Numismatic studies Vol.11 and Museum Notes Vol. 15 (1938-1969) on DVD

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Seller: ebookcoins_2009 (1,140) 100%, Location: Haifa, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item: 323886786632 American Numismatic SocietyNumismatic studies 1938-1964, vol. 11 (except 3 volume) andMuseum Notes 1945-1969, vol. 15 on DVD Table of Contents Numismatic studies Newell, Edward T. 1938. The coinage of the eastern Seleucid mints, from Seleucus I to Antiochus III. Numismatic Studies, no. 1. New York: American Numismatic Society. Miles, George C. 1938. The numismatic history of Rayy. Numismatic Studies, no. 2. New York: American Numismatic Society. Missing Bellinger, Alfred R. 1940. The Syrian tetradrachmes of Carcacalla and Macrinus.Numismatic Studies, no. 3. New York: American Numismatic Society. Newell, Edward T. 1941. The coinage of the western Seleucid mints, from Seleucus I to Antiochus III. Numismatic Studies, no. 4. New York: American Numismatic Society. Toynbee, Jocelyn M.C. 1944. Roman medallions. Numismatic Studies, no. 5. New York: American Numismatic Society. (Reprinted with an introduction by William E. Metcalf, 1986.) Noe, Sydney P. 1950. The Alexander coinage of Sicyon. (Arranged from notes of Edward T. Newell, with comments and additions by S.P. Noe.). Numismatic Studies, no. 6. New York: American Numismatic Society. Pink, Karl. 1952. The triumviri monetales and the structure of the coinage of the Roman Republic. Numismatic Studies, no. 7. New York: American Numismatic Society. Hazard, Harry W. 1952. The numismatic history of late medieval North Africa.Numismatic Studies, no. 8. New York: American Numismatic Society. Noe, Sydney P. 1957. The coinage of Caulonia. Numismatic Studies, no. 9. New York: American Numismatic Society. Thompson, Margaret. 1961 The new style silver coinage of Athens. Numismatic Studies, no. 10. New York: American Numismatic Society. Bellinger, Alfred R. 1963. Essays on the coinage of Alexander the Great.Numismatic Studies, no. 11. New York: American Numismatic Society. Balog, Paul. 1964. The coinage of the Mamluk sultans of Egypt and Syria.Numismatic Studies, no. 12. New York: American Numismatic Society. Caley, Earle R. 1965. Metrological tables. Museum Notes Museum Notes 1 (1945) 1. Sydney P. Noe. Greek coins acquired during 1945 (pp. 5-15) 2. Agnes Baldwin Brett. Seleucid coins of Ake-Ptolemais in Phoenicia Seleucus IV to Tryphon (pp. 17-35) 3. Alfred R. Bellinger. The bronze coins of Timarchus, 162-0 B.C. (pp. 37-44) 4. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. A medallion of Caracalla (pp. 45-57) 5. Louis C. West. Determination of Roman gold coin standards by use of the carat (pp. 59-63) 6. Sawyer McA. Mosser. Four Roman medallions and a bronze of Apamea in Phrygia (pp. 65-72) 7. Herbert E. Ives. Additions to the list of imitations of the English noble (pp. 73-76) 8. John L. Dresser. European rarities: Salzburg and the Palatinate (pp. 77-80) 9. Robert I. Nesmith. A hoard of Lima and Potosí "Cobs" 1654-1689 (pp. 81-99) 10. Miscellaneous accessions illustrated on plates XXII and XXIII (p. 100) 11. Mehmet Aga-Oglu. An observation on the alloy of the "Ghitrifi" coins (pp. 101-104) 12. William L. Clark. The Ballantine bequest of decorations (pp. 105-106) Museum Notes 2 (1947) 1. Agnes Baldwin Brett. Dated coins of Ptolemy V, 204-180 B.C. (pp. 1-11) 2. Adra M. Newell. A note on "Western Seleucid mints" no. 1310: Antiochus II at Tarsus (p. 13) 3. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. Roman and Byzantine acquisitions, 1946 (pp. 15-20) 4. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. A new sestertius of Domitian (pp. 21-33) 5. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. A hoard of sestertii from Cape Matafu (pp. 35-51) 6. Herbert E. Ives. Counterstamps on English and continental nobles (pp. 53-61) 7. Sydney P. Noe. The W.B. Osgood field gift (pp. 63-64) 8. Herbert J. Erlanger. The coinage of the free city of Nuremberg from 1782 to 1807 (pp. 65-79) 9. Henry Grunthal. Coins of Solms (pp. 81-83) 10. John L. Dresser. Coin weights from the Eklund collection (pp. 85-86) 11. Romulo Zabala, Humberto F. Burzio and Roman F. Pardo. Monedas de la provincia de Mendoza Acuñadas en 1823 y 1824 (pp. 87-103) 12. Romulo Zabala, Humberto F. Burzio and Roman F. Pardo. Coinage of the province of Mendoza minted in 1823 and 1824 (pp. 105-118) Museum Notes 3 (1949) 1. Sydney P. Noe. Greek coins acquired by the American numismatic society in 1947 (pp. 1-14) 2. C. H. V. Sutherland. The "incuse" coinages of south Italy (pp. 15-26) 3. Alfred R. Bellinger. A Seleucid mint at Elaeusa Sebaste (pp. 27-30) 4. Agnes Baldwin Brett. Indo-Bactrian coins acquired by the American numismatic society in 1947 (pp. 31-43) 5. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. Roman and Byzantine coins acquired by the American numismatic society in 1947 (pp. 45-56) 6. Herbert J. Erlanger. The Wormser gift of coins of east Frisia (pp. 57-63) 7. Henry Grunthal. An unpublished Pallas three ducat piece of Weimar (p. 65) 8. Herbert J. Erlanger. The counterstamp of the Franconian circle of 1693 (pp. 67-86) 9. Robert I. Nesmith. Two silver Cuartillos of the first coinage of America (pp. 87-90) 10. Robert I. Nesmith. The 1732 eight Reales piece or "Pillar dollar" of the Mexico city mint (pp. 91-92) 11. George C. Miles. Some early Arab dinars (pp. 93-114) 12. George C. Miles. A collection of letters written to Stanley Lane-Poole (pp. 115-123) 13. William L. Clark. Coins from Axum (pp. 125-129) 14. Yü-Ch'üan Wang. The distribution of coin types in ancient China (pp. 131-151) 15. Sydney P. Noe. The Zerbe collection of Lesher referendum pieces (pp. 153-154) Museum Notes 4 (1950) 1. C. H. V. Sutherland. What is meant by "style" in coinage? (pp. 1-12) 2. David M. Robinson. The Alexander hoard of Megalopolis (pp. 13-28) 3. Sydney P. Noe. Beginnings of the Cistophoric coinage (pp. 29-41) 4. Agnes Baldwin Brett. The mint of Ascalon under the Seleucids (pp. 43-54) 5. Agnes Baldwin Brett. Athena ΑΛΚΙ∆ΗΜΟΣ of Pella (pp. 55-72) 6. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. A new Heracles type from the mint of Perinthus (pp. 73-77) 7. Margaret Thompson. Some Greek coins in the American numismatic society collection (pp. 79-89) 8. Douglas P. Dickie and R. D. Parrott. Merovingian coins in the collection of the American numismatic society (pp. 91-96) 9. Henry Grunthal. The Orlowski collection of polish coins and medals (pp. 97-98) 10. Robert I. Nesmith. Castles and lions on Spanish colonial coins (pp. 99-104) 11. Richard N. Frye. Additional notes on the early coinage of Transoxiana (pp. 105-114) 12. George C. Miles. Abarqubādh, a new Umayyad mint (pp. 115-120) 13. William L. Clark. The silver coinage of Maḥmūd II struck at Constantinople (pp. 121-126) 14. L. Carrington Goodrich. A bronze block for the printing of Chinese paper currency (ca. 1287) (pp. 127-130) Museum Notes 5 (1952) 1. Agnes Baldwin Brett. The Benha hoard of Ptolemaic gold coins (pp. 1-8) 2. Sydney P. Noe. A group of die-sequences at Poseidonia Ca. 430-410 B.C. (pp. 9-19) 3. Sydney P. Noe. Coinage at Alexandria Troas under Antiochus Hierax (pp. 21-23) 4. Margaret Thompson. The beginning of the Athenian new style coinage (pp. 25-33) 5. Margaret Thompson. Workshops or mines (pp. 35-48) 6. Willy Schwabacher. Cabiri on Archaic coins of Samothrace (pp. 49-51) 7. Alfred R. Bellinger. Notes on some coins from Antioch in Syria (pp. 53-63) 8. An early fourth century hoard from Egypt (pp. 65-88) 9. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. A solidus of Artavasdus (pp. 89-102) 10. Herbert E. Ives. The design of Florentine florins as an aid to their dating (pp. 103-112) A. Carson Simpson. The mint officials of the Florentine florin (pp. 113-155) 11. Herbert J. Erlanger. Some additional coins of east Frisia in the collection of the American numismatic society (pp. 157-161) 12. Henry Grunthal and John L. Dresser. European acquisitions of the American numismatic society (pp. 163-166) 13. Oleg Grabar. On two coins of Muẓaffar Ghāzi, ruler of Maiyāfāriqīn [A.H. 617-642/A.D. 1220-1244] (pp. 167-178) 14. George C. Miles. A three-wuqīyah glass weight (pp. 179-180) 15. Paul Bedoukian. A rare Armenian coin (pp. 181-184) 16. Edmund Zygman. A boustrophedon coin of Abdagases (pp. 185-189) 17. Richard D. Kenney. The chief white hair medal (pp. 191-192) Museum Notes 6 (1954) 1. Louis C. West. ANCIENT MONEY AND MODERN COMMENTATORS (pp. 1-9) 2. Margaret Thompson. A countermarked hoard from Büyükçekmece (pp. 11-34) 3. E. J. Allin and W. P. Wallace. Impurities in Euboean monetary silver (pp. 35-67) 4. Brooks Emmons. THE OVERSTRUCK COINAGE OF PTOLEMY I (pp. 69-84) 5. Sydney P. Noe. Countermarked and overstruck greek coins at the american numismatic society (pp. 85-93) 6. Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Thea Neotera on coins of Antony and Cleopatra (pp. 95-109) 7. Howard L. Adelson. The bronze alloys of the coinage of the later Roman empire (pp. 111-129) 8. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. Eudoxia, Eudocia, Eudoxia: dated solidi of the fifth century (pp. 131-142) 9. David Herlihy. Pisan coinage and the monetary development of Tuscany, 1150-1250 (pp. 143-168) 10. Philip Grierson. A rare crusader bezant with the "Christus vincit" legend (pp. 169-178) 11. Henry Grunthal. Three ecclesiastical silver coins of Cologne (pp. 179-180) 12. Henry Grunthal. An unrecorded ducat of Riga (pp. 181-182) 13. David M. Lang. Supplementary notes on Kiurike II, king of Lori in Armenia and his coins (pp. 183-191) 14. Paul Bedoukian. Coinage of Constantine III and IV, kings of Lesser Armenia (pp. 193-199) 15. Henry Grunthal. A contemporary gold medal of Martin Luther (pp. 201-203) 16. Herbert J. Erlanger. The medals of the free city of Nuremberg from 1782 to 1806 (pp. 205-214) 17. Kenneth Scott. Two counterfeit Connecticut bills of credit (pp. 215-217) Museum Notes 7 (1957) 1. Margaret Thompson. A hoard of Athenian fractions (pp. 1-11) 2. Sydney P. Noe. Overstrikes in Magna Araecia (pp. 13-42) 3. Alfred R. Bellinger. The earliest coins of Ilium (pp. 43-49) 4. Edmund Zygman. A tetradrachm of Azes II struck at Sāngala-Euthydemia (pp. 51-56) 5. Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. On the retariffing of the Roman denarius (pp. 57-65) 6. C. H. V. Sutherland. Diocletian as 'Aeternus Augustus' (pp. 67-70) 7. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. Coins of the Roman world: Selected Accessions, 1953 and Other Noteworthy Pieces (pp. 71-90) 8. Mabel Lang. A roman bronze weight from Egypt (pp. 91-93) 9. Louis C. West. The relation of subsidiary coinage to gold under Valerian and Gallienus (pp. 95-123) 10. Howard L. Adelson. A note on the miliarense from Constantine to Heraclius (pp. 125-135) 11. Henry Grunthal. A hoard of Rhenish Schüsselpfennige (pp. 137-141) 12. Herbert J. Erlanger. Some German counterstamps of the late seventeenth century and the standard of the Leipzig convention (pp. 143-184) 13. R. I. Nesmith. The coins of Luis I of Spain (pp. 185-186) 14. George C. Miles. Some Arab-Sasanian and related coins (pp. 187-209) 15. Earle R. Caley. Chemical composition of some early dirhems (pp. 211-217) 16. Paul Bedoukian. The bilingual coins of Hetoum I, (1226-1270) king of Cilician Armenia (pp. 219-230) 17. Richard N. Frye and Walter B. Henning. Additional notes on the early coinage of Transoxiana II (pp. 231-238) 18. David M. Lang. War medals and paper-money of Georgia in Transcaucasia (1915-24) (pp. 239-249) 19. George C. Miles. A note on Egyptian gold and silver assay marks (pp. 251-253) 20. Henry Grunthal. Picininus medal by Pisanello (pp. 255-256) 21. Henry Grunthal. Two unrecorded Bryan tokens (p. 257) Museum Notes 8 (1959) 1. John. F. Healy. A new light on the unique stater of Mytilene (pp. 1-9) 2. Alfred R. Bellinger. The first civic tetradrachms of Ilium (pp. 11-24) 3. Alfred R. Bellinger. The late bronze of Alexandria Troas (pp. 25-53) 4. Sydney P. Noe. A tetrobol of Histiaea (pp. 55-56) 5. G. K. Jenkins. Notes on Iberian denarii from the Cordova hoard (pp. 57-70) 6. G. K. Jenkins. Carthago nova or Ilici? (pp. 71-74) 7. C. H. V. Sutherland. A countermarked Augustan Cistophorus in New York (pp. 75-78) 8. Edward L. B. Terrace. A new medallion of Lucius Verus (p. 79) 9. Aline Abaecherli Boyce. Caracalla as "Severus" (pp. 81-98) 10. George P. Galavaris. The symbolism of the imperial costume as displayed on Byzantine coins (pp. 99-117) 11. Hugh C. Fallon. Imperial symbolism on two Carolingian coins (pp. 119-131) 12. Henry Grunthal. Mediaeval and modern coins acquired by the American numismatic society: 1954—1958 (pp. 133-138) 13. Herbert J. Erlanger. The last gold coins of the free city of Nuremberg (pp. 139-143) 14. Two hoards of Hetoum-Zabel trams (pp. 145-180) 15. Henry Grunthal. A German medal of Henry VIII of England (pp. 181-183) 16. Henry Grunthal. Richard Wagner in medallic art: a supplement (pp. 185-187) 17. Howard L. Adelson and Louis L. Snyder. Nationalistic myths in the Weimar republic: an iconographic study (pp. 189-216) 18. Kenneth Scott. James Franklin on counterfeiting (pp. 217-220) Museum Notes 9 (1960) 1. E. S. G. Robinson. Some problems in the later fifth century coinage of Athens (pp. 1-15) 2. G. K. Jenkins. An early Ptolemaic hoard from Phacous (pp. 17-37) 3. Irwin L. Merker. The silver coinage of Antigonos Gonatas and Antigonos Doson (pp. 39-52) 4. Erik Sjöqvist. Numismatic notes from Morgantina: 1. The ΣΙΚΕΛΙΩΤΑΝ Coinage (pp. 53-63) 5. R. Ross Holloway. Numismatic notes from Morgantina: 2. Half Coins of Hieron II in the monetary System of 6. Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. The denarii of cn. Pompeius Jr. and m. Minatius Sabinus (pp. 75-94) 7. Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. The denarius of p. Ventidius (pp. 95-108) 8. Colin M. Kraay. Two new sestertii of Domitian (pp. 109-116) 9. Cathy E. King. The Constantinian mints, 306-313 (pp. 117-138) 10. Howard L. Adelson and George L. Kustas. A bronze hoard of the period of Leo I (pp. 139-188) 11. George C. Miles. Byzantine miliaresion and Arab dirhem: some notes on their relationship (pp. 189-218) 12. George C. Miles. A hoard of Arab dirhems from Algarve, Portugal (pp. 219-230) 13. George C. Miles. Notes on Kākwayhid coins (pp. 231-236) 14. Paul Balog. Dinars of al-Muʿaẓẓam Shams al-dīn Tūrānshāh, and al-ʿAzīz Tughtegīn, Ayyūbid princes of the Yemen (pp. 237-240) 15. L. N. Kukuranov. Fully dated coins of Murād Bakhsh, pretender to the throne of Hindustan (December 1657 — June 1658) (pp. 241-243) Museum