Box of 4 APPLIANCE SEWING MACHINE T8 vacuum 25T8 LIGHT BULB 25w Exit Sign Ba15d BUY 2 get 2 FREE @ USA store SAME DEAL on MORE CHOICES

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Seller: Top-Rated Plus Seller gwjusticestore-est.1888 (12,689) 99.9%, Location: Geraldine, Alabama, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 350160377163 25T8 APPLIANCE SEWING MACHINE vacuum cleaner clear rough service LIGHT BULB 25w Exit Sign Ba15d base fits cats eye T8 double contact bayonet push in and lock base BOX of 4 ships free G.W.Justice Store Established 1888 "WE DO YOUR DOLLAR JUSTICE" FREE Shippingto ALL U. S. Zip Codes including AK, HI, P. R. and US Virgin Islands, FREE INSURANCE AND FREE UPGRADE TO PRIORITY MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION yes, we have morein our eBay store more appliance bulbs and other kinds of hard to find light bulbs visit our ebay store please - contact us with any questions or problems whatsoever for personal Customer Service CALL TOLL FREE (ask eBay for my 800 number) Item Description; box of 4 bulbs, made in U. S. A. THIS IS A G.E. BRAND light bulb, fits many Viking and Pfaff sewing machines, and many others, such as Singer, Kenmore, etc. see below for exact specifications and technical notes: MADE IN U. S. A. photo is exact, clear light bulb, 25 WATT LIGHT BULB T - 8 SIZE, Measurements; length for tip of base to tip of glass is 2 & 1/4th inches; stock NUMBERS on card; PC: 90706 25T8DC 120V G.E. catalog number # 90706 order code 25369 PLG81-J4 007276 12383 0393 1 UPC 43168 90706 DC. or DCB base, T7 bulb, FITS DOUBLE CONTACT SOCKET ALSO CALLED DOUBLE CONTACT BAYONET BASE, Ba15d, and Double Contact Candelabra Bayonet, HAS TWO " PRONGS " ON THE SIDES, IS CALLED ' PUSH IN AND TWIST TO LOCK ' BY SOME BE SURE TO CHECK SOCKET RATING. WORKS ON STANDARD HOUSEHOLD CURRENT THIS IS AN APPLIANCE BULB, FITS SEWING MACHINES, VACUUM CLEANERS AND SOME WASHING MACHINES & CLOTHES DRYERS, AND IS ALSO USED AS AN INDUSTRIAL INDICATOR BULB AND IN EXIT SIGNS may also be used in cat eye, or cat's eye socket applications, also; modeling lamp, photoflood, enlarger lamp use / application PHOTO IS EXACT Retail price runs as high as $6.49 each BULB This is a one time only deal on these at this price. Don't miss out. * TECHNICAL NOTE; ( & exact condition) Photos are EXACT and taken in High Noon Alabama Sunshine Sold As Is, but with full warranty against burn-out; satisfaction guaranteed, will work or your money back upon return, Length is about 2 & 1/4 inches, 2.25" M. O. L. Diameter is approximately 1" to 7/8ths of an inch, packaging may vary, may not be pristine perfect, or may be hand-wrapped under certain conditions to prevent breakage in shipment, in which case original packaging may not be included; Belknap Square and other photographic props in photo for comparison and technical purposes. SEE OUR EBAY STORE, WE HAVE MANY APPLIANCE BULBS IN STOCK, AND CAN ORDER ANY WE DO NOT HAVE. made by; G.E. Electric Company Nela Park Cleveland, OH 