Rare Nevada 1 Acre Lot At Wildhorse Reservoir! National Forest~Lake~No Reserve! GREAT VIEWS~AMAZING SETTING~CLOSE TO TOWN! NO RESERVE!

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Seller: nevada-land-man (1,512) 100%, Location: NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 174062122703 PLEASE NOTE:I WILL BE ON VACATION, OUTSIDE THE USA UNTIL NOVEMBER 3RD. IF YOU WRITE ME DURING THAT TIME PLEASE NOTE I WILL HAVE VERY LIMITED ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. I WILL REPLY TO ALL MESSAGES WITHIN 24-72 HOURS. ALSO, EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT THIS PROPERTY IS PROVIDED IN THE LISTING BELOW. I AM RUNNING A 30 DAY LISTING TO GIVE POTENTIAL BUYERS TIME TO VISIT THE PROPERTY AND TO RESEARCH THE PROPERTY TO MAKE SURE IT WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS. LASTLY, MY LISTINGS ARE MASSIVE AND CANNOT BE VIEWED FROM A SMART PHONE SCREEN. PLEASE VIEW THIS LISTING USING A REAL COMPUTER OR YOU WILL MISS 95% OF THE CONTENT. (95% OF THE INQUIRIES I RECEIVE ARE FROM SMART PHONE VIEWERS.) SUPER RARE PROPERTY!I OWN SEVERAL HUNDRED PROPERTIES IN ELKO COUNTY AND I RARELY COME ACROSS LOTS AT WILDHORSE ESTATES. IT HAS BEEN OVER 5 YEARS SINCE I HAVE LISTED ONE OF THESE LOTS ON EBAY. IF YOU CHECK WITH LOCAL REALTORS YOU WILL FIND THESE LOTS SELL FOR 15-20K. ALSO, WILDHORSE ESTATES HAS TWO UNITS. UNIT #1 AND UNIT #2. THIS LOT IS LOCATED IN UNIT #1. LOTS IN UNIT #1 SELL FOR 2-3 TIMES WHAT LOTS IN UNIT #2 SELL FOR. STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE BIDDING!THESE LISTINGS COST ME $92.00 AND EBAY FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. SO PLEASE....ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING...NOT AFTER! IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT ABOUT ANYTHING...EMAIL ME...BEFORE YOU BID! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS? AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. PLEASE REVIEW THIS LIST AS IT WILL ANSWER THE MAJORITY OF COMMON QUESTIONS. BIDDER REQUIREMENTS! IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 FEEDBACKS YOU MUST EMAIL ME PRIOR TO BIDDING OR YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELED! NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! THE HIGH BIDDER GETS THIS LOT FOR THE FINAL BID PRICE PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! ALL YOU PAY IS YOUR FINAL BID AMOUNT AND THE $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE IS NO FINANCE OPTION! THE FULL AMOUNT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS! PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE PAGE. PAYMENT? FULL PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE AUCTION END. I OFFER A VARIETY OF PAYMENT OPTIONS. SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE LISTING FOR FULL DETAILS. THERE IS NO FINANCING OPTION ON THIS PROPERTY! THIS IS A CASH SALE ONLY. NO RECORDING FEES! NO TRANSFER TAX! TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT THRU 2020!!!!TAXES ARE JUST $84.00 PER YEAR! ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BUYING! PHOTOSIN THIS LISTING I HAVE PROVIDED A VARIETY OF PHOTOS TAKENAT DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE YEAR. FROM SPRINGAND SUMMER TO WINTER & FALL! "WILDHORSE ESTATES" UP FOR GRABS IS A 1 ACRE LOT AT WILDHORSE RESERVOIR! THESE LOTS ARE RARE TO FIND! I SELL A GREAT DEAL OF NEVADA LAND AND RARELY DO I HAVE COME ACROSS A WILDHORSE RESERVOIR LOT AND THEY ALWAYS SELL THE FIRST ATTEMPT! THIS IS THE FIRST WILDHORSE RESERVOIR PROPERTY THAT I HAVE SOLD IN OVER 5 YEARS!! I HONESTLY DON'T COME ACROSS THESE LOTS VERY OFTEN. Wild Horse State Recreation Area Wild Horse State Recreation Area is located on the northeast shore of Wild Horse Reservoir. The 140 acre recreation area is an excellent focal point when visiting Wild Horse. Visitors to the area enjoy camping, picnicking, hunting, fishing and