RICOH GR IIIx Compact Digital Camera Japan Domestic New

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Seller: premium-japan ✉️ (7,684) 100%, Location: JP, JP, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item: 334178554068 RICOH GR IIIx Compact Digital Camera Japan Domestic New. Furthermore, it is equipped with a unique accelerator unit that optimizes the image information from the sensor, achieving excellent high-sensitivity performance with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 102400. test Product Introduction Payment & Shipping Customs Fee/Duties Return Policy Warranty FAQ About Us RICOH GR IIIx Compact Digital Camera Japan Domestic New Description The newly developed GR lens with a focal length of 26.1 mm has an angle of view equivalent to 40 mm in 35 mm format, which is close to the effective field of view of humans. It is a versatile angle of view that can be achieved. In addition, various functions for creating works after shooting have been strengthened, and the model is finished with the universal appeal of GR, which is constantly evolving, and the snap expression with a new angle of view that has never been seen before. Features 1. Newly developed high resolution GR LENS It is equipped with the newly developed "GR LENS 26.1mm F2.8" that has both high performance and thinness. A standard angle of view equivalent to 40 mm is obtained in 35 mm format, and unlike the 28 mm equivalent angle of view that is easy to emphasize the perspective of the conventional GR series, there is less perspective and a new field of view with a natural perspective. It supports snapshot shooting with. The newly developed optical system with 7 elements in 5 groups with 2 aspherical lenses optimally arranged suppresses distortion and chromatic aberration to a level close to the limit, achieves high resolution, and also causes ghosts and flares during backlight photography. It is decreasing. Furthermore, in macro photography with a minimum of 12 cm (from the tip of the lens), it is possible to shoot with a natural perspective that makes the best use of the bokeh of the background, coupled with the focal length of the standard angle of view. In addition, it is equipped with a multi-stage aperture unit that incorporates an ND filter that is equivalent to two apertures with the amount of dimming, and provides high-contrast, high-resolution depictions for various subjects and shooting conditions, as well as 9 blades. The iris diaphragm is used to obtain a three-dimensional depiction with a natural bokeh near the maximum aperture, and it is also possible to capture a beautiful light beam by narrowing down the aperture. 2. high resolution It is equipped with an APS-C size CMOS image sensor with low-pass filterless specifications that is optimized for GR LENS and can demonstrate resolution performance, and the latest image processing engine "GR ENGINE 6". The number of effective pixels is approximately 24.24 million pixels, which is ultra-high definition, achieving high image quality with excellent resolution and gradation reproducibility, and also supports 14-bit RAW recording that can obtain multi-gradation images. Furthermore, it is equipped with a unique accelerator unit that optimizes the image information from the sensor, achieving excellent high-sensitivity performance with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 102400. 3. 3. High-speed, high-precision hybrid AF For autofocus, a hybrid method using contrast AF, which has excellent focusing accuracy, and image plane phase difference AF, which realizes high-speed AF, is adopted. The face and eyes of a person can be detected during AF, and the AF frame can be displayed at the focused position. When the faces of multiple people are detected, the main subject and sub subject are automatically identified and the frame is displayed, and the main subject can be easily switched by touch panel operation. 4. Equipped with an original image stabilization mechanism "SR" (1) Correction effect of 3 axes and 4 steps * Ricoh's original image stabilization mechanism "SR" (Shake Reduction) built into the camera body effectively corrects camera shake during shooting. A high correction effect of 4 steps is realized for 3 axes of angle (yaw, pitch) blur and rotation blur. Furthermore, by using the "SR" mechanism that allows the image sensor to be moved freely, it also has an "automatic horizontal correction" function that helps the photographer and allows the photographer to shoot with the composition exactly as he or she imagined. * CIPA standard compliant (2) "Low-pass selector" by original technology * Function By driving the image sensor unit minutely with sub-pixel accuracy during exposure, the unique function "low-pass selector" that can obtain the same moire reduction effect as an optical low-pass filter is adopted. You can turn the effect on / off and select the strength, making it easy to set the optimum shooting settings for the subject. * This function can be used more effectively with a shutter speed lower than 1/1000. 5. Compact design with condensed high performance While equipped with an APS-C size sensor and a newly developed lens unit with a longer focal length, we pursued thorough miniaturization, and are always easy to use, suitable for the "portable tools" and "expressive tools" required for GR. It has high mobility that can be carried around. In addition, it is possible to quickly capture the moment you want to take with the high-speed startup of about 0.8 seconds, the control dial placed on the outer circumference of the cross key, and the touch panel operation. Lightweight and highly rigid magnesium alloy is used for the exterior to improve reliability when carrying. 