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Seller: robertsgirl2000 (2,328) 100%, Location: Harrah, Oklahoma, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 310374350201 cjwally Store ~Magnetic Foot Insoles for Tired, Aching Feet~ These magnets are used in William H. Philpott, M.D.'s medical research program.They are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines ~FDA approved for W.H. Philpott, M.D. Medical Research~ click picture to enlarge Description This is an excellent way to find comfort for your tired, aching feet. They simply slip right into your shoes and you are ready to go! These magnetic pads are 1/8" thick, made of flexible magnet material that "gives" with every step you take. They have a strong 2450 gauss rating to penetrate deep into your foot to give you relief. These can be worn constantly to receive maximum benefit. In fact, the more hours you expose your feet to the comforting effects of these insoles, the more relief you will find. This product comes in one universal size and you cut it (there is an outline showing the proper cutting line for each size). The Universal Foot Soother insoles are covered with a high grade compression resistant foam which makes for an exceptionally comforting insole. Flexible magnets are bendable, lightweight plastiform magnets. Unlike most companies who sell 1/16" thick magnets, the flexible magnets I offer are 1/8" thick. This allows for a greater field of penetration. A 1/8" thick flexible magnet has a penetration field of 6 to 7 inches. ~~~~~~~~~ This is a set of FOOT SOOTHER magnetic insoles with a 2,450 gauss strength. ~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE: There are many foot conditions that will require the penetration and strength of a ceramic or neodymium disc magnet. If you are needing the healing qualities of a stronger therapeutic magnet for a specific foot condition, you may be better suited to use a 4” x 6” x ½” ceramic block magnet or a 1-½” x ½” disc magnet. The therapeutic value of negative magnetic field magnets is being studied for value in treating many medical conditions and diseases done under the supervision of Dr. Philpott (You will read more about this study below). Many health care providers seek the advice of Dr. Philpott for their hard-to-treat patients and are amazed at the results. What a shame that magnet therapy has not yet become a mainstream medical treatment for our everyday ailments. I have personal experience on the therapeutic benefits of magnet therapy which you will find as you read further in this description. Although there can be no claims of a cure at this time, results from studies of the negative magnetic field application are very encouraging. Dr. Philpott is diligently working towards his goal of gathering and submitting his data to the FDA to get approval for negative magnetic field therapy to become a mainstream medical alternative. All magnets that I offer are the ONLY medical therapeutic magnets used in the renowned Dr. William H. Philpott's FDA approved research program and are designed, approved and used exclusively by Dr. William H. Philpott, M.D., the well-known leader in research in Bio-Magnetics and recipient of the Linus Pauling Award. Dr. Philpott makes this statement- “These therapeutic magnets are the only magnets I use in my magnetic medical research in assessing the value of magnetic therapy for pain, sleep, infection, cancer, bone and soft tissue injuries, mental and emotional disorders, tension, depression, anti-stress and the prevention and reversal of acute and chronic diseases.“ These conditions and many more have been thoroughly studied in Dr. Philpott's research setting with very encouraging results. He is collecting data for submission to the FDA. The quality of these magnets are assured since these magnets are made following the Federal Food and Drug Administration guidelines for quality control. He needs this standardized quality control to establish the validity of his medical therapeutic research. The research data presently being gathered in Dr. Philpott’s research studies is showing VERY promising, consistent results on the value of the negative magnetic field application in regards to treating or reversing many diseases, syndromes, medical conditions (including some cancers), bacterial and viral infections, systemic issues, mental and emotional symptoms, general health and so much more. NOTE OF INTEREST: Did you know that if you place the POSITIVE MAGNETIC FIELD of a magnet against your skin and keep it in place for a period of time, it will cause redness, irritation and will develop pustules? However, you can keep the NEGATIVE MAGNETIC FIELD of a magnet in place indefinitely and receive only beneficial healing results! There are many companies offering magnets for relief of pain but the magnets I offer have ONLY the negative magnetic field that faces the body as specified by Dr. Philpott. You do not get any of the stressful side effects that you would get by using magnets that give you the positive pole field or mixed fields of both the negative AND positive pole. You get this benefit without the side effects of medications! Magnets are safe to use (as determined already by the FDA) and they are non-invasive. I have been Dr. William H. Philpott's medical transcriptionist since 1996. In my early years with him, he shared extensive information with me about magnetics and their benefit for the human body's