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Seller: Top-Rated Plus Seller daaveedee_1 (39,574) 99.7%, Location: 08043, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 151972482782 BRIEF DESCRIPTION Brand new, official studio-released Blu-Ray of this great film, imported from United Kingdom ( Sharpe's Rifles / Sharpe's Eagle / Sharpe's Company / Sharpe's Enemy / Sharpe's Honour / Sharpe's Gold / Sharpe's Battle / Sharpe's Sword / Sharpe's Regiment ) ( Sharpe's Siege / Sharpe's Mission / Sharpe's Revenge / Sharpe's Justice / Sharpe's Waterloo / Sharpe's Legend / Sharpe's Shooting ) This is a Blu-Ray Disc, Region B. This Blu-Ray Disc will play on standard Blu-Ray players in Europe (other than Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Middle East (including Iran). This Blu-Ray Disc will NOT play on standard Blu-Ray players in USA, Canada, Central and South America, Caribbean, Asia countries (other than Middle East), Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Blu-Ray Discs will not play on any regular (not Blu-Ray) DVD player. This Blu-Ray Disc will NOT play on standard Blu-Ray players in USA, Canada, Central and South America, Caribbean, Asia countries (other than Middle East), Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Blu-Ray Discs will not play on any regular (not Blu-Ray) DVD player. This item does not contain pornographic material and may be lawfully sold to and viewed by minors. OUR OTHER PRODUCTS AND POLICIES o If you found this DVD/Blu-Ray to your liking, you will probably find one or more other rare items that we sell to your tastes. 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FILM DETAILS ON CLEARANCE SALE: REDUCED BY $9.00 Original Title: Sharpe's Rifles / Sharpe's Eagle / Sharpe's Company / Sharpe's Enemy / Sharpe's Honour / Sharpe's Gold / Sharpe's Battle / Sharpe's Sword / Sharpe's Regiment Alternate Title: Sharpe's Siege / Sharpe's Mission / Sharpe's Revenge / Sharpe's Justice / Sharpe's Waterloo / Sharpe's Legend / Sharpe's Shooting Screened, competed or awarded at:BAFTA Awards Other Film Festival Awards Language Selections:English ( Dolby Digital 5.1 ) English ( Dolby Digital Stereo ) English ( Subtitles ) Product Origin/Format:United Kingdom ( Blu-Ray/Region B ) Running Time:1500 min Aspect Ratio:Widescreen (1.78:1) Special Features:Box Set Interactive Menu Multi-DVD Set Scene Access Remastered Movie filmed in 1993 - 1997 and produced in:Country: United Kingdom ( Region: Great Britain, Ireland ) Directed By:Tom Clegg Written By:Eoghan Harris Bernard Cornwell Charles Wood Colin MacDonald Nigel Kneale Russell Lewis Patrick Harbinson Actors:Sean Bean ..... Sharpe Brian Cox ..... Hogan Daragh O'Malley ..... Harper Assumpta Serna ..... Teresa David Troughton ..... Wellesley Simón Andreu ..... Vivar Michael Mears ..... Cooper John Tams ..... Hagman Jason Salkey ..... Harris Paul Trussell ..... Tongue Lyndon Davies ..... Perkins Julian Fellowes ..... Major Dunnett Tim Bentinck ..... Captain Murray Richard Ireson ..... Sgt. Williams Martin Jacobs ..... Lawford Michael Cochrane ..... Sir Henry Simmerson Katia Caballero ..... Josefina Gavan O'Herlihy ..... Leroy David Ashton ..... Lennox Hugh Fraser ..... Wellington Michael Byrne ..... Nairn Pete Postlethwaite ..... Hakeswill Clive Francis ..... Windham Nicholas Jones ..... Fletcher Scott Cleverdon ..... Price Robert Morgan ..... Collett Louise Germaine ..... Sally Clayton Jeremy Child ..... Sir Augustus Elizabeth Hurley ..... Lady Farthingdale Helena Michell ..... Sarah Dubreton Tony Haygarth ..... Pot Au Feu Philip Whitchurch ..... Frederickson Alice Krige ..... La Marquesa Féodor Atkine ..... Ducos Nickolas Grace ..... Father Hacha Ron Cook ..... Napoleon Matthew Scurfield ..... El Matarife Diana Perez ..... Ramona Ricardo Vélez ..... Mendora Hugh Ross ..... Mungo Munro Rosaleen Linehan ..... Bess Nugent Jayne Ashbourne ..... Ellie Nugent Peter Eyre ..... Will Nugent Abel Folk ..... El Casco Philip McGough ..... Provost Marshal Ian Shaw ..... Ayres Julian Sims ..... Barbier Sean Bean ..... Maj. Richard Sharpe Jason Durr ..... Lord Kiely Allie Byrne ..... Lady Kiely Ian McNeice ..... Runciman Oliver Cotton ..... Loup Siri Neal ..... Juanita Liam Carney ..... O'Rourke Phelim Drew ..... Donaju Emily Mortimer ..... Lass Patrick