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Seller: scooterbee (3,513) 100%, Location: Nampa, Idaho, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 333115135362 Awesome Agates Jaspers: From my premium and even private collection (see the note below on why these are for sale, and the steps to get a protectively coated stone....)Especially for:Wire WrappersBeadersJewelry artistsSilver ArtistHome CollectorsRock hounds: see our notes on how to display a pendant drilled stone as just a specimen stone......nice.Craft sellers seeking to offer something one-of-kind, unique, eye-appealing, and sells! Collector UV sealed, and more protective coatings: Some have further dotting, added patinas. See the jewelry maker's instructions below. This set is a Group of 4 Stones in this Set, Set *36This could be some of our hottest Bronco colors stones!THESE ARE GREAT!Orange and Blue2 different forms: lined Agate with crystal zones, and Dragon Vein Agate (crackle) with color blending zones3 drops and one barrel shape.2 have the 4 coat protection below: From my private collection: see reasons for selling below:Tested for color fastness *************************I was asked at a craft show: Why did you dot some of those stones? Answer: the primary reason is to bring up the level of contrast, which determines brain eye appeal. And, higher contrast stones show up better in both light variations: warm and night light, versus full day and white blue light. This makes the stone more useful for the customer. But, the dotting also adds surpriseinterestadded value by combining stone with craftsmanship (ours)features differentiating these stones from similar but lower quality stones found from other vendorsand, more. Now, the proprietary methods here keep the sealants and dots ON the stone. If you just put acrylic dots on a stone, you'll find they'll just slip off later. We prevent that. This is an article not about the above stones, but includes info on the sealing, coating, and UV shield process on the above stones. Also, there's tons of info you'll need to be a pro at working with stones and educating friends or customers!These are the stones I don't want you to by....among all my thousands of Jaspers and Agates for Pendants or Collection Displays.....the Van Gogh Jaspers. These were hard to find, and are not available any more. But, I'm moving overseas, so they're yours, sold in sets of 3. There's a limited stock, and about 60 sets are listed in our store. Zowie, I'm dragging my feet on selling these until today....but I cannot import or bring these into the Country I'm moving to by their rules! My problem is now your OPPORTUNITY.These stones have caught eyes at my craft fairs, and sold to crafters, wearers, and rockhounds!See below for many tips on gluing stones, lighting for displaying or wearing semi-precious and precious stones, and more! If you wear or craft, you need this info, from our years of work, we share the secrets with you here!Trio Trio Y, Van Gogh JasperWhen these are gone, they're gone.USPO Priority Shipping, with $100 shipping insurance (*see "how to work with USPO insurance at bottom). All packed extra super duper. Greens and Blues dominate, and each is a piece of Art in itself. Those dominant colors are complimented by Earth tones of striped buckskin and fawn beiges Dark zones and high contrast zones: these are the first stones people gravitate to at my weekend sales: earthy tones like these, something that is Van Gogh-esque, and high contrast is what has eye appeal. Now, that is not just something that is a customer preference, but the mind/brain is drawn to the CONTRASTS, and has memory recognition of what a Van Gogh painting is like! NOTE: MOST In the collection have rare Van Gogh landscape like scenes, sky swirls, and vortexes to other worlds. The colors are suited to Simply attaching to a ring or bail and use on any necklace NOW Or, for the crafty out there Bead wrap Silver jewelry makers Copper, Brass, or Gold Embroidery Wrap Wire WrapUp, or reversed for Bolo Ties Etc. The colors go with all metals and patinas! These are great for your personal collection or to sell as art objects. Sizes are shown next to them is a ruler. Most are 45 to 58mm tall, and 30 to 45mm wide. Most are wide in proportion to height, and medium thickness: neither thing or bulky Ends on any points like drops and such: where there is