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Seller: barney2x (2,481) 100%, Location: Addison, New York, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 352563918193 All dvds are $.99 each with shipping being $3.99 for the first one then $.45 cent's for each additional dvd purchased,some of them i have watched and had no problem's with them playing properly.All dvds are numbered so when making a purchase be sure to send the dvd number you are ordering (such as 1,15,18,22,29) as soon as possible,1st come first serve,you won't need to send the name of the movie(but you can),movies and picture's may often change. ""Sorry their is a 10 DVD minimum purchase."" All are Region 1 but some do play in other region's and genre's, All DVD Case's are wiped down and sticker free,(unless a sticker is on the cover art or box). If i have sequel's of any title's i will list them as 1A,1B and so forth, Don't see what you looking for, check back for update's and addition's. **LAST ADDITION'S / UPDATE'S ON 3/1/19 12:05 PM** If you have a want list i may be able to help you,just drop me a e-mail through e-bay. IF YOU HAVE QUESTION'S DON'T HESITATE TO ASK. All are being sold "as is" sorry no return's. Shipping will be USPS Media Mail. Most order's will ship with in 24 hour's of payment. International Buyer's contact me prior to purchase for correct shipping rate's. **DVD Movies** 1-Beowulf - (Directors Cut) Anthony Hopkins,Angelina Jolie (PG13,WS,Reg.1,),2-Slackers - Devon Sawa,Jason Swartzman,James King, (R),3-Pineapple Express - Seth Rogen,James Franco, (R),4-Just My Luck-Lindsay Lohan,Chris Pine (PG13),5-Intolerable Cruelty - George Clooney,Katherine Zeta-Jones, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),6-The Bucket List - Jack Nicholson,Morgan Freeman, (PG13,FS/WS,Reg.1),7-Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Chow Yen Fat,Michelle Yeoh, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),8-Gia - Angelina Jolie, (NR,FS,Reg. 1)9-Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie - Jeff Foxworthy,Ron White, (PG13),10-Julie & Juliet - Meryl Streep,Amy Adams, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),11-Chicago - Richard Gere,Catherine Zeta-Jones (PG13,WS,Reg.1),12-Serving Sara - Mathew Perry,Elizabeth Hurley, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),13-Killer Image - Michael Ironside - (R,FS,Reg.1),14-Year One - Jack Black,Michael Cera, (PG13,NR,Reg.1),15-North Country - Charlize Theron (R),16-King of the Ants - Chris L. McKenna,Daniel Baldwin, (R),17-Judgement Day: The Ellie Neslar Story, (NR,FS,Reg.1),18-Charlie's Angels - Cameron Diaz,Dre Barrymore,Lucy Liu, (NR,AWS),19-Vampire Assassin - Ron Hall,Gerald Okamura, (PG13),Reg.1,FS,20-Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Angelina Jolie, (PG13),WS,Reg.1,21-Haggard - Bam Magera,Ryan Dunn (Parental Advisory) (NR),22-My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Nia Vardalos,John Corbett, (PG,FS/WS,Reg.1),23-The Emperor's Club - Kevin Kline, (PG13),24-Summer's Shadow - Belle Shouse, (NR Family Approved),25-Crooked - Don "The Dragon" Wilson,Gary Busey, (R),26-Killing Emmett Young - Scott Wolf,Khandi Alexander, (R),27-Blades of Glory - Will Ferrell, (PG13),28-The Distinguished Gentleman - Eddie Murphy, (R),29-Stuck - Stephen Rea,Mena Suvari (R),30-The Sum of all Fears - Morgan Freeman,Ben Affleck, (PG13,Reg.1),31-Slither - Nathan Fillion,Elizabeth Banks, (R),32-Accepted - Justin Long,Blake Lively, (PG13),33-The Manchurian Candidate - Denzel Washington,Meryl Streep, (R),34-The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Laura Linney, (PG13),35-A Low Down Dirty Shame - Keenan Ivory Wayans, (R),36-A History of Violence - Viggio Mortensen,Ed Harris, (R),37- Prom Night - Brittany Snow,Johnathon Schaech, (NR,AWS,Reg.1),38-Orange County - Colin Hanks,Jack Black, (PG13),39-Happy Endings - Tom Arnold,Lisa Kudrow, (R),WS,Reg.140-Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America, (NR),41-Made in America - Whoopi Goldberg,Ted Danson, (PG13,FS,Reg.1)42-The Break Up - Jennifer Aniston,Vince Vaughn, (R),43-Latin Dragon - Fabian Carrillo,Joyce Giraud,Lorenzo Lamas, (R),44-Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen, (R),45-Deliver Us From Eva - LL Cool J,Gabrielle Union, (R),46-Semi-Pro - Will Ferrell,Woody Harrelson, (R),47-Slumdog Millionaire - Dev Patel,Freida Pinto, (R),WS,Reg.1,48-Kung Fu Collection - Street Fighter,Return of the Street Fighter, (NR),49-Collateral - Tom Cruise,Jamie Foxx, (R,WS,Reg.1),50-Ray - Jamie Foxx,Kerri Washington, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),51-The