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Seller: collectaprint (6,270) 98.9%, Location: Bridgend, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 223010150122 This collection is supplied on computer disc by default but if you prefer we can send a Download Link instead to an email address provided by you (it must be valid and working). Request this option at time of purchase and any air mail postage you have paid will be refunded too. Perfect for overseas customers! Simply the Best Proven Small/Home Business! Full-Time / Part-Time / Second Income IMAGINE you had a wonderful image collection of rare vintage collectible Prints, Photos, Panoramas & Antique Lithographs to make unlimited numbers of authentic-looking repro vintage prints from - using just your standard photo-quality computer printer. Imagine you also had permission to sell those special print creations to thousands of eager buyers all around the world! That's any one of our uniquely restored and enhanced pro image collections... Introducing the new Timecamera 'Mini 5-Pack' Complete Business Package (also see our other size packages). Now imagine you had a whole library of such rare and attractive images at your disposal - the result of several years of careful restoration work. That's hundreds upon hundreds of our specially enhanced Digital Master Files to make and sell quality repro prints from whenever you like, as long as you like... ...all at a BIG Discount & with Valuable Extras included! This huge gold mine is the fully proven Timecamera Home Business Package comprising your choice of 5, 12 or 20 of our unique image collections (now 70+ different to select from) at quantity discounts of up to half the normal prices plus important and valuable extras included free. This is the best business start-up deal available! All packages come complete with an exclusive 22-page 'Start-Up Manual' on disc containing hard earned marketing and production hints to get your new business up and running fast. PLUS we are also throwing in a choice of high value FREE GIFT image and software collections on 2 DVDs - (details of these amazing not-to-be-missed free collections Here). * See summary of full package contents lower down. Realising Dreams Everywhere This big package is currently empowering people from all round the world to realise their dream of starting a no nonsense Full-Time Work From Home Business for just peanuts! A full list of the seventy available (specially restored and enhanced for print-making) image collections to choose from is provided below if you simply want to cut to the chase, or go ahead and read the full info provided here. Seeing Is Believing... AS YOU are already aware, digitally printed photographs are now practically indistinguishable from the 'real' thing with the use of today's Photo Quality Printers - in fact with professional enhancement antique digital photos can be much better! It's a logical step forward therefore to utilise the exact same methods for the making of repro collectible and antique prints and photos which, again can be a vast improvement on the traditional methods such as letterpress printing with their usual tell-tale dot/matrix patterns! Why not try it yourself? Take any one of our special digitally restored & enhanced photos or lithograph Master Images, from any of our collections (these special files only cost pennies each) then print it on its recommended photo quality stock using a Photo Quality printer. Next take a magnifying glass and try and tell the difference between a real litho or photo, your digitally printed Timecamera one and then any repro printed in the traditional way. Only the latter will be easy to spot as a repro! Your own eyes will tell you this is the digital age business to be in! Put Your Computer Equipment To Good Use Our specially enhanced images - plus your photo quality printer - can make astounding repro photos and prints that are hard to distinguish from originals. After all, technology now makes possible perfect digital photos using computer equipment so it makes sense to use that same technology to make high quality repro prints - especially when the images have all been uniquely restored and specially enhanced by the Timecamera studios specially for print making. Make your computer earn it's keep! Just think of the huge potential for such a business, especially when you can sell internationally via the internet (shipping couldn't be simpler with only a stiffened envelope needed)! Many easily sell the prints unframed or, if you want to charge more, in mounts ready for instant framing. Plus, there's no inventory to keep buying and money to tie up - just print your own stock as you get each customer. What other business has all these advantages? Launch a Full-Time Business for just Peanuts! The superb 5x Image Collection Titles on Disc you get to select in this offer also come with a host of other benefits PLUS a big Package Discount - as well as a selection of wonderful Free Image Collections thrown in. Now you can instantly launch a tested Full-Time Business for just peanuts! 