boating. Facilities include campgrounds, a trailer dump station, boat launch and ranger station. The park is open year-round. The reservoir is located 63 miles north of Elko on State Route 225. Park Origin and History In 1937, Wild Horse Reservoir was constructed covering what was once Owyhee Meadows. The reservoir was named after the wild horses that roam abundantly in the area. Ranching has restricted the horse's movement but they can still be found on the Owyhee Desert west of Wild Horse. The stored irrigation water is for agriculture in the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.The original dam was found to be weak and a new one was constructed in 1969. This doubled the size of the reservoir. When full, the reservoir has a surface area of 2,830 acres and hold 73,500 acre feet of water. The spillway elevation is 6,205 feet above sea level. The Flora and fauna is typical of the Great Basin. Big sage dominates the landscape with patches of quaky aspen trees in the hills. Sub-alpine habitat can be found in higher elevations. Late spring, the later part of May and through June, brings beautiful wild flowers backed by towering snow capped peaks. Many of them over 8,000 feet. Summer time is a favorite for many visitors. Day time temperatures are moderate with cool nights.The park is open year round, winter can be harsh. Abundant snow and ice provide good recreation but temperatures and some of the best ice fishing in the USA. Activities Fishing is the most popular activity at Wild Horse. Most visitors are after rainbow trout or yellow perch. German brown trout, small mouth bass, and catfish are also in the reservoir. Fishing seems best during the months of January, May, September, October, and November. Ice fishing is popular and can be quite productive in the winter months. Fisherman should be prepared for extreme cold and harsh winter conditions. Hunting is abundant in the Fall. Pronghorn, mule deer, grouse, chukar, water fowl, and many other game can be pursued. Snowmobiling and skiing are also popular winter activities on the treeless rolling hills along Gold Creek Road and Sunflower Flats. COMPARE PRICES!If you look on landwatch you will often see theseexact lots listed for 10-15K or more.Below is a link to one of these lots listed for 13K...by a differentseller. While I do think his 13K asking price, for his lot,is on the high side but I do feel these lots are easily worth 8-10K.WILDHORSE RESERVOIR, Elko County, NV Homesite for sale ... MAKE ME AN OFFER!PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE ME AN OFFER. IF I RECEIVE A RESPECTABLE OFFER I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END THIS LISTING EARLY, UNDER EBAY GUIDELINES. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A 30 DAY LISTING AND THE MAJORITY OF THE BIDDING TYPICALLY COMES IN THE FINAL DAY, HOURS, MINUTES AND OFTEN EVEN SECONDS. THIS PROPERTY HAS A TAXABLE VALUE OF $8,571.00 SO IT SHOULD EASILY SELL FOR 8-10K. SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE WITH A LOWBALL OFFER. WILDHORSE ESTATES THIS 1 ACRE LOT SITS AT THE SOUTH END OF "WILDHORSE RESERVOIR"!THIS IS A GORGEOUS AREA SURROUNDED BY NATIONAL FOREST! ZOOMED IN: SURVEYED & EZ ACCESS! LOCATION! THE PROPERTY SITS AN HOUR NORTH OF ELKO. PAVED ROADALL THE WAY FROM ELKO TO THE ENTRANCE OFWILDHORSE ESTATES! WINTER?YES...YES...THIS AREA DOES GET SNOW. IT SITS AT APPROX 6,500 FEET AND THEY DO GET SNOW UP THERE AND THE LAKE/RESERVOIR FREEZES SOLID. I HAVE INCLUDED SOME PHOTOS OF THE RESERVOIR IN IT'S FROZEN STATE BELOW. THIS PROPERTY HAS IT ALL! POWER AT THE FRONT OF THE LOT. JUST SOUTH OF THE RESERVOIR! KILLER VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS! SUPER LOW PROPERTY TAXES! INCLUDES MINERAL RIGHTS! SURVEYED/STAKED! GREAT PROPERTY! EZ ACCESS! POWER?POWER IS AT THE FRONT OF THE PROPERTY! PHOTOSAGAIN, IN MY EBAY LISTING I HAVE INCLUDED A VARIETY PHOTOS. I INCLUDEDSOME PHOTOS