Pelican Brief - Julia Roberts,Denzel Washington, (PG13),52-Lower Learning - Jason Biggs,Eva Longoria Parker, (R),53-Soccer Mom - Missi Pyle,Emily Osment, (NR Family Comedy),54-Kibakichi 2 - Ryuji Harada,Miki Tanaka,Masakatsu Funaki (R),55-The English R.M. Series 3 Volume 5 (NR),56-Jack of Hearts - Nick Mancuso,M.Emmitt Walsh, (R,FS,Reg.1),57-When A Stranger Calls - Camilla Belle, (PG13),58-Just the Ticket - Andy Garcia,Andie MacDowell, (R),59-Lady in the Box - Darren Burrows,Robert Knepper, (R),60-The Seeker - Alexander Ludwig, (PG),61-Extreme Ops - Devon Sawa,Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, (PG13),62-Meet Dave - Eddy Murphy, (PG),63-Land of the Blind - Ralph Fiennes,Donald Sutherland, (R),64-Phantom Punch - Ving Rhames, (R,WS,Reg.1),65-Waiting - Ryan Reynolds,Anna Faris,Dane Cook, (NR),66-Jacked Up - Ron Reaco Lee,Bizzy Bone, (R),67-Eastern Promises - Viggio Mortenson,Naomi Watts, (R),68-The Fighting Temptations - Cuba Gooding Jr.,Beyonce, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),69-The Devil Wears Prada - Meryl Streep,Anne Hathaway, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),70-Australia - Nicole Kidman,Hugh Jackman, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),71-Sicko - Michael Moore, (NR,WS,Reg.1),72-About Time - Tom Hollander,Margot Robbie, (R,AWS,Reg.1),73-Let's Go To Prison -- Dax Shepard,Will Arnett, (R,AWS,Reg.1),74-Knocked Up - (Extended & Unrated) Seth Rogen,Katherine Heigl, (NR,WS,Reg.1),75-You Must Remember This - Robert Guillaume,Tim Reid,Vonetta McGee, (NR),76-The 40 Year Old Virgin - Steve Carell, (NR,FS,Reg.1),77-Notes On A Scandal - Judi Dench,Kate Blanchett, (R,WS,Reg.1),78-The FamilyStone - Claire Danes,Diane Keaton, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),79-Deadly Wordz - Seven,Michael Davis, (R,WS,Reg.1),80-Bob the Butler - Tom Green,Brooke Shields, (PG),81-AVP-Alien vs Predator - Sanaa Lathan,Raoul Bova, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),81A-AVP-Alien vs Predator: Requiem, Steven Pasquale, (NR,WS),82-Coach Carter - "True Story" Samuel L. Jackson,Ashanti, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),83-The Perfect Man - Hillary Duff,Heather Locklear, (PG,FS,Reg.1),84-OMAGH - Gerard McSorley, (PG,FS,Reg.1),85-Dominique is Dead - Cliff Robertson,Jean Simmons, (PG),86-About A Boy - Hugh Grant,Rachel Weisz, (PG13),87-Eagle Eye - Shia LaBeouf,Billy Bob Thornton, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),88-Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines - Arnold Schwerzenegger, (R,WS,Reg.1),89-Kingdom of the Blind - Michael Biehn, (R,FS,Reg.1),90-Bad Lieutenent:Port of New Orleans - Nicolas Cage,Eva Mendes, (R,WS,Reg.1),91-Date Movie - Alyson Hannigan,Jennifer Coolidge (NR),92-The Heartbreak Kid-Ben Stiller (R),93A-American Pie - Jason Biggs, (NR,FS,Reg.1)93B-American Wedding - Jason Biggs,January Jones, (R,WS,Reg.1),93C-American Pie - Beneath the Crust Volume 1, - (NR,FS,Reg.1),93D-American Pie - Beta House, John White,Eugene Levy (NR,FS)94-Fever Pitch:Match Parfait - Jimmy Fallon,Drew Barrymore, (G,FS,Reg.1),95-The Dark Knight - Christian Bale,Heath Ledger,Morgan Freeman, (PG13),96-Bulletproof Monk - Chow Yun-Fat,Seann William Scott, (PG13),97-Road to Riches - Robert Forster,Rose McGowan,Kip Pardue, (R),98-Hack! - Danica McKeller,Juliet Landau, (R,FS,Reg.1),99-Deadly Drifter/Blood Tide - James Earl Jones,Danny Glover,2 on 1, (NR,FS,Reg.1),100-Dawn of the Dead - Ving Rhames,Sarah Polley, (NR,AWS,Reg.1),101-Vantage Point - Dennis Quaid,Sigourney Weaver, (PG13),102-The Astronauts Wife - Johnny Depp,Charlize Theron, (R,WS,Reg.1),103-Lord of the Ring:Fellowship of the Ring - Elijah Wood, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),103A-Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Elijah Wood, (PG13,WS),104-Enemy at the Gates - Joseph Fiennes,Jude Law, (R,WS,Reg.1)105-A Mighty Wind - Eugene Levy,Jane Lynch, (R),106-Miss Congeniality - Sandra Bullock, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),107-National Lampoon's - Black Ball - Vince Vaughn, (R),FS,Reg.1,108-The Final Cut - Robin Williams, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),109-The Pursuit of Happyness - Will Smith,Jayden Smith, (PG13),110-Savages - Laura Linney,Philip Seymour Hoffman, (R),111-You,Me & Dupree - Owen Wilson,Kate Hudson,Matt Dillon,Michael Douglas, (PG,AWS,Reg.1),112-The Unborn - Meagan Good,Cam Gigandet, (PG13/NR),Reg.1,WS113-Suburban Girl - Sarah Michelle Gellar,Alec Baldwin, (PG13),114-The Aviator - Leonardo DeCaprio, (PG13),115-Rocky Balboa - Sylvester