'Mini 5-Pack' Supply Options This auction is for multiple image collections Supplied on Discs. Alternatively we can now send download links within 24 hours - ideal for overseas customers (not available for photochrom collections). Just tell us after your purchase if you prefer it! This exciting Timecamera Home Business Pack of 5 money making image collection subjects (your choices) will contain more than enough restored Vintage Prints, Collectable Photos and Stunning Panoramas (they're only a few pennies each) to launch a profitable full- or part-time Image Publishing Business from your home or on-line or in a retail environment - using just your own standard photo quality computer printer! Additional Benefits The complete Timecamera business packages of rare and vintage image collections are modern, tested, truly minimal cost home publishing businesses, catering to a very wide range of popular tastes. In addition, users are also entitled to get half price on big Expansion Packs if required; a handy Start-Up Manual on disc is included offering hard earned production and marketing tips PLUS, right now, a free bonus image collection and discount price offer too. Take Advantage of our special eBay discount price for the 5-Subject 'Timecamera Business Package'. A complete pro business at a big saving over normal collection prices and with extras included. Grab it while there's ££££'s off! REALITY CHECK: Why waste time and money on nonsense business opportunities? If you want a genuine business that requires a little honest work instead of a pie in the sky get rich quick scheme this is it - so do yourself a favour, snap it up and start earning. The special price means the dealer's Master Images are only a petty few pence each, representing a truly low investment for a professional business. Our already tested and proven money-making compilations comprise a huge selection of fully restored vintage images for you to print, frame and sell at will - with none of the unusable small images found in regular image collections. Simply add a computer and any standard photo print capable computer printer and you can tailor this lucrative enterprise to suit virtually any need, anywhere, full time or part time using the best image collections on the market (Timecamera is chosen by professionals all over the world). Move to that Ideal Location in the sun The business has already been fully sales tested, long before being offered to the public and it's been proved a real money-making winner, allowing people to make a full-time income wherever they happen to choose to live around the world (within reach of a post box for mail order, or a telephone for internet sales). You too could live in that ideal location you've always dreamed about, or even live on a boat if you like, because now there's absolutely no need to be deterred by lack of job prospects when you work for yourself - and with the whole world market at your fingertips too! Worried about competition? This business offer is constantly evolving with no two packages ever exactly the same month by month. Plus, with literally many hundreds of dealer's Master Images included for making highly saleable prints in each and every package and with unlimited variety of outlets and sales platforms available worldwide too, there's more than enough room for everyone with little chance of the competition faced by other businesses. We're even aware of customers who make a full time income from selling just ONE of our images! Fresh New Market Our own test marketing has shown that you can earn a substantial income concentrating on just a small selection of the high demand images included with this innovative, digital age business. And, with Expansion Packs featuring more great subjects available at half price for existing customers (plus more coming) there are solid opportunities for you to continue expanding - and to become firmly established in this exciting growth market. Never-Ending Supply! Timecamera's Unique Print Making Images:- 1. All images are Restored. 2. All images are Enhanced for Digital Print Making. 3. All images chosen for Print Saleability. 4. All our images are copyright-safe for making Reproduction Prints. Note: These are not standard images collections. Our professional vintage images comprise Large quality files specially for Dealers to produce saleable prints. NOT to be confused with solely quantity-based, low quality compilations of un-restored too-small images, which often include multiple Copyright infringements Beware! Our own unique collections follow a several year project of expert studio Restoration and Enhancement work and are intended for the Production and Sale of Quality Repro Prints/Photos by professionals. Print-Making Images? It has to be Timecamera With the unlimited Print Selling Permission granted with these collections there are a myriad different ways that our Copyrighted vintage print and photograph restorations can be marketed - both on and off-line - and at both the retail and wholesale levels. Here's the added beauty of it:- All this is without ever having to risk money buying stock. You simply use the inkjet printer you probably already own and start printing collectables - as many