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Rare 1895 Edison Phonograph Light Bulb / Radio etc illustrated Experiment book

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Seller: oldbottles (4,051) 100% Top-Rated Plus, Location: Parker, Colorado, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 302461550455 Experimental Science Elementary Practical and Experimental Physics by GEORGE M. HOPKINS 1895 Munn & Co.,N.Y. Early scientific publication well illustrated with topics that include: electric lighting, induction by electric currents, telephone, microphone, lantern projection, gyroscopes, molecular actions, sound, gases, liquids, the scientific top, polarized light, microscopy, telescope, photography, magnetic's, frictional electricity, dynamic electricity, more. Book in very good condition for age, interior still clean, very presentable for it's 120+ years of age. Buyer to pay $4 shipping, no reserve! CHAPTER I PROPERTIES OF BODIES FACES Extension and Impenetrability - Cotton and Alcohol Experiments - Solution of Sugar in Water - Reduction of Volume of Alcohol and Water Mixture - Mixture of Sulphuric Acid and Water - Divisibility - Example of Extreme Divisibility Porosity Physical and Sensible Pores - Porosity of Wood - Mercurial Shower - Porosity in Nature Porosity in the Arts - Compressibility - Pneumatic Syringe - Elasticity - Gases and Liquids Perfectly Elastic - Elasticity of Flexure - Elasticity of Torsion - Experiment showing the Elasticity of Glass CHAPTER II REST MOTION AND FORCE When a Body is at Rest - All Bodies continually changing Position - Absolute Rest Possible - Inertia - Force Matter Incapable of changing from Rest to Motion or the Reverse - Equalizing Effect of Fly Wheels - Persistent Rotation due to Inertia - Action of Projectiles Hammers - Drop Presses and the Hydraulic Ram due to Inertia - Inertia Locomotive - Friction due to Roughnesses - The Effect of a Lubricant - Silding Friction Rolling Friction - Roller and Ball Bearings - Centrifugal Force - Centrifugal Railway - Normal Path of a Moving Body - a Straight Line Spiral Railway - Effect of Centrifugal Force on Air - Choral Top - Effect of Centrifugal Force on Liquids - The Glass Top - Effect of Centrifugal Force on Liquids of Different Densities contained in the Same Vessel A Scientific Top - Persistence in maintaining Plane of Rotation - Gyroscopic Action - Examples of Centrifugal Action - Oblate Spheroid - Centrifugal Hero's Fountain CHAPTER III THE GYROSCOPE Toy Gyroscope— A Large Gyroscope — Gyroscope with Friction Driving Gear— Pneumatic Gyroscopes — Electrical Gyroscope— Steam Gyro- scope— Gyroscopes for showing the Rotation of the Earth— Equa- torially Mounted Electrical Indicator — Bursting of Fly Wheels by Gyroscopic Action — Flexible Fly Wheel 19 to 37 Chapter IV. — Falling Bodies — Inclined Plane — The Pendulum. In a Vacuum All Bodies fall with Equal Rapidity— Effect of Resistance on Falling Bodies— Water Hammer— Swiftest Descent Apparatus — Inclidied Plane— Concave Circular Curve — Cycloidal Curve- Isochronal Curve — Method of describing the Cycloid — Dropped and Projected Balls — Gun for dropping and projecting Balls — Oscil- lating and Conical Pendulums — Variations in Length of Seconds Pendulum at Different Places — Galileo's Discovery — Isochronism of the Pendulum— Length of Pendulum — Foucault's Experiment showing the Rotation of the Earth — Pendulum with Audible Beats — Kater's Reversible Pendulum — Measurement of Time by the Pendulum — Huyghens' Invention — Torsion Pendulum — Hookers Invention— The Balance— F!3ring Pendulum 38 to 55 Chapter V, — Molecular Actions. Cohesionr-A Demonstration of Cohesion — Strain — Prince Rupert^s Drops— Bologna Flask — ^The Breaking