2020 Marvel THOR 2 First Appearance of STRANGE ACADEMY preview 6th Print CGC 9.8

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Seller: investmentqualitycollectibles ✉️ (12,383) 100%, Location: San Francisco, California, US, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item: 134155126150 2020 Marvel THOR 2 First Appearance of STRANGE ACADEMY preview 6th Print CGC 9.8. 2020 Series. Strange Academy #1 did not release until 2 months after with a cover date of May 2020, so this preview pre-dates the debut of Strange Academy. This "Preview" was released with a cover date of March 2020. THANK YOU FOR VISITING THIS AUCTION Marvel Comics THOR 2020 Series Volume #6 Issue #2 SIXTH PRINTING VARIANT Writer: Donny Cates Artist: Nic Klein Cover Art by: Olivier Coipel "Exclusive STRANGE ACADEMY Preview" FIRST APPEARANCES * STRANGE ACADEMY Emily Bright Shaylee Moonpeddle Alvi Iric Guslaug Doyle Dormamu Zoe Laveau Calvin Morse Dessy German Toth * = 1st Chronological Release Date Appearance This "Preview" was released with a cover date of March 2020. Strange Academy #1 did not release until 2 months after with a cover date of May 2020, so this preview pre-dates the debut of Strange Academy March 2020 (6th Printing has a January 2021 Cover Date) Comic Book CGC Blue Label Universal Grade Authenticated & Graded 9.8 White Pages DESCRIPTION This is a CGC professionally graded comic book, that is slabbed, encased in a preservation quality tamper proof acrylic holder., so what you see is really what you get here. The comic book has been stored in a box in a temperature controlled climate, so isn't displayed where light or heat would fade or age it. This is an actual photo of the merchandise you will receive. Where many sellers only show you half of the truth, I try to show photos of both the FRONT SIDE and the BACK SIDE along with any close-ups and various angles to ensure you can see and know with confidence what you're considering buying before you buy it. It's what I call Assurance Insurance out of respect towards Customer Care and Service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, including any additional photos you may need to see of close-ups or any other reason. Please excuse my photography in that there might be some reflections, light glares and obstructed views, as it's hard to take photos of CGC comics due to the outer plastic case and inner comic book being difficult to photograph perfectly, so if you have any questions, if in doubt, just ask. Facts about CGC Graded COMIC BOOKS - As of 2022, it now costs a minimum of $24 (modern books 1975 to present) to submit a comic book for grading and authentication. The turnaround time used to take a month, now takes several months turnaround time. There's a $5 invoice fee on top of the overhead costs of shipping a book or multiple books to submit to CGC as well as the costs of the return shipping and insurance that CGC has customers pay for. With all that being said, disregarding the actual value/cost of the comic book itself, raw... it's estimated that the cost of getting a standard comic book CGC graded costs about $30 per book, and many savvy collectors now acknowledge that overhead cost and add that $30 premium value of a CGC graded book on top of what the value of a raw book would cost as a starting point, so that's why if sellers offer graded modern books, assuming the comics might have been acquired at a $5 cover price (plus sales tax) cost, the break-even point is about $35 for a seller and if selling on eBay, factoring in the overhead of fees, it would be a minimum of $40 for any graded comic book as a starting point at any grade. Grading Fees continue to rise and the importance of authentication and graded collectibles are becoming an important factor when buying online where eBay is often making it a necessity to protect buyers as well, assuring the certification of the condition and accuracy of authentication for certain items. Having a comic book graded does increase the value of that comic book and makes it easier to buy/sell as an investment and provides the sturdiest archive or storage for the comic. PURCHASING GRADED BOOKS ALLOWS YOU TO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AND ASSURANCE. REGARDING "NEWTON RINGS which CGC describes as: The “rainbow effect” or “Newton rings” are a normal occurrence when two different plastics (which have different refractive indexes) are placed together. It’s what you sometimes see on a smartphone screen protector or on the edges of an LCD screen. The rainbow effect has been seen in CGC holders since our first-generation holder was introduced nearly 20 years ago. This is a result of the inner sleeve (which holds the book) contacting the hard-plastic outer shell; the two different plastics have different refractive indexes and that sometimes creates a rainbow effect when they come into contact. A minor rainbow effect has always been within our tolerance. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the presence of any Newton Rings or comments about Newton Rings, as it's a minor aesthetic presentation issue known with CGC books but do not impact the grade, condition nor long term archival quality of a CGC'ed book. It's simply a visual aspect that occurs with the outside of the inner sleeve and the inside of the case holder. If this is an issue with you, take a look at the photos. I generally provide both front and back images of the exact book you're considering bidding on or purchasing along with close ups. You can ask for additional photos or inquire for my personal inspection if you're that proverbial "condition queen", which I understand has every right to ask about. I just want to avoid unnecessary customer satisfaction issues over petty issues which are out of my control that may nor may not exist with the subjective nature of Newton Rings. I've been a seller on eBay since 1999 and, so the past 15+ years I've both bought and sold with trust and reliability. We store our CGC books in plastic bags to ensure the outer case does not get scratched nor damaged. The case has no chips or cracks and is in perfect condition. We ship the CGC books to ensure that the outer case is also well protected because we know how important that aspect is to collectors for aesthetics as well as an investment. I guarantee and back each piece's authenticity to be original and authentic 100%. SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Our collectibles ship in very sturdy and secure packaging to ensure your collectible is delivered to you in the best possible condition, this often requires added packaging material (including archival quality preservation) as well as added weight (thick cardboard support) & size (over-sized to really protect the merchandise well while shipping) to the parcel. CGC COMIC BOOKS are packaged in an over-sized BOX to ensure that the outer CGC plastic case is well protected and won't incur any damages during shipment to delivery due to impact damages (folks who just throw 'em into a padded envelope or flimsy thin cardboard box (just using a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box without added padding often spells disaster!) - I basically want to ensure the surface, edges and corners of the CGC case never get damaged due to impact issues that other sellers encounter due to shoddy inadequate packaging, since reslabbing is expensive. We add both support and padding using protective packaging materials, so the average parcel of a single CGC book typically comes in a box with dimensions of around 17" x 12" x 6" and weighs around 3 LBS (a single CGC graded comic book in the slab itself weighs about 1 lb and 4 oz, and more if it's a thicker book or a magazine of course) For multiple CGC Books purchased, I can adjust the shipping fees to reflect the actual weight of the parcel (including packaging), so please inquire. Please review our stellar feedback regarding our customers comments on the QUALITY of our items and the QUALITY of our SHIPPING (Fast Delivery and Iron Clad Protective Packaging!). DOMESTIC (Anywhere in the USA) BIDDERS U.S.A. = Priority Mail (BOXED) INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: PLEASE INQUIRE FIRST BEFORE BIDDING IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. International (NON-USA = Canada, Mexico, Europe., Asia, etc.) Buyers Bids (U.S. Funds Only) are Welcomed and Accepted & All Items Can Be Shipped Worldwide. Due to size dimensions and weight of the product and packaging, although I do offer international shipping and appreciate, respect and honor international bidders and customers, sometimes it is cost prohibitive on the shipping side for purchases, which I understand, and for that, if you are international and have a domestic (USA) delivery address through a friend or relative, I can ship to US addresses which I recommend if that is an option, but that address MUST BE registered to your account on Pay Pal, otherwise if you have a domestic (USA) friend or relative who has an eBay account, they could bid on this on your behalf to ship to the US. International Worldwide Express Mail (Delivers in approx. 1 week) Priority Mail (Delivers in approx 10 days) First Class Airmail (Delivery can take up to 2 weeks+) NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NEGOTIATE SHIPPING FEES OR CUSTOMS VALUES TO BE DECLARED OR STATUS AS A GIFT. Please know that the declared value of the sale price is the declared value which will be used when shipping the item. Unfortunately, it's against policy to circumvent any duties, taxes or fees related to the value by altering the value or status (i.e. this is not a gift, this is a sales transaction and is merchandise). I apologize that those facts are out of my control and it is your country, and not me who may charge whatever fees they deem necessary related to international sales transactions. All Items Protectively Packaged Sturdy and Secure, often times resulting in oversized and heavier parcels. Check out my feedback for testimonials on the quality of my packaging, quality of merchandise and speed of delivery. METHODS OF PAYMENT: PAY PAL SHIPPING & DELIVERY DETAILS : All Items are Sent via U.S. Postal Service unless otherwise described. As many know, postal rates have increased and now factored into pricing is both weight and size dimensions, so oversized items are now more expensive to ship. I do prepare and handle my packages, using very sturdy oversized packaging materials to protect your item during transit so it is delivered sturdy and secure for you to enjoy quickly in collector’s investment quality condition. Expect Delivery of the Item in approx. 