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ICP Heil Tempstar Defrost Control Board 1087952 1087515

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Seller: bluestang5 (98,630) 99.2%, Location: Sellersburg, Indiana, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 370489322419 This is a BRAND NEW ICP/Tempstar/Heil/Comfort Maker Defrost Control Circuit Board Panel!! The Part # is 1087952 The original part number was 1087515 It is no longer available. The original board can be replaced with this board. Part number 1087952 and sensor part number 1172766. The sensor is also in our store under the part number. Replaces Obsolete Circuit Board Part Numbers: HQ1987953 HQ1086070 CAR1087953 CEBD430547-02A CEBD430547-02 CEPL130547-01 ATS Heating and Air If you are interested in BULK PRICING or other NEW and USED parts, please Visit My eBay Store: NorthAmericaHVAC or Visit Our Website: Used in ICP Equipment Models: CHC036GHCA CHC036GLCA CHC036GSCA CHC036HCA CHC036HCB CHC036LCA CHC036LCB CHC036SCA CHC036SCB CHC042GHCA CHC042GLCA CHC042GSCA CHC042HCA CHC042HCB CHC042LCA CHC042LCB CHC042SCA CHC042SCB CHC048GHCA CHC048GLCA CHC048GSCA CHC048HCA CHC048HCB CHC048LCA CHC048LCB CHC048SCA CHC048SCB CHC060GHCA CHC060GLCA CHC060GSCA CHC060HCA CHC060HCB CHC060LCA CHC060LCB CHC060SCA CHC060SCB CHE036GHCA CHE036GLCA CHE036GSCA CHE036HCA CHE036HCB CHE036LCA CHE036SCA CHE042GHCA CHE042GLCA CHE042GSCA CHE042HCA CHE042LCA CHE042SCA CHE048GHCA CHE048GLCA CHE048GSCA CHE048HCA CHE048LCA CHE048SCA CHE060GHCA CHE060GLCA CHE060GSCA CHE060HCA CHE060LCA CHE060SCA CHE075GHBA CHE075GLBA CHE075GSBA CHE075HBA CHE075LBA CHE075SBA CHE090GHBA CHE090GLBA CHE090HBA CHE090LBA CHP018AKC1 CHP018AKC2 CHP018AKC3 CHP018AWA3 CHP018AWA4 CHP018AWA5 CHP018GKC1 CHP018GKC2 CHP018GKC3 CHP024AKC1 CHP024AKC2 CHP024AKC3 CHP024AWA2 CHP024AWA3 CHP024AWA4 CHP024GKC1 CHP024GKC2 CHP024GKC3 CHP030AKC1 CHP030AKC2 CHP030AKC3 CHP030GKC1 CHP030GKC2 CHP030GKC3 CHP036AKC1 CHP036AKC2 CHP036AKC3 CHP036AWA2 CHP036AWA3 CHP036AWA4 CHP036AZA2 CHP036AZA3 CHP036GKC1 CHP036GKC2 CHP036GKC3 CHP042AKC1 CHP042AKC2 CHP042AKC3 CHP042GKC1 CHP042GKC2 CHP042GKC3 CHP048AKC1 CHP048AKC2 CHP048AKC3 CHP048AZA2 CHP048AZA3 CHP048GKC1 CHP048GKC2 CHP048GKC3 CHP060AKC1 CHP060AKC2 CHP060AKC3 CHP060AZA2 CHP060AZA3 CHP060GKC1 CHP060GKC2 CHP060GKC3 CHP218AKC1 CHP218AKC2 CHP218AKC3 CHP218GKC1 CHP218GKC2 CHP218GKC3 CHP224AKC1 CHP224AKC2 