Genuine BMW ICOMA2+B+C + 17.3 MSI GL72-7QF with BMW ISTA Installed

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Seller: cartersales14 (30) 100%, Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 264108761952 BMW ISPI NEXT Diagnosis , Coding & Programming BMW Control modules FOR BMW OWNERS & BMW GARAGES It is Native installation on SSD Hard Drive ISTA-Diagnosis & ISTA-P Code & Programming Delivery Method: UPS/FEDEX. For those who don't wanna go to the Stearlership. 17.3 MSI GL72-7QF i7-7700HQ- SAMSUNG 500GB SSD + Genuine ICOMA2+B+C with all cables. ISTA-D 4.15.16 (includes wiring diagrams & repair manual) ISTA-P ISTA-P 3.66.000 include Expert Mode Activated to Code single module BMW KSD 2018 ( Commercial Service Data) Euro & USA etc.. BMW ETK 2018 (BMW PARTS CATALOG+PRICES)This program does Diagnosis, coding and programming on any BMW, Mini & Rolls Royce vehicle up to date. No need to be on INTERNET to code & program BMW Mini or Rolls Royce vehicles. Technical support only to my buyers. The Cable Interface in Box: Genuine ICOM-A2+B+C Laptop Computer System Specs: Intel i7 Quad core, CPU frequency 2.8 GHz to 4GHz Ram Memory is Minimum 8GB Memory Windows 10 (x64 Bit) Hard Drive Samsung EVO SSD 500 GB Ethernet & LAN Port/ two 3.0 standard USB ports+ 1 USB-C port and one 2.0 USB port. BMW vehicle support notes: A single module can be coded or Programmed with any other module as a part of the Measures Plan). ISTA-P uses the other module for backup and comparing the current i-level of the Vehicle in case if one of the module goes off-line or become functionally dead). It remembers the pair or group of modules that last programmed and updated to reflect what the integration Level is. Some people try to create a measures plan with only a single module, and then when going forward they see that ISTA-P does include another module along side the single module you are programming and wonder why. The Modules on modern day BMWs are made to updated together as a part of the measures plan for the i-level of the Vehicle to be in unison with the year and month when that particular chassis was released as a collection which BMW tested and knows all work fine together. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................ What is an I-level (or Integration Level?) The ECU's in a BMW are not meant to be updated individually, rather as a collection which BMW tested and knows all work fine together. The collective version number of all programmed ECU's is called the I-level, or Integration level (German: I-stufe). The term I-level was adopted by BMW around the year 2004 and applies only to lines which were in development/production in 2004 or after (E60, E70, E90, etc.). The I-level is a set of numbers that looks like E89X-11-09-410. The first part represents the chassis group, which is followed by the year and month of the release and a build number for that release. So, E89X-11-09-410 would mean an E80/E90, 09/2011, version 410. You will often see a set of two I-levels, something like E89X-05-10-026, E89X-11-09-410. In this case the first set is called the Factory I-level, or the level with which the car left the factory, and the second the Dealer Organization I-level, or the current version programmed by the dealer. What you should realize is that neither Progman nor ISTA will be able to do anything if it contains an earlier data set than the I-level programmed in your car. That's normal when you think about it, as Progman doesn't know this version and has no idea what to do with it. In order to see the maximum I-level supported by Progman, look in the file D:/Programme/IFS/SP/E89/daten/E89AEDOC.000 (open it with a text editor, I recommend Notepad++), scroll to the end, and look for a comment that looks like this: //E89-11-09-410 That is the maximum I-level that this particular SP data set supports (other chassis may have a different format, look for the word "I-stufe"). For other chassis groups replace E89 with your appropriate chassis (E60, E46, etc.) Another way to see which I-levels an SP data set supports is to look in the file kmmData/kmmZK.txt. Note if there were no changes in a particular data set release, there will also be no changes in this file (and hence no new updates for your car). Keep in mind that some modules like the DME can be updated a very limited number of times. This has to do with high reliability demands for the module. Therefore always think twice before re-flashing a module, if it works fine and there are no above cool features in a new release that you just must have, leave it alone. How is the I-level determined? Progman polls all known modules for their identification, which contains among other things the UIF block (user info field). This contains the so-called ZB-number (zusammenbau, or assembly identification number), which is simply the part number of a particular programmed ECU (i.e. its a unique value assigned to a unique combination of ECU hardware and software). This number Progman maps, using internal tables, to an I-level to which this particular assembly corresponds. Does the I-level stored in the car? Yes: In E-series the factory and actual I-level is stored in CAS and FRM. BMW BRANDS Supported: BMW Vehicles ListBMW E30 BMW M3 E30 — (1983–1991) 3 Series Sedan/Coupe/Touring/Convertible/M3 Coupe/Convertible BMW Z1 — (1988–1991) Z1 Roadster BMW E31 — (1989–1999) 8 Series Coupe BMW E32 — (1986–1994) 7 Series Sedan BMW E32 — (1987–1994) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase BMW E34 BMW M5 E34 — (1988–1995) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E34 — (1991–1996) 5 Series Touring BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1991–1999) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E36 — (1994–1999) 3 Series Touring BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1991–1999) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan BMW E36 BMW M3 E36 — (1993–1999) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible E36/5 — (1994–2000) 3 Series Compact E36/7 BMW M Roadster E36/7 — (1995–2002) Z3 Roadster/Z3 M Roadster E36/8 BMW M Coupe E36/8 — (1997–2002) Z3 Coupe/Z3 M Coupe BMW E38 — (1994–2001) 7 Series Sedan BMW E38/2 — (1994–2001) 7 Series Sedan long wheelbase BMW E38/3 — (1998–2001) 7 Series Sedan Protection BMW E39 BMW M5 E39 — (1995–2003) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E39/2 — (1996–2003) 5 Series Touring BMW E46 BMW M3 E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Touring BMW E46 — (1998–2006) 3 Series Sedan BMW E46/5 — (2000–2004) 3 Series Compact BMW E46 BMW M3 E46 — (1999–2006) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible BMW E52 — (1999–2003) Z8 Roadster BMW E53 — (1999–2006) X5 Sport Activity Vehicle BMW E60 BMW M5 E60 — (2003–2010) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW E61 BMW M5 E61 — (2003–2007) 5 Series Touring/M5 Touring BMW E63 BMW M6 E63 — (2003–2010) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe BMW E64 BMW M6 E64 — (2003–2010) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible BMW E65 — (2001–2007) 7 Series short wheelbase BMW E66 — (2001–2007) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW E67 — (2001–2007) 7 Series Protection BMW E68 — (2005–2007) Hydrogen 7 BMW E70 BMW X5 M — (2007–2013) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle/X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E71 BMW X6 M — (2008–present) X6 Sports Activity Coupe/X6 M Sports Activity Coupe BMW E72 — (2009–2011) X6 Hybrid Sports Activity Coupe BMW E81 — (2007–2012) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door BMW E82 BMW 1M Coupe — (2007–2013) 1 Series Coupe/1M Coupe BMW E83 — (2004–2012) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E84 — (2009–present) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW E85 BMW M Roadster E85 — (2002–2008) Z4 Roadster/Z4 M Roadster BMW E86 BMW M Coupe E86 — (2006–2008) Z4 Coupe/Z4 M Coupe BMW E87 — (2004–2011) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door BMW E88 — (2008–2013) 1 Series Convertible BMW E89 — (2009–present) Z4 Roadster BMW E90 BMW M3 E90 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Sedan/M3 Sedan BMW E91 — (2005–2011) 3 Series Touring BMW E92 BMW M3 E92 — (2006–2013) 3 Series Coupe/M3 Coupe BMW E93 BMW M3 E93 — (2007–2013) 3 Series Convertible/M3 Convertible BMW F01 — (2008–present) 7 Series BMW F02 — (2009–present) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW F03 — (2008–present) 7 Series Protection BMW F04 — (2011–present) 7 Series Active[-Hybrid BMW F06 BMW M6 F06 — (2011–present) 6 Series Gran Coupe/M6 Gran Coupe BMW F07 — (2009–present) 5 Series Gran Turismo BMW F10 BMW M5 F10 — (2011–present) 5 Series Sedan/M5 Sedan BMW F11 — (2012–present) 5 Series Touring BMW F12 BMW M6 F12 — (2011–present) 6 Series Coupe/M6 Coupe BMW F13 BMW M6 F13 — (2011–present) 6 Series Convertible/M6 Convertible BMW F15 — (2013–present) X5 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F16 — (2014) X6 Sports Activity Coupe BMW F18 — (2010–present) 5 Series long wheelbase BMW F20 — (2011–present) 1 Series Hatchback 5-door BMW F21 — (2012–present) 1 Series Hatchback 3-door BMW F22 — (2013–present) 2 Series Coupe BMW F23 — (2014) 2 Series Convertible BMW F25 — (2010–present) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F26 — (2014–present) X4 Sports Activity Coupe BMW F30 — (2012–present) — 3 Series Sedan BMW F31 — (2012–present) 3 Series Touring BMW F32 — (2013–present) 4 Series Coupe BMW F33 — (2013–present) 4 Series Convertible BMW F34 — (2013–present) 3 Series Gran Turismo BMW F35 — (2012–present) 3 Series long wheelbase BMW F36 — (2014) 4 Series Gran Coupe BMW F45 — (2014) 2 Series Active Tourer BMW F46 — (2014) 2 Series 7 Seat Gran Tourer BMW F47 — (2017) X2 Compact Sports Activity Coupe BMW F48 — (2015) X1 Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F49 — (2015) X1 7 Seat Compact Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F52 — (2015–present) 1 Series Sedan BMW F80 — (2014–present) M3 Sedan BMW F82 — (2014–present) M4 Coupe BMW F83 — (2014–present) M4 Convertible BMW F85 — (2015) X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle BMW F86 — (2015) X6 M Sports Activity Coupe BMW F87 — (2015) M2 Coupe BMW G01 — (2017) X3 Sports Activity Vehicle BMW G11 — (2016) 7 Series short wheelbase BMW G12 — (2016) 7 Series long wheelbase BMW G30 — (2016) 5 SeriesBMW iBMW i01 — (2014–present) i3 compact electric city car BMW i12 — (2014–present) i8 electric sports car...........................................................................................................BMW Technical AcronymsA - processed vehicle speed signal A - "out" (Aus) AB - Airbag ABL - Brake system warning Lamp (2 color) ABS - Anti-lock Braking System AC - Air Conditioning (from ETK) ACC - Active Cruise Control ACS - Active Comfort Seats ADB(X) - Automatic Differential Braking ADS - engine intake air control ADV - windshield wiper pressure control AEGS - Automatic Electronic Gearbox Control (also EGS) AFM - Air Flow Meter AGD - suction silencer (from ETK) AGR - emission reduction AGS - Adaptive transmission control AG - Automatic Gearbox (transmission) AHK - Active rear-axle Kinematics AHK - trailer hitch (from ETK) AHM - trailer Module (not for US models) AHPS - Advanced HPS AIC - Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor) AKF - activated carbon canister (from ETK) AKS - Active head restraint AKS - pressure regulating device (from ETK) ALC - Automatic Light Control ALR - Automatic Lamp Range Adjustment AMM - Air Mass Meter AMP - radio system AMPlifier ARI - car radio information system (from ETK) ARS - Active Roll Stabilization ASC - All Season traction ASC-EZA - ASC w/ engine timing and injection intervention ASC+T - ASC+ Traction control ASK - Audio System controller (Kontroller) ASR - self starter block relay (from ETK) AST - Automatic Slip control (marketing term) AT - remanufactured part (from ETK) AT - Antenna (from ETK) ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid (from ETK) ATL - exhaust gas turbo charger (from ETK) AUC - Automatic air recirculation AUT - AUTomatic transmission (from ETK) AVT - Antenna amplifier Tuner AZD - tightening torque specifications (in TIS) A/D – Analog/Digital B - Benzene (gasoline) BAT - BATtery (from ETK) BC - Board Computer BC1 - Body Controller 1 BL - Brake Light (from ETK) BLS - Brake Light Switch BMBT - Board Monitor BS - Block diagram BST - Battery Safety Terminal BVA - Brake pad wear indicator (from ETK) BZM - center console control center BZMF - center console control center, rear CAN – Controller Area Network (Multiple ECU Controller) CAN-Bus - Controller Area Network (bus) CANH-Bus - CAN bus, High CANL-Bus - CAN bus, Low CANP - fuel tank ventilation valve CAS - Car Access System CBC - Corner Braking Control CBS - Condition Based Service CCM - Check Control Module CD - Control Display CDC - Compact Disk Changer CDS - CD player (from ETK) CEL - CELsius (from ETK) CIM - Chassis Integration Module CO - Carbon monOxide (from ETK) COMBI – Electronic Instrument Cluster CON - CONtroller CU - Copper (from ETK) CVM - Convertible top Module CVT - Constantly Variable Transmission CW - drag coefficient (from ETK) D1 - Xenon light/ gas discharge (from ETK) D-Bus - Diagnosis bus (same as TXD) DBC - Dynamic Brake Control DBS - Dynamic Braking System DCS - Dealer Communication System DE – Diagnostic Unit DD - Dynamic motor Drive DDE - Digital Diesel Electronics DIN - German industrial standards DIS - Diagnosis and Information System DISA - Differential air intake control DIVA - continuously variable length intake runners DK - throttle housing/valve DKB - throttle w/ brake intervention DKE – Throttle Increase DKI - throttle position DKR - throttle reduction DKT - throttle position signal DKV - preset throttle position value DME - Digital Motor Electronics DM-TL - Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage DOHC - Double Over Head Camshafts (from ETK) DS - gasket set (from ETK) DSC - Dynamic Stability Control DSP - Digital Sound Processing DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code (SAE) DTC - Dynamic Traction Control DWA - theft deterrent system DWS - tire pressure Warning System DZM - revolution counter (from ETK) E - "in" (Ein) EBA - installation instructions (from ETK) EBV - Electronic Brake force proportioning ECE - European market version (from ETK) ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term) ECU - Electronic Control Unit EDC - Electronic Damper Control (from ETK) EDR - Electronic throttle control E-KAT - Electrically heated catalytic converter EZA - see ASC-EZA ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term) ECO - Controller for I-Drive system EDC - Electronic Dampening Control EDC-K - Electronic Dampening Control - Continuous EDK - Electronic throttle valve EDS - pressure regulator EFH - Electric window lifter (from ETK) EGS - Electronic transmission control EH - Electronic-Hydraulic EHC - Electronic Height Control EKM - Electronic body Module EKP - Electric fuel Pump ELV - Electronic steering lock EM - Electro-Mechanical EMF - Electro-Mechanical parking brake EML - Electronic Motor Load regulation EMV - Electro-Magnetic sensitivity (from ETK) EO - component location EPC - Electronic Parts Catalog (also ETK) EPROM - Erasable/ Programmable chip Memory (from ETK) ETK - Electronic parts catalog (also EPC) ETM - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual ESS - Electronic anti-theft device EV - injection Valve EWS - Electronic drive-away protection FB - Function description FBC - Fading Brake Control FBD - remote control services FBZV - radio frequency locking system FGR – Vehicle Speed Control (Cruise Control) FH - window lifter FHK - rear Heater/ air conditioner FLC - automatic Light Control FRU - Flat Rate Unit FS – Crash Sensor FZV - central lock receiver GAL - speed dependent sound volume GM - General Module GMR - yaw moment control GPS - Global Positioning System GRII - cruise control GRS - rotation Rate Sensor GS – Belt Tensioner GWK - torque converter lock-up control H - "rear" (Hinten) H2 - Xenon headlights HA - rear Axle (from ETK) HC – Hydro Carbon HD - Heavy Duty (from ETK) HDC - Hill Decent Control HFM - Hot Film air mass Meter HG - manual Gearbox (transmission) HKL - Hydraulic trunk lid Lift HLM – Hot Wire Air Mass Meter HPS - Head Protection System HR - Heater control (from ETK) HVA - Hydraulic Valve Adjuster (from ETK) Hz – Hertz (Cycle) I-Bus - Information bus IB - Interior lighting control signal IHKA - automatic Heating and A/C IHKAF - IHKA w/ micro filter IHKR - regulated Heating and A/C IHKRF - IHKR w/ micro filter IHKS - standard Heating and A/C IHPD - Internal High Pressure Deformation IHR - Integrated Heater control (from ETK) IKE - Instrument cluster Electronics ILH - Interior Lighting, rear ILV - Interior Lighting, front IMS - Instant Mobility System (from ETK) IR – Infrared IRS – Infrared Locking System ISC – Idle Speed Control ISIS - Intelligent Safety