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Seller: jwpedneau ✉️ (1,265) 100%, Location: Olney, Maryland, US, Ships to: US, Item: 124929127855 Five and Under Comic Deals / UNLIMITED FLAT SHIP RATE / Everything 20+ years old. Deathblow 6. Not perfect, has minor blemishes on front, on both sides of mouth. Arcanum 0.5. 01/93 -UNOPENED. Grendel War Child 6. 1993 -UNOPENED. Golden City (Comics Greatest). - by Dan Brereton. *** If you can read this text, wait a moment to give your browser time to load the proper styling. If the listing does not display nicely after a few moments, it may not be capable of presenting this listing properly. Please try on another device or contact the seller for assistance. *** Many of these were part of a collection I bought over 20 years, filled with unopened books, so where it shows "UNOPENED" below, know that it means they are in like-new, or near-new condition, having been stored virtually undisturbed for over 20 years. Issue Grade Price Detail LATEST ENTRIES -- -- (listed September, 2022) -- Hulk versus Quasimodo -- Marvel Age 8 (listed August, 2022) -- New Talent Showcase lot of 5 -- Night Force 1 -- Power Lords 1 -- Shazam! 19 (Bronze Age) -- Starriors 1-3 (listed June, 2022) -- Shogun Warriors 3 -- Shogun Warriors 9 -- Shogun Warriors 10 -- Time Bandits 1 Adrenalynn 2-4 VF 4.00 1999-2000 - UNOPENED - by Tony Daniel/Marty Egeland, #2 - Marty Egeland cover - "The Past Informs the Present"; #3 by Tony Daniel/Marty Egeland, Includes sketchbook pages - "War"; #4 by Tony Daniel/Marty Egeland, Tony Daniel cover; Pin-up page - "All Fall Down" -- all are unopened, but the back of #2 has some marks on the back, like it was slid up against other copies. All New Exiles 2 NM 2.00 11/95 - UNOPENED - Malibu Comics - by Terry Kavanagh, Ben Raab, Ian Edginton/Ken Lashley, M.C. Wyman, Randy Green, Phoenix Resurrection flipbook- Chapter 5 - Juggernaut cover - "Fresh Blood; The Phoenix Resurrection, Part 5; Red Shift Exiles" Ambush Bug 1 FN 1.00 06/85 - UNOPENED - by Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming/Keith Giffen, Death of Cheeks - "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Wipe Out" Was never opened but got handled a bit and has a bit of tape residue just below title that shows in photo. America's Best Wizard Preview NM 4.00 02/99 - UNOPENED - Wizard Comics - by Alan Moore/Chris Sprouse, Gene Ha, J.H. Williams III, Jim Baikie, Kevin Nowlan, Melinda Gebbie, Rick Veitch, Included in Wizard #91 - "Preview and Sketchbook" Angel 1-4 NM 2.75 1999-2000 - UNOPENED - by Christopher Golden/Christian Zanier, Marvin Mariano Arcanum 0.5 NM 2.75 12/97 - by Brandon Peterson, Includes Certificate of Authenticity -- the tape on the back of the bag was broken, so it might have been slipped out to eyeball at one point, but a brief glance still shows it looks brand new. Arcanum 2-3 NM- 3.50 05-06/97 - UNOPENED - #2 by Brandon Peterson, Standard Cover (red background); #3 by Brandon Peterson, Standard Cover (girl sitting w/back toward front) Arcanum 6-8 NM 4.25 1997-1998 - UNOPENED - by Brandon Peterson/Richard Bennett Austin Powers Wizard Special NM 1.50 06/99 - UNOPENED - Wizard Comics - by /Ethan Van Sciver, Austin Powers movie promo; Supplement to Wizard: The Comics Magazine #94 - "The Powers That Be; Psychedelic Stuff; Powers Play!; By the Numbers; Eye Spy; 'Tea' Time; On the Cutting Room Floor; Austin Animated!; That's Impossible!; Say What?; Austin Powers Profile" Bad Girls of Blackout Annual 1 NM 3.00 01/95 - UNOPENED - Black Out Comics - by Bruce Schoengood, John R. Platt/Fauve, Jake Jacobsen, Brock L. Hor Jr Barbi Twins Adventures 1 NM 3.00 07/95 - UNOPENED - Topps Comics - by Robert V. Conte/Matt Haley, Peter Hsu, Richard Larson, Steve Fastner, Flipbook - "Prelude to a Mission; Virtual Phony; The Barbi Twins and Razor Versus The Queen City Mob" Batgirl 2 NM 3.00 05/00 - UNOPENED ($2.50 cover price) - by Kelley Puckett, Scott Peterson/Damion Scott - looks essentially brand new Battle Gods 1 NM 2.00 2000 - UNOPENED - "EPISODE 1-2" Black & White 1 NM 1.50 10/94 - UNOPENED - by Art Thibert, Pamela Thibert/Art Thibert - "Black" Blood Legacy 1 cover variants NM 5.00 2000 - UNOPENED - The Story of Ryan - by Kerri Hawkins, Matt Hawkins/Andy Park Blue 1 NM- 1.00 08/99 - UNOPENED - by Greg Aronowitz/Drew Struzan, Edwin Rosell, Greg Aronowitz, Jason Johnson Brigade (Mini-Series) 1-2 NM- 3.00 1992 - UNOPENED (both still with trading cards) - by Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Hank Kanalz, Eric Stephenson/Marat Mychaels, Rob Liefeld, 1st app Brigade; 1st app Genocide; Includes trading cards - "Sabotage!"; #2 Includes coupon for Image #0; - "Eve of Destruction; Awakenings" Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8-10 NM 4.95 1999 - UNOPENED ($2.95 cover price each) - #8 by Andi Watson/Cliff Richards, Jason Pearson, Cover by Randy Green - "The Final Cut"; #9 by Andi Watson/Joe Bennett, Photo cover - "Hey, Good Lookin'"; #10 by Andi Watson/Joe Bennett, Teen magazine-style cover; Cover by Chris Bachalo - "Hey, Good Lookin', Part 2; Bad Blood, Part 2" Camelot 3000 1 NM- 1.00 12/82 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr/Brian Bolland, Origin of King Arthur; Origin of Merlin - "The Past and Future King!; What it Is, and How it Came to Be (text)" Looks exactly like a book that was bought at publication and left unbagged in a pile for decades. Mostly new looking; only faint wear and still shiny with whitish pages. Camelot 3000 issue 12 NM 1.00 1985 - UNOPENED - by Mike Barr/Brian Bolland -- issues 12 the 12-part "maxi-series" from around 40 years ago. Pretty much looks like it might have just been published. Cerebus the Aardvark 48 FN- 2.25 03/83 - by Dave Sim, William Messner-Loebs, Sideways; B&W - "Upstairs; Search, Part 1" -- looks moderately handled, has a stain in corner (visible in photo) and a bit of tape residue -- no longer mid-grade. Challengers of the Unknown 85 VG 3.50 03/78 - by Gerry Conway/Keith Giffen, John Celardo, Dead Man, Swamp Thing app - "The Creature from the End of Time!" -- looks like it was just read through once before storage, with off-white pages -- but a spot of water damage on both front and back covers (visible in photos) pushes this one down to the reader level. Challengers of the Unknown 86 VF- 4.50 05/78 - by Gerry Conway/Keith Giffen, Dead Man, Swamp Thing app - "The War At Time's End" -- looks in great shape overall, like it was bought and probably light read through once. Pages off-white. Chastity:Theatre of Pain 1 VF/NM 2.50 02/97 - Chaos Comics - by Brian Pulido/Justiniano, Cover Art by Justiniano - "Act 1 (of 3) Theatre Of Pain; Scene 1" -- unopened, but back has some surface marks, probably