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Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i 18MP SLR Camera 18-55mm IS PRO Kit Brand New Authorized Canon Dealer

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Seller: beachcamera (350,084) 98.9%, Location: FAST SHIPPING from Edison NJ, Ships to: US, Item: 300664939265 About BeachCamera Our Awards Photography Digital Imaging Video Printers Computers Audio Television Home & Garden Add beachcamera store to favorites 800-572-3224 Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i 18MP SLR Camera 18-55mm IS PRO Kit Catalog #: E1CNDRT3I1855 MFG Part #: E1CNDRT3I1855 Condition: Brand new, USA Warranty Shipping Information Our Return Policy Product Information Recommended Accessories In The Box Photographers looking for an easy-to-use camera that will help them create their next masterpiece need look no further than the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. The next in a long line of phenomenal compact DSLRs, the EOS Rebel T3i continues the Rebel tradition of easy operation, compact design and no-compromise performance. Featuring Canon's newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor - plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor - the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package. High Resolution Still Capture.18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor for high image quality and speed. The EOS Rebel T3i has an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor that captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range and offers more than enough resolution for big enlargements or crops. This first-class sensor features many of the same new technologies as used by professional Canon cameras to maximize each pixel's light-gathering efficiency. Its APS-C size sensor creates an effective 1.6x field of view (compared to 35mm format). DIGIC 4 Image ProcessorThe Canon DIGIC 4 Image Processor dramatically speeds up the entire EOS Rebel T3i DSLR's camera operations for intuitive operation and offers improvements in both fine detail and natural color reproduction. It works in concert with the EOS Rebel T3i DSLR's CMOS Image Sensor to achieve phenomenal levels of performance in nearly any situation. Amazing Results, No Matter the Light.ISO 100 - 6400 (expandable to 12800) for shooting from bright to dim light. The EOS Rebel T3i features an expanded ISO range that makes shooting possible in situations previously unthinkable without flash. With an ISO rating up to 6400 (expandable to ISO 12800), along with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor's improved noise-reduction technology, creative possibilities abound. Combine the EOS Rebel T3i with one of Canon's EF or EF-S lenses with Optical Image Stabilizer and the shooting possibilities for both movies and stills expand even further. HD Dreams Come True.Improved EOS Full HD Movie mode with manual exposure control, expanded recording [1920 x 1080 Full HD video at frame rates of 30 (29.97), 24 (23.976) and 25.0 frames per second] with new Movie Digital zoom and Video Snapshot features for enhanced movie shooting options. The EOS Rebel T3i does not just shoot video clips, it offers the enhanced ease-of-use, image quality, smooth frame rates and adaptive exposure compensation necessary in a professional video-making tool by boasting the most advanced EOS video capturing features to date: When Full HD (1920 x 1080) is set, you can use Movie Digital Zoom to magnify the center of the image by 3-10x while at the same time maintaining gorgeous Canon Full HD image quality. With the Video Snapshot feature, the EOS Rebel T3i DSLR will capture short video clips (of 2, 4 or 8 seconds) then combine them automatically into one video file as a snapshot or highlights "album." With no editing needed after shooting, the compiled video is perfect for sharing online or displaying directly on an HDTV via the camera's HDMI port. In addition to a number of different recording size and frame rate modes, the EOS Rebel T3i enables easy manual control of exposure, focus and Live View features and even allows for in-camera editing. The large CMOS sensor and compatibility with over 60 lenses provide a wealth of depth-of-field options. And it's all as easy as the press of a button - the EOS Rebel T3i has a dedicated Live View/Movie Recording start/stop button that gets the shooting started fast. Three Recording SizesFull HD Video is captured at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30p (29.97), 24p (23.976) or 25p frames per second, for up to 4GB per clip. Videos are saved as .MOV files and can be viewed in Full HD with HDMI output. Other recording sizes include HD at 1280 x 720 (50p/60p (59.94) fps) or SD/VGA at 640 x 480 (30p (29.97) and 25p fps). Low Angles or High, a Big Vari-angle LCD Captures All the Details.Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor (3:2) for shooting at high or low angles and 1,040,000-dot VGA with reflection reduction using multi coating and high-transparency materials for bright and clear viewing. The EOS Rebel T3i features a bright, high resolution, flip-out Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor for shooting at a variety of angles. By simply rotating the monitor, you can hold the camera directly overhead for above-the-crowd shots at concerts, or hold the camera at a low angle for kids and pets. By rotating the LCD monitor fully, the EOS Rebel T3i becomes the ideal camera for self-portraits. The EOS Rebel T3i freely enables easy angle adjustments even if the camera is mounted on a tripod or has a battery grip attached. With 1,040,000 (dots/VGA) pixels for spectacular detail, the advanced, smudge-resistant monitor includes high transparency materials plus anti-reflective and water-repellant coatings to provide clear and bright viewing. Superb for reviewing, editing and deleting photos or composing new images in Live View function, the Vari-angle Clear View LCD monitor is also the perfect means for accessing camera settings like ISO, metering modes, AF Point selection, the horizontal Electronic Level and flash options. Automatic Scene Analysis for Standout Color.New Scene Intelligent Auto mode and Picture Style Auto incorporating the new EOS Scene Detection System to capture beautiful scenes with ease. The EOS Rebel T3i DSLR's new Scene Intelligent Auto mode unites five Canon digital camera technologies - the new Picture Style Auto, plus Automatic Lighting Optimizer, Automatic White Balance, Autofocus, and Automatic Exposure - into a powerful new feature for photographers. Using the advanced EOS Scene Detection System, the camera automatically analyzes the image, taking into account faces, colors, brightness, movement and contrast. Scene Intelligent Auto then chooses the enhancing features to deliver maximum impact. Blues and greens are more vivid, ?hot? colors are more fiery, and skin tones are smooth and truer to life. Make Your Images As You See Them.Express your creativity with advanced imaging features like Basic+ function, Multi-Aspect function and Creative Filters. Basic+ is a new creative imaging feature that makes it easy to create the image effects you want. It can be set with the Quick Control screen in Basic Zone modes. Basic+ provides two options: Shoot by ambience selectionBased on the Picture Style and its parameters (sharpness, contrast, saturation, and color tone), the exposure compensation and white balance correction are adjusted to attain the selected ambience. You can also can also select the strength of the ambience effect. Shoot by lighting or scene typeAlthough the actual parameter set is the white balance, the settings are expressed in more understandable terms. The Multi-Aspect Function of the EOS Rebel T3i lets you express an image in one of three ways by matching the aspect ratio to each scene. In addition to the camera's standard 3:2 ration, the Multi-Aspect Function includes a 1:1 ratio that creates the sensation that the viewer's gaze is focusing upon the center of the image. At the 4:3 ratio, you get nearly the same aspect ratio as a regular TV or a 4:3 computer display. The 16:9 aspect ratio provides a wide look, much the same as HDTV. The EOS Rebel T3i incorporates five in-camera Creative Filters so you can artistically manipulate scenes without the aid of an outside computer. Soft Focus lends a dreamy, romantic aspect, while Grainy Black and White gives a dramatically gritty, hard-bitten look. Miniature Effect creates an illusion in which expansive subjects are seemingly reduced to doll-house-like proportions, and Toy Camera Effect recreates the colors and softness rendered by cameras with a plastic lens, an effect often sought after by art photographers. Fish Eye Effect mimics the ?Fisheye? lenses that are favorites of professional photographers for their quirky, convex perspective. Intelligent Scene Analysis for Superb Exposure.Enhanced metering with a 63-zone, Dual-layer metering system for accurate metering between exposures, and 9-point AF system utilizing a high precision, f/2.8 cross-type center point. The EOS Rebel T3i features a sophisticated, 63-zone Dual-layer sensor designed to complement the 9-point AF system. By taking into account the color and