CHP224AKC3 CHP224GKC1 CHP224GKC2 CHP224GKC3 CHP230AKC1 CHP230AKC2 CHP230AKC3 CHP230GKC1 CHP230GKC2 CHP230GKC3 CHP236AKC1 CHP236AKC2 CHP236AKC3 CHP236GKC1 CHP236GKC2 CHP236GKC3 CHP242AKC1 CHP242AKC2 CHP242AKC3 CHP242GKC1 CHP242GKC2 CHP242GKC3 CHP248AKC1 CHP248AKC2 CHP248AKC3 CHP248GKC1 CHP248GKC2 CHP248GKC3 CHP260AKC1 CHP260AKC2 CHP260AKC3 CHP260GKC1 CHP260GKC2 CHP260GKC3 CHP424AKC1 CHP424AKC2 CHP424GKC1 CHP424GKC2 CHP430AKC1 CHP430AKC2 CHP430GKC1 CHP430GKC2 CHP436AKC1 CHP436AKC2 CHP436GKC1 CHP436GKC2 CHP442AKC1 CHP442AKC2 CHP442GKC1 CHP442GKC2 CHP448AKC1 CHP448AKC2 CHP448GKC1 CHP448GKC2 CHP460AKC1 CHP460AKC2 CHP460GKC1 CHP460GKC2 CXH224AKC1 CXH230AKC1 CXH236AKC1 CXH242AKC1 CXH248AKC1 CXH260AKC1 H018AKC2 H024AKC2 H030AKC2 H036AKC2 H042AKC2 H048AKC2 H060AKC2 H218AKC2 H224AKC2 H230AKC2 H236AKC2 H242AKC2 H248AKC2 H260AKC2 HCC036GHC HCC036GLC HCC036GSC HCC036HC HCC036LC HCC036SC HCC042GHC HCC042GLC HCC042GSC HCC042HC HCC042LC HCC042SC HCC048GHC HCC048GLC HCC048GSC HCC048HC HCC048LC HCC048SC HCC060GHC HCC060GLC HCC060GSC HCC060HC HCC060LC HCC060SC HCE036GHC HCE036GLC HCE036GSC HCE036HC HCE036LC HCE036SC HCE042GHC HCE042GLC HCE042GSC HCE042HC HCE042LC HCE042SC HCE048GHC HCE048GLC HCE048GSC HCE048HC HCE048LC HCE048SC HCE060GHC HCE060GLC HCE060GSC HCE060HC HCE060LC HCE060SC HHP018AKC1 HHP018AKC2 HHP018AKC3 HHP018GKC1 HHP018GKC2 HHP018GKC3 HHP024AKC1 HHP024AKC2 HHP024AKC3 HHP024GKC1 HHP024GKC2 HHP024GKC3 HHP030AKC1 HHP030AKC2 HHP030AKC3 HHP030GKC1 HHP030GKC2 HHP030GKC3 HHP036AKC1 HHP036AKC2 HHP036AKC3 HHP036GKC1 HHP036GKC2 HHP036GKC3 HHP042AKC1 HHP042AKC2 HHP042AKC3 HHP042GKC1 HHP042GKC2 HHP042GKC3 HHP048AKC1 HHP048AKC2 HHP048AKC3 HHP048GKC1 HHP048GKC2 HHP048GKC3 HHP060AKC1 HHP060AKC2 HHP060AKC3 HHP060GKC1 HHP060GKC2 HHP060GKC3 HHP218AKC1 HHP218AKC2 HHP218AKC3 HHP218GKC1 HHP218GKC2 HHP218GKC3 HHP224AKC1 HHP224AKC2 HHP224AKC3 HHP224GKC1 HHP224GKC2 HHP224GKC3 HHP230AKC1 HHP230AKC2 HHP230AKC3 HHP230GKC1 HHP230GKC2 HHP230GKC3 HHP236AKC1 HHP236AKC2 HHP236AKC3 HHP236GKC1 HHP236GKC2 HHP236GKC3 HHP242AKC1 HHP242AKC2 HHP242AKC3 HHP242GKC1 HHP242GKC2 HHP242GKC3 HHP248AKC1 HHP248AKC2 HHP248AKC3 HHP248GKC1 HHP248GKC2 HHP248GKC3 HHP260AKC1 HHP260AKC2 HHP260AKC3 HHP260GKC1 HHP260GKC2 HHP260GKC3 HHP424AKC1 HHP424AKC2 HHP424GKC1 HHP424GKC2 HHP430AKC1 HHP430AKC2 HHP430GKC1 HHP430GKC2 HHP436AKC1 HHP436AKC2 HHP436GKC1 HHP436GKC2 HHP442AKC1 HHP442AKC2 HHP442GKC1 HHP442GKC2 HHP448AKC1 