caused by dragging against other books. Cosmic Odyssey 1 NM 2.00 11/88 - UNOPENED ($3.50 cover price) - by Jim Starlin/Mike Mignola, vs Darkseid - "Discovery" -- looks like it was just published yesterday! Coven (Vol. 2) 3, 4 NM 4.50 06/99 - UNOPENED - Awesome Entertainmant - by Jeph Loeb/Ian Churchill / Flipbook with Lionheart #2 Creepy The Limited Series 4 NM 5.00 07/92 - UNOPENED ($3.95 cover price) - by Peter David, Richard Howell/Dan Brereton, Prestige format; B&W Cyberforce (Vol. 1) 2 NM 1.00 03/93 - UNOPENED - by Eric Silvestri, Marc Silvestri - "The Tin Men of War" Cyberforce (Vol. 1) 4 newsstand VF 4.00 07/93 - by Eric Silvestri/Marc Silvestri, $1.95 NEWSSTAND VARIANT , 1st appearance of Stryke Force (Team) - "The Tin Men Of War, Part 4" -- not NM anymore, with light wear along edges, but nice copy. Cyberforce (Vol. 2) 1 NM 1.50 11/93 - UNOPENED - by Eric Silvestri, Marc Silvestri/Marc Silvestri - "Killer Instinct" Cyberforce (Vol. 2) 1 newsstand VF 3.25 11/93 - UNOPENED - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Eric Silvestri, Marc Silvestri/Marc Silvestri - "Killer Instinct" -- unopened, but shows signs of a bit of handling Dark Angel 9 NM 4.00 01/00 - UNOPENED - CPM Manga Comics - by Kia Asamiya, Wraparound cover Dark Shadows 1-2 NM 4.50 1992 - UNOPENED - Innovation Comics - by David Campiti, Scott Rockwell/E. Silas Smith, TV series - "A Time Of Innocence...And Confidences" DC Super-Stars 10 FN/VF 4.75 12/76 - by Bob Rozakis, Otto Binder, John Broome/Dick Dillin, Gil Kane, Strange Sports Stories; Reprint from Strange Adventures #59, Green Lantern (2nd Series) #39 - "The Great Super-Star Game; The Super-Athletes from Outer Space; Green Lantern: The Fight For the Championship of the Universe" -- pretty good copy with only a little spine wear (visible in photos), but mostly flat and still shiny surface and off-white pages. Death Dealer 4 VF 5.00 07/97 - UNOPENED ($6.95 cover price/1st printing) - Verotik Comics - by Frank Frazetta/Glenn Danzig/Arthur Suydam -- unopened, but you can see the bottom left corner has a slight ding Death-The High Cost of Living 3 NM 3.50 05/93 - UNOPENED - Vertigo Comics - by Neil Gaiman/Chris Bachalo, John Totleben - "The High Cost Of Living" Deathblow 6 NM 1.50 06/94 - UNOPENED - The origin of The Order of The Cross and The Black Angel are revealed. Deathstroke the Terminator 8 NM- 2.25 03/92 - UNOPENED - by Marv Wolfman/Steve Erwin, Batman - "City of Assassins, Part 3; The Allies" -- unopened, but slight hangling wear drops this below NM. Deity (Vol. 1) 6 NM 2.00 04/98 - UNOPENED - Hyperwerks Comics - by Karl Altstaetter, Robert Napton/Karl Altstaetter, Girl with backpack on cover Demonslayer 1-2 NM 5.00 1999 - UNOPENED - by Marat Mychaels, Jaime Mendoza/Marat Mychaels Desperadoes 1-5 Complete Set NM 5.00 1997-1998 - UNOPENED (Complete Set, issue 1 is second printing) - by Jeff Mariotte/John Cassaday Desperate Times 2 NM 4.25 08/98 - UNOPENED - by Chris Eliopoulos Desperate Times 3 NM 3.50 10/98 - UNOPENED - by Chris Eliopoulos Doomsday+1 #9 VG/FN 4.75 11/78 - Charlton Comics - by Joe Gill with early pre-Marvel John Byrne art , Reprints Doomsday + 1 #3 - "Peace Keepers" -- cover is flat and smooth enough, but you can see the chipped edges that push this below mid-grade; still better than reader copy. Dream Corridor (Harlan Ellison) NM- 2.50 1995 ($4.95 cover price, listed as "Special second edition") - by Harlan Ellison, Len Wein, Faye Perozich/Eric Shanower, Pat Broderick, Doug Wildey, Michael T. Gilbert, Phil Foglio, Gary Gianni, Jill Bauman, 2nd printing; Prestige format - "Quicktime; The End of the Time of Leinard; Rat Hater; If This Be Utopia; On the Slab; Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral (text story)" DV8 1 (D and G), and 14B NM 3.00 1996-1997 - UNOPENED - #1 (D and G variant covers) by Warren Ellis/Humberto Ramos - "Lust for Life"; issue 14 (variant B, woman on cover) by Mike Heisler/Tom Raney - "Barely Legal" E-Man (2nd Series) 1 VF 2.00 04/83 - First Comics - by Martin Pasko, John Byrne/Joe Staton, Origin of E-Man - "E.M., Phone Home; Rog-2000 Vs Auntie Decay!" -- looks like it was read through; handled before; not perfectly smooth. Eclipso:The Darkness Within 1 NM 2.75 07/92 - UNOPENED - NEWSSTAND VARIANT ($2.50 cover price) - by Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming/Bart Sears, Keith Giffen, 1st app Henry Gordon; Continued in Superman Man of Steel Annual #1 - "Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Part 1; All Men Make Faults" Elementals 4, 7, 8 NM 3.00 1985-1986 - UNOPENED - Comico Comics - by Bill Willingham, Jack Herman/Bill Willingham, Dave Johnson, Mike Leeke, Bill Cucinotta, Rich Rankin Elementals Special 1 NM 1.25 1986 - UNOPENED - Comico Comics - by Jack Herman/Bill Willingham, Child abuse special; Cardstock cover - "Episodes" Eternal Warrior 5, 10 NM 2.00 1992-1993 - UNOPENED - Issue 5 by Kevin Vanhook/John Dixon - "The Blood is the Life"; Issue 10 by Mark Moretti - "Book of the Geomancer, Part 2; Child's Play" Exposure 1 NM 5.00 11/99 - UNOPENED (Another Universe variant cover) - by David Campiti, Al Rio/Al Rio, David Campiti, Wraparound Cover - "Black Sabbath" Flamehead 0 (Mini Comic) NM 5.00 07/98 - UNOPENED - True Adventures of Flamehead Special Edition Mini Comic "World Domination!" - by Bill McEvoy, Brian Jameson, Jerry Langford, Ken Bustamante, Aaron Rix, Donald Skinner, James Abella, Gabe Jimenez, 4.25x6.25"; Faerytails backup story -- I pulled it out of its bag and board long enough to eyeball that it looks like it's nearly brand new Flash/Green Lantern Brave/Bold 5 VF 1.75 02/00 - ($2.50 cover price) - by Mark Waid, Tom Peyer/Barry Kitson, Flash (Barry Allen) enlisted as temporary Green Lantern - "The Man Without Fearlessness!" -- might have been paged through with some spine wear in lower quadrant, but still shiny and nice. Frankenstein Graphic Novel NM- 4.50 1990 - UNOPENED - Malibu Graphics - by Martin Powell/Patrick Olliffe, B&W Freak Force 11 NM 1.00 1994 - UNOPENED - by Erik Larsen/Vic Bridges Fright Night 3-D Winter Special NM 5.00 Winter, 1993 - Now Comics - Brainbats; still sealed with glasses. From Hell 4 NM- 2.00 1994 - UNOPENED ($4.95 cover price) - Kitchen Sink Press Comics - by Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell - "A Torn Envelope; Appendix to Volume 4" Future Cop L.A.P.D NM 1.00 1998 - UNOPENED - Electronic Arts - by Kris Oprisko/Ron Lim, Supplement to Wizard: The Comics Magazine #89; ca. 1998 - "Situation Critical" Futurians by Dave Cockrum 2 NM- 2.00 12/85 - UNOPENED - Lodestone Press - by Dave Cockrum - "The Burrowers Beneath!" Unopened, but slightly-dinged lower-left corner prevents a NM grade. Gen13 Bootleg 12 NM 1.50 10/97 - UNOPENED - by Aaron Lopresti, Walt Simonson/Aaron Lopresti - "The Castle of Doctor Monstro!, Part 2" Gen13 Bootleg 13 NM 1.50 11/97 - UNOPENED - by Mike Wieringo - "The Trickster" Gen13 Bootleg 14 NM 1.50 12/97 - UNOPENED - by Jeff Mariotte/Joe Phillips Gen13 Bootleg 15 NM 1.50 01/98 - UNOPENED - by Jan Strnad/Sean Shaw - "Hangin', Part 1" Gen13 Bootleg 16 VF- 1.00 02/98 - UNOPENED - by Jan Strnad/Sean Shaw - "Hangin', Part 2" -- unopened but not NM, got something on cover before storage Gen13 Bootleg 17 NM 1.50 03/98 - UNOPENED - by Robert Loren Fleming/Juvaun Kirby - "Virgil Chu's Reality" Gen13 Bootleg Annual 1 NM 1.50 02/98 - UNOPENED - by Warren Ellis/Steve Dillon - "New York Confidential" Gen13/Generation X 1 (A and B) NM 3.00 07/97 - UNOPENED - (Both Covers) - Image/Marvel crossover - by Brandon Choi/Arthur Adams - "Generation Gap" Gen13:Carny Folk 1 NM 3.00 01/00 - UNOPENED - by Jerry Prosser, John Arcudi/Arthur Adams, Doug Mahnke, Kevin Nowlan, Kyle Baker, Lee Bermejo - "Scenes at an Exhibition; I Want my Mommaaaaa!!; No Good Deed; Greasepaint; Sideshow on the Edge of Forever; That was Now, This is Then" Gen13:Wired 1 NM 2.00 04/99 - UNOPENED - by Mike Heisler/Richard Bennett Ghost (Vol. 2) 3-5 NM 3.00 1998 - UNOPENED - Issues 3, 4, 5 - by Chris Warner/Christian Zanier Ghost (Vol. 2) 7, 8, 10 NM 3.00 1999 - UNOPENED - Issues 7, 8, 10 - by Chris Warner, Mike Kennedy/Christian Zanier Giantkiller 4-6 NM 4.25 11/99-01/00 - UNOPENED - by Dan Brereton Giantkiller 6 NM 1.50 01/00 - UNOPENED - by Dan Brereton Golden City (Comics Greatest) NM 4.00 1993 - UNOPENED - by Mike Richardson, Barbara Kesel/Lee Weeks, Tim Hamiliton, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Brian Apthorp, Jan Duursema, Damon Willis, No cover price; Collects series; ca. 1993 - "Golden City" Grendel War Child 6 NM 1.00 01/93 - UNOPENED - by Matt Wagner/Pat McEown, Ron Turner, Matt Wagner painted cover; Part 46 of Grendel total series - "Devil in Hell; The Long and Twisted History of Grendel, Part 4; The Incubation Years (text)" Grey 6 NM- 3.50 03/89 - UNOPENED - Viz Select Comics - by Yoshihisa Tagami, Squarebound B&W - "Approach Seven: Rop; Approach Eight: Nagoshi, Part 1" Not perfect, has minor blemishes on front, on both sides of mouth Grey 7 NM- 3.50 04/89 - UNOPENED - Viz Select Comics - by Yoshihisa Tagami, Squarebound B&W - "Approach Eight: Nagoshi, Parts 2 and 3; Confessions of a Rewriter" Just about new with only a few specks on cover Grey 8 NM- 3.50 05/89 - UNOPENED - Viz Select Comics - by Yoshihisa Tagami, Squarebound B&W - "Approach Nine: Lara; Approach Ten: The City, Part 1" Grey 9 NM- 3.50 06/89 - UNOPENED - Viz Select Comics - by Yoshihisa Tagami, Squarebound B&W - "Approach Ten: The City, Part 2; Approach Eleven: TOY" Grifter #5 and #10 NM 2.00 10/95 - UNOPENED - by Steven Seagle/Randy Green, John K. Snyder Guy Gardner Warrior 40 VF- 1.00 03/96 - UNOPENED - by Beau Smith/Aaron Lopresti, vs Gorilla Grodd; Guy's Mom shows up at Warriors - "Good Things Ain't Been Comin' in The Packages I've Been Getting'" -- unopened, but it looks like it sat in a pile of books for a while; slight fading/wear in corners. H.A.R.D. Corps 5 (CDS variant) NM 3.75 04/93 - UNOPENED - by David Michelinie, Bob Layton/Bernard Chang, Ultra Pro Exclusive Comic Defense System Logo Variant (no price) - "Chop Jam!" Harbinger 8 and 9 NM- 4.50 1992 - UNOPENED - by Jim Shooter, David Lapham/David Lapham, Unity storyline Hardware 17 NM- 2.00 07/94 - UNOPENED /Milestone - by Dwayne McDuffie/Denys Cowan, J.J. Birch - "Worlds Collide, Part 2" -- unopened, but some stress lines near lower staple on back. History of the DC Universe 1 VF 2.00 09/86 - UNOPENED - by Marv Wolfman/George Perez -- looks brand new, but I marked it below NM due to a couple of surface specs in upper-left corner (visible in photo). Clearly never read, but might have been peeked into before purchase, leaving a trace vertical line near spine. But it's overall a new-looking copy. Hulk versus Quasimodo VF 2.95 1983 - UNOPENED (One-Shot) - by Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema - "The Hulk Meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame!" Nice flat and shiny copy with off-white pages that shows enough minor wear along the top edge (see photos of both sides) to knock this down from NM. Hybrids Deathwatch 2000 3 NM 2.50 08/93 - UNOPENED (still sealed in pollybag with card) - Continuity Comics - by Neal Adams, Peter Stone/Aron Wiesenfeld Icon 32 NM 5.00 12/95 - UNOPENED / Milestone - by Greg Middleton/Elim Mak - "Reflections" Infinity, Inc. 20 NM 1.50 11/85 - UNOPENED - by Roy Thomas/Todd McFarlane, Michael Hernandez, Crisis on Infinite Earths - "Crisis on Infinitors' Earth" Intrigue (1,2 w/variants) NM 3.95 1999 - UNOPENED - by Howard Shum/Kaare Andrews -- issues 1 and 2 with variant covers (lot of 4) Jonny Quest 1 NM 4.95 1986 - UNOPENED - Comico Comics - based on 1960s cartoon TV series Part of a collection I bought over 20 years ago that was filled with unopened books. Justice Machine 4, Mini-Series w/Elementals NM- 1.50 08/86 - Comico Comics - UNOPENED - Part 4 of 4-part Mini-Series - by Bill Willingham/Mike Gustovich, Wraparound cover Book looks just about brand new, with white pages. Only a faint hint of wear drops this below NM. Kaboom 2 FN 1.00 10/97 - UNOPENED - Awesome Comics - by Jeph Loeb/Jeff Matsuda -- looks just about brand new from front, has rough edge on back though, so I just marked it mid-grade. Kid Eternity 1 VF 1.50 05/93 - DC/Vertigo Comics - by Ann Nocenti/Sean Phillips - "Even Deadmen Need Friends" Kull the Destroyer 22 FN 1.95 08/77 - by Don Glut/Ernie Chan - "Talons of the Devil-Birds" Flat with only light wear and off-white pages. Looks better than mid-grade from front, but back has some surface specks (see photo) that keep this at mid-grade. Labyrinth of Madness 1 (AD&D) VG/FN 3.50 1996 - TSR Comics (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Limited Edition) - by Mike Baron/Arnie Swekel -- looks FN/VF from the front, but something stuck partially to back side, leaving marks on spine and upper edge. Lady Demon 1 (Premium Edition) NM 5.00 03/00 - UNOPENED - Chaos Comics - by Len Kaminski/David Brewer, Premium Edition (limited to 3000 copies) Lady Justice/Neil Gaiman's Lot NM 5.00 1995-1996 - UNOPENED (issues 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11) - Tekno Comics - by C.J. Henderson/Michael Netzer/Jim Webb/Georges Jeanty/Wendi Lee/Greg Boone, etc... - "Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Part 2; Wheels in Motion" Law and Order 1 NM 1.00 09/95 - UNOPENED - Maximum Comics - by Chris Goffard, Marat Mychaels/Fabio Laguna, Marat Mychaels, Origin of Law and Order Legend of Kamui 