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Seller: 0020bonballoon (17,864) 99.6%, Location: EGYPT, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 182591777728 Untitled Document Enter Store View Our Feedback Contact Us Add Us To Your Favourite Very Rare and Unique replica Collection Set of 12 Ancient Egyptian Statuettes Statue amulet , Amulets & Plaques With Very High Detailed Finish And Impressing Stunning Details (201) Egyptian Egypt Handmade Resin Ancient Pharaoh Statue Figure Figurine Goddess Decor Decoration Decorative Hieroglyphics Mythology Collectible Sculpture Egyptian King Queen Pharaoh Figurine Statue Ancient IMPORTANT NOTE: You Will Receive Random And Assorted 12 pcs And There Is No Any Option To Choose The amulets As we also receive them packed randomlyIMPORTANT NOTE : This item must be submitted to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority before shipment which makes shipping period not less than 30 days . IMPORTANT NOTE : This item must be submitted to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority before shipment which makes shipping period not less than 30 days . NOTE TO ALL BUYERS: Negative feedback will not fix your damaged item or return your money ,only communications can do , please communicate with us before your feedback. IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTES: 1-We ship all packages through the Egypt post ( registered air mail) with tracking number2- you can track your package after 15 days from the shipping days ( tracking number will not be traceable until the package reaches your country and added your post system example : we send the package to the Egypt post , then the Egypt post put in on flight then deliver it to the usps then usps add it to usps.com ( this process usually takes about 15 days ) 3- Please keep attention to your mail box because if the post man didn't find you in your address he will leave you a notice , and if you didn't contact your post office for 14 days they will send the item back to us , and then you will have to pay for reshipping 4-for USA buyers please use usps.com after 15 days from the shipping date for Canada buyers please use canadapost.com after 15 days from the shipping date for all other countries please use 17track.net after 15 days from the shipping date ITEM DESCRIPTION : Very Rare and Unique replica Collection Set of 12 Ancient Egyptian Statuettes, Amulets & Plaques With Very High Detailed Finish And Impressing Stunning Details . Egyptian Egypt Handmade Resin Ancient Pharaoh Statue Figure Figurine Goddess Decor Decoration Decorative Hieroglyphics Mythology Collectible Sculpture Egyptian King Queen Pharaoh Figurine Statue Ancient IMPORTANT NOTE: You Will Receive Random And Assorted 12 pcs And There Is No Any Option To Choose The amulets As we also receive them packed randomly HANDCRAFTED IN EGYPT!!! OUR ITEMS ARE 100% HANDMADE BY HIGHLY SKILLFUL CRAFTSMEN IN EGYPT!! This is one gorgeous piece!*Hand-made and professionally crafted in Egypt. *Beautiful and exquisite decoration that could be added to any home! A great find for the Egyptian treasure collector VERY RARE !!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE: You Will Receive Random And Assorted 12 pcs And There Is No Any Option To Choose The amulets As we also receive them packed randomly Condition : 100% NEW EGYPTIAN HANDMADE WITH HIGH QUALITY Quantity : 12pcs Color : see pictures Weight (Approx.) : 180 GM = (6.35oz) EACH SET ( EACH 12 PCS ) Material : Resin , Gypsum And Egyptian Stones Size (Approx) : average size : Width: 2.5" = 6.35 CM Length:1.5" = 3.8 CM IMPORTANT NOTE: You Will Receive Random And Assorted 12 pcs And There Is No Any Option To Choose The amulets As we also receive them packed randomly An amulet is a small object that a person wears, carries, or offers to a deity because he or she believes that it will magically bestow a particular power or form of protection. The conviction that a symbol, form, or concept provides protection, promotes well-being, or brings good luck is common to all societies: in our own, we commonly wear religious symbols, carry a favorite penny, or a rabbit's foot. In ancient Egypt, amulets might be carried, used in necklaces, bracelets, or rings, and—especially—placed among a mummy's bandages to ensure the deceased a safe, healthy, and productive afterlife. Egyptian amulets functioned in a number of ways. Symbols and deities generally conferred the powers they represent. Small models that represent known objects, such as headrests or arms and legs, served to make sure those items were available to the individual or that a specific need could be addressed. Magic contained in an amulet could be understood not only from its shape. Material, color, scarcity, the grouping