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Seller: ambrosius822 (747) 100%, Location: Orlando, Florida, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 223547664233 Pau D'Arco Capsules Anti Fungal Infections Acne Cellular overgrowth 60 $5.25 Made/Blended in FL USA 60 Veggie Capsules. Extremely targeted product, 2 month supply if taken as directed. Clinically studied & shaman recommended for over 300 years; South American vine aerial portions which are made into a 4:1 tincture as well as ground herb capsules. The Herbal Haven's Natural, Organic wholeherb product. A powerful blood cleanser, Pau D'arco inner bark helps to reduce wild overgrowth of cellular conditions. German scientists have confirmed that extracts of Tabebuia inhibit absorption of dietary fat, & might reduce obesity, heart disease, & diabetes. The German study of Tabebuia/ Pau D'arcowas led by Dr. Nils Roos from the Max Rubner Institute. The study showed that a Tabebuia extract reduced blood triglycerides (a harmful byproduct of fat breakdown) in rats that had been fed a fatty meal. “This result shows the extract may have a potential use in treating obesity,” said Dr. Roos. “However, as coronary heart disease and diabetes have also been shown to be associated with higher triglyceride levels after eating, we believe a food-supplement based on Tabebuia could reduce the incidence of these diseases, as well.” Pau D’arco reportedly contains elements that make it a powerful antibiotic, with virus-killing properties. That would certainly support the great numbers of success stories of those who have used Pau D’arco in resolving warts, tonsillitis, flus or colds. North Americans use this herb for an even greater variety of disorders. Consider this list: athlete’s foot, candida yeast infection, cancer, AIDs, endometriosis, tonsillitis, flu, cold, leucorrhea, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, phlebitis, warts, fatigue, sexually transmitted diseases & blood purification. Today, in Canada, there are household cleaning products on the market containing Pau D’arco. These solutions are used to disinfect counters & sinks. Pau D’arco is in these formulae due to its powerful antimicrobial action. If you are considering using this herb, know that the real Pau D’arco has the potential for great good, with minimal potential for harm. The very least this herb might do for you is act as a tonic & blood cleanser. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Why we sell our products We're not interesting in masking the pain, or stopping the cough, we want to STOP the originating problem, so that you don't have it any more. That's the big difference between how we alternative practitioners think, than how your western medical doctors have been trained. This is what makes us different from the mostly restricted & very expensive generic & brand name single ingredient; derived & recombined products; sold to you from those huge multinational pharmaceutical companies. We use a whole herb product, & if we have to use a standardized whole herb formula in other formats to supply you with like supplements, oils or creams, then we're still using the whole herb vs an isolated constituent that can only fight one thing at a time. This is the main reason that many of the pharmaceutical derived anti-biotics are failing at this time. In throwing away the rest of the plants that originally made up the magic bullet's home; chemists have aimed only a ONE constituent shot at many different bacteria, viruses & other bad bugs; instead of using basically whole herb constituent buckshot & blowing what we now know as bio-mats or whole communities of bad bugs, viruses or bacteria holding hands, out of your body, WITHOUT hurting other GOOD bacteria, viruses and/or bugs that you NEED in your body. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Pau d'Arco Capsules {THCPR0016} Ingredients: Active Ingredient: Pau D'Arco, cut & sifted Other Ingredients: Silica, Vegetarian Cellulose ****************************************************************************************************************** From FREE WorldHerbs Formulary: Pau' D'Arco -{Tabebuia impetiginosa} (Alt. Names: Ipe Roxo, pink Ipe, Lapacho, Tabeeho) South American woody bark & wood herb clinically studied by the German Commission "E" report as well as also a South American medically utilized shaman based & used product for over 1500 years. A powerful blood cleanser, Pau D'Arco helps to reduce side effects of Pain & Nausea as well as reduce cellular overgrowth or fungus. Pau D'Arco is a blood builder as well as a candida sans fungus fighter. Pau D'Arco is a deciduous tree native to Central & South America. Worldwide use of Pau D'arco's bark & wood are used to combat fungal & cellular overgrowth. Properties of Pau D'Arco include: astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal as well as and anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, laxative, analgesic & antioxidant, German scientists have confirmed that extracts of Tabebuia inhibit absorption of dietary fat, & might reduce obesity, heart disease, & diabetes.The German study of pau d'arco was led by Dr. Nils Roos of the Max Rubner Instute. the study showed that a pau d'arco extract reduced blood triglycerides {a harmful byproduct of fat breakdown} in rats that had been fed a fatty meal. "This result shows that the extract may have a potential use in treating both obesity & fatty liver." said Dr. Roos. "However, as coronary heart disease & diabetes have also been shown to be associated with higher trigliceride levels after eating, we believe a food supplement based on Pau D'arco could reduce the incidence of these diseases as well." Used as a whole herb in capsule, tincture & extract formats as well as shredded inner bark