Piston Rings Set 75mm STD for CITROËN PEUGEOT TALBOT 106 207 306 AX 08-154400-00

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Seller: engine-part ✉️ (729) 95.6%, Location: DELHI, DELHI, IN, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item: 154584590446 Piston Rings Set 75mm STD for CITROËN PEUGEOT TALBOT 106 207 306 AX 08-154400-00. AX 1.3 04/87fl12/88 AX 1.4 09/86fl04/94. AX 1.4 GTi 06/91fl12/96 AX 14 12/86fl04/97. AX 14 GT 01/89fl12/91 BERLINGO 1.4 i 07/11fl. PISTON RINGS SIZE Piston Bore Size : 75mm. CITROËN PEUGEOT. Size : STD. Piston Rings Set 75mm STD for CITROËN PEUGEOT TALBOT 106 207 306 AX 08-154400-00 PISTON RINGS SIZE : Please note : If you require the size of the Piston Rings, please message us directly we will share all the sizes with the best possible information & photos. This Listing is compatible for 1 Piston only. If you do require set for your complete engine please book your order according to your engine specifications 08-154400-00 NEW REPLACE REPLACEMENT OIL RING COMPRESSION OE, 1ST 2ND 3RD CYLINDER LINER FULL ENGINE QUALITY KIT REPAIR, PISTONS PETROL DIESEL PART PARTS RINGS TALBOT SAMBA 51A 1.4, 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 Convertible 51E 1.2 039 64 N0, 800002911000 800002941000 WG1010632 WG1023951 WG1023952 XY7, WG1096275 2C5068 9564421280 9790007400 XY8 150 D 129 D, MAHLE ORIGINAL KOLBENSCHMIDT WILMINK GROUP CITROËN, HASTINGS PISTON RING SUITABLE FOR:CITROËNK1B 4cyl. 1360cc 44kW (61PS) Petrol TD665K1G 4cyl. 1360cc 51-52kW (69-71PS) Petrol TD6567KAZ 4cyl. 1360cc 44-55kW (54-75PS) Petrol TD6566TU2.4 4cyl. 1294cc 69-70kW (94-95PS) Petrol TD706TU3 (K3A) 4cyl. 1360cc 40-46kW (54-63PS) Petrol TD6569TU3A (K1H) 4cyl. 1360cc 47-55kW (64-75PS) Petrol TD4272TU3A (K6D) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD25067TU3A (K6E) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD25069TU3A (K6F) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD25068TU3A (KFT) 4cyl. 1360cc 54kW (73PS) Petrol TD25070TU3A (KFW) 4cyl. 1360cc 55kW (75PS) Petrol TD25066TU3A (KFX) 4cyl. 1360cc 55kW (75PS) Petrol TD25074TU3CP (KAY) 4cyl. 1360cc 44kW (60PS) Petrol TD9546TU3F2 (K1F) 4cyl. 1360cc 44-49kW (60-67PS) Petrol TD666TU3F2 (K2B) 4cyl. 1360cc 62-65kW (85-89PS) Petrol TD669TU3FJ2 (K2D) 4cyl. 1360cc 55kW (75PS) Petrol TD6568TU3FJ2 (KFY) 4cyl. 1360cc 66kW (90PS) Petrol TD5078TU3FJ2 (KFZ) 4cyl. 1360cc 69-74kW (94-100PS) Petrol TD5096TU3FM (K2A) 4cyl. 1360cc 61-65kW (84-88PS) Petrol TD668TU3FM (KDY) 4cyl. 1360cc 55-58kW (75-79PS) Petrol TD4277TU3M (KDX) 4cyl. 1360cc 55kW (75PS) Petrol TD5080TU3M (KDY) 4cyl. 1360cc 55-58kW (75-79PS) Petrol TD5160TU3M/Z (KDZ) 4cyl. 1360cc 55-59kW (75-80PS) Petrol TD683AX 1.3 04/87fl12/88 AX 1.4 09/86fl04/94AX 1.4 GTi 06/91fl12/96 AX 14 12/86fl04/97AX 14 GT 01/89fl12/91 BERLINGO 1.4 i 07/11flBX 1.4 01/87fl01/92 BX 14 01/89fl02/93BX 14 E 04/83fl07/89 C3 II 1.4 11/09flC3 II 1.4 LPG 07/10fl C15 1.4 05/87fl12/96C15 1.4 E 07/87fl12/96 C15 1.4 i 05/91fl12/96NEMO 1.4 04/09fl ZX 1.4 03/91fl06/97ZX 1.4 i 03/91fl10/97TU3A (KFV) 4cyl. 1360cc 49-59kW (67-80PS) Petrol TD23774 C3 1.4 07/03fl C3 I 1.4 12/05fl07/12 C3 I 1.4 i 02/02fl C3 II 1.4 11/09fl NEMO 1.4 02/08fl PEUGEOT TU2.4 4cyl. 1294cc 74-76kW (101-103PS) Petrol TD12689TU3 (K5A) 4cyl. 1360cc 47-51kW (64-69PS) Petrol