6. High-definition LCD monitor with intuitive touch operation It is equipped with a 3.0-inch high-definition LCD monitor with approximately 1.037 million dots. Setting operations can be performed using the touch panel, and you can intuitively and quickly move the AF frame, set menus, and enlarge or feed images during playback. In addition, the air gapless structure in which the gap between the LCD monitor, LCD panel and tempered glass protective cover is filled with a special resin suppresses diffused reflection of light and enhances visibility. In addition, it also has an outdoor monitor function that allows you to quickly adjust the brightness according to the usage environment. 7. "Image control" that allows you to fully enjoy the real thrill of making pictures The finish adjustment function "Image Control" that integrates the conventional "Image Settings" and "Effects" is adopted. Based on the 11 basic images, you can adjust various parameters such as saturation, hue, key, contrast, graininess, and color tone to finish the image with your own taste. The adjustments can be added to the image control as "custom". 8. Deeper and more discerning image finish In-camera development of RAW data is possible. By setting the recording size, aspect ratio, white balance, image control, feeling of increase / decrease, etc., you can finish the work as you want without a PC. In addition, the preview time when setting various parameters when developing data shot in RAW format has been accelerated, enabling more comfortable in-camera RAW development. In addition, the inheritance of parameters set after development can be selected, making it possible to efficiently fine-tune the image once it has been developed. In addition, the image quality adjustment function during playback of JPEG images has been further deepened, a new monotone color image has been added, and the brightness, filter effect, toning, contrast, and sharpness parameters can be finely adjusted in the detailed settings. You can create a monochrome image that suits your taste. In addition, you can now select 16: 9 or 4: 3 aspect ratios and rotate images by 0.1 degrees in the trimming settings, making it easier to create works in the camera. 9. Dual communication of Bluetooth (R) & wireless LAN It is equipped with a wireless LAN communication function that can be linked wirelessly with smartphones and tablets. By using the dedicated application "Image Sync", you can perform remote control such as transferring images to your smartphone, displaying live view, changing various settings, shooting, etc., and you can easily upload the shot images to SNS etc. In addition, you can view and transfer images on your smartphone even when the camera is turned off. Then, you can send the location information of your smartphone to the camera and record the location information on the image. It also supports an auto-resizing function * that automatically reduces the size of images to be transferred, improving convenience. * Application update (coming soon) is required. 10. others (1) Full HD movie shooting with 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 fps (frames / second) and H.264 as the recording format (2) Add depth-first (deep) to the program line (3) Color moiré correction function that can reduce moiré during playback (4) "Interval composition" function that is effective when you want to record the light trails of stars and the moon together with the scenery. (5) Electronic level that can objectively check the inclination of the composition (6) By installing the tele-conversion lens GT-2 (sold separately) *, you can shoot with an angle of view equivalent to about 75 mm in 35 mm format by combining automatic detection with a camera and cropping. * A dedicated lens adapter GA-2 (sold separately) is required. (7) Compatible with external flash * for Ricoh digital SLR cameras * Compatible external flashes are AF540FGZ II, AF360FGZ II, AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ, AF201FG, AF200FG. Specifications Lens Lens configuration: 7 elements in 5 groups (2 aspherical lenses) Focal length / F value: 26.1 mm (equivalent to about 40 mm in 35 mm format), F2.8 to F16 Imaging unit Image sensor: Type: Primary color filter / CMOS, Size: 23.5mm x 15.6mm Number of effective pixels: Approximately 24.24 million pixels Sensitivity (standard output sensitivity): ISO100-102400: Auto (lower limit value / upper limit value / low speed limit value can be set), manual Image stabilization: Image sensor shift method (Shake Reduction) (3-axis correction) Low-pass selector: Moire reduction function using SR unit (off, weak, strong) Dust removal: Image sensor cleaning function by ultrasonic vibration (DR II) Recording format Still image : -File format: RAW (DNG) 14bit, JPEG (Exif2.3 compliant), DCF2.0 compliant -Color space: sRGB, AdobeRGB -Recording size: [3: 2] L (24M: 6000x4000), M (15M: 4800x3200), S (7M: 3360x2240), XS (2M: 1920x1280), [1: 1] L (16M: 4000x4000), M (10M: 3200x3200), S (5M: 2240x2240), XS (1.6M: 1280x1280) movie : -File format: MPEG4 AVC / H.264 (MOV) -Recording size: Full HD (1920x1080, 60p / 30p / 24p), Audio recording: Built-in stereo microphone ・ Recording time: Up to 4GB or up to about 25 minutes, automatically ends when the internal temperature rises Recording medium: Built-in memory (approx. 