a hole drilled, the stone is substantial enough to not break off. All are guaranteed to be UNEVEN One of a kind: never repeated anyplace anywhere…. Irregular (are suitable for homemade jewelry frames and trays, but not standard manufactured sizes....these are truly hand cut). Many have features that are of appeal to the US Market: they have some pits, small, that show they're really stones. Coloration continues on the back and can be seen: it doesn't just exist on the front surface. Some have a most unusual fluorescent glimmer in colors. Now, I treat these gently, as I know they're not like the Red Rainbow Jasper I buy lots of: Red Rainbow just can't be changed by abuse, oil, heat, etc. But, some types of Jasper can be, particularly those with brilliant colors, blues, and greens..... So, I've sealed them, and UV coated them..... That means they'll be resistant to light, UV damage and use: but as with your knew car coating......don't let the neighbor punks key your new finish...Be careful, and read some info below on care you''ll need to know in the stone craft business as well as things you need to teach your customers to care for ALL semi-precious and precious stones to keep jewelry and use it for lifetimes! Three coatings have been applied, but follow the guidelines below as they apply to All Jaspers and Agates. Deep stabilization coating UV Protectant Contrast Enhancement Coating. ON REQUEST at time of your order: IF YOU'RE WEARING THE TRIO, THEY'RE READY TO GO, OR IF YOU'RE A JEWELRY CRAFTER: 1. ON YOUR REQUEST, WE'LL SEND YOU INFO ON HOW TO APPLY A FINAL SEAL COATING IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT THE STONE FURTHER 2. OR, YOU'RE A CRAFTER, AND MAY HAVE WORN OFF SOME UV PROTECTION 3. OR WANT TO ENHANCE THE GLOSS FINISH (NOTE, SOME STONES HAVE A FINAL COAT OF UV PROTECTANT, AND THIS IS A BIT GELATINOUS AND DOESN'T LEVEL OUT TOO WELL: IF THERE'S A LIQUID LINE ON ANY OF YOUR STONES (ABOUT 10%), IT WILL WEAR OFF WITH THE FIRST USE OR WHILE YOU CRAFT. DO NOT REMOVE IT OTHERWISE. 4. WE'LL SEND YOU A PROPRIETARY METHOD TO FINISH AND GLOSS YOUR VAN GOGH STONES......AND THE ITEM YOU NEED WILL COST YOU UNDER $5 TO TREAT HUNDREDS AND PREP FOR THE GRAND BALL OR TO DISPLAY AND SELL! Just Ask when you order! OUR COATINGS: IT'S LIKELY WE HAVE THE ONLY STONES OF THIS KIND SEALED AND UV COATED. I'VE NOT FOUND ANY OTHERS WORLWIDE, DUE TO THE TIME AND COST IT TAKES. HERE'S HOW THAT CAME ABOUT: a few years ago as I retired as a clinical therapist and expanded my Lapidary Jewelry sales at Weekend Craft Markets, I wanted to be sure that my stones would not come back to me. I knew the chief complaints would be that the stone has changed within the first few weeks from things most consumers are now aware of: Jaspers, Agates, and semip-precious stones are damaged, and can become discolored or dull and gray from human helped damage, in priority: 1. Hand oils, not just dirty hands, but common oils on our hands 2. Sun damage UV, mostly from leaving in a hot sunny spot like a car dashboard 3. Washing in soaps (even Dawn can reach into stones, because while though glass like chemicals, unlike common glass Agate and Jasper is PERMEABLE 4. Leaving jewelry in piles: damage from heat, misuse, PRESSURE 5. oily food stains: mustard and tomatey/oily (if stained in a restaurant, rinse off fast.....I myself, taking a risk, would try some bathroom hand soap, luke warm and NOT hot or cold water, and rinse well....but this varies from stone to stone. I use Kitchen Dove soap, the cheap Natural type..... 6. Chemicals: rubber cement, Goof OFF. NOW, while these problems occur after the sale, because consumers don’t understand the nature of STONE, they’ll bring it back to you. And, this will take your time to explain which the might see you as making bad excuses for shoddy materials, and will absorb your profits as you replace their item! Knowing this, I spent hundreds on experiments on coatings to seal and protect the stones and even got help from Engineers at Rustoleum and Krylon craft centers, and other hobby, lapidary, craft and paint companies to produce and get UV and Scratch resistance qualities up (note, there is no total scratch proof unless you put your item under glass…..but can we increase a Stone Jewelry Pieces Utility and Life……yep. And, know we bring that to you in these stones. Do you Have a batch of Agates or Jasper