Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - 4 Volumes

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Seller: Top-Rated Plus Seller vakendot (3,716) 100%, Location: Midlothian, Virginia, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 130482647752 Battles and LeadersOf the Civil WarVol. 1, 2, 3 & 4 By The Century Co., 1884770 + 776 + 772 + 819 pages, indexed, illustrated BEING FOR THE MOST PART CONTRIBUTIONSBY UNION AND CONFEDERATE OFFICERS.BASED UPON "THE CENTURY WAR SERIES."EDITED BY ROBERT UNDERWOOD JOHNSONAND CLARENCE CLOUGH BUEL,OF THE EDI-TORIAL STAFF OF "THE CENTURY MAGAZINE'.' ************************************************************************Digital CD Requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher to ViewAutoboot CD for Easy PC Access; Manually Open Files on MAC*********************************************************************************** First-hand accounts from both commanders and enlisted men of important leaders and major battles of the Civil War These four volumes of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, published in the late nineteenth century, became the best-selling and most frequently cited works ever published on the Civil War. "This compendium of battle studies and reports was written by commanders of all levels: Grant, Sherman, Lee and Longstreet down to lieutenants commanding companies for points of clarification on minor skirmishes or segments of the battlefield.The accounts were set down when the war was still fresh in their memories, yet when enough time had passed for reflection. The fact that several viewpoints, some conflicting, are given for each major battle and campaign adds immeasurably to the value of this work. .. you get the immediacy and vigor of the post-war controversies and the finger-pointing --- the first early exposition of the rift between Longstreet and the Jubal Early faction for example. If you have any interest in the Civil War, and lack the time to sift through the voluminous post-war memoirs of the commanders, you'll want to keep Battles and Leaders handy." TABLE OF CONTENTS OF VOLUME ONE Preface Page X Preliminary Events 1 Organization of the Two Governments 4 Washington on the Eve of the War 8 With Slemmer in Pensacola Harbor 26 Recollections of the Twiggs Surrender 33 From Moultrie to Sumter 40 Inside Sumter in '61 49 The First Step in the War 74 Notes on the Surrender of Fort Sumter 86 War Preparations in the North 84 The Confederate Government at Montgomery 98 Jackson at Harper's Ferry in 1861 110 McClellan in West Virginia 124 Going to the Front 147 Virginia Scenes in '61 156 McDowell's Advance to Bull Run 166 The First Battle of the Bull Run 195 Responsibilities of the First Bull Run 245 General Ewell at Bull Run 259 The Confederate Commissariat at Manassas 261 The First Year of the War in Missouri 262 In Command in Missouri 278 Wilson's Creek, and the Death of Lyon 289 Arkansas Troops in the Battle of Wilson's Creek 298 The Flanking Column at Wilson's Creek 304 The Siege of Lexington 307 The Pea Ridge Campaign 314 Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil War 335 Recollections of Foote and the Gun-Boats 339 Notes on the Life of Admiral Foote 347 General Polk and the Battle of Belmont 348 The Gun-Boats at Belmont and Fort Henry 358 The Defense of Fort Henry 368 Holding Kentucky for the Union 373 Marshall and Garfield in Eastern Kentucky 393 The Capture of Fort Donelson 398 The Opposing Forces at Fort Donelson 429 The Western Flotilla 430 Ellet and His Steam-Rams at Memphis 453 Sawing Out the Channel Above Island Number Ten 460 The Battle of Shiloh 465 Shiloh Reviewed 487 Albert Sidney Johnson at Shiloh 540 The Campaign of Shiloh 569 Notes of Confederate Staff-Officers at Shiloh 594 Surprise and Withdrawal at Shiloh 604 The March of Lew Wallace's Division to Shiloh 607 The Union and Confederate Navies 611 Early Coast Operations in North Carolina 632 The Burnside Expedition 660 Du Pont and the Port Royal Expedition 670 The First