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Seller: buyfiltersonline (37,987) 99.9%, Location: Greenwood, Indiana, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 181356822949 Note! We now stock some of the standard sizes on these filters. Just a couple of bucks more but well worth it if you don't want to wait. Order from this listing and manufacturing time is up to 15 business days. Or, you can pay a little more and have it shipped out within 1 business day. Put this item number into the Ebay search box: ---> 201134835308 or 181495647609 Quick ship sizes in that listing are 12x12x1 12x24x1 14x14x1 14x20x1 14x25x1 14x30x1 16x20x1 16x25x1 18x20x1 20x20x1 20x25x1 24x24x1 But, if you need a different size or can wait, then save a little money and buy from this listing! FIRST, I would like to start off by thanking you for visiting our ebay listing for PERMANENT FOAM WASHABLE RE-USEABLE HIGH QUALITY AIR FILTERS! With our feeback score currently over 25,000+ positives, you can rest assured that we stand behind our products and offer the best in air filtration! Don't be fooled by the "other" guys and all of their "hype" about their washable filters. We have been in the filtration business for over 25 years. We CONSULT WITH AND SELL TO : ***hospitals (super clean surgery room filters) ***pharmaceutical drug manufacturers (ultra clean room facilities) ***we also bring our expertise to you, the homeowner! ***We are not a "supply house" that sells a lot of everything, we are FILRATION EXPERTS! SECOND, I would like to be up front and honest. Virtually ALL washable type / re-useable type filters are NOT MERV rated! These washable permanent filters are an EXCELLENT alternative! You can save a lot of money in the long run by washing and re-using these filters instead of disposing of costly pleated filters month after month and year after year. THIRD, feel free to review all of the other claims and info on the "other" electrostatic washable filters on Ebay. They brag about their filters being able to collect 165 grams of dust by the time it reaches the "needs to be washed" point. OUR FILTERS COLLECT 290 GRAMS! THAT'S NEARLY DOUBLE THE DUST HOLDING CAPACITY OF THEIR MORE EXPENSIVE FILTERS! YES, NEARLY DOUBLE! In addition, they have a restriction value of 0.12" w.g. with the new clean filter. (That's a measure of how much restriction the filter places upon your unit's fan/motor to suck the air through it. Our filters have just 0.05" w.g. initial resistance! THAT MEANS IT'S LESS THAN 1/2 AS RESTRICTIVE TO AIRFLOW! VERY IMPORTANT, WHY THESE ARE YOUR BEST INVESTMENT! READ CAREFULLY!!!!!! FINALLY, their filter is just a flat sheet of filter on the face. As you can imagine, more total surface area means there's more area for dust to collect upon before the filter gets clogged up! Our filters utilize a "pleated" design which gives you 40% more area. YES, 40% MORE area for the dust to collect on! (This explains how we whip the pants off of the competition on performance as explained in the above paragraph!) For example, a flat filter like theirs that is roughly 20 inches by 20 inches means you have a total area of 400 square inches. Our 20 x 20 filter will give you roughly 40% more with 560 square inches of surface to collect the dust on! IT'S A NO-BRAINER! PLUS OUR PRICE IS LOWER TOO! MANUFACTURERS INFO: Two layers of heavy expanded aluminum, pleated together with a piece of polyurethane foam between make the With 40% more surface area than a regular air filter, this permanent filter is designed for years of filtering the smallest of particles. The foam and Aluminum framed filter is a permanent air filter designed for furnaces, air conditioners, air handling units and computer applications where smaller particles of dust and dirt are needed to be removed from the air. The perfect solution for eliminating the need for purchasing a new filter each time it comes times to change the filter. Since it is corrugated, there is 40% more surface area than a normal air filter, allowing the filter to capture more dust and contaminants without having to clean the filter as often as you would be replacing a throwaway filter. CONSTRUCTION - The air filter media shall consist of 20 PPI polyurethane foam, 1/8” in thickness. It shall be non-allergenic, nontoxic, with a green coloring and corrugated between two pieces of .020 expanded aluminum, held together in a way it won’t come apart without considerable effort. This filter pad will be enclosed in a .037 Aluminum Frame, commercially known as 