luminosity surrounding chosen AF points, this system delivers an advanced level of accuracy for better results even in difficult lighting situations. Since the metering sensor has a color measurement function, exposure errors and focus errors caused by different light sources are minimized; the EOS Rebel T3i gives stable exposure from shot to shot in situations where light changes, such as in a theater or concert hall. This makes the EOS Rebel T3i ideal for scenes with extreme difference in brightness such as brightly lit scenes or backlit scenes; the camera balances exposure of the main subject at the background, and exposures are not overly influenced by bright areas in the shot. Since the EOS Rebel T3i provides high-speed X-sync ("X-sync" means the fastest shutter speed that can synchronize with a flash burst at the moment the shutter is fully released) up to 1/200 sec., the range of photographic expression is dramatically increased, allowing the EOS Rebel T3i to be used with confidence in bright scenes or dim. Never Miss a Moment.3.7 fps continuous shooting up to approximately 34 JPEGs or approximately 6 RAW. The EOS Rebel T3i can shoot up to 3.7 frames per second (fps) for up to approximately 6 consecutive RAW files or approximately 34 full-resolution JPEGs. Shooting at speeds of up to 1/4000 sec., the EOS Rebel T3i can capture even rapidly-unfolding scenes with ease. Photography Made Truly Easy.New Feature Guide offers short descriptions of each function and Quick Control screen for easy operation. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR demystifies great photography by including an in-camera Feature Guide. Appearing on the camera's LCD, the Feature Guide displays a simple description or advice for the respective function. It is displayed in each shooting mode, during Mode Dial operations, and for Quick Control screen functions (during normal shooting, Live View shooting, movie shooting, and playback). The Feature Guide appears automatically during Mode Dial operations and when a function is selected on the Quick Control screen. Flexible Storage with Memory Cards.Compatibility with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. The EOS Rebel T3i uses popular SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards. Compact, inexpensive and available in increasingly large capacities, SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards are a perfect complement to the EOS Rebel T3i DSLR's compact and lightweight body design. Additionally, the EOS Rebel T3i is compatible with Eye-Fi SD cards, which are outfitted with a Wi-Fi transmitter (IEEE 802.11b/g) and an internal antenna for wireless, high-speed transfer of images. With an Eye-Fi card installed, the EOS Rebel EOS Rebel T3i can display the Eye-Fi's connection status and error notes with ease, for fully functional wireless uploading of images directly from the camera. Canon cameras are not guaranteed to support Eye-Fi card functions, including wireless transfer. In case of an issue with the Eye-Fi card, please consult with the card manufacturer. The use of Eye-Fi cards may not be available outside the United States and Canada; please contact the card manufacturer for territory availability. The Best Optics for the Best Images.Compatible with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S lenses. EF LensesThe EOS Rebel T3i is compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF lineup, including compact and lightweight EF-S lenses, ranging from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto lenses. Canon lenses employ advanced optical expertise and micron-precision engineering to deliver outstanding performance and deliver beautiful results. Special technologies like the Canon Image Stabilizer technology in select lenses helps to minimize the effect of camera shake, effectively adding up to four stops of light. With a dizzying array of lenses perfect for travel, sports, still life and everything in between, photographers can truly maximize the quality and performance of their EOS Rebel T3i with superlative Canon optics. Flash PhotographyWith a flash sync speed of 1/200 of a second, the EOS Rebel T3i also features the acclaimed E-TTL II flash metering system. With any of the flashes in the EX Speedlite line, E-TTL II provides reliable flash output whether shooting fill-in flash pictures in sunlight, or using flash in total darkness. With E-TTL II, the exact same 35-zone metering sensor used for measuring ambient light is also used for flash metering - giving even finer metering command of the image area. If you prefer a broader area for flash metering, there's a menu