of several forms, and words said or ingredients rubbed over the amulet could all be the source for magic granting the possessor's wish. The Tet. The Ancient Egyptians saw the Tet as a representation of Osiris' vertebrae, lower. In this capacity it gave stability, and power to the back in the afterlife. Spell 155 calls it to give the wearer the ability to rise up like Osiris and overcome death. The Tet also represents the Pylon, or a Tower or tree. As above so below, the tree only grows to the heights because it puts down deep roots. As a tree, the Tet has analogies to various other legends; Odin's Tree where he gained knowledge and insight, and the Apple Tree in the garden of Eden, where knowledge was offered by the serpent and taken. The Tower [higher consciousness] is only stable because it is built on solid foundations [knowledge]. The Pylon is a coming together of energy sources to provide great power. Yr the Yew tree dies and is reborn from itself into a grove of trees, more magnificent than the original. More loosely the Tet also relates to the Anzuz rune and the Magician Tarot card, in that it is wisdom gained and put to use. In a divinatory sense it is wisdom gained through knowledge and experience. Strength in one's knowledge as a power giver. The Shuttle. The shuttle is a tool used in weaving [goddesses Neith and Tayt], representing the weaving of the web of wyrd- the unknowable, like the blank rune. The Egyptians would have represented it to show that the deceased could have fine new clothes in the afterlife. In a divinatory sense it suggests a look inside yourself, a shamanistic initiatory journey is required. Look within for the answers. The Pillow. The Pillow amulet was to avoid decapitation and slaughter in the other world, as stated in spell 166, you shall not lose your head, and shall overcome your enemies. As well as being support and protection for the head, it also brings to mind the phrase; 'hold your head up' ie self esteem/ strong will, carries you forth in the next world. Analogies to Isa and Peorth runes, and the Hermit tarot spring to mind. Divinationally, this amulet suggests we are our own support, our guilt will punish us or our self love will carry us forth. The Grail is inside our own heads. Rest, meditate and look within oneself for the answers. Think to win. The Vulture. Spell 157 describes the motherly love of Isis for Horus, as she flew about in the form of a vulture looking for him after he had been stung to death by a scorpion, after which her sister Nepthys got Thoth to give her the words of power to restore him. The Vulture is a creature that strips away the debris of the corpse- nature's trash man! It strips away the corruption of the world, allowing the soul to be free. It corresponds to the necessary work of the Nied rune. It gives the strength that is born out of finding ones inner self after stripping down. In a divinatory sense it represents looking beyond the obvious, as everything is not what it always appears. Strip away the outer layers and seek the truth of matters. The Collar of Gold. Spell 158 asks for release for the spirit from Geb, the earth god. It also asks for freedom from fetterings round the neck, ie a slave collar. Also mentioned is freedom from swathings- 'I am unswathed and I see'. On an immediate level this suggests a concern not to be trapped in a mummified body, but also suggests release of the spirit from earthly mundanities. On a spiritual level it is the release of sacrifice for development, like the Hanged Man of tarot. It also recognises the eternal dichotomy of spiritual and material growth being at opposite poles. In a divinatory sense it suggests a need to spend some time concentrating either on worldy developments, or spiritual ones. It also supports the need for evaluation of one's current position in both senses. The Papyrus Sceptre. Spell 159 uses this amulet to ensure renewed youth and vitality, like the qualities of the growing papyrus plant. It is the captured energy of the sun that renews. Eternal youth represented in the eternal cycle of nature. It corresponds to the Sigel rune. In a divinatory sense it represents gaining power through book knowledge, and the joy of the task and accomplishment being rejeuvenating. Hope springs eternal. The Soul. Spell 89 refers to this amulet. It related to the Ba, which came and went from the tomb and holes were left to allow this passage. The amulet was a sort of travel pass for the soul, the magical essence that travels outside of the confines of the body. It corresponds to Judgement, Uruz, Ketter and to a degree the Magus. In a divinatory sense, it implies that if you have control over the ego, and your mind is not racked with unresolved guilt, then a path to higher spiritual