of Lamp Chimneys and Water Gauge Tubes — Adhesion — Surface Tension — Surface Tension exhibited in Water Drops — Oil Globule suspended in Equi- librium — Capillarity — Capillaiy Elevation and Depression — Designs on Wire Cloth — Absorption of Gases — Absorption of Carbonic Acid by Charcoal — Preparation of Carbonic Acid Gas — Diffusion of Gases — Endosmose — Exosmose — Simple Way of showing the Diffusion of Gases — Pressure by Endosmose — Vacuum by Exos- mose — The Law governing the Diffusion of Gases — Endos- mometer Chapter VI. — Liquids — Pressure exerted BY Liquids. Pascal's Law of the Pressures of Liquids — Demonstration of Pascal's Law — Pascal's Experiment — Equilibrium in Communicating Ves- sels — Principle of the Hydraulic Press— Hypothetical Hydraulic Press — Simple Hydraulic Press — Lateral Pressure — Rectilinear and Rotary Motion produced by Reaction — Hydraulic Ram — Super- position of Liquids of Different Densities — ^Vial of Four Liquids — Effect of Liquids of Different Densities — Cartesian Diver 72 to 84 Chapter VIL— Gases. Gases are Elastic Fluids — Expansion of Gases — The Air in a State of Equilibrium — Expansibility of Air — Dilatation of Balloon in a Vacuum — Weighing of Gases — ^Wheel operated by Gas — Deter- mination of the Weight of Air — Hand Glass — Effects of Air Pressure — Crushing Force of the Atmosphere — The Weight lifted by the Air Pressure — The Barometer — Mercurial Column supported by Atmospheric Pressure — Torricelli*s Experiment — Pascal's Experi- ment—Simple Air Pump — Testing the Air Pump — Water boiling in Vacuo — Rarefied Air a Poor Conductor of Sound — Bell in Vacuo — Destruction of Life by RemoTal of Air — Desiccation by Removal of Air — The Ball Experiment — Card Experiment — Atomizing Petroleum Burner— Aspirators for Laboratory Use— Bunsen Filter Pump— Elongation of Discharge Pipe of Bunsen Filter Pump necessary to Best Effects — Chapman^s Metallic Aspirator — Principle of the Giffard Injector — Experiment with the Aspirator —Exhausting a Geissler Tube— Blast produced by the Aspirator — Plate and Receiver for Aspirator — Mouth Vacuum Apparatus — Heroes Fountain— Wirtz's Pump —Inertia of Air —The Flight of Birds —The Operation of Windmills and Propulsion of Sailing Vessels due to Inertia of Air— Aerial Top — The Fly Wheel — Mechanical Bird — The Boomerang— Vortex Rings Chapter VIII. — Sound. Toys as Experimental Apparatus— Sound a Sensation of the Ear^— Sound due to Irregular Vibrations — Musical Sounds due to Rapid and Uni- form Vibrations — The Cricket or Rattle — The Buzz as Sayart's Wheel — ^Vibrating Rods — Tranverse Vibration of Rods — The Zylophone— Tuning the Zylophone — The Metallophone — The Musical Box a Reed Instrument — Mouth Organ or Harmonica an Example of a Reed Instrument — ^Tuning Reed Instruments — The Bugle — Longi- tudinal Vibrations of Rods — Of a Steel Rod — Longitudinal Vibra- tions of Wooden Rods — Marloye's Harp — Stopped Pipe — Pandean Pipes — Open Pipes — Flageolet — Ocorina — Stringed Instruments- Lateral Vibrations of Strings— Zither — Division of Strings into Vi- brating Segments — Vibrations of Strings by Sympathy — Conduc- tion of Sound — The String Telephone — Harmonic Vibrations — Cumulative Effects of Harmonic Vibrations — Vibration of Railroad Bridges — Slow Vibratory Period of the East River Bridge — The Breaking of an Iron Girder by Bombardment of Pith Balls — Steel Bar vibrated by Drops of Water — By Magnetic Impulses — Sound Recorder ^Tracings of the Motion of a Telephone Diaphragm — Vi- brating Flames— Simple Device for showing Vibrating Flames — The Speaking Flame— Annular Burner for producing Vibrating Flames — ^Manometric Flames — Composition of Vibrations — Optical Method of studying Sonorous