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For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book: Places and Historical Subject Matter Discussed/Illustrated in this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Antique Holy Land Palestine Egypt Sinai Illustrated Bible Old New Testament Egyptian Cairo Nile Petra Desert Moses Hebrews Exodus Golden Calf Lot’s Wife Sodom and Gomorrah Jesus Christ Passion Resurrection Holy City Jerusalem Garden of Gethsemane Church of the Holy Sepulchre Moslem Muslim Islam Christian Christianity Jewish Jews Alexandria Island of Malta Maltese Antiquities Saracen Mamaluke Mohammed Ali Pyramids Bazaars Costume Dress Ornament Tattooing Women Men Slave Market Backsheesh Pyramid Cheops Sphinx Arab Gizeh King Heliopolis Petrified Forest Temple of the Sun Shoobra Tombs Memphis Noph Joseph Mosques Sultan Hassan Citadel Mount Sinai Peninsula Suez Israelites Wells of Moses Acacia Hyssop Manna Mount Horeb Ruins Jaffa Joffa Rose of Sharon Beth Dagon Ramleh Zion Rome Roman Jewish Quarter Mohammedan Quarter Absalom Tombs Ramedan Palm Sunday Cavalry Cross Good Friday Easter Mosque of Omar Bethlehem Hebron David Solomon Jordan The Dead Sea Jericho Elijah Elisha Nazareth Gilboa Jezreel Mount Tabor Tiberias Galilee Capernaum Beirut Carmel Tyre Sidon Tomb of Jonah THE HANDWRITING OF GOD In Egypt, Sinai and the Holy Land: The Records of a Journey from the Great Valley of the West to the Sacred Places of the East. By Reverend D.A. Randall. Published in 1868 by John E. Potter & Co., Philadelphia. Illustrated with Maps, Diagrams and Numerous Illustrations. 714 pages. Condition: GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exterior as shown in photo with some rubbing at edges and corners. Firm binding. Text is clean and complete, with some foxing. No torn, loose or missing pages. Description: THE HANDWRITING OF GOD, a richly detailed and beautifully illustrated history and travel narrative of Egypt, Sinai and the Holy Land, was originally published in two volumes. In this 1868 edition, both volumes are consolidated in a single book. The first volume covers the author’s visit to Egypt and the Sinai region. It features very detailed descriptions of Egyptians of that period, their mode of living, style of dress, etc., as well as other sights in and around Cairo, the Nile, and nearby Petra and other places. The Reverend also ventures out of Egypt into the desert to see for himself some of the sites associated with Exodus and other books of the Bible – for example, the “Smitten Stone” said to have been struck by Moses himself, another local stone formation reputedly used by Aaron as a mold for the casting of the Golden Calf, and even the infamous Pillar of Salt, into which Lot’s wife was transformed when she looked back at the destruction of Sodom. He furnishes very detailed descriptions of these and other sites associated with Scriptural history. Part Two (or Volume Two) follows the author as he explores the Holy City of Jerusalem and the numerous sites associated with both the Old and New Testaments, especially the scenes associated with Christ’s Passion and Resurrection: The Garden of Gethsemane, Cavalry, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, etc. He also visits some of the most sacred sites of the Old Testament revered for centuries by Jews. At the time he visited, Jews endured an uneasy coexistence with Moslems in Jerusalem; these tensions sometimes made his investigations more difficult. This large, thick work (714 pages) features a number of interesting full-page engravings. You can see some of these historic images for yourself further down this page, along with my own personally-prepared summary of the book’s contents. I hope