California 20 arce Mining claim South and East Fork Salmon River,Land,GREAT GOLD one of the most beautiful and rich gold mining claims !

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Seller: bedrockgold (25) 0%, Location: Forks of Salmon, California, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 193083599639 California 20 arce Mining claim South Fork Salmon River,Land,GREAT GOLD, CAMPING California 20 arce Mining claim South Fork Salmon River,Land,GREAT GOLD, CAMPING Description They are saying They are saying Dredging is coming back to California legally next spring! Thanks to AMRA. Below are some photos of a 20 acre mining claim on the South Fork "Salmon River and the East Fork South Fork Salmon River" In Siskiyou County California. You will have about 600 to 700 foot of the East Fork and 9 to 11 hundred foot of the South Fork. as you can see on the map below. This claim is a very nice claim with Great Gold on gold on it!!! $10,000 The name of this claim is Crystal Ball 2 CAMC# 315126 Call 541-670-3938 We have a few Claims on this river. SLAMMIN THE SALMON!!! This first picture you see in this listing is of fine gold screened down to 150 minus from my claims on the South Fork Salmon River. That pour was roughly 3 1/2 ounces. I have poured many bars like the one you see me pouring in the photo from the South Fork Salmon River claims. This is a buy it now listing for the price of $10,000 I do not use the buy it now button as people click on it just to end the auction and never to be heard from again and wasting my time and money.All paper work is current until September 1, 2020. 1 The text below is about this claim in Northern California just outside of Cecilville California. 541-670-3938 This is an approved bidder auction so you must e-mail me with your contact information such as name, user name, and a phone number, so I can get in touch with you if I feel it is necessary. OR JUST CALL KEN AT 541-670-3938. Payment Options: This is a "Buy It Now" or best offer listing. However we urge you to submit all offers and we will try and work with you. Thanks Here’s a Chance to own what most people can only dream about This is truly a chance of a life time!! Being offered is a 20 acre unpatented placer mining claim on the "South Fork Salmon River" and the "East Fork Salmon River" where the East Fork flows into the South Fork Salmon River in Siskiyou County California for $10,000. As you can see on the all TOPO map I provided there are many feeder creeks and gulches running into the South Fork Salmon River just upstream from this claim known as Crystal Ball 2. CAMC # 315126 which are washing down new gold each and every year. The South Fork Salmon River enters the claim on the South Border and flows in a N/W direction and then exits this claim towards the S/W corner of the claim. The East Fork Salmon River enters the claim on the East Border. When you take into consideration all the bends and curves you have around 1/2 mile of river to work. The photos are of the actual claim. You can park a RV on this claim. This placer claim is no doubt one of the most beautiful and rich mining claims I have had the privilege to own. This exceptional Claim is located near the Historic Mining Town of Cecilville on the South Fork Salmon River. The photo with my equipment working are of a claim we owned just upstream a 1/2 mile or so back when it was permitted. We added the photos just to let you know we actually work our claims. 2 3 4 Some Gold from Some of my Claims on the South Fork Salmon and East Fork Salmon 16 17 18 24 This auction is for the full 20 acre claim known as "Crystal Ball 2. CAMC # 315126 $10,000 The legal description to this claim is Township 38 N, Range 11 W, Section 21 situated in the SW quarter, Mt. Diablo Meridian. The claim runs horizontal with the road. This claim is clearly marked on the road pin-pointing the boundaries with white signs and black letters that read CLAIM NO MINING and the CAMC number painted on it. You will see the white 4 by 4 post marking my discovery monument. This is truly a claim worth owning. Accessibility is good on this claim. Cecilville is just down the road for gasoline, groceries and chilled beverages if desired. They also have RV parking with electric, phone and water if one desires. They do have a restaurant/bar which has some good food and a mighty good burger!!! The town of Etna roughly 40 miles before Cecilville has storage for rent if needed. There is also a business there that comes around once or twice a week for dumping sewage and gray water. The long sharp curves offer some of the best dredging, high banking When it is permitted Again!!! With the inside curves where the river slows down because of the curves makes this a prospector/miner dream come true. There is also a lot of exposed bedrock in and out of the rivers throughout this claim. This is a wonderful area to just explore with a metal detector as one never knows what they might dig up in this area. There are just an outrageous amount of gold producing tributaries and gulches above this claim. In the first picture you see in this listing