health, healing and well-being. Through the years, I have worked with him on published books and articles, speeches, quarterlies and hundreds of magnetic protocols. I have had the honor of learning a great deal from him about magnetics and it is my desire to pass on his passion in this field. He has dedicated over 20 years to research in the field of magnetics on the human body and has gained international acknowledgment as being the leader in his field. William H. Philpott, M.D. has specialty training and practice in psychiatry, neurology, electroencephalography, environmental medicine and toxicology and nutrition. He is a founding member of the Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry and is a fellow of the Orthomolecular Psychiatric Society and the Society of Environmental Medicine and Toxicology. He did a research project between 1970-1975 at Fuller Memorial Hospital in South Attleboro, MA , searching for the causes of degenerative diseases and major mental illnesses. From this research came two of his most sought after books, Brain Allergies and Victory Over Diabetes. These can be found in book stores still today (or in your local library). Retiring in 1990 after 40 years of medical practice, he developed an Institutional Review Board following FDA guidelines. This IRB reviews these individual research cases that will be submitted for FDA approval. Through this avenue, he guides physicians and gathers data on the value of the negative magnetic field for the treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases and other diseases and conditions. The Linus Pauling Award was presented to William H. Philpott, M.D. in 1998 by the Orthomolecular Health Society, "for his scientific leadership and scholarship spanning the entire history of orthomolecular medicine." The forward to Dr. Philpott's book, "Brain Allergies" was written by Linus Pauling. Research is showing that the negative magnetic field application to humans may have good reason to give new hope to people with mental and emotional conditions, diseases and medical conditions, immune system dysfunction, and so much more. I personally have had the opportunity to read numerous letters Dr. Philpott has received from individuals who have found relief from the application of magnets. It is my goal in this writing to offer you basic information on the uses of magnetic therapy for human application. I have so much information at hand that it is hard to know when to stop! If you are a person that is interested in more information, you are welcome to contact me. Like I said previously, it is my desire to get the word out on this alternative treatment for health and healing. Most literature I have is understandable by lay persons. There is some that will be better tackled by someone with a scientific or medical background. ~~MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE HEALING VALUES OF MAGNET THERAPY~~ I have used a 4” x 6” x 1/2” magnet to calm down an irregular heartbeat (rather than go to the emergency room - which I had done previously!), for lower back pain and neck pain. My 80-year-old mother used it for a racing heartbeat and it stabilized her. It never ceases to amaze me. I once received a VERY bad burn while riding on the back of my husband's motorcycle, not realizing that my leg was against the exhaust pipe until it was too late. The burn had quickly blistered and the pain was terrible. I realized that this was not a superficial burn and if I didn't do something quick, I would have quite a scar to show for it! He took me home and I put a 1 ½ " x ½” magnet with the negative magnetic field facing the burn and left it on overnight (8 hours), using a 2” x 26” Cool Max band to hold it in place. The pain was immediately gone and when I woke in the morning, I removed the magnet. All that was left was a perfect circle where the burn had been - and instead of the burn, there was pink, dry skin. Within 3-4 days, the pink, dry skin flaked away and you could barely see where the burn had been. Within two weeks, you couldn't see where the burn had been at all! It made a believer out of me and I've been telling everyone I know about this amazing discovery. About Seizures: My husband worked with a gentleman who had a 16-year-old son who received brain damage at birth and was functioning on the level of a 2-year-old. Along with this, he had severe grand mal seizures every single night and had experienced these seizures since early childhood. They were so severe that the wife would call him home from work frequently simply because she was overwhelmed. (He worked graveyard shift). My husband had seen first-hand what magnetic therapy had done for me and other family members, so we agreed that he should suggest to his co-worker that magnets might work for his son. They were eager to try anything! The 1 1/2" x 1/2" disc magnets (as offered to you) were placed on this boy's temple area (on the side of the head, just above and in front of, the ears) and held in place with the 2" x 26" band. The VERY FIRST NIGHT he wore these, he had NO SEIZURE! This was the first night in years that he slept peacefully through the night! He continued to wear these magnets bitemporally (on the temples) every night for many months and the family was thrilled to report no seizures. Sadly, one evening the co-worker confided in my husband that the boy didn't want to wear them anymore (and they were unable to force him), so