Integration System ISN - Individual Serial Number ISOFIX - standardized mounts for child restraints ITS - head airbag assembly/ Inflatable Tubular Structure IVM - Integrated power supply Module K-Bus - body bus (Karosserie) KAT - catalytic converter KATON - converter creating (signal) KD - Kick-Down KHI - interface for headphones KL - terminal designation KL15 - run bus (ignition switch run position) KL30 - battery bus (hot at all times) KL31 - ground bus (chassis ground) KL50 - start bus (ignition start position) KLR - accessory bus KO - compressor "on" signal KOMBI - instrument cluster KOREL - compressor relay signal KR – Contact Ring KSK - Knock Sensor KVA - fuel consumption signal/value KW - crankshaft KW - KiloWatt (from ETK) LCM - Lamp Check Module LDP - Leak Diagnosis Pump LEV - Low Emissions Vehicle LEW - Lateral acceleration sensor LHD - Left-Hand Drive (from ETK) LKM - Lamp control Module LL - closed throttle LM - Light Module LMM - air flow meter/sensor LMR - Light alloy wheel LRA - vertical headlight aiming LSM - steering column memory LSZ - Lamp Switching center LVA - air supply system (for EHC system) LWR - vertical headlight aim control LWS-5 - steering angle sensor M-Bus - IHKA/IHKR stepper motor bus MAL - center armrest MBC - Maximum Brake Control MDK - Motorized throttle valve/system MFL - Multi-Function steering wheel MFC - Multi-Function Controller MFU - Multi-Function Clock MID - Multi-Information Display MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SAE), "check engine" Lamp MIR - Multi-Information Radio MMC - Multi-Media Changer MoDiC - Mobile Diagnostic Computer MOST-Bus - Media Oriented System Transport bus MRS - Multiple Restraint System MSR - engine drag torque Regulation MV - Magnetic Valve (solenoid Valve) n-ab - rotational speed, transmission (rpm) n-mot - rotational speed, engine (rpm) NAVI - Navigation module NG - New Generation (as in N73 engine) NG - tilt sensor NOX - Nitrogen Oxides/ exhaust gas recirculation (from ETK) NSD - rear muffler (from ETK) NSL - rear fog Lamp (from ETK) NSW - fog lamp (from ETK) NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient NW - camshaft (from ETK) OBC - On-Board Computer OBD - On-Board Diagnosis (SAE) P/N – Park/Neutral position P-Bus - Periphery bus PB - Pin assignments PBS - Parts Bulletin System (in TIS) PDC - Park Distance Control PGS - Passive Go System PM - Power Module PP – Impact Pad PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient RLS - Rain-Light Sensor PWG - Pedal position sensor/ potentiometer RA - Repair instructions (in TIS) RAM – Random Access Memory RAL - Aluminum wheels (from ETK) RAL - standard color (from ETK) RDC - tire pressure Control RDS - Radio Data-broadcast System RDW - tire pressure Warning RHD - Right-Hand Drive (from ETK) RM - Relay Module ROZ - Research Octane rating/ fuel grade (from ETK) RPA - tire puncture warning (from ETK) RPS - Rollover Protection System RS - Repair kit (from ETK) RSW - back-up lamp (from ETK) RXD - wake-up Diagnosis line RZV - direct stationary ignition SASL - Satellite, A-pillar left SASR - Satellite, A-pillar right SAV - Sport ACTIVITY Vehicle SB - fuse assignments SBE - Seat occupancy detector/sensor SBFH - Seat module, passenger-side rear SBSL - Satellite, B-pillar left SBSR - Satellite, B-pillar right SBT - SI techniques/ tech reference information (in TIS) SCA - Soft Close Automatic/Actuator SD - sliding roof (from ETK) SD - silencer/ muffler (from ETK) SE - Special Equipment (from ETK) SES - voice recognition System SFAH - Seat module, driver's side rear SFZ - Satellite, vehicle center SG - control unit SGS - Seat integrated belt System SHD - sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK) SHD - Sunroof module (also SHDM) SI - Service Information (in TIS) SIA - Service Interval system (ver. I, II, III, IV, etc.) SII - Service Interval Indicator SIL - SILicon (from ETK) SIM - Safety Information Module SINE - Siren/tilt sensor SKD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK) SKHD - Steel sliding/ lifting roof (from ETK) SM - Seat Module SM/SPM - Seat/Mirror Memory SMBF - Seat Module, passenger side SMFA - Seat Module, driver's side SMG - Sequential Manual Gearbox SP - Schematic SRA - headlight/fog light cleaning SRS - Supplementary Restraint System SSD - Steel sliding roof (from ETK) SSH - Seat Satellite, rear seat ST - connector views Steptronic - transmission shift control STVL - Satellite, left front door STVR - Satellite, right front door SVS - Speech processing System SWR - headlamp cleaning system (from ETK) SWZ - Special tool listings (in TIS) SZL - Switch center, steering column SZM - central switch center Module TAGE - door handle Electronics TCM - Transmission Control Module TD - engine speed signal (ignition pulse) TD - Technical Data (in TIS) TE - fuel evaporation control TEL - TELephone control unit TEV - evaporative purge control THZ - Tandem master cylinder (from ETK) TI- Injector "on" Time (duration) TIS - Technical Information System TL - part throttle / load signal TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle TMBFT - door Module, passenger side TMBFTH - door Module, passenger side rear TMFAT - door Module, driver's side TMFATH - door Module, driver's side rear TP - Tandem Pump (from ETK) TPS - Throttle Position Switch/Sensor TR - engine speed signal (rpm) TR - TRansistor (from ETK) TRG - fuel level sensor (from ETK) TRI - Technical Reference Information (also SBT) TRS - battery isolation Switch TSD - Torsional vibration dampener (from ETK) TSH - door lock Heating TSZI - Transistorized coil Ignition system (from ETK) TU - Technical Update (as in M50tu) TXD - Transmitting Diagnosis line U-batt - Battery voltage U-vers - supply voltage UERSS - rollover bar (from ETK) URS - rollover protection System USIS - Ultrasonic passenger compartment Sensor V - "front" (Vorn) V - vehicle road speed VA - front Axle (from ETK) VAT - front axle support (from ETK) VANOS - Variable camshaft timing VEP - distributor-type injection Pump (from ETK) VID - VIDeo module VL - full load (wide open throttle) VSD - front muffler (from ETK) VVT – Valve tronic WBG - hazard warning switch (from ETK) WIM - Wiper control Module WK - torque converter lock-up clutch WSS – Wind Shield (from ETK) WT – Valve tronic control unit Z - "central" (Zentrum) ZAB - ignition fade-out (reduction) ZAE - central Airbag Electronics ZAS - ignition starter switch (from ETK) ZGM - central Gateway Module ZK - cylinder head (from ETK) ZKE - central body Electronics ZKH - cylinder head cover (from ETK) ZMS - dual-Mass flywheel (from ETK) ZV - central locking system ZS - central lock (from ETK) ZSD - center muffler (from ETK) ZV - central locking system (from ETK) ZVM - central locking Module ZWD - idle control valve ....................................................................................... Abblendlicht Dipped Headlights Abbledschalter Dip Switch ABS (Anti-Blockier-System) ABS (Antilock Braking system) ABS-Diagnose ABS Diagnosis ABS-Druckmodulator ABS Pressure Modulator ABS-Kontrolleuchte ABS Telltale ABS-Relais ABS Relay ABS-Sensor ABS Sensor ABS-Tester ABS Key ABS-Warnrelais ABS Warning Relay Abschirmhülse Screening Sleeve ab modell from model akustisch (akust.) acoustic (audible) Änderung Change Anlasser Starter Motor Anlasserkontakt Starter Contact Anlasserrelais Starter Relay Anlasserschalter Starter Switch Anlaßrelais Starting Relay Anlaßwiderstand Starting Resistor Anlaßwiederholsperre Starting Repeat Lock Anschluß Connection Antennenhalter Aerial Holder Basis Base, Basic Batterie Battery Bedienteil Control Element Begrenzungsleuchte, -licht Marker Light Behördenschaltplan Circuit Diagram (Official User) beige beige Benzinstandgeber Fuel Gauge blau blue Blaulicht Blue Light Blinker Flasher Blinkerausschalter Flasher Cancel Switch Blinkerkontrolle Flasher Telltale Blinkerkontrolleuchte Flasher Telltale Light Blinkerschalter Flasher Switch Blinkgeber Flasher Unit Blinkeuchte Flasher Turn Indicator Bremsflüssigkeitskontakt Brake Fluid Contact Bremsflüssigkeitskontaktschalter Brake Fluid Contact Switch Bremslicht Brake Light, Stop Light Bremslichtschalter Brake Light Switch Choke-Kontrolleuchte Choke Telltale Light Choke-Kontrollschalter Choke Telltale Switch City-Horn City Horn Cockpit Cockpit (Fairing) Country-Horn Country Horn Dauerlicht Permanent Light Diebstahlwarnanlage Burglar Alarm Differenzdruckschalter Differential Pressure Switch Diode Diode Diodenplatte Diode Board Diodenträger Diode Carrier Doppelfanfare Twin Tone Horn Drehstromgenerator Alternator Drehzahlmesser Revolution Counter Drehzahlwarnung Engine Overspeed Warning Drosselklappenschalter Throttle Butterfly Switch Druckknopfschalter Pushbutton Switch Einspritzrelais Fuel Injection Relay Elektrik Electrical System Endschalter Limit Switch Entlastungsrelais Load-Shedding Relay Entstörfilter Suppressor Filter Entstörgeflecht Suppressor screening Entstörhülse Suppressor Sleeve Entstörkasten Radio Suppression Box Entstörkondensator Radio Suppression Capacitor Erläuterungen Note On (Key To) Fahrlicht Low Beam Fanfare Horns Fanfarerelais Horn relay Fanfareschalter Horn Switch Fernlicht High Beam Fernlichtkontrolle High Beam Telltale Fernlichtkontrolleuchte High Beam Telltale Light Fernlichtschalter High Beam (headlight) Switch Fliegende Sicherung Fuse In Cable FMS-Geber (Funkmeldesystem) Two-Way Radio Transmitter France France Frontplatte Front Panel FUG (Funkgerät) Two-Way Radio Set Funk-Batterie Two-Way Radio Battery für (f.) for Fuß Foot Fußbremslichtschalter Foot Brake Light Switch Ganganzeige Gear Indicator Generator Generator Getriebe Gearbox Getriebedeckel Gearbox Cover Getriebeschalter Gearbox Swich Gleichrichter Rectifier grau gray grün green Hallgeber Hall-Effect Transmitter Hand Hand Handbremslichtschalter Handbrake Light Switch Heckleuchte Rear Light Heckteil Tail Heizgriffe Heated Handlebar Grips hinten rear Hinzukommende Teile Additional Parts Hoch, hoher Ton high, high-note Höhenkorrekturstecker Height Correction Plug Horn Horn Horndrücker Horn Push Hornrelais Horn Relay Hornschalter Horn Switch Horntaster Horn Push Hörsprechgarnitur Transmitter/Receiver Equipment identisch mit identical with Induktivgeber Inductive Transmitter Instrument Instrument Instrumentenbeleuchtung Instrument Lighting Instrumentkombination Instrument Cluster Kabelbaum Wiring Harness Kaltstatanhebung – Kontrolleuchte Cold Start-Increased Idle Speed Telltale Light Kaltstatanhebung – Kontrollschalter Cold Start-Increased Idle Speed Telltale Switch Kammernummer Chamber Number Kasten Box Kennleuchten Identification Lights Kennzeichenlicht Number Plate Light Klangfolge Tone Sequence klappbar folding Klemme Terminal Kombischalter (Kombisch.) Combined Switch Kombi-Instrument Combined Instrument Kondensator Condenser, Capacitor Kontaktplatte Contact Board Kontaktschalter Contact Switch Kontrolle Check, Monitoring, Telltale Kontrolleuchten Telltales Kraftstoffanzeige Fuel Gauge Kraftstoffkontrolleuchte Fuel Telltale Kraftstoffpumpe Fuel Pump Kraftstoffstandgeber Fuel Level Sensor Kühlmittelempertur Coolant Temperature Kühlmittelemperturwarnleuchte Coolant Temperature Telltale Kupplungsschalter Clutch Switch Ladekontrolle Charge Telltale Ladestromkontrolleuchte Charge Telltale Light Ladestromwarnleuchte Battery Charge Telltale Lampenkontrolleuchte Bulb Monitoring Light Lampenkontrollgerät Bulb Monitoring Unit Lautsprecher Loudspeaker Leerlauf Idle, Neutral Leerlaufkontrolle Neutral Indicator Leerlaufkontrolleuchte Neutral Indicator Light Leerlaufschalter Idling Switch Leitung Cable, Wire Leitungsverbinder Cable Connector Lenkerschalter Handlebar Switch Leuchtdiode (LED) Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Licht-Hauptschaltung Main Light Switch Lichthupe Headlight Flasher Lichthupe-Relais Headlight Flasher Relay Lichthupe-Schalter Headlight Flasher Switch Lichtrelais Light Relay Lichtschalter Light Switch links (li.) left LTG (Leitung) Lead Luftmengenmesser Airflow Meter Lüftermotor Fan Motor Magnetschranke Solenoid Barrier Masse Earth, Ground Massenpunkt Earth Grounding Point mechanisch (mech.) mechanical Mikrofon Microphone mit (m.) with Modell Model Motor Motor, Engine Motorkabelbaum Engine Wiring Harness Nachtrag Supplement Nebellicht, Nebelscheinwerfer Fog Light nicht belegt not in use Notabschalter Emergency Off Switch Notausschalter Emergency Stop Switch, Kill Switch nur, nur bei only, only with ohne (o.) without Öldruckkontrolle Oil Pressure Telltale Öldruckkontrolleuchte Oil Pressure Telltale Light Öldruckkontrolleschalter Oil Pressure Telltale Switch Öldruckschalter Oil Pressure Switch Öldruckwarnleuchte Oil Pressure Telltale orange orange Plus Positive Pol Pole, Pin -poling -Pole, -Pin Rahmen Frame rechts (re.) right Regler Regulator, Govenor Relais Relay Rundumkennleuchte Rotating Beacon Schalter Switch Schaltgerät Switchbox Schaltkasen Controls Cabinet Schaltplan Circuit Diagram, Wiring Diagram Scheinwerfer Headlight Schlußlicht Rear Light schwarz black Schweden Sweden Serienhorn Standard Horn Sicherung Fuse Sicherungskasten, -dose Fuse Box Signalhorn Horn Signalhornschalter Horn Switch Sirene Siren Skalenbeleuchtung Instrument Dial Lighting Sonderausstattung (SA) Special Equipment Spannungsmesser Voltmeter Spanungsregler Voltage Regulator Sprechtatse Speak Button Stadthorn City Horn Standlicht Parking Light Straktonhorn High Power Horn Stecker Plug Steckerleiste Plug Strip Steckerplatte Plug Board Steckerverbindung Plug Connector Steuergerät Control Unit STVB (Steckverbindung) Plug Connection Summer Buzzer Tachobeleuchtung Speedomter Light Tachometer Speedometer Tachometer-Skalenbeleuchtung Speedometer Dial Lighting Tank Fuel Tank Teile Parts Temperaturefühler Temperature Sensor Temperaturschaltgerät Temperature Switchbox tief, tiefer Ton low, low-note Tonfolgeanlage Tone Sequence System Tonfolgesteuergerät Tone Sequence Control Unit Transistorzündung (TSZ) Transistorized Ignition Uhr Clock Umschalter Changeover Switch und (u.) and Unterbrecher Breaker, Contact-Breaker Ventil Valve Verbindungsstelle Connection Point Verkleidung Fairing, Cover Panel Vollenstörung Interference Suppression, Complete Vollverkleidung Fairing, Full Voltemeter Voltmeter vorhandene Teile Existing Parts vorne front Vorwahl Preselection warm warm Warnblinkanlage Hazard Warning Flashers Warnblinkgeber Hazard Warning Flasher Unit Warnblinkschalter Hazard Warning Flasher Switch Zeichungs-Nr. Drawing Number Zeituhr Clock zum (z.) to, for Zündung Ignition Zündauslöser Ignition Trigger Zündkerzen Spark Plugs Zünd-Lichtschalter Ignition-Light Switch Zünd-Lichtschloß Ignition-Light Switch And Lock Zündschalter Ignition Switch Zündschloß Ignition Lock Zündspule Coil Zündspulenbefestigung Coil Mounting Zündsteuergerät Ignition Control Unit Zündunterbrecher Breaker, Contact Breaker zur (z.) to, for Zustazinstrumente Additional Instruments Zusatzschalter Additional Switches Zusatzscheinwerfer Additional Driving Lights Zweifunken-Zündspule Twin-Spark Coil SA OPTION CODE LISTFull BMW and Mini VO FA ListS000A Dummy-SALAPAS001A Nat.vers. not controlled as packageS0BVA Refueling until tank fullS0BWA Partial fuelingS100A Usable load increaseS102A Chassis, officials utility vehicleS102A Reinforced brakesS103A Four seasons tyresS103A Aggregate protective plateS104A Middle Eastern VersionS105A Order management “German Gov.”S106A Safety vehicleS107A Factory preparations, tachographS108A Motor extended operation circuitS109A SECURITY PLUSS110A Preparations, emergency doctor signS112A Beklebung leuchtrot RAL 3024S113A Beklebung Polizei Bayern minzgrün hellS114A Police sticker, NorddeutschlandS114A Decals, police, minzgrünS115A Paramedic sticker NRWS115A NRW Fire-brigade StickerS116A Banner staff, leftS117A Banner staff, rightS118A Top Speed reductionS119A Electrical auxiliary moduleS120A BASIC EQUIPMENTS121A Bracket for police stop signS122A Sticks holderS123A Auxiliary inside mirrorS124A Headliner, official vehicleS125A Interior equipment, official, openS126A Interior equipment, camouflagedS127A Weapon mount on passenger?s doorS129A Weapon mount in headliner, frontS130A Weapon mount in rear center armrestS131A Weapon bracketS139A Priority vehicle light, blueS140A 1 RKLE 130,Tonfolge,PolizeischaltungS141A Sequential tone systemS142A Two clearance lights, blueS143A Alarm switches with police circuitryS144A RKLE detachable, seq. police sirenS145A Alarm switch with fire service circuitryS146A Additional energy supplyS147A Priority vehicle lightS149A Dual emergency flasher, removableS150A Installation, RTK-4 with handsetS151A Sondersignalanlage Hella RTK-6S152A Special signaling systemS153A Roof attachment w/o special signal sys.S155A Installation, Top-4 with handsetS159A Installation, Aero-Dynic systemS160A Installation, Becker Signal Syst.LU 322S161A Emissions standard EU5S162A Preparations, siren installationS163A Emissions standard EU6S165A ITS head airbag deactivationS166A Prep., stop signal on rear trayS167A EU4 exhaust emissions standardS168A EU2 exhaust emissions