Rare 40 Acre Eureka County Nevada Ranch~Adjoins Blm Land Cash Sale! No Reserve! BLM LAND~EZ ACCESS~5 STAR VIEWS~CLOSE TO TOWN! NO RESER

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Seller: nevada-land-man (1,511) 100%, Location: NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA NEVADA, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 202781674981 40 ACRES IN CRESCENT VALLEY EUREKA COUNTY, NV QUICK NOTES ABOUT THIS PROPERTY 1. AREA: EUREKA COUNTY IS ONE OF THE SMALLER NEVADA COUNTIES. IT IS VERY RARE TO EVEN SEE LAND FOR SALE IN THIS COUNTY. I SELL A GREAT DEAL OF NEVADA LAND BUT ONLY SELL A HANDFUL OF LOTS IN THIS COUNTY...EACH YEAR!2. ACCESS: THIS PROPERTY IS ACCESSED VIA DIRT ROADS WITH EASEMENTS. 3. VALUE: THIS LOT HAS A TAXABLE VALUE OF $5,600.00. TAXABLE VALUES ON RAW LAND ARE VERY LOW! TYPICALLY ONLY 1/3 OF MARKET VALUE, SO THIS LOT IS EASILY WORTH $15,000-$18,000. 4. POWER: POWER IS OVER A MILE AWAY. THIS WOULD BE AN "OFF GRID" PROJECT. OFF GRID HOMES ARE POPULAR IN THE WEST. 5. PROXIMITY: JUST NORTHEAST OF THE TOWN OF CRESCENT VALLEY, NV. 6. LISTING FORMAT: THIS IS A CASH NO RESERVE AUCTION! ALL YOU PAY IS THE WINNING BID AMOUNT PLUS THE $295.00 DOCUMENT FEE!!! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! THERE IS NO FINANCING OPTION ON THIS LISTING. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY ONE OF THESE LOTS AND NEED FINANCING JUST DROP ME A NOTE AS I HAVE MANY MORE PROPERTIES. STOP-STOP-STOP!!!PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE LISTING PRIOR TO BIDDING! THE DETAILS OF THIS LISTING ARE A BIT LONG BUT VERY INFORMATIVE. I WOULD RATHER PROVIDE TOO MUCH INFORMATION THAN NOT ENOUGH. PLUS, YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN iPOD OR A PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES, YOU ARE BUYING A PIECE OF THE EARTH! PLEASE TAKE 4-5 MINUTES AND READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW. IT SHOULD ANSWER ALMOST ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE? WE ALSO HAVE A "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" AREA AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS LISTING. BUY FROM SOMEONE THAT HAS ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE LAND THEY ARE SELLING! BIDDING REQUIREMENTS! IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 FEEDBACKS YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME PRIOR TO BIDDING OR YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELED. I SIMPLY GET TOO MANY NEW EBAYERS THAT BID AND THEN DON'T PAY. ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE LISTING THE ANSWER TO MOST ANY QUESTION YOU MIGHT HAVE WILL BE FOUND BELOW. IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE ANSWER...PLEASE EMAIL ME! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS? AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. PLEASE REVIEW THIS LIST AS IT WILL ANSWER THE MAJORITY OF COMMON QUESTIONS. NO RESERVE AUCTION! THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION!!! THE HIGH BIDDER GETS THIS LOT FOR THE FINAL BID PRICE PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! THERE IS NO FINANCING OPTION! THE FULL AMOUNT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS! PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE PAGE. PAYMENT? FULL PAYMENT PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION END. PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE LISTING. NO RECORDING FEES! NO TRANSFER TAX! TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT!THERE ARE NO BACK TAXES AND WE HAVEALREADY PAID THE 2020 TAXES! NO HIDDEN FEES!ALL YOU PAY IS THE WINNING BID AMOUNTPLUS THE $295 PROCESSING FEE. PROPERTY INFORMATION PROPERTY SPECIFICSAPN: 005-740-15Legal Description: Lot 15 of Section 35, Township 30 North, Range 48 East, MDB&M Exact Acreage: 39.76Square Feet: 1,704,503 County: Eureka Approx. Elevation: 4,730ftAnnual Property Taxes: $40.42Annual HOA Fees: $0.00 PROPERTY COORDINATES NW Corner: 40.426233, -116.527877 NE Corner: 40.426233, -116.523248 SE