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Seller: thelucidbird (24,119) 98.6%, Location: Rochester, Michigan, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 362561270435 SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER BUY NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNTED PRICE! BMV SUBLIMINAL CD SET USING STATE-OF-THE-ART BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT NEUROTECHNOLOGY These psychoacoustic subliminal CDs are created by Marc VanDeKeere C.Ht. who is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, IMDHA Member, member of American Mensa, the High IQ Society and founder of Brainwave Mind Voyages (BMV). Program your subconscious mind to make positive lasting changes in all aspects of your life. Take advantage of these advanced subliminal and brainwave neuro-technologies to turbo-boost your progress! THIS SPECIAL OFFER INCLUDES: YOU CHOOSE ANY 3 CDs YOU WANT! 3 BMV QUANTUM SUBLIMINAL CDs CHECK THE LIST OF CDS BELOW Brainwave Mind Voyages (BMV) CDs have been used by tens of thousands of people all over the world to successfully tune brainwave activity and help create changes in their lives. They are the MOST EFFECTIVE SUBLIMINAL BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT CDs on the market. With over 20,000 positive feedbacks and customer testimonals, you can be assured that they work! They have worked for countless others and they can work for you too. Read the user testimonials in the right-hand column of this page. See for yourself! ANY 3 CDs THAT YOU WANT! PICK FROM THE LIST BELOW This limited time offer is for ANY 3 CDs that you want to order. You can include the name of your CD selections in the NOTES section when sending payment or send me a message or you can reply to the email that you will receive after sending payment with the name of your CDs. Please be sure to have a working email so you can reply with your choices. For more information on each CD, you can check our other auctions for descriptions of each individual CD. HERE IS A LIST OF AVAILABLE CDs FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM: List of BMV Quantum Subliminal CDs: Ability Development: Increase Aptitude & Skills Abundance: Enjoy the Abundant Universe Academic Performance: Improve Grades At School Accept Help From Others Accepting Change: Allow Change Now Achieve Excellence: Peak Performance Mind Program Acne Aid: Reduce Pimples & Skin Blemishes Acting / Performing Arts Active Living: Be More Active Addiction Recovery Addictions - End Addiction Adventure Seeker: Adventurous Mind Program Aerobics Aid: Maximize Results from Aerobic Exercise Afterlife Communication: Communicating With Other Side Afterlife Exploration: Exploring Life After Death Agape Aggression Aid: Stop Aggressive Behavior Agility Aid: Improve Physical Flexibility Aging Acceptance: Dealing With Old Age Agoraphobia Aid Ajna Chakra, Pineal Gland & Third Eye Activation: Awakening Mind's Eye Akashic Records Alchemy: Spiritual Alchemist Alien Contact and Communication: Extraterrestrial Channeling Allergy Relief Alopecia Aid Alpha Male Altruism: Altruistic Mind Program Ambition: Be Ambitious and Successful Analytical Mind: Critical Thinking Skills Ancestral Wisdom: Channeling Your Ancestors Anger Management Animal Whisperer Anorexia Aid Anti-Aging Hgh Growth Hormone Aid Antisocial Behavior Anxiety Disorder Relief Apathy & Indifference Aid: Develop Interest And Emotion Apology Aid: Learn To Apologize Appetite Suppression: Hunger Control Archery Skills Argument Prevention: Stop Fighting, Arguing & Bickering Arthritis Aid Artist --- ART-RELATED: Calligraphy Crafts Decorative Art Drawing Film-Making Opera Performer Painting Poetry Sculpting Theatre & Performing Arts Mixed Media Arts Watercolor Painting Ascended Masters: Master Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Ascension: Increase Subtle Energy to Higher Frequencies Asperger's Syndrome Aid Assertiveness Asthma Aid Astrology: Astrological Wisdom Athlete / Peak Competition Attachment Release: Stop Being Attached To Things Attention To Detail: Be More Focused On The Details Attention Deficit Disorder-(ADD/ADHD) Attract Positive People Attracting Men Attracting Women Attraction Aid: Be More Attractive Audio Pheromones Aura Viewing Aid Autism Aid Autogenic Training Automatic Writing: Psychic Writer Aid Autosuggestion Aid Avoidant Personality Disorder APD Aid Baby Learning Genius Backgammon Skills Baseball Skills (General) Baseball Batting Skills Baseball Fielding Skills Baseball Pitcher: Improve Pitching Skills Basketball Skills Battered Wife Syndrome Aid Bathroom Anxiety: Stop Fear Of Going To The Bathroom Be A Winner - Winning Mindset Be The Life Of The Party Be Yourself: Stay True to Yourself Beauty: Feel Beautiful Inside & Outside Bedwetting - Bed-Wetting Enuresis Aid Beginner s Mind: Seeing With New Eyes Bereavement Aid: Mourning The Loss Of A Loved One Best Lover Better Handwriting Bible Mastery Binge Drinking Aid: Stop Excessive Alcohol Consumption Bipolar-Manic Depressive Illness Aid Birthing Aid - Healthy Pregnancy Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD Aid Body Language Mastery Body Mind Spirit Balance Bodybuilding Aid Bowel Control Bowling Skills Boxing Skills Brainstorming Brainstorm Aid Breast Enhancement Breast Reduction Breast Lift Breastfeeding Nursing Aid Build Your Clientele: Increase Customer Base Bulimia Aid Bullying Aid: Dealing With Bully Behavior Business Etiquette: Develop Business Skills Cabin Fever Relief Caffeine Addiction Calorie Restriction: Restricted Caloric Intake Cancer Survivor Aid Car Salesman Success Card Counting: Card Counter Mind Program Career Advancement Career Development Caregiving Aid: Family Caregiver Catharsis Aid: Dealing With Personal Growth Chakra Balance Channeling & Mediumship Chaos Control: Dealing With Chaotic Situations Charity: Charitable Compassion Chastity & Abstinence Aid: Preserve Virginity Purity Cheating: Stop Unethical Behavior Cheating And Infidelity Aid: Dealing With An Affair Cheerleading Skills Chemotherapy Cancer Chemo Aid Chess Mastery Child Abuse Recovery: Overcome Child Abuse Child Athlete: Sports Performance Enhancement Child Conduct Disorder: Overcome Problem Behavior Childhood Obesity Aid Childhood Trauma Release --- CHRISTIAN FAITH: Christian Life: Living The Word Accepting Jesus Christ, the Son of God Christian Virtues Seven Gifts of Holy Spirit Following the Ten Commandments Christian Worship & Prayer Group Aid Christian