4 Acres NY Land Log Cabin - Lot #7 FINANCING NO RESERVE PA Woods - HUNT FISH 4 Acres NY Land Log Cabin - Lot #7 FINANCING NO RESERVE

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Seller: inspent (424) 100%, Location: East Otto, New York, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 113743204456 NOTE TO ALL BIDDERS: YOU WILL BE CONTACTED TO CONFIRM YOUR BIDS … IF YOU FAIL TO RESPOND … YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELLED ! . . . BRIEF AUCTION SUMMARY The winning bidder gets to take over the already existing financing and must pay $549 per month for the existing mortgage balance of $48,687 until it is paid in full . . . This is a NO RESERVE auction . . . The high bidder wins ... PERIOD ! You are bidding on the Full Purchase Price of the EQUITY ONLY THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN BUILT UP BY THE PREVIOUS PURCHASER OF THIS 4 WOODED ACRES AND AMISH BUILT LOG CABIN WHO DEFAULTED ON THEIR MORTGAGE AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF MAKING PAYMENTS. This means that the previous purchaser ALREADY PAID $16,010.00 before defaulting Their loss is YOUR gain ! * * * * The Mortgage Lender has agreed to allow the ASSUMPTION of the existing remaining mortgage balance of $48,687 … after all of the previously made payments have been deducted ... with monthly payments of only $549 . So the winner of this auction will simply ASSUME that existing mortgage … without ANY up front closing costs … or attorney fees… or other fees of any kind. Simple! “SAVVY” bargain hunters will recognize this as a rare “OPPORTUNITY” To see a copy of the Lender’s Mortgage Assumption Agreement Contract with all of the terms and conditions of the assumption spelled out just message a request to me and I will send it to you. This auction is unlike most other eBay item auctions that only need short simple auction descriptions ... it is instead for the sale of real estate and therefore requires a much longer and more detailed description ... SO PLEASE BE SMART ... AND READ IT ALL BEFORE YOU BID ! THIS IS A RARE CHANCE TO GET A GREAT “BUY” IN COUNTRY LAND … WITH AN ALREADY BUILT AMISH BUILT LOG CABIN DURING THESE DIFFICULT ECONOMIC TIMES … EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TO PAY CASH … OR GET A NEW MORTGAGE OF YOUR OWN! PLUS ... For all bids over $1,500 … WE WILL THROW IN A GAS POWERED ELECTRIC GENERATOR - FREE ! The parcel is tax map number 28.001-1-1.6 in the Town of East Otto, NY. The only reason this 3.5± acre parcel is available is because the fellow we custom built this Log Cabin for developed some financial problems and, as a result, had to give it up … his misfortune may be your opportunity It is the only one like it that we have left in in this area that has a Log Cabin is already built … so bid accordingly ... when it’s gone … it’s gone.) ARE YOU NEW TO EBAY … OR HAVE ONLY A FEW PREVIOUS EBAY PURCHASES? IF SO, you are welcome, but ... PLEASE TAKE NOTE: we need you to contact us BEFORE you bid and assure us that you have completely read, understand and AGREE to all of the terms and conditions in this auction description, and that you are a serious and responsible bidder, and that you will pay promptly at the end of the auction. In fact even if you've been on eBay awhile ... PLEASE DO US BOTH A FAVOR … READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION ... BEFORE you bid! And please remember before you bid that, in addition to purchasing the equity with your bid ... you will also have ongoing monthly payments of $549. And that there is an existing Mortgage Loan Balance of $48,687 that you will be assuming. The minimum monthly payments are set at only $549 per month ... but if you wish to pay more each month you will shorten the length of the loan ... and pay less interest over the life of the loan. (I make less in you pay more than the minimum each month … but you save a ton of money … and the time to pay off in full is drastically shortened.) INTEREST: Out of each payment interest of 1.07917%/per 30 days on the unpaid balance (12.95% APR) will be deducted first, with the rest of the payment applied to the principal (i.e. deducted from the unpaid balance). You may pay off the balance in full at any time without any penalty or fee. In any case … YOU WILL BE CONTACTED TO CONFIRM YOUR BIDS … You MUST respond when contacted to have your bid remain … otherwise it will be CANCELED! * * * Now, having stated all that ... Why should you buy this prime location wooded country get-a-way by simply purchasing the EQUITY built up by the previous purchaser and assuming their mortgage ... without any of the traditional real estate buying hassles . . . and no up-front closing costs ... or any fees of ANY kind? Location … location … location ! . . . And why should you do it now ... while you're still young and healthy enough to enjoy it . . . ? I'll address both of those questions later ... but, first let me tell you more about me and the land we’re offering at auction. * * * Hi... and thanks for taking a look at our auction! If you are a regular follower of our auctions, you may notice that this 4± acre parcel is located in a different area than most of our previous auctions. It is in East Otto, NY … about 20 miles south of Buffalo, NY … and not far from Lake Erie. If you are new to our auctions ... welcome aboard! This auction is for purchasing the EQUITY ONLY and then assuming the mortgage for 4± acres of wooded land (out of part of our original 50 acre parcel)… INCLUDING an already constructed Amish built Log Cabin located in the Township of East Otto in Cattaraugus County New York 14729, designated as lot #7 by assuming the present mortgage balance of $48,687 and payments of ONLY … $549 per month… with interest of 12.