Corner: 40.422549, -116.523248 SW Corner: 40.422549, -116.527877 OUTSIDE LOT!!!OUTSIDE & CORNER LOTS ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST AND TYPICALLY SELL FOR 25-35% MORE THAN INTERIOR LOTS. BEING AN OUTSIDE LOT MEANS YOUR PROPERTY ADJOINS 640 ACRES OF BLM LAND OFF IT'S SOUTHERN BORDER! THIS PROVIDES YOU WITH 640 ACRES OF BLM LAND, RIGHT OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR, THAT WILL NEVER...EVER BE DEVELOPED! THIS IS A HUGE HUGE PLUS IN VALUE/WORTH! PLAT MAP HIGH BIDDER WINS!THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION!!! THE HIGH BIDDER GETS THIS LOT FOR THE FINAL BID PRICE PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! THERE IS NO FINANCE OPTION! THE FULL AMOUNT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS! PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE PAGE. I SELL A GREAT DEAL OF NEVADA LAND AND THIS IS BY FARONE OF THE NICEST VALLEYS! TAXABLE/ASSESSED VALUE?THIS LOT HAS A TAXABLE VALUE OF $5,600.00. TAXABLE VALUES ON RAW LAND ARE VERY LOW! TYPICALLY ONLY 1/3 OF MARKET VALUE. THIS PROPERTY IS EASILY WORTH 15-18K BUT I WILL LET THE BIDDERS DECIDE THE VALUE...VIA THEIR BIDS. HOW HIGH SHOULD YOU BID?OF COURSE THIS IS YOUR CALL BUT I HAVE JUST A FEW LOTS REMAINING IN THIS SECTION AND THE OTHER LOTS HAVE SOLD FOR 8-12K. THE LAST ONE I SOLD WENT FOR 8.2K. (SEE LINK BELOW) EBAY IS WEIRD AND TOUGH TO PREDICT BUT MOST OF THE BIDDING COMES IN THE FINALE. OFTEN THE FINAL HOURS...MINS AND SECONDS. MY SUGGESTION? BID HIGH AND OFTEN! :) RARE 40 ACRE NEVADA RANCH! 5 STAR VIEWS~SURVEYED~EASEMENTS! CASH SALE~NO RESERVE TOPO MAPSIN THE HEART OF "CRESCENT VALLEY" AND JUST OUTSIDE OF TOWN! ZOOMED OUT:SURROUNDED BY MOUNTAINS! BASIC LAND DESCRIPTIONThis property consists of level land with incredible views in all directions! The property is very picturesque and ideal for building a home. AMAZING VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS! A TRUE MINI RANCH! 39.12 ACRESTo give you an idea of how big 39.07 acres is... 39 FOOTBALL FIELDS! NEARLY 2 MILLIONSQUARE FEET!LOT SIZE: 1,704,067 SQUARE FEET! ASK ALL QUESTIONSBEFORE BIDDING! Eureka County Eureka County was established in 1873 and formed from Lander County after silver was discovered more than 100 miles east of Austin. The residents of the new mining camp complained that Austin was too far to go for county business and a new county was created. It was named for the ancient Greek term, Eureka, meaning, "I have found it." This term was used earlier in California and other locations. Eureka has always been the county seat.The area has a very strong sense of community and the citizens enjoy a satisfying four season climate, moderate cost of living, quality education and health care, and strong economic growth. The City of Eureka Eureka is the county seat of Eureka County, Nevada. Eureka is by far the largest community in Eureka County. Attractions include the Eureka Opera House built in 1880 and restored in 1993, Raine's Market and Wildlife Museum,built 1887, the Jackson House Hotel, built 1877, and the Eureka Sentinel Museum, housed in the 1879 Eureka Sentinel Newspaper Building. DOWNTOWN EUREKA!===================================================== ======================= ======================= TOPO MAPS ZOOMED IN:SURROUNDED BY LAKES, MOUNTAINS AND ENDLESS VIEWS! NEVADANEVADA! For 21 straight years, Nevada was the fastest growing state in the USA. 21 YEARS STRAIGHT! THE VALUE OF THIS LAND WILL ONLY GO UP!--------------- NevadaNevada is growing in leaps and bounds! That it's growing at a pace that far exceeds the growth of the rest of the country is not new news! Nevada was the fastest growing state for 21 years in a row! Census figures have been released. They show this kind of growth in the populations of individual states. 1. 66.3 % Nevada 2. 40.0 % Arizona 3. 30.6 % Colorado 4. 29.6 % Utah 5. 28.5 % Idaho Five Mountain West states are at the top of the growth rate list. Nevada has grown at more than twice the rate of number three. 