Notes 10 (1962) 1. R. Ross Holloway. The crown of Naxos (pp. 1-8) 2. Sydney P. Noe. The Corinth hoard of 1938 (pp. 9-41) 3. Alfred R. Bellinger. The Boston College hoard (pp. 43-50) 4. Alfred R. Bellinger. The coins from the treasure of the Oxus (pp. 51-67) 5. Dawson Kiang. An unpublished coin portrait of Ptolemy VI Philometor (pp. 69-76) 6. Cornelius C. Vermeule. A Ptolemaic contribution box in Boston (pp. 77-80) 7. D. M. Metcalf. The new bronze coinage of Theophilus and the growth of the Balkan themes (pp. 81-98) 8. Jacques Yvon. Monnaies françaises rares ou inédites de l'american numismatic society (pp. 99-106) 9. Philip Grierson. Kiurikē I or Kiurikē II of loṛi-Armenia? (pp. 107-112) 10. Paul Bedoukian. Armenian gold coins of the Roupenian dynasty (pp. 113-120) 11. Kenneth A. Luther. Notes on ‘Alā’ al-dīn Muḥammad's coinage of Transoxiana (pp. 121-136) 12. Eric P. Newman. Additions to coinage for colonial Virginia (pp. 137-143) 13. Herbert J. Erlanger. The medallic portrait of Albrecht Dürer (pp. 145-172) Museum Notes 11 (1964) 1. R. Ross Holloway. Damarete's lion (pp. 1-11) 2. Irwin L. Merker. Notes on Abdalonymos and the dated Alexander coinage of Sidon and Ake (pp. 13-20) 3. O. H. Dodson and W. P. Wallace. The Kozani hoard of 1955 (pp. 21-28) 4. Alfred R. Bellinger. Philippi in Macedonia (pp. 29-52) 5. Otto Mørkholm. Seleucid coins from Cilicia ca. 220-150 B.C. (pp. 53-62) 6. Otto Mørkholm. The accession of Antiochos IV of Syria: A Numismatic Comment (pp. 63-76) 7. Margaret Thompson. A hoard from Thessaly (pp. 77-80) 8. John Kroll. The late Hellenistic tetrobols of Kos (pp. 81-117) 9. Margaret Thompson. Ptolemy Philometor and Athens (pp. 119-129) 10. Lydia H. Lenaghan. Hercules-melqart on a coin of Faustus Sulla (pp. 131-149) 11. C. H. V. Sutherland. An unpublished coin in the name of Tetricus II (pp. 151-158) 12. Howard L. Adelson and George L. Kustas. A sixth century hoard of Minimi from the Western Peloponnese (pp. 159-205) 13. Alfred R. Bellinger. Three more hoards of Byzantine copper coins (pp. 207-226) 14. Joan M. Fagerlie. A miliaresion of Romanus III and a nomisma of Michael IV (pp. 227-236) 15. Anthony Cutler. The stavraton: evidence for an elusive Byzantine type (pp. 237-244) 16. Herbert J. Erlanger. A hoard of leeuwendaalders from Aintab (pp. 245-260) 17. H. Enno van Gelder. A provisional list of Dutch lion-dollars (pp. 261-281) 18. George C. Miles. A portrait of the Buyid prince Rukn al-dawlah (pp. 283-293) 19. Paul Balog and Jacques Yvon. Deux trésors de monnaies d'or des Croisés (pp. 295-302) 20. Paul Bedoukian. GOLD FORGERIES OF TIGRANES THE GREAT OF ARMENIA (pp. 303-306) 21. George C. Miles. A Mamlūk hoard of Hamāh (pp. 307-309) 22. H. F. Bowker. The William Ewart Gladstone medalet (pp. 311-312) 23. Werner Burger. Manchu inscriptions on Chinese cash coins (pp. 313-318) 24. Eric P. Newman. The James II 1/24th real for the American plantations (pp. 319-332) 25. Paul Bedoukian. Aluminum foil impressions for numismatic studies (pp. 333-335) Museum Notes 12 (1966) 1. Margaret Thompson. Some noteworthy Greek accessions (pp. 1-18) 2. Dorothy H. Cox. Gordion hoards III, IV, V, and VII (pp. 19-55) 3. Margaret Thompson. A hoard from Northern Greece (pp. 57-63) 4. J. Peter Stein. Trinummus (pp. 65-69) 5. Mando Caramessini-Oeconomides. On a hoard of plated Roman coins (pp. 71-74) 6. Mando Caramessini-Oeconomides. An unpublished consular solidus of Justinian I (pp. 75-77) 7. Joan M. Fagerlie. 