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Seller: magicsale (3,267) 98.7%, Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 113664012113 THE LARGEST COLLECTION ON eBAY THE BEST RARE & OLD SPIRITS, MEDIUM, SÉANCES, COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD & MUCH MORE BOOKS COLLECTIONOn eBAY On DVD It is nearly impossible to find all these rare & old books in their original form and if found they would cost a fortune! Great Collection Of Rare & Old SPIRITS, MEDIUM, SÉANCES, COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD & MUCH MORE Great Reference Books. 300 Books in Total Contains thousands & thousands of pages of great Information about SPIRITS, MEDIUM, SÉANCES, COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD & MUCH MORE . Many Information & Secrets Exposed A Great collection of 300 vintage books covering all aspects of spiritualism. Discover the secrets of the medium - Learn about Ouija-boards, séances, and holding spirit circles for mediumship in the home. Uncover the history and origins of communicating with the souls of the dead, and the different spheres of the spirit world. Not only do these books reveal the mysteries of psychics, the occult and clairvoyance, they also include numerous writings by spirits themselves through their earthly mediums! Read about spirit communions, spiritual manifestations and uncover the truth about life beyond the grave Many of these Rare books date back to the 1700s and early 1900s and all of their content is just as impressive today as it was then. All these Original Rare and Old Books have been professionally scanned in high quality, compiled and preserved forever in PDF format files on DVD data disc for your enjoyment You can READ, TRANSFER, COPY, CUT, PASTE, SAVE & ZOOM IN on any text, diagrams or illustrations. The pictures you see in this auction were taken from these PDF files These books can be read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle / ebook reader. ***************************** The Complete List of The Books Titles A book written by the spirits of the so-called dead by C. G. Helleberg (1883)A discussion of the facts and philosophy of ancient and modern spiritualism by S. B. Brittan (1853)A happy year, or, Fifty-two letters to the Banner of light by A. A. Judson (1899)A modern spiritualistic classic; scientific proofs of another life by R. Levere (1913)A peep into psychomancy by D. B. Turney (1878)A Record of Psychic Experiences by G. F. Goener (1922)A return of departed spirits (1843)A souvenir from Jennie C. Blake (1891)A three-fold test of modern spiritualism by W. Gordon (1856)A visit to the astral plane by E. L. Fischer (1914)A word for help from the wider world by W. C. Comstock (1920)Acredios, the veil lifted by M. A. Mortenson (1921)Across the barrier - a record of true experiences by H. A. Dallas (1913)After death - What, spiritistic phenomena and their interpretation, by C. Lombroso (1909)Afterworld effects by K. M. Leute (1922)An address to the officers and citizens of the United States by J. S. Williams (1854)An amazing séance and an exposure by S. A. Moseley (1919)An epic of the starry heaven by T. L. Harris (1855)An epitome of spiritualism and spirit magnetism by A. S. Haywood (1876)An exposition and explanation of the modern phenomena called spirit manifestations by B. J. Cooley (1852)An exposition of spiritualism; comprising two series of letters (1862)Answers to ever-recurring questions from the people by A. J. Davis (1862)Answers to seventeen objections against spiritual intercourse and inquiries, by J. S. Adams (1853)Anthropomorphism dissected and spiritualism vindicated by D. L. Davis (1859)Antiquity unveiled. Ancient voices from the spirit realms disclose the most startling revelations, by J. M. Roberts (1892)Antiquity unveiled. Ancient voices from the spirit realms disclose the most startling revelations, by J. M. Roberts (1894)Arcana of spiritualism - a manual of spiritual science and philosophy by H. Tuttle (1871)As it is to be by C. L. Daniels (1892)Astrea or, Goddess of justice by E. P. Thorndyke (1881)Behind the scenes with the mediums by D. P. Abbot (1907)Beyond by H. S. Hubbard (1896)Beyond the river by L. Peterson (1918)Biographical & descriptive catalogue