Ancient Egyptian Bronze Head of king Tut, RARE - UNIQUE, (KT2018a)

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Seller: wanfoo (574) 100%, Location: Madison, Wisconsin, Ships to: US, Item: 302605220460 “Ancient -- EX Fine Condition based on my observations for it's age and being handled. As always, may be some slight dirt, marks, and wear.” Ancient Egyptian Bronze Head of king Tut, RARE - UNIQUE, (KT2018a) Ancient Egyptian Bronze Head of king Tut, RARE - UNIQUE, (KT2018a) Click images to enlarge Description Welcome! DavidsOldStuff Ancient Egyptian Bronze Head of king Tut Here is a Rare ancient Egyptian Bronze head of King Tut-Ankh-Amun, Egypt, 14th Century B.C. It is in excellent condition for its purported age and very rare. I acquired this Bronze in 2005 from a private collection and I was informed that this came from Lower Egypt. Please note the Elongated Ear, Uraeus (Cobra on the headdress), Beard, Shape of the Eye all denoting the High Order or King. From the Seller: “Information about King "Tut-Ankh-Amun" :” “Original name TUTANKHATEN (fl. 14th century BC), king of Egypt (reigned 1333-23 BC), known chiefly for his intact tomb discovered in 1922. During his reign, powerful advisers restored the traditional religion and art style after the death of Akhenaton, who had led the "Amarna revolution." “Medical analysis of his mummy shows that Tutankhaten was probably a brother of Smenkhkare, his immediate predecessor, and son-in-law of the great King Akhenaton, with whom Smenkhkare was coregent. As suggested by a docket from Tell el-Amarna (Akhenaton's capital Akhetaton) and other circumstantial evidence, young Tutankhaten probably became king after the deaths of Akhenaton and his coregent. Seals from Tell el-Amarna suggest that Tutankhaten resided there during his first year or two. He was married to Akhenaton's third daughter, probably the eldest surviving princess of the royal family, to solidify his claim to the throne. Because at his accession he was still young, his vizier and regent, Ay, who had ties with the royal family, and the general of the armies, Horemheb, became his chief advisers. “ “Under their tutelage, Tutankhaten moved his residence to Memphis, the administrative capital, near modern Cairo, and restored his father's Theban palace. He also changed his name, at the latest by the fourth year of his reign, to Tutankhamen and issued a decree restoring the temples, images, personnel, and privileges of the old gods and also admitting the errors of Akhenaton's course. In spite of these capitulations to the Amon priesthood, no proscription or persecution of Aten, Akhenaton's god, was undertaken. Royal vineyards (up to the king's death) and elements of the army still remained named after the Aten.” “During his ninth year, perhaps under Horemheb, the Egyptians marched into Syria to assist Egypt's old ally, the Mitannian kingdom of northern Syria, which was embroiled in hostilities with vassals of the Hittites. As reinforcements sent by the Hittite king hastened to aid his vassals, Tutankhamen unexpectedly died, aged about 18 years. Because none of his children survived, AV succeeded him, perhaps marrying his widow.” “Sometime after his death, Tutankhamen's tomb in western Thebes (not his original, which Ay had appropriated for himself) was entered twice by plunderers who, however, were caught after doing only minor damage. The burial chamber was not entered and remained intact until it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, the English Egyptologist who excavated the tomb. When in the 19th dynasty the "Amarna kings"--Akhenaton, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamen, and Ay--were stricken from the royal lists and publicly condemned, the location of Tutankhamen's tomb was forgotten, and his relatively few monuments were usurped, chiefly by his former general, Horemheb, who later became pharaoh. In the 20th dynasty, when the tomb of Ramses VI was cut immediately above that of Tutankhamen, the stone rubble dumped down the side of the valley covered the young king's tomb with a deep layer of chips. The workers of the 20th dynasty came close to Tutankhamen's tomb and clearly had no knowledge of it. The tomb escaped the great series of robberies at the end of the 20th dynasty and was preserved until a systematic search of the Valley of the Kings revealed its location.” “Inside his small tomb, the king's mummy lay within a nest of three coffins, the innermost of solid gold, the two outer ones of gold hammered over wooden frames. On the king's head was a magnificent golden portrait mask, and numerous pieces of jewelry and amulets lay upon the mummy and in its wrappings. The coffins and stone sarcophagus were surrounded by four shrines of hammered gold over wood, covered with texts, which practically filled the burial chamber. The other rooms were crammed with furniture, statuary, clothes, a chariot, weapons, staffs, and numerous other objects. But for his tomb, Tutankhamen had little claim to fame; as it is, he is perhaps better known than any of his longer lived and better documented predecessors and successors.” From the seller: “Period : Egypt, 14th Century B.C Dating : 1333 BC–1323 BC suggestive Origin : Egypt, Lower Egypt, Bubastis Material : Bronze Physical : Measuring 5 inches Diameter (12.8 cm)” Please see Pictures above and below the listing Unusual & Rare Collectible Your purchase will be packed carefully to avoid damage. Please look over the pictures carefully and ask