'Roma invicta' — a new follis of Justinian I (pp. 79-81) 8. Alfred R. Bellinger. Byzantine notes (pp. 83-124) 9. Margaret Thompson. The monogram of Charlemagne in Greek (pp. 125-127) 10. George C. Miles. The Ferreira collection of Visigothic coins (pp. 129-137) 11. Paul Z. Bedoukian. Coins of the baronial period of Cilician Armenia (1080-1198) (pp. 139-145) 12. Henry Grunthal. Selected items from the Donald J. Rogasner collection of early dated European coins (pp. 147-156) 13. Raymond J. Hebert. Notes on an Umayyad hoard from Khurāsān (pp. 157-163) 14. George C. Miles. A hoard of Kākwayhid dirhems (pp. 165-193) 15. Harry W. Hazard. Late medieval North Africa: additions and supplementary notes (pp. 195-221) 16. David M. Lang. Coins of Georgia in Transcaucasia acquired by the American numismatic society: 1953-1965 (pp. 223-232) Museum Notes 13 (1967) 1. Orestes H. Zervos THE EARLY TETRADRACHMS OF PTOLEMY I (pp. 1-16) 2. Virginia Joyce Hunter. A third century hoard from Serbia and its significance for Celtic history (pp. 17-40) 3. G. K. Jenkins. A Hellenistic hoard from Mesopotamia (pp. 41-56) 4. James A. Dengate. The triobols of Megalopolis (pp. 57-110) 5. Bruce W. Frier. Augural symbolism in Sulla's invasion of 83 (pp. 111-118) 6. Joan M. Fagerlie. The first gold issue of Anastasius (pp. 119-121) 7. Alfred R. Bellinger. Byzantine notes (pp. 123-166) 8. Philip Grierson. The gold and silver coinage of Basil II (pp. 167-187) 9. George C. Miles. Some hoards of Crusader bezants (pp. 189-203) 10. George C. Miles. The earliest Arab gold coinage (pp. 205-229) 11. Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Central America under the Mexican empire, 1822-1823 (pp. 231-250) Museum Notes 14 (1968) 1. Mabel Lang. Five Hellenistic lead weights (pp. 1-3) 2. Pierre A. MacKay. Bronze coinage in Macedonia, 168-166 B.C. (pp. 5-13) 3. Pierre A. MacKay. Macedonian tetradrachms of 148-147 B.C. (pp. 15-40) 4. Paul Z. Bedoukian. A classification of the coins of the Artaxiad dynasty of Armenia (pp. 41-66) 5. George E. Bates. A byzantine hoard from Coelesyria (pp. 67-109) 6. George E. Bates. Three Byzantine notes (pp. 111-120) 7. D. M. Metcalf. The reformed folles of Theophilus: their styles and localization (pp. 121-153) 8. George C. Miles. Two unpublished Arab-Sasanian dirhems of ʿAbdullāh b. Umayyah (pp. 155-157) 9. N. M. Lowick. A Sāmānid/Kākwayhid "mule" (pp. 159-162) 10. Jere L. Bacharach. A few unpublished Mamlūk dirhems (pp. 163-169) Museum Notes 15 (1969) 1. Hyla A. Troxell and William F. Spengler. A hoard of early Greek coins from Afghanistan (pp. 1-19) 2. Nancy M. Waggoner. The early Alexander coinage at Seleucia on the Tigris (pp. 21-30) 3. Jennifer Warren. The earliest triobols of Megalopolis (pp. 31-40) 4. Richard E. Mitchell. The fourth century origin of Roman didrachms (pp. 41-71) 5. J. R. Jones. Vettienus monetalis (pp. 73-76) 6. Joan M. Fagerlie. Roman and Byzantine medallions in the collection of the American numismatic society (pp. 77-91) 7. Eugene Dwyer. An Alexander/Macedonia contorniate (pp. 93-96) 8. Arthur F. Johnson. A new anonymous bronze of Constantine X (pp. 97-99) 9. D. M. Metcalf. A hoard of "porcupine" sceattas (pp. 101-118) 10. Richard W. Bulliet. A Muʿtazilite coin of Maḥmūd of Ghazna (pp. 119-129) 11. Paul Z. Bedoukian. The copper coins of the later kings of Cilician Armenia (pp. 131-135) 12. L. N. Kukuranov. The "Urdū" issues of emperor Akbar (pp. 137-140) The eBooks are in PDF format. You can print a single page or the entire eBook. You can copy pictures and illustrations. Zoom in and out to the desired size. More than 5 000 pages with the information. To use a disk it is necessary Adobe Reader (the free-of-charge program) or any other program for reading format PDF. AttentionInternational shipping - registered post US $7. 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