44112 SELLER WILL HONOR Ebay Buyer Protection Plan; WARRANTY full refund IF RETURNED DEFECTIVE, or, we will ship replacement bulbs if requested. AS WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED DEALER, just return with your eBay invoice from us as proof of purchase. OTHER POSSIBLE MATCHES; any T8 application where a shorter bulb may be used, then this bulb may be substituted for the following, with permission from a licensed electrician; substitute for: BC/25/T8/BA15D/120V, BC/25/T8/DC , BC/25/T8/DC/120 , BC/25/T8/DC/120V , BC/25W/T8/BA15D, BC/25W/T8/BA15D/120 , BC/25W/T8/BA15D/120V , BC/25W/T8/DC , BC/25W/T8/DC/120 , BC/25W/T8/DC/120V , BC 25 T8 BA15D 120 , BC 25 T8 BA15D 120V, BC 25 T8 DC 120, BC 25 T8 DC 120V , BC 25W T8 BA15D 120 , BC 25W T8 BA15D 120V, BC 25W T8 DC 120, BC 25W T8 DC 120V, BC25T8BA15D , BC25T8BA15D120, BC25T8BA15D120V , BC25T8DC, BC25T8DC120, BC25T8DC120V, BC25WT8BA15D , BC25WT8BA15D120 , BC25WT8BA15D120V, BC25WT8DC , BC25WT8DC120, BC25WT8DC120V , BW-25T8-DC-120V CJA WESTINGHOUSE, I/120V/25W/BA15D/T8 , I/120V/25W/BA15D/T8/65MMMOL, I/120V/25W/BA15D/T8/CL, I/120V/25W/BA15D/TUBE , I/120V/25W/BA15D/TUBE/65MMMOL, M90-LU-MODEL-LAMP SPEEDOTRON, M90-L.U.-MODEL-LAMP SPEEDOTRON , M90LU-MODEL-LAMP SPEEDOTRON , M90L.U.-MODEL-LAMP SPEEDOTRON , SM-25-T8-BA15D USHIO, SM-25-T8-DC USHIO, SM-25T8DC USHIO , SM-25W-T8-BA15D USHIO , SM-25W-T8-DC USHIO , SM/25/T8/BA15D USHIO , SM/25/T8/DC USHIO, SM/25W/T8/BA15D USHIO , SM/25W/T8/DC USHIO SM 25 T8 BA15D USHIO , SM 25 T8 DC USHIO , SM 25W T8 BA15D USHIO , SM 25W T8 DC USHIO , SM25T8BA15D USHIO SM25T8DC USHIO, SM25WT8BA15D USHIO , SM25WT8DC USHIO, 25 T8 DC EIKO, 25T-8DC120V CEC, 25T-8DC120V USA , 25T8-DC-120V CEC , 25T8/CL/1.5M/BA15D/120V/STD STANDARDPRO, 25T8/DC BULBRITE , 25T8/DC EIKO , 25T8BA15D AIDLITE, 25T8BA15D EIKO, 25T8BA15D120 AIDLITE , 25T8BA15D120V AIDLITE, 25T8BA15DBLISTERPACK EIKO , 25T8BA15DBLISTERPACK120 EIKO , 25T8BA15DBLISTERPACK120V EIKO , 25T8BA15DC 25T8BA15DC120, 25T8BA15DC120V , 25T8BA15DCL, 25T8BA15DCL120 , 25T8BA15DCL120V , 25T8CBA15D 25T8CDC, 25T8CLBA15D , 25T8CLDC , 25T8DC-120V CEC , 25T8DC-C 25T8DC-CL , 25T8DC/120V/120V/25W CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED , 25T8DC/120V/120V/25W USA, 25T8DC/120V CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED , 25T8DC/120V GENERAL-ELECTRIC , 25T8DC/C, 25T8DC/CL , 25T8DC/CL120V, 25T8DC AIDLITE, 25T8DC BULB-DIRECT , 25T8DC C 25T8DC CL, 25T8DC EIKO , 25T8DC GENERAL-ELECTRIC , 25T8DC INTERLIGHT, 25T8DC USHIO, 25T8DC120 AIDLITE , 25T8DC120V AIDLITE 25T8DC120V CEC , 25T8DCBLISTERPACK EIKO , 25T8DCBLISTERPACK120 EIKO , 25T8DCBLISTERPACK120V EIKO, 25T8DCC , 25T8DCC120, 25T8DCC120V , 25T8DCCL, 25T8DCCL120, 25T8DCCL120V, 25W/T8/BA15D/CL/120V BULBRITE , 122-P-00247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS, 122-P-247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS , 122-P-00247 XEROX, 122-P-247 XEROX, 122/P/00247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS, 122/P/247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS, 