Faith & Devotion Aid Devotional Christian Salvation: Heaven on Earth Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Traditional Christian Values Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Illness Relief Clairvoyance: Clairvoyant Aid Claustrophia Aid Cleanliness: Be Neat & Clean Clear Clutter Co-Dependency Collaboration: Collaborate Well With Others Color Therapy Aid Common Sense Communication Skills Community Organizer Success Compassion: Compassionate Mind Program Competition Aid: Be More Competitive Complacency Relief Computer Skills Conceit: Stop Conceited Behavior Concentration Focus Aid Confidence and Self-Esteem Confidence at Your Work Workplace Confidence in Business Meetings Confidence with Your Boss Manager Employer Conflict Avoidance Aid Conformity Avoidance: Be Independent, Strong-Willed Consideration: Be More Considerate Constipation Relief Aid: Stop Being Constipated Contemplation Aid: Deep Thought Meditation Contentment Continuing Education Success Conversational Skills Cooking Skills: Be A Better Cook Cooperation Aid: Improve Cooperativeness Coping Skills: Learn To Cope Better Cosmic Consciousness Couch Potato Aid Couples Therapy Aid: Make The Most Of Therapy Courage & Bravery Aid Courteousness: Courtesy Creative Problem Solving Creative Visualization Skills Creative Writing Skills Creativity Booster Crisis Control: Handling Crisis Cross Country Skills Crossword Puzzles Aid Crystal Healing: Crystal & Gemstone Therapy Culture And Refinement Aid Curiosity: Develop Your Curious Nature Customer Service: Improve Client Satisfaction Cycling Skills Dancing Mastery --- DANCE-RELATED: Folk Dancing Irish Folk Dancing Square Dancing Country Western Dancing Line Dancing Ballroom Dancing Latin Dancing Salsa Dancing Polka Dancing Mambo Dancing Swing Dancing Freestyle Dancing Ballet Dancing Interpretive Dancing Belly Dancing Modern Dancing Dating Confidence Day Trading Success - Stock Market Dealing With Adolescent Behavior Problems Dealing With Adoption Dealing with Bankruptcy: Handling Bankrupt Business Dealing With Down Syndrome Dealing With Puberty Dealing With Suicide: Bereavement Aid Deception Aid: Stop Impulse To Deceive Decision Making Aid Deep Sleep Aid Deep Trance / Trancework Aid Defensiveness: Stop Being Defensive Dependability: Dependable Mind Program Depression Aid Despair & Distress Relief Detachment: Detached Mind Program Determination: Unstoppable Perseverance Develop Your Personality Diabetes Aid Dieting Aid- Follow Your Diet Diligence: Diligent Mind Program Discrimination Aid: Dealing With Prejudice Distraction Relief: Stay Focused Stop Being Distracted Diving Skills Divorce Aid Dna Activation Domestic Abuse: Overcome Domestic Violence Dowsing: Dowser Mind Training Program Drafting Skills Dread Relief Dream Remembering and Recall: Remember Dreams Dreaming Prophecy: Prophetic Dreams And Premonition Drink More Water Driving Test Aid - Pass Driver's Exam Drum Circle: Native American Spiritual Mind Program Dysfunctional Family Aid: Develop A Healthy Family Dysgraphia Aid Dyslexia Aid Eating Disorders Aid Ecstasy / Bliss Effective Discipline: Disciplining Your Child Ego Control: Stop Egotistical Impulses EMF Protection Aid Emotional Health: Promote Emotional Wellness Emotional Intelligence Aid Emotional Regulation: Control Your Emotions Empowerment: Empower Yourself for Self-Mastery Empty Nest Syndrome Aid Encouragement Aid: Encourage Yourself & Others End Emotional Eating End Eyelash / Eyebrow Pulling End Fear, Doubt & Worry End Fear/ Phobias End Gagging Reflex - Gag Impulse End Hair Pulling, Twirling & Picking End Hypochondria- Hypochondriac End Internet Addiction End Need To Please Disease End Noise Sensitivity End Porn Addiction End Prejudice & Discrimination: Stop Intolerance End Restless Legs Syndrome End Road Rage End Shame, Blame, Guilt End Shopping Addiction End Skin Picking / Scab Picking End Toxic Relationships End Trust Issues - Trust Again End Video Game Addiction Endorphin Release Endurance: Increase Your Stamina Energy Booster Enjoy Motherhood Enlightenment Entheogen Experience: Psychotropic Audio Hallucinogen Enthusiasm: Be More Enthusiastic Equilibrium Aid: Increase Your Physical Balance Erogenous Zones: Finding Peak Sexual Response Esoteric Wisdom Ethics And Morality Aid: Ethical Behavior Etiquette Aid: Develop Social Skills & Proper Etiquette EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena Aid Excessive Sweating Aid Executive Mind Programming: Executive Excellence Experience The Unseen World Express Yourself: Improve Personal Expression Extra-Sensory Perception ESP Training Aid: Psychic Mind Control Eye Contact Aversion Aid: Improve Eye Contact Extrovert Aid: Be Outgoing Eyesight Enhancement Fairness: Fair Mind Program Faith Development: Deepen Your Faith Faith Healing Aid: Access Your Inner Healer Faithfulness & Fidelity: Be Faithful Fame and Celebrity: Become Famous Be A Celebrity Family Bonding: Develop Strong Family Bonds Family Fighting Aid: Stop Family Arguments Family Fun: Have Fun With Your Family Family Harmony Aid Family Values Fasting Aid Fatigue Relief Fear Of Abandonment / Betrayal Fear Of Animals Fear Of Authority & Authority Figures Fear Of Being Alone Fear of Blood Fear of Bridges Fear of Cats Fear Of Change Fear Of Committment Fear Of Confrontation Fear of Darkness: Stop Being Afraid of the Dark Fear Of Death Fear Of Dentists-Dental Visit Phobia Fear Of Doctors Hospital Phobia Fear Of Driving Fear Of Elevators Fear Of Failure Fear Of Flying Fear Of Heights Fear Of Insects Fear Of Intimacy Fear Of Lice Fear Of Needles Fear of People Fear Of Rejection Fear of Sales: Overcome Phobia of Selling Fear of Sex Fear of Snakes Fear of Spiders Fear of Stepfather Fear of Stepmother Fear of Strangers Fear of the Dark: Stop Being Afraid of the Darkness Fear Of Water Fear Of Women Fear of Your Father Fear of Your Mother Fear of Your Stepfather Fear of Your Stepmother Female Orgasm Aid Femininity Aid: Be More Feminine Feng Shui Aid Fertility Aid Fertility Aid To Have A Healthy Boy! Fertility Aid To Have A Healthy Girl! Fibromyalgia Aid Fighting Skills: Street Fighter Mind Program Financial Abundance: Prosperity Manifestation Find Employment: Unemployment and Get A Dream Job Find The Perfect Boyfriend For Romance And A Relationship Find The Perfect Girlfriend For Romance And A Relationship Find True Love: Attract And Meet Your Soulmate Find Your Career Path Find Your Passion Find Your Purpose: Meaning Of Life Firm Butt / Firmer Buttocks