2GB), SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card (SDHC, SDXC memory card supports UHS-I standard) Focus Focus type: Hybrid method with image plane phase difference detection and contrast detection Focus mode: Auto area AF, Select AF, Pinpoint AF, Tracking AF, Continuous AF, MF, Snap (1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 5m, ∞), ∞ Full press snap: Fixed focus position shooting function by pressing the shutter button at once and touching the image monitor Face / Eye Detection: On, Auto Area AF Only, Off Shooting distance range (from the tip of the lens): Standard: Approximately 0.2m to ∞, Macro mode: Approximately 0.12m to 0.24m Exposure control Exposure mode: Program AE, Aperture priority AE, Shutter priority AE, Manual exposure Metering mode: Split metering, center-weighted metering, spot metering, highlight-weighted metering Shutter speed: 1/4000 to 30 seconds (Aperture limit F2.8: Up to 1/2500 seconds, F5.6 and above: Up to 1/4000 seconds), Bulb timer (10 to 20 minutes), Bulb, Time Exposure compensation: Still image shooting: ± 5EV, 1 / 3EV step, Movie shooting: ± 2EV, 1 / 3EV step ND filter (2 steps): Auto, on, off White balance White balance: Auto WB, Multi-pattern auto, Sunlight, Shade, Cloudy, Daylight fluorescent lamp, Daylight white fluorescent lamp, White fluorescent lamp, Light bulb color fluorescent lamp, Incandescent lamp, CTE, Manual WB, Color temperature Fine adjustment: Adjustable in ± 14 steps on A-B axis and G-M axis Drive mode Drive: 1-frame shooting, continuous shooting, bracket shooting, multiple exposure, interval shooting, interval composition Self-timer: 10 seconds, 2 seconds, off Function at the time of shooting Crop: 50mm, 71mm, off Image control: ・ Standard, Vivid, Monotone, Soft Monotone, Hard Monotone, High Contrast Black and White, Positive Film Style, Bleach Bypass, Retro, HDR Style, Cross Process *, Custom 1, Custom 2 -Adjustment items: Saturation, hue, key, contrast, contrast (bright part), contrast (dark part), sharpness, shading, clarity, toning, filter effect, graininess *, HDR adjustment effect, color tone (adjusted by selection) Possible items are different) Dynamic range correction: highlight correction, shadow correction Noise reduction: long-time noise reduction, high-sensitivity noise reduction Automatic horizontal correction: When SR is on: can be corrected up to 1.0 degrees; when SR is off: can be corrected up to 1.5 degrees Display: Enlarged display (4x, 16x), grid display (9x, 16x), histogram display, overexposure warning, electronic level Playback function Playback method: 1 image, multi-screen display (20, 48 screens), enlarged display (up to 16 times, 1x display possible, quick enlargement possible), histogram display (Y histogram, RGB histogram), grid display (9 divisions, 16 divisions), overexposure warning, automatic image rotation JPEG image quality adjustment: ・ Normal editing, monotone editing -Adjustment items: Brightness, saturation, filter effect, hue, toning, contrast, sharpness (adjustable items vary depending on selection) RAW development: JPEG recording size, aspect ratio, color space, white balance, image control, peripheral illumination correction, increase / decrease, high-sensitivity noise reduction, shadow correction Editing functions: Erase, Protect, Rotate, Copy, Transfer, Resize, Trim (Aspect ratio changeable, Tilt correctable), Level correction, White balance correction, Color moire correction, Video cropping, Video splitting Image monitor Format: 3.0-inch TFT color LCD (aspect ratio 3: 2), approx. 1.037 million dots, wide viewing angle type, air gapless tempered glass Touch panel: Capacitive method Adjustment: Brightness, Saturation, Blue / Amber, Green / Magenta, Outdoor Monitor: ± 2 steps Wireless LAN communication Compliant standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n (HT20) (wireless LAN standard protocol) Frequency used (center frequency): 2412MHz to 2462MHz (1ch to 11ch) Security: Authentication method: WPA2, Encryption method: AES Bluetooth (R) communication Compliant standard: Bluetooth (R) v4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy) Operating frequency (center frequency): 2402MHz to 2480MHz (CH0 to CH39) External interface USB Type-C (TM): Charging the rechargeable battery / powering the camera body (when using the dedicated AC adapter), data transfer: MTP method, external video output: DisplayPort over USB-C (DisplayPort Alternative Mode) Hot shoes: ・ Supports P-TTL automatic dimming external flash -Light emission method: forced flash, red-eye reduction forced flash, slow sync, red-eye reduction slow sync, flash light intensity correction: -2.0 to +1.0 Lens adapter pin: Yes Power supply Battery used: Rechargeable battery DB-110 AC Adapter: AC Adapter Kit K-AC166J (sold separately) Battery life ・ Number of shots: Approximately 200 * Fully charged lithium-ion battery is used, 23 ° C, and the number of shots is a guide based on the measurement conditions according to the CIPA standard, but it varies depending on the usage conditions. ・ Playback time: Approximately 180 minutes * Time is a guide based on Ricoh's measurement conditions and will vary depending on usage conditions. External dimensions / mass External dimensions: Approximately 109.4 (width) x 61.9 (height) x 35.2 (thickness) mm (excluding operating members and protrusions) Weight: Approximately 262g (including battery and SD memory card), Approximately 232g (main unit only) Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Thai , Korean, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Japanese
  • Condition: New
  • Model: RICOH GR IIIx
  • Maximum Resolution: 24.24MP
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Optical Zoom: NA
  • Maximum Aperture: F2.8~F16
  • Series: Ricoh GR
  • Type: Compact
  • Features: 1080i HD Video Recording
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Ricoh
  • Digital Zoom: NA
  • UPC: 4549212303739

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