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Seller: ttg-publishing (11,194) 99.8%, Location: Blackwood, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202464798678 The Archaeology, Prehistoric Man & Primitive Societies Collection 200 Rare Vintage Books on Disk Rare Vintage books scanned to PDF format on Computer disk N.B there is NO BOX included in the purchase you will receive a CD/DVD in a protective sleeve Prehistoric Man Take a look into the history of our earliest Ancestors from pre- Ancient-Egyptian times with this unique Book Collection. This is a unique collection of rare and out-of-print books that forms not just a unique but also stunning library. Perfect for the historian or researcher or general interest buff. See how prehistoric man progressed at different rates on different continents. Examine the archaeological findings that give rise to the information. From Stone Age to Bronze Age, from East to West. Discover the stories behind Megalithic structures such as StoneHenge or the 5,000 year history of the 'Mound Builders' of North America. What was everyday life like for prehistoric Man? What implements did they have? This is a truly fascinating collection of 10,000s of pages of absorbing and illuminating information, illustrations and diagrams. On The Disk This unique disk is an opportunity to own these rare and collectable vintage books before they disappear forever. Some of the books are already unavailable and but for being scanned into digital format would never be seen again. Each page has been scanned in as a faithful reproduction of the original. This is a chance to be able to see books that would otherwise be lost to future generations. The disk contains books relating to Prehistoric Times. Each book is individually named on the disk and thus is easily searchable by title, and each book is individually searchable itself. Be Aware - that other sellers may pad out their collection of books with foreign language titles or books that are not relevant to the topic. Compare items and you will see the quality and effort that goes into our disks. Other sellers also put security lock on the books which requires a password (which they won't give you) so it is restricted as to what you can do with the books - all our books are completely unrestricted. In addition all our books are fully named exactly as you see in the list below making them easy to find and easily searchable - other sellers may simply supply you a disk with books named randomly making it virtually impossible to find the book you want. IMPORTANT: These books come supplied on a DVD - note that this is not a DVD that will play on a home DVD player, it contains no video whatsoever. It is a Data DVD and must be used on a Computer to view the PDF book files Books on the Disk 200 A guide to the antiquities of the bronze age 1904 A guide to the antiquities of the stone age 1911 A guide to the antiquities of the stone age in the Department of British and mediæval antiquities 1902 A guide to the fossil remains of man in the Department of geology and paleontology in the British Museum 1922 A history of the mental growth of mankind - J. S. Hittell 1879 A manual of the antiquity of man - J Maclean 1880 A study of the bronze age pottery of Great Britain &Ireland, and its associated grave-goods Vols 1 - J. Abercromby 1912 A study of the bronze age pottery of Great Britain &Ireland, and its associated grave-goods Vols 2 - J. Abercromby 1912 Aboriginal urn-burial in the United States - C Moore 1904 An introduction to anthropology - a general survey of the early history of the human race - E. O. James 1919 An introduction to the study of social evolution; the prehistoric period - F. S. Chapin 1913 Ancient Aboriginal trade in North America - C Rau 1873 Ancient and modern man in Southwestern Asia - H. Field 1956 Ancient earth forts of the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio - C. Whittlesey 1871 Ancient hunters and their modern representatives - W. J. Sollas 1911 Ancient man in Britain - D Mackenzie 1922 Ancient man in Britain - D. A. Mackenzie 1922 Ancient Scottish lake-dwellings or crannogs, with a supplementary chapter on remains of lake-dwellings in England - R. Munro 1882 Ancient society or, Researches in the line of human progress from savagery through barbarism to civilization - L. H. Morgan 1877 Ancient types of man - A. Keith 1911 Antiquities of Portsmouth and vicinity - G. Hempstead 1875 Arboreal man - F Jones 1916 Archæological history