as you like, for as long as you like with no risk of ever being sold out and without the capital needed for regular inventory. NOTE that our price is for entire collections - not just per single image as standard in commercial image libraries. Often single scans are priced at hundreds each - and then only with permission for just one use! With our discount offer, the unique Timecamera Master Images work out at only a few pennies each, representing an outstanding value! No dead money is tied up in slow moving merchandise and no cash flow problems! What other business can offer all that? Plus, not forgetting of course that your customer base is huge, including anyone who has ever bought or hung a picture. There's more than enough wide variety in this 5-title collection of hundreds and hundreds of pictures to suit everyone's taste. In addition the content is also constantly evolving so that no two packages are ever exactly the same from month to month and, considering the very large quantity of images included and the limitless variety of markets all over the world for each of them there's really no need to be in competition with anyone. Again, what other business can offer all that? This fully tested business offers Multiple Opportunities... On-Line Auctions - Easy to ship Craft & Collectible Fairs Garage/Lawn/Car Boot Sales Mail Order Operations Galleries / Framed Picture Sales Swapmeets / Markets Antique Stores/Malls Doorstep or Targeted Selling Greetings Cards/Graphics Projects Dye Sublimation Applications Merchandise Featuring Images Rubber Stamp Makers Gift Shops / Retail Perfect For Web Sites Special Promotion You can decide how many hours you care to put in to match the financial goals you set - full-time or part-time - and then simply turn your computer printer (more info on site) into what really amounts to a virtual Cash Printing Machine. This digital age idea runs like any pro business - except you never have to buy stock. Best of all the whole enterprise is being offered at a Special Price Promotion for this 5-subject package - you get to choose which 5 you want included (see below). Please study the details, and review the Terms of Use plus handy Technical Info on the special page on the Timecamera site (press your back button to return). Also see samples of some of the many hundreds of collectible photos, prints and panoramas you can be selling by reviewing the various titles below. The enormous potential for this money earner should very quickly become obvious, so if you are serious about starting a great low cost business go for it today during the special price promotion. Perfect for home-based businesses, anywhere Great subject choices in 5-Pack or larger collections Work only the hours you want, set your own income Popular Collectibles selling well on-line or off-line Make and sell unlimited prints. Full license included Many selling opportunities - retail and wholesale Lightweight - Easy & Economical to Pack and Ship Huge range of Retouched Vintage Images included Minimal start up cost with existing computer/printer Unbeatable Price for a Genuine Full Time Business Plenty of scope to expand into several sales areas Never Buy Stock Again. Save Thousands long term Large File Sizes provided, specially for making prints Exciting Expansion Packs. Tap new markets Easily-seen potential, Fully Tried and Tested. Tangible Assets - not vague How To Get Rich info! High Profits with only Ink and Paper overheads The Full Money-Making Line-Up... The Timecamera Home Business Packs comprise big collections of fabulous, different subjects, already proven money making image compilations, each of which contains Specially Enhanced Vintage Images in Large Files intended for standard size inkjet printing and selling. Several of the titles are available separately on eBay for review, or all are fully described on our web site. In addition if you are a little cautious and want to see more, no problem, we are very proud of our business packs and know they work. Therefore a complete image Samples Disk is also available at low cost on eBay - samples you can print and sell (within our Terms of Use). Being uniquely restored and enhanced for digital printing they're examples from the best image collections on the market, so try a few! We don't mind as most then go on to buy an even bigger package after! Depending on your aspirations, income requirements and budget, the Timecamera Home Business Package brings together carefully chosen combinations of great image collection titles - this sale is for a Professional 5-Titles Package on discs by default (downloads alternative also available by request). See your varied choices below. With the Discount Price plus the valuable Free Extras included it really is a top value not-to- be-missed opportunity! Check out the complete line-up of choices below - full information on each can be found either on the Timecamera web site or by reviewing our eBay individual disc sales as some will be available separately here for a while. Note as these particular Restorations are copyrighted to us, all carry full Print resale rights (see full Terms of Use) instead of just