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) computed daily for the number of days since the previous payment was received by Lender at a daily interest rate of .035479% and said interest first deducted from each payment with the balance of the payment deducted from the principle balance. *** With NO reserve! *** “SAVVY” bargain hunters will recognize this as a rare “OPPORTUNITY” "If you had a magic wand that could produce any kind of a country get-a-way you want ... what would it be like?" GENERAL INFORMATION: Here is some feedback from one of our recent buyers... "First I must compliment you on your honest representation of these parcels of land, they are exactly as you say and so much more... (Feel free to quote me and to use my email as a satisfied customer reference)." . . . Bob Wood Hi I'm George and I have bought two Angelica parcels from Jack. This man has stood by his word 100% and I would trust him with my life. I originally bought 10 acres and later decided to change properties to 10 acres on top of the mountain. There was a delay on getting a building permit on the lot I wanted because I needed to go to a town meeting to request one. Rather than wait the few weeks I wanted to start on MY schedule. Jack went out of his way and in a matter of a day or 2 had swapped my parcel and taken care of everything. Everything he does seems to be for the people who purchased property from him. Ask any questions of him, He answers quickly and doesn't make it seem like a chore to answer you. I've talked to him personally and find him to be intelligent, personable and will bend over backwards for you if you treat him with the fairness and respect that he has earned. Hope this helps you. . . . George Mika The present 4.00 acre parcel that is up for auction is on an extension of a Private Driveway that runs off Sky Ranch Road in the Town of East Otto. Sky Ranch Road is public road and plowed in the winter … and the private drive leading to Sky Mountain Subdivision, to which this land is attached, is an improved gravel road … and also plowed. To give you an idea of how large 4± acres is, it's about the size of a city block ... or about enough area for 16 or 17 normal city house lots … plus we also give you the right to hunt or hike on the remainder of our 50 acres that is unsold. If you go back up to the top to the DESCRIPTION BOX and click on the See Map link it will take you to a MapQuest map with a marker located right at the point on Sky Ranch Road where the Private Drive leading to the driveway to this land begins. Once you get the map on MapQuest you can switch from Street Map to Aerial Map by clicking the tabs in the upper right hand corner of the map. The Private Drive shows up on MapQuest; however the driveway from that Private Drive to this land is actually an old “Logging Road”, so it doesn’t show up on MapQuest. But if you look closely at the aerial photo view on Map/Quest you will see a small clearing at the east end of the Private Drive where the Logging Road/Driveway begins. The Logging Road/Driveway to this 4± acres starts at that clearing and runs south about 300 feet right to this 4± acres … which is in the northeastern quadrant of the 50 acres we own. This parcel is in the middle of a HUGE extent of the woods (which shows up on the aerial photo in the picture section). If you click on the Neighborhood Profile in that same above DESCRIPTION BOX if will give you tons of useful information ... for example ... the water quality here is much higher than the average for the nation ... and the crime rate is lower ... etc. This land is perfect for all get-away-seekers, nature lovers, hunters, and snowmobilers, etc. that want to be in the woods ... off the beaten path ... but, still have relatively easy access (by way of a public year round PAVED road, with electric along it) right up to the Private Drive leading to the Logging Road/Driveway into this land. The present electric service is right up to where our 50 acres begins. Plus it is only about two miles or so away, as the crow flies, from the first of thousands of acres of County and State Forests. The closest one being the 1,354 acre East Otto State Forest … and only about a couple miles beyond that is the spectacular Zoar Valley Area. Zoar Valley is very picturesque and has a huge gorge cut through it by the Cattaraugus Creek. Lake Erie is only about 22 miles away to the northwest … and Chautauqua Lake is only about 