he was back to having grand mal seizures every night again. The first night he was without the magnets bitemporally, he had a seizure. This is a statement by Dr. Philpott; "Brain electro-magnetic excitement can be controlled by a negative magnetic field of appropriate gauss strength and appropriate duration. This includes emotional reactions such as anxiety, depression, phobia, obsessions and compulsions on to organic brain disorders including psychosis and seizures." If seizures are a problem during the day, or if treating for emotional or mental conditions, you can place these discs on the inside lining of a ball cap and wear them that way. (Or, they can be taped in place on the temple area). These magnets never lose their healing strength. Most magnets will cost you less than one visit to a doctor's office. I will be placing other magnets and products in my Ebay store soon. Please feel free to check them out. I also have Dr. Philpott's quarterlies which are packed with a wealth of information and protocols explaining how to use magnets and which ones to use for your particular need. FREE ~BONUS~ FREE ~BONUS~ When you purchase magnets from me, you will receive ~FREE~ your choice of two general magnetic protocols written by William H. Philpott, M.D. that fits the description of your particular need. These general protocols have a value of $10 each! You may email me at any time or indicate your choices on your invoice before you pay. YOU WILL FIND A LIST OF SOME OF THE AVAILABLE PROTOCOLS AT THE END OF THIS DESCRIPTION. Your protocols will be sent to you via email unless you state you want them sent through the mail system. PLEASE NOTE that if you have a need that is not listed, you may email me and I can locate the appropriate protocol for you (I have too many to list here). If per chance there is not a protocol that fits your needs, I will contact Dr. Philpott and request that one be made. His magnetic protocols explain in detail which magnets to use, how to use those magnets and why to use magnets. His general magnetic protocols cover a wide assortment of medical conditions and diseases, and each condition is covered in great detail. Many people use magnetics for general body health. Dr. Philpott's research program has involved working hand in hand with many medical field professionals including M.D's, D.O's, Ph.D's, R.N's, LPN's, Psychiatrists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Dentists, veterinarians and more. There have been plastic surgeons who have used these magnets for faster healing on procedures. There are many professionals in the medical field that use Dr. Philpott's magnets, following his instructions, for themselves and family members. You have the opportunity to find out for yourself about the amazing world of magnetics and their use for your health and wellness. At your fingertips is some of the most valuable information you will ever find on the usefulness of magnetics for healing and promoting good health. There are no restrictions on the use of magnets for self-help application except for the following: MAGNETS SHOULD NOT BE USED BY: Pregnant women, because the possible effects of magnets on the fetus are not known. People who use a medical device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, or insulin pump, because magnets may affect the magnetically controlled features of such devices. People who use a patch that delivers medication through the skin, in case magnets cause dilation of blood vessels, which could affect the delivery of the medicine. Feel free to contact me prior to bidding and I can let you know if this particular magnet is right for you. This is the most common magnet and is a great one to have on hand for a variety of uses. I have access to the entire line of magnets that are used in this research program. This includes many other sizes of ceramic magnets, flexible magnets, neodymium disc magnets, sleep beds, eye/sinus units, head/brain units, chair pads, shoe insoles and so much more. THIS IS A LIST of SOME of the general magnetic protocols that will guide you through the process of treating these conditions: ALS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Arthritis; Osteoarthritis, Gouty or Rheumatoid Asthma Atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis of the heart or brain Bronchitis - chronic Bursitis Cancer Candidiasis Connective tissue diseases Cystitis - chronic Degenerative Disc Disease Depression Diabetes, type 1 & type II Diverticulosis Emotional disorders Eye disorders; cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal disorders Fibroids Fibromyalgia Foot disorders; heel spur, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts Gallbladder disease Gastrointestinal disorders Headache Hepatitis Herpes IBS Liver disorders Lung disorders Lupus Lyme's disease Mental disorders; bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, schizophrenia Neuropathy Osteoporosis PAIN Psoriasis Scars Seizures Shingles Sinusitis Vascular disorders MAGNETIC PROTOCOL: General/Information, Not a Medical Order No Claim of cure is promised. MEDICAL SUPERVISION IS RECOMMENDED GENERALIZED FOOT PAIN ORIENTATION: This general magnetic protocol is for general, localized foot pain. It is not intended to treat any particular medical condition. It may be helpful for individuals who have neuropathy, numbness, tingling, joint pain from arthritis etc. The shoe insole is for comfort and easing of pain