21 years in a row pretty much answers the question on whether or not the growth will continue! PREFAB CABIN IDEAS.THERE ARE MANY COOL PREFAB CABINS ON THE MARKET THESE DAYS. THE CABINSSHOWN BELOW ARE JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OFDIFFERENT CABINS ON THE MARKET. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================== EBAY'S HIGHEST RATING! 5 STAR FEEDBACKREAD MY FEEDBACK AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE!I HAVE BEEN AN EBAY MEMBER FOR 19 YEARS AND RETAIN 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK!I WILL GLADLY PROVIDE PERSONAL REFERENCES UPON REQUEST! EASY ACCESS!THIS PARCEL PROVIDES MOUNTAIN VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS WITHOUT MOUNTAIN DRIVING HASSLES OR TERRAIN ISSUES. SECLUDED BUT NOT REMOTE!THIS PROPERTY SITS JUST NE OF TOWN. YOU PREFER THIS TRAFFIC: OR THIS: DID I MENTION CASINOS? ADJOINS 640 ACRESOF BLM LAND! OUTSIDE LOT!!!OUTSIDE & CORNER LOTS ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST AND TYPICALLY SELL FOR 25-35% MORE THAN INTERIOR LOTS. BEING AN OUTSIDE LOT MEANS YOUR PROPERTY ADJOINS 640 ACRES OF BLM LAND OFF IT'S EASTERN BORDER! THIS PROVIDES YOU WITH 640 ACRES OF BLM LAND, RIGHT OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR, THAT WILL NEVER...EVER BE DEVELOPED! THIS IS A HUGE HUGE PLUS IN VALUE/WORTH! WHAT IS BLM LAND? PLEASE READ BELOW. BLM LAND BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT NEVADA HAS MORE BLM LAND THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE LOWER 48! THIS AREA IS LOADED WITH BLM LAND! BLM LAND IS A HUGE PLUS/BENEFIT FOR PROPERTY OWNERS AS IT IS PUBLIC LAND AND WILL NEVER BE DEVELOPED BUT OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE! FOR MORE INFO ON BLM LAND DO A GOOGLE SEARCH AND TYPE IN BLM LAND. THEY HAVE A GREAT WEB SITE! CHECK IT OUT AS IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE! BLM LAND HAS HUGE HERDS OF WILD HORSES AND BURROS. THESE HORSES AND BURROS CAN BE ADOPTED! NEVADA HAS MORE OF THESE HERDS THAN ANY OTHER STATE! MORE INFO ABOUT THIS ON THEIR WEBSITE! YOU PREFER THIS: OR THIS: NO TIME LIMIT TO BUILD!THE LOT CAN SIT VACANT FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE! SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY Please ask all questionsprior to bidding. NO HIDDEN FEES! IMPORTANT!ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING!*****FULL PAYMENT & A $295.00 PROCESSING FEEREQUIRED WITHIN 72 HOURS OFTHE AUCTION CLOSING! SPECTACULAR SETTING! MOUNTAIN VIEWS! CLOSE TO TOWN! IMPORTANT!MOST SELLERS MENTION THEY USE A "SPECIAL" WARRANTY DEED. THE ONLY THING "SPECIAL" ABOUT THIS TYPE OF DEED IS IT PROTECTS THE SELLER! I USE A WARRANTY DEED!A deed containing a guarantee that the person transferring the property actually owns the title and that it is not encumbered in any way other than what is stated on the particular deed. Warranty deeds are the strongest deeds and provide buyers the maximum protection over any other deed. PAYMENT OPTIONS? CREDIT CARDS WE CAN ALSO PROCESS MASTERCARD, VISA AND DISCOVERTHROUGH OUR SECURED CREDIT CARD TERMINAL! CHECKSWE ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS AND CASHIER'S CHECKS. WIRE TRANSFERS WE ACCEPT WIRE TRANSFERS & DIRECT DEPOSITS. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question: If I decide to purchase the property how does it work?Answer: The process is simple! If you are the winning bidder I will send you an email after the auction. I will provide the total amount due. The total amount due will be the winning bid amount and the $295.00 processing fee. There are no other costs. You then provide the name/names you would like listed on the deed and the address you want listed on the deed. Once I have the full payment I mail the deed to the county recorder's office within 24 hours. Once the deed has been recorded it is mailed directly to you. Typically it takes approximately 10 days from the time I mail the deed to the county until it reaches you. Question:Can I have more than one name/person listed