35 miles away to the southwest … as the crow flies. The topography map in the picture section shows the lot and the surrounding area and also shows the large extent of the wooded land around it (in green shading). There are many other close by State Forests with thousands of acres of land that you are free to roam or hunt at your pleasure. We’re starting the bidding at only $477 ... and letting YOU decide the value to you of this property. All of the photos are taken on this actual 50 acre parcel we own of which this 4± acres is part. Because most of the photos are in the woods the field of vision was rather limited. This is 4± acres of just about totally wooded recreational/residential land … AND an already constructed Amish built Log Cabin. This is a NO RESERVE auction ... the high bid wins ... period! But, please remember before you bid that, in addition to purchasing the equity with your bid ... you will also have ongoing monthly payments of $549. And that there is an existing Mortgage Loan Balance of $48,687 that you will be assuming. What do you need to make you comfortable enough to purchase some land on eBay ? GUARANTEE : This land and deal is guaranteed to be just as described. There is . . . NO RESERVE ! NO Realtors ! NO Lawyers ! NO attorney fees ! NO up-front fees or CLOSING COSTS of ANY kind ! NO extra fees for Survey Stakes (Stakes are included) ! NO extra fees for a Warranty Deed (Warranty Deed is included) NO fees for a Search (Abstract) (Copy of our Search is included) ! NO time wasted running around looking for the “right” deal … or the right land ! NO hassle … or cost … of getting a new mortgage yourself ! All you have to do is decide how much you want to bid. … and if you can afford $499/month … WE DO ALL THE REST ! “SAVVY” bargain hunters will recognize this as a rare “OPPORTUNITY” JUST PAY US WHATEVER YOU BID, AND WE DO EVERYTHING ELSE. IT'S VERY EASY TO BUY FROM US ! IT'S AS SIMPLE AS A. B. C. A. You pay us the amount of your winning bid. B. You assume the existing $48,687 mortgage and begin making $59/mo. payments. C. Later you pay $800/year (presently) towards the cost and administration of taxes. We do EVERYTHING ELSE ! ABOUT ME AND THE "UNIQUE PURCHASING OPPORTUNITY" WE’RE OFFERING My greatest claim to fame is that I was an Airline Captain (for the predecessors of what is now known as US Airways) for a number of years. And, instead of buying stocks, I bought land ... lots of it. I’m 80 now (as of January 5th) ... and it’s time to start sharing some of that land. (Kind of like "paying it forward") eBay has opened up a whole new and exciting world ... and mode of doing business for all of us. Our intent is to offer a unique way of using eBay to give you an opportunity to own your own little place in the country … away from the hustle and bustle... and the "rat race" of the cities. This per-existing financing IS available ANYONE who wants it ... with NO credit checks And you don't have to worry about the substantial upfront closing costs and attorney fees that are often required when buying real estate... So if you don't have the right credit ... or you don't have enough cash saved up to pay your entire purchase price in cash ... OR to be able to get a traditional mortgage requiring a 20% to 30% down payment ... (with all of the normal "jumping through the hoops" they require) ... OR you don't have the substantial closing costs required ... then this may be a unique opportunity for you to get started NOW ... WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT UNTIL YOU'VE AMASSED ENOUGH SAVINGS TO PAY CASH … OR TO GET A CONVENTIONAL MORTGAGE IN THE PRESENT DEPRESSED FINANCIAL MARKET. What you've previously done with your credit is of no concern to us. If you've done good ... congratulations … But, if you've made some mistakes ... chalk it up to "the cost of your education". It's what you do from here on out that counts. GUARANTEE We want to offer this land in such a way so as to reduce your risk as much as possible. Thus, our guarantee . . . First, this land, and this deal, must turn out to be just as we describe them to be ... or we will do whatever is necessary to make that happen. Second, you will get a Warranty Deed (at no extra cost to you), which guarantees a good and marketable title, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances ... not just a Quit Claim Deed, as many eBay sellers offer ... which does NOT guarantee the title. We also eliminate the need for you to spend money for a lawyer … and all the legal Gobbledygook and Mumbo Jumbo that goes with them ... and we make the transaction as simple as possible for you. We take care of all the legal paperwork … For what it's worth ... our attitude is that we’re dedicated to do whatever it takes to consistently endeavor to make this an easy and pleasant experience and transaction for you We really mean it when we say … We’re at your service! Buying land from us is extremely simple and easy . . . All you are have to do to win this auction is to bid the amount you feel it’s worth to buy the EQUITY in this property that was already built up