Flexibility: Be Flexible & Adapt To Change Flirting Mastery: Flirt And Charm Anyone Food Addiction Aid Football Skills Foreign Language Learning Aid Forever Young: Ageless Body & Mind Forgetfulness: Stop Forgetting Things Forgiveness Aid Fortitude & Strength Foster Care Parenting Aid Foul Language - Swearing / Cursing Free Spirit: Enjoy Freedom of Spirit Free Thinking: Free Thinker Mind Program Friendliness: Friendly Mind Program Friendship Aid: Build Meaningful Relationships Frontal Lobe Activation: Peak Cognitive Ability Frugal Mind: Be Thrifty Frustration Relief Futures Trading Success: Successful Futures Trader Gain Weight - Quick Weight Gainer Gambling Addiction Gambling Success --- GAMBLING RELATED: Lottery Winning Pai Gow Poker Blackjack 3-card Poker Baccarat (punto banco) Caribbean Stud Poker Craps Pyramid Poker 4-card Poker Texas Hold'em Poker Roulette Slot Machine Video Poker Keno Bingo Mahjong Bridge Sports Betting Horse Racing Racetrack betting Greyhound Racing Gardening Skills: Be a Green Thumb Gardener Generalized Anxiety Disorder: GAD Aid Generosity: Generous Mind Program Gentleness: Gentle Mind Program Get Out of Debt: Reduce Personal Debt & Consumer Debt Get Your Book Published: Author / Writer Publishing Getting Over A Relationship Ghost Protection: Protect Yourself from Haunting Spirits Gifted Child: Peak Mental Development Go Green: Environmental Conservation to Save Environment Goals Achievement God Experience: Develop Your Relationship With God Goddess Mind Program: Embrace your Divine Nature Golf Mastery (General) Golf Driving Skills: Driver Club Training Golf Putting Skills: Putter Training Good Luck: Be Lucky Good Manners Aid: Develop Etiquette Good Manners Gossiping Relief: Overcome Gossip & Rumors Grandparenting Aid: Be the Best Grandparent Gratitude & Appreciation: Increase Thankfulness Greed: Overcome Selfish Desire Grounding and Centering Aid: Be Grounded and Centered Group Project Success: Work Successfully In Groups Group Therapy Aid: Make The Most Of Group Therapy Groupthink: Overcome Group Influence Grudge Release: Stop Holding A Grudge Guilty Conscience Aid Gymnastics Skills Hair Growth Handball Skills Handling Criticism Hand-To-Hand Combat HTH Aid: Combatives Mastery Handwriting Aid Hangover Relief Happy Go Lucky: Be Carefree & Easygoing Harassment Aid: Overcome Harassment Headache / Migraine Relief Healing A Broken Heart Healing Hands: Energy Healer Mind Program Health Enhancement Healthy Cooking Aid Healthy Eating Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Teeth and Gums: Dental Health and Hygiene Healthy Work / Life Balance Hearing Enhancement Heart Health Height Enhancement Heightened Awareness: Peak Perception Skills Helpfulness: Helpful Mind Program Helplessness Aid HGH Hormone Release Tones Higher Consciousness Hip Pain Relief Hockey Skills Home Foreclosure Aid: Dealing With Foreclosed House Mortgage Holistic Healing: Alternative Medicine Mind Program Home Business Success: Work at Home and Be Successful Home Schooling Aid Homesickness Aid: Stop Being Homesick Homework Aid: Do Your Homework Homophobia Aid Honesty & Truthfulness Honor: Honorable Living Hope: Overcome Hopelessness Hormone Health: Healthy Hormonal Balance Horseback Riding Skills Hospitality: Hospitable Manners Hot Flashes Aid Housewife: Happy Homemaker Housework / Housekeeping Aid Humility Aid: Be Humble Humor - Improve Sense Of Humor Huna Healer - Healing Energy Hyperactivity Aid: Stop Being Hyperactive Hypnogogia & Hypnopompia Aid: Harness the Hypnogogic State Hypnotherapist Aid: Brainwave Meditation For Hypnotherapy Hypochondria Aid IBS Aid- Irritable Bowel Syndrome Imagination Builder: Develop Your Imagination Immune System Booster Impotency Aid Improve Circulation Impulse Control Income Salary Multiplier: Increase your Earnings Incontinence Aid Increase Chi Flow Increase Metabolism: Speed Metabolic Rate Independence & Self-Reliance: Be More Independent Indigo Children: Star Child Mind Program Inferiority Complex Aid: Stop Feeling Inferior Infidelity And Cheating Aid: Dealing With An Affair Influence Friends & Co-Workers Inhibition Release Inner Child Healing: Heal Your Inner Child Inner Conflict Resolution Inner Peace: Achieve Peace Of Mind Inner Strength And Resolve Insecurity Aid: Overcome Insecurities Inspirational Living Instant Gratification Control Insurance Salesman Success Integrity: Character Development Intelligence Enhancement: Increase Intellect Intention Aid: Develop Your Power Of Intent Intentional Living: Live Your Life With Purpose Internal Dialogue Aid: Positive Mental Programming Internet Addiction Interracial Relationship Aid: Deal With Discrimination Interview Anxiety Introvert Aid: Overcome Introversion Intuition: Develop Your Insight Inventiveness: Inventive Inspiration Investment Skills: Build Your Financial Portfolio Involvement Aid: Get Involved & Be Active Iridology Aid Jealousy Aid Jet Lag Relief: Overcome Jet Lag --- JOB-RELATED: CAREER DEVELOPMENT Accountant Advertising Architect Attorney Beautician Builder Business Consultant Carpenter Chief Executive Officer CEO Chief Financial Officer CFO Chef Choreographer Coach Comedian Computer Programmer Dance Instructor Debt Collector Dentist Dermatologist Disc Jockey Doctor Physician Chiropractor Doctor of Chiropractic Editor Engineer Entertainer Entrepreneur Fashion Designer Firefighter Fisherman Flight Attendant Florist Futures Trader: Futures Trading Success Forensic Scientist Gardener Graphic Artist Hair Stylist Hairdresser Information Technologist Interior Decorator Designer Inventor Journalist Lawyer Loan officer Lobbyist Magician Make-up Artist Massage Therapist Mechanic Medical Transcriptionist Meterologist Midwife Minister Model Nanny Nurse Options Trader: Options Trading Success Paralegal Paramedic Personal Trainer Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Rep Professional Photographer Physical Therapist Physicist Playwright Politician Politics Professor Psychiatrist Psychologist Public Relations Officer Publisher Publicist Receptionist Restaurant Owner Saucier Scientist Screenwriter Secretary Social Worker Speech Therapist Sports Therapist Stock Market: Successful Trading Stock Broker Surgeon Teacher Therapist Translator Truck Driver Veterinarian Waiter Waitress Writer Journaling Aid Joy / Happiness Kabbalah Mastery Karma Mind Program: Release Bad Karma Kindness & Lovingness Kinesiology Aid Knee Pain Relief Kosher Living: Enjoying Kosher Lifestyle Kundalini Aid Language