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Isuzu 4X Engine T-Shirt, Black; Lotus Elan M100, Isuzu Impulse Stylus, Geo Storm

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Seller: o-kushon (928) 100%, Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 332352741995 Isuzu 4X Engine T-Shirt; Cylinder Head; Printed Front AND Back. Front: Cylinder Head Image; Text: 4X-POWER. Back: Maker Logo. Black Fabric, Single Color Prints; White Ink on Black Fabric on Front and Back. This is a limited edition screen printed t-shirt featuring artwork inspired by the Isuzu 4X Series engines, 4XE1(W) DOHC and 4XF1 DOHC. About The Graphic. A number of popular import culture t-shirts have been offered over the years featuring various graphics of engine heads. This graphic is specific to the Isuzu 4X Series DOHC engines: 4XE1(W) and 4XF1, as used in the Lotus Elan M100, Geo Storm, Isuzu Impulse (JI), Isuzu Stylus, and Asuna Sunfire. The design is easily recognizable as the bottom of an engine head with the combustion chambers and valves exposed. But the architecture of the Isuzu engine is both unique to itself and similar to several other Japanese engines of the same time which were also designed with the assistance of the Ricardo Consulting group (Toyota 4AGE and Nissan SR20DE). The front design and caption "4X-POWER" will certainly be a conversation starter when gear heads of all kinds ask what the engine is and why it's "Four Times Power". The wearer can explain to their amazement and astonishment that it is a reference to the Isuzu 4X engine. The front of the shirt is decorated with a graphic of the 4XE1(W) and 4XF1 cylinder head in white ink on the black fabric. The front graphic size is 8 3/4 inches (222mm) wide by 14 1/4 inches (362mm) tall The back of the shirt has the Isuzuperformance logo in white ink on the black fabric. The rear graphic is 10 1/2 inches (270mm) wide by 2 5/8 inches (67mm) tall. A word about image size and shirt size: One set of screens were made for this production run and the image size is the same on all of the range of t-shirt sizes that this image was printed on. The front image size is 8 3/4 inch wide on the size Small t-shirt, and it is 8 3/4 inches wide on the size Double Extra Large t-shirt. The relative proportion of the size of the image to the size of the t-shirt is different depending on the size of the t-shirt. The full front shirt image included in the item images is a photo of a size Large. Isuzu 4X Engine History Development of the 4X Series DOHC engines dates to the early 1980's. The 4XC1 SOHC engine was developed for the second generation Isuzu and General Motors Gemini front wheel drive compact sedan and coupe. Isuzu had been tasked with creating a market competitor for the Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit, and upon completion, immediately set about creating highly potent powerplant to match VW's GTi. The 4XE1W would start with a blank page, recapturing the engineering tour-de-force of the legendary G161W, G180W, and G200W DOHC engines. But this engine would be 1.6 liter, 16 valve, and designed from day one as turbocharged. Dual runner intake manifold, forged pistons, nitride coated crankshaft, and tri-y exhaust manifold, would bring the engine to the forefront and state-of-the-art of the time. Isuzu again turned to British engine experts Ricardo Consulting (founded by Sir Harry Ricardo). An early prototype of the engine debuted at the 1985 Tokyo Motor Show, both as the powerplant for the COA-II longitudinally mounted rear engine, rear wheel drive, turbocharged concept car, and also displayed separately to highlight Isuzu's engine development program. A more refined and easily recognizable version of the engine would return in the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show, in the COA-III offroad/sports concept car, again rear mounted and turbocharged, but this time transverse oriented with all wheel drive. That same year, the engine would be introduced in non-turbo form in the Gemini ZZ Lotus tuned and Irmscher tuned upper trim level cars. Lotus had been contracted with fine tuning the handling of the ZZ model Gemini, and while working over the suspension, fell in love with the engine and transmission. When choosing an engine (and transmission) for their new Lotus Elan, Lotus Design Director Colin Spooner said that they passed over Toyota's 5-valve 4AGE (also a Ricardo designed engine) and GM's 2.0 liter EcoTec, in favor of the Isuzu 4XE1(W) engine (and 76mm transmission), because the Isuzu engine is smaller in packaging, weighs less, runs smoother, and has greater power potential than either the Toyota engine or the GM engine. The 4XE1(W) engine would first arrive in North America in the Isuzu I-Mark RS in 125 HP non-turbo form. The vehicle and powerplant were praised and the I-Mark RS was even lauded by AutoWeek Magazine as the modern day reincarnation of the Lotus Cortina. The acceleration and handling numbers for the vehicle beat VW's 1989 GTI 1.8 liter 16 Valve. For the final year of