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Samsung Service Manuals - Plasma, LCD, DLP, DVD Etc.

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Seller: (520) 98.7%, Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 260567635578 Up for auction is a choice of one from a selection of full service manuals for most every Samsung Plasma Screens, DVD Players, VCRs, LCD, DLP Projection, Home Theater components, Cell Phones Etc. If your items shows up in this list of products then I have the manuals for that device. If your model number doesn't show up, then I do not have that set of manuals. Most manuals contain schematic diagrams, parts lists, alignment & adjustment, disassembly & re-assembly procedures, exploded views, and/or troubleshooting guides. Once purchased you can receive your item as a CD with case via USPS mail to continental US for $5.99. Or you can receive your item electronically in PDF file form for free. This is your choice. I am happy to do either option. These manuals are very detailed. With these service manuals it may be possible to repair an expensive Plasma or LCD TV. I DID!! Repair shop estimated the repairs to my plasma at $960. Using the service manual for my TV...I repaired it for $40. No joke!! Please contact me with any questions. Please include description of model and the model number in the comment field of your payment. Service Manuals HL-P4663W HL-P4667W HL-P4674W HL-P5063W HL-P5085W HL-P5674W HL-P5685W HL-P6163W HLM4365W HLM437W HLM5065W HLM507W HLM617W HLN4365W HLN4365W1 HLN437W HLN437W1 HLN467W HLN5065W1X HLN5065WX HLN507W HLN507W1 HLN567W HLN617W HPL5025 HPL5025D HPL6315 SP-H700AE DVD-C621 DVD-C631P DVD-HD1000 DVD-HD841 DVD-HD931 DVD-HD941 DVD-L100 DVD-L100A DVD-L1200 DVD-L200 DVD-L300 DVD-L300A DVD-P230 DVD-P231 DVD-P231A DVD-P241 DVD-P331 DVD-P341 DVD-P421 DVD-P421A DVD-P721M DVD-P731M DVD-R100 DVD-R4000 DVD-S221 DVD-S222 DVD-S321 dvd-v1000 DVD-V2000 DVD-V2500 DVD-V3500 DVD-V3650 DVD-V3800 DVD-V4600 DVD-V4600A DVD-VR300 HT-SK5 CHT-350 CHT-420 HT-DB120 HT-DB390 HT-DB400M HT-DB600 HT-DB650 HT-DB660 HT-DL70D HT-DM550 HT-DS1000 HT-DS610 HT-DS630T HT-DS660T HT-DS690 HT-SK5 HT-SK6 HTDL200PTH HTDM150UH MAX-N55 MM-DS80 TH-DM150 LN-P267W LT-P1545 LT-P1745 LT-P1795W LT-P2045 LT-P266W LT-P326W LT-P468W LTM1525 LTM1555 LTM1575 LTM1575W LTM1755 LTM1775 LTM1775W LTM225W LTM245W LTM295W LTM405W LTN151 LTN1535 LTN1565 LTN1735 LTN1765 LTN1785W LTN226W LTN291W LTN321W LTN325W LTN406W LTN4091W LTP2035 LTP227W SLK407W