setting to change to "Average" flash metering ? where the entire 35-zone area is measured evenly for flash exposure. Additionally, the EOS Rebel T3i has a Speedlite transmitter built-in for convenient, full-featured wireless control of EX-series Speedlite flashes set as slave units. The Canon Speedlite 430EX II is the ideal step-up accessory for powerful flash shooting with the EOS Rebel T3i. It has excellent flash power (maximum guide number of 141 ft./43m at ISO 100), and is the perfect way to get great flash pictures when you can't get right up to the subject. The 430EX II is also great for bounce flash, with its tilting and swiveling flash head. It automatically zooms the flash head to cover lenses ranging from 16mm up to 105mm or longer with the EOS Rebel T3i. Of course, it works with the camera to provide full E-TTL II automatic flash exposure. And the 430EX II has a powerful AF-assist beam, which allows the camera to autofocus even in total darkness on subjects as far as 32 ft. from the camera. Kit Includes: Canon - EOS Digital Rebel T3i 18MP SLR Camera & 18-55mm IS-Save Up To 500.00 On Printers Limited Time Offer! $50 instant-rebate on this camera off $849 $400 Printer combo rebate valid thru 3/31 (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: 5169B003 Zeikos - 58mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter kit (set of 3 + carrying case) Three basic filters that will be used often, giving you the images you love! The UV will protect your camera lens, the FLD will correct unbalanced indoor lighting, and the Polarizer will act as "sunglasses" in bright conditions producing vibrant colors. (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: ZE-FLK58 General Brand - Hi-Speed 8GB Secure Digital SD Memory Card Perfect for expanding your camera memory to take more photos / to store music, videos, and data files / Very Reliable / Easy to use (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: GENSD8G Digpro - Digpro Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Durable, Micro Fiber Material. Small and compact enough to carry around, fits in your pocket wherever you go. (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: DP-FC Zeikos - Compact Deluxe Gadget Bag for Photo/Video A compact, stylish shoulder bag that is ideal for storing a Digital or 35mm SLR camera system or a Camcorder and related accessories. (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: CA48B Zeikos - 3pc. Lens Cleaning Kit (Quantity included 1) MFG Part#: ZE-CL3A Delkin Universal Pop-up Shade for Digital Cameras with 3.0" LCD (Black) MFG Part#: DU3.0-M BLK. Price: Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II Standard Auto Focus Lens,CANON AUTHORIZED USA DEALER WARRANTY I MFG Part#: 2514A002 Price: Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras 50mm standard lens with f/1.4 maximum aperture for Canon SLR cameras 2 high-refraction lens elements and Gaussian optics help eliminate astigmatism Delivers crisp images with little flare at the maximum aperture MFG Part#: 2515A003 Price: Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 SP Di VC USD XLD for Canon EOS, With 6-Year USA Warranty MFG Part#: AFA005C-700 Price: Tamron SP AF60mm F2 Di II LD (IF) 1:1 Macro Lens for Canon EOS World's first F2.0 Macro for APS-C DSLRs; ideal for portrait and macro shooting Longest working distance in its class (100mm); Two LD Glass elements 93mm equivalent on APS-C DSLRs Full-time manual control mechanism; Internal Focusing MFG Part#: AFG005C-700 Price: Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens The EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM sets a new standard for everyday photography on APS-C sensors with a focal length range equivalent to 24-136mm in 35mm format, image stabilization and high-precision optics. MFG Part#: 3560B002 Price: Zeikos Replacement Battery Pack LP-E8 For EOS Rebel T2i & T3i Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T2i EF-S, 18-55mm IS Kit MFG Part#: ZE-LPE8 Price: Canon Battery Pack LP-E8 For EOS Rebel T2i Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T2i EF-S, 18-55mm IS Kit MFG Part#: 4515B002 Price: DigPro Deluxe SLR Holster Case - DP4000 Offers durable yet compact protection for your digital SLR camera. Fully equipped with padding, a carry strap, neck strap and simple/quick release buckle for fast access to your camera and accessory compartment. MFG Part#: DP4000 Price: Digpro Compact Deluxe Gadget Bag - DP5500 A compact, stylish shoulder bag that is ideal for storing a Digital or 35mm SLR camera system or a Camcorder and related accessories. MFG Part#: DP5500 Price: Canon Digital