by the payments made by the previous purchaser that defaulted. You do not have to pay for anything else up front! IMAGINE … Before we get into the specific about the land ... let’s do a little "imagining". Imagine reaching down and grabbing a handful of dirt and knowing that all the dirt for hundreds of feet in every direction ... and all the trees thereon … and a lovely little Amish built Log Cabin … all belong to you... and your children... and your children's, children ... or heirs … FOREVER ! Imagine just sitting quietly in the woods and listening to the sounds of silence. Imagine having your own country getaway... where you can show your kids, or your spouse, (or significant otherJ) about camping, or hunting, or wildlife, or birds, or how to shoot ... or how to just enjoy the wonders of nature … together. Imagine having your own secluded place in the woods where you can get away from all the things that drag you down and sap your energy and emotions in the workaday world. A place where you can recharge your battery. Imagine having your own country place where you can design and build your ultimate retirement retreat ... just the way you've always dreamed. Well... this land ... in conjunction with your imagination ... can make any of these things ... and a hundred others ... come true. All you have to do … is ACT! THE LAND ITSELF : ... The pictures tell most of the story... Many who have won our auctions invariably say that the land turns out to be BETTER than the pictures. Keep in mind that we took some of these photos in the fall of the year ... so things can look rather different in summer when everything is growing … or in the winter when the trees are bare and there is snow on the ground. This land is just about totally wooded, but there are a few small openings here and there in the woods. If you have a chain saw you can keep it pretty busy cutting a just about unlimited supply of firewood. This land has varying terrain, from a gentle slope on its east side to a creek at the bottom of a small ravine on its west side. You can get an idea of the terrain from the survey/topography map in the photo section. Sky Ranch Road is paved and plowed and maintained year round by the Town of East Otto. The Private Drive is graveled and plowed by one of the other land owners that front on it. There are also woods in all four directions from this parcel. The aerial view in MapQuest will show the extent of the woods and the surrounding area. There is a mixture of many kinds of hardwoods, some of which have timber value, as well as some very large pines nearby that provide thick cover that the big trophy bucks love to hide and bed down in. There IS ELECTRIC close by along both Sky Ranch Road and the Private Drive right up to where our 50 acres begins … which is only about 300 or 400 feet away from this parcel. This parcel of land is almost square shaped as shown in the pics in the photo section. The front and rear of the parcel (its east and west sides) are both about 388 feet wide. The north and south sides are both about 431 feet long giving you just about 4± acres in total size … plus the free use of the remainder of our 50 acres that has not been sold. The survey/topography map in the photo section will show you the approximate bearings and distances, and what the shape of the land and the elevations of the terrain look like. (Each brown contour line indicated a difference of 20 feet in elevation ... and the green shaded areas indicate older wooded areas.) You WILL receive copy of a portion of the stamped Instrument Survey that we had prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor with this lot sketched on it. And we have placed stakes in all corners and/or angle points of this lot … all this at no cost to you. This land is VERY private and quiet. So if you really want to get away from it all, but still have relatively easy access … and be only about 30 minutes (mostly by expressway) from the south bounds of Buffalo ... this lot may be for you. It is essentially a recreation retreat, but could also be used a secluded get-a-way, or even a permanent home. Secluded land like this that is only about 30 minutes away from the south towns of Buffalo, NY metropolitan area is getting harder and harder to find … and might be a handy thing to have in the event of any civil unrest or terrorist attacks. All the more reason to get some land now ... while you are still able to find land that is so close to Buffalo for such a reasonable price. And having a place to go in the county if things get bad is not a bad idea… All timber and surface mineral rights are included and will go to the winning bidder ... forever. There are three homes on the Private Drive ... but, once you go up the Logging Road/Driveway and into the woods, neighbors are nonexistent ... and seclusion and wildlife abound. There are a number of the lovely hiking/sno-mobile/atv/horse trails in the area. Most of the soil in the area appears to be moderately well drained and should percolate OK … but, in any case, a sand filter type system can always be approved and built on