CM929B MC1015BB MC1015UBB MC1015UWB MC1015WB MD800SC_s ME1060SB ME1240SC_s ME1260SB ME1280STC ME1460SB MO1450WA MO15ESZSZ MO15PSDPV MO15PSDPZ MO17ESZS MO17PSDPV MR1031CWC MR1031UWC MR1031WB MR1032BB MR1032CBC MR1032UBC MR1033SB MR1034CBD MR1034UBD MR1352BB MR5492W_s MR5494W MR6699GB MR6699SB MS1040BB MS1040WB MS1240BB MS1240CB MS1240WB MS1440BB MS1440WB MS1690STA MS840BB MS840WB MT1044BB MT1044WB MT1066SB MT1088SB MU4290W MW1030BA MW1030SB MW1040BC MW1040WC MW1135W MW1135WB MW640BA MW735WB MW840BC MW840WC MW880BLA MW880KSA MW945WB MW965BB MW965WB SMH4150WD SMH6140BB SMH6140CB SMH6140W SMH6140WB SMH7150BC SMH7150CC SMH7150WC SMH7159BC SMH7159CC SMH7174BC SMH7174WC SMH7175BC SMH7175CC SMH7175WC SMH7178STD SRH1230ZG HP-P3761 HP-P4261 HP-P4271 HP-P5031 HP-P5071 HP-P5581 HPM5027 HPN4239 HPN5039S_XAA HPN5039X_XAA HPN6339S_XAA HPN6339X_XAA PDP4290 PDP4294 PDP4294LV PDP4298ED1 PPM42H3 PPM42S2 PPM42S3 PPM42S3Q PPM50H2 PPM50H3 PPM50H3Q PPM63H1 PPM63H3 PPM63H3Q PRK2000 SP-P4231 SP-P4251 SPK4215 SPL4215 SPL4225 SPL4225D SPM4227 SPN4235 SPP4251 CLP-500 CLP-500N CLP-510 CLP-510N CLP-550 CLP-550N ML-1210 ML-1430 ML-1440 ML-1450 ML-1520 ML-1650 ML-1651N ML-1710 ML-1740 ML-1750 ML-2150 ML-2151N ML-2152W ML-2550 ML-2551N ML-2552W ML-4500 ML-5100A ML-5200A ML-7000 ML-7050N MSYS 5150 SCS-5312F SCX-1150F SCX-4016 SCX-4100 SCX-4116 SCX-4216F SCX-5112 SCX-5115M SCX-5312F SCX-5315F SCX-6220 SCX-6320F SF-5100P SF-530 SF-531P SF-555P SF-560 SF-565P SF-6800 SF-730 SF-755P SF-830 SF-835P 42HD43A HC-P4241W HC-P4252W HC-P4363W HC-P4741W HC-P4752W HC-P5241W HC-P5252W HC-P5256W HCH551W HCJ552W HCL4715WX HCL473W HCL652W HCM4215W HCM4216W HCM422W HCM473W HCM5525W HCM553W HCM653W HCM653WX HCN4226W HCN4727W HCN473W HCN529W HCN5527W HCN5529W HCN553W HCN653W PCJ533R PCK520R PCK6115R PCL5415RB PCL542R PCL545 PCL545RB PCN5425R PCN5425RXSC PT-5598HDI PT4298HD PT4299HD PT5598HD PTH549 PTH5498-a SP55W3HF RB1844SW RB1855SW RB2044SL RB2044SW RB2055SL RB2055SW RB2155SH_RB19 RB2155SH_RB20 RB2155SH_RB21 RH2777AT RS2533SW RS2534WW RS2544SL RS2555SL RS2555SW RS2577BB RS2577SL RS2577SW RS2578BB RS2622SW RS2623BB RS2623SL RS2623WW RS2624WW RS2630SH RS2630WW RS2644SL RS2666SL RS2666SW SKRC2172S H10 PRL3100 SIR-S4040R SIR-S4080R SIR-S4120R SIR-T150 SIR-T451 SIR-TS360 SIR-TS360_DRT SIR-TS360_XAA SIRT151M SIRT151X SIRT165 CXN2085TP CFT2790 CM25011 CM32020S CM36020S CMC13005 CMF2710S CS-29D4V CS29D8WT7X CS29D8WT7X CTS2550 CXJ1352 CXJ1352AX CXJ1352B CXM1374 CXM1974 TSK2790F TSL2795HF TSL3099WHF TSL3293HF