122/P/00247 XEROX, 122/P/247 XEROX , 122 P 00247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS , 122 P 247 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS , 122 P 00247 XEROX, 122 P 247 XEROX, 122P00247 FUJIOPTICALSYSTEMS , 122P247 FUJIOPTICALSYSTEMS, 122P00247 XEROX, 122P247 XEROX, 2207 STANDARDPRO, 9700 FUJI-OPTICAL-SYSTEMS, 9700 XEROX, 18310-0 SYLVANIA , 24545 SPEEDOTRON , 24827-8 24827/8, 24827 8 , 29909-9 , 52198 STANDARDPRO , 705212 BULBRITE, 8000157 USHIO, 031293037503 EIKO, 69549021983, 69549021983UPC STANDARDPRO, BC-25-T8-BA15D, BC-25-T8-BA15D-120 , BC-25-T8-BA15D-120V , BC-25-T8-DC , BC-25-T8-DC-120, BC-25-T8-DC-120V , BC-25W-T8-BA15D , BC-25W-T8-BA15D-120, BC-25W-T8-BA15D-120V , BC-25W-T8-DC, BC-25W-T8-DC-120 , BC-25W-T8-DC-120V , BC/25/T8/BA15D, BC/25/T8/BA15D/120, 25-T8-BA15D-120 AIDLITE , 25-T8-BA15D-120V AIDLITE, 25-T8-BA15D-BLISTER-PACK-120 EIKO, 25-T8-BA15D-BLISTER-PACK-120V EIKO , 25-T8-BA15D-BLISTER-PACK EIKO , 25-T8-BA15D-C , 25-T8-BA15D-C-120 , 25-T8-BA15D-C-120V , 25-T8-BA15D-CL, 25-T8-BA15D-CL-120 , 25-T8-BA15D-CL-120V, 25-T8-BA15D AIDLITE , 25-T8-BA15D EIKO , 25-T8-C-BA15D, 25-T8-C-DC, 25-T8-CL-BA15D , 25-T8-CL-DC, 25-T8-DC-120 AIDLITE , 25-T8-DC-120V AIDLITE , 25-T8-DC-BLISTER-PACK-120 EIKO, , 25-T8-DC-BLISTER-PACK-120V EIKO, 25-T8-DC-BLISTER-PACK EIKO , 25-T8-DC-C, 25-T8-DC-C-120, 25-T8-DC-C-120V , 25-T8-DC-CL, 25-T8-DC-CL-120, 25-T8-DC-CL-120V , 25-T8-DC AIDLITE , 25-T8-DC EIKO , 25/T8/BA15D/120 AIDLITE, 25/T8/BA15D/120V AIDLITE, 25/T8/BA15D/BLISTER-PACK/120 EIKO , 25/T8/BA15D/BLISTER-PACK/120V EIKO , 25/T8/BA15D/BLISTER-PACK EIKO, 25/T8/BA15D/C , 25/T8/BA15D/C/120 , 25/T8/BA15D/C/120V , 25/T8/BA15D/CL , 25/T8/BA15D/CL/120 , 25/T8/BA15D/CL/120V , 25/T8/BA15D AIDLITE , 25/T8/BA15D EIKO, 25/T8/C/BA15D, 25/T8/C/DC , 25/T8/CL/BA15D, 25/T8/CL/DC, 25/T8/DC/120V AIDLITE, 25/T8/DC/BLISTER-PACK/120 EIKO , 25/T8/DC/BLISTER-PACK/120V EIKO , 25/T8/DC/BLISTER-PACK EIKO , 25/T8/DC/C 25/T8/DC/C/120 , 25/T8/DC/C/120V , 25/T8/DC/CL, 25/T8/DC/CL/120, 25/T8/DC/CL/120V, 25/T8/DC AIDLITE , 25/T8/DC EIKO, 25 T8 BA15D 120 AIDLITE , 25 T8 BA15D 120V AIDLITE, 25 T8 BA15D AIDLITE , 25 T8 BA15D BLISTER-PACK 120 EIKO, 25 T8 BA15D BLISTER-PACK 120V EIKO , 25 T8 BA15D BLISTER-PACK EIKO, 25 T8 BA15D C 120 , 25 T8 BA15D C 120V , 25 T8 BA15D CL 120 , 25 T8 BA15D CL 120V , 25 T8 BA15D EIKO, 25 T8 C BA15D, 25 T8 C DC, 25 T8 CL BA15D, 25 T8 CL DC, 25 T8 DC AIDLITE, 25 T8 DC BLISTER-PACK 120 EIKO , 25 T8 DC BLISTER-PACK 120V EIKO, 25 T8 DC BLISTER-PACK EIKO, 25 T8 DC C 120 , 25 T8 DC C 120V , 25 T8 DC CL 120, 25 T8 DC CL 120V, ============================================ EXTRA; mix & match & save SAVE ON SHIPPING ================================== AUTOMATICALLY BY PURCHASING MORE THAN ONE, AND / OR BY ADDING OTHER, DIFFERENT ITEMS FROM OUR EBAY STORE MARKED AS "DISCOUNT AVAILABLE" TO YOUR ORDER PURCHASED ON THE SAME DAY & LOCATED IN THE SAME ZIP CODE Just a very few of our items {such as coffee} are located in different warehouses, or