Rare 20 Acre Ranch N California Cash Sale! Lassen County Cash Sale! No Reserve! SURROUNDED BY NATIONAL FORESTS, LAKES, RIVERS & MORE!

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Seller: nevada-land-man (1,497) 100%, Location: Termo, California, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 362684213248 STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE BIDDING!THESE LISTINGS COST ME $92.00 AND EBAY FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. SO PLEASE....ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BUYING...NOT AFTER! IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT ABOUT ANYTHING...EMAIL ME...BEFORE YOU BUY! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS? AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. PLEASE REVIEW THIS LIST AS IT WILL ANSWER THE MAJORITY OF COMMON QUESTIONS. BIDDER REQUIREMENTS! IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 FEEDBACKS YOU MUST EMAIL ME PRIOR TO BIDDING OR YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELED! NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! THE HIGH BIDDER GETS THIS LOT FOR THE FINAL BID PRICE PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! ALL YOU PAY IS YOUR FINAL BID AMOUNT AND THE $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE IS NO FINANCE OPTION! THE FULL AMOUNT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS! PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE PAGE. PAYMENT? FULL PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE AUCTION END. I OFFER A VARIETY OF PAYMENT OPTIONS. SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE LISTING FOR FULL DETAILS. THERE IS NO FINANCING OPTIONS ON THIS PROPERTY! THIS IS A CASH SALE ONLY. NO RECORDING FEES! NO TRANSFER TAX! TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT!TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT AND. THERE ARE NO BACK TAXES ON THIS RANCH! ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BUYING! NO HIDDEN FEES! NO HIDDEN FEES AND NO FINE PRINT. ALL YOU PAY IS THE AMOUNT OFYOUR WINNING BID PLUS OUR $295 PROCESSING FEE. NO RECORDING FEES! NO TRANSFER TAX! TAXES ARE PAID CURRENTTAXES ARE JUST $162.32 PER YEAR! IMPORTANT!FULL PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION END. PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED BELOW! LISTING PHOTOS. I HAVE OWNED NEARLY ONE HUNDRED 20 ACRE LOTS IN THIS VALLEY OVER THE YEARS. I RECENTLY PURCHASED THIS PROPERTY AND DO NOT HAVE ACTUAL PHOTOS TAKEN FROM THIS EXACT LOT. THE PHOTOS IN THIS LISTING ARE STOCK PHOTOS I HAVE TAKEN OVER THE YEARS IN THIS EXACT SAME VALLEY/AREA. TO CLARIFY, THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL PHOTOS OF THIS EXACT LOT BUT THEY DEPICT THE AREA WELL. IN THE MAJORITY OF MY LISTINGS I USE ACTUAL PICS BUT FROM TIME TO TIME WE WILL USE STOCK PHOTOS. JUST BEING HONEST ON THE MATTER. AMAZING PROPERTY!!! COUNTY ROAD FRONTAGE!THIS LOT HAS 330 FEET OF COUNTY ROAD FRONTAGE ON EAGLE LANE. ACCESS??? THIS PROPERTY HAS LEGAL ACCESS AND A RECORDED ACCESS EASEMENT. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= ============================================================================= THIS IS AN AMAZING 20 ACRE RANCH!IN HEART OF MADELINE VALLEY WITH AMAZING VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS! POWER? THERE IS NO POWER TO THIS PROPERTY. THIS WOULD BE AN OFF GRID PROPERTY. THAT BEING SAID OFF GRID LIVING IS VERY VERY POPULAR AND COMMON IN ALL OF THE WESTERN STATES. ======================================================================================================= WIDE OPEN! ALL OF THE LOTS IN THIS SUBDIVISION ARE 20 ACRES IN SIZE. NO HOMES CRAMMED SIDE BY SIDE! MINERAL RIGHTS! I DO CONVEY MY MINERAL RIGHTS TO THIS PROPERTY! THE AREATHIS IS A GREAT AREA WHICH SITS JUST NORTH OF EAGLE LAKE, CALIFORNIA'S 2ND LARGEST LAKE. THIS SUBDIVISION CONSISTS OF ALL 20 ACRE LOTS! THERE ARE REAL HOMES, REAL ROADS, POWER AND