660533 Whirlpool Stove 8" Large Surface Burner Coil Heating Element-Replacement

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Seller: jpinnovativesupply (19,915) 99.6%, Location: Corona, California, Ships to: US, Item: 142736803992 New: Electric Range Burner Element Unit 8" Replacement for Whirlpool Maytag Kenmore 660533 8-Inch Diameter Plug-In Surface Burner with Spade Terminal Ends, 5 Turn, 2600 Watts; Large 8” Burner, 2600 Watt, 240 Volts, 5 Turn (turns refers to the number of times the coil goes around in a circle), “Y” Style Bracket; This burner fits most electric ranges, except GE/Hotpoint. This element is a plug-in type which means it plugs into a plastic receptacle. Description: Replacement for OEM 660533 surface burner coil heating element. 5 turn, 2600 watt. Used on the large 8-inch burners. This element can be used universally on many brands and models. Replaces W10259867, 7406P05560, 7406P03960, 7406P03060, 7406P02860, 7406P01560, 7406217, 7406138, 332218, Y71853, 74-06-217, 74-06-138, 42127, 14210015, 14200721, Y703421, Y0E00802599, Y0E00802099, and Y0E00800899. Matching 6" burner is 660532. Details: Whirlpool brands can include Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, Roper, Estate, Samsung, and others. Models: FES350BL0, FES350BL1, FES350BW0, FES350BW1, FES355YL0, FES355YL1, FES355YL2, FES355YW0, FES355YW1, FES355YW2, KEDS100SCB0, KEDS100SCB1, KEDS100VAL0, KEDS100VAL1, KEDS100VAL2, KEDS100VAL3, KEDS100VBL0, KEDS100VBL1, KEDS100VBL2, KEDS100VBL3, KEDS100VWH0, KEDS100VWH1, KEDS100VWH2, KEDS100VWH3, KEDS100WAL1, KEDS100WAL2, KEDS100WBL1, KEDS100WBL2, KEDS100WWH0, KEDS100WWH1, KEDS100WWH2, KEDS200BBL0, KEDS200BBL1, KEDS200BWH0, KEDS200BWH1, KEDS200YBL0, KEDS200YBL1, KEDS200YBL2, KEDS200YWH0, KEDS200YWH1, KEDS200YWH2, KEDS207BAL0, KEDS207BAL1, KEDS207BBL0, KEDS207BBL1, KEDS207BWH0, KEDS207BWH1, KEDS207YAL0, KEDS207YAL1, KEDS207YAL2, KEDS207YBL0, KEDS207YBL1, KEDS207YBL2, KEDS207YWH0, KEDS207YWH1, KEDS207YWH2, KEES702SWB0, KEES702SWB1, KERS500SWB0, KERS500SWB1, KERS502SWB0, KERS502SWB1, RC8400XAB0, RC8400XAB1, RC8400XAB5, RC8400XAH0, RC8400XAH1, RC8400XAH5, RC8400XAN0, RC8400XAN1, RC8400XAN5, RC8400XAQ0, RC8400XAQ1, RC8400XAQ5, RC8400XBB0, RC8400XBB1, RC8400XBB2, RC8400XBH0, RC8400XBH1, 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Condition: New, Model: 660533, Modified Item: No, Custom Bundle: No, Product Type: Heating Element, Type: Electric Range Burner Element 8 Inch, MPN: 660533, Brand: Replacement for Whirlpool Maytag Kenmore, Non-Domestic Product: No

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