Collection of books on Ancient and Medieval Indian numismatics. 160+ on DVD

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Seller: ebookcoins_2009 (1,154) 100%, Location: Nahariya, default, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 324053460271 Collection of books on Ancient and Medieval Indian numismatics. 160+ on DVD I tried to collect on one disk various old rare books and documents (whose legal copyright term has expired) on numismatics. Books are presented in format PDF, additional photographic plates with the coins - high-quality images format jp2 or jpg. You can print a single page or the entire e-book. You can copy images and illustrations. Zoom in and out to desired size. The disk contains: - More than 160 books and documents on numismatics. - More than 25 000 pages with the information. The contents of the DVD The contents of the DVD – Ancient and Medieval Indian numismatics. Ancient Coins of India 1. A study of Ancient Indian Numismatics, 1931, 255p. 2, 3. Alfred von Sallet. Die nachfolger Alexanders des grossen in Baktrien und Indien, 1878, 74p., 1879, 250p. 4. Altekar. Catalogue of the Gupta gold coins in the Bayana hoard, 1954, 651p. 5. Altekar. The coinage of the Gupta Empire, 1957, 445p. 6. Bhattacharyya. Hoard of silver punch-marked coins from Purnea, 1940, 116p. 7. Catalogue of the coins of the Guptas, Maukharis (in the provincial museum Lucknow) 1920, 54p. 8. Dr. Carl Ludwig Grotefend. Die Munzen der Konige von Baktrien, 1839, 119p. 9. Drouin. Chronologie et numismatique des rois Indo-Scythes, 1888, 50p. 10. Hermann Oldenberg. On the dates of ancient Indian inscriptions and coins. 1881, 49p. 11. Jacquet. Notice de medailles bactriennes et indo-scythiques rapportee par general Allard, 1836, 71p. 12. Lassen. Points in the history of the Greek and Indo-Scythian kings in Bactria, Cabul and India, 1840, 191p. 13. Lassen. Zur Geschichte der griechischen und indoskytischen Konige in Baktrien, Kabul und Indien durch Entzifferung der altkabulischen Legenden auf ihren Munzen, 1838, 295p. 14. Lectures on ancient Indian numismatics, 1921, 243p. 15. Masson. Ancient coins found at Beghram, in the Konistan of Kabul, 1834, 76p. 16. Phys Davids. On the ancient coins and measures of Ceylon, 1877, 64p. 17. Prinsep. Ancient Hindu coins, 1835, 65p. 18. Prinsep. Historical results from Bactrian coins discoveries in Afghanistan 1844, 167p. 19, 20. Prinsep, Thomas. Essays on Indian Antiquities Historic, Numismatic, and Paleographic, 1858, 562, 270pp. 21. Raoul-Rochette. Notice sur quelques medailles grecques inedites appartenant a des rois inconnus de la Bactriane et de l'Inde, 1834-1844, 189p. 22. Rawlinson. Bactria - The History of a Forgotten Empire 1912, 206p. 23. Stein. Notes the monetary system ancient Kasmir, 1899, 51p. 24. The Technique of Casting Coins in Ancient India, 1945, 85p. 25. Theobald. Notes on some of the symbols found on the punch-marked coins of Hindustan 1890, 95p. 26. Trivedi. Catalogue of the coins of the Naga kings of Padmavati, 1957, 120p. 27. Wilson. Ariana Antiqua. A descriptive account of the antiquities and coins of Afghanistan, 1841, 511p. 28. Wilson. Greco-Bactrian coins, 1837, 42p. By V. A. Smith 29. Classified and detailed catalogue of the gold coins of the Gupta dynasty, 1884, 94p. 30. Coinage of the Gupta dynasty of Northern India, 1889, 169p. 31. History and coinage of the Gupta period, 1893, 49p. 32. Observations on the Gupta coinage, 1893, 82p. 33. Andhra history and coinage, 1902-1903, 53p. 34. The Kushan or Indo-Scythian period of Indian history 1903, 67p. 35. Numismatic notes and novelties 1897-1898, 38p. By A. Cunningham 36. Coins Alexander's Successors in the East 1868-1873, 360p. 37. Coins of Ancient India, 1891, 151p. 38. Coins of Medieval India, 1894, 139p. 39. Coins of the Indo-Scythians and Kushans, 1888-1894, 450p. 40. The Ancient coinage of Kashmir 1843, 43p. Catalogue of the coins in the Indian Museum Calcutta 41. Vol. I - Ancient coins 1906, 426p. 42. Vol. II - Sultans of Delhi and contemporary dinasties in India, 1907, 342p. 43. Vol. III - Mughal emperors 1908, 491p. 