2-10 days (depending upon your location & method shipped) upon receipt of payment and clearance of funds. Airmail for International Bidders takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks. AGAIN, Please review my over 9,500 Positive “Green Star” eBay Feedback comments for INVESTMENTQUALITYCOLLECTIBLES received regarding the quality merchandise, secure packaging, customer satisfaction and quick communication & speedy delivery. I never ever ask for or solicit customers for any eBay feedback, these are all comments that customers initiated and went out of their way and took the initiative to express their complete satisfaction and appreciation! In turn, I leave glowingly POSITIVE high praise feedback to buyers as well of course! FINAL DETAILS: This package may be oversized, so include the address where you want this item delivered to, but it must be confirmed registered to your Pay Pal account as an authorized and valid address. You will be contacted within 3 business days (so please be patient on weekends or holidays for payment instructions) upon the close of auction. You will be sent an eBay Invoice and a personal e’mail from me to the email address you have registered with eBay. A response or “eBay Checkout” (eBay Invoice) from the winning bidder confirming receipt of the details and instructions along with a payment status is appreciated within 7 days of the end of auction. If the winning bidder does not hear from me via E'mail within 5 days of the end of the auction, be proactive and you can e'mail me, sometimes E-Mail is unreliable, addresses are mistyped, e'mails are accidentally deleted, and messages get lost or systems are down on either end. An Ebay "Non-Paying Bidder's Alert" (NPBA) notice will be sent if no communication is made within 7-10 days of then end of the auction and my e'mail notice to you. A NPBA is also filed payment is not made by the winning bidder within 10-20 days of the end of the auction. This is an Ebay policy for their refund (of commissions charged) process. An official eBay Credit Request will follow 10 days after the NPBA for any Non-Communicating or "Deadbeat" Non-Paying Bidders if appropriate (If Negative Feedback is given, this means either you have not responded to payment notices (including the official notices sent by eBay) or Payment was promised but never sent without any recent communication on the status of that payment. Items may be relisted after the 3rd and final notice and application for credit from eBay. This policy has been established in all fairness to the eBay seller (me) and bidder's who really want this item. If you like this unique collectible item, you may find other collectible items of similar or different interest on my current Ebay Auctions... Check out my other auctions under Ebay Seller: INVESTMENTQUALITYCOLLECTIBLES (or select View Sellers Other Auctions on the top of this page) DON'T MISS OUT... Bid Early! Don't Sleep On This One... ...You Snooze, You Lose! THOSE WHO TRY TO SNIPE, AND FORGET TO BID ON ONE OF A KIND ITEMS ARE ONLY LEFT WITH REGRET IF you are an EBAY WEEKDAY Workplace Warrior, Don't Forget to Bid on Auctions that close before you get into work (late night after you leave) or that close on Weekends or Holidays! ALSO, keep in mind two other factors when placing your "best offer" bids... Auction Watching SNIPERS, those eBay strategic bargain hunting bidders who may (and will) sneak their bids in at the last minute and steal this deal right from under you just as the auction closes... AND of course the rare (but occasional) times that either your Internet Access is DOWN (or you're simply not around or forget) or if EBAY's Auction Site is down and you can't access the site to place your bid! My bidding philosophy for items you absolutely want, especially in cases of one of a kind items is just to place a best efforts bid of what you're willing to pay and can afford "what it's worth to you", no more than that, and no less either, so you'll know you gave it a 100% effort to obtain it and even if you lose, you didn't lose because you didn't try... WHY TAKE THE CHANCE? ...WHY WAIT?? ...DON'T DELAY ONLY TO FORGET OR GET OUTBID!!! ...GO FOR IT NOW IF YOU REALLY WANT IT!!! Treat Yourself to Something Special... You Deserve It !!! OR Buy This For Others... This Also Makes The Perfect Gift for a Friend, Family Member or Loved One This Item can be sent and delivered DIRECTLY to any address. You Provide the address and I'll send it there! ...Perfect for Holidays ...Birthdays ...or ANY OCCASION ! Why double your efforts and expenses having it shipped to you only to encounter the hassles of time delays and additional postage expenses? For your convenience, this can be shipped directly to any address (* If International, USPS rate will be quoted) you desire! One Stop Shopping, Hassle Free and Convenient! FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION... THIS ITEM HAS BEEN CAREFULLY STORED IN A NON-SMOKING and PET-FREE ENVIRONMENT TO MAINTAIN ITS COLLECTOR'S ITEM INVESTMENT QUALITY CONDITION AND HAS BEEN STORED IN THE BEST POSSIBLE MANNER TO PRESERVE IT'S ORIGINAL CONDITION (AS DESCRIBED ABOVE) If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. The scan below is of low-resolution and may or may not be cropped and incomplete to fit my scanner, so please read the text above for full details. The image is provided to furnish you with a visual picture and general idea of how this item looks and what this item is. Thanks for taking the time and viewing my auction. Condition: Like New, Condition: Photos furnished showing the condition of the items featured, which are the exact items the winning bidder will receive., Superhero Team: Avengers, Strange Academy, Character: Thor, Strange Academy, Doctor Strange, Grade: 9.8 Near Mint/Mint, Title: Marvel Comics, Universe: Marvel (MCU), Professional Grader: Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), Language: English, Publisher: Marvel, Tradition: US Comics, Genre: Superheroes, Era: Modern Age (1985-Now), Certification: CGC

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