OF EACH SEASON TO GIVE YOUTHE BEST FEEL FOR THINGS. ENDLESS OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES! ICE FISHING!THIS IS THE PREMIERE SPOT FOR ICE FISHING IN NEVADA! SPRINGAS YOU CAN SEE THE ICE HAS MELTED BUTTHE MOUNTAINS STILL HAVE SNOW. VIEWS? THIS PROPERTY HAS INCREDIBLE VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS! EZ ACCESS! THIS PROPERTY SITS ONE HOUR NORTH OF ELKO. YOU SIMPLY TAKE PAVED HWY 225 FROM ELKO ALL THE WAY TO THE RANCH ENTRANCE. THEN YOU TAKE A 2WD DIRT ROAD DIRECTLY TO THE PROPERTY. TOPO MAP:THIS 1 ACRE LOT RESTS AT THE SOUTH END OF THE RESERVOIRAND IN THE HEART OF THE VALLEY. THE ENTIRE AREAIS SURROUNDED BY MOUNTAINS! ZOOMED IN: 1.01 ACRE MINI RANCH!! THIS IS AN AMAZING RANCH WITH SPECTACULAR VIEWS. =========================================================================== WARNING:THE DETAILS OF THIS LISTING ARE A LITTLE LONG BUT VERY INFORMATIVE. I WOULD RATHER PROVIDE TOO MUCH INFORMATION THAN NOT ENOUGH. PLUS, YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN iPOD OR A PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES, YOU ARE BUYING A PIECE OF THE EARTH! I GREW UP IN NEVADA AND I KNOW THIS AREA WELL. ========= THIS LISTING IS LOADED WITH MAPS AND PHOTOS. IF THEY DO NOT LOAD QUICKLY PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE!(IF YOU HAVE DIAL UP REFRESH IN 3 DAYS.) ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BUYING! NO HIDDEN FEES! ALL YOU PAY IS THE FINAL BID AMOUNT PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE. THERE ARE NO OTHER COSTS!! MAPSNO MATTER WHO YOU PURCHASE YOUR LAND FROM BE SURE TO INSIST ON SEEING DETAILED MAPS TO INSURE YOU ARE BUYING A QUALITY PARCEL! LIFE IS SHORT!! YOU PREFER THIS:================================================================================================================== OR THIS:SPEND A LITTLE EXTRA AND OWN QUALITY LAND! 1.01 ACRE LOT RANCH LOCATED IN"ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA" //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// BUY FROM ME OR YOU WILLFEEL LIKE THIS LATER: NO HIDDEN FEES! NEVADANEVADA HAS MORE MOUNTAIN RANGES THAN ANY OTHERSTATE IN THE USA, INCLUDING ALASKA! NEVADA! For 21 straight years, Nevada was the fastest growing state in the USA. 21 YEARS STRAIGHT! THE VALUE OF THIS LAND WILL ONLY GO UP!------NevadaNevada is growing in leaps and bounds! That it's growing at a pace that far exceeds the growth of the rest of the country is not new news! Nevada was the fastest growing state for 21 years in a row! Census figures show growth in the populations of individual states. 1. 66.3 % Nevada 2. 40.0 % Arizona 3. 30.6 % Colorado 4. 29.6 % Utah 5. 28.5 % Idaho Five Mountain West states are at the top of the growth rate list. Nevada has grown at more than twice the rate of number three. 21 years in a row pretty much answers the question on whether or not the growth will continue! Elko CountyElko County,with a population of more than 46,000, is located in the northeastern corner of Nevada, this is a growing area with a high quality of life. It contains the cities of Carlin, Elko, Wells, and West Wendover as well as the unincorporated towns of Jackpot, Montello, and Mountain City. The area has a very strong sense of community and the citizens enjoy a satisfying four season climate, moderate cost of living, 120 acres of public parks, quality education and health care,and strong economic growth. The City of Elko Elko is located on the Humboldt River in the west central part of Elko County. Elko is the largest urban area and center of commerce and government in northeastern and north central Nevada. In the 2005 Elko was listed in the 100 Best Small Towns in America. Elko is approximately halfway between Reno/Sparks (295 miles to the west) and Salt Lake City (237 miles eastward). Boise, Idaho is 246 miles north on State Route 223. The city encompasses a 10.6-square-mile area. Its location