Vibrations — Apparatus for producing Lis- sajous* Figures— Re-enforcement of Sound— Resonance studied by Simple Apparatus — Selective Power of a Resonant Vessel — Bell and Resonator — Mouth used as a Resonator— Experiment with the Jew's Harp — Tuning Forks and Resonant Tubes— Musical Flames — Apparatus for the Production of Sounding Flames — Analyzing Vi- brating Flames by a Revolving Mirror — A Simple Phonograph — The Perfected Phonograph— Edison^s New Phonograph — Edison listen- ing to the First Phonogram from England— The Phonographic Record — Reflection and Concentration of Sound — Adjustable Sound Reflector — Reflection of Light and Sound — Trevelyan Rocker — Re- fraction of Sound — Sound Lens— The Sensitive Flame — Apparatus for producing Gas Pressure for Sensitive Flame — Sensitive Flame with Gas at the Ordinary Pressare—Determining Speed by Reson- ance—Siren for measuring Velocities Chapter IX.— Experiments with the Scientific Top. Siren applied to the Top— Savart's Wheel— G3nrating Perforated Disk -•Gyrating Disk with Polished Beads — Chameleon Top^Changes of Hue by the Shifting of the Cover Disk— Phantom Forms— Revolv- ing Mirror — Koenig's Manometric Flames 173 to 180 Chapter X. — Heat. Heat the Manifestation of Rapid Vibratory Motion of Molecules — A Heated Mass can impart Vibratory Motion to Ether — Heat partially or wholly balances M(«lecular Attraction — Expansion — A Metallic Thermometer — Simple Thermostat — Air Thermometer — Pulse Glass — Thermoscopic Balance — Electric Meter on the Principle of the Thermoscopic Balance — Wollaston's Cryopborus — Freezing by Rapid Evaporation — The Radiometer — Tyndall's Experiment on Radiant Heat — Action of Radiant Heat on Different Gases — Reflec- tion and Concentration of Heat — Conduction of Heat — Conductivity of Different Metals — Heat due to Friction — Heat due to Pressure and Compression — Pneumatic Syringe — Force of Steam— Candle Boml>— Steam Engine — Fifty Cent Steam Engine — Ascensional Power of Heated Air — Hot Air Motor — Hygromelry — Toy Hygro- scope — Sensitive Leaf— Chemical Thermoscope — Hydroscopic and Luminous Roses Chapter XL — Light. Theories of Light— The Emission Theory — Undulatory Theory — Com- parison of Sound and Light Waves — Sound propagated by Compres- sion and Rarefaction — Vibrations of Light at Right Angles with its Line of Progression — Ether— Reflection — Refraction— Huyghens' Explanation of Refraction — Prisms — Course of Light through a Prism— Polyprism— Lenses — Hypothetical Lens— Forms of Lenses — Converging or Magnifying Lenses— Principal Focus of a Convex Lens — Concave Lens — Converging Rays with a Convex Lens — Di- verging Rays with a Concave Lens — Real and Diminished Image — Real and Magnified Image — Virtual Image with Convex Lens — Water Bulb Magnifier — Mirrors — A Convex Cylindrical Mirror — Concave Cylindrical Mirror — Caustics — Convex Spherical Mirror — Concave Spherical Mirror — Phantom Bouquet — Multiple Reflection —The Kaleidoscope — Analysis and Synthesis of Light — Rocking Prism — The Spectrum — Simple Method of producing the Spectrum — Apparatus for producing the Spectrum — Chromatrope — The Blending of Surface Colors — Persistence of Vision — Zoetrope — Ir- radiation — Examples of Irradiation — Intensity of Light — The Light of the Sun— The Light of the Moon-^Measurexnent of Light^Photo- meter — Optical Illusions — Illusion from Engineering Drawings — Apparent Deviation by Oblique Lines — Apparent Displacement of a Single Oblique Line — Curious Optical Illusions — Prof. Thompson's Optical Illusions — Webster's Optical Illusions — Rapieff's Optical Illusions Chapter XII.