is of fine gold screened down to 150 minus from my claims on the South Fork Salmon River. That pour was roughly 3 1/2 ounces. I have poured many bars like the one you see me pouring in the photo from the South Fork Salmon River. The gravels are just full of fine gold in this river and I will explain to the new owner of this claim how I go about recovering this fine of gold. Remember, location, location, location. Buy a cheap claim and that's what you end up with, little to no gold. You get what you pay for. I have also recovered lots of pickers and lots of nuggets off these claims. I have friends up river and down river from this claim that can and will back up what I'm saying. It's the real thing. Now keep in mind this area and this claim is not like most of the claims you see being offered most of the time with a bunch of mumble jumble. This part of the country is very low key and pretty secluded where there are very few small towns and residents. Siskiyou County is one of the three northernmost counties of California. Most of the gold mined in this county has been from placers, the largest of which are along the Salmon, Scott, and Klamath. Known gold production of Siskiyou County from 1880 through 1959 was 1,773,000 ounces. Keep in mind their recovery systems were crap back then and they weren’t catching half of the gold going through their boxes. This is not a claim that was filed on in the last month or two just to be peddled. This is truly a quality claim and located within a very rich and historical area. " I am into quality Claims and not quantity of Claims." Gold at today’s 9/3/2019 price is around $1,547 an ounce so it wouldn’t take a person long to pay for this claim working with a #2 shovel. This claim can and will quite easily pay for itself if a person took a little time and worked it. I have been working my claims in this area for many years with just a high banker and a #2 shovel averaging a 1/4 ounces a day in fine gold, but that’s actual work, not sitting down drinking coffee or beer. When I was running my dredges on this river I was averaging anywhere from a 1/4 to an ounce or two a day in just fine gold running my precision dredge and that’s roughly 8 hours of actual dredging time. That does not mean with your dredge just sitting there idling. This is also a claim where a person can come down onto a crack or a crevice and fill up some vials, but obviously that can’t be guaranteed, but no amount of gold can be guaranteed in the mining business. It’s all about location, location and known gold and actually performing some work. Crystal Ball 2, is located and recorded in Siskiyou County. All the paper work is up to date. The new owner will need to file a maintenance fee waiver certification for this up-coming season on or before September 1st 2020. This claim is also recorded properly with the BLM office. The claim is well marked on the ground itself along with all my other claims in the area. The xxxxxxx gulch which is just up river on the South Fork Salmon River from this claim has quite a reputation itself of being an excellent gold bearing gulch. Back in the late 1800's two Indian women were known to dig up to 2 ounces a day each out of this gulch. Just where it was is unknown to me. You will see that there are large old hand stacked tailing piles on the South Fork and East Fork Salmon Rivers where the old miners worked some of the benches. That is something you definitely want to see in the area where you are thinking about purchasing a claim because if there’s no sign of old workings, the odds are, that’s for one reason and one reason only, there was little to no gold in that area. So you have to think that every river, stream, hilltop and gulch in this country was prospected during the great gold rush years. If there was gold in the area they stopped and created tailing piles by working the gravels, if there was no gold they simply moved on, but that does not mean all the gravels were worked. There are still people working the benches with heavy equipment and shovels. The benches in this area of these rivers are quite rich or they would not have gone through the work that they did. There are still many places where they did not work the benches. I have worked the benches myself with my high banker and sluice box and metal detector and got nice gold and good quantities of it. I have taken sample pans which were screened down to quarter inch and minus which you may do yourself. Most of your pans you will see 20 to 40 or more pieces of fine gold. Some right on top will be fine gold to match head size and an occasional picker. Some of your visible pan pieces will be half the width of a match head and thin from being flattened from moving down the river and that is just your flood gold. This can sure add up. And you can find nice nuggets up on the benches in the old ancient channels with your metal detector or crevice tools where the river used to run many, many years ago and the river was cutting its way down through the bed rock to where it flows today. While digging or dredging on this claim you will run into some different