standardS169A EU3 exhaust emissions standardS169A DIESEL CATALYSTS170A Prep, install radio equip. AEG TeleduxS170A Vorb. FuG 2m-4m Bd, AEG(BKA)S171A Preparations, FuG Ascom installationS172A Vorber. FuG 7B kpl. Handschuhk.S172A Preparation f fuel with ethanol contentS173A Vorber. FuG 7B/8B/9C Handschuhk.S174A Vorb. FuG 8B/9C Handschuhk.S175A Vorb. FuG 8B/9CS176A Vorb. FuG 8B/9C abgesetztS178A Support, manual radio equipmentS179A Irritant gas sensorsS180A Roof antennaS180A Factory prep. roof-mounted antennaS181A Factory prep./rear antennaS182A Fire extinguishing systemS183A Factory prep, active defenseS184A EMERGENCY EXIT FRONT WINDSHIELDS185A UNMASKED OFFICIAL VEHICLES186A Patrol vehicle, camouflagedS187A UndercoatingS188A Door window, retracting, fr left + rightS189A Door window, retracting, front + rearS190A Intercom systemS191A Door window, retracting, front rightS192A Door window, retracting, front leftS193A Heated windshield + side windows droppedS194A Remote control start systemS195A Supplementary floor armorS196A Fuel tank, leak-resistentS197A Acoustic and visible alarm systemS198A Auxiliary fresh-air systemS199A without catalytic converterS199A Equipment for leaded fuelS1A1A Ausst. Kraftstoffe mit VerkokungsneigungS1AAA 55 kW engine versionS1AFA Modified fuel filler pipeS1AKA Outside fuel filterS1CAA Dummy-SALAPAS1CBA CO2 packageS1CCA Auto start/stop functionS1CDA Brake Energy RegenerationS200A Diesel particle filterS200A without catalytic converterS201A Rape methyl ester version (RME)S202A SteptronicS203A 4-wheel driveS204A Shorter final drive ratioS204A Drive layout, exportS205A Automatic transmissionS206A Sequential manual transmission (SMG)S207A 6-speed manual transmissionS208A DSC III discontinuedS209A Differential lock 25%S210A Dynamic stability controlS211A Dynamic stability controlS212A ABS discontinuedS212A Equipment, brake syst. country-specificS213A Hill escent Control (HDC)S213A Automatic stability controlS214A Automatic stability control (ASC+T)S215A Power steering, rpm-sensitiveS216A HYDRO STEERING-SERVOTRONICS217A Leather steering wheelS217A Active steeringS218A LEATHER SPORTS STEERING WHEEL IIS219A Sport leather steering wheel, 380 mmS220A Self-levelling suspensionS221A 2-axle self-levelling suspensionS223A Electronic Damper Control (EDC)S224A Driving dynamic controlS225A Standard suspensionS226A Sports suspension settingsS227A Sport suspension+lowered+ride-heightS228A Comfort suspensionS228A Sports suspension settings PlusS229A Dynamic DriveS230A Extra package, EU-specificS230A Low-slung sports suspensionS231A Deleted: 250 km/h limitationS232A BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 50S233A Increased towing capabilityS234A Trailer tow hitch, height adjustableS235A Towing hitch, detachableS236A BMW LA wheels with mixed tiresS238A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 93S239A BMW LA wheel Styling 94S240A Leather steering wheelS241A Air bag for driver and passengerS242A Steering wheel airbagS243A Airbag for front passengerS244A Manually adjust. steering columnS245A Steering wheel column adjustment,electr.S246A Manually adjust. steering columnS247A Steering wheel axial adjustment, manualS248A Steering wheel heaterS249A Multifunction f steering wheelS250A Side airbags for rear passengersS250A Multi-functional steering wheelS251A Runflat indicatorS252A Active knee protection, driver/passengerS253A Leather steering wheel Cooper SS253A Multi-functional steering wheel,woodS254A Steering wheel, woodS254A Sport steering whl. with wood rimS255A Sports leather steering wheelS256A Sport/MF steering wheel/cruise controlS257A Deactivation, side airbag rearS258A Tire with run-flat functionalityS259A Deleted, side airbagS260A Side airbag for driver/passengerS261A Side airbags for rear passengersS262A ITS – Head airbagS263A LA wheels with mixed tiresS263A ITS head airbag/rear compartmentS264A BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 55S265A Tyre pressure control (TPC)S266A BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 48S267A BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 49S268A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 95S269A BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 32S270A Wider tyresS271A BMW LA wheel Z LineS272A BMW LA wheel Z StarS273A BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 43S274A BMW LA wheel/flat star stylingS274A BMW light alloy wheel, double spoke 53S275A BMW LA wheel, chrome-plated/Z StarS276A BMW LA wheel, round spoke stylingS277A BMW LA wheel/double spokeS278A BMW LA wheel BMW StylingS278A BMW LA wheels with mixed tiresS279A BMW LA wheel without flat-running prop.S279A BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 45S280A BMW LA wheel-spoke 176S281A BMW LA wheel, chrome-plated/round spokeS282A BMW LA wheel, Sport spoke styling IIS283A BMW LA wheel, BMW Styling IIS284A BMW LA wheel BMW StylingS284A BMW light alloy wheel, ellips. styl. 46S285A BMW LA wheel BMW StylingS286A BMW LA wheel BMW StylingS287A BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 64S288A BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 29S289A BMW LA wheel BMW StylingS290A BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 44S291A BMW LA wheel, cross spoke, 2-sectionS292A BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 29S293A BMW LA wheel, V spoke 54S293A BMW LA wheel w flat-running propertiesS294A BMW LA wheel, multi-spoke stylingS295A BMW LA wheel, Exclusive stylingS295A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 96S296A BMW LA wheel, ClassicS297A BMW Streamline LA wheelS297A BMW LA forged wheel/multi-spokeS298A BMW LA wheel turbine stylingS298A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 98S299A BMW LA wheels with mixed tiresS2A4A BMW LM Rad Doppelspeiche 401S2A5A BMW LM Rad Doppelspeiche 397S2A6A BMW LM Rad Doppelspeiche 392S2A7A BMW LA wheel, Double Spoke 385S2A9A BMW LA wheel, Double Spoke 313S2AAA BMW light alloy wheel, ellips. styl. 46S2ABA BMW LA wheel ellipsoid spoke 162S2ACA BMW LA wheel, ellipsoid styling 109S2ADA BMW LA wheel ellipsoid spoke 202S2AEA BMW LA wheel turbine styling 292S2AFA BMW LA wheel turbine styling 271S2AGA BMW LA wheel honeycomb styling 323S2AHA BMW LA wheel Turbine styling 329S2AKA BMW LA wheel Turbine styling 329S2ALA BMW LA wheel Streamline 297S2AMA BMW LA wheel Streamline 306S2ANA BMW LA wheel Streamline 363S2APA BMW LA wheel Streamline 370S2ARA BMW LA wheel Streamline 357S2ASA BMW LA wheel Turbine styling 381S2ATA BMW LA wheel Streamline 306S2B1A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 278S2B2A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 316S2B3A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 321S2B4A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 195S2B6A BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 313S2B7A BMW LA wheel, Double Spoke 309S2B8A BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 304S2B9A BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 276S2BAA BMW LA wheel, double spoke 88S2BBA BMW LA wheel, double spoke 98S2BCA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 111S2BDA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 112S2BEA BMW alloy wheel, double spoke 148S2BFA BMW alloy wheel, double spoke 154S2BGA BMW alloy wheel, double spoke 161S2BHA BMW alloy wheel, double spoke 156S2BKA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 174S2BLA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 174flat-runn.S2BMA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 116S2BNA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 205S2BPA BMW LM wheel Dbl. Spoke 205 All SeasonS2BRA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 247 flat-runn.S2BSA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 247 flat-runn.S2BTA BMW LA wheel/double spoke 222S2BUA BMW LM wheel Dbl. Spoke 120 All SeasonS2BVA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 266S2BWA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 268S2BXA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 253S2BYA BMW LA wheel Double Spoke 278 / run-flatS2BZA BMW alloy wheel, double spoke 161S2C0A BMW LA star spoke 124 w flat-runn. prop.S2C1A BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 175S2C2A BMW LA star spoke 175 w flat-runn. prop.S2C3A MINI 5 Star Rocket 93 light-alloy wheelS2C4A BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 157S2C5A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 185S2C6A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 189S2C7A BMW LA star spoke 218 w flat-runn. prop.S2C8A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 200S2C9A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 209S2CAA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 119S2CBA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 113S2CCA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 132S2CDA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 136S2CEA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 137S2CFA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 138S2CGA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 140S2CHA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 142S2CKA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 143S2CLA MINI 5 Star Rocket 93 light-alloy wheelS2CMA MINI LM Rad 5 Star Bullet m. NotlaufS2CNA MINI alloy wheel 5-star 91S2CPA BMW LA wheel, spider spoke 137m.All-yearS2CRA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 153S2CSA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 113S2CTA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 151S2CUA BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 169S2CVA BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 170S2CWA BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 171S2CXA MW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 155S2CYA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 158S2CZA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 159S2D1A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 262S2D2A BMW LA wheel Star Spoke 272S2DAA BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 197S2DBA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 327S2DCA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 330S2DDA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 330S2DEA BMW LA wheel Star Spoke 334S2DFA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 339S2DGA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 340S2DHA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 340S2DKA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 341S2DLA BMW LA wheel Streamline 357S2DMA BMW LA wheel Star Spoke 371S2DNA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 365S2DPA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 367S2DRA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 376S2DSA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 377S2DTA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 379S2DUA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 382S2DVA BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 391S2DWA BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 393S2DXA BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 394S2DYA BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 396S2DZA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 365S2EAA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 149S2EBA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 305S2ECA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 308S2FAA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 372S2FBA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 366S2FCA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 411S2FDA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 378S2FEA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 412S2FGA BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 367S2FHA BMW LM Rad V-Speiche 390S2FKA BMW LM Rad V-Speiche 413S2FLA BMW LM Rad V-Speiche 395S2FMA BMW LM Rad V-Speiche 398S2GAA MINI LA wheel 5-Star Twin SpokeS2GBA MINI LA wheel 4-lug Circular SpokeS2GCA MINI LA wheel ?6 Star Twin Spoke?S2GDA MINI LA wheel Conical SpokeS2GLA MINI steel wheel, blackS2GMA MINI LA wheel 5-Star Single SpokeS2GNA MINI LA wheel 5-lug Circular SpokeS2GPA MINI LA wheel 5-Star Double SpokeS2GRA MINI LA wheel Tunnel SpokeS2GTA MINI LA wheel Turbo FanS2GUA MINI LA wheel 5-Star Double Spoke Comp.S2GVA MINI LA wheel 5-Star Double Spoke Comp.S2H1A BMW LA wheel, multispoke 235S2H2A BMW LM Rad Vielspeiche 416S2H3A BMW LM Rad Vielspeiche 414S2H8A 18″LM RAEDER V-SPEICHE 152/MBS2H9A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 356S2HAA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 139S2HBA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 160S2HCA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 187S2HDA BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 190S2HEA BMW LA radialspoke 32 w flat-runn. prop.S2HFA BMW LA radialspoke 32 w flat-runn. prop.S2HGA BMW LA wheel, radial spoke 244S2HHA BMW LA radialspoke 244w flat-runn. prop.S2HKA BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 216S2HLA BMW LA wheel, radial spoke 252S2HMA BMW LA wheel, Radial Spoke 237S2K0A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 304S2K1A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 236S2K2A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 328S2K3A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 331S2K4A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 331S2K5A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 338S2K6A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 342S2K7A BMW LA wheel, Double Spoke 238S2K8A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 307S2K9A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 360S2KAA BMW LA wheel, V spoke 110S2KBA BMW LA wheel, V spoke 130S2KCA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 141S2KDA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 168S2KEA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 188S2KFA BMW alloy wheel M V-spoke 217S2KGA BMW LA wheel V-spoke 188 / All SeasonS2KHA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 229S2KKA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 206S2KLA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 245S2KMA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 245 flat-runn.S2KNA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 255S2KPA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 248S2KRA BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 257S2KSA BMW LA wheel V-spoke 254S2KTA BMW LA wheel V-Spoke 277 / run-flatS2KUA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 285S2KVA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 294S2KWA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 296S2KXA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 279S2KYA BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 277S2KZA BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 318S2LAA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 114S2LBA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 131S2LCA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 183S2LDA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 211S2LEA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 214S2LFA BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 280S2LGA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 315S2LHA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 322S2LKA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 335S2LLA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 335S2LMA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 336S2LNA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 315S2LPA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 380S2LXA BMW LA wheel Y Spoke 337S2M0A BMW LA wheel, Individual 152 I, 18″S2M1A BMW LA wheel, Individual 152 I, 19″S2M2A BMW LA wheel, Individual 152 I, 20″S2M3A BMW LA wheel Individual V Spoke 349S2M4A Ind.leath.