AMAZING VIEWS. LOCATED LESS THAN AN HOUR NORTH OF SUSANVILLE. SUSANVILLE IS A REAL TOWN WITH HOTELS, BANKS, HOSPITAL, RESTAURANTS, MALLS, WALMART AND MUCH MORE. 20 ACRE RANCH 330 FEET OF COUNTY ROAD FRONTAGE! PLAT MAP ROADS THE ROADS THROUGHOUT THE SUBDIVISION ARE DIRT ROADS. ======================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= ======================================================================= WARNING:THE DETAILS OF THIS LISTING ARE A LITTLE LONG BUT VERY INFORMATIVE. I WOULD RATHER PROVIDE TOO MUCH INFORMATION THAN NOT ENOUGH. PLUS, YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN iPOD OR A PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES, YOU ARE BUYING A PIECE OF THE EARTH! THIS LISTING IS LOADED WITH MAPS AND PHOTOS. IF THEY DO NOT LOAD IN 30 SECONDS PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE!(IF YOU HAVE DIAL UP REFRESH IN 3 DAYS.) ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! FULL PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 72-HOURS AFTER AUCTION CLOSE. YOU ARE BUYING A: 20 ACRE RANCHLocated in Lassen County California. This 20 acre ranch is surrounded by the Lassen National Forest to the west and the Modoc National Forest to the north. The setting provides amazing views in all directions. Eagle Lake, California's 2nd largest lake, rests just minutes to the south. The ranch is level and sits just off of a maintained county road. This setting provides amazing mountain views without mountain driving. There are no building restrictions, no liens or encumbrances on the property. The surrounding area offers just about every type of outdoor recreation and natural beauty imaginable. LOCATIONThe property is approx 120 miles north of Reno and sits super close to the Nevada/California border! WEST OF HWY 395 ====================== NOTE:WITH THE STOCK MARKET BOUNCING ALL OVER, MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE TURNING TO THE SECURITY OF BUYING LAND. LAND HAS BEEN A PROVEN & SAFE INVESTMENT FOR CENTURIES! COMPARE PRICES!IF YOU CHECK WITH ANY LASSEN COUNTY REALTOR OR DO SOME GOOGLE SEARCHES YOU WILL FIND OTHER 20 ACRE PARCELS IN THIS SUBDIVISION ARE PRICED FROM 15-20K. CALIFORNIAUNDOUBTEDLY ONE OF THE PREMIER AREAS IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. VIEWS? THIS 20 ACRE RANCH HAS GREAT VIEWS OF THE ENTIRE VALLEY. ACCESS? THE ROADS THROUGHOUT THE SUBDIVISION ARE DIRT ROADS. THE BEAUTY OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! NORTHERN CALIFORNIAWith its many incredible national parks, mountains and endless forest, Northern California has some of the most unusual and breathtaking geography in the country, outstanding outdoor recreation, including hiking, canyoneering, and mountain biking, and numerous nice places to camp, The national parks are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day year round, with unique opportunities for outdoor adventure that change with the seasons. The geographic splendor of California was formed over millions of years. LASSEN COUNTYLassen County is abundantly rich in natural settings with year-round recreational activities. Lassen County enjoys a clean natural environment with excellent air quality. Its rural communities are ideal for raising families with very little crime, NO traffic, and very low cost of living. LASSEN COUNTY MAP VISITING LASSEN COUNTYLassen County is an outdoor paradise, where the beautiful Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains meet the desert of the Great Basin. Because of the unique terrain, there’s something here for everyone. The climate is nearly ideal: generally dry, warm days and cool nights, with an average summer high of 89 degrees and daytime temperatures in the 40’s during the winter months. You can water ski or fish for the world-renowned trout at Eagle Lake, surrounded by mountains covered with standing pines. The beautiful high desert areas of the county attract off-road