EGYPT EGYPTIAN History Ancient Archaeology Occult PYRAMIDS Tombs MUMMY Antique 1904 13-VOLUME SET - COLOR PLATES - 1200 ILLUSTRATIONS

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For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book: Subject Matter Featured in this Work (General/Partial Only, Please See Full Contents in Main Description Below): History of Egypt Maspero Egyptian Egyptology Antique Illustrated Pictorial Set Ancient Dynasty Dynasties History Religion Archaeology Pyramid Sphinx Tombs Funeral Funerary Customs Cheops Karnak Thebes Philae Gods Pagan Deities Occult Beliefs Relics Ruins Monuments Architecture Temples Palaces Art Artifacts Mummy Mummies Mummification Death Afterlife Royalty Religion Culture Politics Government Chaldea Chaldean Babylon Babylonian Syria Syrian Assyria Assyrian Mesopotamia The Nile River Feudal Triads Temples Priests Enneads Heliopolis Hermopolis Divine Ra Osiris Set Horus Thot Sciences King Queen Royal Princes Military Memphite Kheops Khephren Mykerinos Nubia Pharaoh Theban Ethiopia Creation Myth Deluge Dead Hades Commerce Industry Hyksos Nineveh Thutmosis Phoenicians Phoenicia Amenothenes Atonu Harmhabi Hittite Asia Minor Seti Ramses II Israelite Israel Hebrew Jewish Exodus Tiglath-pileser Philistines Damascus Land of Canaan Judges Saul David Solomon Ten Tribes Sargon Sennacherib Judaea Iran Iranian Cyrus Darius Median Wars Macedonian Conquest Hellenism Ptolemy Alexandria Western Eastern Culture Greek Alexander the Great Rome Roman Pompey Julius Caesar Marc Antony Cleopatra Octavianus Christian Period Paganism Muhammedan Mohammed Muslim Islam Arabic Conquest The Crusades Crusaders Saladin Damietta St. Louis Mameluks Navarino French British Mahdist General Gordon Sudan Omdurman Fellaheen Waterways White Blue Nile Sudd Suez Canal Ancient Modern Irrigation Aswan Modern Exploration Hieroglyphics Rosetta Stone Book of the Dead Temple of Bubastis American Egyptology Royal Tombs Abydos Prehistoric Egypt Memphis Pyramids Excavations Western Asia Elam Country of the Sea Kassites HISTORY OF EGYPT Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia and Assyria. By G. Maspero, Profs. Rappoport, King and Hall. Translated by M.L. McClure. Undated, circa 1905. Published by the Grolier Society, London. 9” x 6” cloth hardcover with spine labels. Illustrated with more than 1200 Colored Plates and Illustrations. Complete in Thirteen Volumes. Condition: GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exteriors in good condition, light signs of wear after more than a century. Firm bindings. Text is clean and complete (deckled edges, some pages uncut). No torn, loose or missing pages. Description: A sprawling history and examination of ancient Egypt by Professor George Maspero, and brought up to the 19th century by Profs. Rappoport, King and Hall. Thirteen heavily illustrated volumes embellished with numerous color plates and black and white illustrations. This is the complete thirteen volume set. Volume One has the personal calling card of the author and his wife, “Mr. & Mme. Maspero,” pasted on the inside cover. Was this set originally part of the author’s personal library. I do not know. Regardless, the presence of the author’s calling card begs the question. THE HISTORY OF EGYPT is an essential addition to any Egyptian collection and a vital research tool for serious Egyptologists. But why take my word for it? Below you will find summaries of the various chapters in these volumes. Further down the page, a generous sampling of the illustrated material, both color and black and white. I hope you will take a moment to have a look. Contents Are: VOLUME ONE Chapter One ~ The Nile: The River and Its Influence Upon the Formation of the Country * The Oldest Inhabitants of the Valley and Its First Political Organizations Chapter Two ~ The Gods of Egypt: Their Number and Nature * The Feudal Gods, Living and Dead * The Triads * Temples and Priests * The Cosmogonies of the Delta * The Enneads of Heliopolis and of Hermopolis Chapter Three ~ The Legendary History of Egypt: The Divine Dynasties: Ra, Shu, Osiris, Sit, Horus-Thot, and the Invention of Sciences and Writing-Menes, and the Three First Human Dynasties VOLUME TWO Chapter One ~ The Political Constitution of Egypt: The King, the Queen, and