Stallone, (PG),116-Yours,Mine & Ours - Dennis Quaid,Rene Russo, (PG),117-Lone Shoalin Avenger - Casanova Jones,Bruce Cheung, (NR),118-Beavis & Butt - Head Do America, (PG13),119-Sleepless in Seattle - Tom Hanks,Meg Ryan, (PG),FS/WS,Reg.1,120-The Five Heartbeats - Robert Townsend, (R),121-Georgia Rule - Jane Fonda,Lindsay Lohan,Felicity Hoffman, (R),122-Not Another Not Another Movie - Bert Reynolds,Chevy Chase, (NR),123-The Musketeer - Catherine Deneuve,Mena Suvari,Tim Roth, (PG13),124-Seabiscuit - Toby Maguire,Jeff Bridges, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),125-Deadly Discovery - Kerol Rae,Walter Baziac, (NR),126-Manic - Don Cheadle, (R),127-Future Sport - Dean Cain,Vanessa L. Williams, (R,WS/FS,Reg.1),128-Music & Lyrics - Hugh Grant,Drew Barrymore, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),129-Employee of the Month - Dane Cook,Jessica Simpson, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),130-The Legend of Zorro (Sequel) - Antonio Banderas,Catherine Zeta-Jones, (PG13)131-The Thomas Crown Affair - Pierce Brosnan,Rene Russo, (R,WS/FS,Reg.1),132-Wall Street - Michael Douglas,Charlie Sheen, (R),133-Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow - Jude Law,Angelina Jolie, (PG),134-Americas Sweethearts - Julia Roberts,Catherine Zeta Jones, (PG13),WS/FS,Reg.1,135-The Big Bounce - Owen Wilson,Morgan Freeman, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),136-Some Girl - Juliette Lewis,Michael Rapaport,Giovanni & Marissa,Ribisi,Jeremy Sisto, (R),137-Tyler Perry's-Why Did I Get Married - Tyler Perry,Janet Jackson, (PG13,WS,Reg.1)138-Lucky Break - James Nesbit, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),139-Asylum Night - Adrienne Carlyle,Michelle Esclapez, (NR),140-The Souler Opposite - Christopher Meloni,Timothy Busfield, (R),141-Office Space - Ron Livingston,Jennifer Aniston, (R,FS Reg.1),142-Austin Powers - Goldmember-Mike Myers,Beyonce, (PG13),142A-Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me, Mike Myers,Heather Graham, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),142B-Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Mike Myers,Elizabeth Hurley,(PG13,FS/WS,Reg.1),143-Legion - Paul Bettany,Lucas Black, (R,AWS,Reg.1),144-Across the Universe - Evan Rachel Wood,Jim Sturgess, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),145-Python - Casper Van Dien,Robert Englund, (R),146-Better Luck Tomorrow - Parry Shen,Jason Tobin, (R),147-Trust the Man - Josh Lucas,Derek Luke, (PG,WS,Reg.1),148-Cloned - Elizabeth Perkins,Bradley Whitford, (PG13),149-The Usual Suspects - Kevin Spacey,Stephen Baldwin,Gabriel Byrne, (R),150-Future Sport - Dean Cain,Vanessa L. Williams,Wesley Snipes, (R),151-Syriana - George Clooney,Matt Damon, (R,WS,Reg.1),152-The Million Dollar Hotel - Mel Gibson,Jeremy Davies, (R,WS,Reg.1),153-Doom - Karl Urban,Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson, (NR)154-Season of the Hunted - Muse Watson,Timothy Gibbs, (R,FS.Reg.1),155-Sanitarium - Jeremy Minns, (R)156-Shaft in Africa - Richard Roundtree, (R,FS,Reg.1),157-Family Guy - Stewie Griffen: The Untold Story, (PG),158-Oceans Eleven - George Clooney,Brad Pitt,Julia Roberts,Matt Damon, (PG13),159-City Hall - Al Pacino,John Cusack, (R),160-Rhapsody - Glenn Plummer,Ice-T, (R,FS,Reg.1),161-Death Sentence - Kevin Bacon, (R,WS,Reg.1), 162-Nine Months - Hugh Grant,Julianne Moore, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),163-Meet the Fockers - Robert DiNero,Ben Stiller, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),164-Stealing Harvard - Tom Green,Jason Lee, (PG13,WS,Reg.1)165-Starsky & Hutch - Ben Stiller,Owen Wilson, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),166-Delirium - Mike Burnell,Tallia Cuellar, (NR),167-Highway Men - Jim Caviezel,Rhona Mitra, (R,FS,Reg.1),168-Machined - David Hayes,Patti Tindall, (R),169-The Great American Sex Scandal - Heather Locklear,Stephen Baldwin, (PG,WS,Reg.1),170-Win A Date with Tad Hamilton - Josh DuHamel,Kate Bosworth, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),171-FlyBoys - James Franco, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),172-What Dreams May Come - Robin Williams,Cuba Gooding Jr., (PG13,WS,Reg.1),173-The Kite Runner - Khalid Abdalla,Homaydun Ershadi, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),174-Moulin Rouge - Nicole Kidman, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),175-Sex and the City: The Movie - Sarah Jessica Parker,Kim Cattrell ,(R),176-Little Miss Sunshine - Greg Kinnear,Steve Carell, (R),177-Larceny - Andy Dick,Tyra Banks,Kate Jackson, (R),178-Twisted - Ashley