Skills Laughter Aid: Laugh More & Be Happy Laziness Aid: Stop Being Lazy Leadership Skills --- LANGUAGE LEARNING CDs: You Select Any Language (Akkadian To Zulu). Learn Akkadian Learn Alsatian Learn English Learn German Learn Spanish etc... --- LEARNING/ACADEMIC RELATED: You Select Any Academic Subject. Learn Addition Learn Accounting Learn Algebra Learn Biology Learn Geography etc.... Learn To Love Again Learn To Read & Write Music Learn To Say No Learn Trombone Skills Learning Disability/Disorder Aid Learning Genius Lethargy Aid: Overcome Lethargic Habits Letting Go of the Past: Let Go of the Past Now Life Coach Aid: Life Coaching Mind Program Life Extension Aid: Promote Longevity And Anti-Aging Lightworking Aid: Lightworker Mind Program Lip Volumizer: Have Plump Sexy Lips Mind Program Listening Skills: Be A Better Listener Living On Your Own Logic Aid: Improve Logical Thinking Love And Accept Yourself Love Cardio Workout / Exercise Love To Exercise Low Carb Diet Aid Lower Back Pain Relief Lower Cholesterol: Low Cholesterol Mind Program Lower Your Blood Pressure Loyalty: Be Loyal Lucid Dreaming Aid Magnetic Personality Make Friends Easily Management Skills: Successful Manager Manipulation Skills: Be A Master Manipulator Mantra Brainwave Meditation Aid Marketing Success Marriage Counseling Aid: Fix Marital Problems Martial Arts (general) --- MARTIAL ARTS- SPECIFIC STYLES Aikido American Kenpo Karate Bando Thaing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Ju Jitsu/Jujitsu) Capoeira Chanbara Chi Kung Qigong Choi Kwang Do Choy Li Fut Kung Fu Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Defendu Dim Mak Gatka Haidong Gumdo Hapkido Hwa Rang Do Iaido Jeet Kune Do Judo Jujutsu Ju Jut Su Kajukenbo Filipino Kali - Stick Fighting Kandoshin Karate Kempo Kendo Kickboxing Kick-Boxing Kobudo Krav Maga Kuk Sool Won Kumdo Kung Fu Kyudo Mau Rakau Mixed Martial Arts MMA Muay Thai Naginata Nanbudo Ninjutsu Ninpo Ninja Sambo Savate- French Boxing Shaolin Kung Fu Shidokan Shintaido Soo Bahk Do Stav Sumo Taekwondo- Tae Kwon-Do Tai Chi Chuan- T'ai Chi Chuan Taido Tang Soo Do Tegumi Vajra Mukti Wing Chun Wu Shu Kwan- Chinese Kickboxing Wushu Zen Do Kai Masculinity Aid: Be More Masculine Master The Secret Law Of Attraction Master Medical School Masturbation Addiction Math Mastery Maturity Development: Be More Mature Meditation Aid Memory Enhancement Memory Loss Aid: Dealing With Memory Impairment Men's Health: Healthy Male Mind Program Menopause Aid Mental Arousal Aid: Peak Alertness Mental Clarity Mental Rehearsal Aid: Mental Visualization Mentalism Aid: Mentalist Mind Program Mercy: Merciful Mind Program Merkaba: Divine Light Brainwave Meditation Metaphysics Aid: Metaphysical Wisdom Micromanagement Aid: Stop Micromanaging Midlife Crisis Aid Mind Body Connection: Holistic Wellbeing Mindfulness: Being Mindful Miracles Happen Moderation Aid: Moderate Your Behavior Modesty Aid: Modest Mind Program Money Magnet: Attract Cash Like a Magnet Manifestation: Money Management Mood Enhancement: Improve Your State Of Mind Moon Magic: Magical Lunar Powers Morning Sickness Motion Sickness Aid Motivation Aid Mudra Brainwave Meditation Aid Multi Level Marketing MLM Success Multitasking Aid: Multitask More Efficiently Muscle Growth And Development: Grow Bigger Muscles Muscle Memory Aid: Improve Neuromuscular Facilitation Music Composer - Musical Composition Songwriter Music Improvisation Skills: Freestyle Musical Improv Music Skills (General) Mystic Seer Nail Biting Aid Naked Body Acceptance: Feel Comfortable Nude Narcissism Aid: Stop Narcissistic Behavior Native Wisdom: Native American Spirituality Natural Male Enhancement Near Death Experience NDE: Keeping the Memory Alive Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Skills: Successful Negotiator Nervous Habits: Stop Anxious Behavior Nervous Tic Disorder Aid: Stop Body & Facial Tics Networking Success - Increase Business Network Neurosis Aid: Stop Neurotic Beliefs New Age Spirituality: Spiritual New Age Wisdom Nightmares Aid Nirvana: Experience Spiritual Freedom Enlightenment Nlp Mind Control Noise Sensitivity Aid Non-Surgical Facelift Non-Verbal Communication Skills Numerology: Numerologist Wisdom Nurturing Skills: Nurture Yourself & Others Nutritional Aid: Improve Nutrition for a Healthy Diet Obedience / Good Manners Obesity Aid Objectivity Aid: Be Objective and Unbiased Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Obsessive Thoughts Aid: Stop Repetitive Thinking Old Soul Mind Program: Awakening to Who You Are Online Sales Success Open-Mindedness Aid: Stop Being Judgmental Opportunity Knocks Now: Attract Good Opportunities Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Optimism: Optimist Mind Program Oral Sex Enjoyment: Enjoy Oral Sex Organizational Skills: Improve Order & Organization Ouija Board: Psychic Mind Program: Out Of Body Experiences / Astral Projection Overachievement: Overachiever Mind Program Overcome Burnout Overcome Grief & Loss - Bereavement Overcome Job Loss Overcome Perfectionism Overcome Temptation Overprotectiveness Aid: Stop Being Overprotective Pain Relief / Management Palmistry: Palm Reader Mind Program Panic Attacks Aid Paranoia Aid: Stop Paranoid Thoughts Paranormal Research & Perception: Paranormal Investigator Parenting Skills Participation Aid: Participate More Passion Aid: Be More Passionate Passive Aggressive Aid: Stop Being Passive Aggressive Patience: Patient Mind Program Peacefulness: Peaceful Mind Program Peak Sexual Health Peer Pressure Aid Perfect Abs Six Pack Abdomen Perfect Complexion- Facial Skincare Perfect Pitch: Absolute Pitch Musical Ear Training Performance Anxiety Aid Persistence Aid: Be More Persistent Personal Accountability: Be Accountable Personal Finances: Improve Your Financial Outlook Personal Hygiene Aid: Hygienic Mind Program Personal Magnetism Personal Power: Self-Growth Personal Development Personal Training Aid: Maximize Results from Exercise Persuasion Skills: Persuade And Influence Others Phone Sales Success & Confidence Physical Coordination Aid: Improve Motor Skills Physical Detoxification: Body Detox Physical Disability Aid: Overcome Physical Challenge Pickup Artist Skills: Attract, Meet And Pick Up Girls (PUA) Piety: Pious Mind Program Planning Skills: Plan Ahead Plant Growth Aid: Audio Green Thumb Pleasure Booster: Increase Your Pleasure Poker Mastery Politeness: Be Polite & Well-Mannered Political Activist Success Pool / Billiards Mastery Popularity Aid: Be More Popular And Social