-cov. steer.wheel,leath.inlayS2M5A BMW LA wheel, V spoke 223S2M6A Indiv.leather s. wheel w/wood intarsiaS2M7A M high performance tiresS2M8A BMW LA wheel, V-spoke 228 individualS2M9A BMW M LA wheel, V spoke 227S2MAA Manual TransmissionS2MBA BMW alloy wheel, 19″ forgedS2MBA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 167S2MCA BMW alloy wheel, M radial spoke 166S2MDA M DriveS2MEA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 194S2MFA BMW alloy wheel, M spider spoke 193S2MGA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 207S2MHA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 208S2MKA M double-clutch transmiss. w/DrivelogicS2MLA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 192S2MMA BMW alloy wheel M Y-spoke 191S2MNA BMW LA wheel M double spoke 192/All S.S2MPA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 225S2MRA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 261S2MSA BMW LA wheel M Star Spoke 368S2MTA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 220S2MUA BMW LA wheel M Star Spoke 325S2MVA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 326S2MWA BMW LA wheel V-Spoke 265 IndividualS2MXA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 354S2MYA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 355S2MZA BMW LA wheel Individual V Spoke 349S2N1A MINI LA wheel ?Silver Shield?S2N2A MINI LA wheel ?Infinite Stream Spoke?S2N3A BMW LM Rad M Sternspeiche 383S2N4A BMW LM Rad M Sternspeiche 386S2NAA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 350S2NAA Interior mirror with digital compassS2NBA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 351S2NCA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 350S2NDA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 351S2NEA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 369S2NFA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 313S2NGA BMW M LA wheel, V Spoke 302S2NHA M Sport brakesS2NKA M Carbon ceramic brakeS2NLA 20″BMW INDIV.LM RAEDER V-SP.374I/MBS2NNA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 172S2NPA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 135S2NRA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 172S2NSA BMW LA wheel, double spoke 288S2NTA BMW M LA wheel, V Spoke 299S2NUA BMW alloy wheel, M Double Spoke 300S2NVA BMW LA wheel Individual V Spoke 301S2NWA BMW M LA wheel, V Spoke 302S2NXA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 303S2NYA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 333S2NZA BMW LA wheel, M Double Spoke 343S2P3A BMW LM Rad W-Speiche 418S2P4A BMW LM Rad Streamline 419S2P5A BMW LM Rad Turbinenstyling 415S2P6A LM RAEDER RIP SPOKES2P7A MINI LA wheel Twin Spoke red liningS2P8A MINI LA wheel Cross Spoke ChallengeS2P9A MINI LA wheel Bright SilverS2PAA Lug bolt retainerS2PBA Wheel coverS2R1A BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 138S2R2A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 256S2R3A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 203S2R4A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 230S2R5A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 204S2R6A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 231S2R7A MINI LA wheel Bridge Spoke/ All SeasonS2R8A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 241S2R9A Run-flat tiresS2RAA BMW alloy wheel, trapezoid style 134S2RBA MINI LM Rad 7 Fin Spoke m. NotlaufS2RCA Aluminum rim with wheel coverS2RDA BMW LA wheel-spoke 176/mixed tyresS2REA MINI LA wheel Web spoke flat-runn. prop.S2RFA MINI LA wheel Delta spoke 96S2RGA MINI LA wheel Bridge SpokeS2RHA MINI LA wheel Flame Spoke 97S2RKA MINI alloy wheel, 5-start spooler 100S2RLA MINI alloy wheel, rotator spoke 101S2RMA MINI LA wheel, night spoke, limp-homeS2RNA MINI LA wheel, 5-star blaster,limp-homeS2RPA MINI LA wheel,Crown spoke flat-runn. proS2RRA MINI LA wheel, anthraciteS2RRA MINI LA wheel, Crown spoke 104S2RSA MINI LA wheel “5 Star Pace Spoke”S2RTA BMW LA wheel turbine styling 201S2RUA MINI LA wheel Black Star BulletS2RVA MINI LA wheel in blackS2RWA MINI LA wheel “Web Spoke two-tone” anth.S2RXA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 210S2RYA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 212S2RZA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 213S2S1A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 286S2S2A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 287S2S3A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 290S2S4A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 295S2S5A BMW LA wheel, multispoke 293S2S6A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 258S2S7A BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 317S2S8A BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 319S2S9A BMW LA wheel, Star Spoke 320S2SAA Wheels w/o emergency running propertiesS2SBA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 242S2SCA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 243S2SDA BMW LA star spoke 243 w flat-runn. prop.S2SEA BMW LA star spoke 246 w flat-runn. prop.S2SFA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 249S2SGA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 232S2SHA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 258S2SKA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 259S2SLA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 262S2SMA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 264S2SNA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 117S2SPA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 233S2SRA BMW LA wheel, dual spoke 234S2STA BMW LA wheel, multispoke 235S2SUA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 250S2SVA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 251S2SWA BMW LA wheel Star Spoke 272S2SXA BMW LA wheel, multispoke 282S2SYA BMW LA wheel, star spoke 283S2SZA BMW LA wheel, multispoke 284S2TAA Differential lock 25%S2TBA Sport automatic transmissionS2TCA Sport transmission w/ dual-plate clutchS2TDA Automatic transmission w/double clutchS2TMA Control, transmission typeS2U1A Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 317S2U2A Winter tire & wheel Radial Spoke 50S2U3A Winter tire & wheel Radial Spoke 118S2U4A Winter complete wheel Flame SpokeS2U5A Winter complete wheel Bridge SpokeS2UAA Winter complete wheel with steel wheelS2UBA Winter complete wheel with steel wheelS2UCA Winter tire & wheel Double Spoke 116S2UDA Winter tire & wheel Double Spoke 184MS2UEA Winter tire & wheel Double Spoke 234S2UFA Winterkomplettrad Doppelspeiche 268S2UGA Winter tire & wheel Double Spoke 270MS2UHA Winter tire & wheel Multi Spoke 235S2UKA Winter tire & wheel V Spoke 110S2ULA Winter tire & wheel V Spoke 223MS2UMA Winter tire & wheel V Spoke 229S2UNA Winter tire & wheel V Spoke 257S2UPA Winter tire & wheel V Spoke 298MS2URA Winter tire & wheel Y Spoke 214S2USA Winter tire & wheel Cross Spoke 177S2UTA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 138S2UUA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 143S2UVA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 158S2UWA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 209S2UXA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 233S2UYA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 256S2UZA Winter tire & wheel Star Spoke 276S2VAA Chassis & suspens. setup”Adaptive Drive”S2VBA Tyre pressure control (TPC)S2VFA Adaptive M suspensionS2VGA PERFORMANCE CONTROLS2VHA Integral active steeringS2VKA DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE CONTROLS2VLA Variable Sport steeringS2VNA Dynamic Damping ControlS2WAA BMW LA wheel, W spoke 263S2WBA BMW LA wheel, W-spoke 291S2WCA BMW LA wheel, W Spoke 332S2WDA BMW LA wheel, W Spoke 332S2XAA Sport steering wheel with shift paddlesS2XAA Sport leath.s.wheel+shift padd.+multif.S2Y0A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y1A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y2A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y3A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y4A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y5A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y6A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y7A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y8A Dummy-SALAPAS2Y9A Dummy-SALAPAS2YWA Dummy-SALAPAS2YXA Dummy-SALAPAS2YYA Dummy-SALAPAS2YZA Dummy-SALAPAS300A Emergency spare wheelS300A Central locking with antitheft systemS301A All-terrain tiresS301A Alarm systemsS302A Alarm systemS303A BMW light alloy wheel, ellips. styl. 60S303A BURGLAR AL. WITH TILT ALARM SENSORS304A BMW light alloy wheel, ellips. styl. 60S305A Remote control for central lockingS306A Remote control for central lockingS306A MINI alloy wheel 7-hole 81S306A Lock PackageS307A BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 61S307A Safety locking system for luggage comp.S308A Comfort packageS308A BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 42S309A BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 57S309A BMW LA wheel, star spoke stylingS310A BMW light alloy wheel, star spoke 58S310A Comfort packageS311A BMW light alloy wheel chromedS311A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 69S312A BMW LA wheel V Styling 63S312A BMW LA wheels with mixed tiresS313A Fold-in outside mirrorS314A Door mirror / driver?s lock, heatedS315A Rear window wiperS316A automatic trunk lid mechanismS317A Automatic Soft-Close trunk lidS317A Convenience Package, doorsS318A Dual sun visorsS318A Interior surface in vehicle colorS318A Automatic Soft-Close door/trunkS319A Integrated universal remote controlS320A Deleted, model letteringS321A Exterior parts in vehicle colorS321A Model letteringS322A Rear chrome strip discontinuedS322A Comfort accessS323A Soft-Close-Automatic doorsS324A Front and rear spoilerS324A BMW LA wheel, ellipsoid styling 107S325A Rear spoilerS326A Deleted, rear spoilerS327A Ornamental strips on hood, whiteS328A Door sillS328A Footplate, aluminumS329A Ornamental strips on hood, blackS331A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 102S332A BMW LA wheel turbine styling 106S333A Wind deflectorS333A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 105S334A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 103S334A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 71S338A M Sports package IIS339A Shadow-LineS340A Rubbing strips blackS340A Bumper, partially paintedS341A Bumpers completely in body colourS342A Interior trim strip in Titan ShadowS343A Chrome Line interior, mattS344A Alu Line InterieurS345A Chrome Line InterieurS346A Chrome Line exterieurS347A Titan Line ExterieurS348A Highlight exterieurS349A Highlight interieurS350A BMW Composite wheel, star spoke 108S350A Therm. insulat. glass greenS351A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 89S352A Insulating double-glazingS353A Front and rear window green wedgeS354A Green windscreen, green shade bandS355A Laminated glassS355A Windshield, clear with anti-glare stripS356A Climate comfort laminated glassS357A Protective glazingS358A Climate comfort windscreenS359A Visibility packageS359A Therm. insulat. glass green/clear windshS360A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 81S361A Vent window rearS361A BMW LA wheel, parallel spoke 82S362A Vent window, electric, rearS363A BMW light alloy wheel, radial spoke 32S364A Safety tiresS365A Rear window safety glassS365A Safety tiresS366A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 70S367A MINI LA wheel, 8-spoke 82S368A MINI LA wheel, 5-star 16″S369A MINI LA wheel, S-spoke 85S370A Land Rover LM Rad Styling 1S370A Softtop, blackS371A Land Rover LA wheel styling 2S372A Folding top, dunkel-braunS372A Land Rover LM Rad Styling 3S373A Land Rover LM Rad Styling 4S373A Softtop, dark blueS374A BMW light alloy wheel,radial stylingS375A Convertible top, electromech., blackS375A BMW LA wheel, double spoke 79S376A Convertible top, electromech. dark brownS376A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 74S377A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 69S377A Convertible top, electromech. dark blueS378A BMW LA wheel w flat-running propertiesS379A BMW LA wheel Y-spoke 80S380A Hardtop-preparationS381A Outs.mirror black/roof vhcle colourS382A Roof and mirror caps, whiteS383A Roof and mirror caps, blackS384A Light-alloy wheels, whiteS385A Outside mirror/roof in greyS385A ROOF RACK SYSTEMS385A MINI LA wheel, X-Lite 84S386A Roof railingS387A Wind deflectorS388A Softtop, blackS389A Softtop, greyS390A Softtop classic redS391A Softtop, dark blueS392A Softtop, dark greenS393A Convertible top, turquoiseS394A Softtop dark beigeS395A Rollover protection systemS396A Safety tiresS397A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 83S398A Softtop, electromech. semiautom.S399A Softtop, electromech. all-autom.S3A1A JCW Arodynamics kitS3A2A Black headlightsS3A3A Roof caps and mirror housings, redS3A5A Hood stripes, damson redS3AAA Roof railing blackS3ABA Mirror cap in vehicle colorS3ACA Trailer couplingS3ADA Engine-compartment lid stripes Park LaneS3AEA Engine-compartment lid stripes CheckmateS3AFA Outside mirror/roof in silverS3AGA Reversing cameraS3AHA Backup camera and Top ViewS3AKA Engine-compartment lid stripes silverS3ALA John Cooper Works KitS3AMA C-pillars in matt silverS3ANA C-pillars in silverS3APA Windshield with grey wedgeS3ARA Preparations for rear luggage carrierS3ASA Roof rail, silverS3ATA Roof rail, aluminum, satin finishS3AUA Hood stripe ToffyS3AVA Hood graphics CamdenS3AWA Washer nozzles, unheatedS3AXA MINI YOURS TATTOO FUNKYS3AYA MINI YOURS TATTOO GLORIOUSS3AZA Hood stripes John Cooper WorksS3DVA Roof rack preparationsS3DYA Door sill stripsS3MAA Individ. roof rail, burnished aluminiumS3MBA Indiv. Ext. Line, burnished aluminiumZ3MCA Indiv. roof rail high-gloss Shadow LineS3MDA BMW Individual rear emblemS3XLA X LineS3YAA Conv. Top, anthracite with silver accentS3YBA Convert. top, silver effect, dark blueS3YDA Folding top, dunkel-braunS3YEA Softtop dark beigeS400A Slide/tilt sunroof, manualS401A Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electricS402A Electric panoramic roofS403A Glass roof, electricalS404A DOUBLE COVER-SLIDING LIFTING ROOFS405A Exterior mirror caps, chrome-platedS406A roll-back roofS410A Window lifts, electric, frontS411A Windo lifts,electric,front/rearS412A Luggage-compartment floor, extendableS413A Trunk room netS414A ROLLER BLIND, REINFORCEDS414A Parcel net, passenger sideS415A Sun-blind, rearS416A Roller sun vizor, rear lateralS417A Roller sun vizor, rear doorS418A Luggage compartment packageS419A Glove compartment cover with lightingS420A Sun protection glazingS421A Fire extinguisher, halon 2 kgS422A Fine wood trim, mussle mapleS423A Floor mats, veloursS424A Floor carpet, blackS425A Interior trim finishersS426A Interior trim finishers, aluminiumS427A Interior surface, silverS428A Warning triangle and first aid kitS429A Interior surface, anthraciteS430A Interior/outside mirror with auto dipS431A Interior mirror with automatic-dipS432A Rain sensor/int. mirror auto dim actionS433A Interior trim finishersS434A Interior trim finishersS434A Interior surface aluminiumS435A Fine wood trimS436A Prep. infin. variab. dip in rearv.mirrorS436A Fine wood trimS437A Fine wood trimS437A Instrument panel in blackS438A Fine wood trimS439A Interior trim finishers, matt chromeS439A Interior trim finishersS440A non-smoker packageS441A Smoker packageS442A Cup holderS443A Compass functionS444A multi-purpose armrestS445A Center console to the rearS445A Package, storage traysS447A High Line interior liningS449A Interior toll mirror for JapanS449A Vanity mirror, rearS450A Active backrest ventilationS450A Height adjustment, passenger seatS451A Active seat for driverS451A Height adjustm., passenger?s seat manualS452A Active seats in rearS452A Entrance assistance in the rearS453A Climatised fornt seatsS454A Seat adjustment, electric, driver?s sideS454A Climate-controlled seats, rearS455A Seat adjustment, electric, driver?s sideS455A Active seat for driver and passengerS456A Comfort seat with memoryS457A Contour seat, front, electr. with memoryS458A Electr. front seat adjustmentS459A Seat adjuster, electric, with memoryS460A Comfort seat, rear, electr. adjustableS460A ELECTR.REAR SEAT ADJUSTMENTS461A Electric seat backrest adjustment, rearS463A Interior surface Alloy PatinaS464A Ski bagS465A Through-loading systemS466A Roof mouldings in body colourS467A Rear bench seat w/o individual contoursS467A Taxi rear seats in fabricS468A Through-loading system with ski bagS468A Ski bagS469A Integrated child seatsS470A Isofix-SystemS471A Interior surface graphit-metallicS472A Armrest, front, driver/passengerS473A Armrest frontS474A Deleted, front armrestS475A Armrest, front incl. adj. steering wheelS476A Door trim panel magnesium-greyS477A Interior surface wood decorS481A Sports seatS482A Sport seat and Sport steering wheelS488A Lumbar support, driver and passengerS489A Lumbar support, passenger, electr.S490A Lumbar support for rear seatsS490A Adjuster, backrest widthS492A Oddments tray, center consoleS493A Storage compartment packageS494A Seat heating driver/passengerS495A 3-point belt and headrest, center rearS496A Seat heating, rearS497A Centre armrest, rearS498A Headrests, rear, mechanically adjustableS499A Headrests, rear, electrically adjustableS4A0A Interior trim finishers, aluminiumS4A1A Interior trim finishers Graphitane mattS4A3A Fine-wood trim walnut lightS4A4A Interior moldings Alu CirrusS4A5A Interior colour Gotham greyS4A6A Interior colour Tuscan-BeigeS4A7A Colour Line Dark GreyS4A8A Colour Line Cream WhiteS4A9A Color Line Mellow YellowS4AAA Headlining anthraciteS4ABA Fine wood trim burr walnutS4ACA Fine wood trim Poplar woodgrainS4ADA Interior trim strips, alu, brushed, fineS4AEA Armrest front, retractableS4AFA Headliner, basalt-grauS4AGA Interior trim finishers Titanium mattS4AHA Fine wood trim american nutwoodS4AKA Interior trim finishers silverS4ALA Interior trim finishers Titanium darkS4ANA Interior surface SevenS4APA Interior