pendants you'd like 4 stage Sealed. Contact us: the minimum is 5 stones, at $25 each, and this takes 14 days for all coatings to cure.... Info on Jasper and Agate Care, Use, and Jewelry Making from our listing on Succor Creek Hand Carved Angel, $89: But, are you a jewelry artist, wire wrapper or beader: you may find this an ideal piece because: it is naturally thick, and ready for what you'd put on the sides It is a durable stone to work with: some of the stones of the Owyhee’s are impacted by heat and pressure for a color change. I always test stones for sale for durability. But, Avoid heat and pressure: in general most Agates and Jaspers would be changed by kilns, flames, or torches: do you silver work to the side of the stone. As much as you can with semi-precious stones, use white gloves or at minimum wash your hands well before touching! I think that hand oil and dirt is the major contaminant of carved stones..... Keep them out of direct light, and tell your buyers to store them out of the light, preferably in the dark! That means, if you display your final goods in a store or outdoor market, keep out of direct light....and be aware: strong whitish-blue spot lights, LED, have lots of UV light. If you are a beader or wirewrapper, and ask, I'll send with the Angel instructions to give a penetrating gloss for your sale. Ask pls, (in addition to the UV coat, this is proprietary, but you can use in the future). Jasper is hard glass, but unlike real glass, it is penetrable by contaminants. If you scratch with metal, Jasper nicks can be smoothed by a light paste of Aluminum Grit, applied with a Dremel buffer: but it does take some time.....and is for small scratches. This grit, put made into a paste is a couple dollars on sites. Be sure to teach your customers all about these concepts to own and care for Jasper and Agate. The color is gray and beige stripes, but in warmest light, it shows up a bit celery green and pick the light to show it in. The Walnut stand: oil or wax as you do any fine woods. The finish protected: I've added a proprietary UV protectant, but as with ALL semi-precious and precious stones, keep out of direct light. Few people know that...... BTW: to clean stones: use a very mild cheap dish soap....weak weak weak mix... Don't use Dawn: it penetrates too deeply into Jasper and Agates. Never use solvents to clean, like Goof Off. I have used bleach on Jaspers, and Oxyclean on Agates......but be careful. Sonic cleaning varies from stone type to stone works great for some and crumbles for others. For a serious stain problem: go to your local rock shop and ask advice or better....ask them to clean a stain for you!! They'll do you right!! Hand Cut Mini Succor Creek Jasper: Angel on Wood Stand, Small and Colorful: Contemplative Fun Serene One of a kind, hand carved. I think hand carving of stone is such a lost art....and is time're paying here both for the rare stone, the artist's time, and the UV coating. Included are some photos of the Succor Creek Areas on the Idaho and Oregon Border. I live near there and pick up finds from a few wonderful but struggling rock shops here. It's my understanding that Succor Creek Jasper is not currently harvested, and was told that this was a part of some old stash. But, Fishermen's stories add to the fun of it all..... Do see the other rock finds on our Store: there are some collections of Owyhee Picture Jasper and more from the local mountains. Also, For more stones and pendants for Beaders, Jewelry Makers, and Wire Wrappers, or for the home owner that wants a Jasper or Agate Pendant that is colorful, but UV far as I know, I'm the only person in the world doing this.....because it's a time consuming process that is also costly... Important on lighting of a stone when it arrives: open your package with stones in full strong sunlight to match out photos! Then, see how these stones, in fact all stones, look different under different lights. If you see our photos, then unbox under subdued or shadow light, they'll look monotone and dark, and you'll feel disappointed,,,,,so, learn about light as much as you can: to wear stones, to display stones, and TO ADJUST STONE WEAR TO MOOD AND COLORS OF CLOTHES!Tip: if you're Displaying these stones, use a bright whitish blue light, like LEDs, At Lowes, help them find you a light that is rated 5,000 to 8,000 Kelvin. This will enhance