restoration efforts, you might still end up with a beautiful lamp, but the cost could well exceed what you might spend shopping for another better cared for Stiffle lamp here on eBay. As you can see on eBay, many vintage Stifel lamps have survived in good condition and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a newly manufactured, premium brass lamp.Accent lamps, antique porcelain lamps, antique table lamps, antique vintage lamps, brass candlestick lamps, brass lamp, brass light fixtures, brass table lamps, bronze lamp, candlestick lamps, ceramic lamps, decorative lamps, brass floor lamp, elegant table lamps, end table lamps, extra tall table lamps, gold table lamp, lamp base, lamp sets, metal lamp, light fixtures, old lamp, side table lamps, Stiffel brass lamps, Stiffel lamps, table lamps, table lamps for living room, tall lamps, tall table lamps, torchiere, unique lamps, unique table lamps, vintage lamps, vintage lighting, Hollywood Regency brass lamp, Hollywood Regency lamp, Parzinger brass lamp, monumental brass lamp, modern brass lamp, set of brass lamps, mid century brass lamp, mid century lamp, mid century design lamp, mid century lighting, modern lighting, retro lighting, antique lighting, modern lamps, modern table lamp, modern office lamps, mid century modern lighting, mid century modern brass lamp, mid century table lamp, mid century modern lamp, mid century modern floor lamp, MCM brass lamp, MCM lamp, art deco brass lamp, Eames brass lamp, atomic brass lamp, modernist brass lamp, architectural brass lamp, neoclassical brass lamp, ornate brass lamp, tall brass lamp, heavy brass lamp, original brass lamp, pillar brass lamp, empire brass lamp, brass lamp finial, brass lamp harp, retro brass lamp, and vintage table lamps. Condition: Used, Condition: Please read the Description for important information on condition and other topics. Thank you! You are buying one used Stiffel antique brass floor lamp with a brass circular table in very good condition. This is a beautiful prestige lamp that was built to last by the original Stiffel Company in Chicago, Illinois. Please review the photos carefully. The photos are part of the product description. I supply numerous, clear, and unaltered photographs of the actual lamps for sale. While not flawless, the polished brass finish on this lamp is well preserved and shows well., Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Featured Refinements: Stiffel, Stiffel floor lamp: Stiffel brass table floor lamp, Vintage Stiffel brass floor lamp: Vintage Stiffel brass floor lamp with brass table

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