GOLD MINE Historic Pikes Peak Creek Montana Valley Gold #4 20 Acre Gold Claim

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Seller: ken59047 (284) 100%, Location: Bozeman, Montana, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 113429043040 Historic VALLEY GOLD #4 Overview 20 Acre Placer Claim - Pioneer District - Powell County, Montana Montana Gold And Silver Mines is proud to present the Historic VALLEY GOLD #4 Mining Claim for sale. This is a 20 acre placer mining claim for sale exclusively through Montana Gold And Silver Mines. The claim is located just outside of Gold Creek, Montana and has been properly staked and marked. All Montana Gold And Silver Mines claims have been meticulously surveyed, mapped and researched. Field work is completed by our own experienced, well educated Mine Survey Team. Remote Montana gold mine, typical of pre 1900's operations. Pikes Peak Creek runs from Pikes Peak down through a narrow valley of glacial till containing gold. During surveying gold was easily found in the creek bed by panning and from the benches. The claim boasts excellent access but receives few visitors. The claim was originally surveyed by Montana Gold And Silver Mines and sampled for rich, free gold deposits in the gravels. The creek bed is estimated to be over 1320 feet on this claim and about 3 feet to about 6 feet wide. There is good year round water in the creek. There is likely to be some native silver and possibly some relics to be found on the claim but the primary commodity will be gold. Remnants and items seen in the area indicate there has been work done after 1900. It is estimated by the surveyors that the claim has been worked intermittently in the early 1900's. No effort to mine for many decades is evident and as the gold lies in the glacial till there is plenty to mine on the 20 acre claim. There is direct road access to this claim and plenty of room for staging, parking and other operations. History of the Mines The VALLEY GOLD #4 Mine is located in the north east quarter of section 10, south of the town of Gold Creek. VALLEY GOLD #4 claim is about 5800 feet in altitude. Prior to the advent of dredge operations in 1934, nearly half of the gold recovered in the district came from the Pikes Peak placers. Gold was found in small particles with some nuggets up to $10 in value. The gold assayed at $17.75 an ounce at a time when pure gold ran $21.67. Part of the pay streak was mined by drifting, but this area was covered by waste rock from mines higher on the hill. Below Treadwater Bar, a 3,000 foot segment of recovered pay streak was worked by a dragline shovel and a dry-land washer (Pardee 1951). Mine Overview Mine Diagram Mine Details: Access to the Mine You can drive a full size truck right to the claim. Tailing Present None. No evidence of previous mining tailings are present. Loose gravels in the creek bed of small pebbles to larger boulders. Boulders are great places for the gold to hide. Depth / Length Over 600 feet of creek bed gravels with gold bearing benches on both sides. Minerals in the Mine Historically mined for gold. Minerals of quartz, pyrite, galena, gold, black sands with rare earth minerals would be expected. Foot traffic at the mine Very little. Last Worked Unknown but probably at least 70 years ago or longer. Survey Notes Aerial view of claim and boundaries. Number of Mines 1 Placer Nearest city with amenities Deer Lodge, approximately 38 miles Access to the Claim A very good dirt road breaks off from the paved road out of Gold Creek and runs all the way onto the claim. Parking and Staging on the Claim Claim is situated in a valley but there is plenty of room for parking and staging. Parking is within about 10 feet of the creek bed. Resources Good year round water, grasses, sage and trees Structures on claim None Elevation Aprox. 5800 feet Photo Gallery The water flow in the spring and summer is much more than in the freezing temps of November! This is the perfect place to mine undisturbed by yourself in seclusion. Or bring the whole family and have a lot of fun in the great outdoors! Over 600 feet of creek bed to mine and 20 acres of gold bearing material The Pioneer Mining District was the site of the first gold discovery in Montana. By 1870, it was estimated that $20,000,000 in placer gold had been taken from the gulches >The placer gold occurs in recent stream gravels and also in bench gravels. The deposits have been mined by sluicing, hydraulicking, and dredging. Gold recovered from the district, from 1904 to 1951, the operations in the district worked 4,625,700 cubic yards of gravel to recover 65,000 ounces of gold and 7,442 ounces of silver. More Info Claim Rating Total Workings 600 feet of creek bed estimated. This assessment is based on what surveyors observed while on site. Historical Value Accessibility and Location Good 2-wheel drive truck or RV. Mineral Value Resources Wood, Shade, Trees, Good Year Round Water Weather USGS Information Economic information about the deposit and operations Operation TypePlacer Development statusPast Producer Commodity typeMetallic SignificantNo Commodities Gold- Primary Ore Body Glacial Drift References USGS Database - 10197146 District Overview Pioneer District Information Gold Creek, a northward flowing tributary of the Clark Fork River holds a special place in not only the history of mining, but in the history of Montana as well. The stream was the scene of the first discovery of gold in Montana. While the quality of the strike was soon overshadowed by the Bannack strike, it was the Gold Creek mines that first drew prospectors to the region and directly led to the discovery on Grasshopper Creek. Because of its unique position in history, the events leading to the discovery are of more than passing interest. On May 8 1862, Granville Stuart set up the first effective