regular 'Own Use' only. Bear in mind also that if one or two of the following subjects may not be to your own taste, the important thing to remember is each are proven sellers The Fast Selling Subjects THERE'S a good reason for each of the subjects - They All Sell Well! At first glance one of the titles, 'Mining', might seem an unusual subject - yet this field has a very strong collector base, is a subject with its own category on eBay for that reason and has big retail plus wholesale scope. A search for the term 'Mining Museum' on Google for example produced over 700,000 potential customers worldwide! We have test marketed the entire range, we know it works well and there's sound logic for everything! Check out the subject choices below to include in your big 5 Image Collections 'Timecamera Business Pack'. Choose Any Five - All are proven subjects. Hundreds of images for making full size Prints on standard home computer printers come with these seventy available collections. Any 5 of these can be included in yours special 5-Subject Business Package. Buy it for yourself while the offer holds - or as a wonderful, thoughtful gift for that someone special. E-mail your following (five) number/title choices to us after you buy the package here on eBay... Note: A DVD-compatible disc drive is needed if you select collections normally supplied on disc (the supply default on eBay). However, a download alternative is now available on request (links sent within 24 hours of purchase). Most collections are available by download if preferred - except the country photochrom-type sets. *FULL DETAILS & image examples of each of the 70+ available subjects (including several not available on eBay) are shown on our .com web site, or see eBay Lots. Here are your choices of market leading image collections: Select any 5 professional image collections to be included. See details of many on eBay or ALL of them on the Timecamera web site. Regretfully eBay does not permit direct links from their listings:- 01. Antique Scenic Lithographs 02. Vintage Nautical Prints 03. c1800's Horse Racing Lithos + 04. c1800's Battle Lithographs + 05. Magician Flyers/Posters+ 06. Black Music Covers + 07. Antique Japanese Woodblocks 08. Vintage SciFi Comic Covers + 09. Risqué Postcards Vol.1 + 10. Edwardian Col. Seaside Photos Vol.1+ 11. Superb Artist's Utility Package 12. Old Master Paintings Vol. 1 13. Big Panoramas: Beauty Parades*** 14. Vintage Fashion Prints 15. Transport Ephemera Vol.1 16. Big Photo Panoramas: Sports 17. Children's Book Illusts. Vol.1 18. Best Selling Panoramas 19. Popular Wild West Images + 0. Antique Crate/Cigar Labels 21.Antique Science Plates+ 22. Antique Anatomy Illustrations 23. Vintage American Street Scene Photos 24. Ireland - Edwardian Colour Photochroms (on DVD) 25. The Eclectic Variety Collection (DVD) 26. Big Photo Panoramas: Mining** 27. Big Panoramas: Racing/Tracks** 28. Baseball News Photos 29. Old Masters Vol.2 (on DVD) 30. Old Masters Vol.3. 31.Big Panoramas: Fire Depts.** 32. Big Pans Amer. Indians** 33.Children's Book Illusts. Vol.2. 34. Wales: Edwardian Photochroms (on DVDs) 35. Scotland: Edwardian Colour Photochroms (on DVDs). 36. Rare Houdini Photos/Prints 37. High Res. Mini Photo Panoramas & Titles 38. Risqué Postcards Volume 2 39. Vintage Children's Book Illustrations Volume 3 40. Large Antique Engravings (on DVD).+ 41. High Resolution 3D Panoramic Maps Collection (on DVD). 42. High Resolution Antique Humorous Lithographs (on DVD).+ 43. French Advertising Posters Collection - Art Deco, Nouveau & More (on DVD). 44. Vintage Circus Photos & Antique Prints Collection 45. Dante's Divine Comedy Engravings 'Inferno', 'Purgatory' & 'Paradise' (DVD)+ 46. Black Collectible Music Covers & More VOLUME 2 (on DVD) + 47. Seaside Scenes Vol.2 The European Collection (High Res. 300dpi Image Files DVD) 48. European Vintage Street Scene Photochroms (High Res. 300dpi Files on a DVD). 49. Western Comic/Pulp Fiction Front Cover Illustrations. 50. Detective Comic/Pulp Fiction Front Cover Illusts. 51. Victorian Trade Cards Collection. 52. 'Fairies' Prints & Paintings Collection 53. Antique Seed Catalogue Covers, full Colour. 54. Transport Prints & Ephemera - Volume 2 55. Old Masters Paintings Volume 4. 56. Vintage Movie Posters / Star Photos 57. High Res., Full-Size Risque Images Set. 58. Cary's High Res. Maps Collection 59. Eastern Persuasion Propaganda Posters/Ads 60. 'Jugend' Art Magazine Uniquely Restored Vintage Images - Art Nouveau & Other Great Styles. A Beautiful collection! 61. High Resolution Antique 'Birds of Asia' Prints. 62. High Resolution Antique Flower Prints 63. High Resolution Horror Comic Covers 64. High Resolution Antique Fish & Sea Creatures Prints 65. High Resolution Hummingbirds (Birds Vol.2) 66. High Resolution, Large Architectural Drawings 67. Big Collection of Rare Antique Animal Prints. 68. Antique Engravings - Vol.2 Standard Size . 69. Extra Large, High Res. Orchid Prints. 70. Old Master Paintings Volume 5. 