of The ancient band composing the spirit art gallery, by W. P. Anderson (1874)Birth through death by A. D. Watson (1920)Book of heavenly teachings by R. P. Baugh (1912)Book of revelations by C. S. Halsted (1922)Borderland experiences; or, Do the dead return A study of spirit states and activities by T. P. Boyd (1919)Can the dead communicate with the living by I. M. Haldeman (1920)Can the dead speak to the living, by Hartmann, Emil Clifford (1922)Clear light from the spirit world, by Irving, Kate; Harry Houdini Collection (1884)Confessions of a medium (1882)Counsels on spiritualism by E. F. Burr (1859)Dawn of the awakened mind by J. S. King (1920)Dealings with the dead, Volume 1, by Sargent, Lucius Manlius (1856)Dealings with the dead, Volume 2, by Sargent, Lucius Manlius (1856)Dealings with the dead; the human soul, its migrations and its transmigrations by P. B. Randolph (1861)Death and the after-life by A. J. Davis (1866)Death; the meaning and result by J. K. Wilson (1901)Development of mediumship by terrestrial magnetism y A. A. Judson (1891)Divine love and the possibilities of life by D. M. Wetzel (1922)Divine revelations by E. Habertroh (1922)Divine science by A. M. Robinson (1920)Do the dead depart and other questions by E. K. Bates (1908)Do the dead return A true story of startling seances in San Francisco (1900)Drift, from the shore of the hereafter by H. B. Cochrane (1883)Earthly watchers at the heavenly gates - the false and the true spiritualism by J. Chester (1886)Echoes from the spirit world by A. L. Kane (1899)Eight days with the spiritualists by J. Gillingham (1872)Ellu, the oracle of the 'other self' a study in practical psychology by Emerson, Charles Harris (1912)Evidences of modern spiritualism by A. B. Whiting (1861)Explanation and history of the mysterious communion with spirits by E. W. Capron (1850)Fear not the crossing by G. Williams (1920)Flashes of light from the spirit-land, through the mediumship of Mrs. J. H. Conant (1872)From matter to spirit. The result of ten years'experience in spirit manifestations, by S. E. De Morgan (1863)Frontiers of the after life by E. C. Randall (1922)Ghost land - Researches into the mysteries of occultism, by W. Britten (1876)Gleams of light and glimpses thro' the rift by T. S. Wilmott (1893)Goddena, the unknown god by S. H. West (1917)Guide-posts on immortal roads by J. Martin (1882)Hafed, prince of Persia - his experiences in earth-life and spirit-life, by Mr. David Duguid (1876)Hints and observations for those investigating the phenomena of spiritualism by W. J. Crawford (1918)Hope Trueblood by Patience Worth (Spirit) (1918)How I know that the dead return by W. T. Stead (1909)How to hold circles for developing mediumship at home by F. A. Thomas (1920)How to speak with the dead; a practical handbook , by Sciens (1918)I heard a voice by A Kings Counsel (1918)Immortality & our employments hereafter with what hundred spirits, say of their dwelling places, by J. M. Peebles (1907)In the beginning; a book for the new era by E. W. Mead (1910)Insight; a record of psychic experiences by E. C. Cushman (1918)Instructive communications from spirit life by S. E. Park (1869)Jesus and the mediums by M. Hull (1890)Jewels of truth by G. L. Steinke (1920)Journeys through space; experiences of Effa E. Danelson (1922)Key to ghostism - science and art unlock its mysteries by T. Mitchell (1880)La spiritomania; lettere indirizzate ad una gentildonna italiana by C. L. S. (1867)Les lumières et les ombres du spiritualisme par D. D. Home (1883)Letters from a living dead man by E. Barker (1914)Letters from a living dead man by E. Barker (1920)Letters from the spirit world by C. Petersilea (1905)Life and times of S. H. West, by West, Simeon Henry (1908)Life forces by M. V. McCabe (1899)Life in the circles by A. W. Lane (1920)Life's progression; research in metapsychics by E. C. Randall (1906)Lifting the veil, or, Interior experiences and manifestations by S. J. Finck (1887)Light from beyond, as taken over the ouija board by K. M. Davis (1919)Light from the spirit world by A. J. McBride (1856)Light from the spirit world by C. Hammond (1852)Light on the hidden way by K. B. Cain (1886)Lights and shadows of spiritualism by D. D. Home (1878)Living waters, or messages of joy by