Fierry ..... Leroux James Purefoy ..... Spears Stephen Moore ..... Berkeley John Kavanagh ..... Father Curtis Vernon Dobtcheff ..... Don Felipe Pat Laffan ..... Connelly Walter McMonagle ..... Father O'Sullivan Abigail Cruttenden ..... Jane Gibbons Nicholas Farrell ..... Lord Fenner Caroline Langrishe ..... Lady Anne Camoynes James Laurenson ..... Maj. General Ross Mark Lambert ..... Colonel Girdwood Julian Fellowes ..... The Prince Regent Norman Rossington ..... Horatio Havercamp Steve Chambers ..... Charlie Weller Henry Woolley ..... Marriott Robert Patterson ..... Sergeant Lynch Sean Bean ..... Major Richard Sharpe Daragh O'Malley ..... Sgt. Major Patrick Harper Hugh Fraser ..... Lord Wellington James Laurenson ..... Major General Ross Féodor Atkine ..... Major Pierre Ducos Christian Brendel ..... Compte de Maquerre Christopher Villiers ..... Colonel Horace Bampfylde Amira Casar ..... Catherine Philip Whitchurch ..... Capt. William Frederickson James Ryland ..... Capt. Neil Palmer Olivier Pierre ..... General Calvet Danny Cunningham ..... Rifleman Robinson Sylvester Morand ..... Colonel Henri Lassan John Tams ..... Rifleman Hagman Sean Bean ..... Richard Sharpe Daragh O'Malley ..... Patrick Harper James Laurenson ..... Maj. Gen. Ross Mark Strong ..... Brand Andrew Schofield ..... Pope Nigel Betts ..... Pyecroft Warren Saire ..... Shellington John Tams ..... Daniel Hagman Peter Le Campion ..... Colonel Cresson Christian Rodska ..... Crake Abigail Cruttenden ..... Jane Sharpe Cécile Paoli ..... Madame Lucille DuBert Alexis Denisof ..... Rossendale John Benfield ..... Calvet Connie Hyde ..... Lady Molly Spindacre Tom Hodgkins ..... Wigram Stephane Cornicard ..... Colonel Maillot Phil Smeeton ..... Sergeant Challon Michael Fitzgerald ..... Major Salmon Milton Johns ..... Hopkinson Philip Glenister ..... Matt Truman Douglas Henshall ..... Wickham Tony Haygarth ..... Parfitt Karen Meagher ..... Sally Bunting Philip Anthony ..... Stanwyck Philip Martin Brown ..... Saunders Sean O'Kane ..... LT Fosdyke Henry Moxon ..... Whitbread Rita May ..... Mrs. Trent Cécile Paoli ..... Lucille Paul Bettany ..... Prince William of Orange Oliver Tobias ..... Rebeque Neil Dickson ..... Uxbridge Nicholas Irons ..... Harry Price Martin Cochrane ..... Macduff Martin Glyn Murray ..... Doggett Owen Brenman ..... Witherspoon Peter Birrel ..... Don Moreno Scott Cleverdon ..... Lt. Price (archive footage) Daniel Craig ..... Lt. Berry (archive footage) Jane Sharpe ..... Rifleman Ben Perkins Lyndon Davies ..... Major Dunnet / Julian Fellowes ..... La Marquessa (archive footage) Prince Regent ..... Rifleman Cooper Alice Krige ..... Patrick Harper Michael Mears ..... Sgt. Obidiah Hakeswill (archive footage) Daragh O'Malley ..... Rifleman Harris (archive footage) Pete Postlethwaite ..... Teresa Moreno (archive footage) Jason Salkey ..... Rifleman Daniel 'Dan' Hagman (archive footage) Assumpta Serna John Tams Synopsis:Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Goldeneye) is Sharpe, a troubled outsider who, following an heroic act of bravery, finds himself promoted to the rank of officer. In this definitive collection of the acclaimed drama, follow his breathtaking adventures commanding the King's Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars. The new box set contains the whole collection of 14 episodes and two specials including: Sharpe's Rifles; Sharpe's Eagle; Sharpe's Company; Sharpe's Enemy; Sharpe's Honour; Sharpe's Gold; Sharpe's Battle; Sharpe's Sword; Sharpe's Regiment; Sharpe's Siege; Sharpe's Mission; Sharpe's Revenge; Sharpe's Justice; Sharpe's Waterloo; Sharpe The Legend. Note: In mastering Sharpe to HD the original film negatives have been used to ensure the ultimate HD viewing experience. On rare occasions within the series, the original negatives were either not available or in too poor a condition to use--in these instances standard definition content has been up scaled to complete the narrative. This up scaling effects less than 5% of the content. DVD Extras: Shooting Legend (21 mins) Sharpe's Rifles (1993): Portugal 1809, the Peninsular War in the age of Napoleon. A British sergeant in the 95th Rifles saves the life of Arthur Wellesley, and finds himself promoted to Lieutenant and in charge of a company of Rifles that do no respect