surface Park LaneS4ARA Interior surface CheckmateS4ASA Fine-wood trim poplar grain greyS4ATA Interior trim finishers black high-glossS4AUA Expanded decor accessoriesS4AVA Interior surface SidewalkS4AZA Fine-wood trim bamboo grain darkS4B0A Real myrtle wood-grain trim, anthraciteS4B1A Interior moldings kaschmir-silverS4B2A Real myrtle wood-grain trim, anthraciteS4B3A Int. moldings alumin.”Akzentschliff”S4B4A Alu. strips ground lngthwise/Leather insS4B5A Fine wood ash grain, high-glossS4B6A Interior moldings Alu Flywheel blackS4B7A Fine woodgr. vers. ?Fineline? high-glossS4B8A Edelholzausf. Nussbaumwurzel/IntarsienS4B9A Interieurleisten Alu FeinschliffS4BAA Colour Line Rooster RedS4BBA Colour Line Pacific BlueS4BCA Interior surface Fluid SilverS4BDA Interior surface Piano BlackS4BEA Interior surface English OakS4BFA Interior surface Brushed AluminumS4BGA Dummy-SALAPAS4BKA Alum. interior strips ground lengthwiseS4BLA Interior color Redwood RedS4BMA Interior trim finish. Graphite silk mattS4BNA Fine-wood trim ash grainS4BPA Fine-wood trim poplar grain lightS4BRA Interior surface aluminium accent cutS4BSA Interior World Hot ChocolateS4BTA Dummy-SALAPAS4BUA Colour Line Hot ChocolateS4BWA Real maple wood-grain trimS4BXA Interior strips, high-gloss, greyS4BYA Real Bamboo wood-grain trim, anthraciteS4BZA Interior trim finishers Titanium lightS4C1A COLOUR LINE CARBON BLACKS4C2A COLOUR LINE POLAR BEIGES4C3A COLOUR LINE SATELLITE GREYS4C4A COLOUR LINE DARK TOBACCOS4C5A COLOUR LINE PURE REDS4C6A COLOUR LINE SURF BLUES4C7A Cockpit surface in Dark SilverS4C8A Cockpit surface in Dark AnthraciteS4CAA Fine woodgrain version, ash grain, anthrS4CBA Fine woodgrain version ?Fineline? naturS4CCA Fine woodgrain applique, leather STR WLS4CDA Interior strips, ruthenium-grau metallicS4CEA Fine woodgrain vers., Fineline anthrac.S4CFA Interior trim strips, space-grau metal.S4CGA Interior strips, “satin-silber” mattS4CHA Fine woodgrain version ?Fineline Wave?S4CKA Fine woodgrain version ?Fineline? lightS4CLA Interior strips marrakesch-braun met.S4CMA Interior strips, platin-bronze metallicS4CNA COLOUR LINE TOFFYS4CPA COLOUR LINE TECH WHITES4CRA Interior surface Toffy LiningS4CSA Interior surface Silver LiningS4CUA Interior color Carbon BlackS4CVA Fine woodgrain, oak trunk, high glossS4CWA Interior color, Polar BeigeS4CXA Interior color, Dark TobaccoS4CYA Interior surfaces in Chili RedS4CZA Interior surface Damson Red LiningS4DAA Interior surface Striped AlloyS4DBA Interior surface Dark SilverS4DCA Interior surface Black CheckeredS4DDA EDLHOLZAUSFUEHRUNG FINELINE PUR STRS4DEA Fine woodgrain version Fineline SienaS4DFA Cockpit surface ?Piano Black?S4DHA Interior moldings alpin-weissS4DKA Accent strips, oxid-silber, mattS4DLA Accent strips, black, high-glossS4DMA Accent strips, pearl-gloss, chromeS4DNA Accent strips, korall-rot, mattS4DPA Fine wood trim Fineline StreamS4DRA Interior moldings, plexiglass, whiteS4DSA Interior moldings, plexiglass, petrolS4DTA Interior strips, PearlS4DUA Accent moldings in jade-whiteS4DXA AKZENTLEISTEN BLAU MET. MATTS4FAA Recaro sports seatS4FBA Delete Sport seatS4FCA Rear seats with added equipmentS4KSA Contrast stitchingS4L4A JCW I-TAFEL LEDERBEZ. SCHW./ANTH.S4L5A M. Y. I-TAFEL LED.BEZ. SCHW./SAT. GS4L6A M. Y. I-TAFEL LED.BEZ. SW/POL.BEIGES4L7A Interieurleisten palladium-grauS4L9A Interior moldings Alu TraceS4M0A Individual fine natural poplar woodS4M1A Individual fine wood Mahagoni MaritimS4M2A Individual folding table in rearS4M3A Interior moldings Alu Cube PureS4M4A Interior moldings Alu 3D Silver GridS4M4A Individual strip, alu silver gridS4M5A Individual leather-covered dashboardS4M6A Milled aluminium ControllerS4M7A Individual fine wood MahagoniS4M8A Individual rear-reading lightS4M9A Individual rear consoleS4MAA M multifunction seatS4MBA Interior line StyleS4MCA Interior moldings Carbon FibreS4MDA Interior moldings Fibre Net eis-greyS4MEA Fine wood trim Madeira nutwoodS4MFA Active backrest width adjustmentS4MFA Dynamic seat back width adjustmentS4MGA Int. mouldings aluminium glacier-silverS4MKA Fine wood trim olivesche carrara natS4MKA Fine wood trim CarraraS4MLA Interior strips, piano lacquer, blackS4MMA Individual strips, leather-coveredS4MPA Interior strips, alu, dark, crosshatchedS4MRA Interior strips, aluminum hexagonS4MSA Interior moldings Alu PentanS4MTA Int. strips Alu Shadow dark brushedS4MUA Fine woodgrain, eucalyptus bar, rotbraunS4MVA Interior moldings Alu MicroS4MWA Interior strips, aluminum, Carbon ShadowS4MXA Int. strips, Alu Shadow, linear polishedS4MYA Int.trim,leather,carbon struct.,blackS4MZA Fine wood sycamore mirror gr. anthraciteS4NAA Interior mirror with digital compassS4NBA Autom. climate control with 4-zone ctrlS4NCA Additional heating/ventilationS4NDA Instrument panel, leather-coveredS4NEA Blow-by heaterS4NFA Expanded rear climate controlS4U1A Ceramic appliques for controlsS4U2A ECO-ManagerS4U3A Smoker packageS4U4A 2-section center railS4UAA Partially electric seat adjustmentS4UBA 3rd seat rowS4UCA Pedals “Steel Line”S4UDA Sliding loading floorS4UEA Rear bench seat, longitudinally adjust.S4UFA Sport ButtonS4UGA Rear seat bench, 2-seatS4UHA Sport InstrumentsS4UKA 5-seaterS4ULA Level cargo floorS4UMA Massage functionality in rear backrestsS4UNA Load-thr. opening w/integr. st. compartS4UPA Adaptive Attachment SystemS4URA Ambient interior lightingS4USA 2-seat preparationsS4UTA Load-through hatch with int. trans. sackS4UUA Power socket 230VS4UVA Trays in rearS4UWA Power socket 115VS4UXA Trays in rearS4UYA Ski and snowboard caseS4UZA Ski and snowboard caseS4WAA Interior strips alu glacier-silber darkS4WBA Interior moldings, AlcantaraS4XAA Dummy-SALAPAS4XBA Dummy-SALAPAS4XDA Dummy-SALAPAS4XEA Dummy-SALAPAS4XFA Dummy-SALAPAS4XHA Dummy-SALAPAS4XKA Dummy-SALAPAS4XLA Dummy-SALAPAS4XMA Dummy-SALAPAS4XNA Dummy-SALAPAS500A Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaningS502A Headlight cleaning systemS507A Park Distance Control (PDC), rearS508A Park Distance Control (PDC)S509A Laser distance measuring device (LAM)S510A Headlight aim controlS512A Delete headlight beam height controlS519A Additional headlightS520A Fog lightsS521A Rain sensorS522A Xenon LightS523A Air conditioning for rear with cool boxS524A Headlight controlS524A Adaptive HeadlightsS525A CoolboxS526A Deleted, air conditioning, rearS527A Activated carbon filterS527A Deleted, coolbox/bar compartmentS528A AUTOMATIC AIR FLOW CONTROLS529A MICROFILTERS530A Air conditioningS531A All-Season RoadsterS532A Air FresherS532A Air conditioning ZGS533A Air conditioning, rearS534A Automatic air conditioningS536A Auxiliary heatingS537A Independent ventilation controlS538A Latent heat accumulatorS539A Independent heatingS539A Parked-car vent. with remote controlS539A REMOTE CONTROL INDEP.HEATINGS540A Cruise controlS541A Active cruise controlS542A Check ControlS543A Supercharger pressure gaugeS544A Dynamic cruise controlS544A Individual equipmentS544A Cruise control with brake functionS545A Tachometer,km/h speedo.,as with clock+ECS545A Additional indicator f oil temperatureS546A Revolution counterS547A Cockpit chrono packageS548A Kilometer-calibrated speedometerS549A Exklusiv-UhrS549A Radio clockS550A On-board computerS551A On-board computer II with remote controlS552A LED lightS553A On-board computer IV with remote controlS554A On-board computer V with remote controlS555A On-board computer V with remote controlS556A Outdoor temperature indicatorS560A Reading light in rear compartmentS562A Reading lightS563A Light packageS563A MAKE-UP MIRROR ILLUMINATEDS564A Interior light packageS570A Reinforced power supplyS571A Reinforced power supplyS575A Socket, trunk, incl. 2 batteriesS575A Supplementary 12V socketsS577A Factory prep. for rental carS581A Taxi packageS582A Dummy-SALAPAS583A BMW LA wheel Aero 90S584A BMW LA wheel Styling 94S585A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 71S586A BMW LA wheel S-spokeS587A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 116S588A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 115S589A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 122S590A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 123S591A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 124S592A BMW LA wheel, radial spoke 118S593A BMW LA wheel/double spoke 120S594A BMW light alloy wheel, spider spoke 92S595A BMW LA wheel, ellipsoid styling 121S596A BMW light alloy wheel, V-spoke 126S597A BMW LA wheel, star spoke 89S5A1A LED Fog lightsS5AAA Rear fog lightS5ABA Two-stage stoplamp discontinuedS5ACA High-beam assistantS5ADA Lane departure warningS5AEA High speed brake systemS5AFA SIDE UNDER MONITORS5AGA Lane-change warningS5AHA Decoding, dynamic brake lightsS5AKA LED light elementsS5ALA Active ProtectionS5AMA Second backup lightS5APA DEKODIERUNG BLENDFREI. FERNL. ASSISS5DAA Passenger airbag deactivationS5DBA Retractor 3-point seat belt, rear centerS5DCA Rear-seat headrests, foldingS5DDA LIFTING JACKS5DFA Active cruise control+Stop&Go functionS5DKA Side View CameraS5DLA Surround ViewS5DPA Park AssistentS5DRA Park Distance Control incl. Top ViewS5DSA Emergency release, luggage compartmentS5DTA DYNAMIC TRACTION CONTROLS5GAA Preparation alarm systemS5GBA Stolen Vehicle TrackingS601A TV functionS602A On-board monitor with TVS603A Rear display screenS604A Personal Travel AssistentS605A Telematics preparationS605A BTX/TelefonS606A Navigation system, radioS606A Navigation system BusinessS607A Preparation, TeleserviceS607A Personal computer (PC)S608A Navigation system with on-board monitorS608A Travel Note SystemS609A Navigation system ProfessionalS610A Head-up displayS611A BMW Night VisionS612A BMW AssistS613A Internet-based servicesS614A InternetS615A Expanded Online InformationS616A BMW OnlineS619A SOS call systemS620A Voice controlS621A Fully integrated mobile phone, KoreaS621A BMW Telefon Bedienhör.vorn C-NetzS622A Second receiver at rear for BMW PhoneS623A Car telephone D-network (GSM)S624A Freisprechanlage für C-NetzS624A Prepartation BMW Handy (Siemens)S625A Preparation BMW Handy (Motorola)S625A Phone, D-Net cell phoneS626A Phone, Siemens C2S627A Phone, Siemens C3 Operator H, frontS627A Prepartation BMW Handy (Nokia)S629A Car telephone (GSM) w card reader, frontS630A Car phone with cordless receiverS631A Second receiver in the rear, cordlessS632A Preparation BMW Handy (Motorola)S632A Vorber. Tel. C-Netz Bed. vo. u. hi.S633A Preparation, mobile phone, BusinessS633A Prep., Siemens phone operator H frontS634A FITTINGS TELEPHONE INSTALL. C NETS635A FITTINGS TELEPHONE INSTALL. D NETS636A Prep., D-Net cell phone installationS637A Prep., Siemens C3 operat. frontS638A Car telephone ProfessionalS639A Preparation f mobile phone cpl. USA/CDNS640A Preparation f tel.installation universalS641A Prep., phone installation BMW Conv. topS641A Prep. mobile phone USA UniversalS642A Prep, phone installation, BMW completeS642A Mobile, fully integrated US standardS643A Prep., mobile phone, D-Net f. AxiconS644A Preparation f mobile phone w BluetoothS645A BMW US RadioS646A Preparation f teleph.installation JapanS647A Becker Mexico Electronic II o.VFS648A Radio BMW CDS648A Radio Grundig 3883 RDSS649A MC playerS650A Radio BMW ReverseS650A CD playerS651A MD playerS651A Radio BMW Reverse RDSS652A DVD playerS652A Radio Bavaria C IIS653A BMW digital radioS653A High Definition RadioS653A Radio Bavaria C Reverse IIS654A DAB tunerS654A Radio Bavaria C IIIS655A Radio Bavaria C BusinessS655A Satellite tunerS656A Radio, BMW Reverse/MINI WaveS656A Radio Bavaria C ProfessionalS656A Radio MINI MCS657A Radio, BMW Business/MINI BoostS657A Radio Bavaria C Reverse IIIS658A Radio BMW Business CD RDSS659A Radio Bavaria Electronic CD IIS659A Radio BMW Business CDS660A Radio BMW Reverse (C42)S661A Radio BMW Business (C43)S662A Radio BMW Business CDS663A Radio BMW Professional CDS663A Radio BMW Professional (C44)S663A Radio BMW ProfessionalS664A Mobile phone, US standardS664A Radio BMW Reverse RDSS664A Mobile phone preparationS665A Radio BMW Business RDSS666A Radio BMW Business CD RDSS667A Radio BMW Professional RDSS667A Radio BMW AudioS668A Radio BMW Reverse RDSS669A Radio BMW Business RDSS670A Radio BMW Professional RDSS672A CD changer for 6 CDsS673A Hifi system USAS674A Hi-Fi System Harman KardonS675A Sound SystemS675A Rear audio systemS676A HiFi speaker systemS677A HiFi System Professional DSPS678A Headset system in rear compartmentS679A Subwoofer HiFi SystemS679A REAR WINDOW ANTENNAS680A Radio antenna, manualS681A Roof antennaS682A Rear bench seat in fabricS683A Telephone antenna D-networkS684A Phone rear window antenna for D-NetS685A Telephone antenna C-networkS686A Antenna-DiversityS687A Radio preparationS688A HARMAN/KARDON SURROUND SOUND SYSTEMS689A Factory prep. for in-car videoS690A Cassette holderS691A CD holderS692A Preparation, BMW 6-CD changer I-busS693A Preparation BMW satellite radioS693A Rear speaker systemS694A Provisions for BMW 6 CD changerS695A Remote control radioS695A MD-ChangerS696A CD boxS696A DVD changerS697A Automatic phone antennaS697A Area-Code 1 for DVDS698A Area-Code 2 for DVDS699A Area-Code 3 for DVDS6A1A Always Open TimerS6AAA BMW TeleServicesS6ABA Control for TeleservicesS6ACA – Intelligent emergency callS6AEA – TeleServicesS6AKA – ConnectedDrive servicesS6AMA – Real -Time Traffic InformationS6ANA – Concierge ServicesS6APA – Remote ServicesS6F1A BANG&OLUFSEN HIGH END SOUND SYSTEMS6F2A Bang&Olufsen High End Sound System PlusS6FAA Provision for DVD system in rearS6FBA Radio MINI Wave CDS6FBA Radio MINI CDS6FCA Radio MINI Boost CDS6FDA MINI HiFi speaker systemS6FEA MASK New ZealandS6FFA DVD-system in rear compartmentS6FGA Rear-compartment entertainmentS6FHA Rear Professional entertainment centerS6FKA Audio controls in rearS6FLA USB/Audio interfaceS6FMA DVD-system in rear compartmentS6FNA DVD changer preparationsS6FPA Radio MINI Visual BoostS6FSA HARMAN/KARDON SURROUND SYSTEMS6M1A Individual rear-compartment entertainm.S6M2A Individual online infotainment in rearS6NAA Car telephone in rear compartmentS6NBA Rear phone with cordless receiverS6NCA Phone with cordless receiverS6NDA Hands-free, Bluetooth + USB/audioS6NEA Cell phone prep., Bluetooth + USB/audioS6NFA Link, Music Player in mobile sectionS6NGA Dummy-SALAPAS6NHA Connection of mobile devicesS6NKA Enhanced connection of mobile devicesS6NLA Ext. connection mob. units and telematicS6NMA MINI CONNECTEDS6NNA Hands-free kitS6NRA BMW AppsS6NSA – Convenience telephony extended with smartphone connectivityS6S1A Language version TurkishS6S2A Language version GreekS6S3A Language version PortugueseS6S4A Language version SwedishS6UAA Preparation CCCS6UBA Preparation of voice input systemS6UCA Preparation for TV functionS6UDA Language version, RussianS6UEA Anti-theft protection for navigation DVDS6UFA Preparation for navigation systemS6UGA MINI Navigation systemS6UHA Traffic InformationS6UKA Night Vision with human recognitionS6ULA Navigation system, portableS6UMA MINI NAVIGATIONSSYSTEMS6UZA Map material for navigation systemS6VAA CIC-ZusteuerungS6VBA CCC allocationS6VCA Control for ComboxS6WAA Instrument cluster MidS6WBA INSTRUMENTENDISPLAYS700A Area-Code 4 for DVDS701A Area-Code 5 for DVDS702A Area-Code 6 for DVDS704A M Sports suspensionS705A M sports suspension IIS708A M sports steering wheel leatherS709A M sports steering wheel leatherS710A M sports steering wheel, multifunctionS710A M leather steering wheelS711A M Sports seatsS712A M sports seatS713A Off-Road PackageS713A Rear spoilerS715A M Aerodynamics packageS716A Aerodynamics packageS717A Comfort EditionS718A Exclusive EditionS719A Sports EditionS720A Edition ZDS720A Sports Limited EditionS721A Edition ZBS722A Edition ZFS722A Lifestyle EditionS723A Exclusive EditionS724A Sports EditionS724A Edition ZHS725A Edition ZES725A Basic PackageS726A Edition ZNS727A Edition ZOS728A Edition ZVS729A Edition ImportersS731A Supplementary Edition packageS732A Interior moldings, carbon fibre PyritS733A Interior moldings, wood, Yacht-LineS736A 2nd radio remote control keyS737A Interior mouldings, Alu Shadow, brushedS738A Fine wood trimS739A Fine wood trimS750A TV/Video (PAL)S751A TV/Video NTSCS752A Individual audio systemS753A Young-LineS754A M Rear spoilerS755A california roofS756A BMW LA wheel, round spoke, IndividualS757A Individual sound packageS759A Familiy KitS760A High gloss shadow lineS761A Individual sunshade glazingS763A Individual series JapanS764A High Line equipmentS766A Individual series JapanS767A Individual SportS767A 330i -Sports versionS767A Performance PackageS767A Individual series “Avus”S768A Individual series “Clubsport”S768A Individual S. 95 Atlanta Olymp.Ed.S769A Individual series 96 JapanS770A Individual series 96 ClassicS770A Interior moldings Alu Silver CubeS771A Sports EditionS771A Interior trim strip in Titan ShadowS772A Interior moldings Alu Black CubeS772A Luxus equipmentS773A Fine wood trimS774A Fine wood trimS775A Headlining anthraciteS776A Headliner in Alcantara anthraciteS776A Chrome equipmentS777A Trunk trim panel AlcantaraS778A Individual BMW identificationS778A