flood layers. When you see these flood layers this tells you that it has not been dredged because if it was dredged the material would all look the same from the top to the bed rock as you’re going down. When you run into the real red looking beanie gravel clay you will see a good pay streak of gold on top and in it and on the bottom of it. This is actually tailings from the old hydraulic operations back in the 1800's. That actually tells you that there hasn't been anyone on the bedrock since those hydraulic tailings were laid in place back in the 1800's. You will find some virgin cracks and crevices on the bottom of this river bed which will give you some awesome gold. I have found them. This river has been producing very well for me. From my experience the over burdens going down to this red layer have also been paying nice. While I am dredging I find myself moving from one side of my hole to the other. When I come back from working my nozzle from the opposite side of the hole and the water has settled and cleared I actually see gold lying on top of the loose gravels where the current has just washed it into the bottom of my hole where I just dredged. This is exactly what you would want to see when you look into your hole. This is from the beginning of my hole right down to bedrock. That's why it's no wonder when you see gold in your box, as you can actually see the gold going up your dredge nozzle while your dredging. The photos you see is of my dredge is from years ago when dredging was still permitted working a claim just up river from this claim. They do expect dredging to be permitted again real soon in the state of California. When and if that does happen the price of these claims I have left will double or Triple and they will be well worth it considering the amount of gold on these claims and the price of gold. I make jewelry out of a lot of my gold. We do own a few claims in this area. This area is claimed up from one end to the other end and has been for years. I am not some so called mining company or someone just trying to sell you a membership for a CHEAP price trying to make you look like you’re getting a deal, I am just a miner and have been for over 45 years from Alaska to Arizona. A lot of these people selling claims now days you will never see or hear from again once they get your money. This claim has enough water to support an 8 inch dredge easily during the hottest and driest part of the summer depending on what the new dredging regulations will be. Time will tell. The pictures of my equipment running are of when dredging was permitted and what the water table is in the summer. You’ll spend the rest of your life working this claim and so will your grand kids. You can sell, lease, or will an unpatented mining claim whenever you want, so this claim can stay in your family for many, many years. If you work this claim with equipment that actually catches the gold, I believe there is still an outrageous amount of gold left on this claim, but you are talking a lot of work and enjoyment and good times. A 20 acre claim with a 1/4 mile of river plus all the benches on both sides of the river is a lot of area and a lot of gold. I have heard of 20 acre claims on this river selling for $40,000 to $50,000. I have found gold up over 100 ft. above the river on the benches where the old river and channels used to run. The old timers use to flume water from miles and miles to hydraulic the old river beds which are located hundreds of feet above this river which is still washing down gold into the river. A lot of the gold that has been laid into place on the Salmon Rivers is actually from old ancient channels and that is where your real gold comes from. There are still people working some of these old dry river beds. I have heard from old timers who live in the area of baseball size pieces of quartz just laced full of solid gold. I have gotten some nice nuggets myself off my claims in this area and seen and heard of some much nicer ones also. You will also have a good chance of finding some old coins. Just a few years ago upstream by the bridge on the South Fork Salmon River someone dredged up an old container with 6 or 7 old $20 gold pieces. Also a man I sold a claim to on the East Fork Salmon River which his claim actually abuts the next claim I own upstream from this claim dredged himself up a $5 gold piece. It was pretty beat up, but still a $5 gold piece. This is one of those areas where there was major gold being produced which drew many old miners to the area, roaming around the mountain side prospecting and sometimes hiding their gold and money in the woods and a lot of times they would die with their stashes still hidden. I run PRECISION DREDGES which catch large amounts of fine smoke gold; other people might call this gold dust. Then I run the material out of my dredge over my shaker table which also catches very fine gold and then from there I run it through my amalgamator. By doing it this way I do not waste a lot of time panning it down which gives me more time for dredging and if you did it this same way with the same equipment