Fight of Iron-Clads 692 Watching the Merrimac 712 The Plan and Construction of the Merrimac 715 Notes on The Monitor/Merrimac Fight 718 In the "Monitor" Turret 719 The Building of the "Monitor" 730 The Loss of the Monitor 745 Negotiations for the Building of the Monitor 748 TABLE OF CONTENTS OF VOLUME TWO Siege and Capture of Fort Pulaski 1 New Orleans Before the Capture 14 The Opening of the Lower Mississippi 22 The "Brooklyn" at the Passage of the Forts 56 Farragut's Capture of New Orleans 70 Fighting Farragut Below New Orleans 76 The Ram "Manassas" at the Passage of the New Orleans Forts 89 Incidents of the Occupation of New Orleans 91 Farragut's Demands for the Surrender of New Orleans 95 The Water-Battery at Fort Jackson 99 Confederate Responsibilities for Farragut's Success 101 The Confederate Invasion of New Mexico and Arizona 103 McClellan Organizing the Grand Army 112 Ball's Bluff and the Arrest of General Stone 123 Captain Wilkes's Seizure of Mason and Slidell 135 Early Operations on the Potomac River 143 Operations of 1861 About Fort Monroe 144 Campaigning to No Purpose 153 The Peninsular Campaign 160 Yorktown and Williamsburg 189 Manassas to Seven Pines 202 Two Days of Battle at Seven Pines (Fair Oaks) 220 The Navy in the Peninsular Campaign 264 Stuart's Ride Around McClellan 271 Anecdotes of the Peninsular Campaign 275 West Virginia Operations Under Fremont 278 Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah 282 The Opposing Forces in the Valley Campaigns 299 Fighting Jackson at Kernstown 302 The Opposing Forces in the Seven Days' Battles 313 Hanover Court House and Gaines's Mill 319 The Charge of Cooke's Cavalry at Gainse's Mill 344 Reflections of a Participant in the Charge 346 Lee's Attack North of the Chickahominy 347 Of the Confederate Right at Gainse's Mill 363 Rear-Guard Fighting During the Change of Base 366 McClellan's Change of Base and Malvern Hill 383 "The Seven Days" Including Fraiser's Farm 396 The Battle of Malvern Hill 406 With the Cavalry on the Peninsula 429 The Rear-Guard at Malvern Hill 434 The Administration in the Peninsula Campaign 435 Richmond Scene's in '62 439 The Second Battle of Bull Run 449 In vindication of General Rufus King 495 The Opposing Force at Cedar Mountain, VA 496 Jackson's Raid Around Pope 501 Our March Against Pope 512 The Time of Longstreet's Arrival at Groveton 527 Marching on Manassas 529 Jackson's Foot-Cavalry at the Second Bull Run 530 The Sixth Corps at the Second Bull Run 539 Washington Under Banks 542 From the Peninsula to Antietam 545 In the Ranks to the Antietam 556 The Battle of South Mountain, or Boonsboro 559 Forcing Fox's Gap and Turner's Gap 582 Notes on Crampton's Gap and Antietam 591 The Opposing Forces in The Maryland Campaign 598 The Finding of Lee's Lost Order 603 Jackson's Capture of Harper's Ferry 604 The Surrender of Harper's Ferry 612 Stonewall Jackson's Intentions at Harper's Ferry 616 The Historical Basis of Whittier's "Barbara Frietchie" 619 Stonewall Jackson in Maryland 620 The Battle of Antietam 630 With Burnside at Antietam 661 The Invasion of Maryland 663 Sharpsburg 675 Antietam Scenes 682 A Woman's Recollection of Antietam 686 The Case of Fitz John Porter 696 Canby's Services in the New Mexican Campaign 697 Canby at Valverde 699 Shelby's New Mexican Campaign 700 Operations in North Alabama 701 The Locomotive Chase in Georgia 709 Notes on the Locomotive Chase 716 With Price East of the Mississippi 717 The Battle of Iuka 734 The Battle of Corinth 737 TABLE OF CONTENTS OF VOLUME THREERetreat From Gettysburg Bragg's Invasion of Kentucky 1 Morgan's Cavalry During Bragg's Invasion 26 The Opposing Forces at Perryville, KY 29 East Tennessee and the Campaign of Perryville East Tennessee and the Campaign of Perryville 31 On the Field of Perryville 52 Notes of a Staff-Officer at Perryville 60 Cumberland Gap 62 The Battle of Fredericksburg 70 The Confederate Left at Fredericksburg 86 Ransom's Division at Fredericksburg 94 A Hot Day in Marye's Heights 97 The Removal of McClellan 