such a large lot if slower percolation is encountered. The INCLUDED already constructed AMISH BUILT LOG CABIN : This cabin is LARGER than our original basic Amish built Log Cabin… and has over $12,500 in OPTIONS already built into it. It has about 420 square feet of enclosed area and also has the following options already included. a. 100 additional s.f. of living area ---------- $3,500.00 b. Framing studding for 4’x5’ room ------- $ 557.00 c. Premier moisture resistant flooring --- $ 420.00 d. 10' x 4' treated Porch w/railings & 2' wide rear & upper decks ------------ $1,500.00 e. Porch step with railing---------------------- $ 500.00 f. 6x6 pier foundation min 3’ above ground $1,500.00 g. 5 large insulated windows------------------ $1,575.00 h. 5 large window screens---------------------- $ 175.00 i. 5 Argon gas & tint for lg. windows ------ $ 210.00 j. 5 window trim inside and out---------------- $ 420.00 k. 9 lite insulated door---------------------------- $ 200.00 l. Moderate site clearing------------------------- $ 500.00 m. Trim for loft exterior end walls ------------- $ 325.00 n. Premium 40 year metal roofing ------------ $1,152.00 Total cost of included options $12,534.00 This Amish built Log Cabin has a fist floor with about 7' headroom, and a 12' X 16' loft with about 5'-6" maximum headroom (The loft is accessed by a pull down attic type stairs). The interior floor of the loft is extended (cantilevered) out about 1 foot on each side and about 2' in front of the first floor enclosed area. The roof is cantilevered out 1' on each side and 4’ beyond the front wall of the 1st floor and 2’ beyond the rear wall. There is a total floor space (main & loft) of about 420 square feet. This Amish built Log Cabin does contain a 4’x6’ interior 1st floor room (studded in only). It does not contain any additional dividing walls, counters, kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, or electrical wiring, septic system, or well, etc. … except it DOES have a 4’x6’ studded in 1st floor room on the first floor. Other than that this Log Cabin is mostly just the Log Cabin "shell". But, it is should serve very nicely as a small camp, or initial base of operation ... or later as a guest house or storage building if you someday decide to build a larger building. The pictures shown in the photo section are actually of the Amish built Log Cabins that we recently completed on this lot. “SAVVY” bargain hunters will recognize this as a rare “OPPORTUNITY” OPTIONAL “OFF THE GRID” WIND TURBINE PACKAGE: We are also offering an optional wind turbine electric generator package for anyone who wants to be electric independent and “off the grid”. The entire erected and fully operational wind turbine package is available as an option for an additional $6,950. It includes a wind turbine mounted on a 100' guyed tower, with all the wiring and 4 deep cycle batteries and a 2,499 watt inverter, grounding rods, switches, etc. It will be completely constructed and ready for you to plug into if you elect to purchase it. We also offer owner financing for this Wind Turbine Package with 50% down. STREAM: There is a lovely little stream that runs right along the west side of this land. It is the headwaters of the Cattaraugus Creek South Branch … and is kind of your own babbling brook that flows at the bottom of the small ravine on that side of this land. ARTESIAN Springs: There are a number of free flowing artesian springs located in many places on our 50 acres. I have not yet located all of them, but I find new ones all the time (50 acres is a lot of land to walk every foot of :)… so there is a good chance you can find and develop one on this parcel. POND: This parcel also has a nice potential Pond Site. I have not yet constructed a pond on it ... but I love to operate dozers (My wife calls them Jack's BIG Tonka Toys) … and especially like to build ponds. I have built dozens of ponds over the years. I can construct one for you as an additional option for $4,000 with half down and the rest paid with similar financing as for the land and Log Cabin I'm willing to then finance whatever extra you may need for the pond with extra payments of as low as $100/month until paid in full. The length of time to pay off in full will depend on how much extra you want to finance and how big you want your payments to be. DIRECTIONS: You can get to this land from several directions and routes. If you are coming from the north get off the divided highway portion of State Route 219 at the last exit, which is about 5 miles south of Springville. At the end of the exit ramp turn right and go about a quarter mile to old Rt. 219. Turn right and go a mile or so until you come to Connoisarauley Road (on the right only). Turn right onto Connoisarauley and go about a mile and a half until you come to Co. Rt. 12. Turn right onto Co. Rt. 12 (which takes a sharp left in about a mile) and go a total of a little over 3 miles until you come to Sky Ranch Rd. (on the left only). Turn left onto Sky Ranch Rd. and go up the hill about a half a mile to a sharp left hand turn. Just after you turn sharply