8 VG/FN 1.00 09/87 - Eclipse Comics - by Sanpei Shirato Legion of Substitute Heroes NM 3.75 1985 - UNOPENED - by Paul Levitz/Keith Giffen - "You Can't Keep a Good Villain Down" Fantastic copy that was never opened -- looks beautiful with only a couple of surface specks near upper edge of back preventing a pristine rating, but still looks like it might have just been published. Lobo Annual 3 NM 4.95 1995 - UNOPENED - by Alan Grant/Carl Critchlow, Year One M. Rex 1 NM 2.50 11/99 - UNOPENED - Avalon Comics - by Joe Kelly/Duncan Rouleau, Regular cover M. Rex 1 (Variant Cover) NM 3.50 11/99 - UNOPENED - Avalon Comics - by Joe Kelly/Duncan Rouleau, Woman and Man in forground, robots in background M. Rex 2 NM 1.95 12/99 - UNOPENED - Avalon Comics - by Joe Kelly/Duncan Rouleau Magic/Gathering - Homelands VF- 2.50 02/96 ($5.95 cover price) - Armada Comics - by Daniel G. Chichester/Rebecca Guay, just the book, no pollybag or card -- looks just about new, but back has a fold mark in upper-left; otherwise in excellent condition. Magic/Gathering - Ice Age 2-3 NM- 2.50 1995 - Armada Comics - #2 (still has Chub Toad card) - by Jeff Gomez, Jeofrey Vita/Rafael Kayanan, Bound-in Chub Toad card from Ice Age - "The Frozen Dead"; #3 (unbagged, so no creature tokens) - by Jeff Gomez, Jeofrey Vita/Rafael Kayanan - "The Shard" Magnus Robot Fighter (lot of 3) NM 2.95 1992-3 16 - by Jim Shooter, Roger Stern/Ernie Colan, Howard Simpson, Unity - "Unity, Part 12; Out of Time" 21 - by John Ostrander/James Brock, New logo - "Holocaust 4002, Part 1; Slaughter on Phobos!" 25 - by John Ostrander/James Brock, Silver embossed cover - "Flesh And Steel" Magnus Robot Fighter 4 NM- 2.95 09/91 - by Jim Shooter/Art Nichols, Includes trading card; Includes coupon for #0 issue - "Steel Nation, Part 4; Savior" Magnus Robot Fighter 6 NM 2.95 11/91 - by Jim Shooter/David Lapham, Includes coupon for #0 issue; Includes trading card ; Flipbook with Rai issue #2 - "Invasion, Part 3; Just Say Noh; Killing Stroke" Marvel Age 8 NM- 2.50 1983 - UNOPENED - features interview with Stan Lee and Jim Shooter, among many other features. Fantastic copy that's held up almost perfectly, with only slight fading that drops it below NM. Metamorpho 4 FR 2.50 02/66 - by Bob Haney/Ramona Fradon, Metamorpho in Mexico - "The Awesome Escapades of the Abominable Playboy!" -- an obviously well-read and tattered 55+ year-old copy that shows its age, and the pictures pretty much tell the tale. Cover is detached, as is centerfold, but the pages all seem to be present. Miami Mice 2 VF- 1.75 07/86 - Rip Off Press Comics - by Mark Bode - "The Deadly Cheese Dust Caper" -- never been opened, but storage wear keeps this one from lying flat anymore. Mickey and Goofy Epcot giveaway VF 3.00 1985 - UNOPENED - Disney Comics - Mickey and Goofy explore the Universe of Energy , presented by Exxon, a 1985 Epcot promo giveaway -- still looks pretty much new. New Gods 12 VF- 2.50 07/77 - by Gerry Conway/Don Newton, Series begins again; Cover title changes to Return of the New Gods - "The Return of the New Gods" -- copy has apparently been gently read before and other than some light spine wear from handling, is in good shape. Off-white pages. New Talent Showcase lot of 5 NM- 2.50 1984 - UNOPENED - features stories and art by developing talent. Issues 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8, all looking just about brand new still, with the exception of #7 which has some upper edge wear (visible in photo). This lot is priced way below the original $4.75 cover price! Newmen 1,2,5 NM 2.75 1994 - UNOPENED (lot of 3) - by Eric Stephenson, Jeff Matsuda, Rob Liefeld/Jeff Matsuda Night Force 1 NM 2.95 08/82 - UNOPENED - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan - "The Summoning" Nightfall Black Chronicles Set NM 2.75 1999 - UNOPENED - Homage Comics (Complete Set) - by Ford Lytle Gilmore/Tomm Coker Omega Men 1 NM- 2.00 04/83 - UNOPENED - by Keith Giffen, Roger Slifer/Keith Giffen, Origin of Omega Men - "Citadel War" One, The #1 NM 1.50 07/85 - UNOPENED - Epic Comics - The One - looks like a Tide box - "The Big Sleep" Our Fighting Forces 148 VG/FN 5.00 05/74 - by Robert Kanigher, Sam Glanzman/John Severin, Sam Glanzman, Accidentally includes 1973 Statement of Ownership for House of Secrets; Losers story; U.S.S. Stevens story - "The Last Charge; Toro" -- copy has certainly been read before, perhaps more than once with some visible wear right over the title, which drops it below mid-grade, and there's a visible fold mark in lower-right corner, but otherwise is in structurally good shape with off-white pages that still look in good shape. Outsiders 1 NM 3.00 11/85 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr/Jim Aparo, vs Nuclear Family - "Nuclear Fear, Part 1; Beginning with a Bang; Halo: Statue of Limitations" Pink Panther 30 (Whitman) VG/FN 2.00 11/75 - Gold Key Comics - Whitman Variant - "In the Pink of Time" This is the Whitman variant of the original issue 30 of Pink Panther and the Inspector -- appears to have been paged through, and back show a couple of rougher spots, but it largely appears to be in good shape and complete. Power Lords 1 FN 1.25 12/83 - UNOPENED - by Michael Fleisher/Mark Texeira - "To the Victor..the Universe!" Unopened, yes, but you can see clearly the bend in the upper-left corner from inefficent storage that resulted in this being discounted. Good luck finding a cheaper copy! Power of Prime 3 NM 3.50 09/95 - UNOPENED - Malibu Comics - by Gerard Jones, Len Strazewski, David Quinn/Mark Pacella, John Statema, Origin of Prime - "The Heart of the Matter" Preacher 20 NM- 1.75 12/96 - Vertigo Comics - by Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon - "Crusaders, Part 2; Too Much Gun" Prototype 1 NM 1.00 08/93 - UNOPENED - Malibu Comics - by Len Strazewski, Tom Mason/David Ammerman, 1st app Prototype I (Bob Campbell); 1st app Prototype II (Jimmy Ruiz); Ultraverse - "Budget Cuts" Quantum & Woody 19 NM- 2.00 11/99 - UNOPENED - Acclaim Comics - by Christopher Priest/Mark D. Bright - "Heroes, Part 1" -- small abrasion at upper-right corner; otherwise in near-perfect condition Ray 1,3-6 NM 5.00 1992 - UNOPENED - by Christopher Priest/Howard Porter - issues 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Ripclaw (Vol. 1) 1 NM 1.00 04/95 - by Eric Silvestri/Brandon Peterson Robin 24 NM 1.50 01/96 - UNOPENED - by Chuck Dixon/Aaron Lopresti, vs Charaxes (Drury Walker); Underworld Unleashed - "Insects and Violence" Robin 3000 Book 2 VF 1.50 12/92 - UNOPENED ($4.95 cover price) - by Byron Preiss, Steve Ringgenberg/P. Craig Russell -- unopened, but as you can see in the photo, the spine has a couple of stress lines Robotech (lot of 2) FN 1.00 1986 - Comico - Robotech Masters 7, and Robotech The New Generation 7 -- never opened but got slightly bowed during storage Robotech (lot of 3) FN 1.50 1986 - Comico - Robotech Masters 7, Robotech The New Generation 7 and Robotech The Macross Saga 11 -- never opened but got slightly bowed during storage Rune (Vol. 2) 2 NM 2.00 11/95 - Malibu Comics - by Len Kaminski, Ian Edginton/Patrick Rolo, Brian Murray, Journey into the Soul of Warlock, Flipbook w/ The Phoenix Resurrection - chapter 6 - "Cause and Effect; Red Shift Rune; The Phoenix Resurrection, Part 6" Saga of Ra's Al Ghul 3 VF 2.75 03/88 - UNOPENED ($2.50 cover price) - by Denny O'Neil, Howie Post/Irv Novick, Neal Adams, Batman: Reprints from Batman #242-243; Reprint from House of Mystery #179 - "Bruce WayneRest in Peace; The Lazarus Pit; The Widow's Walk" -- unopened but upper-right corner has a scuff mark you can see in the photo. Otherwise great copy with white pages. Sam and Twitch 2 NM- 2.50 09/99 - UNOPENED (Todd McFarlane's Spawn spin-off) - by Brian Michael Bendis/Angel Medina - "Udaku, Part 2" Sam and Twitch 3 NM- 2.50 10/99 - UNOPENED (Todd McFarlane's Spawn spin-off) - by Brian Michael Bendis/Angel Medina - "Udaku, Part 3" Sam and Twitch 4 NM 2.50 11/99 - UNOPENED (Todd McFarlane's Spawn spin-off) - by Brian Michael Bendis/Angel Medina - "Udaku, Part 4" Sam and Twitch 6 NM 2.50 01/00 - UNOPENED (Todd McFarlane's Spawn spin-off) - by Brian Michael Bendis/Angel Medina - "Uraku, Part 6" Sam and Twitch 7 NM 2.50 02/00 - UNOPENED (Todd McFarlane's Spawn spin-off) - by Brian Michael Bendis/Angel Medina - "Uraku, Part 7" Savage Dragon 1 NM- 4.50 07/92 - by Erik Larsen, 1st app Savage Dragon; 1st app SuperPatriot - "Baptism of Fire" Sci-Tech 1-4 NM 4.00 1999 (Complete Set) - Wildstorm Comics - by Brandon Choi, Jonathan Peterson/Ed Bens Secret Weapons 1 NM 1.00 09/93 - by Joe St. Pierre, 1st app Fred Bender as Dr. Eclipse, Serial number contest - "Alliances" Shade, Changing Man 8 NM 1.50 02/91 - UNOPENED - by Peter Milligan/Chris Bachalo - "Love and Haight" ShadowHawk (lot of 3) NM 2.50 1993-1994 Shaman's Tears 2 NM 1.00 07/93 - by Mike Grell, Cover says Aug; Indicia says Jul, cover folds out to huge poster Shatter (1st Series) 1-2 NM- 2.25 1985 - First Comics - by Peter B. Gillis/Mike Saenz, 1st app Shatter; This is the first computer-generated comic book - "Headhunters", Shogun Warriors 3 VF- 2.95 11/79 - by Doug Moench/Herb Trimpe - "Elements of Destruction" May never have been read but lightly handled copy; still flat; not wrinkled; small fading on upper edge of back cover; pages off-white. Shogun Warriors 9 FN+ 2.95 10/79 - by Doug Moench/Herb Trimpe - "Starchild" A slightly above-average, previously-read copy that's still in solid shape with off-white pages. Shogun Warriors 10 FN/VF 2.95 11/79 - by Doug Moench/Herb Trimpe - "Five Heads of Doom" A very lightly-read copy; still flat; not wrinkled; small traces of surface build-up on back cover; pages off-white. Showcase '96 1 NM- 1.50 01/96 - UNOPENED - by Beau Smith, Phil Jimenez, Scott Ciencin/Sergio Cariello, Phil Jimenez, Roger Robinson, Steel and Guy Gardner: Warrior, Aqualad, Metropolis S.C.U. - "Friends, Foes, and the Other Guys; Charted Courses; All The Old Familar Places" Sin City Hell and Back 3 NM 2.50 09/99 - UNOPENED ($2.95 cover price) - by Frank Miller, Cardstock cover Sin City Hell and Back 5 NM 2.50 11/99 - UNOPENED ($2.95 cover price) - by Frank Miller, Cardstock cover Sin City Hell and Back 6 NM 2.50 12/99 - UNOPENED ($2.95 cover price) - by Frank Miller, Cardstock cover Sin City Hell and Back 7 NM 2.50 01/00 - UNOPENED ($2.95 cover price) - by Frank Miller, Cardstock cover Siren (Malibu) 2 NM 1.00 11/95 - Malibu Comics - by Hank Kanalz, Ian Edginton/Kevin West, Paul Pelletier, vs War Machine - "Shades of Truth; The Phoenix Resurrection, Part 3; Red Shift" Six From Sirius 1,2 VF 2.95 1984 - Epic Comics - by Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy #1 looks like it was just bought and just about brand new. #2 looks new, but a couple of corners got bent during storage (see photo) Solar, Man of the Atom 33 NM 1.00 05/94 - by Kevin VanHook/Peter Grau, Valiant Vision; Trading card - "Genocide, Part 1" Son of Ambush Bug 1 NM- 2.00 07/86 - UNOPENED - by Robert Loren Fleming/Keith Giffen, Origin of Ambush Bug - "How Come You Do Me Like You Do Do Do?" Still looks almost new Sovereign Seven 6 NM- 1.00 12/95 - UNOPENED - by Chris Claremont/Dwayne Turner - "Force Majeure" Speed Racer 8 NM- 1.50 1988 - UNOPENED - Now Comics - by Lamar Waldron/George Booker - "The Haunted Engine" Spirit of the Tao (lot of 4) NM 4.00 1999 - issues 7, 8, 9, 14 - by Billy Tan, D-Tron, Malachy Coney/Billy Tan Spirit of the Tao 1 NM 1.50 06/98 - by Billy Tan, D-Tron, Malachy Coney/Billy Tan Spirit of the Tao 1/A NM 3.00 06/98 - by Billy Tan, D-Tron/Billy Tan, Another Universe Exclusive Splitting Image 2 NM 1.00 04/93 - by Donald Simpson, Rob liefeld/Donald Simpson, Parody - "This Bullpen, This Battle-Ground!!!" Star Trek Movie Special 3 VF 1.75 01/84 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr/Tom Sutton, Ric Estrada, Movie adaptation - "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" -- other than a stress line just below lower staple (barely visible in photo), this seems like a brand new copy. Starriors 1-3 NM 2.75 2.75 1984 - UNOPENED - by Louise Simonson/Michael Chen Steel the Indestructible Man 2 VF- 5.00 04/78 - by Gerry Conway/Don Heck - "The Monster Who Mined Miracles" -- looks pretty much like what you'd expect from a book that has been lightly read through. Some signs of handling wear, but book is still shiny, has off-white pages and is certainly better than mid-grade. A good solid upper-mid-grade copy. Stone (Avalon) 1-3 NM 2.50 1998 - Avalon Comics - by Brian Haberlin/Whilce Portacio - "The Awakening" Stone (Image) 1-4 NM 4.00 1999 - Complete Set - by Brian Haberlin/Whilce Portacio Stormwatch (lot of 3) NM 2.50 1995-1997 -- first series: issue 29 -- 10/95 - by Jeff Mariotte, Barbara Kesel/Ron Lim, Mike S. Miller, Indicia says Oct, cover says Nov - "Tango Atlantico; Fuji", issue 30 -- 11/95 - by H.K. Proger, Barbara Kesel/Renato Arlem, Mike S. Miller - "Synergy" Second series #1 -- 10/97 - by Warren Ellis/Rich Bennett, Oscar Jimenez - "Strange Weather, Part 1; Hard Rain" Street Fighter II #1 VF- 3.00 04/94 - Tokuma Comics - by Masaomi Kansaki Street Fighter II #2-5 FN 3.00 05/94 - Tokuma Comics - by Masaomi Kansaki -- obviously issue 5 is VG, but the rest are around average Stryfe's Strike File 1 NM 2.00 01/93 - UNOPENED (One-Shot -- 1st printing) - by Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell/Andy Kubert, Brandon Peterson, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Larry