attainment is open to you. The Heart The Egyptians saw the heart [ab] as a source of all power, life and thought, the seat of the ba or soul. The heart contains the soul of the God form Khephera- bringer into being of all things, and is thus immortal. In spell 27, the gods are urged not to take the heart of the deceased who is a powerful magician. It is also referred to in spells 28, 29, 30 and 30b. The heart is a symbol of eternity, the heart out of time, that is the immortal part that transcends time. It is weighed against a feather on the Scales of Maat, overseen by Anubis, with the soul eating monster sitting by waiting. It seems to link with 'amulets' of other systems such as the ourobourous or Dagaz rune, and the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. An interesting fact is that the circulatory system the heart supplies is also a figure of eight shape. As an divinatory amulet, it represents continuity and steadfastThe Ladder. The ladder represents the ascent from floor to heaven. Osiris, too weak to climb the ladder was assisted on either side by Horus and Set. [Spell 22]. This is the journey into Godhood, which requires both hands, so one can't be carrying any emotional baggage. Ascending to one's Essence. This corresponds to the rune Gyfu, because godhood is a wonderful thing, but the price is very high. It also relates to the Hermit of tarot, because climbing this ladder causes one to lose touch somewhat with the world, and look deeply into one's own dark and painful places. In a divinatory sense; there is much pain coming and a sense of overwhelming isolation. Use this for your benefit. Shed your past skins, don't hold onto them out of habit and comfort. Put in the effort and climb to the heights to which you aspire. The Scarab. The Egyptians saw the Scarab as a symbol of rebirth, of both the Sun and themselves. The Scarab lays its egg in the middle of a dung ball, and then rolls the comparitively huge ball into an underground chamber, which it seals and dies inside. The new beetle hatches out with a ready made supply of food in the dung ball. Thus life comes forth from death. The new beetle is come into being, and the old one is no more. The Egyptians originally believed the God Khephera rolled the ball that was the Sun, before they believed the God Ra was the Sun, and travelled across the sky in the Shen boat. Khephri is the newborn scarab representing the risen morning sun. [spell 189]. Scarabs were used as seals in the tombs, and were also made into amulets to record important life events, by some dynastys. The Scarab corresponds with other systems in several ways; The death and rebirth, and concept of total change, ties in with the Tower and Death cards of the Tarot, the Hagalaz and Yr runes, and the planet Saturn. The rebirth process of the beetle ties in with the Inguz rune, whilst the period spent in gestation sits well with the Hermit card and the Jara rune. The whole period of encapsulation prior to rebirth, relates to the Persephone in the underworld legend, and the cycles of nature. As a divinatory amulet, it represents change and growth, self-improvement, and a period of introspection required prior to Xeper. The Two Fingers. The two fingers represent the fingers of Set, the lord of the ladder, giving a helping hand up the ladder. Set wants the company of other gods, and so gives this gift. It has similarities to the Kenaz rune because it opens the way, the Wunjo rune because the gift of becoming is a joyful thing, the Devil in tarot because it opens our inner doors, as is needed for essent. Also the devil is knowledge, and thus the path to Xeper. It is like the tarot Star, because there is always more to learn, further to travel, always hope in the darkest Saturn times, like Gyfu, a gift with a price. In a divinatory sense, remember in your darkest moments that things always become stronger and better than before, after the dark period of transition, the dark before dawn. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The Steps. Spell 149 depicts the steps, in which stand a jackal headed demon [Anubis] who holds two knives with the left hand raised. The steps are a pathway to the higher mind. They are the easier journey than the ladder. The day to day process of self evolution that takes time, as opposed to the hard immediate task of the ladder. The path that leads to the higher plane of the gods. It is a life work and corresponds slightly to the Tyr rune. In a divinatory sense, choose your path and stick to it. Don't waste your time going back down just to start over on another set of steps. Be stubborn and persist even when your legs ache from climbing. The Amulet of Life. [The Ankh]. The Ankh represents life and spiritual growth, and immortality. In this