3003- H4, roll formed to give it extra strength. The one piece frame is held together with heavy rivets at one corner. The filter shall retain 290 grams of dust per 2.25 sq ft (20x20 filter). Resistance when clean is 0.05 wg at 350 FPM air velocity. Maximum resistance at capacity is .335" w.g. *compare that technical data to the "others" selling on ebay and you'll see why we are offering a better filter AND A LOWER PRICE! We even outperform the BOAIR filter that sells for $70.00! ...and so what if they say "these are not electrostatic"! You know that that is like? It's like saying a plastic measuring cup that holds 16 ounces of water is different than a glass measuring cup that holds 16 ounces of water! It's pointless for them to argue that or for you to insist on a filter labeled as "electrostatic", especially when they aren't even MERV rated! A cost effective approach to filtering air, this is permanent and will last for years when properly cared for. This filter will fit into any existing furnace. There is no need for expensive equipment to filter the finer particles of pollen, dust, and other contaminants that are found in the air as this filter has a higher efficiency than the throwaway filters that are available. Since this is a heavy permanent filter, there are numerous applications this filter could be used for. The more common uses are in home and office furnaces and air conditioner units. Other applications include large air handling units on rooftops, computer equipment, intake for vehicles and manufacturing machinery that need fresh air to keep their motors running smoothly. MUST READ, NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! Actual size of LISTED filters are 1/2 under in length and width 1/8 under in depth. (Example: 20x20x1 is actually 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 7/8). ANY FILTER YOU ORDER FROM THE STANDARD SIZES ABOVE WILL BE 1/2 INCH LESS ON THE FACE SIZE! THE DEPTH WILL ALWAYS BE 7/8 INCHES! NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! If you're buying from the custom size range above, THEY WILL BE THE EXACT SIZE YOU REQUEST! Please send us a message stating the exact size you want the filter to measure. Full size? 1/8th inch smaller? 1/4" smaller? 1/2" smaller? SPECIAL SIZES - Custom sizes are made to the customers exact specifications. CLEANABILITY - To gain top efficiency from your heating or air conditioning unit with the PERMANENT FOAM Filter, simply dust off excess dirt, flush out under hot water and replace. A mild detergent can be used if required. There’s no need for oils or adhesives. Because of the Aluminum material in the filter, DO NOT use a strong Alkali Solution. Drain holes are punched in the bottom to allow for proper drainage after cleaning. After cleaning, it’s important the filter is MOSTLY dry before returning it to the unit. IF YOU NEED A CUSTOM SIZE FILTER (LAST TWO OPTIONS ON THE DROP DOWN MENU. Multiply your actual face size dimensions. Example. If you want a custom filter that measures 21-1/2 x 27.5, doing the math... 21.5 x27.5 591 square inches PICK THAT CATEGORY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHOICES ABOVE! CUSTOM FILTER RULES THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED! 1 OF YOUR DIMENSIONS MUST NOT BE LARGER THAN 24-1/2 THE OTHER DIMENSION MUST NOT BE LARGER THAN 29-1/2 (WE CAN DO LARGER SIZES BUT YOU MUST SEND US A MESSAGE FOR A CUSTOM QUOTE) Message us with any questions, we will be glad to help! BOAIR, AIR-CARE, AAF, our performance and price beats them all! *Trade names are used for identification only; no product endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against similar materials, we are simply giving published comparison information. THESE FILTERS SHIP DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURING FACILITY AND DO TAKE ANYWHERE BETWEEN 1 TO 3 WEEKS TO GET MADE UP AND SHIPPED OUT. YOUR ORDER IS PLACED IN THE PRODUCTION LINE AS SOON AS YOU USE THE "BUY IT NOW" AND THEY WILL BE MADE UP AND SHIPPED OUT WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS. (We will meet or beat the "receive by" date you see above when you make your purchase!) HERE'S JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STANDARD OR CUSTOM SIZES WE CAN MAKE FOR YOU! 6.88X15.88X1 (Actual Size) 8X14X1 (Actual Size) 8X16X1 (7.5 x 15.5) 8X20X1 (Actual Size) 8X24X1 (Actual Size) 8X30X1 (7.5 x 29.5) 8X30X1 (Actual Size) 9.75X23.75X1 (Actual Size) 10X10X1 (9.5 x 9.5) 10X10X1 (Actual Size) 10X14X1 (9.5 x 13.5) 10X14X1 (Actual Size) 10X15X1 (9.5 x 14.5) 10X16X1 (9.5 x 15.5) 10X18X1 (Actual Size) 10X20X1 (9.5 x 19.5) 10X24X1 (9.5 x 23.5) 10X24X1 (Actual Size) 10X25X1 (9.5 x 24.5) 10X28X1 (9.5 x 27.5) 10X30X1 (9.75 x 29.75) 11.25X11.