44. Vol. IV - Coins of Awadh; Coins of Mysore and miscellaneous coins of South India; Western India, Rajputana and Central India 1928, 446p. 45. Supplementary catalogue (Non-Muhammadan series) 1927, 113p. 46. Supplementary catalogue (Sultans of Delhi and their contemporaries) 1939, 173p. 47. Supplementary catalogue (Mughal emperors) 1939, 263p. Catalogue of Indian coins in the British Museum 48. Percy Gardner. The coins of the Greek Scythic kings of Bactria and India, 1886, 332p. 49. Stanley Lane-Poole. The coins of the Sultans of Dehli, 1884, 269p. 50. Stanley Lane-Poole. The coins of the Muhammadan states of India, 1885, 347p. 51. Stanley Lane-Poole. The coins of the moghul emperors of Hindustan, 1892, 636p. 52. E.J. Rapson. Catalogue of the coins of the Andhra dynasty, 1908, 518p. 53. John Allan. Catalogue of the coins of Ancient India, 1936, 524p. 54. John Allan. Catalogue of the coins of the Gupta dynasties, 1914, 369p. 55. John Allan. Indian coins acquired by British museum 1921-1937, 74p. By C. J. Brown 56, 57. Catalogue of coins of the mughal emperors (provincial museum Lucknow), 1920, 134, 471pp. 58. Coins of India, 1922, 154p. By Chas. J. Rodgers 59. Catalogue of the Coins in the Government Museum, Lahore 1891, 215p. 60-62. Coins of the Indian museum Vol. I. - Sultans of Dehli, 1893, 185p. Vol. II. - Mogul emperors of India, 1894, 277p. Vol. III. - Ancient and Medieval coins of India, 1895, 165p. 63. Coins of the Indian museum 1896, 274p. 64-66. Catalogue of the coins collected by Chas. J. Rodgers Vol. I. Coins of the mogul emperors of India, 1893, 299p. Vol. II. Miscellaneous muhammadan coins, 1894, 228p. Vol. IV. Miscellaneous coins, 1895, 167p. 67. Coin-collecting in northern India, 1894, 160p. 68. Supplement to Thomas Chronicles of the Pathan kings of Dehli, 1880-1896, 72p. 69. The square silver coins of the Sultans of Kashmir, 1885, 55p. By E. J. Rapson 70. Sources of Indian history – coins, 1897, 66p. 71. Notes on Indian Coins and Seals, 1900-1905, 128p. 72. The coinage of the Mahaksatrapas and Ksatrapas of Surastra and Malava, 1899, 52p. By Edward Thomas 73. Ancient Indian weights, 1874, 84p. 74. Bactrian coins, 1857-1877, 174p. 75. Coins of the Patan Sultans of Dehli, 1871, 497p. 76. Coins of the Patan Sultans of Hindustan, 1847, 122p. 77. Supplementary contributions series of the coins of the Patan sultans Hindustan, 1853, 62p. 78. Jainism or The early faith of Asoka, 1877, 112p. 79. Intial coinage of Bengal, 1866, 1873, 132p. 80. Records of the Gupta dynasty, 1876, 70p. 81. The epoch of the Sah kings of Surashtra, 1848, 100p. 82. On the coins of the Kings of Ghazni 1847, 1858, 200p. By Whitehead 83-85. Catalogue of the coins in the Panjab museum Lahore Vol. I - Indo-greek coins,1914, 271p. Vol. II – coins Mughal emperors, 1914, 603p. Vol. III - Coins of Nadir Shah and the Durrani dynasty 1934, 294p. 86. Catalogue of the collection of coins illustrative of the History of the rulers of Delhi up to 1858, 1910, 101p. 87. Notes on Indo-Greek numismatics, 1923, 58p. 88. Some notable coins of the Mughal Emperors of India 1923-30, 127p. 89. The mint towns of the Mughal emperors of India, 1912, 108p. 90. The pre-mohammedan coinage of Northwestern India, 1922, 89p. Numismatic supplement Journal of Asiatic society of Bengal 91. Vol. 1-16 (1904-1911) art.1-100, 350p. 92. Vol. 17-32 (1912-1918) art.101-199, 445p. 93. Vol. 33-35 (1920-1921), 286p. 94. Vol. 36 (1922), 40p. 95. Vol. 37 (1923), 94p. 96. Vol. 38 (1924), 42p. 97. Vol. 39 (1925), 54p. 98. Vol. 40 (1926-1927), 34p. 99. Vol. 41 (1928), 74p. 100 Vol. 42 (1929), 87p. 101. Vol. 43 (1930), 68p. 102. Vol. 44 (1931-33), 51p. 103. Vol. 45 (1934), 172p. 104. Vol. 46 (1935-36), 142p. 105. Vol. 47 (1937-38), 170p. The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India 106. Vol. 1 (1939), 125p. 107. Vol. 2 (1940), 172p. 108. Vol. 3 (1941), 163p. 109. Vol. 4 (1942), 179p. 110. Vol. 5 (1943), 193p. 111. Vol. 6 (1944), 153p. 112. Vol. 7 (1945), 122p. 113. Vol. 8 (1946), 228p. 114. Vol. 9 (1947), 190p. 115. Vol. 10 (1948), 220p. 116. Vol. 11 (1949), 212p. Different works 117. Arthur