you will get good quantities of gold just like I do. More dredging and digging time means more gold. I used to even have head lights on my dredge on the air in-take, that’s right, I dredge at night also. I guess I got the FEVER wouldn’t you say? This is a claim where your equipment is out of sight from the road which always makes it nice. I have found that the people you will see in this area to be quite honest and nice, but you will not see or meet many people. Most people you will see will either be fishermen or hunters or miners. This is an excellent area for hunting and fishing. There are not a bunch of yahoo’s. This claim is just before the historical gold town of Cecilville, California. Cecilville has a population of about 30 people and 1 old grouch. There is also a glacier just a few miles from this claim which is also neat to walk into and look around. This is also an excellent area for rock hounding, metal detecting, running a sluice or just panning. You are more than welcome to go look around and do some panning and see for yourself only after I receive an e-mail telling me your name and phone number and what you plan to do on my claim. If this is acceptable by me I will give you an e-mail giving you permission. This needs to be done this way now days because too many people are taking advantage of people selling claims for a free vacation and free gold when actually they had no intentions of buying it in the first place. Anyone caught removing minerals / Gold off any of my claims without my permission will be prosecuted for theft of minerals. I don’t want any Dredges,Highbankers or "Metal Detectors" on any of my claims. Too much gold can be removed. You can tell the quality of a claim with just a pan and shovel. Seeing gold in the pan is believing. It is getting virtually impossible to locate a claim with any quantity of gold that you can actually make some money on. So keep that in mind and get in your rig and go see for yourself. On any unpatented mining claim you do NOT own the actual land. Any e-mails asking this question will NOT be answered. You DO however own the mineral rights and the minerals being gold, silver, platinum, and the right to use as much of the surface of the land that is needed for your mining operation. I see a few people selling claims trying to side talk you, trying to get you to believe that you can build a home on an unpatented mining claim and getting you to think it is real property making you think you can do anything you wish. Why can’t they just tell you the truth straight up in type??? They try to make you think you own the land, but that is very un-true. With the proper plan of operation and notice of intent filed you probably will be able to build a storage shed to store your equipment in providing you are actually mining the claim. But I have good reason to believe if you file a plan of operation or notice of intent to build yourself a home on this unpatented mining claim or any unpatented mining claim with easy accessibility BLM/Forest Service is going to deny that request and tell you to pull a RV or travel trailer on said claim for your living quarters. In some cases when you have a very remote claim you can get permission to build a cabin for living quarters. You have the right to stay on the land while you are mining. You do not have to mine 24-7, you can take days off to relax as in any job. Most people stay on their claims in RV's, travel trailers, or wall tents, etc.... You can mine this claim 12 months out of a year, but you can only dredge during dredging season, but you can metal detect, hand sluice, high bank, snipe, pan, dry pan, etc.. If you do wish to use heavy equipment you would have to file a plan of operation and have it approved. You do have the right to hold this claim forever as long as you do the necessary paper work which consists of filing your annual labor form with the county of Siskiyou and performing $100 a year annual labor which is working your claim performing improvements at least one 8 hour day per year and sending off your $15 fee to BLM. You may also have someone else perform that 8 hour day for you if you wish. You have the right to sell the claim or subdivide portions if you wish, lease it, will it to anyone, so in other words this can be in your family for many years to come and this is definitely a claim worth owning. All fees and paper work are current to date. Taxes on this claim are roughly $20 per year. Keep in mind that one, two, three and four ounce nuggets are not all that uncommon in this area. There have been nuggets weighing in to the pounds taken from this area. I guarantee there is gold on this claim. This is not a bunch of BS. This would be a good claim to get a friend or two too go in with you. You will enjoy many years of mining and prospecting this wonderful claim. I run 30 day listings so a person has the time to check it out if wanted. This auction is for pre-approved bidders only, so you will have to e-mail me and give me your EBay user name and a phone number or call Ken at 541-670-3938, so I can speak with you and you can purchase the claim. I