the Royal Princes * Administration under the Pharaohs * Feudalism and the Egyptian Priesthood, the Military * The Citizens and Country People Chapter Two ~ The Memphite Empire: The Royal Pyramid Builders: Kheops, Khephren, Mykerinos * Memphite Literature and Art * Extension of Egypt toward the South, and the Conquest of Nubia by the Pharaohs Chapter Three ~ The First Theban Empire: The Two Heracleopolitan Dynasties and the Twelfth Dynasty * The Conquest of Ethiopia and the making of Greater Egypt by the Theban Kings VOLUME THREE Chapter One ~ Ancient Chaldea: The Creation, the Deluge, the History of the Gods * The Country, Its Cities, Its Inhabitants, Its Early Dynasties Chapter Two ~ The Temples and Gods of Chaldea: The Construction and Revenues of the Temples * Popular Gods and Theological Triads * The Dead and Hades Chapter Three ~ Chaldean Civilization: Royalty * The Constitution of the Family and Its Property * Chaldean Commerce and Industry VOLUME FOUR Chapter One ~ The First Chaldean Empire and the Hyksos in Egypt: Syria: The Part Played by It in the Ancient World * Babylon and the First Chaldean Empire * The Dominion of the Hyksos Chapter Two ~ Syria at the Beginning of the Egyptian Conquest: Nineveh and the First Cossean Kings * The Peoples of Syria, their Towns, their Civilization, their Religion * Phoenicia Chapter Three ~ The Eighteenth Theban Dynasty: Thutmosis I and His Army * Hatshopsitu and Thutmosis III VOLUME FIVE Chapter One ~ The Eighteenth Theban Dynasty, continued: Thutmosis III: The Organizsation of the Syrian Provinces * Amenothenes III: The Worshippers of Atonu Chapter Two ~ The Reaction Against Egypt: The XIXth Dynasty: Harmhabi * The Hittite Empire in Syria and in Asia Minor * Seti I and Ramses II * The People of the Sea: Minephtah and the Israelite Exodus Chapter Three ~ The Close of the Theban Empire: Ramses III * The Theban City under the Ramessides * Manners and Customs VOLUME SIX Chapter One ~ The Close of the Theban Empire, continued: Ramses III: Manners and Customs * Population * The Predominance of Amon and His High Priests Chapter Two ~ The Rise of the Assyrian Empire: Phoenicia and the Northern Nations after the Death of Ramses III * The First Assyrian Empire: Tiglath-pileser I * The Aramaens and the Khati Chapter Three ~ The Hebrews and the Philistines – Damascus: The Israelites in the Land of Canaan: the Judges * The Philistines and the Hebrew Kingdom * Saul, David, Solomon, the Defection of the Ten Tribes * The XXIst Egyptian Dynasty * Sheshonq * Damascus VOLUME SEVEN Chapter One ~ The Assyrian Revival and the Struggle for Syria: Assur-nazir-pal (885-860 BC) and Shalmaneser III (860-825 BC) * The Kingdom of Urartu and Its Conquering Princes: Mennas and Argistis Chapter Two ~ Tiglath-Pileser III and the Organization of the Assyrian Empire, from 745 to 722 BC: Failure of Urartu and Reconquest of Syria * Egypt again United under Ethiopian Auspices * Pionkhi * The Downfall of Damascus, of Babylon, and of Israel Chapter Three ~ Sargon of Assyria (722-705 BC): Sargon as a Warrior and as a Builder VOLUME EIGHT Chapter One ~ The Struggle of Sennacherib with Judaea and Egypt: * Destruction of Babylon Chapter Two ~ The Power of Assyria at Its Zenith – Esarhaddon and Assur-Banipal: The Medes and Cimmerians: Lydia * The Conquest of Egypt, of Arabia, and of Elam Chapter Three ~ The Medes and the Second Chaldean Empire: The Fall of Nineveh and the Rise of the Chaldean and Median Empires * The XXVIth Egyptian Dynasty: Cyaxeres, Aylattes, and Nebuchadrezzar VOLUME NINE Chapter One ~ The Iranian Conquest: The Iranian Religions * Cyrus in Lydia and at Babylon; Cambyses in Egypt * Darius and the Organization of the Empire Chapter Two ~ The Last Days of the Old Eastern World: The Median Wars * The Last Native Dynasties of Egypt * The Eastern World on the Eve of the Macedonian Conquest VOLUME TEN Introductory Essay ~ Hellenism and Hebraeism in Egypt Under the Ptolemies: Alexandria as the Meeting Place of Western and Eastern Culture * The blending of Jewish and Greek Ideals Chapter One ~ Egypt Conquered by the Greeks: Alexander the Great * Cleomenes (332-323 BC) Chapter Two ~ Egypt Under Ptolemy Soter: Ptolemy Governs Egypt, overcomes Perdiccas, and Establishes a Dynasty Chapter Three ~ Ptolemy Philadelphus (284-246 BC): Treaty with Rome * Expansion of Trade * Alexandrian Culture * The Septuagint Chapter Four ~ Ptolemy Euergetes, Ptolemy Philapator, and Ptolemy Ephiphanes: The Struggle for Syria * Decline of the Dynasty * Advent of Roman Control Chapter Five ~ Ptolemy Philometor and Ptolemy Euergetes II: The Syrian Invasion * The Jews and the Bible * Relations with Rome * Literature of the Age Chapter Six ~ The Growth of Roman Influence in Egypt: The Weakness of the Ptolemies * Egypt bequeathed to Rome * Pompey, Caesar and Antony Befriend Egypt Chapter Seven ~ Cleopatra and Her Brothers: Pompey, Caesar and Antony in Egypt * Cleopatra’s Extravagance and Intrigues * Octavianus Annexes Egypt * Retrospect VOLUME ELEVEN: Chapter One ~ Egypt Under the Roman Empire: The Roman Dominion on the Nile * Settlement of the Egyptian Frontiers * Religious Developments * Rebellions Chapter Two ~ The Christian Period in Egypt: The Ascendancy of the New Religion * The Arian Controversies * The Zenith of Monasticism * The Final Struggle of Paganism * The Decline of Alexandria Chapter Three ~ Egypt Under the Muhammedan Period: The Rise of Muhammedanism* The Arabic Conquest of Egypt * The Ommayad and Abbasid Dynasties VOLUME TWELVE Chapter One ~ The Crusaders In Egypt: The Ideal of the Crusader * Saladin’s Campaign * Siege of Damietta * St. Louis in Egypt * The Mameluks * Beybars’ Policy Chapter Two ~ The French In Egypt: Napoleon’s Campaign * Battles of the Pyramids and of Abukir * Siege of Acre * Kleber’s Administration * The Evacuation of Egypt Chapter Three ~ The Rule of Mehemet Ali: Mehemet’s Rise to Power * Massacre of the Mamluks * Invasion of the Morea * Battle of the Navarino * Struggle with the Porte * Abbas Pasha, Muhammed Said, and Ismail Pasha * Ismail’s Lavish Expenditure * Foreign Bondholders and the Dual Control Chapter Four ~ The British Influence in Egypt: Ismail Deposed * Tewfik Pasha * Revolt of Arabi Pasha * Lord Wolseley and the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir * The Mahdist Rising * General Gordon in the Sudan * Death of Gordon * The Sudan abandoned and reconquered * Battle of Omdurman * Khartoum College * Financial Stability * Abbas II * Education, Law and the improved condition of the Fellaheen * The Caisse de la Dette Chapter Five ~ The Waterways of Egypt: The White and Blue Niles * The Barrage * Clearing the Sudd * The Suez Canal * Ancient and Modern Irrigation * The Dam at Aswan * The Modern Exploration of the Nile Chapter Six ~ The Decipherment of the Hieroglyphs: The Rosetta Stone * The discoveries of Dr. Thomas Young * The Classification of the Egyptian Alphabeet by Champollion * Egyptian Love Songs and the Book of the Dead Chapter Seven ~ The Development of Egyptology: Mariette, Wilkinson, Bunsen, Brugsch and Ebers * Erman’s Speech on Egypt * The Egyptian Exploration Fund * Maspero’s Investigations * The Temple of Bubastis * Ancient Record of “Israel” * American interest in Egyptology Chapter Eight ~ Important Researches in Egypt: The Royal Tombs at Abydos * Reconstruction of the First and Second Dynasties * The Ten Temples at Abydos * The Statuette of Khufui * Pottery and Pottery Marks * The Expedition of the University of California VOLUME THIRTEEN Chapter One ~ The Discovery of Prehistoric Egypt Chapter Two ~ Abydos and the First Three Dynasties Chapter Three ~ Memphis and the Pyramids Chapter Four ~ Recent Excavations in Western Asia and the Dawn of Chaldean History Chapter Five ~ Elam and Babylon, the Country of the Sea and the Kassites Chapter Six ~ Early Babylonian Life and Customs Chapter Seven ~ Temples and Tombs of Thebes Chapter Eight ~ The Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Empires in the Light of Recent Research Chapter Nine ~ The Last Days of Ancient Egypt Remember folks, this is a 1904 original and complete 13-volume set. 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OR (3) CONTACT ME., Year Printed: 1904, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Topic: EGYPT, Binding: Hardcover, Region: Middle East, Author: Maspero, Rappoport, et al, Subject: History, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Publisher: Grolier Society, Place of Publication: London, Special Attributes: Illustrated

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