in tea formulations; Pau D'Arco has been shown to have little toxicity to the human body, but a great deal of bacteria, fungal & cellular overgrowth reducing abilities.Used as a whole herb, tea, powder, tincture or in capsules, Pau D’arco has a toxicity that is negligible–reported as 1/10 that of coffee..." ******************************************************************************************************************BUY 4 GET 1 FREEBuy any 4 products; including everything except where otherwise noted -no non food items unless our muslin re-usable tea bags; & get 1 product additionally for FREE**postage & handling still applied to free item.For Tinctures and/or combination supplements due to price/potency; we request that 2 of your 4 items match in either price or product type so that we can cover our costs.Order with a friend, family member, co-worker & split the cost of shipping. If you have a discount, you can split your discount by ordering with others as well.Referring other customers TO THH will net your referral a discount & YOU a commission based on their 1st order; WHEN they email me with your name & request a quote on what they want to order or use your name on the order form.If you are shopping on eBay with the Shopping cart, you can mix or match your order with us & then Click on the Grey Print that says Request Total in the upper middle of the shopping cart. That way we can apply your discount BEFORE you buy. If it doesn't work, we'll apply the discount through Paypal.*************************************************************************************************************** See other products that you like? Multiple items will ship out in the same order. All herbal products are NOT bought or shipped until YOU have ordered. This type of business is called BIN SHIPPING. Look up Peter Demming to understand the benefit of this type of business. This means that your product won't be blended or ordered until YOU finish ordering & it ENSURES that you will have the FRESHEST product available, nothing comes off a shelf & is dusted off. ALL products are made FRESH & especially for you. Sometimes our source may be out of product or is closed for a holiday. We require a 10 day turnaround to cover most issues that might arise. If you are ordering in bulk or in groups of 4 to get One item for FREE, we ask that you do so in quantities of 4 at a time, we'll add the additional FREE product to your order's shipping weight so that you will have a MORE EXACT set of shipping options. A Domestic {United States} Flat shipping/handling charge of $1.00 on each item; is applied to all orders. On international orders, a per shipment charge of $2.20 is added for shipping insurance. A Delivery confirmation number will be emailed to you as soon as your package is shipped out. ***If your order ships out with a postage cost that is less by over 75 cents, we'll refund the difference in the postage part once your package has been sent. Open Herbal Products may not be returned due to stringent FDA & U.S. Postal Regulations For International orders; please send us a full address with Phone number & with an idea of what & how much you are ordering. Please include a full postal code so we can send you a correct shipment price. When the shipping documents are printed; we will encode your phone number so that NO ONE can get it from the documentation without a special reader. We are not responsible for countries who's customs or VAT tax agents may delay overseas shipments. This process can take up to 2 additional weeks depending on your country's policies. Please email us if you haven't gotten your package after the 10 day initial turnaround. Please use feedback to let us know that you've received the product. The HerbalHaven feedbacks their customers upon receipt of their feedback/ payment.*************************************************************************************************************** WARNING: Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. Discontinue use & consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal over package is ripped or missing. OUR RETURN POLICY IS SIMPLE: If You don't like the product or it doesn't work for you; please consider DONATING it to your local community center, senior assisted living facility or other type of community center where some may either drink tea or need to try new products that they cannot otherwise afford. Send us the receipt that the center gives to you noting the donation & we'll credit you the cost of the product back into the store or into your paypal account. Its OUR way of stimulating the economy & also helping others remotely. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Extra Information you may like to know: We don't isolate ONE constituent & throw out the rest of the herb. This is also the reason that many of our whole herb herbal blends may be able to combat multiple conditions. We blend sister or helper herbs that work together to both reduce the effects; but also help to STOP the condition that is causing you those symptoms in the first place. We do this by actually studying daily; Traditional Chinese Medicine - used for over 4,000 years, plus Ayurvedic therapies used in India for centuries & now being more sharply studied in India; plus we borrow from the teachings & writings of the Benedictine Monks who provided alternative therapies medical treatment from as far back as the Crusades. We also read & borrow knowledge extensively from the German Commission "E" reports that come out every few years; which collect all of that information & clinical study much of it, & then add it to their extensive data base. In this like manner we are also utilizing the American Institutes of Health Databases of Ethnobotanical studies; always ongoing in revison & further discussed in the many books of Dr. James Duke of Maryland, in his "Green Pharmacy" book series available here at ebay & also at Amazon. We blend many of these herbs together in new formulations which seem to work better than many of the pharmaceuticals being offered more expensively & with many troubling side effects via the FDA. Again, we don't simply isolate one constituent of a whole plant & throw the rest of it away. That is the standard practice of most pharmaceutical firms. They hand the natural wholeherb product to their CHEMISTS to break down the constituents, to find the "active" ingredients & then to ONLY use those, until they can SYNTHESIZE the rest. The problem with doing that, is that the "magic" constituent picked can sometimes be too harsh for the body, so the chemists then will reduce the product to its chemical components & start to add fillers, buffers & dyes to make it more appetizing, they may coat the product to make it pass through your stomach before blooming & being absorbed by your intestines, which might not be able to handle the harsh chemicals that the company has had to synthesize instead of actually STILL USING the original plant's ingredient. This is mainly for THREE REASONS: A. So they don't have to pay the growers, farmers, herbal experts for their particular sustainable or wild crafted product & be beholden to a crop that might not be as strong from year to year. This, of course, takes money out of their profits. B. Because they've exhausted naturally wild crafted herbs to the point that there is NO way to sustainably maintain enough ingredients for their magic bullet. This actually saves money for the company, which again adds to the bottom line. C. Then they make the constituent chemicals STRONG, because they want it to work instantly; because that's the way that they've brainwashed customers/patients to expect our pharmaceuticals, that they work almost the moment that we start taking them. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Many Natural products take longer to reach what is called the Therapeutic Level - However, this is not true of Tinctures. The therapeutic level of ANY product used in our system, is the exact amount whereby our bodies will stop collecting the active ingredient; & START to USE it. If your body was deficient in the ingredient, it might start using it immediately. If the constituent is so covered by buffers & fillers, dyes & preservatives, it might take a while for your body to actually stockpile enough to start using it. Your body isn't a fool. It isn't totally ruled by your feelings or the portions of your brain that can be convinced that something is good for you, when it isn't. Your body is ruled chemically & mechanically by portions of your brain; which understands better; what the exact amount IS that your body NEEDs to USE a helpful ingredient in a balanced manner. Where this changes, is when for instance Oncology doctors poison your entire body to rid it of some specific cancerous cells, because they don't know any better method. This Therapeutic level is one that all herbalist, alternative therapists, herbal phyto-pharmaceutical & pharmaceutical manufacturers wish to reach as quickly as possible. Unfortunately; in order, to do this, many drug companies & manufacturers will ask you to take much higher amounts of servings to quickly reach your particular therapeutic level. Everyone's therapeutic level is more or less. Drug manufacturers & commercial big business herbal supplement manufacturers make calculated assumptions based on large quantities of customers. But that may not BE your therapeutic level. And, once the TL has been reached, they don't then ASK you to REDUCE the amount of product that you are taking, because that sells MORE product, hence growing that profit margin. We use whole herb cut & sifted to tincture, and we use whole herb standardized extracts; some in powdered form & some in liquid format & enclosed in mostly soft gel, capsules & some compressed herb forms. Some of the constituents of this herb can reduce the growth hormone responsible for the overgrowth of certain cells in the body; some buffer that ingredient so it doesn't cause our body to try to fight the good constituents instead of work with them. Some of the constituents help our body to choose which cell is good & which isn't & know when to fight & where to nurture. To this main herbal ingredient, we add an "unHarshing" Vitamin B Complex. Your doctor may have said that your B12 & B6 were okay, but that doesn't make up ALL of the B vitamin group. The ones that you may be deficient in; may be the ones that help to reduce pain, reduce swelling, reduce cellular death, & to encourage healthy cell replication which we all need, since as we grow older, that function also subsides in our bodies. The B complex is tinctured in Glycerin, which is more delicate than the alcohol; but it helps you to take it for a longer period of time, without being afraid of the BURN. The Glycerin is plant based & naturally tropically flavored glycerin from Hawaii. That makes this product vegan, for those practicing that dietary restriction. *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************WARNING: Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. Discontinue use & consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal over package is ripped or missing. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Selah So Be it Condition: New, Gender: Unisex, Model: Ground herb in veggy capsule, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Formulation: Capsule, Type: Capsule, Purpose: Cellular overgrowth Reduction, Anti Fungal, MPN: THCPR0016, Brand: THC/THH, Country of Manufacture: United States

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