Collectible 1936 "History of Ancient Civilization: Ancient Near East & Greece"

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Seller: ancientgifts (4,686) 100%, Location: Lummi Island, Washington, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 122820339414 History of Ancient Civilization: Volume I The Ancient Near East and Greece by Albert A. Trever. DESCRIPTION: Hardback: 585 pages. Publisher: Harcourt, Brace and Company; (1936). Volume I of the “History of Ancient Civilization. Volume I is subtitled; “The Ancient Near East and Greece”. Nicely bound, published by Harcourt, Brace and Company. Contents include: PART ONE: INTRODUCTION: 1) History and ancient history; 2) The Dawn of Human Civilization [i) The Old Stone Age; ii) The New Stone Age]. PART TWO: THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: 3) The Civilization of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley to About 1500 B.C. [i) The Land; ii) The People of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley; iii) The Sources for Sumer and Akaka; iv) Political History of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley; v) Sumerian and Akkadian Government, Society, Economy; vi) Sumerian Art and Building; vii) Sumerian Science and Education; viii) Sumerian Religion; ix) Sumerian Literature; x) The Contributions of Sumer; xi) The Age of Hammurabi (about 1947-1905 B.C.)]. 4) The Civilization of Egypt to 1580 B.C.: Pyramid and Feudal Ages [i) The Land; ii) Prehistoric and Predynastic Egypt (to about 3400 B.C.); iii) The Old Kingdom; iv) The Middle Kingdom or Feudal Age (about 2475-1778 B.C.); v) The Hyksos Period]. 5) Egyptian and Hittite Empires (1580 to about 1200 B.C.) [i) The Hittites; ii) The Egyptian empire (about 1580-1350 B.C.)]. 6) Civilization of Syria and Palestine in the Era of Small States [i) The Phoenicians; ii) The Arameans; iii) Hebrews, Canaanites, Philistines]. 7) The Assyrian Empire and Civilization [i) The Land; ii) The Assyrian Monuments; iii) Early Assyria; iv) The Assyrian Empire; v) Assyrian Civilization; vi) Assyrian Administration and Economy; vii) Assyrian Religion; viii) Assyrian Art and Architecture; ix) Assyrian Literature and Libraries]. 8) Politics and Civilization in the Near East in the Sixth Century B.C. [i) Media; ii) Lydia; iii) Egypt; iv) New Babylonia and the End of the Hebrew Kingdom; v) Persia]. 9) Civilization of the Bronze Age of the Aegean Basin (3000-1200 B.C.) [i) The Excavations; ii) Aegean Periods and the Characteristics of Each; iii) Aegean Influence on Greek Culture; iv) The Externals of Aegean Civilization; v) Minoan Society and Politics; vi) Minoan economy; vii) Minoan Games; viii) Minoan Writing; ix) Minoan Religion; x) Minoan Art; xi) The Spirit of the Aegean Civilization]. PART THREE: HELLENIC ORIGINS: 10) Hellas and the Hellenes [i) Greece and the Orient; ii) The Land of Hellas; iii) The Migrations and the Formation of the Hellenic Race]. 11) The Genius of the Hellenic Race: The Homeric Epics and the Homeric Age [i) The Homeric Epics; ii) Civilization in the Homeric Age; iii) The Homeric Epics as Literature]. PART FOUR: THE FORMATIVE AGE OF GREECE: 12) Hellenic Colonial Expansion and Resulting Economic and Political Evolution [i) Hellenic Colonization; ii) Economic and Social Effects of Hellenic Colonization; iii) Hesiod and the Changing Times; iv) Cultural Effects of Hellenic Colonization; v) The Greek City-State: Origins and Political Evolution through Economic Advance; vi) Greek Political Evolution]. 13) Social and Political Development of Early Sparta and the Peloponnesian States [i) The Spartan Conquest of Messenia; ii) The Spartan Social System; iii) The Spartan Constitution; iv) Sparta and the Peloponnesus]. 14) Economic Advance and Political Evolution of Athens (800-500 B.C.) [i) Early Athens; ii) The Economic Reforms of Solon; iii) Solon’s Constitution; iv) The Athenian Tyranny; v) Cleisthenes and the Triumph of Democracy]. 15) The New Hellenic Culture of the Formative Period: Poetry and Art [i) The New Hellenic Poetry; ii) The New Hellenic Art and Architecture]. 