Stroman, Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, Rob Liefeld, Follows X-Cutioner's Song x-over series - "An X-Cutioner's Song Addendum" Superman:The Secret Years 2 VF 1.50 03/85 - NEWSSTAND VARIANT - by Bob Rozakis/Curt Swan, Clark reveals his secret to Billy Cramer - "Reach Out and Touch" -- appears to have been lightly read and handled but still in good shape. Supreme 32 NM 1.00 10/95 - by Eric Stephenson, Eldon Asp/Karl Altstaetter, Brian Denham, Jeff Johnson - "The Past is Prelude to the Present" Swamp Thing/Lucifer Preview NM 1.00 2000 - Vertigo Comics - by Brian K. Vaughan, Mike Carey/Roger Petersen, Chris Weston, Reprints from Swamp Thing (3rd Series) #1 and Lucifer (Vertigo) #1; Flipbook; ca. 2000 - "In Lieu of Flowers; A Six-Card Spread" Tales of Asgard 1 VF- 2.95 02/84 - UNOPENED - by Stan Lee/Jack Kirby It still looks mostly brand new, but I note a razor-thin crease near upper-left corner on back that seems to be a printing anomaly, so I lowered it a grade. Team One:Stormwatch 1 NM- 1.50 07/95 - by Steven Seagle/Tom Raney, Cover says Jul, indicia says Jun Team7 3 NM- 1.00 12/94 - by Chuck Dixon/Aron Wiesenfeld TeamX-Team7 NM- 2.50 11/96 - Marvel/ - by Larry Hama/Steve Epting, Crossover with Image; Squarebound - "All Sold Out" Tellos 1,2,5,6 NM- 3.95 1999 - by Todd Dezago/Mike Wieringo -- #2 is the only one that doesn't look just about pristine. Tellos Prologue NM 3.25 05/00 - Dynamic Forces Comics - still sealed with Certificate of Authenticity Time Bandits 1 FN/VF 2.75 02/82 - adaptation of the movie, featuring Sean Connery A book that seems to have been handled/read once and then stored away. Still solid if not spectacular. Tincan Man 1 and Preview NM 1.50 1999 - by Jim Thornton/Dietrich Smith, also Preview issue and Geof Darrow variant #1 cover -- look new Titans 7 FN+ 1.00 09/99 - UNOPENED - by Devin Grayson, Jay Faerber/Mark Buckingham - "Need for Speed, Part 1; Runner's High" -- unopened, but some stress/handling wear in lower-left quadrant, with thin horizontal color-breaking crease line just above that, visible in photo Tom Strong 1 NM 3.00 06/99 - America's Best Comics - by Alan Moore/Chris Sprouse, 1st app Tom Strong; Origin of Tom Strong - "How Tom Strong Got Started" Tom Strong 2 NM 1.50 07/99 - America's Best Comics - by Alan Moore/Chris Sprouse, vs Modular Man - "Return of the Modular Man" Tom Strong 7 NM 1.50 03/00 - America's Best Comics - by Alan Moore/Chris Sprouse, Gary Frank - "Sons and Heirs; Tom Strong 2050 A.D.: Showdown in the Shimmering City!" Tomorrow Stories 1,3,6 NM 2.95 1999 - America's Best Comics - by Alan Moore/Jim Baikie, Kevin Nowlan, Melinda Gebbie, Rick Veitch -- look brand new Top 10 #2,3,6,7 NM 5.00 1999 - America's Best Comics - by Alan Moore/Gene Ha, Zander Cannon -- all four look brand new Trencher 1 and 3 VF 2.00 1993 - by Keith Giffen - "Life Sucks And Then You Come Back" -- one or two corners slight ding Tribe 1 VF- 1.50 03/93 - by Larry Stroman, Todd Johnson/Larry Stroman, Embossed cover; Only issue published by Image - "Blindspot" -- bottom left corner has ding Twilight Zone 6 (vol 4) NM- 1.00 04/92 - UNOPENED - Now Comics - by Jeffrey Lang/Tony Harris, Insecticide UnderworldUnleashed-Apokolips 1 VF 1.50 11/95 - UNOPENED ($1.95 cover price) - by Paul Kupperberg/Stefano Raffaele, One-shot -- unopened but picked up some surface markings, likely from sliding against other copies; still looks new. Union 5 and 7 VF- 1.50 1995 - by Mike Heisler/Pop Mhan/Jim Lee/Travis Charest/Whilce Portacio/Scott Clark/Jason Johnson , 1st app Rhiannon - "Sideways" and "One Month" -- couple of corners slightly bent. Warp 4 / Warp Special 2 NM- 2.95 1983-1984 - UNOPENED - First Comics - issue #4 of monthly series and #2 of the Lord Cumulus Special, featuring the ever-skimpily-clad Sargon Mistress of War. These were extra copies I had from back when I was buying the original run. Never opened. Warrior Nun Anime NM 4.00 1997 - UNOPENED - Antarctic Press Comics - apparently based on NetFlix -- looks like it was published yesterday! Warrior Nun Areala 2-4 NM- 4.50 1997 - UNOPENED - Antarctic Press Comics - by Barry Lyga/Brian Denham/Yanick Paquette - "The Hammer and The Holocaust" -- issue 3 has small crease line on back cover, but other than that, these books look brand new. Weapon Zero (Vol. 2) 15 NM 1.50 12/97 - UNOPENED - by Joe Benitez, Victor Llamas/Billy Tan, Clarence Lansang, D-Baron, Joe Benitez, Nathan Cabrera, Richard Bennett Wetworks 1 and 11 NM- 4.50 06/94 - UNOPENED - by Brandon Choi, Whilce Portacio/Whilce Portacio, 1st app Dane; 1st app Dozer; 1st app Jester; 1st app Wetworks; Origin of Wetworks - "Rebirth" -- and issue 11 (09/95) - UNOPENED - by Whilce Portacio, Francis Takenaga, Tom Harrington/Tom Raney, Whilce Portacio, Mike S. Miller, Jeff Rebner - "Badoom; The Lone One" -- faint handling wear only. What If...? Special #1 NM 3.00 06/88 - UNOPENED -- What if Iron Man Had Been a Traitor? - by Peter Gillis/Steve Ditko/Pat Redding What The--?! 2 VF- 2.95 09/88 - by John Byrne, Fred Hembeck, Al Milgrom, Peter B. Gillis/John Byrne, John Severin, Mike Mignola, Phil Foglio, Superbman vs Fantastical Four - "My BadguyMy Enemy; The Retirement of Knick Furey, Ex-Agent of S.H.E.E.L.D!; Woof'r'eam; Doctor Deranged" -- shows signs of having been read before, leaving some light handling wear on cover. Who's Who in DC Universe 1 VF 1.75 03/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman/Joe Orlando, Craig Hamilton, Carmine Infantino, Don Heck, Alex Saviuk, Scott Shaw!, Jerry Ordway, Marshall Rogers, Mike Zack, Keith Giffen, Ernie Colon, Jose Delbo, Gil Kane, Howie Post, Greg Theakston, George Prez, Chuck Patton, Stephen R. Bissette, John Totleben, Jan Duursema, Eduardo Barreto, Rick Hoberg, Curt Swan, Tod Smith, Murphy Anderson, Wraparound cover; Abel through Auron - "Abel; Abnegazar, Rath, & Ghast; Abra Kadabra; Adam Strange; Aegeus; Air Wave I & Air Wave II; Alley-Kat-Abrra; All-Star Squadron Headquarters; Amazing-Man; Amazo; Ambush Bug; Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld; Angle Man; Animal Man; Anthro; Apokolips; Aquagir" Who's Who in DC Universe 11 NM 1.75 01/86 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Gary Cohn, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Paris Cullins, Denys Cowan, Joe Orlando, Greg Larocque, Jerry Ordway, Todd McFarlane, Jack Kirby, Luke McDonnell, Joe Staton, Howard Bender, Jerome Moore, Curt Swan, Arthur Adams, Tom Sutton, Murphy Anderson, Joe Kubert, Howard Chaykin, Don Heck, Dave Gibbons, Gene Colan, Dan Jurgens, George Perez, Ken Steacy, Chuck Patton, Joe Brozowski, Kerry Gammill, Trevor Von Eeden, Steve Leialoha, Gil Kane, Marshall Rogers, Mark