Gadget Bag 200DG Designed especially for digital SLRs, this bag can hold your cameras, lenses, and accessories MFG Part#: 9320A003 Price: Canon Digital Gadget Bag 100DG - WARRANTY INCLUDED Designed especially for digital SLRs, this bag can hold your cameras, lenses, accessories an even a laptop computer. MFG Part#: 9320A001 Price: Canon Professional Gadget Bag 1EG - WARRANTY INCLUDED This bag is designed to hold two 35mm SLR camera bodies, seven to ten lenses, flash, film, accessories MFG Part#: 6242A001 Price: Canon Speedlite 270EX Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras For Canon DSLR cameras, this flash has a compact, lightweight design and features 2-step coverage angel selection with either 28mm or 50mm. This flash also has a bounce feature for an even greater range of picture-taking MFG Part#: 3806B002 Price: Canon Speedlite 580EX II CANON AUTHORIZED USA DEALER WARRANTY INCLUDED MFG Part#: 1946B002 Price: Bower Adapter Allows the Mounting of Nikon Lenses (including G Series) on EOS Cameras The Bower ABEOSN Lens Adapter is an adapter which allows Nikon lenses to mount onto Canon EOS camera bodies. No automatic functions are available--all lens operations (exposure, focus, etc.) are manual when using this adapter. MFG Part#: ABEOSN Price: Zeikos Remote Shutter Release f/ Canon Rebel T1i, XS, XSi, XT, XTi & similar Remote Control for use with the following cameras:Canon Digital Rebel, Rebel XT, XTI, XS, XSi, T1i & similar MFG Part#: ZE-RS60 Price: Zeikos Professional Blower - Dust Removal system Protect your camera and lens and take smear free photos. The Professional Blower produces a strong burst of air and is the perfect tool for removing dust or dirt particles from delicate electronics. MFG Part#: ZE-BLR Price: Mack Five Year Total DigiCam Warranty (up to $1000) Protect Your Investment! The Mack Extended Warranty provides you with additional coverage for manufacturer defects offering you peace of mind for those unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs. MFG Part#: 1016 Price: Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II Photo Printer- $400.00 Mail In Rebate With Select SLRs Limited Time Offer! $200 mail -rebate on this printer stand alone or $400.00 mail in rebate when purchased with select Canon Slrs MFG Part#: 3295B002 Price: Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II Limited Time Offer! $300 mail -rebate on this printer stand alone or $500.00 mail in rebate when purchased with select Canon Slrs MFG Part#: 3298B002 Price: Zeikos AC/DC Battery Charger CH-LPE8 for EOS Rebel T2i & T3i AC/DC Battery Charger For EOS Rebel T2i, Charges the LP-E8 battery MFG Part#: ZE-CHLPE8 Price: Canon BG-E8 Battery Grip for EOS Rebel T2i BG-E8 Battery Grip for EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T2i EF-S, and 18-55mm IS Kit MFG Part#: 4516B001 Price: SteadePod Camera Stabilizer for Still or Video Cameras Attach a SteadePod to your camera and take shots you never thought you could without a tripod or monopod. Simply attach to your camera, extend and anchor the foot pad, pull to place a small amount of tension in the cable and you have a steady picture! MFG Part#: SteadePod Price: MPS Sticky Filters Self Adhesive Flash Gel Filters Introducing Sticky Filters, a simple filter system that will forever change the way you take flash pictures. MFG Part#: SFL-001 Price: Zeikos Off-Camera Shoe Cord AF TTL (Canon) Heavy duty TTL cord designed to fit Canon Cameras that use dedicated flash units. MFG Part#: OCSCC Price: Zeikos Lens Cap Keeper The perfect way to keep track of your lens caps. A small button tapes onto the front of your lens cap and the elastic loop goes around the barrell of your lens so that your lens cap always remains attached, hanging from the lens. MFG Part#: CK Price: Zeikos ZE-WGS Professional Wrist Grip Strap for digital & SLR cameras The Zeikos ZE-WGS Professional Wrist Grip Strap for digital & film SLR cameras gives a solid platform that attaches to the tripod socket of your camera for a safe and secure grip. The strap is padded and is designed to stabilize a camera when shooting. MFG Part#: ZE-WGS Price: Manfrotto Pocket Compact Support for Point and Shoot Cameras, Black An always on support, easy and ready to use in any situation. It fits all compact cameras with the standard tripod attachment screw. Once installed and folded, it almost disappears and the camera can still be stored in its pouch. MFG Part#: MP1-C01 Price: Vanguard VT-288 Photo / Video Tripod The VT Series has gained the reputation of being the work-horse of all Vanguard tripods. The VT-288 comes with a hinged leg that can support a