Judd,Samuel L. Jackson,Andy Garcia, (R),179-Just My Luck - Lindsay Lohan,Chris Pine, (PG13,FS/WS,Reg.1),180-Heist - Gene Hackman,Danny DeVito,Delroy Lindo, (R),181-For Their Own Good - Elizabeth Perkins,Laura San Giacomo,True Story (NR,FS,Reg.1),182-The Pacific & Eddy - Ryan Donowho,Dominique Swain, (NR,FS,Reg.1),183-Year of the Dog - Molly Shannon,John C. Reilly, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),184-Get Him To The Greek - Jonah Hill.Russell Brand, (R,WS,Reg. 1),185-Somethings Gotta Give - Jack Nicholson,Diane Keaton, (PG13),186-Elizabethtown - Orlando Bloom,Kirsten Dunst (PG13),187-Wedding Crashers - Owen Wilson,Vince Vaughn, (R),188-Torque - Martin Henderson,Ice Cube, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),189-Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Michael Douglas,Jesse Metcalfe,Amber Tamblyn, (PG13),190-Fair Game - Cindy Crawford,William Baldwin, (R),191-Mirrors - Keifer Sutherland, (R,WS,reg.1),192-Wimbledon - Kirsten Dunst,Paul Bettany, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),193-Bloodrayne 2:Deliverance w/game - Natassia Walthe,Zack Ward, (NR,AWS,Reg.1),194-The Pianist - Adrien Brody, (R,FS,Reg.1),195-Team America:World Police - Animated, (R,WS,Reg.1),196-Little Children - Kate Winslet,Patrick Wilson (NR),197-Kiss of the Dragon - Jet Li,Bridget Fonda (R),198-Gang Warz - Chino XL,Coolio, (NR),Reg.1,WS,199-Thank You For Not Smoking - Sam Elliott,Robert DuVall, (R,FS,Reg.1),200-The Clique - Elizabeth McLaughlin,Ellen Marlow, (PG,FS/WS,Reg.1),201-Bella - Eduardo Verastegui,Tammy Blanchard, (PG13),202-Bruiser - Jason Fleming,Peter Stormare,Leslie Hope, (R),203-Dragon Strikes Back - Chen Lee,Klaus Kinski, (R),204- A Walk To Remember - Shane West,Mandy Moore, (PG),205-The Last Samurai - Tom Cruise,Ken Watanabe, (R),206-The Do-Deca-Decathalon - Steve Zissis,Mark Kelly, (R,WS,Reg.1),207-Executive Decision - Kurt Russell,Halle Berry,Steven Seagal, (R),208-Fahrenheit 9/11 - Michael Moore, (R),209-The Grudge - Sarah Michelle Gellar, (PG13),210-Jumper - Hayden Christensen, (PG13,WS/FS,Reg.1),211-Traffic - Michael Douglas,Catherine Zeta-Jones,Benicio Del Toro, (R),212-Music and Lyrics - Hugh Grant,Drew Barrymore, (PG13),213-In Good Company - Dennis Quaid,Scarlett Johansson,Topher Grace, (PG13),214-Public Enemies - Johnny Depp,Christian Bale, (R,AWS,Reg.1),215-The Hangover - Bradley Cooper,Heather Graham, (R),216-Mystic River - Sean Penn,Tim Robbins,Kevin Bacon, (R),217-High Crimes - Morgan Freeman,Ashley Judd, (PG13),218-Kiss the Girls - Morgan Freeman,Ashley Judd, (R),219-The Butterfly Effect Collection - Part's 1 & 2,Ashton Kutcher,Eric Lively, (R),220-Fight Club - Brad Pitt,Edward Norton, (R),221-All Hallows Eve 2 - (R),222-Munich - Eric Bana,Daniel Craig, (PG),223-(Grindhouse) Death Proof - Kurt Russell,Rosario Dawson, (NR,WS,Reg. 1),224-Reign Over Me - Adam Sandler,Don Cheadle, (R,FS,Reg.1),225-The Great Debaters - Denzel Washington,Forest Whitaker, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),226-The Hours-Nicole Kidman,Meryl Streep (PG13),227-Special Effects - Zoe Tamerlis,Eric Bogosian, (R),228-Down To Earth - Chris Rock, PG13,WS,Reg. 1,229-Soul Food - Vanessa L. Williams,Vivica A. Fox, (R),230-Most Wanted - Keenen Ivory Wayans,Jon Voight,Eric Roberts, (R),231-Hellsing - (Animated) (PG13,Reg. All,FS),232-Along Came Polly - Jennifer Anniston,Ben Stiller, (PG13),233-Autumn Hearts: A New Beginning - Susan Sarandon,Christopher Plummer, (PG13),234-Slap Shot 2 - Stephen Baldwin,Jessica Steen, (R,WS,Reg. 1),235-ATL - Tip "T.I." Harris,Antwan Andre Patton, (PG13),236-DOA-Dead or Alive - Jaimey Presley,Holly Valanche, (PG13,WS,Reg. 1),237-Secondhand Lions - Robert Duvall,Maihael Caine,Haley Joel Osment, (PG,WS/FS,Reg.1),238-Moving McAllister - Jon Heder,Mila Kunis, (PG13),239-Pride and Glory - Edward Norton,Colin Farrell, (R),240-Kill Cruise - Elizabeth Hurley, (R),241-21 - Kevin Spacey,Jim Sturgis,Laurence Fishburne,Kate Bosworth, (PG13),242-Lost Souls - Winona Ryder,Ben Chaplin, R,WS,Reg. 1,243-John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns - Norman Redus, (NR,FS,Reg.1),244-Cowboy Bebop "The Movie" - Animated, (R),245-Fist of Fear:Touch of Death/Laser Mission - Bruce Lee,Brandon Lee, (2 on 1 dvd) (NR),246-The Creation of the Da Vinci Code,Bonus DVD, (NR) New Sealed,247-Population 436 - Jeremy Sisto,Fred Durst, (R),248-Aquamarine - Emma Roberts,Sara Paxton,JoJo (PG13,WS,Reg.1)249-Footloose - Kevin Bacon,Lori Singer, (PG,WS,Reg. 1),250-Deadly Species - Pete,Penuel,Allison Adams, (R,FS,Reg.1),251-Just Married - Ashton Kutcher,Brittany