TSL3295HF TSN3084WHD TX-P2030 TX-P2434 TX-P2670WH TX-P2675WH TX-P2730 TX-P2734 TX-P2764 TX-P3064W TX-P3071WH TX-P3076WH TX-P3264 TX-P3275H TXH1370 TXK2060 TXK2566 TXK2754 TXK2766 TXL2767BX TXL2767S TXL3276 TXM1367 TXM1491F TXM1967X TXM1997 TXM2090F TXM2091 TXM2091F TXM2556 TXM2756 TXM2790FX TXM2792FX TXM2796HF TXM2797HF TXM2798HF TXM3096WHF TXM3096WHF (canada) PDP42V6 TXM3097WHF TXM3098WHF TXM3281HF TXM3296HF TXM3297HF TXM3298HF TXN1430F TXN1634F TXN2020 TXN2022 TXN2030FB TXN2030FX TXN2034F TXN2034FB TXN2034FX TXN2036FB TXN2036FX TXN2434FB TXN2434FX TXN2668WHF TXN2670WHF TXN2725 TXN2726 TXN2730FB TXN2730FX TXN2734FB TXN2734FX TXN2745FPN TXN2745FPX TXN2771HF TXN2775HF TXN2775HFS TXN2775HFX TXN2791HF TXN3071WHF TXN3075WHF TXN3235F TXN3245FP TXN3245FPN TXN3245FPX TXN3271HF TXN3275HF TXP1430 TXP1634 CFTD2785 CMC13410 CMC19410 CSM2077DV CSN2077DV CXF0933 CXM2785TP CXN2085TP VAC-3528B VAC-3528N VAC-5520R VAC-5528B VAC-7049B VAC-9048B VAC-9069G SV-5000W VR5260 VR8260 VR8360 VR8460 VR9260 SCH-570 SGH-500 SGH-A100 SGH-A800 SGH-C110 SGH-C130 SGH-C140 SGH-C140i SGH-C170 SGH-C210 SGH-C230 SGH-C260 SGH-C266 SGH-C520 SGH-D00E SGH-D500 SGH-D600 SGH-D820 SGH-D830 SGH-D840 SGH-D900i SGH-E250 SGH-E370 SGH-E420 SGH-E480 SGH-E490 SGH-E820 SGH-E840 SGH-E870 SGH-E900 SGH-M300 SGH-P940 SGH-S100 SGH-S200 SGH-S410i SGH-T200 SGH-U600 SGH-U700 SGH-X100 SGH-X400 SGH-X430 SGH-X460 SGH-X48 SGH-X495 SGH-X640 SGH-Z105 SGH-Z140 SGH-Z310 SGH-Z500 SGH-Z540 SGH-Z720 SGH-ZV10 SGH-ZV30 CB5020 CK20H1 CK28C7 CK501F CS29K3 CX-683CN_S15A HCM4215W HCM5525W HCN4226 HCN4727 HCN529 HCN653WX HCP4363 HCP4752 HLN4365 HLN437WX HLN467WX HLN5065W HLN617W HLP5663W HLS4266WX HLS5086WX HLT5076 LE27S73 LTM17xx LTN15xx PCJ522R PCK5315 PCL5415R PCL542R PL-42-50P5HD PPM42M5 PS42D5S PS42P2SDX SP43R1 SP43T7 SP47W3 SPM4388 SPP4231 TXM3296 TXN2725 TXN3245 TXR3079WHX CFT24907 CI3352 CK338C CK5320 CK765 CK765DSX CL-21M6 CL25M6 CL29D8 CS25M20 CS29A5 CS29A5HT CS29K5M CT-1488 CT-21D8 CW28C75V CW29A8HDE CX6840W CX6844 CXJ0932 CXJ1352 CXJ1964 CZ20F42 CZ29A6 DP15HS DW21G5 HCJ552W HCL4715 HCM4216WX HCP4241w HCR4755W HLR4266WX HLR4667W HPS4253 HPT4254 K55A KCT52A KS1A KS2A(N) KS2A KS3A(Rev1) KS3A KS4 adjust KS4A(P) LA20S51 LE15S51 LE27T51B LS15E-17E LS15N13W LS15S13C LT-17N23W LT22A13W LT29A13W LTM1525X LTM225W LTM295-405W LTP227W LW15E23 LW15S13C LW22A13W LW22N23 LW29A13W NK15A NK15N PCJ534-614RF PCK520R5C PCL541 PCL545R_Schematic Diagram PN15VT PPM42S2X_SM PPM50H2X_SM PS42P2STX PS42P3SX PS42P5HX SCT57B SP403 SP43J5HFX SPL4225K