him, to carry out a dangerous and vital mission. Sharpe's Eagle (1993): Sharpe is a Captain saddled with the South Essex, a battalion run by incompetents and filled with soldiers who have never been in battle. When the South Essex loses its colours (its regimental flag), Sharpe vows to save the honor of the regiment by capturing a French Imperial standard: an eagle. Sharpe's Company (1994): Spain 1812. After Ciudad Rodrigo, Teresa tells Sharpe that they have a baby daughter. In Badajoz, the next siege target. Meanwhile, a new commander has taken over the South Essex, along with the murderous Sgt. Obadiah Hakeswill, an old enemy of Sharpe's from India days. But a new commander means a captain trying to turn the Rifles into red-jackets, and Sharpe's only hope to command his company again is the Forlorn one. Sharpe's Enemy (1994): Portugal 1813. A band of deserters, including Sharpe's old enemy, Obadiah Hakeswill, have captured two women, one the wife of a high-ranking English officer, and are holding them hostage for ransom. Sharpe is given the 60th Rifles and a Rocket troop, as well as his majority to rescue the women. But while Sharpe may be able to deal with his old enemy, he has yet to face a newer threat, the French Major Duclos. Sharpe's Honour (1994): Spain 1813. Major Sharpe's old enemy, Major Duclos manipulates a beautiful young marquesa into falsely accusing Sharpe of rape. Her husband calls Sharpe out in a duel. But when the husband is found dead the next morning, Sharpe is arrested and brought before a court martial, and it seems not even Patrick Harper and the Chosen Men can save Sharpe from a hanging, or rescue his honour. Sharpe's Gold (1995): Major Richard Sharpe is assigned the task of trading guns for English deserters. He must pit his wits against El Casco. Sharpe's Battle (1995): Sharpe is a hard taskmaster when he prepares the Royal Irish Company for their first battle. Sharpe's Sword (1995): Major Richard Sharpe has a mission to protect the master spy El Mirador from an assassin sent by Napoleon. Sharpe's Regiment (1996): Told his battalion is to be split up due to lack of recruits at home, Sharpe and Harper return to England to investigate. What should have been a simple query turns politically explosive as they come nearer to exposing profiteering on the home front that could jeopardize the Wellington's war. Sharpe's Siege (1996): Sharpe, with his new commanding officer, is sent to capture a castle when news comes of locals who will rise against Bonaparte. However, he is somewhat distracted by thoughts of his wife whom he was forced to leave while stricken with fever. Sharpe's Mission (1996): Sharpe is teamed with a Colonel he helped promote and they are tasked to destroy a powder magazine, but an alliance with the French may threaten their success. Meanwhile, Jane is wearying of the army life and Harper and Ramona are at odds. Sharpe's Revenge (1997): Sharpe is framed as the thief who stole Napolean's gold, and he must clear his name to avoid execution. Meanwhile, Jane - urged on by a friend - makes some questionable choices. Sharpe's Justice (1997): Napoleon has been exiled to Elba, the English have returned from the wars, and Major Richard Sharpe finds himself in a sort of exile to lead a company of Yorkshire Yeomen. His duties include protecting mill owners from restless workers who are on the verge of strike or outright revolt. Meanwhile, Sharpe's faithless wife and her lover fall within range of Sharpe's wrath. Sharpe, with his two of his devoted Chosen Men nearby, must decide whether to continue to protect the mill owners or to take the side of their fiercely downtrodden workers. Sharpe's Waterloo (1997): In June of 1815, Maverick British officer Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe is assigned to the Prince of Orange's staff, and is rejoined with Sgt. Harper (retired) and riflemen Hagman and Harris at the famou Condition: Brand New, Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Genre: Action, Adventure, Europe, Africa, Middle East: Will play on standard BR player, Region: Blu-ray: B, USA, Canada: Will not play on standard BR player, Format: Blu-Ray, Former Rental?: No, Australia, New Zealand: Will play on standard BR player

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