— Polarized Light. Glass, Single Refracting — Double Refracting Bodies — Iceland Spar— The Investigation of Newton on the Properties of Light — Course of Light through Iceland Spar— NicoPs Prism the Most Perfect Instrument for Polarizing — Tourmaline Crystals — Polarization by Reflection and Refraction — Angle of Polarizing for Glass — Stewart's Explanation of Polarized Light by Reflection — Arrangement of Polarizer and Analyzer — Simple Experiment in Polarized Light — Polarizing by Re- flection from Blackened Glass— Analyzing by Bundle of Glass Plates — Strained Glass — Glass strained by Pressure — Glass strained by Heat — Polarizing and analyzing with a Single Bundle of Plates — Norremberg Doubler — Double Polarization with a Single Glass Plate — Mica Objects for the Polariscope — Mica Semi-cylinder — Mica Semi-cylinders crossed — Mica Cone — Maltese Cross — Mica Wheel — Star, Fan, and Crossed Bars of Mica — Polariscopes — Simple Nor- remberg Doubler — Half and Quarter Wave Films— Wide-angled Crystals — Hoffman's Improvement — Polariscope for exhibiting Wide-angled Crystals^Examination of Various Crystals with the Polariscope — Tourmaline Tongs — The Polariscope a Test for Quartz Lenses — Polariscope for Large Objects — Examination of Glassware, etc., by Polariscope — Simple Polariscope for Microscopic Objects — Construction of Simple Polarizer and Analyzer — Method of holding Cover Glasses for cleaning — Practical Applications of the Polari- scope — Wheatstone's Polar Clock — Suggestions in Decorative Art — Various Crystals and Combinations of Crystals 233 to 277 Chapter XIII. — Microscopy. Microscopic Objects — Microscopy in Chemistry and Mineralogy — The Microscope a Necessity to the Physicist — Inexpensive Microscope — Water Lens Microscope — Water Lens Microscope with Stand — Compound Microscoi>e — Accessories for the Compound Micro- scope—Diaphragm and Fine Adjustment — Substitute for the Revolv- ing Table — Illumination of Microscopic Objects — A Modern Micro- scope—Light Modifier — Iris Diaphragm — Sub-stage Condenser- Gathering Microscopic Objects — Various Books on Microscopy — Implements for gathering Microscopic Objects — Various Micro- scopic Objects — Transferring Objects to the Slide — Compressor — Microscopic Examination of Ciliated Objects by Intermittent Light — Light Interrupter lor the Microscope — Circulation in Animal and Vegetable Tissues — Simple Frog Plate — Circulation of Blood in Fishes Tail'-Quick Method of Mounting Dry Objects— Dr. Stiles^ Wax Cell — Microscopic Examination of the Phenomenon of Colors in Thin Plates— Newton's Rings for Microscopic Examination — Microscopic Examination of Soap Films — Of Mica Plates — Of Vibrating Rods— Simple Polariscope tor the Microscope — Obiects for the Polariscope 278 to 308 Chapter XIV.— The Telescope. Inexpensive Telescope — Terrestrial and Celestial Eyepiece for the Tele- scope — Collimation — Objects to be examined by the Telescope — 8imple Telescope Stand— Compact Telescope 309 to 377 Chapter XV.— Photography. Manipulative Skill in Photography— Dry Plates— The Lens— The Camera Box — The Plate Holder — Focusing Cloth —Exposures — Management of a Camera — ^Timing the Exposure — Copying — Development of the Plate — Treatment for Overexposure — For Underexposure — Beaches Pyro-Potash Developer — Washing and Clearing or Fixing — The Fixing Solution — Hydrochinon Developer — Lantern Slides — Photo- graphic Priming— Toning— Solution for Black Tones — Solution lor Brown Tones — Fixing Bath — Mounting Prints — A Pocket Camera — Simple Photographic and Photo-Micrographic Apparatus — Arrangement of Microscope and Camera for Photo-Micrography — Daguerreotypy — The Invention of Daguerre— Scouring the Plate — Buffing the Plate —Sensitizing— The Dark Room — The Operating Room — Developing the Plate — Fixing — Gilding or Toning— Mount- ing Chapter XVI.