and show the contrasts. Tip: if you're wearing this stone: it will show up as highly contrasted (lines and areas of light and dark) in full sunlight or strong office fluorescent lights. Evening or dark light, they will be more monotone. But, it's just what mood you want: the monontones go great with evening wear say at a pub, while if you're going to a craft club, it may be more monotone than you want. Try different lights in your house, and try on different clothes. Tip: if you have two bathroom, put warm lights in one, then bright white light in the other (called by an odd system: 3,000 k for warm light, and 6500 K for white blue light....Ask for info on this at Lowes. This makes all the difference in the world for appearance of stones!!!!Tip: if your'e Displaying these stones on a wall or shadow box display, use a decorative pin, or narrow gauge wall map thumbtack (colored or pewter), to hold the stone. Stones also mount well with Rubber Cement (may shift colors of agates,,,,so be careful, but Rainbow, Owhyee Picture Jasper, and Van Gogh have been ok for me to mount with rubber cement. It peels off well, where hot glue bonds. The more porous Jaspers like Van Gogh and Zebra can be mounted with white or craft glue (though in humidity areas this may fail. If you mount with glue, you can cover the hole with a crystal, sequin, or gem......I often have used a cheap faux pearl earing on the post (cheap ones cut to lenght with common cutters, but if it's hardened steel, use a pro wire cutter for hardened steel, about $14 at Lowes or Home Depot, and not the ones from Michaels or other craft stores...they don't cut hardened steel). I'm also trying some "drilled hole" fillers that are a small pewter or silver fact, a chunk of many things would work....things you have in your junk and unsorted piles (pieces of necklaces, bracelets, AND old your old stuff, broken'll use it.)Tip: if your an metal artist, beader, wire wrapper, silver artist, embroidery stone artist, or Bolo Tie maker (for Weddings, men's and women's wear, etc., and not just limited to Alternative or Western gear), First, my hat is off to you. This requires incredible talent! Next, These Pendants, have TWO directions. Up, it looks like a standard pendant, and with a gem in the hole, it is filled, to mount on a bolo tie clip or do your art form above, as it points up. Tip: more, but these stones, in all arts, has a second form: pointing down, without a bail! I recently saw silver workers in Beadwork, Bead, Jewelry Artists, and Home Craft Business Magazines demonstrating this. In some types, the downward pendant had the hole filled, but in most cases, the silver or embroidery disguised the hole, covering it. THOSE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL AND AWESOME MAGAZINES! In the case of Bolo ties I've made with the pendant pointing down: the small item at the bottom, even a western tibetan silver charm glued on, became a part of the ART Piece: it improved the look, attracted the eye, and added a small charm statement piece or crystal! Tip, glue these to a tray or bolo tie clip: only some Jaspers are very porous like Zebra and Van Gogh. Others have a more glassy finish and glues don't always adhere. After trying tons of glues:For a display mount Jasper: white glue in non-humid areas, otherwise rubber cement is good because you can change the display in a couple of years if you want: it will hold and rub off. Just because Rubber Cement is sold in the school supplies section of the store: it is not too safe. I use it lots, avoid fumes, and either don't get it on your skin or use gloves: it's made of real rubber particles suspended in icky toxic solvent. Hot Glue works well, but bonds too well for future removal without damage to your display shadow box backing. To bond any stone to metals, or insert an earring post in the hole or mount a tibetan charm: really, E6000 is about it. I've tried them all.... Super Glue Gel works initially, but fails with wearing (the problem is that is "shears not from direct pressure, but makes flakes as it shears from the sides). Super Glue gives you months, E6000 gives you years. But, I've noted that all types, including E6000 and Hot Glue fail after a few years: the piece needs redone about year 6-10. Accept that as normal, and fix your jewelry yourself, or if you sell, offer a repair glue service up front! And, tell customers about this. E6000, becomes less bonded after 6 years and Hot glue becomes to stiff and breaks the bond.....from all types of stresses including UV and environmental condition. Tell you customers about the danger list for all precious and semi-precious gems above. Put the list on a small printed card for them!