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Seller: rare-book-collections (20,577) 99.7%, Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123598736340 THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANCOLLECTION~~~~~~~~ “Egyptology is the study of Ancient Egyptian history, language, literature, architecture, art and religion” A truly stunning collection of over 200 vintage books compiled together for the first time on one unique DVD covering all aspects of one of the world’s most intriguing ancient civilizations – The Ancient Egyptians. Discover the secrets of the great pyramids, the lost tombs and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Learn about their religious beliefs, ancient myths and legends. Uncover the true stories behind some of the greatest finds in the history of archaeology and read about the pharaohs who ruled this fascinating civilization through several dynasties. Not only do these books reveal the ancient mysteries of Egypt, they highlight all that Egyptology encompasses. Some of these books are extremely rare and will provide a valuable reference archive for anyone with an interest in Ancient Egypt. The full list of titles speaks for itself! This wonderful collection of 212 rare books provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous illustrations / photos for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages. The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows: A century of excavation in the land of the Pharaohs by J. Baikie (n.d.) A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews by F. Portal (1904)A dissertation on the calendar and zodiac of ancient Egypt by W. Mure (1832)A guide to the antiquities of Upper Egypt from Abydos to the Sudan Frontier by A. Weigall (1910)A Handbook Of Egyptian Religion by A. Erman (1907)A handbook of the Egyptian rooms (1918)A history of Egypt from the end of the Neolithic period to the death of Cleopatra VII, B.C. 30 Vols. 1 - 8 by E. A. Wallis Budge (1902)A history of Egypt Vols. 1 - 6 by W. M. F. Petrie (1901)A history of Egypt, from the earliest times to the Persian conquest by J. H. Breasted (1912)A miracle in stone by J. A. Seiss (1877)A Photographic souvenir of Egypt by Vegnios and Zachos (1920)A popular account of the ancient Egyptians Vols. 1 & 2 by J. G. Wilkinson (1871)A self-verifying chronological history of ancient Egypt by O. P. Schmidt (1900)A short history of ancient Egypt by P. E. Newberry (1904)A short history of the Egyptian people with chapters on their religion, daily life, etc. by E. A. Wallis Budge (1914)Aegyptisches handwörterbuch by A. Erman (1921)Amulets by G. A. Reisner (1907)An atlas of ancient Egypt by The Egypt Exploration Society (1894)An introduction to the study of prehistoric times and Egypt by E. Fair (1907)Ancient Egypt by G. R. Gliddon (1847)Ancient Egypt by G. Rawlinson (1887)Ancient Egypt by J. Baikie (1916)Ancient Egypt by R. Mayde (1876)Ancient Egypt From The Records by M. E. Moncton Jones (1923)Ancient Egypt under the Pharaohs Vols. 1 & 2 by J. Kenrick (1850)Ancient Egypt, its monuments and history by D. P. Kidder (1851)Ancient Egyptian ships and shipping by W. F. Edgerton (1923)Ancient History from the monuments 'Egypt' From the earliest time to B.C. 300 by S. Birch (1890)Ancient Records of Egypt Vols. 1, 2 & 3 by J. H. Breasted (1906)Application of the Mosaic system of chronology in the elucidation of mysteries pertaining to the Bible in stone, known as the Great Pyramid of Egypt by E. B. Latch (1895)Archaic objects Vols. 1 & 2 by J. E. Quibell (1904)Art in Egypt by G. Maspero (1921)Balabish by G. A. Wainwright (1920)Burden Of Isis by J. T. Dennis (1918)By Nile and Euphrates, a record of discovery and adventure by H. V. Geere (1904)Chronological Inquiry Into The Ancient History Of Egypt by I. P. Cory (1837)Cleopatra by J. Abbott (1904)Collection H. Hoffmann. Catalogue des antiquités égyptiennes by H. Hoffmann (1894)Collection Of Hieroglyphs by F. L. Griffith (1898)Descriptive catalogue of photographs of the Great Pyramid taken by Professor Piazzi Smyth (1877)Deshasheh by W. M. F. Petrie (1897)Development of religion and thought in ancient Egypt by J. H. Breasted (1912)Dresses in ancient Egypt by A. Badawi (1960)Easy Lessons In Egyptian Hieroglyphics With Sign List by E. A. Wallis Budge (1899)Egypt - ancient sites and modern scenes by G. Maspero (1911)Egypt and its monuments; pharaohs, fellahs and explorers by A. Edwards (c1891)Egypt and the books of Moses by E. W. Hengstenberg (1843)Egypt Of The Hebrews And Herodotos by A. H. Sayce (1895)Egypt the cradle of ancient masonry by N. F. De Clifford (1902)Egyptian antiquities in the Pier collection. pt. 1 by G,. C. Pier (1906)Egyptian art - introductory studies by J. Capart (192-)Egyptian chronology; an attempt to conciliate the ancient schemes and to educe a