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.25X19.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 11.88X16.88X1 (Actual Size) 12.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 12.75X21X1 (Actual Size) 12X12X1 (11.5 x 11.5) 12X12X1 (11.75 x 11.75) 12X12X1 (Actual Size) 12X15X1 (11.5 x 14.5) 12X16X1 (11.5 x 15.5) 12X18X1 (11.5 x 17.5) 12X18X1 (Actual Size) 12X20X1 (11.5 x 19.5) 12X20X1 (11.75 x 19.75) 12X22X1 (Actual Size) 12X24X1 (11.5 x 23.5) 12X24X1 (11.75 x 23.75) 12X25X1 (11.5 x 24.5) 12X26.5X1 (Actual Size) 12X26X1 (11.5 x 25.5) 12X27X1 (11.5 x 26.5) 12X27X1 (Actual Size) 12X30.5X1 (Actual Size) 12X30X1 (11.5 x 29.5) 12X30X1 (Actual Size) 12X36X1 (11.5 x 35.5) 12X36X1 (Actual Size) 13.25X13.25X1 (Actual Size) 13X18X1 (Actual Size) 13X20X1 (Actual Size) 13X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 13X21X1 (Actual Size) 13X24X1 (Actual Size) 13X25X1 (12.5 x 24.5) 14.5X19X1 (Actual Size) 14X14X1 (13.5 x 13.5) 14X14X1 (13.75 x 13.75) 14X18X1 (13.5 x 17.5) 14X18X1 (Actual Size) 14X20X1 (13.5 x 19.5) 14X20X1 (13.75 x 19.75) 14X22X1 (Actual Size) 14X24X1 (13.5 x 23.5) 14X24X1 (13.75 x 23.75) 14X25X1 (13.5 x 24.5) 14X27X1 (Actual Size) 14X28X1 (13.5 x 27.5) 14X28X1 (Actual Size) 14X30X1 (13.5 x 29.5) 14X36X1 (13.5 x 35.5) 14X36X1 (Actual Size) 15.25X15.25X1 (Actual Size) 15.5X29X1 (Actual Size) 15X15X1 (Actual Size) 15X20X1 (14.5 x 19.5) 15X20X1 (14.75 x 19.75) 15X25X1 (14.5 x 24.5) 15X25X1 (Actual Size) 15X30.5X1 (Actual Size) 15X30.75X1 (Actual Size) 15X30X1 (14.5 x 29.5) 16.25X21.25X1 (Actual Size) 16.25X21X1 (Actual Size) 16.38X21.38X1 (Actual Size) 16.38X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 16.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 16.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 16X16X1 (15.75 x 15.75) 16X18X1 (Actual Size) 16X19X1 (15.5 x 18.5) 16X20X1 (15.5 x 19.5) 16X20X1 (15.75 x 19.75) 16X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 16X21X1 (15.5 x 20.5) 16X21X1 (Actual Size) 16X22.25X1 (Actual Size) 16X22X1 (Actual Size) 16X24X1 (15.5 x 23.5) 16X24X1 (15.75 x 23.75) 16X25X1 (15.5 x 24.5) 16X25X1 (15.75 x 24.75) 16X27X1 (15.5 x 26.5) 16X30X1 (15.5 x 29.5) 16X32X1 (15.75 x 31.75) 16X36X1 (15.5 x 35.5) 16X36X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X17.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X19.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X26X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X29.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X35.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 17.5X23.5X1 (17.1 x 23.1) 17.5X27X1 (Actual Size) 17X17X1 (Actual Size) 17X19X1 (Actual Size) 17X20X1 (16.5 x 19.5) 17X21X1 (Actual Size) 17X22X1 (16.5 x 21.5) 17X25X1 (16.5 x 24.5) 17X25X1 (Actual Size) 18.25X22X1 (Actual Size) 18X18X1 (17.5 x 17.5) 18X18X1 (Actual Size) 18X20X1 (17.5 x 19.5) 18X20X1 (Actual Size) 18X22X1 (17.5 x 21.5) 18X24X1 (17.5 x 23.5) 18X25X1 (17.5 x 24.5) 18X30X1 (17.5 x 29.5) 18X36X1 (17.5 x 35.5) 18X36X1 (Actual Size) 19.25X21.25X1 (Actual Size) 19.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 19.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 19.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 19.75X21X1 (Actual Size) 19.75X22X1 (Actual Size) 19.88X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 19X19X1 (Actual Size) 19X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 19X21X1 (18.5 x 20.5) 19X21X1 (Actual Size) 19X22X1 (Actual Size) 19X23X1 (Actual Size) 19X25X1 (18.5 x 24.5) 19X27X1 (Actual Size) 20X20X1 (19.5 x 19.5) 20X20X1 (19.75 x 19.75) 20X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 20X21X1 (Actual Size) 20X22.25X1 (Actual Size) 20X22X1 (19.5 x 21.5) 20X22X1 (Actual Size) 20X23X1 (19.5 x 22.5) 20X23X1 (Actual Size) 20X24X1 (19.5 x 23.5) 20X24X1 (19.75 x 23.75) 20X25X1 (19.5 x 24.5) 20X25X1 (19.75 x 24.75) 20X27X1 (Actual Size) 20X30X1 (19.5 x 29.5) 20X32X1 (Actual Size) 20X34X1 (19.5 x 33.5) 20X36X1 (19.5 x 35.5) 20X36X1 (Actual Size) Condition: New, Country of Manufacture: United States, AIR FLOW RESTRICTION LEVEL: VERY LOW, Model: PERMANENT FOAM WASHABLE HOME AIR FILTER, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, MPN: PERMWASHAIR, Brand: BFO, DURABILITY: HIGH / LONG LIFE, Filter Life: Washable/Reusable

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