are not discounted due to weight and / or special packaging and handling requirements ========================================= JUST WAIT TO GET AND OK YOUR EBAY INVOICE BEFORE YOU PAY (Must Use eBay Shopping Cart to Qualify) =================================== We discount shipping instead of the eBay combined shipping because of the vastly different weights and packaging requirements of our various items. Our shipping and handling charge is more about the cost of better packaging than actual postage cost for the most part, and IT IS ABOUT SERVICE Menu of Services Link; (Missing link; eBay removed the review and guide, see our Facebook page instead for this information) ================================================= our FLAT RATE SHIPPING; S & H charge IS THE SAME TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. including HI, AK, V. I. or P. R. or local pickup / delivery / other SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN, BE ADVISED, PRICE IS THE SAME TO any APO fair for one is fair for all (Missing link; eBay removed the review and guide, see our Facebook page instead for this information) WE ONLY SHIP BY INSURED PRIORITY MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION ON ORDERS OF $1000.00 OR MORE, SHIP FREE - qualifying ORDERS OF $100.00 OR MORE SHIP FOR A FLAT CHARGE OF $8.88 - this item DOES qualify - shipping discount details link; (Missing link; eBay removed the review and guide, see our Facebook page instead for this information) *ON ALL OTHER ORDERS, PAY THE FIRST BOX COST ON ONE ITEM ONCE, THEN PAY THE LOWER, ADDITIONAL BOX COST ON THE REST OF YOUR SELECTIONS S&H CHARGE INCLUDES THE ABOVE, purchase price published includes a handling charge for next day service when available and specified, AS WELL AS THE BEST PACKING AND SHIPPING MATERIALS AVAILABLE TO US, including but not limited to; bubble wrap, vermiculite, paper bags, rubber bands, tape, peanuts, foam rubber, as well as other expensive materials such as butcher paper, etc. Free samples of our peppermint candy are usually enclosed, and possibly other items as well By purchasing this item buyer agrees to all terms of sale posted at our eBay store and accepts all terms above (Missing link; eBay removed the review and guide, see our Facebook page instead for this information) I AGREE [ ^ ] FOLKS IN CANADA see our eBay store Home Page FOR SPECIAL TERMS OF SALE OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. ===================================== >>>>> AND Condition: New, Product Type: Lighting Accessories, Base: Ba15d, double contact bayonet base, Packaging: Factory sealed Carded for retail sale, Special applications: Appliance and Exit Sign, Exact Condition: Brand New in Original Box but marked wrong*, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Bulb Shape: Tube, Bulb Shape Code: T8, Model: 25T8DC, Craft: Sewing, MPN: 90706, Brand: GE, Lighting Accessory Type: Light bulbs, Lighting Type: Incandescent

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