but is not capable of reversing calcium deposits, heel spurs and so forth. These conditions have been successfully treated with a therapeutic magnetic field but require a more extensive exposure. It is possible to get some relief from bacterial infection or fungal infection by wearing these shoe insoles but even better treatment for an active bacterial or fungal infection would call for the use of a DOUBLE layer of a 1/8" flexible magnet (plastiform) which is different than these insoles. You can contact me regarding this solution. MAGNET USED: One pair of magnetic shoe insoles. PLACEMENT AND DURATION: Place one insole in each shoe. They should be worn all day, every day. The more hours of exposure, the better. POLARITY: Only the negative magnetic field will penetrate the foot. VERY IMPORTANT~ PLEASE READ! Disclaimer: All materials and information contained on this site are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace regular medical treatment provided by your physician. It is recommended that if you have a serious medical condition, you should tell your doctor you are using magnet therapy and ask your doctor to monitor your improvement. Magnet therapy does not interfere with any other medical treatments or medications you are receiving other than as stated above (pacemakers, pregnant women, etc). You should follow your doctor's recommendations regarding supplements and nutritional needs. The FDA has stated that the use of magnets are not harmful and that claims can be made for general pain relief. The FDA will not allow anyone to make a claim that the magnetic field will cure any specific condition or disease at this time. Dr. Philpott is diligently working towards his goal of submitting his data to the FDA for approval. Until that time, no claim of a cure can be made. The research data presently being gathered in Dr. Philpott’s research studies is showing VERY promising, consistent results on the value of the negative magnetic field application in regards to treating or reversing many diseases, syndromes, medical conditions (including some cancers), bacterial and viral infections, systemic issues, mental and emotional symptoms, general health and so much more. Please forgive the length of this description. I am planning to put together my own web page which will make it easier to get this and lots more helpful information out to people who are searching for a better answer. I will be offering additional magnets on Ebay soon. I hope you will put me on your FAVORITE SELLERS list and keep a watch for new listing on therapeutic magnets for your health and well-being. Magnet therapy is a wonderful alternative medicine treatment for health and healing. If you are like me, you don't like putting more and more toxins and pharmaceuticals into your body. I think you will be thrilled with your results. The use of magnets are not intended to replace the advice and treatment of your medical doctor. Many doctors themselves rely on magnetics and will be eager to assist you in helping yourself to this amazing discovery. If you are in need of a doctor in your area that is interested in aiding your recovery and would like to be a party to this FDA approved research program offered by William H. Philpott, M.D., I would be happy to get you in touch with a doctor in your area. If you would like to reach Dr. Philpott, I can get you in touch with him! At this time, there can be no promise of a cure, but many people are having remarkable results with magnet therapy! Please E-mail me prior to purchasing if you have questions. These magnets are guaranteed to be of the quality specified with the field strength, size and polarity as stated. We will gladly replace the product due to such defects in manufacturing, labeling or packaging. Shipping fees are non-refundable. You must have a copy of the original invoice with the return. PLEASE NOTE: The magnetic insoles need to be cut to your shoe size. You can do this with an ordinary pair of scissors. For that reason and for health considerations, the insoles are not returnable after being cut to size OR worn. Thank you for your understanding. These static field magnets are top-quality, high gauss magnets which is a way of measuring their depth of penetration. Examples of gauss ratings are; ceramic magnets - 3950 gauss, neodymium magnets - 12,300 gauss, flexible magnets - 2450 gauss. These are permanent lifetime magnets that require no special care. They will remain charged throughout your lifetime so you never have to replace them! HOWEVER, as with any magnet - you must take care to not place them on or near any electronics (for example, computers, televisions, DVD players, Game Boys, Play Stations and so forth). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to use proper handling of the magnet. See my other auctions for more great items! Payment I accept PayPal. Shipping SHIPPING INFORMATION - See listing for shipment of this particular item. Generally, your order will be mailed out within two business days (usually sooner). If there is any delay due to availability, you will be notified right away and given an approximate arrival date. Most items will be sent USPS. Heavier items such as the sleep beds will be shipped via UPS. Due to rate increases beyond our control, our shipping rates could increase without notice. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. NO EXCEPTIONS. 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