Murphy, (PG13,FS/WS,Reg.1),252-Killshot - Diane Lane,Mickey Rourke - (R,WS,Reg.1),),253-The Lake House - Sandra Bullock,Keanu Reeves, (PG),254-MIB Men In Black - Will Smith,Tommy Lee Jones, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),254A-MIB3 Men In Black - Will Smith,Tommy Lee Jones,Josh Brolin, (PG13,AWS),255-30 Days of Night - Josh Hartnett,Melissa George (R),256-The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding - Luke Mably,Kam Heskin, (PG,WS,Reg.1),257-Against the Ropes - Meg Ryan,Omar Epps, (PG13),258-The White Countess - Ralph Fiennes,Natasha Richardson, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),259-Dave - Kevin Kline,Sigourney Weaver, (PG13,FS/WS,Reg.1),260-Ski Trippin" - Eddie Hustle,Poochman, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),261-Broken Brotherhood - Scott Skversky,C.J. Keller, (NR),262-Board Heads - Gabrielle Anwar,Alex Deboe, (R),263-The Messenger - Ben Foster,Woody Harrelson, (R,WS,Reg.1),264-The Bannon Way - Mark Gantt,Vanessa Marcil, (NR,WS,Reg.1),265-Nature of the Beast - Eddie Kaye Thomas,Autumn Reeser, (R,AWS,Reg.1),266-The Dukes of Hazzard - Johnny Knoxville / Starsky & Hutch - Ben Stiller (2 on 1) (NR),267-About Schmidt - Jack Nicholson, (R,WS,Reg.1),268-The Exorcist: The Beginning - Stellan Skarsgard, (R),269-Flywheel - Alan Kendrick, (NR),270-The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter/The Ted Bundy Story/Boneyard - 3 on 1,271-The Queen - Helen Mirren, (PG13),272-Blue Streak/National Security - Martin Lawrence, (PG13) 2 on 1,273-Oranges - Hugh Laurie,Catherine Keener, (R),WS,Reg.1,274-Observe & Report - Seth Rogen,Anna Faris,Ray Liotta, (R),275-My Baby's Daddy - Eddie Griffen,Anthony Anderson, (PG13),276-Love Lies Bleeding - Brian Geraghty,Christian Slater, (R),277-X-Men:The Last Stand - Ian McKellan,Famke Janssen, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),277A-X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Hugh Jackman,Ryan Reynolds, (PG13,WS),278-The Love Guru - Mike Myers, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),279-Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - Daniel Radcliff,Emma Watson, (PG,WS,Reg.1),280-Love Comes Softly - Katherine Heigl,Oliver McCready, (NR),281-The Terminal - Tom Hanks,Catherine Zeta Jones, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),282-The Good Night - Penelope Cruz,Gwyneth Paltrow,Danny DeVito, (R),283-Save the Last Dance 2 - Izabella Miko, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),284-Out of Sync - LL Cool J,Victoria Dillard, (R),285-Journey to the Center of the Earth - Treat Williams, (NR),286-Twilight - Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson, (PG13),286-How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - Kate Hudson,Mathew McConaughey, (PG13),FS,Reg.1,287-Punch Drunk Love - Adam Sandler, (R,WS,Reg.1),288-Girl Interrupted - Winona Ryder,Angelina Jolie, (R,WS,Reg.1,),289-The Assassination of Richard Nixon - Sean Penn, (R,WS,Reg.1),290-White Oleander - Michelle Pfeiffer,Rene Zellweger,(PG13,WS,Reg.1),291-The Whole Nine Yards - Bruce Willis,Matthew Perry, (R,FS/WS,Reg.1),292-i-Robot - Will Smith,(PG13,FS,Reg.1),293-Day of the Dead - Mira Suvari,Ving Rhames,Nick Cannon,(R,FS,Reg.1),294-Secret Window - Johnny Depp,Maria Bello,(PG13,WS,Reg.1),295-Kane in See No Evil - Christina Vidal,Michael J. Pagan,(R,WS,Reg.1),296-Hostel - Jay Hernandez,Derek Richardson,(NR,WS,Reg.1),297-Perfect Stranger - Halle Berry,Bruce Willis,(R,WS,Reg.1),298-Troy - Brad Pitt,Eric Bana,Orlando Bloom,(R),WS,Reg.1,299-Meet The Spartans - Pit of Death Edition,Sean McGuire,Carmen Electra,(NR,WS,Reg.1),300-Saw IV - Tobin Bell,Betsy Russell,Director's Cut,(NR,WS,Reg.1),301-The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Amber Tamblyn,Blake Lively, (PG,WS,Reg.1),302-Love & Other Drugs - Jake Gyllenhaal,Anne Hathaway, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),303-Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones - Ewan McGregor,Samual L. Jackson, (PG,FS,Reg.1),304-The Secret War - Jim Florentine,Dong Jin Kim, (PG13,FS,Reg.1),305-Rear Window - Christopher Reeve,Daryl Hannah, (NR,FS,Reg.1),306-Quicksand: No Escape - Donald Sutherland,Felicity Hoffman, (NR,FS,Reg.1),307-Double Jeopardy - Tommy Lee Jones,Ashley Judd, (R,WS,Reg.1),308-The Baytown Outlaws - Billy Bob Thornton,Jennifer Lopez, (R,WS,Reg.1),309-The Judge - Robert Duvall,Robert Downey Jr., (R,WS,Reg.1),310-The Truth About Demons - Carl Urban,Katie Wolfe, (R,FS,Reg.1),311-The Return of the Living Dead - Clu Gulager,James Karen, (R,FS/WS,Reg.1),312-Taffin - Pierce Brosnan, (R,FS,Reg.1),313-Capote - Phillip Seymour Hoffman, (R,AWS,Reg.1),314-Elizabeth - Cate Blanchett, (R,WS,Reg.1),315-Ted - Mark Wahlberg,Mila Kunis, (R,AWS,Reg.1),316-The Vow - Rachel McAdams,Channing Tatum, (PG13,AWS,Reg.1),317-A Knights Tale - Heath Ledger, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),318-The Departed - Leonardo DiCaprio,Matt Damon,Jack Nicholson,Mark Wahlberg, (R,FS,Reg.1),319-My Date With Drew - Brian Herzlinger, (PG,WS,Reg.1),320-New In Town - Renee Zellweger,Harry Connick Jr. (PG,WS,Reg.1),321-Horrible Bosses 2 - Jennifer Aniston, (R,WS,Reg.1),322-Parker - Jason Statham,Jennifer Lopez, (R,FS,Reg.1),323-The Fan - Wesley Snipes,Robert DeNiro, (R,FS,Reg.1),324-Postcards From The Edge - Meryl Streep,Shirley MacLaine,Dennis Quaid, (R,AWS,Reg.1),325-Unfaithful - Richard Gere,Diane Lane, (R,FS,Reg.1),326-Disappearing Act - Wesley Snipes,Sanaa Lathan, (R,FS,Reg.1),327-Stargate SG-1 Vol.1 - Richard Dean Anderson, (R,WS,Reg.1),327A-Stargate SG-1 Vol.2 - Richard Dean Anderson, (NR,WS,Reg.1),327B-Stargate SG-1 Vol.3 - Richard Dean Anderson, (NR,WS,Reg.1),328-4 on 1 Sci-Fi Films - Sender,Invader,Storm Trooper,Code Conspiracy,(R,PG13),329-4 on 1 Action Films - Impostor,Prophecy,Equalibrium,Trancersi,(R,PG13),330-3 on 1 Kung Fu Superstars - Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,Bolo Yeung,(NR),331-2 on 1 Rogue Male & Cape Town Fear,Peter O'Tool,James Brolin,(NR),332-Mickey - Harry Connick Jr. (PG,WS,Reg.1)333-Gremlins - Zach Galligan,Phoebe Cates, (PG,WS),334-Elf - Will Ferrell, (PG,WS),335-Minority Report - Tom Cruise,Colin Farrell, (PG13,FS),336-Rookie of the Year - Thomas Ian Nicholas,Gary Busey, (PG,FS,WS),337-Trapped In Paradise - Nicolas Cage,John Lovitz,Dana Carvey, (PG13,FS),338-Rat Race - Rowan Atkinson,John Lovitz,Cuba Gooding Jr., (PG13,WS),339-Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Johnny Depp, (PG13,WS),340-Tyler Perry's-Madea's Neighbors From Hell,The Play, Tyler Perry, (NR,WS),341-Legendary - John Cena,Patricia Clarkson,Danny Glover, (PG13,FS),342-King Arthur - Clive Owen,Kiera Knightley, (PG13,FS),343-Sisters - Tina Fey,Amy Poehler, (NR,AWS),344-Highlander 2: Renegade Version - Christopher Lambert, (R,FS),345-Dirty Love - Jenny McCarthy,Carmen Electra, (NR,WS),346-Tooth Fairy 1 & 2 - Dwayne Johnson,larry the Cable Guy, (PG,WS),347-The Count of Monte Cristo - Jim Caviezel,Guy Pearce, (PG13,WS),348-Land of the Lost - Will Ferrell, (PG13,AWS),349-In The Bedroom - Sissy Spacek,Marisa Tomei, (R,WS),350-Fist Fight - Ice Cube,Tracy Morgan, (R,WS),351-Big Momma's House - Martin Lawrence, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),352-Dragon Lance: Deagons of Aytmn Twilight, Animated, (PG13,WS,Reg.1),353-Disneys-The Three Musketeers - Charlie Sheen,Kiefer Sutherland, (PG,WS,Reg.1),354-Journey To The Center Of The Earth - Brendan Fraser, (PG,FS/WS,Reg.1),Includes 4 pair of 3D glasses,355- 3 Greatest Horror Classics of all Time,Night of the Living Dead,Carnival of Souls,The Satanic Rites of Dracula, (R,FS,Reg.1),356-The Informant - Matt Damon,Scott Bakula, (R,WS,Reg.1),357-Are We Done Yet? - Ice Cube,Nia Long, (PG,AWS,Reg.1),358-August Rush - Freddie Highmore,Keri Russell,Robin Williams, (PG,FS/WS,Reg.1),359-21 Grams - Sean Penn,Naomi Watts, (R,AWS,Reg.1),460-Transformers;Revenge of the Fallen - Shia LaBeouf,Megan Fox, (PG13,WS,Reg.1), **DVD Stand Up Comedy,Talk & TV Shows/Series** 400-American Chopper: The Series - Black Widow (NR),401-Jerry Seinfeld:I'm Telling You For The Last Time - Live On Broadway (NR),402-Chris Rock - Bigger & Blacker, (NR),403-The Tom Green Show: Endangered Feces, (NR),404-Don McMillan: Live From My Cubicle, (NR),405-Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler, (NR),406-Comedy Club Shoot-Out Vol.2,Tim Allen,Brad Garrett,Drew Carey, (NR),407-Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien:The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, (NR),408-Margaret Cho: Cho Revolution, (NR),409-Eddie Murphy Raw - (R),410-Saturday Night Live:The Best of Will Ferrell, (NR),411-Bananas Featuring Bob Stromberg,Comedy for the whole Family (NR),412-Jamie Foxx Presents-America's Funniest Comics Volume 2, (NR),413-The O.C. - Series Premiere,Peter Gallagher,Kelly Rowan, 3" Mini Disc DVD,(NR),414-Larry the Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions, (NR), (Reg. All),415-Dice Rules:The Andrew Dice Dice Clay Concert Movie, (NC17) FS,Reg.1,416-The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Volume 2, (NR,Region Free),417-That 70's Show - Season 2,Disc 2, (NR,Reg.1),418-That 70's Show - Season 6,Disc 4, (NR,Reg.1),419-The Best of