of Ohio; the Mound builders and later Indians - G. Fowke 1902 Artefacta antiquissima - geology in its relation to primeval man - H. Duckworth 1860 Behemoth - a legend of the mound-builders - C. Mathews 1839 Catalogue of objects used by a prehistoric people in what is now Douglas and Sarpy counties, Nebraska - R. Gilder 1913 Cave hunting, researches on the evidence of caves respecting the early inhabitants of Europe - W Dawkins 1874 Certain aboriginal remains of the Alabama river - Moore 1899 Certain aboriginal remains of the northwest Florida coast Vol 1 - C. B. Moore 1901 Certain aboriginal remains of the northwest Florida coast Vol 2 - C. B. Moore 1901 Coming of man, pre-man and prehistoric man - G. G. MacCurdy 1930 Discovery of stone implements in glacial drift in North America - T Belt 1878 Dress, drinks, and drums - further studies of savages and sex - A. E. Crawley 1931 Early British trackways - moats, mounds, camps, and sites - A. Watkins 1922 Early man in Britain and his place in the tertiary period - W. B. Dawkins 1880 Early man in Europe - C. Rau 1876 Early man in South America - W. H. Holmes 1912 Early steps in human progress - H. Peake Everyday life in prehistoric times - M Quennell 1921 Everyday life in prehistoric times - M. Quenell 1921 Everyday life in the old stone age - M Quennell 1921 Excavations at Carnac (Brittany) a record of archaeological researches in the alignments of Kermario - J. Miln 1881 Foot-prints of vanished races in the Mississippi valley - A. J. Conant 1879 Fort Ancient in Warren County - J. G. English 1889 Fossil men - elements of human palaeontology - M. Boule 1923 Fossil men and their modern representatives, ... the character and condition of pre-historic men in Europe - J. W. Dawson 1888 Grave-mounds and their contents ..Celtic ... Romano-British ...Anglo-Saxon- L. Jewitt 1870 Human origins - S. Laing 1893 Humanity in its origins and early growth - E. Colbert 1892 In the beginning (Les origines) - J. Guibert 1900 Life-history of our planet - W. D. Gunning 1881 Man and his ancestor; a study in evolution - C Morris 1900 Man and his forerunners; incorporating accounts of recent discoveries in Suffolk and Sussex - H Buttel-Reepen 1913 Man and his forerunners; incorporating accounts of recent discoveries in Suffolk and Sussex - H. Buttell-Reepen 1913 Man and the glacial period - G Wright 1895 Man and the glacial period - G. F. Wright 1892 Man before metals - N. Joly 1902 Man in the past, present and future; .... the origin, position and prospects of the human race - L. Büchner 1872 Man, past and present - A. H. Keane 1899 Man, the primeval savage - his haunts and relics from the hill-tops of Bedfordshire to Blackwall - W. G. Smith 1894 Manners and monuments of prehistoric peoples - J. Nadaillac 1892 Mastodon, mammoth, and man - J. P. Maclean 1878 Men of the old stone age - their environment, life and art - H. F. Osborn 1915 Men of the old stone age, their environment, life and art - H Osborn 1918 Mound builders of Illinois - A. J. Throop 1928 Mound-builders - W. J. Smith 1886 Neolithic dew-ponds and cattle-ways - A Hubbard 1916 Neolithic man in north-east Surrey - W Johnson 1903 Notes on flint chips and pre-historic phases at Tutnall, near Bromsgrove - W. A. Cotton 1886 Observations on the uses of the mounds of the West, with an attempt at their classification - E. G. Squier 1847 On the class of rude stone monuments - W. C. Lukis 1875 On the date of Grime's Graves and Cissbury Flint-mines. - R. A. Smith 1912 On the evidnece of the antiquity of man in the United States - C. Whittlesey 1869 Origin and antiquity of man - G. F. Wright 1912 Origin and antiquity of man - H Tuttle 1896 Origin and character of the British people - M. C, Macnamara 1900 Origin and evolution of primitive man - A. Churchward 1912 Our world; a sketch of origins according to science - C. H. Peck 1921 Palaeolithic man and terramara settlements in Europe - R Munro 1912 Palæolithic man and terramara settlements in Europe - R. Munro(1912 Palaeolithic man in N.W. Middlesex - J. A. Brown 1887 Pre-glacial man and the Aryan race - L. Burge 1887 Prehistoric America Vol. 1 - The Mound Builders - S. D. Peet 1892 Prehistoric America Vol. 2 Emblematic Mounds & Animal Effigies - S. D. Peet 1892 Prehistoric America Vol. 3 The Cliff Dwellers - S. D. Peet 1892 Prehistoric America Vol. 4 Ancient Monuments & Ruined Cities - S. D. Peet 1892 Prehistoric America Vol. 5 Myths and Symbols - S. D. Peet 1892 Prehistoric annals of Scotland Vol. 1 - D. Wilson 1863 Prehistoric annals of Scotland Vol. 2 - D. Wilson 1863 Prehistoric implements ... a description of the ornaments, utensils and implements of pre-Columbian man in America - W Moorehead 1900 Prehistoric man - J. McCabe 1910 Prehistoric man - W. L. Duckworth 1912 Prehistoric man and beast - H. N. Hutchinson 1896 Prehistoric man and his story; a sketch of the history of mankind from the earliest times - G. Elliot 1915 Prehistoric man in America - W. R. Harris 1918 Prehistoric man in Utah - H. Montgomery 1906 Pre-historic man. Darwinism and deity. The mound builders - M Force 1873 Pre-historic man. Darwinism and deity. The mound builders - M. F. Force 1873 Prehistoric man; researches into the origin of civilisation in the Old and the New world Vol. 1 - D. Wilson 1876 Prehistoric man; researches into the origin of civilisation in the Old and the New world Vol. 2 - D. Wilson 1876 Prehistoric races of the United States of America - J. W. Foster 1873 Pre-historic remains of Caithness. With Notes on the human remains - S Laing 1866 Prehistoric times & men of the Channel Islands - J. Sinel 1914 Prehistoric times, as illustrated by ancient remains, the manners and customs of modern savages - J. Lubbock Avebury 1913 Prehistory; a study of early cultures in Europe and the Mediterranean basin - M. C. Burkitt 1921 Preliminary report on the primitive man of Nebraska - E. H. Barbour 1906 Pre-palaeolithic man - J. R. Moir 1919 Primeval man, an examination of some recent speculations - G. Argyll 1869 Primitive culture - researches into ...mythology, philosophy, religion, language, art, and custom Vol 1 - E. B. Tylor 1903 Primitive culture - researches into ...mythology, philosophy, religion, language, art, and custom Vol 2 - E. B. Tylor 1891 Primitive folk - E. Reclus 1891 Primitive man - L. Figuier 1876 Primitive man - M. Hoernes 1907 Primitive manners and customs - J. A. Farrer 1879 Primitive secret societies - H. Webster 1908 Primitive society - E. S. Hartland 1921 Primitive society - R. H. Lowie 1920 Primitives and the supernatural - L. Levy-Bruhl 1935 Questions on the customs, beliefs, and languages of savages - J. G. Frazer 1916 Recent investigations bearing on the question of the occurrence of neocene man in the auriferous gravels of the Sierra Nevada - W. J. Sinclair 1908 Records of ancient races in the Mississippi Valley - W McAdams 1887 Records of ancient races in the Mississippi valley - W. McAdams 1887 Relics of the mound builders - C. C. Baldwin 1894 Report on the mound explorations of the Bureau of ethnology - C. Thomas 1894 Researches into the early history of mankind and the development of civilization - E. B. Tylor 1878 Results of an inquiry as to the existence of man in N. America during the paleolithic period of the stone age - T. Wilson 1890 Review of the evidence relating to auriferous gravel man in California - W. H. Holmes 1901 Riddles of prehistoric times - J. H. Anderson 1911 Rough stone monuments and their builders - T. E. Peet 1912 Rude stone monuments in all countries; their age and uses - J Fergusson 1872 Sculptured anthropoid ape heads found in or near the valley of the John Day river, a tributary of the Columbia river, Oregon - J. Terry 1891 Second report on the paleolithic implements from the glacial drift, in the valley of the Delaware River, near Trenton, N.J - C C Abbott 1878 Sexual life of primitive people - H. Fehlinger 1921 Skeletal remains suggesting or attributed to early man in North America - A. Hrdlicka 1907 Social origins - A. Lang 1903 Some early notices of the Indians of Ohio. To what race did the Mound builders belong - M. Force 1879 Some sources of human history - W. M. F. Petrie 1919 Stone implements of the Potomac-Chesapeake tidewater province - W H Holmes Stonehenge and other British stone monuments astronomically considered - J. N. Lockyer 1906 Studies of savages and sex - E. A. Crawley 1929 The adolescent girl among primitive peoples - M. Van Waters 1914 The ancient stone implements, weapons and ornaments of Great Britain - J Evans 1897 The anthropological history of Europe - J. Beddoe 1912 The antiquities of Tennessee and the adjacent states, … aboriginal society in the scale of civilization represented by them - G. P. Thurston 1897 The Antiquity of man - A. Keith 1915 The antiquity of man in Europe - J. Giekie 1914 The antiquity of man in South Africa, and evolution - A. P. Hillier 1890 The arrival of man in Britain in the Pleistocene age - W. B. Dawkins 1910 The blond race and the Aryan