16) Religion and Philosophy in the Formative Period of Greece [i) Hellenic Religion; ii) Hellenic Ethical Progress; iii) Hellenic Philosophy and Science]. PART FIVE: THE CRISIS OF GREECE AND ITS AFTERMATH (499-461 B.C.): 17) The Conflicts of Hellas with Persia and with Carthage (499-479 B.C.) [i) The Ionian Revolt (499-493 B.C.); ii) The Persian Campaigns Against Greece (493-479 B.C.); iii) The Crisis in West Greece]. 18) The Rise of the Athenian Empire [i) The Confederacy of Delos; ii) Themistocles and Athens; iii) Aristides; iv) Cimon; v) Athenian Constitutional Changes; vi) West Greece (479-461 B.C.)]. 19) Hellenic Society and Culture (479-461 B.C.) [i) The Choral Lyric; ii) Greek Philosophy; iii) Art Outside of Athens; iv) Athens and the Spirit of the Age; v) Athenian Art; vi) The Greek Tragic Drama (479-461 B.C.)]. PART SIX: THE PERICLEAN AGE (461-431 B.C.): 20) Athenian Imperialism at its Height (461-445 B.C.) [i) Periclean Imperialism Against Corinth; ii) Cimon and Imperialism Against Persia; iii) The Failure of Aggressive Athenian Imperialism; iv) The Development of the Athenian Maritime Empire; v) Periclean Colonization; vi) The Economic Basis of Athenian Imperialism; vii) Opposition to Periclean Policy]. 21) Democracy and Economy in the Periclean Age [i) The Economic Basis of Periclean Democracy; ii) The Character of Periclean Democracy; iii) Athenian Economy in the Periclean Age; iv) The Greek Attitude Toward Labor]. 22) Culture and Social Ideals in Periclean Athens [i) Public Works, Art, Architecture; ii) Sophocles and the Drama; iii) Pericles; iv) Hellenic Science of the Periclean Age; v) Hellenic Philosophy of the Periclean Age; vi) Protagoras and Political and Social Theory; vii) Greek Historians of the Periclean Age; viii) Athenian Social Life and Ideals in the Periclean Age. PART SEVEN: THE GREEK WORLD WAR AND THE PASSING OF THE OLD HELLENIC SOCIETY: 23) The Peloponnesian War (434-404 B.C.) [i) The Causes of the War; ii) Athenian and Spartan Resources; iii) The Peloponnesian War to the Peace of Nicias; iv) Athenian Politics and the Broken Treaty; v) The Sicilian Expedition; vi) The Last Phase of the War]. 24) The New Hellenic Culture (431-404 B.C.) [i) The Sophists and the Spirit of the Age; ii) Socrates; iii) Euripides, Innovator and Rationalist; iv) Thucydides and the New History; v) Aristophanes and the Old Comedy; vi) Sculpture and Architecture (431-404 B.C.)]. PART EIGHT: HELLENIC POLITICS, SOCIETY, AND CULTURE IN THE FOURTH CENTURY B.C.: 25) Hellenic Interstate Relations (404-362 B.C.) [i) The Supremacy of Sparta (404-371 B.C.); ii) The Supremacy of Thebes (371-362 B.C.); iii) The Hellenic West in the Fourth Century B.C.]. 26) The Macedonian Unification of Hellas [i) Macedonia Before Phillip; ii) Philip’s Preparation and Early Aggressions; iii) The Difficulties of Athens; iv) The Sacred War (356-346 B.C.); v) Demosthenes and the New Statesmanship; vi) The Fall of Olynthus; vii) The Peace of Philocrates (346 B.C.) and the “False Embassy”; viii) Isocrates; ix) Philip’s Delay and Demosthenes’ Aggression (346-340 B.C.); x) Open War with Macedon (340-338 B.C.); xi) Demosthenes’ Theban Policy; xii) The Second Sacred War (340-338 B.C.); xiii) The Congress of Corinth and the Hellenic League Against Persia; xiv) The Death of Philip; xv) Demosthenes and his Policy]. 27) Internal Conditions in Fourth-Century Hellas (404-337 B.C.) [i) The Aftermath of the Peloponnesian War; ii) Hellenic Economic Conditions in the Fourth Century B.C.; iii) Hellenic Social Conditions; iv) Hellenic Government and Internal Political Conditions; v) Was the Athenian Democracy Decadent?]. 28. Hellenic Culture in the Fourth Century B.C. [i) Hellenic Art of the Fourth Century B.C.; ii) Hellenic Comedy, Biography, and Essay of the Fourth Century B.C.; iii) Hellenic Historians of the Fourth Century B.C.; iv) Hellenic Rhetoric and Oratory of the Fourth Century B.C.; v) Hellenic Philosophy in the Fourth Century B.C.]