vehicles and horseback riders, including many who come to view the annual BLM roundup and adoption of wild mustangs at Twin Peaks. The winter season provides access to outstanding snowmobile trails, cross-country and downhill skiing areas, and snowshoe hikes in Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen National Forest. Final plans are under review for a new four-seasons resort called Dyer Mountain near the town of Westwood, including development of California’s newest ski resort. -=============================================================== LASSEN COUNTY HISTORY In the 1840's, John C. Fremont and his army followed the trails left behind by fur trappers exploring the area in the 1830's to prepare for the Bear Flag revolt, which led to the creation of California. With the Gold Rush of 1849 and emigrants following established trail routes through the area, it was not until 1854 that the area began to take shape, as a trading post was established on the west end of Honey Lake Valley.A small gold rush just south of the trading post two years later caused the permanent settlement of Honey Lake Valley and Lassen County. In 1863, due to a growing dispute over land boundaries and taxes, the Sagebrush War ensued. After a victorious end for the residents in the area, Lassen County was created. By 1880, many settlements had sprung up in the area, and the railroad industry had begun to develop interests in the area. The Nevada-California-Oregon Railway (NCO), which operated from 1880 to 1927, was the longest narrow gauge line in the nation in this century, traversing the eastern side of the County and assisted in the development of the high desert region of eastern Lassen. The Fernley & Lassen Railroad, built in 1913, tapped into western Lassen's timber resources. Also shaping the area at that time was the lumber industry, particularly the Red River Lumber Company of Westwood, the world's largest electrical sawmill of that time, and two other large mills which developed in the Susanville area. SPECTACULAR SETTING! MOUNTAIN VIEWS! THIS IS AN IDEAL SETTING FOR A SMALL CABIN OR MOTORHOME. PREFAB CABINS ========================= =========================== ============================ =================================================== NO HIDDEN FEES! ALL YOU PAY IS YOUR WINNING BID AMOUNT PLUS OUR $295 PROCESSING FEE.NO GAMES AND NO SMALL PRINT! I KEEP IT SIMPLE! PLAY IT SAFE!ONLY PURCHASE FROM LONG TIME EBAY MEMBERS! CALIFORNIA PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! THIS IS A SAFE SALE! PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! IMPORTANT!MOST SELLERS MENTION THEY USE A "SPECIAL" WARRANTY DEED. THE ONLY THING "SPECIAL" ABOUT THIS TYPE OF DEED IS IT PROTECTS THE SELLER! SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED: A deed in which the grantor warrants, or guarantees, the title only against defects arising during the period of his or her tenure and ownership of the property and not against defects existing before that time, generally using the language, "by, through or under the grantor but not otherwise", this type of deed offers very limited protection to the buyer! I USE A WARRANTY DEED!(ALSO KNOWN AS A GRANT DEED.) WARRANTY DEED: A deed containing a guarantee that the person transferring the property actually owns the title and that it is not encumbered in any way other than what is stated on the particular deed. A Warranty Deed is the strongest and safest deed available to a buyer! DON'T ACCEPT "SPECIAL" DEEDS! THE VALUE OF THIS LAND WILL ONLY GO UP! PARCEL NUMBER: 043-180-13-11 LEGAL DESCRIPTION MOON VALLEY RANCHES, UNIT 3, LOT 281 LOCATED WITHIN SECTION 28, TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, RANGE 12 EAST. SIZE:20.10 ACRES TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA HOW LARGE THIS LOT IS PICTURE 20 FOOTBALL FIELDS! NEARLY 1,000,000 SQUARE FEET (897,336 SQ FEET) YEARLY TAXES: $162.32(TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT!) Coordinates: 40.867154, -120.623233 Elevation5,321 ft. SETTINGTHIS 20 ACRE RANCH RESTS IN THE HEART OF "MADELINE VALLEY". TRULY AN AMAZING SETTING! TOPO MAPS DIRECTLY WEST OF HWY 395. THIS 20 ACRE RANCH IS SURROUNDED BY NATIONAL PARKS, LAKES AND MOUNTAINS! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZOOMED OUT:LOCATED IN THE HEART OF MADELINE VALLEY! THIS AREA IS LOADED WITH BLM LAND! WHAT IS BLM LAND?BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT BLM LAND IS A HUGE PLUS/BENEFIT FOR PROPERTY OWNERS AS IT IS PUBLIC LAND AND WILL NEVER BE DEVELOPED BUT OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE! FOR MORE INFO ON BLM LAND DO A GOOGLE SEARCH AND TYPE IN BLM LAND. THEY HAVE A GREAT WEB SITE! CHECK IT OUT AS IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE! THIS IS PRICED TO SELL FAST! NOTE: YOU OFTEN SEE PARCELS THAT END UP SELLING ON EBAY FOR A LOW LOW PRICE. THE REASON? YOU NEED A HELICOPTER TO GET THERE! THERE ARE MANY SPRINGS, LAKES AND RESERVOIRS IN THIS IMMEDIATE AREA. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// JUST NORTH OF EAGLE LAKE!EAGLE LAKE IS THE SECOND LARGEST LAKE IN CALIFORNIA! ======================================================== PLEASE NOTE:THIS IS NOT SOME HELL HOLE OUT IN THE STICKS! THIS AREA IS PRISTINE AND LOADED WITH BEAUTY & WILDLIFE. YOU ARE BUYING A PRIVATE SECLUDED PARCEL WITH EASY ACCESS! THERE ARE MANY THINGS TO DO AND SEE IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA! NORTHERN CALIFORNIAEscape from the stress of city life and enjoy the great outdoors! This portion of California offers everything you're looking for in a Western getaway. This land offers breathtaking views in every direction. Northern California offers a life of crisp air and endless sky. Enjoy the unique pleasure of authentic Western living and discover the gentle setting that awaits you. Whether it be for an investment or for retirement property, this acreage offers countless opportunities. THERE ARE MANY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN THIS AREA! ESCAPE THE RAT RACE! A wonderful parcel likely to sell quickly so you must BID to secure this ranch today! Parcel Specific Features Elevation: Approximately 5,305 feet Access: Just north of a paved county road. Vegetation: Grasses, sage & wild flowers. Views: Views of the valley, forest & mountains! Topography: Level land. Investment: Land is an excellent investment. Northern California land values have absolutely exploded the past few years and do not seem to be slowing down. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. IMPORTANT!FULL PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION CLOSE! THANKS FOR LOOKING AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL PLEASE DROP ME AN EMAIL! ///////////////// IMPORTANT! ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! ***** ABOUT THE SELLER:I WAS RAISED IN RENO, NEVADA. I CURRENTLY LIVE IN WISCONSIN WITH MY WIFE OF 30 YEARS AND TWO CHILDREN. I PLAN TO RETIRE AND BUILD A HOME ON ONE OF MY PARCELS IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. YOURS TRULY! RUNNING NEVADA'S:"SILVER STATE MARATHON" IMPORTANT!ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING!*****FULL PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE AUCTION CLOSING! PAYMENT OPTIONS: CREDIT & DEBIT CARDSWE HAVE A SECURED/ENCRYPTED CREDIT CARD TERMINAL ANDCAN PROCESS MASTER CARD, VISA AND DISCOVER. WIRE TRANSFER:WE OFFER WIRE TRANSFERS. WIRE TRANSFERS ARE SIMPLE AND EASY. WE PROVIDE YOU WITH OUR BANK INFO AND YOUR BANK CAN WIRE THE FUNDS DIRECTLY TO OUR ACCOUNT. Condition: CASH SALE! NO RESERVE!, Property Address: LASSEN COUNTY, CA, State/Province: California, Seller State of Residence: Wisconsin, Zip/Postal Code: 96132, Zoning: Mixed:Residential & Ranch Land, City: Lassen County, Acreage: 20.1, Type: Mixed: residential & Ranch Land

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