G. L. Kimball (1919)Magic, white and black; practical knowledge for all sincere students of occultism, by Hartmann, Franz (1890)Magic, white and black; practical knowledge for all sincere students of occultism, by Hartmann, Franz (1910)Man whence and whither by A. B. Jamison (1922)Man, the life free by W. C. Comstock (1916)Man's life of purpose by W. C. Comstock (1915)Marguerite Hunter, a narrative descriptive of life in the material and spiritual spheres by C. H. Horine (1894)Materialized apparitions - if not beings from another life, what are they by E. A. Brackett (1908)Mediums unmasked - an exposé of modern spiritualism by J. E. Garrett (1892)Mediumship and its development, and how to mesmerize to assist development by W. H. Bach (1893)Mediumship its use and abuse by W. J. Erwood (1909)Memoranda of persons, places and events; embracing authentic facts in magnetism, spiritualism by A. J. Davis (1868)Messages from higher spheres by M. H. True (1912)Modern American spiritualism - 20 years' of communion between earth and world of spirits by E. H. Britten (1870)Modern diabolism; commonly called modern spiritualism by M. J. Williamson (1873)Modern spiritism by A. T. Schofield (1920)Modern spiritism by J. G. Rauper (1909)Modern spiritualism laid bare, unmasked, viewed from spiritualists' own teachings, by Wasson, John Bourbon (1887)Modern spiritualism; a history and a criticism, Volume 1, by Podmore, Frank (1902)Modern spiritualism; a history and a criticism, Volume 2, by Podmore, Frank (1902)Nature's laws in human life by A. S. Hayward (1872)Neither dead nor sleeping by M. W. Sewall (1920)Nineteenth century miracles, or, Spirits and their work in every country of the earth by E. H. Britten (1884)Non spiritus - the philosophy of spiritualism, by Mitchell, Thomas, Rev; Harry Houdini Collection (1872)Occultism, spiritism, materialism by A. Kidd (1879)One hundred cases for survival after death by A. T. Baird (1944)Oracle by C. Bragdon (1921)Our unseen companions by S. Quixote (1896)Our unseen guest (1920)Penclings from immortality by L. A. Sunderlin (1876)People from the other world by H. S. Olcott (1875)Philosophie spiritualiste, by A. Kadec (1864)Philosophie spiritualiste, by A. Kadec (1922)Pittsburgh and Allegheny spirit rappings, by J. B. Campbell (1851)Planchette or, The despair of science - being a full account of modern spiritualism, by E. Sargent (1869)Post mortem opinions by T. Roosevelt (1920)Practical guide to the investigation of spiritualism, healing, and the occult sciences by G. W. Walrond (1898)Practical occultism - course of lectures through the trance mediumship of James Johnsn Morse, by J.J. Morse (1888)Practical occultism by Kenilworth, Walter Winston; Harry Houdini Collection (1921)Practical Occultism, by Blavatsky, H.P (1939)Problems of your generation by D. Dewey (1910)Psychic experiences of an Indian princess, daughter of Chief Tommyhawk by A. Leevier (c1920)Psychic light - the continuity of law and life by M. E. Lord (1904)Psychometry and thought-transference, with practical hints for experiments, by Olcott, Henry Seel (1887)Real ghost stories by W. T. Stead (1921)Remarkable spirit manifestations by W. Crookes (1891)Revelations and repudiations of great minds discarnate by F. A. Hood (1922)Revelations of a spirit medium, by E. Farrington (1922)Revelations of Louise by A. S. Crockett (1920)Rules and advice for those desiring to form circles, where they commune with spirit friends by J. H. Young (1889)Seers of the ages embracing spiritualism, past and present by J. M. Peebles (1869)Seers of the ages embracing spiritualism, past and present by J. M. Peebles (1870)Seers of the ages embracing spiritualism, past and present by J. M. Peebles (1903)Shadows - being a familiar presentation of thoughts and experiences in spiritual matters by J. Wetherbee (1885)Spirit communion a record of communications from the spirit-spheres by J. B. Ferguson (1854)Spirit communion an immovable fact in the internal conciousness & external history of man by J. B. Ferguson (1855)Spirit intercourse, its theory and practice by J. H. McKenzie (1917)Spirit life of Theodore Parker by E. Ramsdell (1870)Spirit manifestations examined and explained by J. B. Dods (1854)Spirit messages by H. Corson (1911)Spirit rapping