you’ll take a moment to have a look. Contents Are: VOLUME ONE: PART ONE – EGYPT AND SINAI: CHAPTER ONE ~ COLUMBUS TO BOSTON – VOYAGE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC CHAPTER TWO ~ LANDING AT LONDON – RIDE TO LONDON CHAPTER THREE ~ LONDON TO PARIS – PARIS TO MARSEILLES CHAPTER FOUR ~ MEDITERRANEAN VOYAGE – ISLAND OF MALTA – VARIOUS INCIDENTS – ARRIVAL AT ALEXANDRIA: The Island of Malta * Valetta * The History of the Place * The Old Church of St John * The Maltese Divers * Selling Milk * Paul’s Shipwreck * The Ancient Pharos * The Custom House * Another Struggle * The European Hotel * The Events of Antiquity * Its History * The First Great Historical Period * The Masters of the Land * The Ethiopian Conquest * Reign of the Ptolemies * Cleopatra * A Roman Province * The Invading Saracen * The Mamalukes * The Campaign of Napoleon * Mohammed Ali CHAPTER FIVE ~ PRESERVATION OF KNOWLEDGE – DONKEYS AND DONKEY BOYS – SIGHTS IN ALEXANDRIA: An Antideluvian History * Rosetta Stone * Prophetic Declaration * The City of Alexandria * World-renowned Library * The Great Temple of Serapis * The Monuments of the Past * The Egyptian Donkey * Donkey Riding * Donkey Boy * Pompey’s Pillar * Cleopatra’s Needles * The Catacombs CHAPTER SIX ~ A NIGHT IN ALEXANDRIA – RIDE TO CAIRO – SIGHTS AND SCENES ALONG THE WAY: The Viceroy’s Palace * The Harem * Night in an Egyptian City * The Watchman’s Call * The Muezzin’s Call to Prayer * Off For Cairo * Mohammed’s Great Canal * The Modern Villages * Doherty's Description * The Present Population * The Turban * Slippers, Smoking, Signet Rings * Women and the Vail * The Field of Zoan * Changes That Have Taken Place * The Strange Story of Their Bondage * The Days of Adversity * The Nile * Character and History * Annual Overflow * A Beautiful Passage of Scripture CHAPTER SEVEN ~ FIRST VIEW OF THE PYRAMIDS – ARRIVAL AT GRAND CAIRO – SIGHTS AND SCENES OF THE CITY: Arrival at Cairo * Company I Saw There * The History of the City * The Ezbekieh * The Climate of Egypt * Streets of the City * The Bazars * Variety of Costumes * The Strange Modes of Riding * The Slave Market * Things in the City * A Marriage Procession * Rite of Circumcision * A Funeral Procession * A Strange Show * The Backsheesh CHAPTER EIGHT ~ VISIT TO THE GREAT PYRAMID OF CHEOPS – THE SPHINX – INCIDENTS AND REFLECTIONS: The Tricks of a Donkey Boy * Afloat upon the Nile * The Infant Moses * The Renowned Chicken Ovens * The Donkey Boy Again * The Base of Cheops * The Mummy Pits * Apis Cemetery * The Pyramids of Gizeh * Meeting with the Arabs * The Ascent of Cheops * An Arab Song * Reflections upon the Top of Cheops * A Bottle Boy * A Dinnerr upon the Top of Cheops * The Descent * Visit to the Interior * The King’s Chamber * The Age of the Pyramids * The Old Granite Sarcophagus * Echo of the Chamber * Why Were these Pyramids built? * By Whom Were they Opened? * The Sphinx * A Grave Old Preacher * Other Tombs * The Departure * Another Trick CHAPTER NINE ~ EXCURSION TO HELIOPOLIS AND THE PETRIFIED FOREST – SUNDAY IN CAIRO – VISIT TO THE COURT OF THE PHARAOHS: On, or the City of the Sun * The Temple of the Sun * The Fountain of the Sun * The Home of Joseph * The School of Moses * Prophetic Declaration * The Palace at Shoobra * The Petrified Forest * Tombs of the Mamaluke Kings * Mode of Watering the Land * Street Cries, Tattooing and Beggars * Attending Worship * A Reflection and New Acquaintance * The Ruined City of The Pharaohs * An Egyptian Palm Grove * Memphis, the Noph of Scripture * The History of Memphis or Noph * Great Statue of Rameses II * Moving Immense Blocks of Stone * The Bull Apis * The Lake and the Dead * The Palace of the Pharaohs * Joseph and His Brethren * The Child Moses * Moses Return to this Court * Instructive Lessons * The Return CHAPTER TEN ~ MOSQUES OF GRAND CAIRO – CITADEL AND MASSACRE OF THE MAMALUKES – PREPARATIONS FOR A JOURNEY TO SINAI: A Carriage Drive * The Mosques of Cairo * Mosque of Amer and Mosque of Tayloon * The Mosque of Sultan Hassan * The Citadel * Joseph’s Well * Neetmok * The Mosque of Mohammed Ali * The Destruction of the Mamalukes * The Children * The Derweshees * The Nile Voyage * Preparations for a Journey to Mount Sinai * A Bargain Made * Letter from the Greek Convent * Departure for Suez * A Ride Upon this Road * Suez * The Passage of the Israelites * The Biblical Narrative * How That Passage was Effected * The Destruction and the Triumph CHAPTER ELEVEN ~ FROM SUEZ TO SINAI – APPEARANCE OF THE COUNTRY – ENCAMPMENTS OF ISRAEL – LIFE IN THE DESERT: Crossing the Sea * Wells of Moses * Second Day * Marah, or Ain Hawara * Present Appearance of the Fountain * The Sweetening of the Waters * Wady Ghurundel or Elim * Baths of Pharaoh * Appearance of the Country * Wady Useit * The Arab Supper * Our Own Fare * Our Own Chickens * A View of the Country * The Inhabitants of the Peninsula * A Look at Our Sheik * The Common Dress * Singular Marriage Custom * Wady Taiyibeh * Encampment by the Sea * Plain of Murkah and Wady Shellal * Wady Maghara , the Valley of the Cave * The Written Valley CHAPTER TWELVE ~ SINAITIC INSCRIPTIONS – FEATURES OF THE COUNTRY – MANNA – HYSSOP AND OTHER PLANTS – APPROACH TO SINAI: The Amount of Work Expended on Them * Where Found and their Peculiarities * Attention Bestowed Upon these Inscriptions * Their Origin * Did the Jews Inscribe Them? * A Burying Ground * Wady Feiran * Sixth Day from Suez * The Oasis of Feiran * Christians in Wady Feiran * Color and Form of the Mountains * Acacia, Shittim Wood * Retem, or Wild Broom * The Hyssop of the Bible * The Manna Plant * A Perpetual Miracle * Its Spiritual Significance * Nubk Hawy, the Windy Pass * Emerging from the Pass CHAPTER THIRTEEN ~ ENCAMPMENT AT MOUNT SINAI – VISIT TO THE CONVENT – DESCRIPTION OF THE MOUNTAIN – ITS PECULIARITIES: A Visit to the Convent * The History of the Convent * The Renowned Helena * The Interior of the Convent * The Well of Moses * The Church of the Transfiguration * St., Catharine * The Chapel of the Burning Bush * The Mosque and Garden * The Charnel House * A Row with Our Sheik * The Topography of the Mountain * Situation of the Mountain * Name of the Mountain * The Design of Israel’s Visit Here * The Place of the Encampment * Encampment before the Mount * The Boundaries About the Mount CHAPTER FOURTEEN ~ ASCENT OF SINAI AND HOREB – SIGHTS BY THE WAY – REFLECTIONS UPON THE SUMMIT – DESCENT AND VIEW OF THE MOUNTAIN FROM THE PLAIN: The Chapel of the Fleas * Old Gateways and Gardens * The Chapels of Elijah and Elisha * On the Summit of Sinai * Descent from the Mount * The Ascent of Horeb * The Descent to Our Tents * The Mold of Aaron’s Calf * The Smitten Rock * An Objection Answered * The Man Moses * Route by Akaba and Petra * Mount Hor and Aaron’s Tomb * City of Petra * Breaking up of the Camp * Farewell to Sinai CHAPTER FIFTEEN ~ RETURN TO SUEZ – ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RUINS – ARRIVAL AT CAIRO – CONCLUDING REMARKS: The Grave of the Sheik * Surabit El Khadim * The Ruins * Origin of the Ruins * A Grave of a Horse * Making Bread * Arrival at Suez * Adieu to Arabs and Camels * Ride to Cairo * Conclusion * The Holy Land VOLUME TWO: PART TWO – THE HOLY LAND: CHAPTER ONE ~ DEPARTURE FROM EGYPT – VOYAGE FROM ALEXANDRIA TO JAFFA – RIDE FROM JAFFA TO JERUSALEM: Sunday School in Alexandria * Alexandria to Jaffa * Farewell to Egypt * General Directions * Passports * Custom Houses * Making Acquaintances * The