on the deed or can I have the land recorded under my LLC, corporation or into a TrustAnswer: Yes...you can have as many people you like listed on the deed or you can take title under your LLC, corp or even a Trust. Question: Who pays the recording fees...transfer tax...mailing costs?Answer: We cover all costs. You have no other costs other than the winning bid amount and the $295 processing fee. There are no hidden costs or any other fees. Question: What forms of payment do you accept for the property? Answer: We accept Master Card, Visa & Discover as well as personal checks, automatic bank payments such as Billpay and direct deposits. We also accept money orders & wire transfers. I will also accept gold/silver. If interested in gold/silver as a payment please contact me for more details. Question: How is water obtained? Answer: Water in this area is obtained via well. Question: How deep to drill a well?Answer: Well depths vary but the typical depth is 80-150 feet. Question: Do I have rights water/well?Answer: Yes...this property comes with rights to drill a well and you can take up to 1,800 gallons of water a day. The average family of four uses 125-150 gallons a day. So 1,800 gallons is a great deal of water. Plenty for a family...garden...horses and even a pool. Question: What is the cost to drill a well?Answer: Well drilling runs approx $30.00-$40.00 per foot. Question: Is there sewer service or do I need a septic tank?Answer: Sewage would be via septic tank. There is no city sewer system for the property. Septic tanks are easy to have installed and last for decades. Question: How is the property zoned?Answer: The property is zoned: M3 Open Land Use (this is the most wide open type zoning!) Current Land Use Code: 120 Single Family Homes are allowed...no apartment buildings or condos... All types of homes are allowed, including, prefabs, earth ships, mobile homes and standard built homes are allowed. All types of animals are allowed. You can raise cattle...have horses...chickens....goats...basically any kind of animal other than exotics. Question: Is there a time limit to build?Answer: No...there is no time limit to build and no maintenance required. The property can sit vacant as long as you like. The land is sage and wild grasses. There is no upkeep required. Question: When are the property taxes due?Answer: Tax bills come out in July and are due in August. Question: Are there any back taxes or liens on the property?Answer: The taxes are paid current and there are no back taxes or liens on the property. The land is free & clear of any encumbrances. Question: What type of deed is used to transfer the property?Answer: The deed will be a Warranty Deed, the strongest and safest of deeds. Question: Does the property have an access easement?Answer: Yes! This property has a legal and recorded access easement. Question: Does the property have power?Answer: No! There is no power to this property! Question: What improvements have been made to the property?Answer: None...this is a vacant property. It has not been fenced, there are no homes or buildings on the property and the land is free and clear of trash. This is a pristine piece of land. Question: Are there any HOA fees or any other costs aside from the yearly property taxes?Answer: There are no HOA fees or any other costs aside from the property taxes. ABOUT THE SELLER I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN RENO, NEVADA. I CURRENTLY LIVE IN WISCONSIN WITH MY WIFE OF 29 YEARS AND TWO CHILDREN. MY MOM, BROTHER AND SISTER LIVE IN NEVADA AND I RETURN TO NEVADA 4-5 TIMES EACH YEAR. I NOT ONLY KNOW THE AREA IN WHICH I AM SELLING LAND BUT I ALSO PLAN TO BUILD A HOME AND RETIRE TO NEVADA. Condition: CASH AUCTION! NO RESERVE!, Property Address: EUREKA COUNTY, State/Province: Nevada, Seller State of Residence: Wisconsin, Zip/Postal Code: 89821, Zoning: Mixed:Residential and Ranch zoning, City: EUREKA COUNTY, Acreage: 39.13, Type: Mixed:Residential and Ranch zoning

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