left make an immediate right turn onto the Private Drive. Go a few hundred yards, past several houses, and over a small culvert and up a small rise to the small clearing at the very end of that Private Drive. At the end of the Private Drive turn right onto the Logging Road/Driveway and go about 300 feet to get to the beginning of this land. If you are coming from the west exit I-90 at exit 58, then Rt. 20 north a short distance, Rt. 438 east, Rt. 62 north, and Rt. 39 east to Rt. 219 at Springville. (This is shown on the road map in the photo section) If coming from the east or south, exit I-86 onto Rt. 219 north to Co. Rt. 12. This is also all shown on the survey/topography map in the photo section. The private drive and Logging Road/Driveway should provide reasonable access in good weather … but, a 4wd vehicle is always best in secluded country like this. ARTESIAN SPRINGS: There are a few nice springs coming out of the slopes in this area that might be able to be developed into a good spring fed water supply. TIMBER AND FIREWOOD: All timber rights are included and will go to the winning bidder ... forever. You will also have a virtually unlimited supply of firewood for you to use for fireplace wood or camp fires. If you have a chain saw you will have a lot of potential firewood to use it on :) There is already some marketable hard maple and other timber on this land and if you make periodic selective timber harvests ... over the years there is a high probability that you can get back much ... or perhaps evenall of what you paid for this land by selling future timber??? One person who previously walked the entire 50 acres looking at a different parcel said he saw some “huge” Beech trees that must have over 100 years old. That's one of the nice things about wooded land ... the timber is a self-renewing natural resource ... it just keeps growing. FISHING: There are numerous great fishing lakes and streams nearby. The Cattaraugus Creek being one of the largest streams at only about 5 miles to the north … and Lake Erie about 22 miles and Chautauqua Lake at about 35 miles. At the beginning of this description I posed two questions. The first was ... should you buy this land ... and the second was ... should you buy it NOW? Perhaps you have already figured out the answers to those questions on your own from what you've already read. If not, I will give you my version of the answers a little later. Read on... SNOWMOBILING AND SKIING: There are a number of marked and groomed Snowmobile Trails accessible from this land. And this land is right in the middle of the Ski Resort Area in what is known as the “snow belt” south of Buffalo. There are a number of Ski Resorts within minutes of this land. I don't believe I exaggerate when I say that this is literally a "Snowmobiler’s and Skier’s Heaven". If there is one thing western NY State is famous for ... its lots of snow :) ABOUT THE AREA: This area of NY State has so much to offer it is hard to know where to begin. We will be furnishing you with a copy of a great map put out by the Department of Environmental Conversation that shows all of the MANY State and County Forests in the entire southwest portion of New York State. The south bounds of the city of Buffalo is only about 30 minutes away (mostly on the newly built 219 Expressway) with all of the services and advantages of a major metropolitan area. And Niagara Falls is only about an hour or so away … This land is in a very picturesque rural area ... and is loaded with all kinds of wild game, as well as many nearby fishing streams and lakes. Arguably, this is some of the best deer and turkey country in the world, and is crisscrossed by numerous hiking, snowmobiling and horseback riding trails. If you like skiing you're gonna love the several major Ski and Snowboarding resorts within minutes of this land. And if Casinos are your bag ... your jackpot could be waiting for you about 25 or 30 miles north at the Seneca Casino in Buffalo or about the same distance south to the new Seneca-Allegany Casino Complex at Salamanca, NY. http://www.senecaalleganycasino.com/ All this adds up to a tourist's, and hunter’s, and nature lover’s paradise where fish & game and all kinds of recreation abound. Yet it's easily accessed by well-maintained paved Interstate and Town Roads right up to the Private Drive leading into it... “SAVVY” bargain hunters will recognize this as a rare “OPPORTUNITY” Location … location … location ! THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Your bid constitutes your agreement to buy as per the terms set forth herein ... THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Your bid constitutes your agreement to buy as per the terms set forth herein... PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION, AND ADHERE TO ITEM #1. 