Landing * Joffa and Its History * The House of Simon the Tanner * Departure for Jerusalem * Ramleh and Plain of Sharon * The Rose of Sharon * Lydda, or Ludd * Beit Dejan or Beth Dagon * Ramleh * Our Faces towards the Holy City * Kirjath Jearim * First Sight of Zion CHAPTER TWO ~ OUR HOME IN JERUSALEM – A GLANCE AT THE CITY – SKETCH OF ITS HISTORY: A Glance at the City * Jerusalem as a Battlefield * Its Decline * The Great Captivity * The Grecian Invasion * The Roman Occupation * Massacre Under Titus * Jeusalem was Rebuilt * The Mohammedan Conquest * Walks About the City * The Christian Quarters * The Jewish Quarter * Mohammedan Quarters * Sparrows CHAPTER THREE ~ RAMBLES IN JERUSALEM – MOUNT ZION – VALLEY OF HINNOM – HILLS AND TOMBS: The Jaffa Gate * The Lower Pool of Gihon * The Fountain of Hezekiah * Fulfillment of Prophecy * The Huts of the Lepers * Ruins of an Ancient Bridge * The Coeanaculum * The Sepulchre * The Palace of Caiaphas * The Cock That Crew * The Renowned Valley of Hinnom * The Hill of Evil Council * Tombs and Sepulchres * Doherty's Description * Aceldama, the Field of Blood * The Well of Joab or Job * The Mount of Corruption * Here Was Tophet * A Place of Pollution * Fulfillment of Prophecy * The Pool of Siloam * The Fountain of the Virgin * Hight of the Mountains CHAPTER FOUR ~ RAMBLES ABOUT JERUSALEM, CONTINUED – ANCIENT TOMBS – GROTTOES AND WONDERFUL EXCAVATIONS: The Waters of the Kidron * Tomb of Zechariah * Tomb of Jehoshaphat * Tomb or Pillar of Absalom * The Grotto of Jeremiah * Visits to Other Tombs * Excavations Beneath the City * Return to the Light of Day * The Shepherd and His Flock * The Fast of Ramedan CHAPTER FIVE ~ PALM SUNDAY – CALVARY – THE HOLY SEPULCHRE – RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES AND HOLY PLACES: Palm Sunday * Place of the Crucifixion * The Church of the Holy Sepulchre * The Church as it Now Is * The Interior of the Church * Legends and Superstitions * The Chapel of the Invention of the Cross * The Chapel of Helena * The Place of the Crucifixion * The Holy Sepulchre * The Sepulchre as it Now Is * Pool of Bethesda * Discovery of an Ancient Aqueduct * Stephen Was Stoned * Tomb and Chapel of the Virgin * The Grotto of the Agony * The Garden of Gethsemane * The Inclosed Garden * The Ascent of Olivet CHAPTER SIX ~ EXCURSION TO BETHANY – GOOD FRIDAY – EASTER SUNDAY AT THE HOLY SEPULCHRE – MOUNT MORIAH AND THE TEMPLE: A Jewish Passover * Good Friday in Jerusalem * The Via Dolorosa or the Sorrowful Way * The Jews’ Place of Wailing * Good Friday Evening * Easter Morning * A New and Interesting Acquaintance * An Old Samaritan Bible * Story of the Old Manuscript * The Age of the Manuscript * Mount Moriah and the Temple * The Temple and Sacred Rock * The Mosque of Omar * The Sakhrah or Sacred Rock * Other Sights in the Temple Arena * Underground Wells and Reservoirs CHAPTER SEVEN ~ FOOT EXCURSIONS ABOUT JERUSALEM – HOME OF OLD SAMUEL – EXCURSION TO BETHLEHEM AND HEBRON: The Ancient Mizpeh * El-Jib or Gibeon * Abner and Joab * Foot Excursions Continued * Jeba, the Ancient Geba of Benjamin * Jonathan and his Armor-Bearer * Ramah of Benjamin * Gibeah of Saul * Excursion to Bethlehem and Hebron * Plain of Rephaim – Well of the Magi * The Tomb of Rachael * Bethlehem – The House of Bread * David’s Well, View of the Country * Pools of Solomon * Walk to Hebron Continued * Valley of Eschol * Abraham’s Oak * Hebron * Cave of Machpelah * Solomon’s Beautiful Gardens * A Morning in Bethlehem CHAPTER EIGHT ~ EXCURSION TO JORDAN AND THE DEAD SEA – ANCIENT AND MODERN JERICHO – FORD OF THE JORDAN – APPEARANCE OF THE SEA: Elijah and the Ravens * The Three Jerichoes * Jericho Rebuilt * The First Literary Institution * The Jericho of the New