Positive Body Image Positive Thinking Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Posture Correction Power Animal and Totem Spirit Contact Power Nap For Instant Sleep: Napping & Sleeping Aid Pranayama: Yoga Breathing Aid Praying Power: Pray and Experience the Power of Prayer Precognition: Prophecy Aid Premature Ejaculation Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (Pms) Problem Solving Skills Procrastination Aid Productivity: Be More Productive Efficiency Progressive Relaxation Prostate Health Prudence: Prudent Mind Program Psychic Development Psychic Protection Psychokinesis: Psychokinetic Mind Program Psychometry: Psychic Mind Program Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) Psychotherapy Aid: Maximize Results from Therapy Public Speaking Skills Pyramid Power Quality Family Time Racism Aid: Dealing With Racist People Racquetball Skills Rainbow Bridge: Higher Vibrational Energy Rapport Aid: Build Trust, Confidence And Influence Reading Mastery Real Estate Success Reality Manifestation Reasoning Skills: Improve Ability To Reason Recapitulation Aid: Toltec Recapitulation Program Reflexes Aid: Develop Cat-Like Quick Reflexes Reflexology Aid Regret Less: Have No Regrets Reiki Healing Aid Rekindle Your Romance Relationships Relaxation Release Negative Emotions Religious Lifestyle: Living Religion In Daily Life --- RELIGION: SPIRITUALITY-RELATED Agnosticism Asatru - Odinism Ayurveda Ayurvedic Baha'i Faith Breatharianism Buddhism Catholicism Confucianism Deism Discordianism Druidry Druid and Celtic Spirituality Druze Gaia Mother Earth Gnosticism Hinduism Hoodoo Islam Jainism Judaism Mandeism Martinism Mysticism Paganism Palo Rasta Santo Daime Shinto Sikhism Spiritism Sufism Tantra Tantric Taoism Tao Thelema Umbanda Yezidism Zoroastrianism Remember Names and Faces Remember Numbers and Dates Remember Past Lives - Reincarnation Remote Influencing / Influence Remote Viewing Research Aid: Information Gathering And Fact Finding Resentment Release Resilience Aid: Be More Resilient Responsibility: Be More Responsible Restless Legs Syndrome Aid Retirement Aid: Enjoy Being Retired Revenge & Vengeance Release Risk Management Aid Rhythm Development: Develop Natural Rhythm and Beat Risk-Tasking: Be A Risk Taker Road Rage Aid Rodeo Skills Romance: Attract Romance in Your Life Romantic Booster: Be More Romantic to Your Partner Rugby Skills Running Skills (General) Running Speed: Increase Speed to Run Faster Sales Mastery Samadhi: Being the Beingness Save Money Save Your Marriage Séance Spiritualist Aid: Channeling Spirits Secret Sales Booster Sedentary Lifestyle: Be More Energized and Active Seduction Soundscape Seeker Mind Program: Truth Seeking Seize The Day Self Actualization Aid: Self-Realization Self Hate Loathing Self Hatred Aid Self Talk Mind Control: Positive Reprogramming Self-Awareness: Increase Self-Awareness Self-Certainty Aid Self-Confidence Self-Defense Aid: Protecting and Defending Yourself Self-Destructiveness: Stop Self-Destructive Behavior Self-Discipline Self-Healing Self-Hypnosis Aid Self-Mutilation Injury Abuse Aid Self-Respect: Respecting Yourself Self-Restraint: Develop Your Self-Control Self-Sabotage Sell Your House: Home Selling Success Selling Yourself To Others Sensitivity: Be More Sensitive Sensuality: Be More Sensual Separation Anxiety Aid Serenity Now: Serene Mind Program Sex Addiction Sex Appeal - Feel Attractive Be Sexy Sex Drive Booster Sex Health Sexism Aid: Dealing With Sexist People Sexual Abuse Recovery Sexual Anorexia Aid: Stop Frigidity Sexual Creativity: Improve Your Love Life Sexual Frustration Aid Sexual Guilt Release: Stop Feeling Guilty About Sex Sexual Performance Anxiety Sexual Power Stamina: Make Love Longer Sexuality Acceptance: Accept Your Sexual Orientation Shamanic Journeying: Shaman Mind Program Shamanism Aid Shame Blame Guilt Aid Shape Shifting Aid: Shamanic Shape Shifter Sharing: Share With Others Shooting Skills Marksmanship Shyness Aid Sibling Rivalry Aid Simple Living: Simplify Your Life Sin Prevention: Stop Sinner From Sinning Mind Sincerity: Sincere Mind Program Singing / Voice Training Aid Skin Enhancement Sleep Apnea Aid Sleep Paralysis Aid: Overcome Sleep Paralysis Sleepwalking Aid: Stop Somnambulism (Sleep Walking) Slimmer Hips: Mental Workout Program Slimmer Thighs: Mental Workout Program Small Business Owner Success Smile More: Show Your Smiling Face Smoking Cessation - Stop Smoking Snacking and Impulse Eating Prevention Snoring Aid Sobriety Aid: Enjoy Clean Living and Sober Life Soccer Skills Social Anxiety Social Networking Success Softball Skills Soldier: Armed Forces Success Soul Group Communication Soul Retrieval Aid Speaking Skills Special Needs Support: Coping With Special Needs Speed Metabolism: Increase Metabolic Rate Speed Reading Spell-Casting Magic: Cast Powerful Magical Spells Spelling Mastery Spirit Guides - Contact Guardian Angels Spiritual Awakening: Experience Enlightenment Spirituality: Spiritual Development Spontaneity: Be More Spontaneous Sports Injury Rehab - Rehabilitation --- SPORTS-RELATED: You Select Any Sport. Improve Archery Skills Improve Baseball Skills Improve Basketball Skills Improve Bowling Skills etc... Sportsmanship: Be A Good Sport Stage Fright Aid Stargate Mind Travel: Multidimensional Traveler Stock Market Success Stop Blushing Stop Compulsive Lying - Dishonesty Stop Eating Sweets - Sweet Tooth Stop Embarrassment Stop Fighting & Biting: Child Behavioral Problem Stop Fighting: Physical Confrontation Release Stop Lip Biting Stop Spoiling Your Child Stop Worrying What Others Think Street Smarts: Common Sense Stress Reduction Strength and Physical Power: Be Stronger Stretch Mark Removal Stroke Recovery Aid Student: School Success Study Skills Stuttering Aid Subconscious Mind Control Program: Harness Your Mind Submission Release: Stop Being Submissive Success / Prosperity Superstition: Overcome Superstitious Beliefs Supportiveness Aid: Support Others Surgery Recovery Surviving Economic Recession: Survive and Thrive Swimming Skills Sympathy: Sympathetic Mind Program Synchronicity Happens Table Tennis Skills Tachyon Energy Aid Tactfulness: Improve Tact & Savoir-Faire Take Care Of Yourself Tardiness Aid: Be Punctual. Stop Being Tardy Tarot Card Reading: Psychic Reader Aid Teamwork Success: Be A Team Player Teeth Grinding / Bruxism Teeth Whitening: Whiten Your Teeth Telepathy Aid: Develop Telepathic Powers Temper Tantrums Aid Temperance: Increase Self-Control Tenacity: Unstoppable