TD26412TU3.2/F/F2 4cyl. 1360cc Petrol MP28714TU3A (K1D) 4cyl. 1361cc 49-50kW (67-68PS) Petrol TD2766TU3A (K6D) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD24928TU3A (K6E) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD24930TU3A (K6F) 4cyl. 1360cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD24929TU3A (KFT) 4cyl. 1360cc 54kW (73PS) Petrol TD24931TU3A (KFW) 4cyl. 1360cc 55-60kW (75-82PS) Petrol TD24927TU3CP (KAY) 4cyl. 1361cc 44kW (60PS) Petrol TD2767TU3 F/F2/F2C/FJ2/FM (CASTIRON BLOCK)4cyl. 1360cc Petrol MP38715TU3J2 (KFZ) 4cyl. 1361cc 69kW (94PS) Petrol TD2770TU3M (KDY) 4cyl. 1361cc 55-58kW (75-79PS) Petrol TD4836TU3M (KDZ) 4cyl. 1361cc 55kW (75PS) Petrol TD2775TU3MC (KDX) 4cyl. 1361cc 55-58kW (75-79PS) Petrol TD2777TU3S (K2B) 4cyl. 1360cc 62kW (85PS) Petrol TD2779106 1.4 09/91fl 106 I 1.4 08/91fl04/96205 1.4 01/91fl 205 I 1.4 08/87fl06/94205 I 1.4 CJ 03/89fl12/94 205 I 1.4 CJ Cat 01/89fl09/93205 II 1.3 Rallye 10/87fl10/90 205 II 1.4 06/87fl09/98205 II 1.4 Cat 08/87fl09/93 206+ 1.4 i 01/09fl206 1.4 CNG 05/06fl09/07 206 1.4 i 09/98fl207 1.4 12/07fl 207 SW 1.4 06/07fl207 SW 1.4 LPG 08/07fl12/12 306 1.4 05/93fl05/01306 1.4 SL 06/94fl05/01 309 1.4 01/91fl309 I 1.4 03/89fl07/89 309 II 1.4 07/89fl12/93405 1.4 01/92fl 405 I 1.4 01/87fl07/92405 II 1.4 08/92fl10/96 PARTNER 1.4 06/96flTU3A (KFV) 4cyl. 1360cc 54-60kW (73-82PS) Petrol TD21111 TU32 4cyl. 1361cc 51-55kW (70-75PS) Petrol TD8507 205 II 1.4 08/90fl07/98 206+ 1.4 i 01/09fl 206 1.4 07/02fl 207 1.4 02/06fl 207 SW 1.4 06/07fl 1007 1.4 04/05fl BIPPER 1.4 02/08fl HOGGAR 1.4 05/10fl PARTNER 1.4 06/96fl12/15 TALBOT 150 D 4cyl. 1351cc 44kW (60PS) Petrol TD5291 XY6B 4cyl. 1360cc 44-53kW (60-72PS) Petrol TD17984 XY7 4cyl. 1361cc 53kW (72PS) Petrol TD4928 XY8 4cyl. 1361cc 53-58kW (72-79PS) Petrol TD4929 XZ7R (129D) 4cyl. 1219cc 65kW (88PS) Petrol TD5292 SAMBA 1.2 Rallye 01/83fl10/86 SAMBA 1.4 01/81fl10/86 SAMBA 1.4 Rallye 01/83fl10/86 Item Specifics Engine Model : CITROËN PEUGEOT Size : STD Piston Bore Size : 75mm Brand : Aftermarket New THIS PISTON RINGS SET PHOTO IS FOR 1 PISTON. IF YOU WANT SET FOR COMPLETE ENGINE, PLEASE BOOK ORDER FOR 3 CYL or 4 CYL or 6 CYL AS PER YOUR ENGINE REQUIREMENT.Any query, you can free to ask from us through eBay messages. We try our best to provide you all the details... !!...BULK INQURIES ARE ALSO ACCEPTED AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES...!! PISTON RINGS: THE PISTON RING LISTING IS QUANTITY FOR 1 PISTON i.e 1CYL. (PLEASE IGNORE IF IN PHOTO MENTIONED X3 / X4 / X6) IF, YOUR ENGINE IS FOR 2CYL / 3CYL / 4CYL / 6CYL / 8CYL ENGINE PISTONS, THEN YOU PLEASE BOOK YOUR ORDER QUANTITY ACCORDING TO YOUR ENGINE. OVERSIZE: IF YOU DO REQUIRE OVERSIZE PISTON RINGS ALSO LIKE 010 / 020 / 030 / 040 / 060 / 080 / 100 ETC. WE CAN ALSO BE ABLE TO SUPPLY YOU THE SAME. IF OVERSIZE, PLEASE MESSAGE US WHAT SIZE YOU DO REQUIRE TO CHECK & ARRANGE ITS AVAILABILITY. SPECIAL SIZE: IF ANY SPECIAL SIZE IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR ENGINE, PLEASE DO INFORM WE CAN ABLE TO ARRANGE THE SAME FOR YOU ALSO? SPECIAL PRODUCT: ANY KIND OF AUTO PARTS, WE ABLE TO SUPPLY YOU AGAINST YOUR SAMPLE / DRAWINGS. WE ABLE TO MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY THE SAME ACOORDING TO CUSTOMER?S REQUIREMENT. RETURN POLICY: WE ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST FOR HASSALE FREE BUSINESS TRANSACTION. BUT STILL IF ANY PROBLEM OCCUR, BEFORE OPENING ANY KIND OF RETURN REQUEST, YOU CAN CONTACT US DIRECTLY WE ARE HAPPY & TRY TO SATISFY YOU IN ALL RESPECT? IN CASE OF ANY PROBLEM LIKE DIDN?T LIKED OR DIDN?T FIT, WE ARE READY TO REFUND YOU AFTER THE INSPECTION OF THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT & MUST BE INTO ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING. BUYER PAYS FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING CHARGES. FEEDBACK: YOUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT & VALUABLE TO US. WE ALWAYS LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO OUR BUYER AS A GOOD MEMORY FOR SMOOTH BUSINESS. EBAY MESSAGES: YOUR ALL MESSAGES ARE IMPORTANT TO US. WE KNOW TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT. WE ARE TRYING TO DO QUICK REPLY, BUT SOMETIMES PLEASE ALLOW RESPONSE TIME 12-48HRS. COMPATABILITY: WE HAVE LISTED ALL OUR PRODUCTS WITH MUCH & MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE BY US. WE DO UNDERSTAND FROM LISTING YOU CAN ABLE TO GET ALL THE POSSIBLE DETAILS WHICH YOU REQUIRED ALSO YOU CAN CROSS-CHECK REFERENCE NUMBER FROM GOOGLE PORTAL ALSO IF INCASE YOU HAVING DOUBT. SHIPPING: THERE ARE MANY MODES OF SHIPPING METHOD AVALAIBLE. WE TRY OUR BEST THAT OUR CUSTOMERS WILL GET THE PARCEL AS SOON AS PARCEL WITHOUT ANY DELAY. BUT SOMETIME IF DELAY IN PARCEL DUE TO THIRD PARTY, SOME THINGS ARE BEYOND OUR CONTROL. SO WE JUST REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE MESSAGE US & WE TRY TO ESCALATE YOUR QUERY & UPDATE YOU TIME TO TIME & TRY TO GET YOUR THE PARCEL DELIVERED TO YOU. ALL ITEMS ARE OF FREE SHIPPING. IF YOU WANT QUICKEST DELIVERY THEN PLEASE MESSAGE US TO PROVIDE ALTERNATE SHIPPING METHOD WITH ADDITIONAL COST. TAXES : OUR PRICE IS INCULDED FREE SHIPPING & PRODUCT COST. ANY KIND OF VAT, GOVERNMENT TAXES OR IMPORT DUTY IS NOT CHARGED BY US. IF ANY IMPORT CHARGES, PLEASE CHECK YOUR COUNTRY RULES & REGULATIONS. IMPORT CHARGES ARE VERY NOMINAL BUT SOMETIMES IT VARY FROM ITEM TO ITEM & COUNTRY TO COUNTRY. ANY KIND OF CONFUSION OR INFORMATION YOU REQUIRED, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE US. Condition: New, Non-Domestic Product: No, Custom Bundle: No, Fitment Type: Direct Replacement, Items Included: Piston Rings, Manufacturer Part Number: 08-154400-00 0815440000, KEPR1476, Mounting Hardware Included: No, Superseded Part Number: CITROËN 9790007400 CITROËN 9564421280, AE R60880STD AE R60870STD, KOLBENSCHMIDT 800002911000 MAHLE 03964N0, KOLBENSCHMIDT 800002941000, PERFECT CIRCLE 41832990, 08-154400-00 NEW REPLACE REPLACEMENT OIL RING, COMPRESSION OE, 1ST 2ND 3RD CYLINDER LINER, FULL ENGINE QUALITY KIT REPAIR, PISTONS, PETROL DIESEL PART PARTS RINGS TALBOT, SAMBA 51A 1.4, 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986, Convertible 51E 1.2 039 64 N0, 800002911000, 800002941000 WG1010632 WG1023951 WG1023952, XY7, WG1096275 2C5068 9564421280 9790007400, XY8 150 D 129 D, MAHLE ORIGINAL KOLBENSCHMIDT, Modified Item: No, Brand: Citroën, Bore Size: Standard, Type: Piston Ring, OE/OEM Part Number: 08-154400-00 0815440000, KEPR1476, Country/Region of Manufacture: India

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