😊😊😊 E6000 is toxic like Rubber Cement, it is a bit rubbery when cured. Note: let items with E6000 or Rubber Cement cure for a few days before you work with them....That means, it dries to touch in a few hours, but will still shift or take a finger print impression until it fully CURES. For E6000 that is 4-6 days, for Rubber Cement that is 3 days. If you must use these indoors:a. put a small amount on your plastic mini-pallet for paints, these tiny trays are a few cents each on Ebay, and I use them for everything. Remember, if you put too much out, and don't use it on the craft, it has to be disposed after, and E6000 is not cheap.....but portioned out could treat 100's of small craft projects per tube!b. never dab glues from the tube to the object: it'll all be a messc. I have two types of toothpicks or wood sticks form the Dollar Store, regular toothpicks to dab on tiny amounts of glue, and bigger craft sticks (smaller than popsicle craft sticks, and get the one-end-is pointed types) for larger items. For broad flat surfaces, use the popsicle craft stick. Michaels and Hobby Lobby, in the wood section, also have all sizes of cheap sticks for glues.... this is essential to crafts. For large surfaces or flat surfaces, smooth out with the popsicle craft sticks. I use LOTS of these. d. turn ON kitchen and bathroom ventilation. If you can, there are ventilation gas masks for $14 and these are more commonly in use by crafters these days! If you can, use outside: just take your project on a tray to the patio. Don't bend over your project while gluing, or have mask on. Those simple dust masks sold are no help for fumes: the gas masks have carbon filters that take out chemicals (see the different types and ratings).e. Curing time: put in well ventilated, dust proof area,,,,,,not your living space.....or put in a protective buy ventilated container to cut dust, and put in the garage or outside in the shade (had to be above 60 degrees though to cure). Tip: always wash hands before handling any semi-precious or precious stone. I use Dawn to do this..... Hand Oils are the first danger to these stones. And, if you are working with tender Agates, Opals, or Highly Valuable or Clearish colored precious stones: consider using and teaching others to use white gloves. We have some for sale that are only pennies each.....and use them. Tip: photography of our stones: we try to portray the stones as average, but the camera may adjust to either darker or lighter, or high contrast to no's just photography and see the info above on Use of Lighting.Tip: store these stones in quilter's batting. Cheap and soft!Tip: these are not thin: really open up a pendant bail, forming it into a round shape that will fit the pendant. Then, straighten the two prongs so they go into the hole. Clamp. If you use Jump rings: use a 10,12, or 14 MM, and then just put the pendant onto any leather or metal necklace immediately. The colors of the jump ring: they'll go with any metal and are not limted as this stone is "universal": use with bright silver, gold, red copper, or tibetan silver. Bronze can be used, not bring up the contrast levels, for highly colored or contrasty clothes or necklace. I like the bright silvers and reddest coppers best on these. Check out our Full Store! Thanks for enjoying the stones of the Owyhee Mountain Range.....and try to visit there! Scooter Bee BTW: if you request at time of your order:1. get an info sheet on a final coating for this particular stone2. Get a free sample, trial, or other type of pendant stone....value $10 to $200 *how to work with USPO insurance. Your package:1. will come with the purchase value of insurance, and if there's damage, you may get that and the USPO Priority Postage and Added Insurance returned directly with you. 2. Now, if you contact us about a shipping damage, we will be sympathetic, but the recipient has to handle this 100%.....but here's what we can do if you contact us:a. you can find the USPO tracking number on your Ebay email or order, we insert that the day it's shipped, or if Spank