102 Sumner's Right Grand Division 105 The Crossing of the Rappahannock by the 19th Massachusetts 121 In Front of the Stonewall at Fredericksburg 122 Why Burnside Did Not Renew the Attack at Fredericksburg 126 Franklin's "Left Grand Division" 128 With Jackson at Hamilton's Crossing 139 In the Ranks at Fredericksburg 142 A Bit of Partisan Service 148 Stoneman's Raid in the Chancellorsville Campaign 152 The Chancellorsville Campaign 154 The Success and Failure of Chancellorsville 172 When Stonewall Jackson Turned Our Right 183 The Charge of the Eight Pennsylvania Cavalry 187 The Eleventh Corps at Chancellorsville 189 Stonewall Jackson's Last Battle 203 Hooker's Comments on Chancellorsville 215 Sedwick at Fredericksburg and Salem Heights 224 Lee's Knowledge of Hooker's Movements 233 The Opposing Forces in the Chancellorsville Campaign 234 Hooker's Appointment and Removal 239 Lee's Invasion of Pennsylvania 244 The Confederate Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign 251 The First Day at Gettysburg 255 Incidents of the First Day at Gettysburg 284 Hancock and Howard in the First Days Fight 287 Citizens of Gettysburg in the Union Army 289 The Second Day at Gettysburg 290 The Council of War on the Second Day 313 The 20th Maine at Little Round Top 314 The 146th New York at Little Round Top 315 The Breastworks at Culp's Hill 316 The Struggle for Round Top 319 Kershaw's Brigade at Gettysburg 331 Lee's Right Wing at Gettysburg 339 The Charge of Pickett, Pettigrew, and Trimble 354 A Reply to General Longstreet 355 The Great Charge and Artillery Fighting at Gettysburg 357 The Third Day at Gettysburg 369 General Hancock and the Artillery at Gettysburg 385 Repelling Lee's Last Blows at Gettysburg 387 Farnsworth Charge and Death 393 The Cavalry Battle Near Gettysburg 397 Meade at Gettysburg 406 The Confederate Retreat From Gettysburg 420 A Prisoner's March From Gettysburg to Staunton 429 The Opposing Forces at Gettysburg 434 The Conquest of Arkansas 441 The Opposing Forces in Arkansas 459 The Assault on Chickasaw Bluffs 462 Jefferson Davis and the Mississippi Campaign 472 The Defense of Vicksburg 482 The Vicksburg Campaign 493 The Vicksburg Mine 539 The Terms of Surrender 543 The Opposing Forces in the Vicksburg Campaign 546 Naval Operations in the Vicksburg Campaign 551 Gulf Operations in 1862 and 1863 571 The Confederate Gun-Boat "Arkansas" 572 The Confederate Torpedoes in the Yazoo 580 Union Vessels in the Vicksburg Operations 581 Military Operations in Louisiana in 1862 582 The Opposing Forces at Baton Rouge, LA 585 The Capture of Port Hudson 586 The Opposing Forces at Port Hudson 598 Bragg's Advance and Retreat 600 The Opposing Forces at Stones River, TN 610 The Battle of Stone's River 613 The Union Left at Stone's River 632 Morgan's Ohio Raid 634 Manoeuvering Bragg out of Tennessee 635 Chickamauga - The Great Battle of the West 638 The Crisis at Chickamauga 663 Reenforcing Thomas at Chickamauga 665 Notes on the Chickamauga Campaign 668 The Opposing Forces at Chickamauga 672 The Little Steamboat the Opened the "Cracker Line" 676 Chattanooga 679 Sherman's Attack at the Tunnel 712 Comments on General Grant's Chattanooga 714 The Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga 719 Opposing Forces in the Chattanooga Campaign 727 The Defense of Knoxville 731 Longstreet at Knoxville 745 The Opposing Forces at Knoxville 751 TABLE OF CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR The Defense of Charleston 1 The Confederate Defense of Fort Sumter 23 Minor Operations of the South Atlantic Squadron Under Du Pont 27 The Early Monitors 30 Du Pont's Attack at Charleston 32 The Boat Attack on Sumter 47 South Atlantic Blocking Squadron 51 The Army Before Charleston in 1863 52 The "Swamp Angel" 72 The Opposing Land Forces at Charleston 74 The Battle of Olustee 76 From Gettysburg to the Coming of Grant 81 Kilpatrick's and Dahlgren's Raid to Richmond 95 Preparing for the Campaign's of '64 97 From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor 118 