TSK2790 TSL3099WHFX TTB1340W TXJ2554_66_67 TXJ2766 TXK2566 TXK3276 TXK3279_SM TXM1367X_SM TXM1491FX_SM TXM2090FX_SM TXM2091FX_SM TXM2556X_SM TXM2790FX_SM TXM2792FX_SM TXM2797WHFX_SM TXM3281HFX_SM TXN2771HFX WS32Z316 CB5020 CK20H1 CK28C7 CK501F CS29K3 CX-683CN_S15A HCM4215W HCM5525W HCN4226 HCN4727 HCN529 HCN653WX HCP4363 HCP4752 HLN4365 HLN437WX HLN467WX HLN5065W HLN617W HLP5663W HLS4266WX HLS5086WX HLT5076 LE27S73 LTM17xx LTN15xx PCJ522R PCK5315 PCL5415R PCL542R PL-42-50P5HD PPM42M5 PS42D5S PS42P2SDX SP43R1 SP43T7 SP47W3 SPM4388 SPP4231 TXM3296 TXN2725 TXN3245 TXR3079WHX CB20F42TSX CB21F32TSX CB21F32ZSX CB21F52TSX CB21H12TSX CF21F32ZSX CFT24907X CK765DSX3X CK765DWT2X CS20H42TSX CS20H42ZSX CS20S12ZSX CS21F52TSX CS25M20SSNSKLG CS29M20SPNS CS29M20SSNSKLG CT26F6SWX CT29F6SWX CZ21F32TSX CZ21F32ZSX CZ21H12TSX HCJ552WX HCL4715WX HCL473WX HCL5515WX HCL552WX HCL6515WX HCL652WX HCM4215WX HCM4216WX HCM422WX HCM5525W HCM553W HCM653W HCN4226W3S HCN4226WX HCN4727W5S HCN4727WX HCN529WX HCN5529WX HCN559WX HCP4241W HCP4241WX HCP4363W HCP4363WX HCP4752W HCP4752WX HCR4755W HCR4755WX HLN5065WX HLN617WX HLP4663WX HLP5063WX HLP5663WX HLP6163WX HLR4266W HLR4266WX HLR4667W HLR4667W1X HLR5067W HLR5067W1X HLR5067WX HLR5667W HLR5667W1X HLR6167W HLR6167W1X HLS5086WX HLS5686WX HLS6186WX HLT5076SX HPL5025X HPS4253X HPT4254X HPT5054X LS15E33C LS15N13W LS15S13C LS17E34C LS17N13W LT15S13C LT22A13W LT29A13W LT40A13W LTM1525 LTM1555 LTM1575W LTM1755 LTM1775W LTM225W LTM295W LTM405W LTN1535 LTN1735 LW15S13C LW22A13W LW29A13W LW40A13W NK15A NK15N NK17A NK17N PCJ522R PCJ522RX PCJ534RF3C PCJ534RFX PCJ612R PCJ612RX PCJ614RF3C PCK520R5C PCK5315RX PCK6115RX PCL5415R3C PCL5415RX PCL542R3S PCL542R5S PCL545RX PCL6215R3C PL42P5HD PL50P5HDX PN15HT/HO PN15VT/VO PPM42M5SSX PPM42S2X PPM50H2X PS42P2SDX PS42P3SX PS42P5HX SAM25405C SAM27405C SP403JHAX SP42L6HN SP42L6HNX SPL4225X SPP4231 SPP4231KX ST54J9P3S ST54T8PCS ST62J9P3S TSK2790FX TSK2792FX TSK3092WFX TSK3290FX TSK3292FX TSL3099WHFX TXJ2554 TXJ2566 TXJ2567 TXJ2567/CCX TXK2550X TXK2554X TXK2566X TXK2567X TXK3276C TXK3279C TXK3676C TXK3679C TXM1367X TXM1491FX TXM1967X TXM1997X TXM2090FX TXM2091FX TXM2556X TXM2756X TXM2790FX TXM2792FX TXM2796HFX TXM2797HFX TXM2798HFX TXM3096WHFX TXM3096WHFXXAA TXM3097WHFX TXM3097WHFXXAA TXM3098WHFX TXM3098WHFXXAA TXM3281HFX TXM3296HFX TXM3297HFX TXM3298HFX TXN2670WHFX TXN2725S TXN2745FPNXXAA TXN2771HFX TXN3245FPNXXAA TXR3079WH TXR3079WHX Condition: Brand New

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