Follow Through Tennis Skills Theology: Theological Study Theosophy: Theosophical Wisdom Therapy Aid: Make The Most Of Your Therapy Thoughtfulness: Thoughtful Mind Program Thumb-Sucking Aid Time Management Time Travel Aid Tinnitus Aid Toilet Training Aid: Potty Training Tolerance Aid: Acceptance Of Others Toltec Wisdom Tourettes Syndrome Track & Field Skills Transcendence: Transcendental Brainwave Meditation Truancy Problems: Stop Skipping School Trustworthiness: Trustworthy Mind Program Type A Personality Aid: Make The Most Of Your Personality Typing Skills Unconditional Love Understanding Others: Empathy Meditation Understanding Yourself: Self-Reflection Meditation Unity: Experience Oneness Unlimited Potential: Develop Your Innate Skills Urantia Book Mastery Vanity: Stop Being Vain Varicose Veins - Spider Vein Removal Vegetarianism Aid: Enjoy The Vegetarian Lifestyle Verbal Abuse Recovery: Overcome Psychological Abuse Vibrational Sound Therapy: Acoustic Healing Medicine Victim Mentality Aid Violence Aid: Stop Violent Behavior Vision Quest: Shaman Mind Program Vocabulary Booster Volleyball Skills Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD) Aid - Conscious Dreaming Wake Up On Time Wart Removal Treatment Watch Less TV Water Retention Aid: Stop Bloating Wealth Building and Creating Wealth: Wealthy Mind Program Wedding and Marriage Nerves: Overcome Anxiety Weight Loss - Reduction Management Wicca Magick Willpower and Self-Control: Develop Will Power Wisdom: Be Wise & Prosper Women's Health: Healthy Female Mind Program Work Ethic Aid: Hard Work Brings Success Workaholic Aid: Stop Workaholism Workplace Success: Be Successful At Your Job Wrestling Skills Wrinkle Removal: Reduce, Remove and Prevent Wrinkles Yin Yang Energies: Finding Inner Balance Yoga Zen Mind --- SPECIFIC YOGA STYLES: Bhakti Yoga Karma Yoga Jnana Yoga Raja Yoga Agni Yoga Ananda Yoga Anahata Yoga Anusara Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Bikram Yoga Dream Yoga Hatha Yoga Integral Yoga Iyengar Yoga Kriya Yoga Kripalu Yoga Kundalini Yoga Natya Yoga Satyananda Yoga Sivananda Yoga Six Yogas of Naropa (Tummo) Surat Shabd Yoga Viniyoga Yoga Yantra Yoga Yoga Nidra YOU CAN USE THESE BMV QUANTUM SUBLIMINAL CDS TO TUNE YOUR BRAINWAVES & PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND JUST BY LISTENING TO THESE CDs! USING NLP NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES AND BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT TECHNOLOGY TO TUNE YOUR BRAINWAVES TO SPECIFIC EMBEDDED CARRIER FREQUENCIES! This cutting-edge BMV Psychoacoustic Suliminal Audio CDs use the following audio neuro-technologies to maximum your results: Brainwave Entrainment Technology Subliminal Hypnosis & Silent Hypnotic Suggestion NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Subliminal Messages & Silent Affirmations The Power of your Subconscious Mind YOU CAN USE THESE POWERFUL CDS TO TUNE YOUR BRAINWAVES TO SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES, SIMPLY BY LISTENING TO THE CD!!! DIRECTLY INFLUENCE BRAINWAVE ACTIVITY These CDs contain: embedded brainwave entrainment frequencies soothing seascape with ocean waves background wrap-around relaxing 3-D soundscapes inaudible subliminal messages designed for each subject. NO AUDIBLE VOCALS - 100% SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING Hypnotic entrainment of the binaural beats and the mono-phasic beat tones. For best results, use headphones. SUGGESTED USES: SUBLIMINALLY PROGRAM POSITIVE RESULTS IN FOLLOWING SUBJECTS using silently embedded positive subliminal affirmations, hypnotic suggestions and empowering subconscious messages. Feed your subconscious with subliminal affirmations and subliminal messages for effective reprogramming at core levels. ACHIEVE INSTANT RELAXATION FROM ALPHA & THETA BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT! Eliminate any negative physical, mental and emotional triggers that may hinder your success. Increase successful mind programming by installing patterns of desire, belief, expectation and mental preparedness. Enhance your ability to experience deep states of relaxation that will allow for a speedy subliminal reprogramming. Open your subconscious mind to allow the reprogramming process to occur as easily and effortlessly as it will. Harness the powers of your subconscious mind, simply by listening to these BMV SUBLIMINAL BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT CDs! NOTE: The only thing that you can hear consciously at normal volume levels is the soothing sounds of ocean surf. This psychoacoustic audioscape is ideal as background noise for the home, office or classroom. You can use this CD as a background atmospheric soundscape or listen to it while relaxing or meditating with or without headphones. Simply play the soothing ocean soundscape and get ready to soak up all of the embedded positive messages. For best results, listen to CD regularly especially for the first month. It is a good idea to play the CD in continuous repeat mode while sleeping for maximum exposure and maximum results. You can use this CD to transform your reality and become the better you. WARNING: You should not listen to these psychoacoustic CDs while in a car or while operating machinery due to the mood-enhancing and mind-altering effects of brainwave entrainment technology. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Buyers should always know a seller's background experience, training credentials and certification when purchasing any brainwave entrainment and/or hypnosis products. Our incredible feedback history at eBay speaks for itself. The quality and effectiveness of our brainwave entrainment CDs produce the most powerful results in the shortest amount of time. There are many CDs offered at eBay and elsewhere online yet most of these CDs were created by people with absolutely no formal training nor any experience in the field of hypnosis or brainwave entrainment technology. You should never buy any subliminal products from uncertified amateurs with no professional training. BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT WORKS so you should ONLY trust your mind with a trained and certified professional hypnotherapist with experience in the brainwave entrainment field. MY CREDENTIALS: My name is Marc VanDeKeere. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) as well as a Certified NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I was professionally trained at The Infinity Institute in Michigan, an internationally accredited institute. I am a member of the IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association) and licensed to practice Hypnotherapy in the State of Michigan. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan, a member of AMERICAN MENSA (The High IQ Society), author of "The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer's Manual", and founder of BRAINWAVE MIND VOYAGES, the premiere online source of products using audio brainwave entrainment technology. Click here to read my feedback Click here to view my auctions to get more interesting products. * Combined S/H available on multiple orders All BMV products are state-of-the-art brainwave entrainment CDs created by a professional Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP Practitioner, Marc VanDeKeere C.Ht. of Brainwave Mind Voyages. When purchasing from me, you're guaranteed to be purchasing the most powerful brainwave entrainment CD on the market created by a professionally trained hypnotherapist. The proven effects of brainwave technology, binaural beats, our exclusive Autonomic Audio Pacing Technology (AAPT), and brand new monophonic/monaural tone entrainment are powerful tools for affecting positive change. BMV CDs are simply unmatched by any other product on the market. We have thousands of satisfied repeat customers from countries all over the globe. Try them for yourself and experience the power of a BRAINWAVE MIND VOYAGES CD for yourself! DIRECTLY INFLUENCE BRAINWAVE ACTIVITY The Power of Subliminal Messages The subconscious mind is very receptive to both positive and negative suggestions. It simply accepts as fact anything that it encounters. It operates much like a camera taking snapshots of your environment, your thoughts, and mindstates. It operates without any analytical judgment. When viewed in this light, it makes sense to actively program your subconscious mind by exposing it to positive suggestions and rewriting it with beneficial meta-programs. The subconscious can help us or in some cases it can limit us by reacting to situations based on faulty and/or outdated information. Subliminal programming is one of the most effective forms of reprogramming your subconscious mind because it bypasses your critical awareness. In computer programming terms, you can use subliminal messages to rewrite bad mental code erasing mental limitations and removing past patterns of negativity. If there are outmoded mental barriers in place you can use subliminal messages to remove them and produce remarkable results. By bombarding your subconscious with positive messages, it has no option but to overwrite the previous beliefs. The power of subliminal messages has been scientifically proven, Everyone knows the classic experiment where the flashing of popcorn at movie theaters caused an increase popcorn sales. It works, and it will work for you too! You can harness the power of subliminal messages to create permanent positive change! Your mind is intimately linked with our surroundings. You create your own reality whether you are aware of it or not, and your subconscious mind holds the key to unlocking a whole new world of growth opportunities. WITH SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING, YOU CAN! Simply by listening to the CD repeatedly, you can use this CD to OVERCOME ANY LIMITING BELIEF AND PROGRAM FOR POSITIVE CHANGE. The Power of Hemispheric Synchronization By merging both hemispheres and allowing them to work together we can increase our mental fitness and enhance our cognitive functioning in general. It is basically like having a faster computer processor capable of working at faster speeds. Increased integration creates better performance. By using brainwave entrainment technologies, you can increase your hemispheric synchronization. By simply listening to any BMV CD, your brain naturally synchronizes to balance hemispheric activity and adjusts brainwave activity to match the embedded brainwave carrier frequencies. This audio-induced hemispheric coherence produces an optimal state of holistic whole-brain synergy. The Power of Audio Brainwave Entrainment Technology Our brain produces waves of currents that flow throughout its neural pathways. The type of brainwave is defined by the frequency at which it is pulsing, and this particular rate of pulsation determines our respective state of mind at any given moment in time. Your brain operates much like a resonance chamber or a pitch fork. When you hold two similarly tuned pitch forks together and strike one of the them, the other will also vibrate at the same frequency. When using a BMV CD, your brain will naturally tune itself to the carrier frequencies embedded within the CD. When hearing a BMV CD for several minutes, your brain waves will become synchronized or 'tuned' to specifically chosen frequencies that will maximize your results! Just listening to your BMV CD creates a 'frequency following response' in your brain which naturally causes instant relaxation for successful and speedy subliminal programming. For best results, use headphones. There are four common types of brainwave patterns, but due to the complexity of our brains there are often several patterns interacting at one time. Below is a simple chart containing the four common types of brainwave frequencies along with their characteristic features and associated mental states. The frequencies are measures in hertz (Hz) which is roughly translated as beats per second or cycles per second. BRAINWAVE: RANGE: CORRESPONDING MENTAL STATE (....excluding those ranges higher than beta such as gamma) BETA waves 13 to 30 Hz the fastest waves, most commonly found during our waking state, associated with outward awareness, engaged mind, arousal, actively perceiving and evaluating forms of data through the senses; also present with fear, anger, worry, hunger, and surprise. ALPHA waves 7 to 13 Hz associated with non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, less engagement and arousal, pleasant inward awareness, body/mind integration, present during meditation and states of relaxation THETA waves 3 to 7 Hz associated with increased recall, creativity, imagery and visualization , free-flowing thought, future planning, inspiration, drowsiness, present during dreaming and REM states DELTA waves .1 to 3 Hz associated with deep dreamless sleep, deep trance state pituitary release of growth hormone, self-healing, present during