General Grant on the Wilderness Campaign 145 Through the Wilderness 152 Hand-to-Hand Fighting at Spotsylvania 170 The Death of General John Sedgwick 175 McAllister's Brigade at the Bloody Angle 176 General Edward's Brigade at the Bloody Angle 177 The Opposing Forces at the Beginning of Grant's Campaign Against Richmond 179 The Opposing Forces at Cold Harbor 186 Sheridan's Richmond Raid 188 The Death of General J. E. B. Stuart 194 The Defense of Drewry's Bluff 195 Butler's Attack on Drewry's Bluff 206 The Eighteenth Corps at Cold Harbor 221 Notes on Cold Harbor 230 Sheridan's Trevillian Raid 223 The Cavalry Fight at Trevillian Station 237 General Lee in the Wilderness Campaign 240 THe Grand Strategy of the Last Year of the War 247 Opposing Sherman's Advance to Atlanta 260 The Opposing Forces in the Atlanta Campaign 284 The Struggle for Atlanta 293 Hood's Second Sortie at Atlanta 326 The Georgia Militia About Atlanta 331 The Defense of Atlanta 336 The Red River Campaign 345 The Navy in the Red River 362 The Mississippi Flotilla in the Red River Expedition 366 The Opposing Forces in the Red River Campaign 367 The Opposing Forces in Arkansas 368 The Defense of the Red River 369 Farragut at Mobile Bay 379 The Opposing Forces at Mobile 400 The Ram "Tennessee" at Mobile Bay 401 The Lashing of Admiral Farragut in the Rigging 406 The Defense of Fort Morgan 408 Land Operations Against Mobile 410 Closing Operations in the Gulf and Western Rivers 412 Cavalry Operations in the West Under Rosecrans and Sherman 413 The Sooy Smith Expedition 416 Forrest's Defeat of Sturgis at Brice's Cross-Roads 419 John Morgan in 1864 422 The Invasion of Tennessee 425 General Cheatham at Spring Hill 438 Repelling Hood's Invasion of Tennessee 440 The Union Cavalry in the Hood Campaign 465 The Opposing Forces at Nashville 472 Operations in East Tennessee and South-West Virginia 475 The Battle of New Market 480 Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864 487 The Opposing Forces at New Market 491 The Opposing Forces in the Lynchburg Expedition 492 Early's March to Washington in 1864 493 The Opposing Forces at the Monocacy 499 Sheridan in the Shenadoah Valley 500 Winchester, Fisher Hill, and Cedar Creek 522 The Opposing Forces at Cedar Creek 530 Operations South of the James River 533 Four Days of Battle at Petersburg 540 The Battle of The Petersburg Crater 545 In the Crater 561 The Colored Troops at Petersburg 563 Actions on the Weldon Railroad 568 General Grant on the Siege of Petersburg 574 Gordon's Attack at Fort Stedman 579 The Recapture of Fort Stedman 584 The Opposing Forces at Petersburg and Richmond 590 The Confederate Cruisers 595 Cruise and Combats of the "Alabama" 600 The Duel Between the "Alabama" and the "Kearsarge" 615 First Battle of the Confederate Ram "Albemarle" 625 The "Albemarle and the "Sassscus" 628 The Destruction of the "Albemarle" 634 The Defense of Fort Fisher 642 The Defense at Fort Fisher 655 The Opposing Forces at Fort Fisher 661 Sherman's Advance from Atlanta 663 The Georgia Militia During Sherman's March to the Sea 667 Marching Through Georgia and the Carolinas 671 The Failure to Capture Hardee 679 Sherman's March From Savannah to Bentonville 681 The Opposing Forces in the Campaign of the Carolinas 696 The Battle of Bentonville 700 Closing Operations in the James River 705 Five Forks and the Pursuit of Lee 708 General Warren at Five Forks, and the Court of Inquiry 723 Lee's Report of the Surrender at Appomattox 724 The Fall of Richmond 725 The Surrender at Appomattox Court House 729 General Lee's Farewell Address to His Army 747 The Opposing Forces in the Appomattox Campaign 748 Final Operations of Sheridan's Army 754 Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia 760 Last Days of the Confederacy 762 Notes on the Union and Confederate Armies 767 Just insert the CD into your Windows computer and use the menu to open your book(s), and to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. 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