sluices in Montana. When he found gold, the news was not lost on the prospectors passing through the area. A party of prospectors arrived on May 14 and found diggings that paid 20 cents per pan. On May 20 another party arrived and prospected along a branch of Gold Creek which they named Pikes Peak Creek. On June 1, yet another group of prospectors arrived on the scene and found gravel that paid about $10 to the man by working the stream with sluices (Pardee 1951). Miners on the way to diggings such as Stuart's often stopped and panned the streams along the way. In such a manner John White came upon the fabulous placers of Grasshopper Creek. When word of the rich strike arrived at Gold Fork, the miners left for more promising operations. By August 1862, only four months after the first sluices were in place, the Gold Creek placers were nearly abandoned; only two men remained to work the gravel. There followed a dizzying number of fabulously rich strikes at Alder Gulch, Last Chance Gulch, Confederate Gulch and many others. Gold Creek became a backwater and the town of American Fork was abandoned There was little activity on Gold Creek until 1866, when the Pioneer mining district was organized. The placers of Pioneer Creek and its tributaries, French and Squaw gulches, soon overshadowed the initial placers on Gold Creek. The Pioneer district never rivaled the other major strikes of Montana, but just the same the district flourished all through the 1870s. New placer deposits were discovered and developed. It has been estimated that over a million dollars of gold dust (at $20.67 per ounce) was removed from the Pioneer Bar in the late 1870s and early 1880s (Pardee 1951; Wolle 1963). Production figures for the creeks of the district have generally been combined reports, so a fair and accurate estimate of the production of each creek cannot be made. The total production of the placer mines in the district, up to 1949, was estimated to be $28,526,000. An estimate of about $7,000,000 seems to be fair and conservative for the total production of placer gold from the Pioneer district from 1860-1945. Gold Creek and Pikes Peak Creek flow into an area of complexly folded and faulted Mesozoic and Paleozoic sediments which have been intruded by an elongated batholith of quartz monzonite. The lode deposits occur in veins and replacement deposits in highly altered granite or quartz monzonite. None of the lode deposits have been particularly important as points of production, but erosion of these gold-bearing deposits have resulted in extensive placer deposits in... Pikes Peak Creek. The placer gold occurs in recent stream gravels and also in bench gravels. The deposits have been mined by sluicing, hydraulicking, and dredging (Sahinen 1935). MAPS Sales Information For more information on this mine and to view other mines for sale visit our website - Montana Gold And Silver Mines,com Montana Gold And Silver Mines Guarantee The most important part of your mining claim is the actual mining claim documentation and location. Other sellers may have the best of intentions, but they often get it wrong. This results in you, as a customer, not getting what you paid for. Montana Gold And Silver Mines has been documenting, writing and transferring mining claims for over a decade. We know what we are doing. Montana Gold And Silver Mines guarantees that this mining claim has been written correctly and accurately. It has been physically staked with GPS embedded images for undisputable verification. Montana Gold And Silver Mines always provides documentary evidence of all location staking for the claimant. Montana Gold And Silver Mines guarantees this mining claim to be exactly as described and pictured. Please view all images and read complete claim description. We spend a lot of time and effort to accurately document all aspects of each mining claim. This Guarantee is not any type of guarantee of mineral content, reserves or future earnings. Assay reports, Reserves, and mineral values are provided as they have been recorded by external parties, and state and local mining reports. Historical records and production are provided for information only. Montana Gold And Silver Mines strongly advises all potential claim owners to educate themselves about mining claims. Please be fully aware of what is conveyed with this mineral claim. While other organizations create fictitious recording bureaus like 'National Bureau of Mines' and similar to con people into believing they are more legitimate than they really are, at Montana Gold And Silver Mines we don't resort to such lies and deceit. All Montana Gold And Silver Mines claims are legal claims staked, filed and recorded with the proper government authorities - both county and federal. We don't need to lie about registering the mines with some worthless fake bureau that really doesn't exist and doesn't matter. And don't be fooled by those con artists who rely on trying to imitate government agencies or departments transferring land. FAQ Mining claims are a tangible asset and show your rights to all interests in minerals in the claim boundary. They can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate. A mining claim can be sold, traded, leased, gifted, willed, used as collateral or transferred in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance. This auction is for 100% - all interest in this 20 acre placer mining claim. This claim covers the entire site, 1,320 ft. by 660 ft., and includes full rights to all minerals and gems you may find on the property. The winner of this auction will receive a notarized quitclaim deed to the full claim and all associated documentation showing full ownership of the claim. Maintenance on all BLM mining claims is $155.00, per 20 acre parcel, annually. This must be paid on or before September 1st, every year