great amount of weight making it a very reliable choice. MFG Part#: VT-288 Price: Polaroid All- Terrain multifunctional monopod w/ 4 different leg tips & carrying case Polaroid All Terrain Robotic Flexible Tripod With Interchangeable Leg Tips (SUCTION, MAGNET, SPIKE, STANDARD) Includes Rigid Soft Tripod Carrying Case For Digital SLR Cameras, Camcorders And Any Camera That Has A Tripod Mount MFG Part#: PLTRITSR Price: Manfrotto 394 Aluminum 4 Section Tripod with Integrated Ball Head The MK394-PD is the most stable and easy-to-use photo system of the 390 family, designed to ensure maximum durability through its high quality metal construction. MFG Part#: MK394-PD Price: Manfrotto 293 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod with QR 3 Way Head The MK293A3-A3RC1 is the intermediate 3 section kit fitted with the detachable aluminum 3-way head. It is the best solution for lightweight and precision. MFG Part#: MK293A3-A3RC1 Price: Induro Carbon 8x Tripod CT-114 (Black) The INDURO CARBON 8X CT-114 Carbon Fiber tripod is the strongest, most stable tripod ever offered. Induro uses 8 layers of crisscrossing Carbon Fiber to produce the strongest legs in the industry (60% stronger overall than conventional carbon fiber materi MFG Part#: 471-114 Price: Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount (DDMOUNT-MINI) The Fat Gecko Mini mount is a powerful locking suction cup mount that makes unique video and photography capture possible from almost any smooth surface; surfboards, motorcycles, wakeboards, ATVs, helmets, windows and more. MFG Part#: DDMOUNT-MINI Price: Delkin Fat Gecko Gator Mount (DDMOUNT-VISE) The Fat Gecko Gator Mount is a revolutionary new camera mounting device used to hold a camera in place while clamped to almost any surface.The Fat Gecko Gator Mount for Cameras with 1/4" Tripod Mount, 360 degrees Tilt, Turn & Rotation - Holds up to 3 lbs. MFG Part#: DDMOUNT-VISE Price: Polaroid Stabilizing Camcorder/Camera Video Shoulder Mount Thanks To The Polaroid Stabilizing Video Mount you no longer have to deal with the jumps and jitters of handheld videography. Because it uses a unique dual braced sprint tension design, your shoulder and chest become the "tripod" and MFG Part#: PLVM Price: Zeikos 57-in-1 USB 2.0 High Speed Memory Card Reader SD,XD,CF,Micro SD,MS DUO and more This card reader / writer is perfect for those with MP3 players, PDA's and mobile phones as well as digital cameras or camcorders. Anybody that transfers or stores data on these formats will love it. It reads 57 different types of memory. MFG Part#: ZE-CR201 Price: Zeikos Hi-Speed SD USB 2.0 Card Reader The USB 2.0 SD Card Reader enables you to transfer your images or data on your flash card directly to your PC without having to connect your camera or digital device. It is compatible with SD, SDHC , MMC and Mini-SD (adapter required) cards. MFG Part#: ZE-SDR5 Price: Canon ACK E8 AC Adapter Kit for EOS Rebel T2i Compatible with EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T2i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit. Power your camera directly from an AC outlet. MFG Part#: 4517B002 Price: Sandisk 8 GB Ultra SDHC Memory Card 20MB/s (Class 6) Are you a weekend warrior? Your next adventure deserves nothing less than a rugged card with enough room to capture the whole weekend no matter how long it takes to catch the perfect wave. MFG Part#: SDSDRH-008G-A11 Price: Canon - EOS Digital Rebel T3i 18MP SLR Camera & 18-55mm IS-Save Up To 500.00 On Printers EOS Rebel T3i Body18-55mm LensEyecup EfCamera Cover R-F-3Battery Pack LP-E8Battery Charger LC-E8AV Cable AVC-DC400STWide Strap EW-100DBIIIUSB Interface Cable IFC-130UAC CableBattery CoverEOS Digital Solution Disc v. 24.0Instruction ManualsInstructional BookletsWarranty Card Zeikos - 58mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter kit (set of 3 + carrying case) General Brand - Hi-Speed 8GB Secure Digital SD Memory Card Digpro - Digpro Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Zeikos - Compact Deluxe Gadget Bag for Photo/Video Zeikos - 3pc. Lens Cleaning Kit Shipping & Handling Policy Please note that - depending on your geographic location - not all methods are available. Make sure to select the appropriate method referring to the table below which indicates the cheapest available shipping method for your location. 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Condition: New, Bundled Items: Case or Bag, Brand: Canon, Model: Rebel T3i, MPN: 5169B003, Type: Digital SLR, Megapixels: 18.0 MP, Optical Zoom: 3x, Screen Size: 3", Color: Black

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