do this just to make sure you fully understand what you are buying and that you are a true bidder and not someone trying to ruin my auction or feedback like certain other claim sellers have tried to do. No offense, but that’s the way it has to be now of days. The way we run our listings is if someone wants to purchase this claim we will speak over the phone or in person and set up pay arrangements. Anyone placing a bid without communicating with us first will be put on our block bidder list and the bid will be cancelled immediately. We do it this way because of all the phony bids we have gone through for 12 or better years. This way the bidder gets what they pay for and we get our payment and EBay gets their fair fees and no BS in between. Sorry it has to be this way. All personal and private information will be kept private between us. They are not accepting applications to patent mining claims at the present time, however this could change at any time and they may start accepting applications then you would be able to submit an application for a patent and if it was approved meaning that if there is enough valuable minerals present you would get a patent on the claim meaning you would own the land then. Then, and only then, would you actually own the land on any unpatented mining claim. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that day again, but you never know. The price of this claim is $10,000. First come, first serve. We accept cash, personal checks, cashier checks, money order, gold, silver, platinum, bullion. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call. It may take a day or two as he is out mining most of the time and not near a computer. If you write please leave your name and a number and you will get a call back. Once payment is received a notarized signed deed will be mailed to the appropriate recorder office and a copy of the signed notarized deed to the appropriate BLM office. A packet will be mailed to the new owner with all upcoming necessary forms and examples, fee amounts, mailing addresses and phone numbers to the recording offices and BLM. All transfer fees will be paid by us. We guarantee this claim is legally located and recorded properly with BLM and county recording offices. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call 541-670-3938. I am quite sure you will be very pleased with this claim. So sit down and scratch your head and think about what you just read and I hope your pan turns yellow on this claim or any other claim you may end up with. That’s what it’s all about. Please do not ask if you own the actual land because the answer is NO. Please read the whole auction. It is a lengthy auction and the answer to your question is probably in it if you look. He is out prospecting and mining his claims year round and I like to read all e-mails questions to him before answering. He is out of phone range sometimes, but checks in with me, so it may take a day or two to get your answer, but you will get answered. You are dealing with a real miner/prospector here!! . Please leave a message with your name and say your phone number a little slower as sometimes its hard to hear it in certain areas. Much appreciated. Or call Ken 541-670-3938 This is a "Buy It Now listing". You can make a offer and we will try and work with you. Thanks!! I can't stress this enough that you must e-mail or call me with your phone number so I can verify that you are a true bidder and not just a friend of one of my competitors trying to sabotage my EBay account and leave false, phony feedback that has been going on for years. I do not want to waste 30 days emailing back and forth with EBay to get some bogus feedback removed. This is a buy it now listing for the price of $10,000 I do not use the buy it now button as people click on it just to end the auction and never to be heard from again and wasting my time and money. First come, first serve. I also reserve the right to end this listing at any time as I have this claim listed elsewhere. Obviously if I am dealing with an EBay member on the sale of this claim that transaction will take place. This is how I run my listings. I am not new to EBay. I was actually the first one selling claims on EBay and all my competitors know this. My partner that used to list my claims with me doesn’t do EBay anymore she just into mining now and this is my EBay account now with little feedback. Pictures sell! Auctiva offers Free Image Hosting and Editing.250+ Listing Templates! Auctiva gets you noticed! The complete eBay Selling Solution. Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter Condition: Payment Options: This is a "Buy It Now" or best offer listing. However we urge you to submit a offers and we will try and work with you. Thanks!Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, direct bank deposits and wire transfers., Property Address: cecilville california, State/Province: California, Seller State of Residence: Oregon, Zip/Postal Code: 96031, Zoning: mining, City: cecilville, Acreage: 20.0, Type: mining claim

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