Comic Grab: Golden-Modern Age including KEYS, #1, CGC, STAN LEE, autographed,COA

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Seller: deathoverdecafcomics (541) 98.3%, Location: La Mesa, California, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 163564230001 🔥🔥🔥ULTIMATE COMIC GRAB BAGS: SEE FULL DETAILS!!!🔥🔥🔥 Ultimate comic collection. See full details and lists of comics below!!🔥🔥🔥AGAIN READ EVERYTHING!🔥🔥🔥Golden Age (1938 – 1956)Silver Age (1956 – 1970)Bronze Age (1970 – 1985)Copper Age (1985-1991)Modern Age (1991 – Present Day)This is the mother of all holy grails. Back story: enthusiastic collector of over 30 years. Won the jackpot of all collections in an estate auction of unopened long boxes. Collection consisted of Gold through modern age comics and full runs plus duplicates. I’m offering a great opportunity to hit the jackpot with many different runs for insane prices. I need to downsize!!! Trying to move: would need a whole other moving van just for this. Wife wants me to get control lol. I believe this would make a lot of people very happy to possibly hit the same kind of luck I have. Photos consist of only a few of the gems and comics I have. Most of the books are from the Copper, Bronze and Modern ages as comics exploded during this time with new characters, new runs and new stories and origins retold. How it works:Each grab is 10 randomly selected comics from this collection. If you happen to get a high valued Gold, silver, bronze era, keys or a slab you will have serial numbers attached to a ticket in place of the comic. If acquired,there will be instructions and my contact. The serial will line up with the book which I will ship out separately, priority mail first class and insured with signature on delivery. This ensures you get those gems safely! Didn't get a gem in your grab? Fret not, your name plus number of items you bought is put into a drawing for sweet prizes! Drawings are at every 1000 sales made. We are getting close to the first 1000!! No junk or duplicates in bundle: MOST autograph books have COA, that means some do not. Those that do not are included within the collection and don't have tickets. I can't authenticate the signature but if it looks like a real deal to me comparing many items on google SS comics and confirmation with comic friends then they went in. Not all signatures are on the cover, some are on the first page. This was very very common up through the late 90s as CGC did not exist at this time. I had a guy give me negative feedback saying I gave him junk and failed to look that the comic was double signed by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Ended up returning it to me. His loss. Big time. Several are autographed - this doesn't mean you'll get one in your stack, they are all mixed in!All are bagged and boarded on acid free paper and plastic, top loaded or slabbed. This may be subject to change.Some sets may have more comics if some are in low grade quality (bonus books). In other words you'll get 11 or 12 instead of 10 at no extra cost to you.All books have been securely stored in long boxes rotated every 10 books to prevent damage. All are stored in a cool, dark environmentally controlled room at ideal humidity in a smoke free environment.All high valued comics are stored in a fireproof protected vault and are insured.Although I don't know what grab you received because they are now packaged and ready to ship, each grab before packaging was evaluated to make sure they were at least of the retail value you will pay and not less. Each grab has been photographed and inventoried. This protects us to assure that if anyone tries to scam us with a partial return keeping high value books and exchanging for something in their own collection we will know as the other books will line up with the photos we painfully took and saved. One buyer tried this on us and we knew it was a scam as there were books in the grab we knew were