off I-80 makes it a natural stopping point for motorists. Few places are as rich in the past and present of the great west as Elko! Half a dozen large mining operations produce millions of ounces of gold a year in the region, their impact has transformed the old cow town into a prosperous young city. In the decade from1980, when population stood at about 10,000 people to 1990, the population had almost doubled. In one hectic 12-month period beginning in July, 1986, Elko's population increased by 21 percent and in 2005 it in creased by 18%!!!!! These numbers are huge and paint a crystal clear picture of what a great investment land in this area has become. This growth is spread across the city, and across many square miles of country side to the south where Spring Creek was developed in the 1970's,but it is most evident on Elko's north end these past 5 years. MY SON & DAUGHTER AT ANGEL LAKE=========================================================================================================================================================================================================================== You are buying a: 1.01 Acre Lot Located in Elko County,NEVADA! DOWNTOWN ELKO!////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ELKO IS A REAL TOWN!======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================= "WILDHORSE ESTATES"YES...YES...THERE ARE REAL WILD HORSES UP THERE! Legal description: SECTION 18 TOWNSHIP 43 NORTH RANGE 55 EAST WILDHORSE ESTATES SUBDIVISION UNIT #1, LOT 6 OF BLOCK A. ADDRESS: CORNER OF ONYX AVE/PYRITE AVE APN: 085-001-006 LOT SIZE: 1.01 ACRES To give you an idea of how big 1.01 acres is: NEARLY 44,000 Square Feet! (1 FOOTBALL FIELD!) (1.01 acres = 43,995 sq. ft) TO ENVISION THE SIZE OF THIS PARCEL IMAGINE 1 FOOTBALL FIELD! LOT SIZE 146' x 300' COORDINATES:41.631666, -115.804366 BASIC LAND DESCRIPTION:This is a level property with scattered sage and wild grasses. 5 STAR FEEDBACKYOU ARE DEALING WITH AN HONEST SELLER! WITH 20 YEARSON EBAY I MAINTAIN PERFECT FEEDBACK! FEEDBACK FROM MY RECENT LAND SALES: The ONLY place to purchase land. Awesome property! A++ Seller!!! Buyer sakistoli 833) Nov-10- 17:00 120021400963 Great land seller. Very pleasant and quik to respond. Thank you so much! Buyer darap856( 3 ) Mar-08 06:07 120084042274 Jeff is a great honest seller on big $$$ land! Bid with confidence! Thanks! Buyer btoperator( 406) Mar-06- 11:10 120077495718 Great parcel of land, Smooth transaction & Great to deal with! Thanks again Jeff Buyer exhauststack( 42) Jan-20- 02:39 120045697322 Best land seller period!!! Honest!! Will buy from again. A+++++++++++++++++++ Buyer howkul( 684) Dec-27- 06:27 120065245579 DON'T BUY FROM ANYONE ELSE...these people will restore your faith in e-bay... Buyer 1948carhauler( 74) Dec-12- 16:31 120038164926 Professinal, 1st land transaction ever! Made very easy would recommend anytime. Buyer nancybermudez( 2 ) Feb-12- 21:58 120052193223 KNOWS HIS LAND! HELPFUL, HONEST,PERSONAL-WOULDN'T BUY LAND ON EBAY ANYWHERE ELSE Buyer tbrethauer( 5 ) Feb-18- 11:44 120083008213 An honest person and fantastic to work with. It has been a pleasant experience. Buyer albertinemarie( 14) Feb-18- 05:29 120068257145 There is no term to describe "Better than the best" !!! Outstanding transaction Buyer n15lvl( 9 ) Dec-12- 09:38 120044130650 Great Ebay Seller. One of the few I'll purchase land from. AAA+++ Buyer vetteman454( 60) Jan-24- 22:46 120045132383 It is a pleasure doing business with you! Punctual and honest! Thank You! Buyer dempsezz( 1 ) Nov-10- 11:28 120042944564 Quick response, very professional. Great service! Buyer 2307matt( 4 ) Oct-07- 15:31 120038782517 Perfect smooth transaction, very nice helpful people, highly recommend AAA++++++ Buyer takara350( 14) Oct-20- 19:33 120024888095 you won't find a better e-bayer. a pleasure to work with.AAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++ Buyer kodiakmak( 99) Oct-29- 20:16 120018694760 easy transaction, excellent communication, a true class act, great ebayer A+++++ Buyer lanzanth( 130) Sep-27- 09:42 120011722096 a very fun experience.. Buyer nuge666( 1 ) Sep-19- 17:24 120029630570 Outstanding post sale support and communication. Buyer bunphoem( 123) Sep-18- 12:36 120005732366 XLNT dirt, right in my N'hood! Finest RE purchase I've made yet on ebay! THX!!! Buyer 898sarahg( 115) Aug-09- 23:44 120004476618 Everything went just great. Buyer vnorvi( 75) Sep-13- 20:26 120008778068 Very easy land transaction! Great communication and honest! Thanks again! Buyer macswoman(11 ) Aug-05- 11:13 4466896087 Great seller! A++ Amazing land! Buyer ginabrollier( 28) Aug-02- 17:09 4471809578 " The Best " I have ever dealt with. He is a 5 star performer * * * * * Buyer manatwrk4 ( 2 ) Jun-12- 18:37 4460993373 Very Honest and great to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing land! Buyer bugman5543 ( 45) Apr-24- 21:27 4445625618 Outstanding, outstanding outstanding! You are an honor to do business with. A+++ Buyer capsalis471 ( 5 ) May-20- 14:56 4450222668 Great land & Great to do business with. Goes the extra mile willingly. Buyer thetacklefl ( 4 ) May-21- 14:09 4447671692 Great people to work with! Very helpful and friendly!! Thanks for everything:) Buyer colbysboardinmom ( 8 ) Jun-19- 08:24 4461226540 It was a pleasure, very helpful in land transaction, and patient, Thank you. Buyer lanalin54 ( 12 ) Jul-22- 16:00 4469957647SUPERB SELLER! VERY CONSCIENTIOUS AND THOROUGH. GOES THE EXTRA MILE! THANKS!Buyer: patr7788 ( 110) Jul-12- 14:54 NEVADA 4 ACRES CRESCENT VALLEY! RARE & AMAZING SETTING! YOU ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT ANY OF MY PAST LAND BUYERS TO ASK HOW THEY LIKE THEIR LAND! EBAY'S HIGHEST RATING! MAKE ME AN OFFER!!! I WILL ENTERTAIN ALL SERIOUS OFFERS. FROM TIME TO TIME I GET A RESPECTABLE/SERIOUS OFFER AND WILL END A LISTING EARLY...UNDER LEGAL/LEGITIMATE EBAY GUIDELINES. IF YOU WOULD LIKE AVOID A BIDDING WAR IN THE FINALE...SHOOT ME AN OFFER. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A QUALITY PROPERTY WITH A TAXABLE VALUE OF $8,500.00 AND TAXABLE VALUES ON RAW LAND ARE ALWAYS LOW, TYPICALLY 1/2 OF MARKET VALUE. EBAY IS WEIRD AND TOUGH TO PREDICT BUT THIS PROPERTY SHOULD EASILY SELL FOR 10-14K. ADDITIONALLY, THIS IS A 30 DAY LISTING. MOST BIDDING COMES IN THE FINALE! SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE WITH A LOWBALL OFFER. I WILL CONSIDER SERIOUS OFFERS. I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END THIS AUCTION EARLY! SKEPTICAL?I RUN 30 DAY LISTINGS TO GIVE POTENTIAL BUYERS TIME TO VISIT A PROPERTY BEFOREBUYING. PLEASE DO VISIT THIS PROPERTY AND WALK THE LOT. THIS PROPERTY WILL SELL ITSELF! ELKO AIRPORTYOU CAN FLY DIRECTLY INTO ELKO! YOU CAN ALSO FLY INTO SALT LAKE CITY OR RENO FROM MOST AREAS OF THE COUNTRY FOR $350 OR LESS. (ROUND TRIP!!!!) SO IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT BUYING HERE BUT WONDER IF THE PLACE IS AS WONDERFUL AS I CLAIM THEN DROP A LITTLE DOUGH AND TAKE A QUICK LOOK AT THE AREA. YOU CAN PULL THIS OFF IN ONE WEEKEND! THE PLACE WILL SELL ITSELF AND THE COST IS MINIMAL AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THE LOCATION & SETTING! ELKO HAS A GOLF COURSE DID I MENTION CASINOS? THIS AREA IS LOADED WITHBLM LAND! WHAT IS BLM LAND?BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT NEVADA HAS MORE BLM LAND THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE LOWER 48! THIS AREA IS 50% BLM LAND! A MAJOR BENEFIT TO LAND/HOME OWNERS. THIS LAND OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE. BLM LAND IS A HUGE PLUS/BENEFIT FOR PROPERTY OWNERS AS IT IS PUBLIC LAND AND WILL NEVER BE DEVELOPED BUT OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE! FOR MORE INFO ON BLM LAND DO A GOOGLE SEARCH AND TYPE IN BLM LAND. THEY HAVE A GREAT WEB SITE! CHECK IT OUT AS IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE! BLM LAND HAS HUGE HERDS OF WILD HORSES AND BURROS. THESE HORSES AND BURROS CAN BE ADOPTED! NEVADA HAS MORE OF THESE HERDS THAN ANY OTHER STATE! MORE INFO ABOUT THIS ON THEIR WEBSITE! YOU PREFER THIS TRAFFIC: OR THIS:///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NOTE: YOU OFTEN SEE OTHER SELLERS LOTS/PARCELS THAT END UP SELLING ON EBAY FOR A LOW LOW PRICE. THE REASON? YOU NEED A HELICOPTER TO GET THERE!NO HELICOPTER NEEDED TO REACHTHIS PROPERTY!!DOUBLE CHECK THE LOCATION/TERRAIN.