71. Antique Advertising, High Res. 72. High Resolution & Large Format 'Flore D'Amerique' Botanical Prints. *Note: Details of collections which may not be available on eBay can be found on our .com web site. Above Right: Image from the 'Jugend' Collection ONCE AGAIN, full details of all collections are viewable either in our single collection listings right here on eBay or on the Timecamera .com web site where links are provided to each title's page with many image examples. Key: ** This disc also includes top-selling 10x8 format photos or prints, plus multiple sized panoramas. *** As detailed on the Dealer's Page, panoramic discs include multiple variations. + These titles also have additional free bonus image collections included. Rare Prints & Photos available in Scores of Subject Categories! Don't Forget:- Timecamera 'Complete Business Packages' comprise 5 Parts... 1. Your own selection of 5 top value restored & enhanced rare vintage image collections from our professional Print Making range at a special eBay wholesale discount. PLUS... 2. 'Print' Selling Permission included automatically for each of the copyrighted collections you select (prints may be onto any physical surface). Please be sure to read the Terms of Use which stipulate no digital copying/selling or distribution. 3. FREE - Our exclusive 'Start-Up Manual' on disc. It contains hard-earned marketing hints and suggestions, plus beginner instructions - including printing tips and paper recommendations for making authentic-looking prints for sale - is included free with each Business Package to get you started fast. Two file formats are provided - a Microsoft Word file, plus an alternative Adobe Acrobat .pdf document file (the Reader is free). 4. FREE - This Complete Business Package offer also comes with a spectacular choice of extra Valuable Free Image & Software Collections. (Not to be missed)! * 5. FREE - Also included is our Images Samples Disc (normally sold separately) containing full size examples from our vintage image collections, complete with Print Sales permission - another great selection of quick-selling reproduction print Master Images for you to start making money with! * There isn't enough space here to detail all the Free Gifts such as image collections (examples below) as it covers 3 pages. Please visit our .com web site for details as we are not allowed to provide a link (you won't be disappointed). Valuable restored image collections such as these will be included free with this Package deal! See web site for full info. 1: Our images are the result of a three year project of studio restorations. They have all also been specially enhanced for computer printers - none of the too-small unusable images found in amateur compilations based solely on quantity (the more on the disk the less they're worth having). 2: Not only is each subject collection a great bargain when bought alone, we have again heavily slashed that price with this 5-Subject quantity purchase. As a professional business deal it cannot be matched. At only pennies per Master Image, this package is worth far more. Seven quick reasons why this is the hottest business prospect offered on eBay:- ~ 2012-15 ~ Hottest New Business Opportunity 3: The business is based on easy to see common sense rather than the usual get rich quick scheme that 'doesn't require any work on your part' - heck, some of them don't even tell you what they are selling, just 'secret' information you have to pay for before finding out just how you have wasted your money! You only need to think about it to see the truly enormous potential this business offers - which is why we test marketed it first and wore out two printers selling prints retail and wholesale for £2,000 profit per month before offering it to the public in its much expanded, even better form! 4: Our price is for entire collections of many hundreds of collector images, while most commercial picture libraries base their high prices on single images costing up to hundreds each and then for one use only. Ours allows unlimited sales. Again, it's an exceptional opportunity. 5. The market is enormous, being everyone who has ever bought a picture, in many types of sales platforms/outlets both retail and wholesale - PLUS as the subjects are also antique/vintage in nature they're designed to appeal to collectors all over the world too, not to mention designers, specialised markets, decor theme buyers, etc etc. 6. No money tied up in slow moving stock. Repeat, you never have to buy stock - and you're never out of stock either! Simply print your own wherever, whenever you like or only when you need it. This makes it an extremely low risk enterprise that could save you a fortune in purchasing costs, overheads and cash flow. 7. Just think about how easy this product is to ship. Just slip it into an envelope with minimal postage for either local or air mail and hey presto - packing done. Perfect! Timecamera Mini 5-Pack Offer (With Valuable Bonuses) Only $49.00 An amazing deal! No more to pay, no postage to pay (except air mail) - no hidden extras. This special price represents not only an extra discount off the normal bargain prices of the collections, but the unique Start-Up Manual plus the additional free bonus image collections etc are also included. DURING the special price promotion this 5-subject