Entrance strips “BMW Individual”S779A Carbon LineS780A BMW LA wheel, M parallel spokeS781A BMW LA wheel M KonturS782A BMW LA wheel M System IIS782A Suspension system NürburgringS783A M DOUBLE-SPOKE,FORGEDS784A M Outside mirrorS785A White direction indicator lightsS786A Action pack for 17″ wheelsS787A BMW LA wheel, IndividualS787A BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 135S788A BMW LA wheel, IndividualS789A BMW LA wheel, IndividualS790A BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 97S790A extra tankS791A M Technic ServotronicS791A CoolboxS792A BMW LA wheel M 19″ forgedS793A Sequential M transmission DrivelogicS795A BMW Composite wheel, M double spoke 71S798A Convertible top, magenta (Individual)S7ARA Aerodynamics packageS7BAA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BBA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BCA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BDA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BEA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BFA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BGA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BHA MINI Repair inclusiveS7BKA MINI Repair inclusiveS7CAA MINI Repair includedS7CBA MINI Repair includedS7CCA MINI Repair includedS7CDA MINI Repair includedS7CEA MINI Repair includedS7CFA MINI Repair includedS7CGA ServiceS7CHA MINI Repair includedS7CKA ServiceS7CLA MINI Repair includedS7D1A ServiceS7D2A BMW CenterS7D3A BMW CenterS7D4A BMW Service + Repair InclusiveS7D5A BMW CenterS7D6A BMW CenterS7D7A BMW CenterS7D8A BMW CenterS7DAA BMW Service inclusiveS7DBA BMW Service inclusiveS7DCA BMW CenterS7DDA BMW Service inclusiveS7DEA BMW Service inclusiveS7DFA BMW CenterS7DGA BMW Service inclusiveS7DHA BMW CenterS7DKA BMW CenterS7DLA BMW Service inclusiveS7DMA BMW Service inclusiveS7DNA BMW Service inclusiveS7DPA BMW Service inclusiveS7DRA ServiceS7DSA BMW Service inclusiveS7DTA BMW Service inclusiveS7DUA BMW Service inclusiveS7DVA ServiceS7DWA ServiceS7DXA BMW Service inclusiveS7DYA BMW Service inclusiveS7DZA BMW Service inclusiveS7FAA including MINI serviceS7FBA including MINI service and repairS7FCA including MINI service and repairS7FDA including MINI service and repairS7FEA including MINI service and repairS7FFA including MINI service and repairS7FGA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7FHA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7FKA including MINI serviceS7FLA including MINI serviceS7FMA including MINI serviceS7M0A BMW Individual composition IS7M1A BMW Individual composition IIS7M5A BMW individual exterior packageS7M5A M Exterior equipmentS7MAA Competition packageS7MEA M Driver?s PackageS7N1A BMW Service inclusiveS7N2A BMW Service inclusiveS7N3A Online InformationS7N4A BMW Service inclusiveS7N5A BMW Service inclusiveS7N6A BMW CenterS7N7A BMW Service inclusiveS7N8A BMW Service inclusiveS7N9A BMW CenterS7NAA BMW Service inclusiveS7NBA BMW CenterS7NCA BMW Service inclusiveS7NDA BMW CenterS7NEA BMW Service inclusiveS7NFA BMW CenterS7NGA BMW Service inclusiveS7NHA BMW Service inclusiveS7NKA BMW Service inclusiveS7NLA BMW CenterS7NMA BMW Service inclusiveS7NNA BMW CenterS7NPA BMW Service inclusiveS7NRA BMW Service inclusiveS7NSA BMW Service + Repair InclusiveS7NTA BMW Service inclusiveS7NUA BMW Service inclusiveS7NVA BMW CenterS7NWA BMW Service inclusiveS7NXA BMW Service inclusiveS7NYA BMW Service inclusiveS7NZA BMW CenterS7P1A MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7P2A MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7P3A MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7P4A MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7P5A MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7P6A including MINI serviceS7P7A including MINI serviceS7P8A including MINI serviceS7P9A including MINI serviceS7PAA including MINI serviceS7PBA including MINI service and repairS7PCA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PDA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PEA including MINI serviceS7PFA including MINI service and repairS7PGA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PHA including MINI serviceS7PKA including MINI service and repairS7PLA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PMA including MINI serviceS7PNA including MINI service and repairS7PPA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PRA including MINI serviceS7PSA including MINI service and repairS7PTA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PUA including MINI serviceS7PVA including MINI service and repairS7PWA MINI Basic Service InclusiveS7PXA including MINI serviceS7PYA including MINI service and repairS7SNA Nav Business/cellph. prep. BluetoothS7SPA Nav Professional/cellph. prep. BluetoothS7T1A BMW Service Inclusive 5 years/120,000 kmS7T2A BMW Service Inclusive 5 years/120,000 kmS7T3A BMW Service Inclusive 5 years/120,000 kmS7T4A BMW Service Inclusive 5 years/120,000 kmS7T5A BMW Service inclusiveS7T6A BMW Service inclusiveS7T7A BMW CenterS7T8A BMW CenterS7TAA ServiceS7TBA ServiceS7TCA ServiceS7TDA ServiceS7TEA ServiceS7TFA ServiceS7TGA ServiceS7THA ServiceS7TKA ServiceS7TLA ServiceS7TMA ServiceS7TNA ServiceS7TPA ServiceS7TRA ServiceS7TSA ServiceS7TTA ServiceS7TUA ServiceS7TVA ServiceS7TWA ServiceS7TXA ServiceS7TYA ServiceS7TZA ServiceS7U9A Delete BMW Service InclusiveS7UAA BMW Service inclusiveS7UBA BMW CenterS7UCA BMW CenterS7UDA BMW Service inclusiveS7UEA BMW CenterS7UFA BMW Service inclusiveS7UGA BMW CenterS7UHA BMW Service inclusiveS7UKA BMW CenterS7XAA M Leathr. wheel+shift paddle+multifunc.S800A Exhaust system, complete, countriesS803A Delete CHMSLS805A Activated carbon filterS806A Third stoplampS815A Poor road packageS817A Engine tuned for 91 RONS818A Battery master switchS823A Hot-climate versionS825A Radio control OceaniaS826A Fahrwerk in ExportabstimmungS828A Bumper, country variantS829A Factory prep. for convertible conversionS831A Delete radioS832A Battery in luggage compartmentS834A Deleted, 330d FranceS834A Delete cassette holderS835A US tourist versionS836A Delete Bavaria CD 6 SelectionS837A Delete HiFi speaker systemS837A Delete navigation systemS839A Dummy assignment, delete optionS840A Delete remote control for radioS840A High speed synchronisationS841A Opt. package dummy no.S842A Cold-climate versionS843A Power reductionS845A Acoustic belt warningS847A Supplementary battery for C-Net phoneS847A Prep. for safety vehicleS848A Extended wiring harnessS849A Tail light, country-specificS849A Deleted: automatic emergency callS850A Additional Export tank fillingS851A Language version GermanS852A Language version JapaneseS853A Language version EnglishS854A Language version FrenchS855A Language version ItalianS856A Language version SpanishS857A Preparation autom.air conditioningS858A Low compression engineS859A TV decodingS859A Adaptation/IHKA controlS860A Additional turn indicator lampS861A Data record without EOBDS862A Definit.of exhaust emission standard/COCS862A Fabric seat, front, with Taxi PackageS863A Retailer Directory EuropeS864A Retailer Directory OverseasS865A Storage trays / footrests in rearS866A Service Card GermanyS866A Language version, Chinese simpl.S866A Language version, trad. ChineseS867A Language version KoreanS868A Language version, DutchS868A Radio, factory prep. for ZF/ZIS869A Radio, factory prep. for ZG/ZZS869A Language version SwitzerlandS870A Equipment “Salt”S871A Equipment “Pepper”S872A Equipment “Chili”S872A Preparation f teleph.installation JapanS873A Dummy-SALAPAS874A Radio frequency 434 MHzS875A Infrared remote controlS876A Radio frequency 315 MHzS877A Delete cross-pattern operationS878A Thermal glazing without anti-glare stripS879A Operating instructions GermanS880A Operating instructions, EnglishS881A Operating instructions, FrenchS882A Gutschrift für ErstausstattungS883A Operating instructions, SpanishS884A Operating instructions, ItalianS885A Operating instructions, SwedishS886A Operating instructions, DutchS887A Operating instructions, ArabicS888A Operating instructions, DanishS889A Operating instructions, FinishS889A Operating instructions, PortugueseS890A Operating instructions JapaneseS891A Operating instructions, RussianS892A Owner?s manual, Chines. trad.S892A Owner?s Manual/Service manual, ChineseS895A Additional fanS896A Daytime driving light switchS897A Continuous tone for alarm systemS898A CKD versionS899A Visual signal for alarm systemS8A1A Language version PolishS8A2A Language version HungarianS8A3A Language version ArabicS8ABA China joint ventureS8ACA Dummy-SALAPAS8ADA Alpina Roadster SS8AEA Owner?s handbook/Service booklet, greekS8AFA Owner?s handbook/Service booklet, koreanS8AGA Chaffeur Handbook in EnglishS8AHA Owner?s Manual/Service manual, TurkishS8AKA Owner?s Manual/Service manual, SlovakianS8ALA Owner?s Manual/Service manual, CzechS8ARA Owner?s Manual/Service booklet, RomanianS8ASA Owner?s Manual/Service manual, ChineseS8ATA Owner?s handbook/service manual, PolishS8AUA Owner?s handbk/Service manual, HungarianS8EBA Steuerung EinzelbetriebserlaubnisS8HAA Dummy-SALAPAS8KAA Dummy-SALAPAS8KBA Dummy-SALAPAS8KCA Dummy-SALAPAS8KEA Dummy-SALAPAS8KKA Dummy-SALAPAS8KPA Dummy-SALAPAS8L1A Country controllerS8LBA Country controllerS8LFA Country controllerS8LHA Country controllerS8LMA Country controllerS8LRA Dummy-SALAPAS8LSA Country controllerS8LTA Country controllerS8S1A Decoding, daytime running lampsS8S2A Coding alarm signalS8S3A Automatic locking when driving offS8S4A Decoding variable light distributionS8S5A Deleted, Diesel particulate filterS8S6A Pre-specified for exportS8S7A Motor pool vehicle w/o TV functionS8S8A Country-specific nav. system supplyS8S9A Dummy-SALAPAS8SAA Navigation access request,country-spec.S8SBA Telematics access request,country-spec.S8SCA Telematics access request,country-spec.S8SDA Skid plate national versionsS8SEA 4-seats versionS8SFA Special edition “Sport”S8SGA Special edition “Exclusive”S8SHA Thailand engineS8SKA Deleted, Int. line graphit metallicS8SLA Trailer coupling preparationS8SMA Car ident. number visible from outsideS8SPA Control unit COPS8SPA Control unit CO2S8SRA Special edition “Lifestyle”S8SSA Special edition “Specialty control unit”S8STA Maintenance interval encoding, stage 3S8SUA Car ident. number SecurityS8SVA Hands-free kitS8SWA Transport protection foilS8SXA Prov.assignm.for Telematic/Online serv.S8SYA Dummy-SALAPAS8SZA Cornering lights decodingS8T1A ROBI-Optio-CodesS8T2A ROBI-Code extendedS8TAA Radio driver circuit, M DriveS8TBA Acoustic packageS8TCA Dummy-SALAPAS8TDA Decoding, speed limit infoS8TEA Frequency version, RDCS8TFA Active pedestrian protectionS8TGA Thiefproofing deviceS8THA SPEED LIMIT INFOS8TKA Passive pedestrian protectionS8TLA Dummy-SALAPAS8TMA Dummy-SALAPAS8TNA Dummy-SALAPAS8TPA Dummy-SALAPAS8V1A LabelS8V2A LabelS8V3A LabelS8V4A LabelS8V5A LabelS8V6A LabelS8V7A LabelS8WAA Dummy-SALAPAS8WBA Dummy-SALAPAS8Y1A Dummy-SALAPAS8Y2A Dummy-SALAPAS8Y3A Dummy-SALAPAS8Y4A Dummy-SALAPAS900A Electronic immobilizerS901A General special inspectionS902A Special inspection press vehiclesS903A FotofahrzeugS904A inspect.f type approval vehiclesS905A inspect.f demonstration vehiclesS906A FotofahrzeugS907A James Bond editionS908A Dummy-SALAPAS909A Dummy-SALAPAS910A Development vehicle w/o delivery inspec.S911A Development vehicle w. delivery inspec.S915A Delete clear coatS916A Development vehicle w/o coatingS917A Overseas preservationS918A Alpina B3, internS919A Doors, aluminumS920A Alpina without titleS921A Alpina B8, internS922A Alpina engine oil coolerS923A Deleted, Titan-LineS923A Grill center, narrowS924A Mirror, standard lens, passengerS924A Emergency spareS925A Transport protection packageS926A Spare wheelS927A Tourist handlingS927A All-season tiresS928A Tire controlS929A Dummy-SALAPAS930A Dummy-SALAPAS931A Winter instead of summer tires ex-fact.S932A Dummy-SALAPAS933A Dummy-SALAPAS934A Dummy-SALAPAS936A BMW Handy b. Ausliefer. anfordernS936A Light alloy wheel rims “SA”S937A Dummy-SALAPAS938A Individual seriesS938A Winter packageS939A Dummy-SALAPAS940A special equipment BMW IndividualS941A Dummy-SALAPAS942A Cancellation of special requestS943A Dummy-SALAPAS944A Subsequent conversion by individualS945A Dummy-SALAPAS946A Dummy-SALAPAS947A Dummy-SALAPAS954A Dummy-SALAPAS960A Steering angle stopS961A SPECIAL MOTORS962A Deleted, licence plate support frontS962A Engine characteristic graphS963A Thailand engine 2.4S964A Navi DVD to be requested at shippingS964A Provisional assignment for LA/optionS965A Additional opt. equipm. (front)+25KgS966A Additional opt. equipm. (front)+50KgS967A Additional opt. equipm. (rear)+25KgS968A Additional opt. equipm. (rear)+50KgS969A Navi DVD to be requested at shippingS969A Additional opt. equipm. (rear)+75KgS970A Business PackageS976A Backrest, reinforcedS978A Innovation packageS979A Business package IIS979A Value PackageS980A Exclusive packageS982A HardtopS983A Dummy-SALAPAS984A Maintenance interval encodingS984A Coding for none EU countriesS985A US radio completion setS986A Dummy-SALAPAS987A Dummy-SALAPAS988A Delete radioS988A Maintenance interval encodingS989A Dummy-SALAPAS990A Dummy-SALAPAS991A Dummy-SALAPAS992A Control of number-plate attachmentS993A model year in VINS994A Dummy-SALAPAS995A Dummy-SALAPAS996A HEA ALTS997A Dummy-SALAPAS998A Dummy-SALAPAS999A Job order management “HEA”S9AAA Outer skin protectionS9ABA Outer skin protection, eliminationS9ACA Dummy-SALAPAS9AEA Dummy-SALAPAS9AWA Shipment of BMW WorldS9MRA Special model M3 GTSS9W1A FAHRZEUGSTEUERUNG WERKS9WRA Winter wheelsS9XAA ALPINA PackageSDY0A Dummy-SALAPASDY1A Dummy-SALAPASDY2A Dummy-SALAPASDY3A Dummy-SALAPASDY4A Dummy-SALAPASDY5A Dummy-SALAPASDY6A Dummy-SALAPASDY7A Dummy-SALAPASDY8A Dummy-SALAPASDY9A Dummy-SALAPASRA1A Picnic tableSRA2A Vanity mirror, rearSRA3A REAR CAN HOLDERSRA4A Hight-qual. design. analog clock, frontSRA5A Floor mats, lambs woolSRA6A Floor mats, front and rearSRA7A Outside mirror with auto dipSRA8A Rear compartment foot restSRA9A Warning triangleSRAAA Interior door handle rearSRABA Briefcase integratedSRACA HumidorSRADA Umbrellas in the vehicleSRAEA Expanded leather equipmentSRAGA Clothes bag for trunkSRAHA Roller cover for luggage compartmentSRAKA Cover, dashboard, veneeredSRALA Dashboard, covered with leatherSRAMA Trunk trim panel in interior-colorSRAPA Steering wheel spokes , woodenSRARA Picknick trays, veneered, both sidesSRASA Drink cabinet for single seatsSRAUA RR logos on head restraintsSRAVA RR contrast logos on head restraintsSRAWA Drink cabinet for bench seat, rearSRAXA Contrast pipingSRAYA Preparation Stolen Vehicle TrackingSRB1A Steering wheel spokes, metallic coatedSRB2A Liquidmetal Bonnet WindscreenSRB6A ARMORED LIMOUSINESRC1A Stainless steel packSRC2A Teak deckingSRC3A Interior trim, veneerSRC4A Chrome and paint instead of woodSRC5A High-gloss stainless steel packageSRD1A Two-color paint, sideSRD2A Two-color paint, continuousSRD3A Ornamental line, singleSRD4A Ornamental line, doubleSRD5A Spirit of Ecstacy individualSRD6A blau chromSRD7A Contrast color, externalSRD8A Interior Mono PackageSRD9A Linear Colour PackageSRDAA Extended wheelbaseSRE3A Seat heating, front and rearSRE4A Universal remote in interior mirrorSRE5A Independent heatingSRE7A Charging socketSRE8A Reinforced power supplySRE9A Spirit of Ecstacy electr. retractableSREAA Curtains in the rearSREBA automatic trunk lid mechanismSRECA Air conditioning, rearSREDA Electric curtain for rear windowSREFA Sunshade rear window, oysterSREGA Sunshade rear window, blackSREHA Sun blind, rear compartment, oysterSREKA Sun blind, rear compartment, blackSRELA Camera SystemSREMA Cooler for single seatsSRENA Cooler for bench seat rearSREPA Rear compartment foot restSRERA Rear climate controlSREWA Extended wheelbaseSRF1A Spare wheel lght alloy wh.,chrome platedSRF2A Hub cap, chrome platedSRF3A Wheel center cap with RR symbolSRF4A Rolls-Royce LA wheel 21″SRF5A Rolls-Royce LA wheel 21″ chromium-platedSRF6A Hub cover, Sports style chromeSRF7A Dummy-SALAPASRF8A All-season tiresSRF9A Centre cap, stand. wheel, in car colourSRFAA Rolls-Royce LA wheel 20″SRFBA RR LA wheel, 20″ chromeSRFCA RR LA wheel, Seven Spoke 21″SRFDA RR LA wheel, Seven Spoke, 21″ polishedSRFPA RR LA wheel, Seven Spoke, 21″ polishedSRFRA Centre cap, stand. wheel, in car colourSRFTA 21″FORGED TEN SPOKE ALLOY WHEELSSRG1A Privacy glazingSRG1A RR LA wheel Star DesignSRG2A Privacy glazing, rear window onlySRG2A SW LA wheel Star 21″ polishedSRG3A Privacy glazing with clear windshieldSRG4A IR protection glazing f side windowSRG5A Sunshade glazing, rearSRG7A Headliner, cashmere, blackSRG8A Leather HeadliningSRG9A Expanded leather equipmentSRGGA CASHMERE HEADLINER IN DARK GREYSRGPA SW LA wheel Star 21″ polishedSRH1A Real wood version, mahogany crossbandingSRH2A Real wood version, mahogany crossbandingSRH3A Real wood version, Walnut BurrSRH4A Fine woodgrain, oak grain, crossb.SRH5A Fine woodgrain version, oak grainSRH6A Real wood version, elm cluster crossb.SRH7A Fine woodgrain, English elm clusterSRH8A Real wood vers. bird?s eye