1. If you are NEW TO EBAY ... have zero ...or low (less than 10 positive feedbacks) ... or a lot of negative feedback (98% or less), please contact us BEFORE bidding. The purpose being for you to reassure us that you have completely read, understood and AGREE to all the terms, and that you will keep your word ... and act with integrity ... and pay your bid promptly if you win. In any case … YOU WILL BE CONTACTED TO CONFIRM YOUR BIDS 2. The full amount of the winning bid for the EQUITY must be paid as soon as the auction is over, either by direct wire transfer, or by check or money order sent by overnight delivery. But, please remember before you bid that, in addition to purchasing the equity with your bid ... you will also have ongoing monthly payments of $549. And that there is an existing Mortgage Loan Balance of $48,687 that you will be assuming. 3. If the payment for your bid for the EQUITY is not received within 24 hours after the end of the auction you will also be in immediate default and will have no further claim on me or to this land. That's all there is to the terms. It's really very simple ... Just pay what you bid promptly as agreed ! THE SMALL PRINT: There is NO small print ! THE PAPERWORK: Upon my receipt of your winning bid, we will forward you the following: a. The Lender’s Mortgage Assumption Agreement Contract will be sent to you for your signature and return to us. b. A copy of our original Abstract of Title (Search). c. A portion of our original stamped Instrument Survey prepared by a Licensed Surveyor with your lot sketched on it as show here: d. Two forms that the County requires in order to record the deed for you to sign and return. e. A copy of our original fee Title Insurance Policy that we purchased when we purchased the original 50 acres that insures and ‘guarantees’ the titile. f. Miscellaneous other maps, newspaper articles and brochures that will give you more information about the area. THE TAXES: Last year the total amount allotted for the cost and administration of the taxes for these 4± acres was only about $800.00 (about $400.00 for School taxes, due each September 1st, and about $400.00 for Town and County taxes, due each January 1st). If you would like we can it up so that your yearly tax bill is paid with payments each month instead of in lump sums. ASK ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING: Just message us anytime (24/7) with any questions you may have, and we will be very glad to respond in detail as quickly as possible. If we haven't answered you in 24 hours ... chances are we didn't get your email... in which case please email us again. Please ...ONLY BID ... IF you understand AND AGREE to the terms... and that you further understand that this auction is for the purchase of the EQUITY ONLY that was previously built up in this property by payments made to the Lender by the original purchaser that defaulted on the mortgage. And that you will be benefiting from all those previously made payments and you will be assuming that previous purchasers mortgage at the remaining balance. ALL arrangement for funds, research, questions and due diligence you may require to make you feel comfortable, should be completed BEFORE you bid. Feel free to e-mail us about anything. But, please ... ONLY bid if you are going to pay promptly as bid. I promise to keep my word and act with integrity ... I’m relying on you to also keep your word, and act with integrity. Let’s both be good eBayers ... and both end up with positive feedback after a good transaction. We are offering a nice property, with very simple (and fully explained) terms. We consider our offer, and your bid, to be a legally and morally binding contract. Your bid is an “electronic handshake” that indicates you understand and agree with the terms herein... and that you agree this is a binding deal, ... and that it guarantees your promise to pay promptly as set forth and required by the terms. You also agree that it is just as real and binding as a personal handshake. SO ... Please only bid if you like the property, and the terms, as described ... and if you accept the terms ... it will make both our lives a lot simpler. Our Mission Statement and Core Values: · We offer good Country Land (and sturdy Amish built Log Cabins), at affordable prices and reasonable terms. · We make commitments with great care ... and then live up to them. · In ALL things ... we do what we say we are going to do. PAYMENT OF AMOUNT BID: If you are the winning bidder you must pay the amount of your winning bid IMMEDIATELY. Because of the 2008 collapse of the financial markets related to mortgages, PayPal’s policy is NO LONGER ALLOW PAYMENTS for REAL ESTATE RELATED transaction. Therefore you will have to make your winning bid payment by one of the following two methods: 1. Have your bank send a wire transfer directly from your bank to our bank (detailed instructions and our Bank information will be provided to you at the end of the auction). OR … 2. Send us a CHECK or MONEY ORDER BY OVERNIGHT DELIVERY. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you but, that's the NEW 'Golden Rule' ... "Them with the gold makes the rules" ... and PayPal controls the 'gold'. To make it easier for you we WILL accept your personal check ... Possession of the land: You will have possession of this land IMMEDIATELY upon our receipt of your payment of the bid amount. For this and other reasons all payments are non-refundable. Fee Title Insurance Policy: We have already paid for a Fee Title Insurance Policy on this property when we purchased it which indirectly also covers you by virtue of you getting a Warranty Deed. SECOND CHANCE OFFERS: When special circumstances exist we do, occasionally, send out a "Second Chance” offer. If you do get second chance offer please verify that it came from me by messaging me. In any case ... Good Luck! . . . In conclusion… (finally:) If you haven't already figured out the answers to the questions I posed to you at the very beginning ... I will now give you my take on them... You must have a dream of having your own get-a-way in the country ... or you wouldn't have endured wading through this lengthy dissertation:) If all of the features and benefits associated with this land DO NOT meet your particular needs ... then the answer to the first question is decidedly NO ... you should NOT bid on this land. But, if they DO meet most of your needs ... well then you don't need me to tell you the answer that's right for you... As to the 2nd question ... WHY you should buy now? To answer that I'll first tell you the tough lesson I learned from what happened to my own Dad ... who worked hard for 47 years in a grimy foundry ... and then died before his time ... with the music still in him ... before he had a chance to enjoy his golden years. Secondly, I'll tell you the sad tale of a very nice couple who won the bid on one of my properties ... but never got a chance to enjoy their dream. Unfortunately, within a couple of days of the end of the auction she fainted. And when they did a MRI they discovered she had three inoperable brain tumors. * Life is very short ... and sometimes much shorter than it should be. I have learned to live each day as if it were my last ... and dance as if no one was watching. If you want to do something ... do it ... NOW ... before you can't. Seize the day ... Take that for what it's worth. *Now for "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say ... I recently received the following emails from the husband of this very courageous lady that I am pasting below just as they were received: Hello Jack, I’m not sure if you remember me I've been watching your auctions, I am John ... my wife Debbie and I were the couple that won one your auctions a couple years back. Debbie was my wife that fainted and then was diagnosed with the brain tumors. If you remember, it was only a couple days after winning your auction. I noticed you have been giving people reasons why they should buy the land of there dreams now and not to wait. I am glad you use Debbie and me as a good reason to do so. Debbie was touched when I showed her your add that you remembered us ... and it is truly a very good reason to buy now and not wait ... because you never know what tomorrow will bring. On a sadder note, not to ruin your day, my wife Debbie, who I loved very much, passed away a month ago. She fought a long, courageous battle with the cancer. I just wanted to let you know ... and thank you for caring. I would be very appreciative if you would continue to use us as an example. Sometimes life goes by so fast we don't stop ... and slow down ... and look at what we have ... before it’s gone. Take Care Jack, Sincerely Debbie and John Wow ... what a beautiful ... and touching ... and yet, at the same time, sad ... story! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I am much honored that you made the special effort at this time of great grief to send me this follow up story. As you know, I was so touched by your original story that I wanted to share it with everyone who reads my auctions. Now, with your permission, I would also like to share "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey used to say, with my future readers. Perhaps it is an additional "legacy" that you and Debbie can give to so many others. My heart reaches out to yours (and Debbie's) with very strong feeling. Sincerely, Jack Thank you Jack, You are more than welcome to share our story. If it makes just one person stop and appreciate what they have then it's all worthwhile. When Debbie first got ill you would check to see how things were going ... and I remembered that. I felt you should know. Good luck to you yours. Take Care Jack Now all you need to do is to TAKE ACTION … JUST GO BACK UP TO THE TOP AND PRESS THE "BID NOW" BUTTON AND PLACE YOUR BID NOW … and you will have an advantage over others that did not do their homework and read all the way through this auction description to the end. Plus, as a special reward to you for reading all the way through this lengthy auction description ... Just let me know and … I will knock off a fifty bucks from whatever you bid:) 14.00 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Property Address: 7806 Sky Ranch Road, State/Province: New York, Seller State of Residence: New York, Zip/Postal Code: 14729, Zoning: Residential, City: East Otto, Acreage: 4.0, Type: Recreational, Acreage

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