not part of the collection. Nice try, now banned.Comics randomly chosen for the lots are from the following titles available:The Amazing Spider-man. 1-800 + variants 6 copies of 298-302 vol. 1 some 2Edge of Spider-verse full run including ALL variants!! Edge #2 Land variant is double signed, stan lee and greg landWeb of Spider-Man full runSpectacular spider-man full runSensational spider-man full runThe scarlet spider full runspider-Gwen full run + variantsVenomverse. Full runNexus full run Detective comicsWonder Woman full runWolverine full runWolverine V.3. Full runWolverine Origins 1-28 Justice League Task Force full runDarkhawk 1-50Punisher 1-62NAM full runPunisher: War Journal 1-39Spidergirl 1-45Ghost rider full runGhost Rider V.2 1-71 Badger 1-47Badger (Image) 1-11 Badger Gone Berserk 1-4Green Arrow full runsecret wars full run x 6secret wars #8 both CGC and signed x3Secret Invasion 1-6 6House of M 1-8 8X-Men 1-70 (x9 #1 issues)Uncanny x-men 1-105X-Factor 1-105X-Force 1-37 (x2 #1 issues) Archer & Armstrong 0-16Next Men: Power 1-4Next Men 1-14 X-Files 0-33 Black Lightning 1-6 Raven 1-5 Secret War 1-5 Doctor Who 1-6 Infinite Crisis 1-7 Silver Sable 1-17A-Next 1-12 House of Horrors variousThe Umbrella Academy full runAvenging Spider-Man full runArana 1-12Amazing Fantasy 1-6 Silver Surfer and Warlock 1-4 Shield 1-16 Camelot 3000 1-12 Darkhawk 1-30 x 2Jack of Fables 1-30 Wildcats 0-34 Hardwave 1-35 20/20 Visions 1-12 Ragman 1-6Day of Judgement 1-5 Justice Society 1-10 Justice Society of America 1-8 Justice League Task Force 0-23 Justice League of America 1-100 Wolverine V.2 1-10 Mutant X 1 -32 Exiles 1-52 X-51 0-12NYX 1-6 x 6 plus CGC and signed slabsProfessor Xavier & The X-Men 1-10 X-Men: The Early Years 1-16 X-Men: The Hidden Years 1-22 Inhumans 1-12 x 2Lobo. Full runLobo's Back 1-4Orion 1-24 Ultimates 3 1-4 4X-Men: The Manga 1-5 5Young Justice 1-17 Youngblood 0-10 X-Treme X-Men 1-8 X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land 1-3 X-O Manowar 1-16 X-Men Unlimited 1-33 X-Men: 2099 1-35 X-Calibur 1-123 Eternal Warrior 1-39 Secret Weapons 1-21 Uncanny X-Men V.2 1-35 Harbinger 0-41 Doctor Mirage 1-13 Archer & Armstrong 1-26 Bloodshot 0-35 X-O Manowar 0-52 Shadowman 1-20 Shadowman (Acclaim) 1-4 Blair Witch Project 1-4 Ash 1-4 Tangent Comics 1-8 Master Darque 1-4 Green lantern 1-88Daredevil 1-70The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1-6 x2Amalgam 1-24Top 10 1-7 The Shroud 1-4 Max Fury 1-6 Fury of Shield 1-4 Fury Agent 13 1-2 The Supernaturals 1-4 Dracula: Lord of the Undead 1-3 The Curse of Dracula 1-3 The Avengers 1-56The Thing: Startling Stories 1-4 The Thing (Icons) 1-4 Truth: Red, White and Black 1-7 Typhoid 1-4 US Agent 1-4 Ultimate Adventures 1-6 T3 1-3 Union Jack 1-3 The Ultimates 1-13 Ultuimate War 1-4 The Vision (Icons) 1-4 The Vision and the Scarlet Witch 1-4 Taskmaster 1-4 4Marvels 0-4Saga of the Sub-Mariner 1-12 The Vision and the Scarlet Witch 1-12 x2Nick Fury: Agent of Shield 1-25 Robocop 1-23 Tek World 1-24 The Marvel Saga 1-25 Official Handbook of the Marvel Univers 1-17Mephisto vs. The Fantastic Four 1-4 Darkhold 1-8 The Saga of the Sub-Mariner 1-4 Destroyer 1-5 G.I. Joe: Tales of 1-8 G.I. Joe: Yearbook 1-4 G.I. Joe: Order of Battie 1-4 G.I. Joe: European Missions 1-2 G.I. Joe: 3D 1-3 Warlord: Special Edition 1-6 What If... 1-35Last Hero Standing 1-5 5Last Planet Standing 1-5 Ren & Stimpy 1-11 US Agent 1-3Iron Fist 1-29Master of Kung Fu (Max) 1-6Siege 1-4 Pules 1-14 1602 1-3 Fear Itself 1-7 FF 1-19fantastic four 2-29Marvel Team-Up 1-18Marvel Fanfare 1-50Doom 2099 1-11 Ravage 2099 1-12 Classic X-Men 1-48New Warriors 1-75 Justice League of America 1-100 Nova V.2 1-18 X-Men Adventure 1-14 Shadow 68Reavers 1-4 The Order 1-6 Extreme Justice 0-14 x 2The Adventures of the Thing 1-4 Sky Doll 1-3 Nexus -80Next Nexus 1-4 4Hammer of God 1-4Storm Watch 1-50 Wetworks 1-43Weapon Zero 1-14 Warlands 1-12 Ultimate X-Men 1-74 Namor 1-61 Solar, Man of the Atom full