unless you do more than $100 per year in improvements to the property, in which case you can file for and receive a waiver of the maintenance fee. NOTE: If you own fewer than 10 claims nationwide, and you perform at least $100 in assessment work in the year, you can plan on paying just $15 per year for your maintenance fee instead of $155. We can assist you in filing the paperwork to waive the maintenance fee. Transfers of Ownership in Mining Claims: Interest in a legally valid and properly recorded mining claim or site may be transferred in part or its entirety. So you can will, gift, sell or lease your interest in this claim at any time in the future. A quitclaim deed or recordable conveyance document is required and if you do sell the claim, the transfer documents should be filed within 60 days after the transfer. With regard to transferring this claim initially into your name, we take care of all the paperwork at our expense. You do not have to worry about anything – we handle the County and BLM transfer documentation and the recording. Can you camp / build on your mining claim? Without an approved plan of operations, you have the same rights and restrictions as the public. If the area is open to camping to the public, then it is permissible for you to camp. However, you need to check with the BLM Field Office or the local District Ranger for areas open to camping. Under Federal law in order to occupy the public lands under the 1872 mining laws amended, for more than 14 calendar days in any 90 day period, a claimant must be involved in certain activities that (a) are reasonably incident; (b) constitute substantially regular work; (c) are reasonably calculated to lead to the extraction and beneficiation of minerals; (d) involve observable on-the-ground activity that can be verified; and (e) use appropriate equipment that is presently operable, subject to the need for reasonable assembly, maintenance, repair or fabrication of replacement parts. All five of these requirements must be met for occupancy to be permissible. Proud Member of: Legal Notice A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government. Montana Gold And Silver Mines is selling legitimate and valuable historic claims, you can rest easy that there is no fine print on any of my claim auctions stating you will have to deal with any games like being charged phony fees or having to pay inflated “processing” or “transfer” fees. The final auction price for this mine when the auction ends is ALL you will pay. Our legal counsel will complete all of the paperwork and documentation for recording and transferring FULL ownership of this mine into your name if you win the auction, AND we will ship you everything in one to two business days of receiving your payment in full. So you can plan to visit (and start working) your claim the next day without the lengthy delay you will experience with other companies selling claims – and you will not have to pay any extra costs, fees or other poor excuses for extra profit that normally just go into a seller’s pocket. BID WITH CONFIDENCE- Montana Gold And Silver Mines is a very reputable eBay seller. -PLUS- We'll take care of all the paperwork and arrangements so you can enjoy your claim immediately after payment and keep you informed through the entire process with confirmations when payment is received and when your paperwork has been shipped. Shipping We are unable to ship the land to you. We will ship all paperwork/maps upon payment clearing. Payment Your payment of this eBay item gives you 100% ownership of this entire claim, all fees and other costs for the transfer of ownership to you is included. This is NOT an auction for the down payment, this is NOT a partnership arrangement where someone else will own part of the claim with you, and there are NO fees or costs for the transfer of this claim in your name. PayPal does not allow payments for real estate or land purchases, and mining claims are considered real estate - so we are unable to accept payments through PayPal at this time. We will send a request for payment when the auction ends and you can pay using the link provided in the email. Payment is required within 24 hours of the end of the auction. We accept: All major Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, Master Card & Discover). payments must be made before the claim will transfer and documents are shipped. We can provide financing plans if needed. Financing terms are a minimum of $500.00 down and the balance due within 90-days through automatic credit card billing. For longer term financing, please contact us. *Please contact us before bidding should you decide on a payment plan. © 2018 MontanaGoldAndSilverMines,com Condition: Montana Gold And Silver Mines MINING CLAIMS-Your Guarantee of Quality and Value. Beware of others out there looking to make a quick buck off the uneducated and sell you a mine with no mineral value. We showcase only the best claims in the US! The Valley Gold #4 Mine is a forgotten old gold mine in the heart of some of the best mining country in Montana. The area has a good history of being worked for gold. The gold is native, free milling gold that can be panned right out of the mine. Look no further for your perfect family Christmas gift! You will find no XRF lies, No MREs and definitely no bulk listings of generic, garbage claims! Do your homework, then come and start working your gold mine! Montana Gold And Silver Mines only sell claims with verified minerals and value., Type of Claim: Placer, Mining Commodity: Gold, Silver, Property Address: Gold Creek, MT, State/Province: Montana, Seller State of Residence: Montana, Zip/Postal Code: 59733, Zoning: Mixed, City: Gold Creek, Acreage: 20.0, Featured Refinements: Mining Claim, Type: Unpatented Mining Claims

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