— Magnetism. Magnetism by Induction from the Earth — By Torsion — Magnetization of Straight and U-shaped Bars — Motion produced by a Permanent Magnet — Effect of the Armature — Effect of Permanent Magnet on a Bar magnetized by Induction — Neutralizing Effect of an Opposing Pole — Neutral Point between. Unlike Poles — Consequent Pole — Formation of Magnetic Curves — Magnetic Curves in Relief — Arbor- escent Magnetic Figures — Floating Magnets — Mayer's Floating Needles — Rolling Armature — Magnetic Top 347 to 358 Chapter XVII. — Frictional Electricity. Action of Frictional Electricity on Pith Balls — Electric Pendulum — Elec- troscope — Masked Electricity — Ano-Kato — Mutual Repulsion of Electrified Threads — Self-luminous Buoy — Electrical Machines — Electrophoms — Winter's Electrical Machine — Modified Wimshurst Electrical Machine — Attachment of Leyden Jar — Distribution of Electricity on the Wimshurst Plates — Experiments with the Induc- tion Machine — Various Phases of the Electrical Discharge — Lengthening the Spark-— Diversion of the Discharge by Moisture — Glow at the Positive Collector — Glow at the Negative Collector — Discharge through a Geissler Tube — Franklin's Plate — Leyden Jar — Measur- ing Jar — Disruptive Effect of the Discharge — Electrical Chime — Electric Fly — Fly on Inclined Plane — Jointed and Universal Dis- chargers — Insulating Stool — Insulated Sphere — Cylindrical Con- ductor — Gas Pistol — Electric Mortar — Dancing Pith Balls — Gas- siot^s Cascade — Pith Ball Electroscope 359 to 391 Chapter XVIIL— Dynamic Electricity. Generator of the Electric Current— Experimental Battery and Galvano- meter — Polarization — Single-Fluid Batteries — Smee's Battery — Gre- net Battery — Simple Plunge Battery — Large Plunge Battery — Form- ing the Lining for Battery Cells — Chloride of Silver Cell — Leclanche Battery— Dr. Gassner's Dry Battery— Caustic Potash Battery — Two- Fluid Batteries— Daniell Battery — Gravity— Grove — Chromic Acid — The Fuller Cell— Mechanical Depolarization of Electrodes — Appli- cation of Air Jetsto Depolarization — Mechanical Agitatorfor Depolar- izing — Secondary Battery — Roughening the Plate — Method of Con- necting the Plates— Forming the Cell— Thermo- Electric Battery — Electrical Units — Arrangement of Battery Cells — Galvanometers — Deprez-D'Arsonval Galvanometer — Arrangement of Galvanometer, Lamp, and Scale — Tangent Galvanometer — Circuit of the Tangent Galvanometer— Electrical Measurements — Wheatstone's Bridge- Resistance Box Connections — Bridge Key — Branch Circuits — Joint Resistance of Branch Circuits — Expansion Voltmeter— Ammeter — Recording Voltmeter — Electro-Magnets— Magnet for Experimenta- tion — Magnet and Switch — Inexpensive Magnet — Form for the Coils — Foucault*s Experiment — Experiments with the Electro- Magnet — Diamagnetism — Experiments illustrating the Principle of the Dyn- amo — Magnetization of a Steel Bar — Magneto-electric Induction — Magnetic Induction — Induced Currents from Induced Magnetism — Simple Current Generator — Simple Motor — Fifty Cent Electric Motor — Gramme Machine for Illustration — Armature and Mag- netic Fluid — Drum Armature — Magneto-Electric Machines — Prin- ciple of the Bell Telephone — Magnetic Key — Polarized Bells — Annunciator — Hand Power Dynamo — Details of Construction of Hand Power Dynamo — Electro-plating Dynamo — Connections of Plating Dynamo — Simple Electric Motor — Details of Construction of Simple Electric Motor — Circuit of the Simple Electric Motor— Cast Iron Magnet — Simple Electric Lamp— Rejmier's Lamp — Table of Tangents Chapter XIX.