rational system by F. G. Fleay (1899)Egyptian Heaven And Hell Vols. 1, 2 & 3 - Book Of Am Tuat by E. A. Wallis Budge (1905)Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Vols. 1 & 2 by E. A. Wallis Budge (1920)Egyptian Ideas Of The Future Life by E. A. Wallis Budge (1900)Egyptian Magic by E. A. Wallis Budge (1901)Egyptian Mysteries by A. Wilder (1915)Egyptian Myth And Legend by D. Mackenzie (1907)Egyptian Mythology And Egyptian Christianity by S. Sharpe (1863)Egyptian Myths And Mysteries by R. Steiner (1908)Egyptian Reading Book by E. A. Wallis Budge (1888)Ehnasya, 1904 by W. M. F. Petrie (1905)El Bersheh by P. E. Newberry (1893)Excavations at Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, in the 1913-1914 by L. Borchardt (1916)Five years' explorations at Thebes - a record of work done 1907-1911 by H. Carter (1912)Forged Egyptian antiquities by T. G. Wakeling (1912)Growth Of Religious And Moral Ideas In Egypt by S. Mercer (1919)Hieroglyphics Of Horapollo Nilous by A. T. Corey (1840)History of ancient Egypt Vols. 1 & 2 by G. Rawlinson (1881)History of Ancient Egyptian Art Vols. 1 & 2 by G. Perrot (1883)History of Egypt by R. G. Murison (n.d.)History Of Egypt Chaldea Syria Babylonia And Assyria by L. W. King (1906)History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria Vols. 1 - 9 by G. Maspero (1903)History Of The Ancient Egyptians by J. Breasted (1908)Horæ ægyptacæ or, The chronology of ancient Egypt, discovered from astronomical and hieroglyphic records upon its monuments by R. S. Poole (1851)Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian mystery in the source of measures originating the British inch and the ancient cubit by J. R. Skinner (1876)Koptos by W. M. F. Petrie (1896)Lectures on the elements of hieroglyphics and Egyptian antiquities by M. Spineto (1829)Lectures on the origin and growth of religion as illustrated by the religion of ancient Egypt by P. Le Page Renouf (1884)Legends Of Ancient Egypt by F. Brooksbank (unknown publication date)Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition by L. W. King (1918)Legends Of The Gods by E. A. Wallis Budge (1912)Leyden Papyrus by F. L. Griffith (1904)Life and work at the Great Pyramid during the months of January, February, March, and April, A.D. 1865 Vols. 1 & 2 by C. P. Smyth (1867)Life in ancient Egypt and Assyria by G. Maspero (1892)Life In Ancient Egypt by A. Erman (1894)Luxor & its temples by A. M. Blackman (1923)Manual of Egyptian archaeology and guide to the study of antiquities in Egypt, for the use of students and travellers by G. Maspero (1914)Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology by G. Maspero (1914)Memoranda, illustrative of the tombs and sepulchral decorations of the Egyptians by E. Upham (1822)Miroirs by G. Benedite (1907)Myths and legends - ancient Egypt by L. Spence (1910)Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations, in Egypt and Nubia by G. B. Belzoni (1820)New light on ancient Egypt by G. Maspero (1909)New measures of the Great pyramid by C. P. Smyth (1884)Notes for the Nile - together with a metrical rendering of the hymns of ancient Egypt and of the precepts of Ptah-hotep (the oldest book in the world) by H. D. Rawnsley (1892)Operations carried on at the pyramids of Gizeh in 1837 Vols. 1 & 2 by R. Howard-Vyse (1840)Our inheritance in the Great Pyramid by C. P. Smyth (1874)Outlines Of Ancient Egyptian History by A. Mariette (1892)Popular literature in ancient Egypt by A. Wiedemann (1902)Popular stories of ancient Egypt by G. Maspero (1915)Primitive Art In Egypt by J. Capart (1905)Rameses the Great or, Egypt 3300 years ago by F. de Lanoye (1885)Records of the past being English translations of the ancient monuments of Egypt and western Asia Vols. 1 – 6 by A. H. Sayce (1889)Religion and conscience in Ancient Egypt by W. M. F. Petrie (1898)Scarabs and cylinders with names by W. M. F. Petrie (1917)Scarabs by I. Mayer (1894)Scarabs; an introduction to the study of Egyptian seals and signet rings by P. E. Newberry (1908)Short Egyptian Grammar by G. Roeder (1920)Stolen Legacy by G. James (1954)Studies in the palaeopathology of Egypt by M. A. Ruffer (1921)Ten years' digging in Egypt, 1881-1891 by W. M. F. Petrie (1892)The Ancient Coptic Churches Of Egypt Vols. 1 & 2 by A. J. Butler (1884)The Ancient Egyption Doctrine Of The Immortality by A. Wiedeman (1895)The architecture of ancient Egypt; a historical outline by E. Bell (1915)The arts and crafts of ancient Egypt by W. M. F. Petrie (1910)The Book Of The Dead by E. A. Wallis Budge (1895)The civilization of the ancient Egyptians by A. B. Gosse (1915)The dawn of civilization - Egypt and Chaldæa by G. Maspero (1910)The Dwellers On The Nile by E. A. Wallis Budge (1893)The early dynastic cemeteries of Naga-ed-Dêr by G. A. Reisner (1908)The Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotos by A. H. Sayce (1896)The Egyptian Book of the Dead by E. A. Wallis Budge (1898)The Egyptian Conception Of Immortality by G. A. Reisner (1912)The Egyptian pyramids - an analysis of a great mystery by E. W. Fish (1880)The great pyramid - its builder and its prophecy by J. Garnier (1912)The Great Pyramid - observatory, tomb, and temple by R. A. Proctor (1888)The great pyramid Jeezeh by L. P. McCarty (1907)The Great pyramid of Egypt by S. H. Ford (1882)The great pyramid of Gizeh; a symbol of universal truth by J. M. Chase (1916)The Great pyramid of Jizeh, the plan and object of its construction by J. R. Skinner (1871)The history of Egypt under the Ptolemies by S. Sharpe (1838)The House Of The Hidden Places by W. M. Adams (1895)The imaginary metrological system of the Great pyramid of Gizeh; by F. Barnard (1884)The Kybalion; a study of the hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece, by Three Initiates (1908)The life and times of Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt by A. Weigall (1922)The life and times of Joseph in the light of Egyptian lore by H. G. Tomkins (1891)The life of the king of the South & North Kamari'a, daughter of the sun, Hatshepsut by T. Gray (1920)The Liturgy Of Funerary Offerings by E. A. Wallis Budge (1909)The lost solar system of the ancients discovered Vols. 1 & 2 by J. Wilson (1856) The Manners And Customs Of The Ancient Egyptians by J. G. Wilkinson (1837)The manners and customs of the ancient Egyptians Vols. 1 & 2 by J. G. Wilkinson (1878)The monuments of Egypt; or, Egypt a witness for the Bible by F. L. Hawks (1850)The monuments of Upper Egypt, a translation of the Itinéraire de la Haute Égypte, by A. Mariette-Bey (1890)The music of the most ancient nations - particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews by C. Engel (1864)The Origin And Significance Of The Great Pyramid by C. S. Wake (1882)The pharaoh and the priest; an historical novel of ancient Egypt by B. Prus (1902)The problem of the obelisks, from a study of the unfinished obelisk at Aswan by R. Engelbach (1923)The Pyramid Texts by S. Mercer (1952)The pyramids and temples of Gizeh by W. M. F. Petrie (1883)The Realms Of The Egyptian Dead by A. Wiedeman (1902)The Religion Of Ancient Egypt by W. M. F. Petrie (1908)The religions of ancient Egypt and Babylonia by A. H. Sayce (1902)The romance of excavation - a record of the amazing discoveries in Egypt, Assyria, Troy, Crete, etc. by D. Masters (1923)The Rosetta Stone (1922)The sacred beetle - a popular treatise on Egyptian scarabs in art and history by J. Ward (1902)The solution of the pyramid problem or, Pyramid discoveries with a new theory as to their ancient use by R. Ballard (1882)The Spell Of Egypt by R. S. Hichens (1911)The stela of Sebek-khu; the earliest record of an Egyptian campaign in Asia by T. E. Peet (1914)The storehouses of the king; or, The pyramids of Egypt, what they are, and who built them by J. Van Gelder (1885)The story of ancient Egypt by G. Rawlinson (1887)The temple of Bîgeh by A. M. Blackman (1915)The tomb of two brothers by M. A. Murray (1910)The tombs of ancient Egypt by W. L. Nash (1909)The tour, a story of ancient Egypt by L. Couperus (1920)The Treasury of Ancient Egypt by A. Weigall (1912)Thoth The Hermes Of Egypt by P. Boylan (1922)Tools and weapons illustrated by the Egyptian collection in University college, London, and 2,000 outlines from other sources by W. M. F. Petrie (1917)Travels in the Upper Egyptian deserts by A. Weigall (1909)Tutankhamen by E. A. Wallis Budge (1923)View of ancient and modern Egypt; with an outline of its natural history by M. Russell (1831)Wisdom Of The Egyptians by B. Brown (1923) A must for anyone with an interest in ANCIENT EGYPT and EGYPTOLOGY – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price! Also available in our store is "The Ancient Egypt Language Collection", aimed specifically at ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and inscriptions! Quick Delivery – Free postage within the UK! All of the files are hi-resolution scans presented in pdf format, easy to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any modern Kindle / ebook reader that can read pdf files. All files can be printed or transferred between devices. For some devices you may need to convert the pdf files. A free program called Calibre can be used to do this and can be included on the DVD if requested. Please note that this is a data DVD disc that will contain all of the books, documents and material listed in this auction. It will work in a laptop or computer (including MAC) but will NOT work on a normal DVD player, X-Box or audio CD player. ** Main photo is for illustration purposes only ** Please check our other items for lots more rare specialist book collections! 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