. PART NINE: MACEDONIAN IMPERIALISM AND THE HELLENISTIC AGE (337-146 B.C.): 29) Alexander and the Expansion of Hellenism (336-323 B.C.) [i) The Man; ii) Rebellion in Greece; iii) Alexander’s Preparations Against Persia; iv) Granicus; v) Alexander’s Next Campaigns; vi) Issus; vii) Alexander at Tyre and on the Syrian Coast; viii) Alexander in Egypt; ix) Gaugamela; x) Alexander at Babylon and Persepolis; xi) Alexander’s Pursuit of Darius; xii) Bactria and Sogdiana; xiii) Alexander in India; xiv) The Return of Alexander; xv) The Affair of Harpalus; xvi) The Last Year of Alexander; xvii) Estimate of Alexander; xvii) Estimate of Alexander; xviii) The Meaning of Alexander’s Conquests; xix) The Transformation of Hellenism]. 30) The Hellenistic Age (323-146 B.C.) [i) Historical Importance of the Hellenistic Age; ii) Hellenistic Politics; iii) The Hellenistic World (about 275 B.C.); iv) Hellenistic Economic Life and Organization]. 31) Hellenistic Culture: Literature and Art [i) Hellenistic Literature; ii) Hellenistic Historians; iii) Hellenistic Art]. 32) Hellenistic Culture: Science, Philosophy, Religion [i) Hellenistic Science; ii) Hellenistic Philosophy; iii) Hellenistic Religion. PART TEN: EPILOGUE: 33) The Hellenic Heritage to Western Civilization [i) The Influence of the Greek Language; ii) The Influence of Greek Language; iii) The Influence of Greek Art; iv) The Influence of Greek Philosophy and Religion; v) The Influence of Greek Science; vi) The Influence of Greek Political and Social Theory and Institutions; vii) The Influence of Greek Economic Ideas; viii) The Influence of Greek Education; ix) The Influence of the Greek Spirit. CONDITION: Some shelf-wear and fading to the cover, yellowing pages, somebody tore library pocket off the first page, otherwise clean pages, in good condition. PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR JACKET DESCRIPTION(S) AND FOR PAGES OF PICTURES FROM INSIDE OF BOOK. PLEASE SEE PUBLISHER, PROFESSIONAL, AND READER REVIEWS BELOW. PUBLISHER REVIEW: REVIEW: Albert A. Trever, professor of Greek and of ancient and European history from 1905-1940. He graduated from Lawrence, earned a Ph.D., and returned to his alma mater as professor of Greek and later of history. PROFESSIONAL REVIEW: REVIEW: Trever Hall is at Lawrence University is named after this fine scholar. He understood the importance of numismatics, and it will come as no surprise that Ottilia Buerger [1938] was his student. Ottilia bequeathed to Lawrence her collection of ancient coins, one of the world's finest. My Latin students read Eutropius' summary of Roman history and put a face on history by studying the portraits on the Buerger coins. This venerated volume is still considered an important source of ancient history. READER REVIEW: REVIEW: I got this book at an old used book store and though the pages were browned and written in 1936, it still was quite a good read. I was expecting a heavily biased run through of "primitive civilization" history, but the author has quite a lot of respect for ancient cultures they way they were. A good book to have on your shelf, particularly as a Greek history reference. I usually ship books Media Mail in a padded mailer. However due to its susceptibility to damage, this book will ship boxed, and will be shipped FOR FREE via USPS INSURED media mail (“book rate”). All domestic shipments and most international shipments will include free USPS Delivery Confirmation (you might be able to update the status of your shipment on-line at the USPS Web Site and free insurance coverage). A small percentage of international shipments may require an additional fee for tracking and/or delivery confirmation. If you are concerned about a little wear and tear to the book in transit, I would suggest a boxed shipment - it is an extra $1.00. Whether via padded mailer or box, we will give discounts for multiple purchases. International orders are welcome, but shipping costs are substantially higher. Most international orders cost an additional $12.99 to $33.99 for an insuredshipment in a heavily padded mailer, and typically includes some form of rudimentary tracking and/or delivery confirmation (though for some countries, this is only available at additional cost). There is also a discount program which can cut postage costs by 50% to 75% if you’re buying about half-a-dozen books or more (5 kilos+). Rates and available services vary a bit