Texeira, Dick Giordano, New - "Icicle; Immortal Man; Inferior 5; Infinite Man; Infinity, Inc. HQ; Infinity Man; Injustice Gang; Injustice Society; Insect Queen II; Invisible Destroyer; Invisible Kid II; IVampire; I.Q.; Iron Major; Iron Wold; Jade; Jason Bard; Javelin; Jemm; Jennifer" Who's Who in DC Universe 12 NM 1.75 02/86 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Gary Cohn, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson, Todd Klein/Denys Cowan, Wayne Boring, Frank McLaughlin, Luke McDonnell, Howard Bender, Todd McFarlane, Bob Smith, Jack Kirby, Tod Smith, Joe Brozowski, Murphy Anderson, Steve Lightle, Jim Aparo, Paris Cullins, Dan Jurgens, Alan Kupperberg, George Perez, Al Milgrom, Tom Mandrake, Kyle Baker, Marshall Rogers, Carmine Infantino, Alan Davis, Jos Luis Garcia-Lopez, Alfredo P. Alcala, Jerry Ordway, Wraparound cover; Jonny Double through Kong - "Jonny Double; Jor-El; Judomaster; Justice League of America; Justice League Headquarters; Justice Society of America; Justice Society Headquarters; J. Wilbur Wolfingham; Kalibak; Kalista; Kamandi; Kana The Shadow Warrior; Kandor; Kanjar Ro; Karate Kid; Kat" Who's Who in DC Universe 13 NM 1.75 03/86 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Gil Kane, Colleen Doran, Howard Bender, Mike Chen, Denys Cowan, Jan Duursema, Will Meugniot, George Perez, Kyle Baker, Joe Staton, Dan Jurgens, Greg Larocque, Keith Giffen, Curt Swan, Steve Lightle, Mitch Schauer, Dave Cockrum, June Brigman, Jim Starlin, Jack Kirby, Stephen DeStefano, Scott Shaw!, Bob Oksner, Jim Aparo, Jose Delbo, Joe Brozowski, Wraparound cover; Krona through Losers - "Krona-Losers" Who's Who in DC Universe 14 NM 1.75 04/86 - UNOPENED - by Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, George Perez, Richard Howell, Mike Grell, Gil Kane, John Byrne, Michael W. Kaluta, Andy Kubert, Bill Sienkiewicz, Greg Larocque, Chuck Patton, Ernie Colon, Ed Hannigan, Murphy Anderson, Tom Mandrake, Walt Simonson, Kevin O'Neill, Jim Starlin, Jack Kirby, Jan Duursema, Ron Randall, Don Heck, Luke McDonnell, James W. Fry III, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Oksner, Rick Leonardi, Alan Davis, Luther III; Luther IV; Maaldor the Darklord; Machiste; Madame 44; Madame Rouge; Madame Xanadu; Mlle. Marie; Mad Hatter; Magnetic Kid; Major Disaster; Malagigi; Mammoth; Man-Bat; Manhawks; Manhunter II; Manhunters; Mano; Mantis; Mara; Mariah; Mark Moonrider; Mars; Martian Manhunter; Martin Champion; Marvel Family; Mary Marvel; Master Jailer; Wraparound cover; Luthor through Masters of Disaster - "Luther III; Luther IV; Maaldor the Darklord; Machiste; Madame 44; Madame Rouge; Madame Xanadu; Mlle. Marie; Mad Hatter; Magnetic Kid; Major Disaster; Malagigi; Mammoth; Man-Bat; Manhawks; Manhunter II; Manhunters; Mano; Mantis; Mara; Mariah; Mark Moonrider" Who's Who in DC Universe 15 NM 1.75 05/86 - UNOPENED - by Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, Bob Rozakis, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Carmine Infantino, Keith Giffen, Murphy Anderson, Trevor Von Eeden, Stephen DeStefano, George Perez, John Workman Jr., Sam Glanzman, Mark Gruenwald, Rick Stasi, Greg Theakston, Ross Andru, Jim Aparo, Jack Kirby, Michael T. Gilbert, Joe Brozowski, Bill Sienkiewicz, Don Lomax, Rich Buckler, Mike Chen, Dan Spiegle, Scott Shaw!, Gary Martin, Bob Smith, Dick Giordano, Karl Kesel, Rick Magyar, Carlos Villagran, Terry Austin, Steve Mitchell, Romeo Tanghal, Mike DeCarlo, Dave Gibbons, Marshall Rogers, Kurt Schaffenberger, Matter-Eater Lad; Matter Master; Maxie Zeus; 'Mazing Man; Mento; Mera; Mercenaries; Merlyn the Archer; Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks; Metallo; Metal Men; Metamorpho; Metron; Midnight; Mindboggler; Mirage; Mirror Master; Miss Liberty; Mister America; Mister Atom; Mister Element; Mister Freeze; Mister Mind; Mr. Mind's Monster Society; Mister Miracle; Mr. Mxyztplk/ Mr. Mxyztplk; Wraparound cover; Matrix-Prime through Mister Tawky-Tawny - "Matrix-Prime; Matter-Eater Lad; Matter Master; Maxie Zeus; 'Mazing Man; Mento; Mera; Mercenaries; Merlyn the Archer; Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks; Metallo; Metal Men; Metamorpho; Metron; Midnight; Mindboggler; Mirage; Mirror Master; Miss Liberty; Mister Am" Who's Who in DC Universe 16 NM 1.75 06/86 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr, Gary Cohn, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, Greg Weisman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Stephen DeStefano, Steve Lightle, Jim Starlin, George Perez, Steve Erwin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Pat Broderick, Brian Bolland, Cara Sherman-Tereno, Jack Kirby, Chuck Patton, Joe Brozowski, Gil Kane, Denys Cowan, Gene Colan, Paris Cullins, John Byrne, Joe Staton, Dan Spiegle, Curt Swan, Mike Clark, Paul Neary, Arvell Jones, Terry Austin, Leonard Starr, Charles Vess, Wraparound cover; Mr. Terrific through Nightmaster - "Mr. Terrific; Mon-El; Mongul; Monitor II; Monocle; Monsieur Mallah; Mordru; Morgan Le Fay; Morphea; Mother Box; Multi-Man; Multiplex; Myrwhydden; Mysto; Nathaniel Dusk; Nebiros; Nagative Man; Negative Woman; Nekron; Nemesis Kid; Neptune Perkins; New Genesi" Who's Who in DC Universe 17 NM 1.75 07/86 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr, Joey Cavalieri, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, Greg Weisman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Cindy Martin, Gene Colan, George Perez, Curt Swan, Shawn McManus, Tom Mandrake, Jerry Ordway, Jim Aparo, Craig Hamilton, Jack Kirby, Jerome Moore, Ric Estrada, Carmine Infantino, Mike Chen, Jose Delbo, Denys Cowan, Stephen R. Bissette, Keith Giffen, Howard Bender, Todd McFarlane, Ron Wilson, Wraparound cover; Nightshade through Persuader - "Nightshade; Night-Slayer; Nightwing & Flamebird; Nimbus; Nocturna; Northwind; Nuclear Family; Nuklon; Obsidian; Ocean Master; Olympian Gods; Omac; Omega Men; Onyx; Orion; O.S.S. Agents; Outsiders HQ; Pakrat; Paradise Island; Parasite; Pariah; Patchwork Man" Who's Who in DC Universe 18 NM- 1.75 08/86 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Barbara Randall, Greg Weisman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson, Todd Klein/Jamie Hemandez, Dave Stevens, Jim Aparo, Rick Veitch, Chuck Patton, Carmine Infantino, Scott Shaw!, Marv Wolfman, Joe Staton, Joe Brozowski, Steve Rude, Steve Lightle, Dick Giordano, Wayne Boring, Dave Gibbons, Shawn McManus, Alex Saviuk, Stan Woch, Luke McDonnell, Denys Cowan, Irv Novick, Mike Zeck, Keith Giffen, Jerry Ordway, Keith Pollard, Arthur Adams, Jack Kirby, Wraparound cover; Phantom Girl through Pursuer - "Phantom Girl-Pursuer" Who's Who in DC Universe 19 NM 1.75 09/86 - UNOPENED - by Mike W. Barr, Paul Levitz, Bob Rozakis, Greg Weisman, E. Nelson Bridwell, Peter Sanderson/Wayne Boring, Don Drake, Steve Dillon, Steve Ditko, Murphy Anderson, Greg Larocque, Gil Kane, Steve Leialoha, Joe Kubert, Don Heck, Carmine Infantino, Jerry Bingham, George Perez, Rick Hoberg, Eduardo Barreto, Sheldon Mayer, Joe Brozowski, Bill Wray, David Mazzucchelli, Timothy Truman, Ken Steacy, Tom Mandrake, Howard Bender, John Byrne, Todd McFarlane, Dan Jurgens, Ron Randall, Mike DeCarlo, Jos Luis Garcia-Lopez, Wraparound cover - "Puzzler; Quakemaster; Queen Bee; Question; Quicksilver; Quislet; Qward; Rag Doll; Ragman; Rainbow Raider; Rann; Ra's Al Ghul; Raven; Ray; Reactron; Red Bee; Red Star; Red Tornado II; Reverse-Flash; Rex the Wonder Dog; Richard Dragon; Riddler; Rip Hunter; R" Who's Who in DC Universe 2 VF- 1.50 04/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Mike W. Barr, Gary Cohn/Alex Saviuk, Jos Luis Garcia-Lopez, Eduardo Barreto, Joe Kubert, Jim Aparo, Rick Hoberg, Gene Colan, Ron Randall, Howard Bender, Brent Anderson, Dave Gibbons, Dick Giordano, Marshall Rogers, Jack Kirby, Carmine Infantino, Kevin O'Neill, Curt Swan, Pat Broderick, Jerry Ordway, George Prez, Gil Kane, Dave Cockrum, Murphy Anderson, Terry Austin, Wraparound cover; Automan through Blackhawk - "Automan; Azrael; Babe; Balloon Buster; Baron Bedlam; Baron Blitzkrieg; Baron Winters; Barren Earth; Batcave; Batgirl; BatLash; Batman II; Bat-Equipment; Bat-Mite; Batwoman; Beautiful Dreamer; Ben Boxer; Big Barda; Big Bear; Big Sir; Bizarro World; Black Bi" Unopened, but improper storage caused stress lines on spine Who's Who in DC Universe 3 VF- 1.50 05/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz, Gary Cohn/Jim Aparo, Bill Willingham, Terry Austin, Jerry Ordway, Jack Kirby, Curt Swan, Pat Broderick, Carmine Infantino, Michael T. Gilbert, Steve Lightle, Steve Rude, Paris Cullins, Keith Giffen, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ed Hannigan, Joe Staton, Rafael Kayanan, Denys Cowan, Shawn McManus, George Prez, Valentino, Gil Kane, Chuck Patton, Joe Kubert, Wraparound cover; Black Lightning through Byth - "Black Lightning; Black Manta; Black Orchid; Black Pirate; Black Racer; Blackrock; Black Spider; Blackstarr; Blockbuster; Blok; Blue Beetle; Blue Devil; Bolt; Bouncing Boy; Boy Commandos; Bvrainiac; Brainiac 5; Brain Storm; The Brain Wave; Brainwave Jr.; Br" Unopened, but improper storage caused stress lines on spine Who's Who in DC Universe 4 NM- 1.75 06/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz, Mike W. Barr/Chuck Patton, Joe Orlando, Alex Saviuk, Pat Broderick, Brian Bolland, Denys Cowan, Carmine Infantino, Scott Shaw!, Bob Smith, Gray Morrow, Walt Simonson, Kurt Schaffenberger, Dave Cockrum, Gil Kane, Irv Novick, Arthur Adams, Dave Stevens, Brent Anderson, Alan Weiss, Timothy Truman, Joe Staton, Keith Giffen, Jack Kirby, George Prez, Trina Robbins, Steve Leialoha, Dan Jurgens, John Byrne, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Terry Austin, Wraparound cover; Cadre through Chris KL-99 - "The Cadre; Cain; Calculator; Calendar Man; Camelot 3000; Captain Atom; Captain Boomerang; Captain Carrot; Captain Cold; Captain Comet; Captain Compass; Captain Fear; Captain Marvel Jr.; Captain Nazi; Capt. Storm; Cat-Man; CatwomanI; Catwoman II; Cavalier" Who's Who in DC Universe 7 NM 1.75 09/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz, Peter Sanderson, Todd Klein/Stephen DeStefano, Pat Broderick, Tony DeZuniga, Bill Sienkiewicz, Murphy Anderson, Dave Stevens, Bill Wray, John Byrne, Joe Staton, Greg Larocque, James Sherman, Jose Delbo, Marshall Rogers, Mary Wilshire, Jerry Bingham, Tim Burgard, Joe Kubert, Dave Gibbons, Howard Bender, Gray Morrow, Dave Ross, Colleen Doran, Carmine Infantino, Mark Texeira, Shawn McManus, Curt Swan, Carl Potts, Rafael Kayanan, Gil Kane, Dave Cockrum, Scott Shaw!, Doctor Regulus; Doctor Thirteen; Doctor Tzin-Tzin; Dolphin; Don Caballero; Doom Patrol II; Dragon King; Dream Girl; Duke of Deception; Dummy; Duo Damsel; Duplicate Boy; Earthworm; Easy Company; Eclipso; Elastic Lad; Elasti-Girl; El Diablo; Electrocutioner; Element Lad; Elongated Man; El Papagayo; ELU; Emerald Empress; Enchantress; Enemy Ace; Enforcer; Eradicator; Evil Star; Fadeaway Man; Wraparound cover; Doctor Psycho through Fastback - "Doctor Psycho; Doctor Regulus; Doctor Thirteen; Doctor Tzin-Tzin; Dolphin; Don Caballero; Doom Patrol II; Dragon King; Dream Girl; Duke of Deception; Dummy; Duo Damsel; Duplicate Boy; Earthworm; Easy Company; Eclipso; Elastic Lad; Elasti-Girl; El Diablo; E" Who's Who in DC Universe 8 NM 1.75 10/85 - UNOPENED - by Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Peter Sanderson, Paul Levitz, Gary Cohn, Mike W. 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WildCATs Trilogy 1 NM 4.50 06/93 - UNOPENED - by Brandon Choi, Dafydd Wyn/Jae Lee, Foil cover; Gen-13 pinups Wildcats Wizard Wild Times 0 NM- 3.00 1999 - UNOPENED - Wildstorm Comics - by Jeff Maroitte/Adam Dekraker, Tommy Lee Edwards, Paul Smith, Kevin Altieri, Aaron Lopresti, Jason Johnson, Edwin Rosell, Inserted in Wizard's Wildstorm Special; Bryan Hitch cover; Wild Times sketchbook; ca. 1999 Witchblade 500/Certified NM 5.00 1998 - UNOPENED - by Christina Z., David Wohl/Randy Green, Cedric Nocon, Dan Fraga, Wizard promotional edition from Wizard #84; Includes certificate of authenticity. Witchcraft 1-3 Complete Set NM- 5.00 1994 - Vertigo Comics - by James Robinson/Peter Snejbjerg, Teddy Kristiansen, Michael Zulli Wolff Byrd Macabre 2 VF 3.00 05/96 - ($9.95 cover price) Batton Lash Comics - Reprints Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre #5-8; B&W - "Case Files, Vol. 2" X-O Manowar 0 and 14 NM- 4.00 1993 - by Bob Layton, Jorge Gonzalez/Joe Quesada, Jon Hartz/Bart Sears, Chromium cover; Origin of X-O Manowar- "Retribution" and "The Coming of Turok Dinosaur Hunter" -- both look just about brand new Yang 3 FN/VF 1.75 01/77 - Modern Comics - by Joe Gill/Warren Sattler - "Prisoner of Evil; The Impossible (text story)" -- looks pretty dang good for an almost 45 year-old book! Amazing Spider-Man Avengers Captain America Daredevil Fantastic Four Iron Man Marvel Team-Up/Two-In-One Spectacular Spider-Man Strange Tales Sub-Mariner Tales to Astonish Thor Web of Spider-Man Uncanny X-Men New Teen Titans Ten and Under Comics (20+ years-old) Condition: VARIES (descriptions of each issue can be found below), Issue: Desperate Times 2, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Grade: varies, Type: Comic Book, Language: English, Publisher: Marvel, Tradition: US Comics, Genre: Superheroes, Cover Artist: Various, Series: Independent

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