maple, crossbSRH9A Real wood version, bird?s eye maple.SRHAA Fine wood trim Black TulipSRHBA Fine woodgrain version, PalisanderSRHCA Fine woodgrain version, ash grainSRHDA Fine woodgrain version, Piano BlackSRHEA Wood interior fittings “Brown Oak”SRHFA Wood interior fittings “Chestnut Burr”SRHGA Fine woodgrain version, Oliv ash grainSRHHA Fine woodgrain, Mahagoni Flare crossb.SRHKA Fine wood, Santos Palisander, crossb.SRHMA Fine woodgrain, ash grain, crossb.SRHNA Wood interior trim “Zebrano”SRHPA Wood Interior Santos PalisanderSRHPA Wood Interior MalabarSRHRA Dark Wenge Straight GrainSRK1A Navi system with TV/onboard monitorSRK2A Rolls Royce AssistSRK5A Voice input systemSRL1A Padded steering wheelSRM1A Visible engine numberSRM2A Top Speed US/CDNSRM3A Exhaust end pipe, visibleSRM6A Driver´s PackageSRMKA EAST ASIA EDITIONSRP1A Business package ISRP2A Business package IISRPDA IPOD INTEGRATIONSRPPA Partition PreparationSRR5A CD changer, 6-slotSRR6A DVD changer, 6-slotSRR7A Navi DVD: North AmericaSRR8A Navi DVD EuropeSRR9A Navi DVD: Arabian PeninsulaSRRAA Navi DVD JapanSRRBA Navi DVD Singapore and MalaysiaSRRDA Navi DVD China/HongkongSRREA Navi DVD KoreaSRRSA Starlight headlinerSRS1A Two individual seats, rearSRS2A Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, frontSRS3A Theatre Configuration Lounge SeatSRS4A Front sunroof discontinuedSRS5A Preparations for insert, glove boxSRS6A EXTENDED STORAGE OPTIONSRSCA Starlight headliner “bamboo”SRSDA Starlight headliner “dark gray”SRT1A Car phone with cordless receiverSRT3A Preparation f mobile phone cpl. USA/CDNSRT4A Second receiver in the rear, cordlessSRT5A Complete preparation for mobile phoneSRT6A Integral telephone w cordless handsetSRT7A Prep., mob. phone, Bluetooth interfaceSRV1A Softtop, blackSRV2A Softtop dark beigeSRV3A Folding top, blueSRV4A Folding top, redSRV5A Folding top, greenSRV6A Convertible top, metallic appearanceSRXLA Extended bootSRZ1A Dummy-SALAPASV01A Dummy-SALAPASV02A Dummy-SALAPASV03A Dummy-SALAPASV04A Dummy-SALAPASV05A Dummy-SALAPASV06A Dummy-SALAPASV07A Dummy-SALAPASV08A Dummy-SALAPASV09A Dummy-SALAPASV0AA Dummy-SALAPASV0BA Dummy-SALAPASV0CA Dummy-SALAPASV0DA Dummy-SALAPASV0EA Dummy-SALAPASV0FA Dummy-SALAPASV0GA Dummy-SALAPASV0HA Dummy-SALAPASV0IA Dummy-SALAPASV0JA Dummy-SALAPASV0KA Dummy-SALAPASV0LA Dummy-SALAPASV0MA Dummy-SALAPASV0NA Dummy-SALAPASV0OA Dummy-SALAPASV0PA Dummy-SALAPASV0QA Dummy-SALAPASV0RA Dummy-SALAPASV0SA Dummy-SALAPASV0TA Dummy-SALAPASV0UA Dummy-SALAPASV0VA Dummy-SALAPASV0WA Dummy-SALAPASV0XA Dummy-SALAPASV0YA Dummy-SALAPASV0ZA Dummy-SALAPASV10A Dummy-SALAPASV11A Dummy-SALAPASV12A Dummy-SALAPASV13A Dummy-SALAPASV14A Dummy-SALAPASV15A Dummy-SALAPASV16A Dummy-SALAPASV17A Dummy-SALAPASV18A Dummy-SALAPASV19A Dummy-SALAPASV1AA Dummy-SALAPASV1BA Dummy-SALAPASV1CA Dummy-SALAPASV1DA Dummy-SALAPASV1EA Delete roof railSV1FA Delete rear bench seatSV1GA Dummy-SALAPASV1HA Dummy-SALAPASV1IA Dummy-SALAPASV1JA Dummy-SALAPASV1KA Dummy-SALAPASV1LA Dummy-SALAPASV1MA Dummy-SALAPASV1NA Dummy-SALAPASV1OA Dummy-SALAPASV1PA Dummy-SALAPASV1QA Dummy-SALAPASV1RA Dummy-SALAPASV1SA Dummy-SALAPASV1TA Dummy-SALAPASV1UA Dummy-SALAPASV1VA Dummy-SALAPASV1WA Dummy-SALAPASV1YA Dummy-SALAPASV1ZA Dummy-SALAPASV20A Dummy-SALAPASV21A Dummy-SALAPASV22A Dummy-SALAPASV23A Dummy-SALAPASV24A Dummy-SALAPASV25A Dummy-SALAPASV26A Dummy-SALAPASV27A Dummy-SALAPASV28A Dummy-SALAPASV29A Dummy-SALAPASV2AA Dummy-SALAPASV2BA Dummy-SALAPASV2CA Dummy-SALAPASV2DA Dummy-SALAPASV2EA Dummy-SALAPASV2FA Dummy-SALAPASV2GA Dummy-SALAPASV2HA Dummy-SALAPASV2IA Dummy-SALAPASV2JA Dummy-SALAPASV2KA Dummy-SALAPASV2LA Dummy-SALAPASV2MA Dummy-SALAPASV2NA Dummy-SALAPASV2PA Dummy-SALAPASV2QA Dummy-SALAPASV2RA Dummy-SALAPASV2SA Dummy-SALAPASV2TA Dummy-SALAPASV2UA Dummy-SALAPASV2VA Dummy-SALAPASV2WA Dummy-SALAPASV2XA Dummy-SALAPASV2YA Dummy-SALAPASV30A Soft-Close-AutomaticSV31A Dummy-SALAPASV32A Dummy-SALAPASV33A Dummy-SALAPASV34A Dummy-SALAPASV35A Dummy-SALAPASV36A Dummy-SALAPASV37A Dummy-SALAPASV38A Dummy-SALAPASV39A Dummy-SALAPASV3AA Dummy-SALAPASV3BA Dummy-SALAPASV3CA Dummy-SALAPASV3DA Dummy-SALAPASV3EA Dummy-SALAPASV3FA Dummy-SALAPASV3GA Dummy-SALAPASV40A Dummy-SALAPASV41A Dummy-SALAPASV42A Dummy-SALAPASV43A Dummy-SALAPASV44A Dummy-SALAPASV45A Dummy-SALAPASV46A Dummy-SALAPASV47A Dummy-SALAPASV48A Dummy-SALAPASV49A Dummy-SALAPASV4AA Dummy-SALAPASV4BA Dummy-SALAPASV4CA Dummy-SALAPASV4DA Dummy-SALAPASV50A Dummy-SALAPASV51A Dummy-SALAPASV52A Dummy-SALAPASV53A Dummy-SALAPASV54A Dummy-SALAPASV55A Dummy-SALAPASV56A Dummy-SALAPASV57A Dummy-SALAPASV58A Dummy-SALAPASV59A Dummy-SALAPASV5AA Dummy-SALAPASV5BA Dummy-SALAPASV5CA Dummy-SALAPASV5DA Dummy-SALAPASV60A Deleted DSC moduleSV61A Trailer couplingSV62A Airbag inertSV62A AntennaSV63A Airbag deactivationSV63A Engine emergency off switchSV64A Fire extinguisher + emergency hammerSV64A Emission tankSV65A Dummy-SALAPASV66A Dummy-SALAPASV67A Dummy-SALAPASV68A Dummy-SALAPASV69A Mirror attachment functionSV6AA Dummy-SALAPASV6BA Dummy-SALAPASV6CA Dummy-SALAPASV6DA Dummy-SALAPASV6HA Dummy-SALAPASV6IA Dummy-SALAPASV70A Dummy-SALAPASV71A Container, headlight washer sys, frontSV72A Rear window washer container, frontSV73A Storage tray in instrument panelSV74A Dummy-SALAPASV75A Dummy-SALAPASV76A Dummy-SALAPASV77A Up-rated fuel pumpSV78A ABS sensor, variant 1SV79A ABS sensor, variant 2SV7AA Dummy-SALAPASV7BA Dummy-SALAPASV7CA Dummy-SALAPASV7DA Dummy-SALAPASV7EA Dummy-SALAPASV7FA Dummy-SALAPASV7GA Dummy-SALAPASV7HA Dummy-SALAPASV7IA Dummy-SALAPASV80A Hood hingeSV81A Headliner, 2-layerSV82A Dummy-SALAPASV83A Battery traySV84A D-pillar reinforcementSV85A Dummy-SALAPASV86A Dummy-SALAPASV88A 4-wheel driveSV8AA Dummy-SALAPASV8CA Dummy-SALAPASV8DA Dummy-SALAPASV8EA Dummy-SALAPASV8FA Dummy-SALAPASV8GA Dummy-SALAPASV8HA Dummy-SALAPASV8KA Dummy-SALAPASV8LA Dummy-SALAPASV8MA Dummy-SALAPASV8NA Dummy-SALAPASV8PA Dummy-SALAPASV90A Dummy-SALAPASV91A Dummy-SALAPASV92A Partial construction with panoramic roofSV99A Dummy-SALAPASV9AA Dummy-SALAPASV9BA Dummy-SALAPASV9CA Dummy-SALAPASV9DA Dummy-SALAPASV9EA Dummy-SALAPASV9FA Dummy-SALAPASV9GA Dummy-SALAPASV9HA Dummy-SALAPASV9IA Dummy-SALAPASV9JA Dummy-SALAPASV9KA Dummy-SALAPASV9LA Dummy-SALAPASV9MA Dummy-SALAPASV9NA Dummy-SALAPASVDAA Dummy-SALAPASVSBA All-season tiresSVZ1A Dummy-SALAPASVZ2A Dummy-SALAPASVZ3A Dummy-SALAPASVZ4A Dummy-SALAPASVZ5A Dummy-SALAPASVZ6A Dummy-SALAPASVZ7A Dummy-SALAPASVZ8A Dummy-SALAPASVZAA Dummy-SALAPASVZBA Dummy-SALAPASVZCA Dummy-SALAPASVZDA Dummy-SALAPASVZEA Dummy-SALAPASVZFA Dummy-SALAPASVZGA Dummy-SALAPASVZHA Dummy-SALAPASVZKA Dummy-SALAPASVZLA Dummy-SALAPASVZMA Dummy-SALAPASVZNA Dummy-SALAPASVZPA Dummy-SALAPASVZRA Dummy-SALAPASVZSA Dummy-SALAPASVZTA Dummy-SALAPASVZUA Dummy-SALAPASVZVA Dummy-SALAPASVZWA Dummy-SALAPASVZXA Dummy-SALAPASVZYA Dummy-SALAPASVZZA Dummy-SALAPASXAAA Individual R.S. Infotainment onlineSXABA Individual R.S. InfotainmentSXD1A Special Edition carbon/gold-brownSXD2A Special Edition stratus/ecruSXD3A Special edition carbon/ecruSXD4A Special edition stratus/gold-brownSXD5A Indi. headliner AlcantaraSXD6A Individual SASXD7A Dummy-SALAPASXD8A Dummy-SALAPASXE1A Indi. woodgrain, walnut AmaroneSXE2A Indi. fine wood quilted maple anthraciteSXE3A Indi. woodgrain, eucalyptus barSXE4A Indi. woodgrain olive red/brownSXE5A Indi. fine wood sycamore red-brown darkSXE6A Indi. fine wood satin walnut honigbraunSXE7A Indi. int. strips, piano lacquer, blackSXE8A Indi. Int. piano lacquer, black, tarsiaSXE9A Dummy-SALAPASXEXA IND. EDELH. ESCHE MASER WEISSSXEYA Alpina woodgrainSXEZA Alpina piano varnishSXF1A BMW Individual rear emblemSXL1A Indi. wood insert leather steering wheelSXL2A Indi. lthr tarsia leather steering wheelSXT1A Indi. I-panel with leather coverSZBBA Test Workshop SA3SZC1A Freizeitjacke/-westeSZC2A Interior pocketSZC3A Aluminum caseSZC4A BMW Performance Interior moldings CarbonSZC5A 16″ WTW Double Spoke 268SZC6A 18″ WTW Double Spoke 238SZC7A 19″ WTW Double Spoke 238SZC8A 19″ WTW Multi Spoke 235SZC9A 19″ WTW Star Spoke 251SZCAA 18″ WTW Double Spoke 234SZCBA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 250SZCCA Car toolSZCDA Paddock standSZCEA Charging deviceSZCFA tarpaulinSZCGA Impact protrectorsSZCHA Sport mufflerSZCIA Carbon coverSZCJA Mini-footpumpSZCKA Emergency kitSZCLA Cylinder head coverSZCMA Sprocket coverSZCNA Valve cover protectorSZCOA Safety screw for oil fillerSZCPA Grill coverSZCQA Balaclava / neck warmerSZCRA Headlight guardSZCSA Engine guardSZCTA Camber sensorSZCUA Hand lever, machinedSZCVA Impact protectionSZCWA Function undergarmentsSZCXA Can holderSZCYA REAR VIEW MIRRORSZCZA Handle unitSZD0A 16″ light alloy S-Winder R102SZD1A Performance shift knobSZD2A 15″ WTW 7 Hole Spoke R81SZD3A Carbon exterior componentsSZD4A Spats in vehicle colorSZD5A Service productsSZD6A Roof flagsSZD7A 15″ light alloy S-Star Spooler R100SZD8A 15″ LAW Rotator Spoke R101SZD9A 16″ light alloy Double Spoke R87SZDAA 17″ light alloy crown spoke R104SZDBA 16″ light alloy Bridge Spoke R94SZDCA 16″ light alloy 5-Star Blaster R103SZDDA 17″ light alloy flame spoke R97SZDEA 17″ light alloy web spoke composite R98SZDFA 16″ WKR Double Spoke R87SZDGA 16″ WKR S-Winder R102SZDHA Roof decorSZDIA Roof spoilerSZDJA Decor strips Sport StripesSZDKA Decor strips Bonnet StripesSZDLA Paint and wheel careSZDMA Window cleanerSZDNA Interior careSZDOA Convertible and Roadster careSZDPA Special applicationsSZDQA GPS, portableSZDRA Cable adapter for iPodSZDSA Snap-in adapter for BluetoothSZDTA Emergency bagSZDUA Junior Seat II-IIISZDVA Selector-lever grip, leatherSZDWA Selector lever handleSZDXA Handbrake handle leatherSZDYA Additional headlightSZDZA LA wheel Double spoke 125, 18-inchSZE1A Aerodynamics components for M PackageSZE2A Body stylingSZE3A Aerodynamics packageSZE4A Rear spoilerSZE5A Exhaust tailpipe trimSZE6A Sports rear silencerSZE7A Cornering light/fog lampSZE8A Taillights, Black-LineSZE9A White taillightsSZEAA Auxiliary xenon high beamSZEBA Paint protection foil, transparentSZECA Moulding rocker panelsSZEDA Strut braceSZEEA Rear carrierSZEFA Exterior mirror flapsSZEGA SLIPSTREAM DEFLECTORSZEHA Luggage compartment strapsSZEIA Cargo area reversible matSZEJA Wind deflectorSZEKA Storage compartment, instrument panelSZELA Workshop productsSZEMA Underride portectionSZENA Multifunctional backpackSZEOA Diesel particle filterSZEPA 15″ WTW 5 Star Spooler R100SZEQA 16″ WTW Bridge Spoke, silver, R94SZERA 15″ WTW Cross Spoke 42SZESA 17″ WTW Double Spoke 79SZETA 17″ WTW Star Spoke 57SZEUA 17″ WTW V Spoke 130SZEVA 17″ WTW Star Spoke 200SZEWA USB interface for the ACMSZEXA Door entry strips, lightedSZEYA Park Distance Control (PDC)SZEZA Ice scraperSZF1A CD/DVD storage bagSZF2A Clean BagSZF3A Halogen reading lampSZF4A HAND LAMPSZF5A Aluminum footrestSZF6A Aluminum pedalsSZF7A Floor mat, fabricSZF8A Floor mat, rubberSZF9A High-grade steel pedal coversSZFAA Belt holderSZFBA Parking brake handle, woodSZFCA Parking brake handle, metalSZFDA Leather parking brake grip w. decor clipSZFEA frei vergebbarSZFFA Baby Seat 0+, with/without ISOFIXSZFGA Junior Seat IISZFHA Junio Seat IIISZFIA Junior Seat I-II, with/without ISOFIXSZFJA Leather steering wheel, decor trim, woodSZFKA Leather sports st. wheel + decor trimSZFLA Sport shift knobSZFMA Leather shift knob with decor clipSZFNA Leather Sport shift knob with decor clipSZFOA Seat cover BMW designSZFPA Seat cover, lamb?s woolSZFQA Ski and snowboard caseSZFRA SunshadeSZFSA Cargo edge guard matSZFTA Door sill trim stripsSZFUA Selector lever grip w/ decor clipSZFVA Rear bagSZFWA Luggage setSZFXA Leather retrofitSZFYA Cup holderSZFZA Trim ringsSZG1A FreizeithoseSZG2A Fleece jacketSZG3A Fleece shirtSZG4A Scarf / shawlSZG5A Regenanzug/-overallSZG6A Functional wear sockSZG7A Kids Anzug/JackeSZG8A Protektorenjacke/-westeSZG9A Neck braceSZGAA Jet helmetSZGBA Fork guardSZGCA Enduro HelmetSZGDA FootrestsSZGEA Frame guardSZGFA HandleSZGGA Chain guardSZGHA Mudguard rearSZGIA Integral helmetSZGJA HipBagSZGKA BluetoothSZGLA Radio partition insertSZGMA Suitcase protective wrapSZGNA Bench seatSZGOA Variotop caseSZGPA TopSZGQA Top Case, smallSZGRA Top Case carrierSZGSA Work lightSZGTA Tail light, LEDSZGUA Tyre holderSZGVA SweatshirtSZGWA Schlüsselanhänger/-tascheSZGXA BagSZGYA TrinkpakSZGZA Flip-up helmetSZH1A Star spoke 145, 19-inchSZH2A Star spoke 146, 19-inchSZH3A Star spoke 147, 19-inchSZH4A Double spoke 150, 19-inchSZH5A Multi-Function AssistantSZH6A 18″ LAW V Spoke 206SZH7A BMW Performance selector lever handleSZH8A BMW Performance parking brake handleSZH9A 19″ WTW V Spoke 257SZHAA 16″ STW steel wheel 12SZHBA 18″ LMR M Doppelspeiche 219SZHCA 18″ LMR M Doppelspeiche 260SZHDA 18″ Winter Tire and Wheel V Spoke 281SZHEA 21″ LAW Y-spoke 375 BMW PerformanceSZHFA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 276SZHGA 17″ Winter Tire and Wheel V Spoke 318SZHHA 17″ Winter Tire and Wheel Star Spoke 319SZHIA Interior bicycle holderSZHJA 20″ LMR M Doppelspeiche 310SZHKA Daytime running lampsSZHLA Radio, multifunctionSZHMA Multifunct.lugg.compartm.mat w.fold.contSZHMA All-weather matsSZHNA Roof antennaSZHOA 18?? Winter compl.wheel Radial Spoke 237SZHPA Travel & Comfort SystemSZHQA 17-inch WKR V-Spoke 304SZHRA 17-inch WKR V-Spoke 305SZHSA 18-inch WKR V-Spoke 307SZHTA 19?? Winter wheel/tire Double spoke 309SZHUA 19″ LMR Double Spoke R129SZHVA 16″ WKR 5-Star Single Spoke R122SZHWA 17″ WKR 5-Star Double Spoke R124SZHXA 17″ WKR Double Spoke R99SZHYA Chrome package for interiorSZHZA 16?? Winter compl.wheel, steel wheel R12SZJ1A Universal liftSZJ2A Folding containerSZJ3A Rear guard coverSZJ4A Cup holder-moduleSZJ5A Coat hangerSZJ6A Cool bagSZJ7A Seat-back storage pocketSZJ8A Umbrella holderSZJ9A Storage compartment moduleSZJAA Roof boxSZJBA Base support systemSZJCA Luggage basketSZJDA Ski and snowboard mountSZJEA SUPPORT SNOWBOARDSZJFA Surfboard rackSZJGA Universal mountSZJHA Bicycle rack for trailer couplingSZJIA Bicycle liftSZJJA Racing bike rack, lockingSZJKA Touring bike rack, lockingSZJLA Non-skid matSZJMA Trunk room netSZJNA Fitted luggage compartment matSZJOA Door handles with flagsSZJPA Key fobSZJQA Interior surfacesSZJRA Luggage compartment tie-down strapsSZJSA Luggage-compartment dividing grillSZJTA Luggage compartment linerSZJUA Cargo edge protective foilSZJVA Luggage compartment coverSZJWA Multifix SystemSZJXA Pocket holderSZJYA Dog harnessSZJZA Wing mirror extension for trailer towingSZK1A AUX connectionSZK2A Hands-free facility UniversalSZK3A BMW DVD System AdvancedSZK4A BMW DVD System for the Control DisplaySZK5A BMW Portable DVD systemSZK6A iPOD interfaceSZK7A BMW Radio navigationSZK8A Digital street mapsSZK9A Rear ViewSZKAA Side ViewSZKBA Electronic log bookSZKCA Bracket for GPS PortableSZKDA Ski- und SnowboardtascheSZKEA 18? LAW V Spoke 281SZKFA 19? LAW V Spoke 281SZKGA 20″ LAW V Spoke 281SZKHA 17? Winter Tire and Wheel Star Spoke 327SZKIA Ski- und Snowboardtasche ProSZKJA Battery chargerSZKKA Loading sill coverSZKLA Driver utility setSZKMA Rubber floor mat, ClassicSZKNA AshtraySZKOA 20″ WTW Y Spoke 214SZKPA 17″ WTW Double Spoke 238SZKQA 17″ WKR Sternspeiche 317SZKRA 16″ WKR Doppelspeiche 154SZKSA Trunk room netSZKTA 16? WTW Star Spoke 45SZKUA 17″ WTW Double Spoke 98SZKVA 18″ WCW Ellipsoid Styling 91SZKWA 17? WTW Star Spoke 233SZKXA DVD-system in rear compartmentSZKYA 17? WTW Multi Spoke 284SZKZA Mission ControlSZL0A 21″ LAW Double Spoke 215SZL1A 16″ LAW Radial Spoke 50SZL2A 17″ LAW Double Spoke 178SZL3A 17″ LAW Cross Spoke 144SZL4A 18″ LAW Double Spoke 129SZL5A 18″ LAW Double Spoke 182SZL6A Double spoke 195, 18-inchSZL7A 18″ LAW Double Spoke composite wheel 71SZL8A 18″ LAW Radial Spoke 196SZL9A 18″ LAW Star Spoke 180SZLAA Star spoke 181, 18-inchSZLBA Star spoke composite 179, 18-inchSZLCA Double spoke 125, 19-inchSZLDA 19″ LAW Radial Spoke composite wheel 198SZLEA Star spoke 128, 19-inchSZLFA Star spoke 199, 19-inchSZLGA Radial spoke bicolor 190, 19-inchSZLHA Star spoke composite 179, 19-inchSZLIA 18″ LAW M Double Spoke 184SZLJA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 89SZLKA Radial spoke 32, 18-inchSZLLA 19?? LMR M Kreuzspeiche 101SZLMA V spoke 239, 21-inchSZLNA 21″ light alloy double spoke 275SZLOA Cross spoke 197, 18-inchSZLPA 18″ LAW Radial Spoke 216SZLQA 18″ LAW Performance Double Spoke 269SZLRA 18″ light alloy star spoke R95SZLSA 18″ LAW Double Spoke Composite R109SZLTA 18″ LAW Double Spoke R105SZLUA 17″ WTW Star Spoke 165SZLVA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 153SZLWA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 69SZLXA Lug bolt retainerSZLYA Mud flapsSZLZA Snow chainsSZM1A Tow rope/tow barSZM2A Fire extinguisher, powder-typeSZM3A Jumper cables in Original BMW caseSZM4A First aid kitSZM5A Vehicle jack setSZM6A Warning triangleSZM7A WARNING VESTSZM8A Car coverSZM9A Non PaintsSZMAA Hard-shell caseSZMBA PaintsSZMCA Ski-snowboard carrier for rear mountingSZMDA Mobility SetSZMEA Fuel canister in spare wheelSZMFA Hifi system, AlpineSZMGA BMW Performance strut tower brace, aluSZMHA 17″ WKR Double Spoke 116SZMIA Glasses caseSZMJA 19″ LAW V Spoke 324SZMKA DVD system TabletSZMLA Vario caseSZMMZ System caseSZMNA T-ShirtSZMOA Shirt long-sleevedSZMPA ShirtSZMQA Sweatshirt jacketSZMRA TrousersSZMSA CapSZMTA BackpackSZMUA Belt / harnessSZMVA MiniatureSZMWA GlassesSZMXA LEATHER SUITSZMYA Textile suitSZMZA GlovesSZN1A Side scuttles support setSZN2A Air inlet coverSZN3A TRUNK LID GRIPSZN4A Inside rearview mirror capSZN5A Accessory Control Menu ACMSZN6A Infrared headphonesSZN7A DVB-T Set-top boxSZN8A Winter traction aidSZN9A BMW Performance door sill moldingsSZO1A Aluminum top-caseSZO2A Duffle bagSZO3A JacketSZO4A tank-top bagSZO5A Tank-BagSZO6A Rear pocketSZO7A Windshield, tintedSZO8A Sports caseSZO9A Soft bagSZOAA PoloshirtSZOBA Liner glovesSZOCA VESTSZODA WindbreakerSZOEA Kids KurzarmSZOFA InsertSZOGA Cable adapter for iPodSZOHA Footboards chromeSZOIA Helmet pocketSZOJA Kidsbike NFSZOKA Audio systemSZOLA MiscellaneousSZOMA Sew-on / pinSZONA BootsSZOOA BMW Motorrad communications systemSZOPA Kids LangarmSZOQA HP Race PartsSZORA Reserved for UXSZOSA Reserved for UXSZOTA Reserved for UXSZOUA Reserved for UXSZOVA Reserved for UXSZOWA Reserved for UXSZOXA Reserved for UXSZOYA Reserved for UXSZOZA Reserved for UXSZP0A Reserved for UXSZP1A BMW Performance brake systemSZP2A BMW Performance air-induction systemSZP3A BMW Performance muffler systemSZP4A BMW Performance shift travel reductionSZP5A BMW Performance suspensionSZP6A BMW Performance accent stripsSZP7A 17″ WTW Star Spoke 256SZP8A BMW Performance Sport steering wheelSZP9A Interior trim finishersSZPAA BMW Performance Sport SeatSZPBA 18″ WTW V Spoke 254SZPCA BMW Performance strut tower brace carbonSZPDA Snap-in adapter with USB interfaceSZPEA BMW Performance Alu footrestSZPFA BMW Performance Alu pedal platesSZPGA Multimedia caseSZPHA BMW Performance Aerodynamics PackageSZPIA Telematics platform accessorySZPJA Additional instrumentsSZPKA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 99SZPLA 18″ Winter light alloy double spoke 93SZPMA 18″ WTW Multi Spoke 94SZPNA Inside pocket for hard-shell caseSZPOA 16″ WTW Star Spoke 104SZPPA Storage net in footwellSZPQA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 209SZPRA 18″ WTW Cross Spoke 177SZPSA 15″ LAW Star Spoke R86SZPTA Car care setsSZPUA 18″ LAW Double Spoke 238SZPVA 17″ LAW Star Spoke 158SZPWA 19″ WTW Y Spoke 211SZPXA 19″ LAW Double Spoke 75SZPYA 18?? WKR M Doppelspeiche 270SZPZA 20″ LAW Star Spoke 87SZQ1A Decor trim cover, steering wheelSZQ2A frei vergebbarSZQ3A 18″ LAW M Star Spoke 193SZQ4A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 122SZQ5A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 138SZQ6A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 90SZQ7A 17″ LAW V Spoke 141SZQ8A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 142SZQ9A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 105SZQAA 17″ LAW Double Spoke 161SZQBA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 123SZQCA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 124SZQDA 18″ LAW Double Spoke 93SZQEA 18″ LAW Radial Spoke 118SZQFA 18″ LAW V Spoke 217SZQGA 18″ LAW Y Spoke 114SZQHA 18″ LAW Ellipsoid Styling 107SZQIA 18″ LAW Ellipsoid Styling 162SZQJA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 74SZQKA 19″ LAW Star Spoke 95SZQLA 19″ LAW Y Spoke 191SZQMA LA wheel, V spoke 63, 19-inchSZQNA 20″ LAW Y Spoke 214SZQOA 16″ LAW Radial Spoke 139SZQPA 16″ LAW Star Spoke 140SZQQA 19″ light alloy double spoke 238SZQRA Decor trim for gear selectorSZQSA 15″ WKR Star Spoke R86SZQTA 16″ WKR Double Spoke R88SZQUA 16″ WKR X-Lite Styling R84SZQVA 17″ WKR S-Spoke R85SZQWA 16″ WTW 7 Spoke R92SZQXA 15″ WTW 8 Spoke R82SZQYA 18?? LMR M Kreuzspeiche 101SZQZA 20?? LMR M Kreuzspeiche 101SZR0A 19″ LAW Performance Double Spoke 269SZR1A 16″ LAW Radial Spoke 32SZR2A 17″ LAW Radial Spoke 32SZR3A 21″ LAW Star Spoke 128SZR4A 17″ LAW Star Spoke 199SZR5A 19″ LAW Star Spoke 89SZR6A 17″ LAW Cross Spoke 238SZR7A 18″ LAW Cross Spoke 238SZR8A 19″ LAW Cross Spoke 238SZR9A 20″ light alloy cross spoke 238SZRAA 21″ LAW Cross Spoke 238SZRBA 20″ LAW Cross Spoke 177SZRCA 19″ LAW Cross Spoke 177SZRDA 18″ LAW Cross Spoke 177SZREA 17″ LAW M Double Spoke 207SZRFA 18?? LMR M Doppelspeiche 135SZRGA 19″ WTW V Spoke 223MSZRHA 19?? LMR M Doppelspeiche 172SZRIA Stone impact guard foilSZRJA 17″ LAW Double Spoke 238SZRKA 16″ WTW Star Spoke 102SZRLA 17″ WTW Star Spoke 90SZRMA 17″ WTW Double Spoke 103SZRNA 17″ WTW Cross Spoke 133SZROA 19?? WKR M V-Speiche 298SZRPA 17″ Spare tire Styling 84SZRQA 19″ WTW Cross Spoke 177SZRRA 19″ LAW Star Spoke 230SZRSA Shoe caseSZRTA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 246SZRUA 18″ LAW Double Spoke 247SZRVA 18″ WTW Star Spoke 74SZRWA 20″ LAW Y Spoke 149SZRXA Case for spare tireSZRYA 19″ WTW Star Spoke 232SZRZA 20″ LAW Radial Spoke 32SZS1A 20″ LAW V Spoke 168SZS2A 19″ LAW Spoke Styling 176SZS3A BMW Performance Power KitSZS4A 17″ WTW Star Spoke 276SZS5A 17″ WKR Sternspeiche 290SZS6A 20″ light alloy cross spoke 312SZS7A 20″ LAW Star Spoke 311SZS8A 20″ LAW V Spoke 356SZS9A 19″ LAW Star Spoke 361SZSAA 20″ LAW Star Spoke 361SZSBA 17?? Winter compl.wheel Tunnel SpokeR125SZSCA 18? Winter complete wheel Star Spoke 330SZSDA 18? Winter complete wheel Star Spoke 320SZSEA 18? Winter complete wheel V-spoke 328SZSFA 18?? Winter compl.wheel Turbine style329SZSGA 17? Winter complete wheel V-spoke 236SZSHA 17?? Winter complete wheel Y-spoke 305SZSIA 16? Winter complete wheel Star Spoke 255SZSJA 16?? Winter compl. wheel Multi Spoke 282SZSKA 20?? Winter complete wheel V-spoke 299MSZSLA 20?? LMR Vielspeiche 410SZSMA Daytime running lampsSZSNA 19″ LMR M Y-Speiche 359SZSOA LehnenschutzSZSPA Designblenden Stossfänger/SchwellerSZSQA Interieurleisten aufklebbarSZSZA Electric propulsion unitSZT1A HP instrument clusterSZT2A HP engine spoilerSZT3A HP stickersSZT4A Smart Phone IntegrationSZT5A Reserved for UXSZT6A Reserved for UXSZT7A Reserved for UXSZT8A Reserved for UXSZT9A HP forged wheelSZTAA Reserved for UXSZTBA Reserved for UXSZTCA Reserved for UXSZTDA Reserved for UXSZTEA Reserved for UXSZTFA Reserved for UXSZTGA Reserved for UXSZTHA Reserved for UXSZTIA Reserved for UXSZTJA Reserved for UXSZTKA Reserved for UXSZTLA Reserved for UXSZTMA Reserved for UXSZTNA Reserved for UXSZTOA Reserved for UXSZTPA Reserved for UXSZTQA Reserved for UXSZTRA Kidney beltSZTSA HP cover for fuel tankSZTTA HP Carbon partsSZTUA HP hand lever, foldingSZTVA Connectivity snap-in adapterSZTWA HP brake pedal/shift lever, milledSZTXA HP footrest systemSZTYA Junior BikeSZTZA HP lap timerSZV0A 18″ light alloy cross spoke R113SZV1A 16″ LAW Cross Spoke R90SZV2A 17″ LAW Cross Spoke Composite R90SZV3A 17″ LAW Double Spoke R99SZV4A 17″ LAW S-Spoke R85SZV5A 17″ LAW Multi-Spoke R108SZV6A MINI valve capsSZV7A Sunscreen-filmSZV8A License plate holderSZV9A 17″ LA cross spoke challenge R112SZVAA 17″ WTW Cross Spoke R114SZW0A 15″ WKR steel wheel 12SZW1A 16″ WKR trapezoid design 134SZW2A 16″ WKR Star Spoke 115SZW3A 16″ WKR Radial Spoke 50SZW4A 16″ WKR Radial Spoke 139SZW5A 16″ WKR V-Spoke 229SZW6A 16″ WKR Double Spoke 156SZW7A 16″ WKR Radial Spoke 32SZW8A 16″ WKR Star Spoke 155SZW9A 16″ WKR steel wheel 12SZWAA 16″ WKR Star Spoke 151SZWBA 16″ WKR Star Spoke 140SZWCA 17″ WKR Radial-spoke 244SZWDA 17″ WKR Star spoke 138SZWEA 17″ WKR Star spoke 243SZWFA 17″ WKR Star spoke 122SZWGA 17″ WKR Star spoke 117SZWHA 17″ WKR V-Spoke 110SZWIA 17″ WKR Double Spoke 111SZWJA 17″ WKR Double Spoke 112SZWKA 17″ WKR V-Spoke 141SZWLA 17″ WKR Star Spoke 199SZWMA 17″ WKR Radial Spoke 32SZWNA 17″ WKR Star Spoke 158SZWOA 17″ WKR Star Spoke 159SZWPA 18″ WKR Radial Spoke 118SZWQA 18″ WKR M Double Spoke 184SZWRA 18″ WKR M Double Spoke 164SZWSA 18″ WKR Star Spoke 143SZWTA Glove compartment partitionsSZWUA Oddments trays center consoleSZWVA 17″ WTW Steel wheel 12SZWWA 17″ WTW Star Spoke 105SZWXA Center armrest with storage traySZWYA 17″ LAW Cross Spoke 133SZWZA 17″ LAW Double Spoke 71SZX0A JCW Gear Shift IndicatorSZX1A JCW Aerodynamics PackageSZX2A JCW Rear spoiler, CarbonSZX3A JCW Trunk lid handle, CarbonSZX4A JCW Door mirror covers, CarbonSZX5A JCW Air intake trim, CarbonSZX6A JCW Sport brakes, 16″SZX7A JCW cross-drilled brake rotorSZX8A JCW Strut tower braceSZX9A JCW Car CoverSZXAA JCW Sport seat, leatherSZXBA JCW Steering wheel rim, leatherSZXCA JCW Trim panel, CarbonSZXDA JCW Shift knob with Carbon clipSZXEA JCW Shifter bootSZXFA JCW Parking brake handle w. Carbon clipSZXGA JCW Door sill strip with logoSZXHA JCW Foot mat with Checkered FlagSZXIA JCW Tuning KitSZXJA JCW Sport suspensionSZXKA JCW Coil springs, redSZXLA JCW Side scuttles trim cover setSZXMA 16″ LAW Double Spoke R88SZXNA 17″ WTW Flame Spoke R97SZXOA 20″ LAW Double Spoke 238SZXPA 21″ LAW Double Spoke 238SZXQA 21″ LAW Cross Spoke 312SZXRA 21″ LAW Star Spoke 311SZXSA 19″ LAW Star Spoke 311SZXTA 18″ LAW Star Spoke 311SZXUA 17″ LAW Star Spoke 276SZXVA 19″ LAW Star Spoke 276SZXWA 18″ LAW Performance Double Spoke 313SZXXA 19″ LAW Performance Double Spoke 313SZXYA 17″ Spare tire, steelSZXZA Trim, loading edge, lightedSZY1A Dog GuardSZY2A Stolen vehicle recoverySZY3A Radar warning systemSZY4A SmartnavSZY5A Exterior decalsSZY6A Caravan leadsSZY7A Twin ElectricsSZZ1A Auxiliary connection cableSZZAA Auxiliary heatingSZZBA Indep. heater/indep. ventilationSZZCA Control element, auxiliary heaterSZZDA JCW Sport brakes, 17″L801A National version Germany/AustriaL801A NATIONAL VERSION GERMANYL802A National version KoreaL804A National version CommonwealthL807A NATIONAL VERSION JAPANL808A NATIONAL VERSION ISRAELL809A NATIONAL VERSION DENMARKL810A National version AuatraliaL811A National version BelgiumL812A NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAINL812A National version England / IrelandL813A NATIONAL VERSION FRANCEL814A NATIONAL VERSION ITALYL816A NATIONAL VERSION EASTERN EUROPEL819A NATIONAL VERSION SPAINL820A NATIONAL VERSION LATIN AMERICAL821A National version EgyptL822A GULF VERSIONL824A NATIONAL VERSION SOUTH AFRICAL827A NATIONAL VERSION SCANDINAVIAL830A NATIONAL VERS. NORTHERN COUNTRIESL833A country specification, SingaporeL838A NATIONAL VERSION CANADAL846A Country-specific version TaiwanL8AAA National version ChinaL8LAA Country version, IndiaP237A Driving dynamics packageP330A Sports packageP335A Individual series 95 Special Exec.P336A Sports packageP337A M Sports packageP338A Dummy-SALAPAP446A Rear compartment equipmentP448A High Line Top-equipmentP462A Comfort seat with storage trayP505A Headl. wipe/wash, fr.fog lamp, rear wipeP535A Electronic temperature controlP535A Climate Comfort PackageP580A Taxi packageP581A Taxi packageP626A communication package cell. phoneP628A Communications packageP671A Radio Busin./CD Changer/HiFi-Sys.P703A Eastern Europe packageP706A Dummy-SALAPAP714A Luxury packageP720A SPORT LIMITED EDITIONP730A Individual Special SeriesP730A Advantage packageP734A Levant packageP735A Basic PackageP740A Edition ZDP741A Edition ZBP742A Edition ZFP743A Edition special marketsP744A Edition ZHP745A Edition ZEP746A Edition ZNP747A Edition ZOP748A Edition ZVP749A Edition ImportersP758A Individual luxury CompactP762A Individual series 95 Selection JapanP763A Individual, BrazilP765A Motorsport Edition ZAP777A Motorsport InternationalP7A1A MINI SidewalkP7A2A Innovation Package IIP7A3A Business PackageP7A4A Pack, Advantage + Innovation packP7A5A Advantage Pack + Limited Sport EditionP7A6A Innovation Pack + EditionsP7A7A Innovation Pack+Comfort Pack+EditionsP7A8A Innovation Pack+Comfort P.+Advantage P.P7A9A Innovation Pack + Comfort PackP7AAA EXECUTIVE PACKAGEP7ABA SPORT EXECUTIVE PACKAGEP7ACA LINE SPORTP7ADA Line UrbanP7AEA Taiwan-Package, lowP7AFA Extended chrome packageP7AGA Interior package Indiv., piano varnishP7AHA Interior package, Individual ashP7AKA Interior package, Individual walnutP7ALA MINI SevenP7AMA MINI Park LaneP7ANA MINI CheckmateP7APA Dynamics + Advantage packageP7ARA Aerodynamics packageP7ASA Package Dynamic + Comfort + AdvantageP7ATA Advantage + Comfort PackageP7AUA Advantage + Sport PackageP7AVA Comfort + Sport PackageP7AWA Advantage + Comfort + Sport PackageP7AXA Advantage + Sport Package MP7AYA Comfort + Sport Package MP7AZA Advantage + Comfort + Sport Package MP7G1A Package Dynamic + Edition LifestyleP7G2A Pakage Dynamic + Edition ExclusiveP7G3A Package Comfort + Edition LifestyleP7G4A Package Comfort + Edition ExclusiveP7G5A Pack Dynamic + Comfort + Ed. LifestyleP7G6A Pack Dynamic + Comfort + Ed. ExclusiveP7G7A Edition, 10 years of X5P7G8A DESIGN COOL ELEGANCEP7G9A Comfort + Limited Sport EditionP7H1A SPECIAL EDITIONP7H2A EDITION APEC BLACK & WHITEP7H3A SPECIAL EDITION 5 SERIESP7H4A SPECIAL EDITIONP7H5A SPECIAL EDITIONP7HAA MINI 50 MAYFAIRP7HBA MINI 50 CAMDENP7HCA Comfort Plus + Limited Sport EditionP7HDA EARL GREYP7HEA Connectivity PackP7HFA JALAPENOP7HGA CurryP7HHA HabaneroP7HKA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 50P7HLA MINI Clubman 50 HamptonP7HMA Italy packageP7HNA John Cooper Works PackageP7HPA Connectivity Package IIP7HRA MINIMALISM PackageP7HSA CO2 optimizationP7K1A Dummy-SALAPAP7K2A Dummy-SALAPAP7K3A Dummy-SALAPAP7K4A Dummy-SALAPAP7K5A Dummy-SALAPAP7L4A RED HOTP7L5A WIREDP7L6A CityP7L7A LIGHTHOUSEP7L8A PACK-UPP7L9A always openP7M2A BMW Individual CompositionP7M3A BMW Individual Composition, maritimeP7M4A BMW Individual Composition, sportyP7MBA Exclusive Sport EditionP7MCA Exclusive EditionP7MDA Lifestyle EditionP7MFA Sports EditionP7MHA M Sport EditionP7MPA Sports packageP7MRA M Sports packageP7MSA Limited Sport EditionP7PAA including MINI serviceP7PBA including MINI service and repairP7R1A Navig. syst. with mobile phone provisionP7R2A Lifestyle packageP7R3A Ukraine packageP7R4A Driver package with Dynamic packageP7R5A Driver?s Package with M Sport packageP7R6A Comfort Plus Pack with M Sports PackageP7R7A Innovation packageP7R8A Innovation package plusP7R9A James FleetP7RAA Special edition Exclusive carbon/greyP7RBA Special edition Exclusive carbon/zimtP7RCA Special edition Exclusive stratus/greyP7RDA Special edition Exclusive stratus/zimtP7REA Special edition Lifestyle carbon/greyP7RFA Special edition Lifestyle carbon/zimtP7RGA Special edition Lifestyle stratus/greyP7RHA Special edition Lifestyle stratus/zimtP7RKA Special edit. Lifestyle diamant/walk swP7RLA Special edit. Sport nachtblau/AlcantaraP7RMA Light technology packageP7RNA Driver?s PackageP7RPA Advantage packageP7RRA Dynamic PackageP7RSA Package ComfortP7RTA Dynamic and Comfort packageP7RUA Special edition Exclusive diamant/blackP7S1A Line BalanceP7S2A Luxury LineP7S3A Character Package Aesthete IIP7S4A Character Package Aesthete II + SportP7SAA Open Air packageP7SBA Dummy-SALAPAP7SCA EDITION FLEET PLUSP7SDA Pack, Comfort Plus + Edition LifestyleP7SEA Package, Comfort Plus + Edition ExclusivP7SFA Advantage + Edition SportP7SGA Comfort + Edition SportP7SHA Hotel PackageP7SKA Innovation packageP7SLA Design Pure WhiteP7SMA Design Pure ImpulseP7SRA Ambiance and SoundP7SSA Lounge packageP7STA Interior packageP7SUA Rear seat packageP7SVA Ambiance & Sound + Individual componentsP7SWA Design Pure Impulse + SportpaketP7X1A Dummy-SALAPAP7X2A Dummy-SALAPAP7X3A Dummy-SALAPAP7X4A SEMI-FLEXIBLE 4P7X5A SEMI-FLEXIBLE 5P7X6A SEMI-FLEXIBLE 6P7X7A SEMI-FLEXIBLE 7P7X8A SEMI-FLEXIBLE 8P844A Bad weather packageP890A Standard PackageP891A EXECUTIVE EQUIPMENTP892A High Line-PackageP893A Middle-East packageP894A HK-2 packageP894A V5-IC PACKAGE 1P912A OE PackageP913A OE Package plusP914A Premium packageP948A Core model package V5-KAP949A Sport Package LAP950A Latin America packageP951A Korea packageP951A Summer packageP952A China packageP953A V5-IC PACKAGE 2P953A Taiwan packageP954A Business package IIP955A Business lineP955A Middle-East packageP956A Middle-East packageP957A V5-IC PACKAGE 3P957A HK-PaketP958A Basic Package, MexicoP959A Luxury package MexicoP970A AktionspaketP971A Exclusive packageP972A Comfort packageP973A Black & White LineP973A Winter packageP973A Malaysia packageP974A Asia packageP975A Dummy-SALAPAP976A Package ComfortP977A Exclusive LineP981A Comfort Plus packageP981A Top KomfortpaketP9A1A 3 SERIES SUNSHINE PACKAGEP9B2A Innovation Package + Business PackageP9BAA Premium PackageP9BBA Package Premium + ComfortP9BCA Final PackageP9BDA Business PackageP9BEA Motivation PackageP9BFA Navigation PackageP9BGA Navigation package + M Sport packPRP1A Business package IPRP2A Business package IIPRP3A Brushed Steel and Teak DeckingPRP4A Black Starlight Starburst HeadlinerPXA1A Special edition carbon/cinnamonPXA2A Special edition carbon/bicolor greyPXA3A Special edition carbon/champagnerPXB1A Special edition stratus/cinnamonPXB2A Special edition stratus/bicolor greyPXB3A Special edition stratus/champagnePXC1A Special edition nightblue/cinnamonPXC2A Special edition nightblue/bicolor greyPXC3A Special edition nightblue/champagnePXC4A BMW Individual Composition FULL JOY IT FOLKS Condition: New, Supported System: ABS, OBD Interface: CAN, Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany, Type: BMW, Manufacturer Part Number: Genuine ICOMA2, Vehicle Type: Heavy Duty/Commercial, Brand: BMW Programming Tool, Warranty: No Warranty

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