Timecamera Business Package comes at this big wholesale discount price yet still includes all the usual extras (check out great deals on larger packs too). This makes it extremely affordable for anyone starting a full time professional business or second income. Plus package customers are entitled to optional expansion packs such as the 1,000+ image 9-computer disc Edwardian England Colour Photochroms Collection at Half Price! In short, it's a wonderful offer at an opportune moment, as NOW is the time to become established in the swiftly growing digital image market. The special price above must rise to more realistic levels soon or the free extras will be withdrawn, so order now while this complete package offer remains open. You'll never get a better deal on an already proven, practical, easily-run business with such huge potential. The price shouldn't be the deciding factor - it's minimal for a first class business - so snap it up right now! The Perfect Home Business Save ££££Thousands never buying stock to sell - simply Print Your Own as needed!!! Take These Easy Steps to Order... Read the Terms of Use on web site and the Sales Terms. Read the exciting details of all the subject compilation CDs. Choose which 5 Titles you would like with your package. Place Your Order and Launch Your New Business. See the Sales Terms below for Payment Options. Choose your Free Bonus Collections Disc. Question? Please E-mail The Team. Order safely and securely. We are Paypal Verified with many satisfied customers Never Buy Stock Again & Never Be Out Of Stock! Sales Terms (5-Subjects Package) *PLEASE be sure to also read the Terms of Use on the web site (Deemed Accepted by Ordering) which stresses that copying, selling or distributing our unique, fully restored and copyrighted digital files or disks (bootlegging) is of course strictly prohibited. This is carefully monitored to protect the financial interests of both parties and customers are requested to report instances of potential abuse to Timecamera for legal action. Thank you. MAIL: FREE Signed-for delivery - Air Mail PAYMENT: Make your 5 selections from the above titles and pay by Paypal or request an invoice if you want extra titles. =Fast= Shipping Worldwide *Please review the following notes and Sales Terms... 1. In common with other graphic image publishers we are not able to offer sale or return facilities. 2. The contents of each CD/DVD are detailed throughout the site and each contains the numbers of images shown included for each subject but this may not equate with a full disc capacity. 3. Customer details are kept confidential and privacy is respected. Please advise at time of ordering if you do not wish to receive details of similar compilations if they become available. 4. Purchasers agree not to misrepresent reproduction prints or photos as Originals, either deliberately or by simple omission, and absolve Timecamera.com of any liability arising thereby. 5. We reserve the right of refusal to supply and/or to change prices without prior notice. 6. Purchasers may not copy or distribute the images or CDs/DVDs, agree to read the Terms of Use and by placing an order are deemed to have accepted them and agree to abide by them. 7. A purchase is for the supply of goods only and does not include the right implied or otherwise to business and/or marketing advice and should any be offered it shall be in good faith only. 8. We cannot be held liable for any mechanical fault, damage or loss arising from the use of the media supplied and any responsibility thereby will be restricted to a replacement by Timecamera.com of the discs originally supplied. 9. Note the return provisions of the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to CDs, or DVDs of images or software. Vintage Image Collections for Professionals "Dear Timecamera, I bought one of your £12 image collections a while ago to see if it would be a viable home business and was thrilled with the print sales. I am now buying one of your larger packs and would like to congratulate you on the professional quality of your own restored images compared to the low grade collections found elsewhere. Very well done and thank you for offering this money making opportunity!" Carl Grady, Manchester (Original on file). Testimonials regularly confirm our own positive experiences with this innovative business (originals on file). Thank you to the following:- 'This package is truly superb - my very first order more than recovered its cost' - S. Carter, Norfolk Spot on - Really Pleased. - J. Sinclair, London Very Pleased w/CDs. Excellent! - D. Hawkins, Weybridge Very impressed. Excellent package. - T. Barlow, Yorkshire Wonderful Quality. Six Stars - M. Hourigan, Sunderland Fast delivery, very good product! - J. Thompson, Okla. Exactly as described, a great deal! - N. Berkeley. Lincs. © Copyright 2010-18 C.& M.A.Smith / Timecamera (TM). All rights reserved. Texts and all images featured in this listing are strictly protected internationally under copyright law and none shall be reproduced without our express written permission. MPN: Does Not Apply

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