runSuperman V.2 101-169 69Aquaman: Time and Tide 1-4Aquaman first run 1-49Aquaman V.2 1-13 Daredevil v.1 1-86Daredevil V.3 1-36 Captain America full run minus 204Captain America V.6 full runCaptain America: Hail Hydra full run Venom full runsCarnage full runsIron man 6-79Strange tales Amazing storiesTales from the crypt full runAliens full runRoy Rogers full runDenis the menace full runThunder cats full runThunder strike full runDoctor Strange Copper-PresentDetective Comics (mixed)Robin full runCatWoman full runStan Lee Presents full runStan Lee comics box setsBatman Adventures full runBatman 500+ comics GoldKEYMultiple Variant cover art comics from Modern day comics.Many, many more great DC, Independent and Marvel comics! ***SHIPPING: Any returned shipping will be at the expense of the buyer make sure your address is accurate. Any returned items will be at the expense of the buyer. Must be returned in same condition sent. We hold the right to charge for damages to our books and to recoup shipping expenses. FAQ:Q1: I really want all silver or gold age comics can you put those in my bag?A1: Sorry, I can't do that, they are already selected and that would be unfair to everyone else, they are completely at random.Q2: Can I get all spider-man?A2: Refer to question 1.Q3: Here is my sad story of hardship can you hook me up with the CGC books?A3: That is sad and I am sorry for the misfortunes but in this bidding I cannot do that. They are spoken for as mentioned above. however check back often as I frequently buy comics and will put them on here.Q4: How many can I buy?A4: As many as you want!Q5: I didn't get the books I wanted can I return this?A5: No I am sorry. This is the luck of the draw. I work very tirelessly making sure that the comics are fairly distributed and there's a variety. I can't control if one lot has more moderns or more coppers, more silvers than another. It's all random! Let's please be nice and keep it fair. I can't assume the books you try to send back are the same ones given and I can't risk not getting back my comics in a compromised condition or switched out with others.Q6: How are the prices valued on the comics?A6: After the comics are randomly selected, they are looked up on eBay for sales of same condition, same issue of comic. It's unfair to say "I saw your book at goodwill for 35 cents but you claimed it was $2." I'd sell goodwill books for goodwill prices, but this is eBay so eBay values for eBay prices. It's only fair to everyone. Please don't pester about sight X, Y, Z. If I did not sell them on X, Y, Z that is not a fair comparison. Let's all be nice and fair. My final sale price + postage will be less than the lowest bidding or buy it now price + shipping on eBay Hands down.Q7: I'm a bully and I want a signed book. Do you want negative reviews?A7: I have made this random. If you fail to get that, then that is your fault. I don't deserve negative reviews because you failed to read this. That is extortion. I think that this is a wonderful way to find new and exciting books. There's always a few bad eggs. I will not negotiate book selection to make you happy. Negative comments for this type of treatment is abuse and violation of eBay policies. Q8: How come I didn't get a Key, #1 or autographed book? Why?A8: This is a very large collection. Each run unless specified is a single run with very few duplicates of individual comics. 10 comics out of the collection limits the chances of getting one of those gems. I know with 100% Certainty that several #1 comics, Keys, autographed comics have been claimed. Please if you get one of these post it in my reviews!! Two signed Stan Lee books, a Romita Jr, multiple spider-man keys have been collected!! :) Love all of ya! Condition: Bagged and boarded. Comics range from unread NMNT to read and very fine., Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown, Certification: CGC

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