P. Phayre. Coins of Araian, of Pegn, and of Burma 1863, 63p. 118. Bhattasali. Coins and chronology of the early independent sultans of Bengal, 1922, 200p. 119. Catalogue of the coins in the prince of Sales museum Western India Bombay (The sultans of Gujarat), 1935, 195p. 120. Catalogue of the coins of the kings of Oudh (Provincial Museum Lucknow), 1939, 101p. 121. Catalogue of the provincial coin cabinet Assam, 1930, 606p. 122. Catalogue of the provincial cabinet of coins Eastern Bengal and Assam, 1911, 369p. 123. Codrington. Coinages of Cutch and Kathiawar, 1895, 34p. 124. Codrington. On a hoard of coins found at Broach, 1883, 40p. 125. Clive Basyley. Remarks on certain dates occurring on the coins of the hindu kings of Kabul, 1882, 48p. 126. Corpus of the muslim coins of Bengal 1960, 220p. 127. Decourdemanche. Traite des monnaies, mesures et poids anciens et modernes de l'Inde et de la Chine, 1913, 172p. 128. Descriptive list of coins and inscriptions, 1936, 108p. 129. Desikachari. South Indian Coins, 1933, 224p. 130. Elliot. Coins of Southern India, 1886, 184p. 131. Elliot. Numismatic gleanings being descriptions and figures of the coins of Southern India, 1858-59, 69p. 132. Henderson. The coins Haidar Ali and Tipu sultan, 1921, 151p. 133. Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics, 1923, 383p. 134. Jackson. The dominions, emblems, and coins of the south Indian dynasties, 1913, 109p 135. Jackson. Coin Collecting in Mysore. 136. John Allan. Coinage af Assam, 1909, 37p. 137. Longworth Dames. Some coins of the Mughal Emperors, 1902, 39p. 138. Lowsley. Coins and tokens of Ceylon, 1895, 62p. 139. Nelson Wright. Coinage and metrology of the sultans of Delhi, 1936, 448p. 140. Nelson Wright. The coinage of the sultans of Malwa, 1931-32, 98p. 141. Probyn. Indian coinage and currency, 1897, 137p. 142. Reinaud. Explication de cinq medialles des anciens rois musulmans du Bengale, 1823, 57p. 143. Supplementary catalogue of mughal coins in the State museum, Lucknow, 1965, 224p. 144. Supplement to the catalogue of the provincial cabinet of coins Assam, 1919, 380p. 145. Taylor. Coins Ahmadabad, 1900, 46p. 146. Taylor. Coins of the Gujarat saltanat, 1904, 75p. 147. Theobald. Notes on some of the symbols found on the Punch-marked coins of Hindustan 1890, 96p. 148. Thurston. Government Museum - Coins in the Madras museum, 1888, 180p. 149. Tuffnell. Coins of Southern India, 1890, 51p. 150. Tuffnell. Catalogue of Mysore coins in the collection of the covernment museum Bangalore 1889, 66p. 151. Tychsen. Numis Indicis, 1800, 52p. 152, 153. Valentine. The copper coins of India, 1914 Vol. 1 - Bengal and the United provinces, 135p. Vol. 2 - Panjab and contiguous Native states, 147p. 154. Wali Khan. Qutub Shahi Coins in the Andhra Pradesh Government Museum 1961. 117p. 155. Walsh. The coinage of Nepal, 1908, 106p. 156. White King. History and coinage of Malwa, 1903-04, 88p. 157. Wiliam Wilfrid Webb. The currencies of the Hindu states of Rajiputana, 1893, 178p. 158. William Marsden. Numismata Orientalia illustrara V.2 (The oriental coins, ancient and modern) 1825, 473p. Coins of the British India 159. Atkins. The coins and tokens of the possessions and colonies of the British Empire, 1889, 410p. 160. Howorth. Coins and tokens of the English colonies, 1890, 94p. 161. Prinsep. Coins weights and measures of British India, 1858, 352p. 162. Thurston. History of the coinage East India Company, 1890, 165p. and other and other The DVD has been compiled from scanned original books which are not under copyright. This is a scanned of a books published before 1923. This scans may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy these valuable books. How did you arrive at the number 160+? Usually, any work less then 40 pages will either be considered a booklet or article and hence not counted. In fact, more works. AttentionInternational shipping - registered post US $7. Shipping for all additional items are FREE. See other items from my digital collection of books on numismatics Modified Item: No

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