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! PLAT MAPCORNER LOT! CORNER LOTS TYPICALLY SELL FOR 25-35% MORE THAN NON CORNER LOTS. THE REASON BEING YOU ONLY HAVE ADJOINING NEIGHBORS ON TWO OF YOUR 4 BORDERS. NO BUILDING RESTRICTIONS!YOU CAN BUILD ANY TYPE OF HOME ON THIS LAND, FROM STANDARDCONSTRUCTION TO MOBILE HOMES OR PREFABS. NO HOA'S! NO TIME LIMIT TO BUILD!THIS PROPERTY CAN SIT VACANT AS LONG AS YOU LIKE.============================== PRE-BUILT CABINS============================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================ WATERWATER IS BY WELL. SEWER IS BY SEPTIC. THESE ARE NOT IN PLACE AND WOULD NEEDTO BE INSTALLED BY THE PROPERTY OWNER AT THE TIME THEY BUILD. THERE ARE MANY SPRINGS, LAKES &RESERVOIRS IN THIS IMMEDIATE AREA.============================================= NOTE:THIS IS NOT SOME HELL HOLE OUT IN THE STICKS! THIS AREA IS PRISTINE AND LOADEDWITH BEAUTY & WILDLIFE. YOU ARE BUYING A PRIVATE SECLUDED RANCH! DON'T LET THIS LOT SLIP AWAY! THERE ARE MANY THINGS TO DO ANDSEE IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA! Elko Highlights Elko was named in the "Best Small Towns in America." The Elko area has amazing views of the Ruby Mountains. Blessed with clear blue skies and fresh mountain air the setting cannot be beat! Elko has all of the conveniences you need makes this the perfect place to call home, not to mention one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Elko has it’s own airport, shopping centers, nice clean parks, a museum, fast food restaurants, movie theater, library, several casinos, a Home Depot, Walmart and a modern state of the art hospital. The Ruby View Golf course is just minutes from downtown. Elko’s own ski resort, Snowbowl, is just 6 miles northwest from town. There are many activities you can do such as horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, bowling, golf, winter sports and much much more. Just a 20 minute drive will take you to the Ruby Mountains, with miles of hiking trails, back-country lakes, marshes & bird watching areas. Elko is perfect for hunting, fishing and boating. Elko also has the Ruby Mountains 40+ Hot Air Balloon Festival in October and in late January to early February the Cowboy Poetry gathering. THERE ARE DOZENS OF LAKES/RESERVOIRS WITHIN THIS COUNTY! SIX CAMPGROUNDS! TWO NATIONAL PARKS SKI RESORTS IF YOU WANT MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON ANYOF THE ABOVE ITEMS LET ME KNOW! NEVADAEscape from the stress of city life and enjoy the great outdoors! This portion of Nevada offers everything you're looking for in a Western getaway, yet has all the necessary amenities. This land offers breathtaking views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. This property in Nevada offers a life of crisp air and endless sky. Enjoy the unique pleasure of authentic Nevada/Western living and discover the gentle setting that awaits you. Whether it be for an investment or for retirement property, this acreage in Nevada offers countless opportunities. THERE ARE MANY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN ELKO COUNTY! HUNTERS REMEMBER: NEVADA LED THE STATES IN GROWTH FOR 21 YEARS STRAIGHT! THIS LAND WILL ONLY GO UP IN VALUE! NEVADA IS A PROVEN HOT SPOT! LAND IS SUCH A SAFE PURCHASE IN NEVADA! PLUS THE TAXES ARE SUPER LOW AT $84.00 A YEAR AND THE TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT!!!! SO EVEN IF YOU SIMPLY SIT ON THIS PARCEL FOR A LONG TIME THE TAXES ARE PAINLESS AND THE INVESTMENT IS SOLID! NEVADA IS KNOWN AS THE SILVER STATE BUT NEVADA LAND IS:GOLD! Nevada is one of the least populated states in the USA. APPROX 96% of the 2.3 million people in Nevada reside in the Las Vegas and Reno areas, Elko county has just 40,000 people! ESCAPE THE RAT RACE! A wonderful parcel likely to sell quickly so you must BID to secure this piece of Nevada today! NEVADA HAS NO STATE INCOME TAX!ONE OF ONLY 7 STATES WITH NO STATE INCOME TAX! Area Cities: Elko,Wells and Wendover are all larger full service cities with everything from Hospitals,movie theaters, schools, banks, casinos,hotels & airport! Both Elko & Wells boast all major services golfing, full service VEGAS style casino & an airport! 20 Shopping Centers/Mini Malls 12 Casinos 12 Supermarkets/Grocery Stores 52 Hotel/Motels 58 Restaurants/Fast Food 28 Real Estate Firms 19 Financial Institutions ELKO HAS A WALMART & HOME DEPOT! SURROUNDING AREA: THE BEAUTIFUL HUMBOLDT-TOIYABE NATIONAL FORESTHole in The Mountain Peak (11,306ft) Humboldt Peak (11,020ft)Greys Peak (10,674ft) I WELCOME ALL QUESTIONS! Parcel Specific Features Elevation: Approximately 6,518 feet Views: Views of the valley & mountains! Please ask all questions prior to bidding. Elko NV. Weather Mild Winters & Summers! 4 Great Seasons! JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecAvg. High48°47°58°63°68°80°91°88°78°65°48°44°Avg. Low28°29°29°36°38°49°50°48°38°34°25°24°Mean35°38°39°44°54°62°71°68°58°48°36°36°Avg. Precip.1.0 in0.8 in1.0 in0.8 in1.0 in0.9 in0.3 in0.7 in0.6 in0.7 in1.1 in1.1 in IMPORTANT!ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING!*****FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION CLOSING! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! PAYMENT OPTIONS: CREDIT CARDS WE CAN PROCESS MASTERCARD, VISA AND DISCOVER THROUGH OUR SECURED CREDIT CARD TERMINAL. CHECKS WE ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS AND CASHIER'S CHECKS. WIRE TRANSFERS WE ACCEPT WIRE TRANSFERS & DIRECT DEPOSITS. ABOUT THE SELLER:I WAS RAISED IN RENO, NEVADA. I CURRENTLY LIVE IN WISCONSIN WITH MY WIFE OF 29 YEARS AND TWO CHILDREN. I PLAN TO RETIRE TO NEVADA. MY MOM, BROTHER AND SISTER LIVE IN NEVADA AND I RETURN TO NEVADA 4-5 TIMES EACH YEAR. I NOT ONLY KNOW THE AREA IN WHICH I AM SELLING LAND BUT I ALSO PLAN TO BUILD A HOME AND RETIRE THERE. YOURS TRULY! RUNNING NEVADA'S:"SILVER STATE MARATHON" Frequently Asked Questions Question: If I am the winning bidder how do we close the deal and what are the costs and fees aside from my bid amount and the $295.00 processing fee? Answer: The process is simple and fast! If you are the winning bidder ebay will send us an email with your contact info. We will then send you an email asking you to confirm your name and address info. We need your full name and address exactly as you want it to appear on the documents. Full payment is due within 72 hours of the auction closing. The only costs to you are the final bid amount and the $295.00 processing fee. There are no other costs/fees. We draft all required documents and we cover the transfer tax, recording fee and all mailing costs. Once we have full payment we send the deed directly to the county recorder. Once the deed has been recorded it is then mailed to you. Typically it takes about 10 days from the time the deed leaves our office until it reaches the buyer. Question: I live out of state and I am wondering if the deal can be closed via mail? Or do I need to come to Nevada to sign papers? Answer: The entire process can be done by mail and there are no documents for you to sign. The entire process is handled from our end. Question: I live outside of the USA and I am not a US Citizen. Can I legally own land within the USA? Answer: Yes...non US citizens can legally own land within the