unveiled by H. Mattison (1855)Spirit teachings by W. S. Moses (1898)Spirit world and spirit life - descriptions received through automatic writing by C. E. Dresser (1922)Spirit-identity by W. S. Moses (1902)Spiritism and religion. Can you talk to the dead by J. Liljencrants (1918)Spiritism by Edelweiss (1891)Spiritism, by Warman, Edward Barrett; Harry Houdini Collection (1910)Spiritual fragments by J. J. Owen (1890)Spiritual instructions for the purpose of investigating the philosophy of spiritual intercouse (1852)Spiritual manifestations - a brief record of my own experiences by W. E. Cooper (1910)Spiritual telegraphic opposition line, Science & revelation against spiritual manifestations by Z. Campbell (1853)Spiritualism its facts and phases, with illustrated experiences by J. H. Powell (1864)Spiritualism among civilised and savage races by E. Lawrence (1921)Spiritualism by A. R. Wallace (1892)Spiritualism by J. W. Edmonds (1853)Spiritualism explained - 12 lectures delivered before New York Conference of Spiritualists by J. Tiffany (1856)Spiritualism exposed, by Fawkes, F. Attfield (1920)Spiritualism sustained by J. R. Kelso (1886)Spiritualism tested, facts of history & their cause in nature from ancient and modern testimonies by G. Samson (1860)Spiritualism, a satanic delusion, and a sign of the times, by Ramsey, William (1857)Spiritualism, its history phenomena and doctrine by J. A. Hill (1919)Spiritualism; a popular history from 1847 by J. McCabe (1920)Strange visitors a series of original papers, embracing philosophy, science, government by H. J. Horn (1869)Ten test circles; or, The law of conditions by J. L. Dow (1893)Text book, ritual, for public workers in the organized movement of modern spiritualism by P. Mcarthur (1908)That other world - personal experiences of mystics and their mysticism by S. Cumberland (1918)The A.B.C. of spiritualism - 100 of the question asked about spiritualism, answered tersely by B. F. Austin (1920)The adepts twenty-two laws of mediumship at a glance by S. E. Buswell (1904)The astral world, higher occult powers by J. Tiffany (1910)The case against spiritualism, by Stoddart, Jane (1919)The Christ; who and what is it by M. Hull (1889)The classic of spiritism by L. M. Milburn (1922)The clock struck one - being a synopsis of the investigations of spirit intercourse, by Watson, Samuel (1873)The clock struck three - being a review of Clock struck one, and reply to it, by Watson, Samuel (1874)The clock struck two - being a review of the reviewers of Clock Struck One, by Watson, Samuel (1873)The common-sense philosophy of spirit or psychology, written from spirit impression by C. H. Foster (1901)The dawn of another life - this is wholly written by the star circle in full form materializations by W. W. Aber (1910)The descending light; a series of lessons from higher intelligences on the philosophy of life by J. M. Brace (1922)The Diakka by A. J. Davis (1874)The Earthen Vessel by E. W. Tennant (1921)The ethics of spiritualism-system founded on continuity of man's existence beyond the grave by H. Tuttle (1878)The evidence for communication with the dead by A. Hude (1913)The experiences and opinions of George Washington from spirit life by M. Henderson (1878)The follies and frauds of spiritualism by W. Mann (1919)The foundations of spiritualism by W. W. Smith (1920)The fountain; with jets of new meanings by A. J. Davis (1870)The freed spirit, or, Glimpses beyond the border by M. K. Dallas (1894)The Gadarene, or, Spirits in prison by J. O. Barrett (1874)The gist of spiritualism by W. Chase (1865)The grey ladye by E. H. Mace (1896)The guide to immortality, or, The child's first lesson in spiritual science, by G. Miller (1903)The harmonial philosophy - a compendium and digest of the works of Andrew Jackson Davis (1923)The healing of the nations by C. Linton (1855)The heavenly spheres, character of residents in each, and their occupations by M. J. Hendee (1877)The hereafter - Life on the other side by C. De Witt (1879)The hollow globe - A treatise on the physical conformation of the earth by M. L. Sherman (1871)The invisibles - an explanation of phenomena commonly called spiritual by M. J. Williamson (1867)The last great humbug by P. E. Buster (1867)The late Dr. Sedgwick and