it corresponds to the Dagaz rune. It is the oldest amulet sign used by the dynastic Egyptians, believed to be connected with the maintenance of life everlasting. They thought all the divine beings possessed this, and bestowed it on their favorite kings, and souls acquitted in the hall of judgement. Those so blessed lived then for one hundred thousand million years! As a symbol it got mixed up with the christian cross in the first century. The Ankh is also about primal life, the tides and the moon. In a divinatory aspect it portrays a passage of enlightenment, a life journey. Learn about magic to enhance life. The Buckle. The Buckle is thought to represent the genitals of Isis. In spell 156 this amulet is for the deceased to be able to enter the judgement hall of Osiris. It gives the strength of Isis, and knowledge of her magical words of power- for surmounting death. He who has this amulet, shall have no paths hidden to him. The gates of the underworld shall be opened to him, and a homestead given to him, with wheat and barley. The followers of Horus who reap therein, will proclaim his [the deceased's] name as one of the Gods. As a symbol of the passage of birth, this amulet relates to the Uruz rune, but also has lesser aspects of Rad, Thorn, Algiz and Tyr, in that it is symbolic of a planned journey, and protection on it. It also seems to resonate with the early steps of the Fool in Tarot. In a divinatory sense it indicates that all appears to be planned and on target. [The journey is prepared, the ticket is bought]. But it has a dark undercurrent of warning, that things can always go awry. The birthing journey is not always easy. The Nefer. The Nefer symbol represented the heart and windpipe, later becoming a guitar like musical instrument. Nefer means good, to be good, beautiful, graceful, pleasant. It is thought to bring happiness and good luck, strength, joy and youth. It is akin to the Wunjo rune, and the Wheel of Fortune or the Lovers tarot cards, in their aspects of balance and cosmic harmony. In a divinatory sense it is balance and harmony through effort and skill. The Serpents Head. Spells 34 and 35 protect against the bite of the cobra and other venomous snakes and worms of tuat. The serpent is the original giver of knowledge and the self deification that comes from that. The serpent represents the fears that have to be overcome because protection from knowledge is only standstill. In a divinatory sense it advises to take time to stand back from knowledge gained, and absorb it in the perspective of your subjective and objective universes. The Menat. This amulet was thought to be worn by the gods and goddesses concerned with fertility and fecundity and virility, birth, new life, and resurrection. The Menat was thought to preserve sexual desires in the dead! It was hung over the back of the neck to influence the spine. It corresponds to the fertility aspects of the Inguz and Jara runes. The menat is also a scourge, indicating the hard work prerequisite to harvest. In this respect it corresponds to the Strength and Chariot cards of the tarot. In a divinatory sense it says; No pain, no gain! Application of Will brings joy. The Shen. The Shen is the sun in it's boat [barque] traveling across the sky. Aakhu is the rising sun in the east, and Bakhu is the mountain in the east from which it appears. Khephri is the young sun represented by the scarab. Atum is the aged sun as it sets, and Manu is the western mountain where it sets. And of course Ra is the god who represents the sun! The amulet represents eternity, rebirth- both of the world daily, and of the species by the process of reproduction. It is the part of the life cycle that is essentially female. It corresponds to the Sigel rune and the Aeon tarot. In spell 151 Isis and Nepthys kneel at either side of the mummy with Shens signifying eternity and resurrection. The Shen is all, the dark and the light, the male and the female. In a divinatory sense it implies a cyclic nature to everything. Everything changes and remains the same. The Frog. The Frog is an Egyptian symbol of fertility. The amulet invokes the help and protection of Heqit, goddess of conception and childbirth. It also represents the resurrection of rebirth. It was one of the later symbols to appear. In a divinatory sense it is a second chance, a time to approach a problem from a new angle. Regroup and try again. The Sam. The Sam represents the phallus and base animal instincts. It is about life and the continuance of it through the reproductive process. But there is also the spiritual aspect of rising above baseness to produce spiritual 'idea' children. In a divinatory sense, be wary of over arrogance. You may be a god, but you're not the only one. Whilst you adore yourself in