Testament * Encampment for the Night * The Gilgal of Joshua * Visit to the Jordan * A Bath in the Jordan * Israel’s Entrance to the Promised Land * Elijah and Elisha at the Jordan * Ride to the Dead Sea The Sea and Its Peculiarities * When and How It Was Adorned * The Celebrated Pillar of Salt * A Bath in the Dead Sea * Sea of Sodom CHAPTER NINE ~ RETURN FROM THE DEAD SEA – LEAVING JERUSALEM – TOUR NORTHWARD: Apples of Sodom * A Supposed Robber and a Fright * Arrangements to Leave Jerusalem * Visit to the Superior of the Convent * Last Morning in Jerusalem * Nob and the Massacre of the Priests * Site of Ancient Bethel * Neetmok * The Robber’s Fountain * A Visit to Shiloh * Hostility of the Arabs * The Tabernacle at Shiloh * Nabulous, or Old Schechem * The Samaritans * Ascent of Gerizim * The Place of Blessing and Cursing * Jacob’s Well * Joseph’s Tomb * The Old Manuscript * The Lepers of Schechem CHAPTER TEN ~ FROM GERIZIM AND SCHECHEM TO NAZARETH – OLD SAMARIA – JEZREEL – MOUNT TABOR – SEA OF GALILEE: The Ancient City * The Mountains of Gilboa * Ruins of Ancient Jezreel * Gideon’s Wonderful Victory * The City of Nazareth * Mount Tabor * The City of Tiberias * A Sunday at Galilee * Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum CHAPTER ELEVEN ~ FROM NAZARETH TO BEIRUT – MOUNT CARMEL – TYRE –SIDON – CONCLUSION OF OUR TOUR IN PALESTINE: Elijah’s Sacrifice * Convent of Carmel * City of Acre * Ladder of Tyre * Tyre * Tyre, Past and Present * From Tyre to Sidon * Elijah and the Widow of Sarepta * Sidon or Saida * Sidon to Beirut * Lady Stanhope’s Home * Tomb of Jonah Remember folks, this is an 1868 original. This book is 148 years old. Check out all the RARE ANTIQUE BOOKS ABOUT THE INDIAN WARS, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE OLD WEST THAT I'M OFFERING ON EBAY THIS WEEK! Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers! Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. Click here to sign up for the NEETMOK NEWSLETTER! Winner pays for media mail shipping in the United States of America. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: All international bidders must pay by PayPal. © 2016 by eBay seller neetmok. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAY’S VERO PROGRAM. Unauthorized use of Item Description Text or Images is a violation of eBay rules, as posted by eBay: "No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners." Auction page content (i.e., item description text; lists of contents, lists of illustrations/photos; scanned images, etc.) was written/compiled/formatted by eBay seller neetmok and, as intellectual property, is protected by copyright. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT INCLUDING SUMMARIES OF CONTENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ETC., PHOTOS OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY’S VERO DEPARTMENT FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION. neetmok Store Condition: CELL PHONE USERS: CLICK ON "VIEW FULL ITEM DESCRIPTION" IF IT APPEARS NO DESCRIPTION ACCOMPANIES THIS AUCTION OR IF DESCRIPTION APPEARS TO BE INCOMPLETE, CONFUSING, ETC. -- GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exterior as shown in photo with some rubbing at edges and corners. Firm binding. Text is clean and complete, with some foxing. No torn, loose or missing pages., Subject: Exploration & Travel, Topic: Middle East, Original/Facsimile: Original, Binding: Leather, Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Publisher: John E. Potter Company, Place of Publication: Philadelphia, Year Printed: 1868, Author: Reverend D.A. Randall, Language: English, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

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