culture - T. B. Veblen 1913 The book of Algoonah - ... account of the history of the early people of the continent of America, known as mound builders - C. F. Newcomb 1884 The childhood of man - a popular account of the lives, customs and thoughts of the primitive races - L. Frobenius 1909 The childhood of the world; a simple account of man in early times - E. Clodd 1873 The coming of man - J Tyler 1923 The dawn of civilization Egypt and Chaldaea - G maspero 1897 The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex - C Darwin 1889 The eolithic problem; evidences of a rude industry antedating the paleolithic - G MacCurdy 1905 The evolution of man; a popular exposition of the principal points of human ontogeny and phylogeny Vol 1 - E Haeckel 1879 The evolution of man; a popular exposition of the principal points of human ontogeny and phylogeny Vol 2 - E Haeckel 1897 The human bones of the Hemenway collection in the U.S. Army Medical Museum at Washington - W. Matthews 1893 The Indian, or mound builder - T. Beckwith 1911 The Magdalenian civilization - A Lawson 1920 The Magdalenian civilization - A. C. Lawson 1920 The man-eaters and other odd people. A popular description of singular races of man - M. Reid 1886 The Mediterranean race - a study of the origin of European peoples - G. Sergi 1901 The meeting-place of geology and history - J. W. Dawson 1904 The megalithic culture of Indonesia - W. J. Perry 1918 The megalithic monuments of Carnac and Locmariaquer; their purpose and age - Z. Le Rouzic 1908 The megalithic remains of Anglesey - E. N. Baynes 1911 The men of the Barma-grande (Baoussé-Roussé) An account of the objects collected in the Museum præhistoricum - R. Verneau 1908 The mind of primitive man - F. Boas 1922 The most ancient skeletal remains of man - A. Hrdlicka 1916 The mound builders - ... a remarkable people that once inhabited the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi - J. P. Maclean 1879 The mound builders - G. Bryce 1885 The mound-builders - a reconstruction of the life of a prehistoric American race, ..., their burials, and their cultural remains - H. C. Shetrone 1936 The new stone age in northern Europe - J Tyler 1921 The origin and evolution of primitive man - A. Churchward 1912 The origin of civilisation and the primitive condition of man - J. Lubbock 1898 The origin of man and his superstitions - C. Read 1920 The origin of the Aryans - an account of the prehistoric ethnology and civilisation of Europe - I. Taylor 1892 The origin of the mound builders - A. O. Coffin 1889 The palaeolithic implements of the valley of the Delaware 1881 The palaeolithic period of the Scandinavian Peninsula - F Arentz 1913 The physical basis of civilization - T. W. Heineman 1908 The prehistoric men of Kentucky - a history of what is known of their lives and habits - B. H. Young 1910 The pre-historic remains ... on the site of the city of Cincinnati, with a vindication of the Cincinnati tablet - R. Clark 1876 The prehistoric world or, Vanished races - E. A. Allen 1885 The primitive inhabitants of Scandinavia - S. Nilsson 1868 The relation of paleontolgoy to the history of man, with particular reference to the American problem - J Merriam 1914 The rise of man; a sketch of the origin of the human race - P Carus 1907 The rollright stones; the stonehenge of Oxfordshire - H. Taunt 1888 The stone age in New Jersey - C.C. Abbott 1872 [17-page Article] The stone age N. America; an archaeological encyclopedia ..implements, ornaments, weapons, etc. V 1 - W Moorehead 1911 The stone age N. America; an archaeological encyclopedia ...implements, ornaments, weapons,etc. V 2 - W Moorehead 1911 The stone ages in North Britain and Ireland - A Keane 1909 The stone and bronze ages in Italy and Sicily - T Peet 1909 The stone hammer and its various uses - J McGuire 1891 The story of Ab; a tale of the time of the cave man - S. Waterloo 1897 The Story of 'Primitive' man - E. Clodd 1895 The uncivilized races of men in all countries of the world Vol 1 - J. G. Wood 1882 The uncivilized races of men in all countries of the world Vol 2 - J. G. Wood 1882 Traditions of De-Coo-Dah, and antiquarian researches - ... of the mound-builders in America - W. Pidgeon 1858 Untrodden fields of anthropology - ... esoteric manners and customs of semi-civilized peoples - C. Carrington 189- Upper Mississippi, or, historical sketches of the mound-builders, the Indian tribes and the progress of civilization in the North-west - G. Gale 1867 The Nature of Scanned