the mirror, the universe turns outside of your view, and if you're not keeping a watch... The Kef Pesesh. The knife carried by Set concerned with the ceremony of the opening of the mouth. The Spell restores movement to the jaw so the deceased is not dumb in the afterlife. It is also considered to be the knife used to cut the umbilical cord. In a divinatory sense it represents a cutting away from society and becoming a strong independent spirit, capable of speaking your own thought out opinions. A rite of passage to 'adulthood' IMPORTANT NOTE : This item must be submitted to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority before shipment which makes shipping period not less than 30 days . * ATTRACTIVE Resin & Stone SET statue FOR HOME DECORATION !! * IMAGINE IT AS A PAPERWEIGHT ON YOUR OFFICE or in your home AS DECORATION !!! An exciting blend of tradition and trend embellished with in traditional ethnic design. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Queen Nefertiti Cleopatra king Tut Ramses Ramsis pyramids sphinx desert ancient Egypt Egyptian pharaoh pharaoh’s Costume Jewelry accessory hieroglyphics scarab luck ankh cross key of life finger ring fingerin ring tribal ethnic Bedouin beetle camel Arabian African lotus Horus eye hieroglyphic tomb cartouche papyrus statue figurine Akhenaton Osiris mythology Egyptology temple coffin baste bast pharaohs script Tutankhamen tutankhamun bust décor decoration hor musk mask ka patina egipto souvenir Hatshepsut hathor throne antique jackal Nubian art Handmade Antique Replica Delivery Details . We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax. Items will be shipped within 1-3 working business days after payment received.. Items are shipped from Cairo using registered air mail Delivery time depends on destination . USA buyers can track their packages on usps.com (post man may leave you a notice). Canada buyers can track their packages on Canadapost.com Approximate Delivery times: Country Delivery Time (DAYS) Working Days (not including holiday) 10-15 15-20 20-30 >30 United States Rate (item arrived) 60% 30% 10% Refund United Kingdom Rate (item arrived) 75% 25% 5% Refund Europe Rate (item arrived) 10% 55% 35% Refund ITALY & GERMANY Rate (item arrived) 20% 30% 50% Refund Asia & LATIN AMERICA Rate (item arrived) 0% 30% 70% Refund Canada Rate (item arrived) 40% 40% 20% Refund AUSTRALIA Rate (item arrived) 0% 25% 75% Refund Can be a Great Gift !! ......A nice piece to add to your collection.... *Color may very slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor and light brightness concentration during taking pictures. * Please note the photo does not show actual size; please refer to Description for size details. Insurance and Return policy:1-We recommend payment via pay pal. You can be confident that you are PROTECTED and SAFE purchasing with us because we are PAYPAL VERIFIED!!! 2-Items will be shipped once the payment has been received and cleared. 3-The winner must PAY within 3 days after the end of the auctions. We will report as an unpaid item after 7 days if we still haven't received your payment. ALL OUR ITEMS ARE 100% MADE IN EGYPT WE SHIP WORLDWIDE WE DO COMBINE SHIPPING Check out my other items!1-Shipping fees cover all handling fees including: insurance, packing, materials, warehousing, distribution, order handling and processing cost. 2-All our packages are insured 100% against damage or lost. Handling includes INSURANCE on ALL our items to insure peace of mind that your items will arrive in good condition. 3-Everything is hand packed with care to ensure that your item arrives in excellent condition. 4-We ship to the confirmed address provided by your eBay account. Please make sure your address in eBay matches the address you would like us to ship to before payment. This is very important. 5- Item(s) will be shipped within 3 business days after received a verified payment. 6-All items will be shipped from EGYPT-CAIRO by EGYPT Post Air registered Mail, PLEASE CONSIDER IT TAKES (2 - 4 WEEKS) FOR DELIVERY. 7- ATTENTION ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: The calculated shipping does not include tariffs, taxes, duties, brokerage fees, customs fees, etc. you might incur when the item reaches your country. It is up to the discretion of your countries customs. we are not responsible for any extra costs like import duties, taxes, etc or any other costs decided by the buyer country after reaching the item. 8- For international orders we are not responsible for any delay due to custom declaration in the buyer country. 9- Delivery Time is up to your Locations: usually you will receive your items within 11-21 days but in some rare cases it might take longer. 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