HHP448AKC2 HHP448GKC1 HHP448GKC2 HHP460AKC1 HHP460AKC2 HHP460GKC1 HHP460GKC2 HXH224AKC1 HXH230AKC1 HXH236AKC1 HXH242AKC1 HXH248AKC1 HXH260AKC1 MHP324GKA1 MHP330GKA1 MHP336GKA1 MHP342GKA1 MHP348GKA1 MHP360GKA1 NHP018AKC1 NHP018AKC2 NHP018GKC1 NHP018GKC2 NHP024AKC1 NHP024AKC2 NHP024GKC1 NHP024GKC2 NHP030AKC1 NHP030AKC2 NHP030GKC1 NHP030GKC2 NHP036AKC1 NHP036AKC2 NHP036GKC1 NHP036GKC2 NHP042AKC1 NHP042AKC2 NHP042GKC1 NHP042GKC2 NHP048AKC1 NHP048AKC2 NHP048GKC1 NHP048GKC2 NHP060AKC1 NHP060AKC2 NHP060GKC1 NHP060GKC2 NHP218AKC1 NHP218AKC2 NHP218GKC1 NHP218GKC2 NHP224AKC1 NHP224AKC2 NHP224GKC1 NHP224GKC2 NHP230AKC1 NHP230AKC2 NHP230GKC1 NHP230GKC2 NHP236AKC1 NHP236AKC2 NHP236GKC1 NHP236GKC2 NHP242AKC1 NHP242AKC2 NHP242GKC1 NHP242GKC2 NHP248AKC1 NHP248AKC2 NHP248GKC1 NHP248GKC2 NHP260AKC1 NHP260AKC2 NHP260GKC1 NHP260GKC2 NHP324AKA1 NHP330AKA1 NHP336AKA1 NHP342AKA1 NHP348AKA1 NHP360AKA1 TCH018AKD1 TCH024AKD1 TCH030AKD1 TCH036AKD1 TCH042AKD1 TCH048AKD1 TCH060AKD1 TCH218AKD1 TCH224AKD1 TCH230AKD1 TCH236AKD1 TCH242AKD1 TCH248AKD1 TCH260AKD1 TCH424AKD1 TCH430AKD1 TCH436AKD1 TCH442AKD1 TCH448AKD1 TCH460AKD1 TXH224AKC1 TXH230AKC1 TXH236AKC1 TXH242AKC1 TXH248AKC1 TXH260AKC1 TCH018AKA2 TCH018AKC1 TCH018AKC2 TCH018AKC3 TCH024AKA2 TCH024AKC1 TCH024AKC2 TCH024AKC3 TCH030AKA2 TCH030AKC1 TCH030AKC2 TCH030AKC3 TCH036AKA2 TCH036AKC1 TCH036AKC2 TCH036AKC3 TCH042AKA2 TCH042AKC1 TCH042AKC2 TCH042AKC3 TCH048AKA2 TCH048AKC1 TCH048AKC2 TCH048AKC3 TCH060AKA4 TCH060AKC1 TCH060AKC2 TCH060AKC3 TCH218AKA2 TCH218AKC1 TCH218AKC2 TCH218AKC3 TCH224AKA2 TCH224AKC1 TCH224AKC2 TCH224AKC3 TCH230AKA2 TCH230AKC1 TCH230AKC2 TCH230AKC3 TCH236AKA2 TCH236AKC1 TCH236AKC2 TCH236AKC3 TCH242AKA2 TCH242AKC1 TCH242AKC2 TCH242AKC3 TCH248AKA2 TCH248AKA3 TCH248AKC1 TCH248AKC2 TCH248AKC3 TCH260AKA2 TCH260AKA3 TCH260AKC1 TCH260AKC2 TCH260AKC3 TCH424AKA2 TCH424AKA3 TCH424AKC1 TCH424AKC2 TCH430AKA2 TCH430AKA3 TCH430AKC1 TCH430AKC2 TCH436AKA2 TCH436AKA3 TCH436AKC1 TCH436AKC2 TCH442AKA2 TCH442AKA3 TCH442AKC1 TCH442AKC2 TCH448AKA2 TCH448AKA3 TCH448AKC1 TCH448AKC2 TCH460AKA2 TCH460AKA3 TCH460AKC1 TCH460AKC2 TCH236AKAA HHP236AKC Please e-mail me with any questions you may have, or if you need a price on another HVAC part! Thanks!! **Express Mail only ships Mon-Fri!! Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Condition: New, Product Type: HVAC Equipment

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