from country to country. You can email or message me for a shipping cost quote, but I assure you they are as reasonable as USPS rates allow, and if it turns out the rate is too high for your pocketbook, we will cancel the sale at your request. ADDITIONAL PURCHASES do receive a VERY LARGE discount, typically about $5 per book (for each additional book after the first) so as to reward you for the economies of combined shipping/insurance costs. Your purchase will ordinarily be shipped within 48 hours of payment. We package as well as anyone in the business, with lots of protective padding and containers. All of our shipments are sent via insured mail so as to comply with PayPal requirements. We do NOT recommend uninsured shipments, and expressly disclaim any responsibility for the loss of an uninsured shipment. Unfortunately the contents of parcels are easily “lost” or misdelivered by postal employees – even in the USA. That’s why all of our domestic shipments (and most international) shipments include a USPS delivery confirmation tag; or are trackable or traceable, and all shipments (international and domestic) are insured. We do offer U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, Registered Mail, and Express Mail for both international and domestic shipments, as well United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (Fed-Ex). Please ask for a rate quotation. We will accept whatever payment method you are most comfortable with. If upon receipt of the item you are disappointed for any reason whatever, I offer a no questions asked return policy. Send it back, I will give you a complete refund of the purchase price (less our original shipping costs). Most of the items I offer come from the collection of a family friend who was active in the field of Archaeology for over forty years. However many of the items also come from purchases I make in Eastern Europe, India, and from the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean/Near East) from various institutions and dealers. Though I have always had an interest in archaeology, my own academic background was in sociology and cultural anthropology. After my retirement however, I found myself drawn to archaeology as well. Aside from my own personal collection, I have made extensive and frequent additions of my own via purchases on Ebay (of course), as well as many purchases from both dealers and institutions throughout the world – but especially in the Near East and in Eastern Europe. I spend over half of my year out of the United States, and have spent much of my life either in India or Eastern Europe. In fact much of what we generate on Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay goes to support The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as some other worthy institutions in Europe connected with Anthropology and Archaeology. I acquire some small but interesting collections overseas from time-to-time, and have as well some duplicate items within my own collection which I occasionally decide to part with. Though I have a collection of ancient coins numbering in the tens of thousands, my primary interest is in ancient jewelry. My wife also is an active participant in the "business" of antique and ancient jewelry, and is from Russia. I would be happy to provide you with a certificate/guarantee of authenticity for any item you purchase from me. There is a $2 fee for mailing under separate cover. Whenever I am overseas I have made arrangements for purchases to be shipped out via domestic mail. If I am in the field, you may have to wait for a week or two for a COA to arrive via international air mail. But you can be sure your purchase will arrive properly packaged and promptly - even if I am absent. And when I am in a remote field location with merely a notebook computer, at times I am not able to access my email for a day or two, so be patient, I will always respond to every email. Please see our "ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE." Format: Hardback, Title: History of Ancient Civilization, Volume I: The Ancient Near East and Greece

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