deep levels of non-REM sleep. The breakthrough occurs when we use this principle of entrainment to synchronize our brainwaves to specific chosen frequencies. We can do this by using binaural beats and our unique process of monophonic/monaural tones. All Brainwave Mind Voyages CDs are professionally crafted using embedded binaural beat frequencies and audio brainwave entrainment neurotechnology/neuro-technology. Using these audio neurotechnologies, it is now possible to put on a pair of headphones, play a brainwave entrainment CD on your stereo and induce any specifically chosen state of consciousness. Your brainwaves will become tuned to the specifically chosen brainwave ranges.This unique offer is not available anywhere else but here for this amazingly low price! Get it right now while you still can. The results are amazing! BUY IT NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! THINK ABOUT IT: FOR THIS SPECIAL LOW PRICE YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER! PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! CUSTOMER FEEDBACK "I have used brainwave CD's by a company called Brain Sync, the Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync/Hemisync which was very expensive - did not produce results - and is kindergarten compared to your CDs." - Mike T. "Here's a testimonial for you: Wow!! These products are fantastic! I not only get great results for myself…but I recommend them to all of my patients."- Dr Brent Wells This product & seller are the real deal. The results have been amazing!!! -tinydancer0216 These CDs are life changing. you have to try them. -leya410 Initially skeptical, but cd seems to be helping me - thank you!!! - firewalk Great item! It is really helping my friend! Would do business w/again! Thank-You - got_treasures Thanks much! This has helped a lot! I highly recommend these to anyone! - seymoor Have noticed a difference in my every day living already after 1 week. Thank you - barbieknits4u Marc's CDs are a profoundly deep and lasting experience. No one trances like him - haasrh Exceeded Expectations--instant Nirvana. -vaporzzz Absolutely wonderful. The best relaxed state I've been in forever. Great Seller. -4244lindag Already notice a difference in just 3 days using program!!! -teanuty Excellent fast service. I'm getting results after only 3 days using your CDs! -spkrphile Great product. Better than advertised. -new_arizona After 1 week of use I noticed a difference great product. -3rdhalf Wonderful product, I totally love the CD. -blueheron34104 PLEASED WITH CD! FAST SHIP! Had for 7 days. See results already! Thank you. -arthakay This seller well deserves his spot on my Favorites list! Thank you! -margotshirley Real fast delivery and great product. Would buy from again without hesitation. -7585ted Wow! Great Product. This is a must have CD. Fast Shipping. -kg_wellness_consultant Outstanding transaction in every way! -shlnh28 Excellent CD! Perfect for my needs. -hyde63 I've had so much success with your other CD's, can't wait to start with this one -4244lindag Fantastic...The best I ever used. -spkrphile Very Satisfied; have ordered about 7 of them and happy all the way. -jaz323 These cds are great I am gonna buy more. Keep selling this stuff. -guitarguy21black Fantastic products. VERY friendly, great communication. VERY HAPPY. -ivybond Super fast shipping. Great cds as always. Thank you. -7tierra Brilliant product and excellent service. Thank you. -wizard171 The CD has improved my concentration. This has been a good experience. -precomposed Another great transaction! Highly recommended seller with fine product! AAA+++ - emkeene2of5 Really positive results already, thank you -slherrmann The CD's work! A+++++ Ebay seller - weberviolin The cd's are great and arrived very quickly,thank you very much,with pleasure again - dreams-1 Smooth transaction. I have 2 other CDs by the seller and love them.- dnear These CD's Work Great I will By More......Thanks - thunderhook715 Buy everything this seller has! Great items! Thanks!!!! - These CD's are the best. They really work. A++++EBAY experience - carolg3917 its true folks, this stuff really works. - reevestrain Smooth Transaction, the kind of seller that makes it all worthwhile....A+ Thanks - nixitfixit76 Very happy with Cd. Listening to it as I type. I will be ordering more. Thanks ! - coconut33950 they really work!!!! - lean669 thank for your excellent product and service - oliveo0 works like a charm. Thank you! - tbonewap My son has done a real turnaround with this CD! Thanks - ragmuffinsmom Great CD!! Had immediate results!! Will buy from this seller again!! - newhomeprogram As always, the perfect product and price! You rock! Everyone should use these! - newhomeprogram THIS WORKS FOR ME THANK YOU. GREAT SELLER FAST SERVICE. THANK YOU!!!! -2121sandra Wow! This CD works. Great product, fast shipping! - sensayjudy Great CD's and great customer service. Thanks! - milkmans Ultra fast delivery! Definite surround sound! - hankmarymosher WORKS!! - bellafarmer These CD's have seriously changed my life in such a positive way. - cherithj Don't be skeptical about Marc's product. With regular use they're life changing. - cherithj I've been using Marc's CD's for years now -REGULARLY- They have profound effects - cherithj I'm now buying CD's for friends and family. I've seen the results in my own life - cherithj If you are unhappy with your life CHANGE it. Marc's CD's will help you do that. - cherithj This really seems to work! I'm thrilled with this purchase! Thank you so much!!! -craftingrammy We LOVE your products. Our lives have changed dramatically! THANK YOU. -ivybond My brain feels bigger already. -kast2003 Quick response to questions, great packaging. Can FEEL the difference compared to others. -bobsfavouritethings I am totally satisfied with my purchase. -pallenco This seller is not only earning a living, He is helping humanity in doing so! -integrity4u1st Awesome, really works, thanks a lot, will buy more. -fsakkal "Thanks for all you have done to help others like myself who are interested in "these" kinds of things! I think your site is the best I've seen and I also love the CDs. Keep up the good work!" - Bryan You are the only ones with products like this at a good price ... THANK YOU!!! - pantheontemple Copyright © Brainwave Mind Voyages - All Rights Reserved Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Condition: Brand New

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