the spirit medium by E. H. Caylor (1900)The life-line of the Lone One, or, Autobiography of the world's child by W. Chase (1858)The lifted veil or, The hereafter revealed to reform the world by A Psychic (1922)The light bearers by A. H. Terry (1918)The living Jesus; the words of Jesus of Nazareth uttered through the medium, by Frederick A Wiggin (1921)The magic staff; an autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis by A. J. Davis (1867)The mastereon, a revelation concerning the laws of mind & modern mysterious phenomena by M. R. K. Wright (1872)The menace of spiritualism by E. O'Donnell (1920)The mystery solved by J. C. Bywater (1852)The mystic world, a literal narrative of strange mystical occurrences, rare materializations, by O. W. Humphrey (1897)The natural order of spirit - a psychic study and experience by L. C. Graves (1915)The nature of spiritual existence, and spiritual gifts, given through the mediumship of Cora L.V. Richmond (1884)The new black magic and the truth about the ouija-board by J. G. Raupert (1919)The new revelation by A. C. Doyle (1918)The next beyond by Anonymous (1921)The ordeal of life by J. C. Grinnel (1870)The penetralia; being harmonial answers to important questions by A. J. Davis (1856)The phenomena of spiritualism, scientifically explained and exposed by A. Mahan (1875)The philosophy of spiritual intercourse, being an explanation of modern mysteries by A. J. Davis (1856)The physical in spiritualism by G. W. Samson (1881)The physical phenomena of spiritualism by H. Carrington (1907)The physical phenomena popularly classed under the head of spiritualism, by E. T. Bennett (1907)The present age and inner life; a sequel to spiritual intercourse, by A. J. Davis (1853)The progressive age of reason by S. Hotchkiss (1910)The proof palpable of immortality; being an account of the materialization, by E. Sargent (1881)The proofs of the truths of spiritualism by G. Henslow (1919)The question If a man die, shall he live again. A brief history of modern spiritualism by E. Clodd (1918)The question settled - a careful comparison of Biblical and modern spiritualism, by Hull, Moses (1869)The rappers, The mysteries, fallacies, and absurdities of spirit-rapping, table-tipping by A searcher after truth (1854)The reality and evil of spiritualism by M. Thomas (1903)The relation of the spiritual to the material universe by T. C. Buddington (1881)The religion of spiritualism. Its phenomena and philosophy by S. Watson (1880)The religion of the spirit world written by the spirits themselves by G. Henslow (1920)The scientific basis of spiritualism by E. Sargent (1881)The second message of Anne Simon (1920)The secret book of the black arts, by Williams, Henry T (1878)The secret of the successful use of the ouija board by N. I. Walters (1919)The signs of the times comprising a history of the spirit-rappings, by W. T. Coggeshall (1851)The social life of heavenly spheres by M. Washington (1879)The spirit portrait mystery, its final solution by D. P. Abbot (1913)The spirit world by F. Marryat (1894)The spirit world by J. Grumbine (1909)The spirit world by Joseph Hamilton (1906)The spirit world its inhabitants, nature, and philosophy by E. Crowell (1879)The spiritual reasoner by E. W. Lewis (1855)The spiritual significance by L. Whiting (1900)The spiritual teacher by R. P. Ambler (1852)The spiritualism of nature by H. L. Chapman (1922)The thinning of the veil; a record of experience by M. B. Wallace (1919)The truth of spiritualism by D. Humphreys (1920)The twentieth century Bible by R. A. Dague (1917)The twentieth plane - a psychic revelation reported by A. D. Watson (1919)The universal treasure casket, or Book of wisdom and knowledge by B. A. Greyer (1900)The unsealed book by E. J. Beach (1877)The use of spiritualism by S. C. Hall (1876)The veil lifted. Modern developments of spirit photography. With twelve illustrations by A. Glendinning (1894)The vestal a collection of articles in prose and poetry by M. J. Wilcoxson (1872)The vital message by A. C. Doyle (1919)The voice from space to Emily Preston and Helen Haskell Noyes (1920)The way of the world by K. Von der Lin (1921)The work and office of the holy angels here on earth and in paradise, by R. G. Badger (1922)The world we live in by