Books You will get a copy of each of the scanned books in PDF format. The PDF will be a replica of the book in exactly the condition it was available to us - so that will necessarily mean that the book will have inevitable signs of ageing. Some of the books in our collection are over 400 years old - it is not possible to maintain a book in pristine condition for that length of time. In addition any marks made by the previous owners will also be present. We do not consider that to be a flaw of the product but rather adds to its authenticity. Searchable - Each file is fully named on the disk so it is easy to search and find a particular title. In addition each book is searchable and individual sections or pages can easily be printed. Viewing - The books will require suitable PDF software to view them, almost certainly you will already have this on your computer or device - if not such software is universally available for Free download. Sizing - Page size can be adjusted to suit your needs for viewing text or images. Printing - A complete book is printable, or individual sections or just individual pages too. Images - All images can be printed out and used as you wish. About the Disk The disk is not suitable for use on a home DVD player connected tour TV or audio device. The disk contains PDF files (these are electronic books) which can be viewed on your computer. You can easily convert the PDF files to a similar format suitable for viewing on your Tablet, mobile phone, Kindle, eBook reader or other device using the totally free software called Calibre. Please Note - Physical books are not included in this purchase; all books are scans of the original books in PDF digital format only. You will receive your disk in a protective sleeve - there is no box included. The cost of a box plus associated increase in postage and packaging would mean the price of the item would need to at least double and we find that our customers do not value a box but rather they value the contents of our disks Shipping All items are shipped from the UK. We despatch within one business day of receiving the order, please note that whilst we can despatch purchases quickly we cannot control the delivery time it takes to reach you. For UK deliveries the standard service is second class post shipped in a secure cardboard CD mailer. For non-UK deliveries; the standard posting method is Airmail. Please be aware that Airmail delivery times can vary greatly even within the same country, there is not a standard time and please do not expect your item to arrive within a few days - it simply will not happen. 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Please note - before contacting us with a query that the disk is intended to be use on a computer only (with suitable PDF reader software) - it will not work on a home DVD player connected to your TV. The disk does not contain audio or video files; it is a data disk with PDFs on it DELIVERY time-scale - Note to All Non-UK Buyers In 99.9% of cases we will post your international purchase to you within one Business day but after that we have absolutely no control over the speed, efficiency or effectiveness of the particular delivery service that you have selected. So please be aware of the following: 1. Anticipated delivery is set by eBay (not us) and should be ignored. 2. There is no set time for when your Airmail item will arrive. It may be 2 weeks, it may be 4 weeks (yes items can often take that long to be delivered); but almost certainly it will not be 5 days. 3. Standard Airmail delivery WILL NOT INCLUDE TRACKING – that service is available for an extra charge. Tracking will make the delivery more secure but does not necessarily speed up the delivery time (we charge extra for tracking simply because that is what Royal Mail charge us). Please form your expectations on the basis of the points raised above – the same points apply for all sellers though they may not openly say it; but we prefer to create a realistic expectation and as a result have a harmonious relationship rather than tell you it will arrive in 4 days and then have to deal with the fallout from that when it doesn’t happen. For any queries please feel free to send us a message using the eBay message system. Condition: Rare collectable books in PDF format on computer disk (DVD), Non-Fiction Subject: Prehistoric Man / Primitive Humans / Fossils, Modified Item: No, Author: Various, Language: English

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