Cat threatens to bit me because I didn't buy his treats, we'll post it the next day. Most times, we like to ship within 1-3 days of getting your order, but there may be holidays or the flu season.....we are fastidious though on this. b. we can assure you that stones are shipped overprotected.....we want to prevent damage from Shipping and those few USPO Hockey Players. There'll be a soft or silicone protectant followed by soft and hard padding, in a secure box, or rip proof bag (costs, but you're worth it!).c. in the case of stones, there could be external damage to the package but more likely, the stones are crumbled or broken in half. Once, I got some stones shipped to me that were absolutely pulverized and I speculated that this company has some disgruntled worker getting revenge with a hammer. But, I like the USPO lots, and it's employees, it's just that this Guarantee system is part of the bureaucracy part of the USPO.....blech. So,d. take pix That day of external and internal damage. e. there is an online report system, search for USPO Claims on Google. But, if you don't have it done, I've found, pretty much immediately, and with pix, you may not be helped. Take pix of the USPO bar code, and include the tracking numbers.f. Some have taken claims into the post office, but handling e photos may not work there: so take printed photos. g: it's one of those things: do it all correctly, fill out correctly, and give them the pix, and do it promptly (I recommend filing within 48 hours of arrival, but no later than that week), and You'll see your purchase price, priority shipping fee, and extra insurance fee returned to yoiu. Then, in the case of most crafts, they don't want you to mail them in. But, if you're a refund repeat, they may send you a free mailer to send the item to them. In general, if there is damage to one of a group of items you got from us:a. enjoy those items NOT damagedb. then use your refund to visit our store again.....and get extra free stuff....below. That means: two bundles of stones for the price of one! We ship free stuff, samples, overages, trial items with All shipments. Just for fun, I shipped free4 $200 Owyhee rare jasper stones to some customers....but the values will be usually $10 to $100 in stones or craft supplies...... But, will you get that lucky $100 item that we love but couldn't sell at a craft fair? ??? The ODDS are good, unlike the State Lottery!!! January shipments included bags of Western Jewelry Charms of tibetan silver, gold plate, and copper. DID YOU KNOW YOUR PRECIOUS STONES LIKE EMERALDS AND DIAMONDS ALL HAVE A CHEMICAL SEALER AND FINISH ON THEM. THIS IS A KEPT SECRET FROM CONSUMERS. I don't think that's right, though the policies of jewelry companies and lapidaries!DID YOU KNOW 98% OF COLORED AGATES HAVE DEEP DIES IN THEM MADE WITH CHEMICAL PROCESSES KEPT SECRET FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS BY LAPIDARIES?DID YOU KNOW ALL STONES, BEING DUG UP, WILL FADE OR CHANGE WITH EXPOSURE TO LIGHT (uv), HEAT, AND PRESSURE? THAT'S WHY THE QUEENS JEWELS WERE KEPT IN BOXES! Some stones are so fragile, that they can be worn, then are stored in a jar of oil. Opals can turn to dust, and scratch easily. Did you know Jasper and Agate are glass materials (silicone, sand), but unlike your Waring Glass Bowl, are POROUS: waters, oils, air, and chemicals can penetrate them, causing changes (that Lapidary artists use to their advantage), but damage and graying is the number one reason people abandon their stone jewelry and don't buy it again....heading back to Walmart for more plastic fakes! You want your stones to not do be sealed. We'll be preparing a video on 4 stage coating, extra hard coatings with UV protectant for semi-precious and precious stones. This is info that jewelry companies and most lapidaries have kept secret from you. Having spent tons of $ and time, and working with materials engineers, i share this with you. This is good for the consumer wanting to insurance an investment, or artist and crafter wanting to assure that their goods last, are durable, and don't return to them by disgruntled and disappointed consumers! Make it last....that's the key. This video and instruction sheets will be the first time this is released, that I know of, and look for this May 2019, around $5 on Ebay. Condition: New

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