Friends - Season 4, (NR,Reg.1),420-The Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4, (NR,Reg.1),421-Sex and the City Volume 1 Episodes 1-6, (NR,Reg.1),422-Fat Actress Season 1, Kirstie Alley, (NR,Reg.1),423-Fat Actress Season 2, Kirstie Alley, (NR,Reg.1),424-Dexter - Season 1, Michael C. Hall, (NR,Reg.1),425-Prison Break Season 1,Episodes 13-16, (NR,WS,Reg.1),426-Prison Break Season 2,Episodes 13-16, (NR,WS,Reg.1), **DVD Children's - Cartoon's,Movies,Learning**(NR,G,PG Ratings), 500-Baby Genius-The Four Seasons, 0-18 month's,501-Early Lingo-Numbers & Counting at the Farm,6 month's plus,Learn Spanish,502-Readeez - Volume 1, 18 months & up,503-Cultural Safari,504-Shark Tale - Will Smith,Jack Black, (PG,WS),505-Mad Hot Ballroom - 5th & 6th grader's in NYC Dance Competition, (PG Thematic Element),506-Disneys- The Fox & The Hound,25th Ann.Ed., "no cover art", (G,FS,Reg.1)507-Wild Kratts Creature Adventure - Kratt Brothers, (NR,WS,Reg.1),"PBS Kids),508- Marmaduke - Owen Wilson,George Lopez, (PG,WS,Reg.1),509-Robotech: The Macross Saga-War & Peace (Animated) (NR all ages),510-Lemony Snicket's-A Series of Unfortunate Events - Jim Carrey (PG),511-Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - Abigail Breslin (G),512-Hammy's Nutty Fun DVD! - (NR,FS,Reg.1),513-Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic - Anna Paquin,Kirby Morrow, Animated (NR),514-515-516-517-518-100 Family Cartoons Collection Vol.1,Superman,Casper,Betty Boop more,2 disc set,519-520-521-522-523-524-525-526-527-528-529-530-Good Boy! - Molly Shannon,Liam Aiken,Kevin Nealon,(PG),Reg.1,FS,531-532-533-534-535-Fairies-The Seventh Unicorn and other Stories, (NR),536-537-Sky Dancers - (NR),538-539-540-541-Mike Stribling's - The Tale of Tillie's Dragon,542-543-The Missy Files:Change in the Wind - Harley Jean Upton,544-The Year Without Santa Claus - John Goodman,Eddie Griffen,Chris Kattan, (PG),545-546-547-548-Two Brothers (Twin Tigers Cubs) - Guy Pearce, (PG),549-Disney's - Miracle (True Story) Kurt Russell, (PG),550-The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin:The 6 Crystals,Eps. 1-20,2 disc set,(NR),Reg.1,FS,551-552-553-Barbie Fairytopia - Rainbow Adventure DVD Game,3 Games,Ages 3+, (NR),(Reg. 1),554-Barbie Fairytopia - Magic of the Rainbow,(NR),Reg.1,WS,555-Disney's-Prom:Who Are You Going With? - Aimee Teegarden,Thomas McDonell,(PG,WS)556-557-558-559-560-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Johnny Depp, (PG,WS,Reg.1),561-Ramona and Beezus - Salena Gomez,Joey King, (G,WS,Reg.1),562-563- **DVD WESTERNS** - 600-Wagons East - John Candy,Richard Lewis, (PG13),601-Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid - Paul Newman,Robert Redford, (PG),602-The Jackel - Vincent Price,Diana Ivarson, (NR), Color 1967, **DVD Oldies but Goodies (pre 1979)** 650-Gary Cooper,3 on 1,Fighting Caravans,Meet John Doe,A Farewell to Arms, (B&W) (NR),651-The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1 Disc 1,Andy Griffith,Don Knotts, 1960 B&W,652-The Three Stooges - Larry,Moe,Shemp, 2 DVDs, (NR),653-3 on 1, At War With the Army-Dean Martin,Jerry Lewis(1950)--Africa Screams-Abbott & Costello(1949)--Flying Dueces-Laurel & Hardy(1939), FS,Color/B&W,Reg.1,654-Hollywood Adventure Film Series - The White Orchid,East of Kilimanjaro, King Arthur the Young War Lord,Voyage of the Yes (4 on 1) (NR),655-Scandal Sheet/Vengeance Valley - Burt Lancaster (2 on 1) (NR),656-The Dirty Dozen - Lee Marvin,Ernest Borgnine,Charles Bronson, (NR,WS), **DVD Gospel/Religion** 675-The Praise Baby Collection: Born to Worship - Music for the baby (NR),676-The Gospel Live Concert:Let the Music Move You - Hezekiah Walker,Mary Mary,more (NR),677-Prism Video Magazine 2008,678-Rock Solid Marriage - Jimmy & Karen Evan, (NR),679-Galilee: The Land Where Jesus Walked (NR),680-The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepard (NR),681-Animals In Heaven - Dr Jack & Rexella Van Impe (NR),682-Acts: the Visual Bible (2 disc) NR,683-Building A Courageous Home,Stephen & Alex Kendrick, New Sealed,684-The Story of David - Timothy Bottoms,Jane Seymour,Anthony Quayle, (PG),685-Living Boldly - Joel Osteen, Audio Disc, (NR),686-Awesome Bible Adventures - 2 on 1,Moses Receives the 10 Commandments and Moses Great Escape, (NR), **DVD Sports - All event's** 700-NASCAR: The IMAX Experience, (PG car crashes),701-Servin' It Up - Stunt's-Motorcycle,Go-Kart,Cars, (NR),702-AU: A Snowboarding Film - Fisher,Teter, (NR),703-Issues in Sports - Covers different sport issue's, (NR),704-Buckmasters Big Bucks Volume 9 - Jackie Bushman (NR),705-Elementality - Volume 1, Skateboarding, Bam