production, Isuzu had built the better Golf/Rabbit. The 4X Series engines would see more extensive use in Isuzu and GM's third generation Gemini (Geo Storm, Isuzu Impulse, Isuzu Stylus). This time, GM had set its sights on market competitor Honda's CRX. The new car would benefit from extensive suspension improvements, modern and stylish exterior and interior, and match the performance of the CRX while doubling the seating capacity. The basic power plant would be a taller version of the 4XC1 engine, enlarged to 1.6 liter displacement with SOHC 12 valve rocker head. This engine would also be coded "4XE1", based on displacement. Meanwhile, the flagship FWD model would again receive the 4XE1(W) DOHC engine, this time making 130 HP in the US market car, and 140 HP in the Japanese market car. The DOHC engine would finally become available with that turbo and all wheel drive system, in the Isuzu Impulse RS (160 HP) and Gemini Irmscher-R (180 HP). Lotus' new Elan M100 was released at the same time with the 4XE1(W) engine. All Elan M100s were FWD. A few were non-turbo 130 HP, and the majority were turbocharged 160 HP. The 4XE1(W) was awarded the highest power output per unit of displacement award for production cars for 1990 and 1991. Geminis with the 4XE1(W) engine would take the manufacturer's championship for the Rally Japan racing series for 1990 and 1991, and also the manufacturer's championship for the inaugural season of the N1 Endurance racing series in 1991 (beating out Nissan and their Skyline GT-R, whose RB26 engine was suffering serious reliability problems). Lotus wanted to increase engine displacement for a second generation Elan M100, tasking Isuzu with upsizing the 4XE1(W). This was accomplished by increasing the stroke with a taller block, and the result was the 4XF1 1.8 liter DOHC engine. Lotus abandonned their second generation Elan M100, and Isuzu used the newly developed engine in their Gemini and Piazza cars, as well as the Geo Storm, Isuzu Impulse, Isuzu Stylus, and Asuna Sunfire. US power rating was 140 HP, while the Japanese market version was rated at 150 HP. This item should be of interest to owners and fans of Lotus Elan, Isuzu Gemini, Isuzu Stylus, Isuzu Impulse, Isuzu Piazza, Geo Storm, and Asuna Sunfire. It may also be of interest to owners and fans of Isuzu Bellett, Isuzu Florian, Isuzu Bellel, and Isuzu 117 Coupe. About This Item 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton, Hanes Tagless, 6.1 oz. Black T-Shirt. These are a heavy-weight fabric. To me, these do not feel quite as thick as the Hanes Beefy T-Shirt fabric, which are also measured as 6.1 ounce. Single Color Front Large Print in White Ink. Single Color Back Print in White Ink. Screen Printed, NOT an Iron-On and NOT Cafe Press. Sizing We chose an easily recognizable manufacturer to supply these shirts, in order to make sure that the sizing would be accurate. Please refer to the item description for the size of the item being offered. Below are the shirt manufacturer's specifications for body length and body width dimensions of the garments: Small: 28 Inches Long x 18 Inches Wide. Medium: 29 Inches Long x 20 Inches Wide. Large: 30 Inches Long x 22 Inches Wide. Extra Large: 31 Inches Long x 24 Inches Wide. Extra Extra Large: 33 Inches Long x 26 Inches Wide. These measurements are from Hanes and are based on the garment dimensions before laundering. The shirts are "pre-shrunk", but 100% cotton can be expected to shrink some, especially when run through a hot dryer. Based on my own experience, I have found that the easiest way to select a shirt size is to take one of my own shirts, that fits well, and measure the length and width. Match those dimensions to the closest, and/or slightly larger, on the chart, and you have selected the size that should fit like the most comfortable one you have. Made In USA. Price, Cost, Money, Etc. There's a pretty simple reason that t-shirts emblazoned with Nissan Skylines and Honda Civics are cheap and plentiful. This is because there are tens of thousands of people who are fans of these vehicles and who will buy these items. They crank out a couple hundred shirts with a cost of a dollar or two a shirt, and can realistically expect to sell every last one, quickly. As opposed to Isuzu cars such as Gemini, Piazza, Bellett, Impulse, Stylus, or Storm, which are relatively unknown by the masses, and for which the memorabilia sales market is more like a dozen. This is a top quality shirt, with a top quality print, made in a small production run. The manufacturing costs are spread out over a dozen pieces, and each piece is pretty darn expensive to make, about ten times the previous example. Add to this the fact that we are selling this item on an internet auction website. Great visibility, great security, high reputation, and very expensive. They take 20% of each sale in fees. And it is pretty expensive to ship the item too. We aren't fortunate enough to be a giant like Rain-Forest-Dot-Com, who have a multi-billion dollar discount shipping contract with UPS, US Mail, and FedEx. We pay the same ever-increasing postage rates that the post office charges the rest of us normal people. In addition to this, the auction website requires that the seller guarantee delivery, deliver quickly, and provide tracking. This limits shipping to delivery to methods that are more expensive. For domestic shipping, the cost of an envelope, first class postage, and insurance (to make sure the item actually arrives) is a minimum of $6.24. Free Shipping isn't actually free, it just means that six dollars or more is coming out of the selling price to pay for postage. International shipping is even more expensive. US Mail no longer offers affordable surface delivered international mail service. Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope is the cheapest, trackable, insured, method of shipping. And we put insurance on everything. US Mail does not have a theft problem, but they do have a loss problem. Packages regularly go missing for weeks or longer, and without insurance, the post office tells the customer that they can not do anything and how unfortunate it is that the customer did not buy insurance. With insurance, once a claim is filed, the package will show up at its destination within 24 hours, even if the destination is on the other side of the planet. So that's the long and the short of the money end of things. One Additional Note: These shirts were tagged onto a larger garment order, which brought the cost down from completely unreasonable to moderately affordable. If and when we run out of these, in order to get more, we will either have to order a huge quantity to get the same price (which is unlikely), or we will order a smaller quantity, which will cost significantly more. We have a limited quantity of these to sell, plan your purchases accordingly. What is the Isuzuperformance Racing Team? The Isuzuperformance Racing Team is a hand picked group of professional and semi-professional drivers in Japan and the United States, who compete in Isuzu made cars in road racing, gymkhana, autocross, rally, and drag racing. Members have distinguished themselves as top tier drivers in sanctioned competition under the Japanese Auto Federation, Sport Car Club of America, Japanese Classic Car Association, and National Auto Sport Association, as well as participation in the events of other organizations such as Redline Time Attack and Katoka Racing Service Battle Royal. In exchange for review and feedback, Isuzuperformance provides services of design, engineering, and manufacturing of professional racing parts to Team members. These parts are designed without concern for cost, instead concentrating on three things: Superior and flawless performance. Durability approaching indestructibility. Compliance with the governing racing rules. These parts are not normally available to the public and are far beyond the budget of the casual car enthusiast or amateur racer. However, every once in a while, we have extras, and offer those at auction. Sales Tax: Missouri buyers pay sales tax on the item cost. Please see Ebay format for current Missouri sales tax rate. There is no sales tax on any item delivered outside the state of Missouri. Shipping Costs Domestic free shipping of item is by US Mail Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (for single item purchase only) or Regular Priority Mail Calculated By Weight (for single or multiple item purchases). International Mail is by First Class to Australia, Japan, Germany, and England. The rest of the world is by Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope. Please refer to the eBay shipping cost calculator. Ebay has removed the 0ptional insurance choice for buyers and placed the onus of delivery upon the seller. In order to comply with Ebay’s policy, we must insure every single package and add the cost of shipping insurance to the shipping and handling fee. This also limits the choices of shipping options to those which are insurable. Everything we sell must be, and is, shipped via a trackable method, with a tracking number, fully insured, via a method that the carrier guarantees delivery within 14 days from date of shipment. We do not make any money on the shipping costs or fees. Packaging T-shirts are packaged in a plastic archive sleeve. Purchases will be padded between two pieces of corrugated cardboard and placed into a cardboard mailer envelope. USPS Flat Rate shipping will use a USPS Flat Rate cardboard mailer envelope. International First Class will use a white cardboard mailer envelope. Payment Information Ebay’s Accepted Payment Policy no longer allows any form of mailed payment. In order to comply with Ebay’s policy, we can only accept Paypal. Immediate payment required. Thank you for looking. Condition: New with tags, Brand: Isuzuperformance, Style: Crew Neck, Size Type: Regular, Material: 100% Cotton, Color: Black, Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve, Pattern: Screen Printed, Country of Manufacture: United States

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