— Electric Lighting. The Arc System — Discovery of Davy — Voltaic Arc — Electric Lighting on the Brooklyn Bridge — The W eston Machine— Winding of the Weston Armature — The Weston Arc Lamp^Rheostat — Arc Light Circuits — Incandescent Lighting— The Incandescent Lamp — Edison Dynamo — Current required for a Lamp — Edison^s System of Regulation — Edison Three-wire System — Edison Current Meter and Edison Elec- tric Light Plant— Alternating Current System — The Westinghouse System — Stanly Dynamo— Arrangement of Coils of Alternating Dynamo — The Converter — A Portion of Primary and Secondary Wire in the Converter — Lighting Circuits — Storage Battery System — Knowles System— Arrangement of Battery and Stand — Details of the Plate — The Current Meter Chapter XX. — Induction by Electric Currents. The Induction Coil — Details of Construction of the Induction Coil — Experiments with Induction Coil — Rotary Disk — Leyden Jar — Gas Pistol — Stateham's Fuse — Apparatus for decomposing Water— Geiss- ler*s Tube — Electric Eggs — ^Janney^s Lightning Board — Gassiot^s Cascade — Autographs of the Electric Spark — Marks produced by Lightning — Figures formed by Electric Discharge in Vacuum Tubes — Induction Balance and Audiometer. Chapter XXL — Telephone, Microphone, and Electrical Magic. Simple Telephones— Blake's Transmitter — Telephone Circuits — Micro- phones — Electrical Magic — Mysterious Drum — Rapping and Talk- ing Table — Electrical Insects Chapter XXII. — Lantern Projection. Scientific Use of the Toy Magic Lantern — Simple Magic Lantern — Pro- jection of Cohesion Figures— Vertical Attachment — Arrangement for Projecting Apparatus — ^The Opeidoscope — Projecting the Spec- trum — Double Refraction— Luminous Fountain — Refraction — The Kaleidotrope — Tiring of the Eye — Light Wave Slide — Magnetic Curves — Chemical Thermometer — Microscopic Projection — Oxy- hydrogen Burner— Scientific Lantern — Microscopic Attachment for the Scientific Lantern — Lantern Polariscope — Application of the Ninety Degree Prism — Course of the Rays through a Rocking Prism — Electric Candle for Lantern Use — Lantern Experiments — Cohesion — Reduction of Volume by Mixture — Cotton and Alcohol Experiments — Absorption of Gas by Charcoal — Equilibrium of Li- quids — Rotator for the Lantern — Newton's Disk— Brewster's Disk — Action of Centrifugal Force of Liquids — Lantern Slide for project- ing Arborescent Forms — Circulating Fountain — Elasticity of Solids ^Collision Balls — Magnetism by Lodestone — Effect of a Helix on Suspended Particles of Iron — The Magnetic Field — Effect of Arma- ture on the Magnetic Field — Projection of Electric Spark— Electrical Repulsion — Compass for projecting Oersted's Experiment— Gal- vanometer for Projection^ Attraction and Repulsion of Parallel Conductors — ^Ampere's Experiment — Arago^s Experiment— Mag- netism by Means of Spirals — Sturgeon^s Magnet — Projection of Incandescent Lamp — Of the Arc Lamp — Rocking Prism adapted to the Lantern— Revolving Cell for Polariscope — Glass under Pressure — Vibration of Diaphragms — Phonographic Recorder — Apparatus for compounding Rectangular Vibrations — Compound Pendulum — Simple Tracer for the Lantern — Lantern Pantograph— The Cycloid- otrope — Chladni^s Figures 593 to 656 Chapter XXIII. — Mechanical Operations. Glass Blowing— Insertion of Wire in Glass — Perforation oi Glass — Cut- ting Glass Bottles and Tubes — Engraving Glass and Metals — Cork Borer — Drill Tempering — Lens Making — Inexpensive Lathe — Knurling — Blowpipe and Bellows — Brazing and Soldering — Silver Soldering — Gas Furnace — Moulding and Casting — Casting in Fusible Alloys — ^Varnishing and Lacquering— Wire Apparatus for Laboratory Use — Making Carbons for Batteries and the Electric Light — Useful Receipts 657 to 710

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