USA. The entire process can be completed via mail. Question:What forms of payment do you accept? Answer: We accept Master Card, Visa& Discover as well as personal checks, automatic bank payments such as Billpay and direct deposits. We also accept money orders & wire transfers. If paying via personal check we do wait 3-4 days for the check to clear before mailing off the deed. Question: How is water obtained? Answer: Water in this area is obtained via well. Question: How deep to drill a well? Answer: Well depths vary but the typical depth is 80-150 feet. Question:Do I have rights water/well? Answer: Yes...this property comes with rights to drill a well and you can take up to 1,800 gallons of water a day. The average family of four uses 125-150 gallons a day. So 1,800 gallons is a great deal of water. Plenty for a family...garden...horses and even a pool. Question: What is the cost to drill a well? Answer: Well drilling runs around $35.00-$40.00 per foot. Question:Is there sewer service or do I need a septic tank? Answer: Sewage would be via septic tank. There is no city sewer system for the property. Question: Does this property have power? Answer: Yes! There is power at the front of the lot. Question: How is the property zoned? Answer: The property is zoned: M3 Open Land Use (this is the most wide open type zoning!) Current Land Use Code: 120 Single Family Homes are allowed...no apartment buildings or condos.. All types of homes are allowed, including, prefabs, earth ships, mobile homes and standard built homes are allowed. All types of animals are allowed. You can raise cattle...have horses...chickens....goats...basically any kind of animal other than exotics. Question: Is there a time limit to build? Answer: No...there is no time limit to build and no maintenance required. The property can sit vacant as long as you like. The land is sage and wild grasses. There is no upkeep required. Question: When are the property taxes due? Answer: Tax bills come out in July and are due in August. Question: Are there any back taxes or liens on the property? Answer: The taxes are paid current and there are no back taxes or liens on the property. The land is free & clear of any encumbrances. Question: What type of deed is used to transfer ownership? Answer: The deed will be a Warranty Deed, the strongest and safest of deeds. Question: Does the property have an access easement? Answer: Yes and this easement will be called out on the deed. Question:What improvements have been made to the property? Answer: None...this is a vacant property. It has not been fenced, there are no homes or buildings on the property and the land is free and clear of trash.This is a pristine piece of land. Question: Are there any HOA fees or any other costs aside from the yearly property taxes? Answer: There are no HOA fees or ANY other costs other than the yearly property taxes. Question: Can I have more than one name/person listed on the deed or a corporation or LLC? Answer: Yes...you can have as many people you like listed on the deed and we can also deed to your corp or LLC. Question: Will you consider trades for the item? For example gold/silver bars, stocks, an ATV or vehicle or something else of value? Answer: Yes...depending on the item we will consider a trade for a portion or possibly the entire purchase price. It will of course depend on what you have interest in trading. Please contact us prior to bidding if you have interest in some type of trade. We would positively want to have the trade details worked out before you place a bid on the property. Condition: SUPER NICE NEVADA PROPERTY! CASH SALE! NO RESERVE!, Property Address: CORNER OF ONYX AVE & PYRITE AVE, State/Province: Nevada, Seller State of Residence: Wisconsin, Zip/Postal Code: 89801, Zoning: Residential~Ranch~Horses allowed, City: ELKO, Acreage: 1.01, Type: Homesite, Lot

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