Margera,Chris Senn more, (NR),706-The L.A. Roadster Show - Greg Summitt, (NR),707-CKY4 - Crazy Stunt's, Parental Advisory,708-The Jackie Robinson Story - Ruby Dee,Minor Watson (NR),709-Baseball's Greatest Rivalries (NR),710-Tim Tebow: On A Mission (NR),711-Ballin' Outta Control (Basketball) (NR),712-Ball Above All - (Baasketball) (NR),713-AND 1-Ball Access: The Mix Tape Tour (Basketball) (NR),714-The Year of the Yao - Yao Ming (Basketball) (PG),715-Michael Phelps: Inside Story of the 2008 Beijing Games, (NR,FS,Reg. 1),716-Photo Play - Freestyle Skiing,James Heim,Charley Ager, NR,717-Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup 2003/04 Champions, (NR,WS),718-(Hockey NHL) Just Like Me-The Legends & The Next Generation (New) (NR),719-Funner Filete:From Baker to Chile (Snowboarding),Tarek Husevold,Drew Cyr,720-Unhittable - No Hitters,Perfect Games & Near Misses, (NR,FS,),721-John Cena,My Life,WWE, Disc 1, (TV14,FS,), **DVD Documentaries,News,History** 750-Reader's Digest-Great Splenders of the World, (NR,FS,)751-The Marketing of Madness:Are We All Insane? (NR,FS),752-T-Rex: A Dinosaur In Hollywood (Discovery Channel),753-Macgillivray Freeman's Dolphins (IMAX),754-Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,755-George W. Bush-Faith in the White House,756-Bill Moyers Journal-Buying the War,757-Americas Most Scenic Drives, 4 Disc Set,scratches but all play well,758-ABC Primetime-Basic Instincts 5: The Milgram Experiment Re-Visited,759-This is our Moment-Election Night 2008 (Barack Obama),760-Fame-Obsession:The Great Events of our Century, (NR,FS,Reg. 1),761-The Up Series Disc 2,762-For Tomorrow: The Toms Shoes Story (NR),763-Emiliano Zapata - A Mexican Hero (Espanol) (NR),764-The Making of Dreamer - Kurt Russell,Dakote Fanning, (NR,FS,Reg.1),765-Search For The Great Sharks (NR) IMAX,766-767-Buried In The Sand: The Deception Of America (Graphic Violence),768-Livin' It:Unusual Suspects - Interviews w/Bill Clinton,Alec Baldwin & more, (NR)769-770-500 Years Later by Alik Shahadah (NR),771-Screendreams Living Fireplace DVD, 772-Lakota Wolf Preserve - Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III,773-Will it Blend w/ Tom Dickson (NR),774-Lovejoy Antiques: Christmas Specials w/ Ian McShane (NR),775-Painted Steel Vol. 2: Poetry in Motion, (NR),776-Cowboy Country:American Journeys, Barry Corbin (Time Life) New Sealed,777-Abbott & Costello - i memories, (NR,FS,Reg.1),778-American Soldier - The Army National Guard, (NR), "New Sealed",779-Motherland - Women trying to handle the death of their Child,(NR),WS,Reg.1, **DVD Music Videos & Learn to Play (ALL)** 800-Fender-Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar w/ Kieth Wyatt,801-Esteban's Rock On Collection-Crystal Heart Volume 1,Learn to play Guitar,802-Love It Live! - Live Performances by Third Day,Jars of Clay,FFH & more,803-X2003 Experience the Videos - Bleach,MXPX,KJ 52,Toby Mac and more,804-Mike Mulligan & his Steam Shovel - London Philharmonic Orchestra,805-Scribble Jam - 2005 U.S. World Tour, DVD/CD Combo,806-Theater MU-Passing the Beat, A Taiko Recital,807-American Idol: The Search for a Superstar,808-Lamb of God: Killadelphia - Parental Advisory,809-Crazy Frog: Crazy Video Hits,810-Hillary Duff: The Girl Can Rock, Concert (NR),811-Airplay: The Rise And Fall Of Rock Radio - Casey Kasem more, NR,812-2 Turntables & a Mic:The Life & Death of Jam Master Jay (NR),813-Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (G),814-Grupo Montez De Durango - Y Sigue la Mata Dando,Spanish,(NR)(Reg. All),815-Larry the Cable Guy's Star Studded Christmas Extravaganza, (NR,FS,Reg.1),816-Ashanti - The Making of a Star, (NR,FS,Reg.1), **DVD Fitness,Dance,Gymnastics** 850-Shelly McDonald-Caribbean Workout-Core Pilates,851-Dance It Off w/ Jennifer Gilardi, (NR,FS Condition: Very Good, Condition: All dvds will be in a case and will have cover art(unless noted),not all will have the scene selection guide's,most will have some scratching,condition will range from new sealed,like new,very light to light/moderate scratches,nothing with bad scratches,no broken,cracked or torn case's., Modified Item: No, Director: Will Vary, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Format: DVD, Release Year: Will Vary, Actor: Will Vary, Movie/TV Title: Will Vary, Region Code: DVD: 1 (US, Canada...), Rating: all ratings, Edition: Collector's Edition, Special Features: Black & White, Genre: all genre's, Brand: Will Vary, Non-Domestic Product: No, DVD Edition Year: Will Vary, Leading Role: Will Vary, Sub-Genre: all genre's

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