questions. Please see some of my Feedback Below. This listing is from my personal collection. Please feel free to ask questions about any piece. However, I am no grader or "authenticator." I will do the best I can to be accurate. Please look over the pictures carefully, ask for more pictures if needed, ask questions and do your homework. The piece will be packed carefully to avoid damage. My items are from old collections, auctions and sales. The "SPECIAL" is simple. It is your OFFER that makes it SPECIAL. Please make a reasonable offer and own this! This or these are the what you will get. (KT20181a) For Used Items Like many older items it may have some dirt/patina, nicks, spots, cuts, cracks, discoloration, dents, holes, yellowing, scratches and worn areas. For the collector in you. Look carefully before you bid or offer. Sold as is and best of luck, DavidsOldStuff.... Free USPS Prority Shipping, Handling, Insurance and Tracking included while in the USA. Please keep in mind the shipping price also covers handling fees, packaging materials & time, not just postage. Note: I will combine purchases, and will ship internationally. I will adjust the cost accordingly for International Shipping. Thank you. See more of DavidsOldStuff on eBay. My de-collecting is your win! Good luck. I maintain a top rating. If you believe you need to leave anything other than a 5 star 100% feedback, contact me and we WILL work it out. Thanks Here is what some of my clients have said. Folks that have purchased some of DavidsOldStuff. We take this business seriously and strive to always meet your needs. These are direct Feedback. Thank you for trusting me, David As follows: Here is a 2017 note from a client. It seems to say it all and I am pleased to say this is how we do our best to serve everyone........ David, I'm awfully sorry that I didn't get back to you more promptly.. I've been dragon slaying or down with the flu.. (It comes right after a healthy dose of my relatives:) You are a prince David.. and I love our Nekhbet, she is now back on her throne where she can see her worshipers. I will never be able to thank you enough David, I mean it. And don't fret this age thing..I'm doing enough for you too. Warmest Regards, Eric November & December 2017 Very nice coin. Arrived much earlier than expected. Great vendor. Thanks 1 Pfennig, 1860 A, German Empire Fine Condition *Special* Good cooperative seller, Protective packing. Thank You! Tales From The Great Book (rarer) & Mutt & Jeff comic strips *SPECIAL*(GB2015a) Absolutely perfect. ! Amazing packaging A true. pleasure. Thank You David ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TALL USHABTI – Magnificent Detail (US122016B) *SPECIAL* Professional ,Honest, Fast and Careful Shipping and Packaging. Thank you David. Ancient (Rare) Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet (Green Faience), (SK122016) *SPECIAL hello David I am very satisfied, my wife will be glad. Thanks Gilbert. 1963 Rosan J.F. 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(668) NEKHBET: Ancient Egyptian Bronze Bust from 2649–2150 B.C. “Couldn't be more delighted with the Bust nor the gentleman eBayer who sold it A+”-- eric.......(104)" VINTAGE SHEAFFER REMINDER CLIP WHITE DOT GOLD PLATED BP, “Exactly as described--and beautiful!!!😃!—madymu…… (3430)” Wolf Original Soapstone Sculpture, Two Baby Bears Playing, “Nice, just like the description”-- hotdog….. (180) AWESOME - ANCIENT EGYPTIAN USHABTI–UNBELIEVEABLE DETAIL “Perfect!—hoom……7 ( 17)” Vintage Reading Hardware Co., Cast Iron Apple Peeler “Quick deal thank you!, crankdog.......(504)” 1746 GEORGIUS II, REX, Great Britain 1/2 Penny "As advertised, super quick shipping, highly recommended!!! -- sidswork…...(1664) " Welcome, Feedback: We always leave Feedback as soon as possible. We ask that you do the same. If, for any reason you have an issue of any type and feel you cannot leave positive Feedback in any or all areas, Please contact us first and WE WILL work out the issue. Thank you, David Finally, should you wish to see more Feedback to 2013 I will forward them as well. Just ask...... We will use the US Postal service unless you instruct us otherwise. Please contact us if you wish some other method of shipment. Shipping many times becomes an issue. Some items are large and clumsy. Others are small and simple. We will always be fair and appropriate. For small items shipping is around $2.99. This covers proper and safe packing of your item(s) including bubble wrap where needed, etc. We also send valuable items insured to protect your investment. We will ship to the United States and Canada. Always email us if you have questions. Thank you, David I have been involved with eBay since November 1998. I mostly purchased items and then sold some. Well, now it is time to divest myself of "stuff." I am an older individual who has enjoyed collecting things over the years and now wish to down-size. It is to your benefit. Check out my items and have fun collecting those things that you like. Please contact us through eBay. You should always contact us from within the eBay system. Thank you, David Images sell! Get Supersized Images & Free Image HostingCreate your brand with Auctiva's Customizable Templates. Attention Sellers - Get Templates Image Hosting, Scheduling at Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter Condition: I have had this in my collection since 2005. Time to let it go to a true collector.

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