E. A. Brackett (1909)There are no dead by S. Meissner (1912)There is no death by F. Marryat (1891)They who understand by L. Whiting (1919)Thy brother shall rise again by D. Pierce (1921)To walk with God by A. Lane (1920)To woman from Meslom; a message from Meslom in the life beyond, by M. McEvilly (1920)Transcendental physics by J. Zollner (1880)True spirit return by G. McGehean (1922)True spiritualism by N. Leander (1875)Twelve messages from the spirit of John Quincy Adams by J. D. Stiles (1859)Twelve months in an English prison by S. W. Fletcher (1884)Two eventful nights by F. C. Ewer (1856)Two in one, story of two blended lives exemplifying the final state of human existence by J. F. Martin (c1907)Unanswerable logic a series of spiritual discourses, given through the mediumship of Thomas Gales Forster (1887)Universal spiritualism - spirit communion in all ages among all nations by W. J. Colville (1906)Voices from the void - six years' experience in automatic communications by H. T. Smith (1919)We never die; an investigation into the future life of man by E. James (1921)What is spiritualism by J. M. Peebles (1910)What is this spiritualism by H. Leaf (1919)What say the Scriptures about spiritualism - Proofs that it is demonism, by Russell, Charles Taze (1897)Wisdom of the ages; revelations from Zertoulem, the prophet of Tlaskanata by G. A. Fuller (1916) ****************************************************************~ABOUT THE DVDs~These are ELECTRONIC BOOKS. You will receive a standard data DVD or DVD's containing the listed e-Books as PDF files. The books are in pdf format which means that you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read them. If you do not have this, you can download it FREE from the Adobe website THESE DVDS ARE DATA DISCS AND ONLY CAN BE VIEWED IN A COMPUTER HAVE ADOBE ACROBAT READERPLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMPUTER HAS A DVD DRIVE CAPABLE OF READING THIS TYPE OF DISC (a standard DVD Rom drive or a DVD re-writer)THEY WILL NOT WORK IN A CD-ROM DRIVE, AUDIO CD PLAYER, CAR CD OR DVD PLAYERS, NORMAL OR REGULAR DVD PLAYER LIKE THE DVD PLAYER CONNECTED TO YOUR TV FOR EXAMPLEALL OF THE FILES ARE HI-RESOLUTION SCANS PRESENTED IN PDF FORMAT, EASY TO READ ON YOUR COMPUTER, LAPTOP, TABLET, SMARTPHONE, OR ANY MODERN KINDLE / EBOOK READER THAT CAN READ PDF FILES. ALL FILES CAN BE PRINTED OR TRANSFERRED BETWEEN DEVICES.FOR SOME DEVICES YOU MAY NEED TO CONVERT THE PDF FILES. A FREE PROGRAM CALLED CALIBRE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FROM THE INTERNET CAN BE USED TO DO THIS ***************************Please make sure to check our other Rare eBooks collections listings Each collection is unique and take advantage of our Multiple Purchase Discounts Multiple Purchase DiscountsIf you purchase 3 of our rare book collections you will automatically qualify for a free collection of your choice. Please use the eBay messaging service to let us know which collection you’d like totally free of charge! Payment Policy Only PayPal is AcceptedImmediate Payment is required after the Winning BidItem will be shipped on the same or next business day of receiving full payment Shipping Policy All items are posted Priority MailPlease allow up to 14 days for International ShippingPaypal Confirmed Addresses OnlyItems that are received damaged or faulty must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the itemReturns & Exchange PolicyDue to the nature of the item being a DVD and it can be copied, there is no return on this item, but if the item is faulty please contact US via eBay's messaging service for the returns address. The item must be returned within 14 days and once received, a replacement will be shipped to you. We suggest returning items via Trackable Delivery Service. Terms & Conditions Please Note: In order to keep prices low for our customers, These ebooks are supplied on unmarked DVDs (no labels) and presented in a white or clear DVD sleeve for protection. The Content of this DVD has been collected and compiled by US. Reproduction and sale of this DVD data disc is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Binding: DVD, Subject: SPIRITS, MEDIUM, SÉANCES, COMMUNICATE W THE DEAD

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