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Seller: rare-book-collections (20,558) 99.7%, Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123570874757 THE NAVAL ARCHITECTURECOLLECTION~~~~~~~~ A truly unique and wonderful collection of over 190 rare, out-of-print books compiled together for the first time on DVD DATA DISC covering all aspects of NAVAL ARCHITECTURE & SHIPBUILDING. Discover the principles of ship design and construction, from ancient wooden boats to large ironclad warships and modern vessels. Study the science, theory and practice of naval architecture and marine engineering. Frigates, clippers, yachts, boats, wooden ships, iron vessels, warships and steamships – from stem to stern, explore the history of shipbuilding around the world. Some of the books contained within this collection are extremely hard-to-find and will provide a valuable library of reference material. Overall, this is a vast treasure trove of information for anyone with an interest in ships, shipbuilding, naval architecture and marine engineering. The full list of titles included speaks for itself…. This superb compilation of 194 vintage books on DVD data disc provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous photos / illustrations for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop or computer, or transfer to tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages. This is without doubt the most extensive collection of its kind - compiled over time by rare-book-collections, and only available here! The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows: A book of the sea - A. Williams (unknown date)A brief essay on the causes of dry-rot in public and private ships and its remedy - J. Barron (1829)A complete class-book of naval architecture - W. J. Lovett (1918)A complete nautical pocket dictionary. English-German and German-English - J. Barten (1911)A complete schedule of vessels built and registered in the district of Bath, Maine, commencing at 1783 - G. Preble (1878)A Handbook of Practical Shipbuilding - J. D. MacBride (1921)A History of Naval Architecture, to which is prefixed an introductory dissertation on the application of mathematical science to the art of naval construction - J. Fincham (1851)A manual for naval cadets - J. M. Boyd (1860)A manual of naval architecture by W. H. White (1889)A method for the design of ship propulsion shaft systems - W. E. Lehr (1961)A naval encyclopædia comprising a dictionary of nautical words and phrases - L. R. Hamersley (1884)A New System of Naval Architecture - W. Annesley (1822)A practical course in wooden boat and ship building by R. M. Van Gaasbeek (1918)A text book of naval architecture, for the use of officers of the Royal Navy - J. J. Welch (1891)A text-book of laying off, or, The geometry of shipbuilding - E. L. Atwood (1918)A text-book of ocean meteorology by A. G. Findlay (1887)A treatise on marine architecture - M. F. Crisp (1849)A treatise on marine architecture containing the theory and practice of shipbuilding, with rules for the proportions of masts, rigging, weight of anchors, etc. - P. Hedderwick (1830)A treatise on naval architecture - R. W. Meade (1868)A treatise on ship-building and navigation ... To which is added by way of appendix, an English abridgment of another treatise on naval architecture - M. Murray (1754)A treatise on the stability of ships by E. J. Reed (1885)All about ships, With four colour plates and a large number of drawings and photographs by H. T. Dorling (1912)An introductory outline of the practice of ship-building by J. Fincham (1825)An universal dictionary of the marine or, A copious explanation of the technical terms and phrases employed in the construction ... of a ship - W. Falconer (1780)An unsinkable Titanic; every ship its own lifeboat - J. B. Walker (1912)Ancient and modern ships Vol. 1 - G. Holmes (1906)Ancient and modern ships Vol. 2 - G. Holmes (1906)Ancient Egyptian ships and shipping - W. F. Edgerton (1923)Ancient mariners - the story of ships and sea routes - C. Ford (1928)Ancient ships by C. Torr (1895)Architectura navalis et reginem nauticum - N. Witsen (1690) (Latin text)Audel's ship fitters' guide; a practical treatise on steel ship building and repairing - R. Newstead (1919)British shipping, its history, organization and importance, with a map of main routes and coaling stations, and full appendices by A. W. Kirkaldy (1914)De nederlandsche scheeps-bouw-konst open gestelt - C. Van Eyk (1697) (Dutch Text)Descriptions of various plans for the improvement of naval architecture - R. Blake (1833)Dolphin design - B. M. Carioti (1961)Electric lighting for marine engineers; or, How to light a ship by the electric light and how to keep the apparatus in order, with 134 illustrations by S. F. Walker (1896)Elements of naval architecture - being a translation of the third part of a work entitled Traite elementaire de la construction des vaisseaux, par M. Vial de Clairbois (1846)Elements of yacht design - N. L. Skene (1904)Fifty plates of shipping and craft by E. W. Cooke (1829)Handbook of ship calculations, construction and operation - C. H. Hughes (1917)Hints on the principles which should regulate the form of ships and boats - W. Bland (1852)Historic ships - R. S. Holland (1926)History of New York ship yards - J. H. Morrison (1909)History of shipbuilding on North river, Plymouth county, Massachusetts - L. V. Briggs (1889)How wooden ships are built; a practical treatise on modern American wooden ship construction, with a supplement on laying off wooden vessels - H. C. Estep (1918)Illustrated nautical dictionary - H. Patterson (1891)Improvements in naval engineering in Great Britain - J. A. Tobin (1883)Influence of the great war upon shipping - J. R. Smith (1919)Instructions as to the tonnage measurement of ships by Great Britain Board of Trade (1913)Iron as a material of construction being the substance of a course of lectures delivered at the Royal school of naval architecture, South Kensington - W. Pole (1872)Iron Shipbuilding with Practical Illustrations - J. Grantham (1858)Japanese merchant shipbuilding (1947)Lake ship yard methods of steel ship construction - R. Curr (1907)L'architecture navale, contenant la maniere de construire les navires, galeres & chaloupes, & la definition de plusieurs autres especes de vaisseaux - F. Dassie (1677) (French text)Lecture on the preservation of wood as adapted to shipbuilding - C. E. Munroe (1877)Lectures on naval architecture; being the substance of those delivered at the United service institution - E. G. Fishbourne (1846)List of references on shipping and shipbuilding - H. Meyer (1919)Mechanical and marine engineering science - A. N. Somerscales (1909)Model engines and small boats, new methods of engine and boiler making; with chapter on elementary ship design and constrution - N. Hopkins (1898)Models of ships and boats - G. A. Resiner (1913)Modern shipbuilding and the men engaged in it - D. H. Pollock (1884)Modern shipbuilding terms - F. F. Pease (1918)Motor boats, a review of the development and construction of marine motors and motor boats, their advantages and their future scope by F. Strickland (unknown publication date)Motor boats, hydroplanes, hydroaeroplanes, construction and operation by T. H. Russell (1917)Mr. Robert Duncan on evolution in naval architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria - R. Duncan (1887)Nautical terms - in English and French and French and English - L. Delbos (1902)Naval architect's & shipbuilder's pocket-book - C. Mackrow (1916)Naval architects data - J. Mitchell (1919)Naval architecture - a treatise on laying off and building wood, iron, and composite ships Vol. 1 - S. J. Thearle (1874)Naval architecture - a treatise on laying off and building wood, iron, and composite ships Vol. 2 - S. J. Thearle (1874)Naval architecture - a treatise on ship-building, and the rig of clippers, with suggestions for a new method of laying down vessels - R. Montagu (1852)Naval Architecture - C. H. Peabody (1917)Naval architecture a manual on laying-off iron, steel, and composite vessels by T. H. Watson (1898)Naval architecture and shipbuilding; a list of references in the New York Public Library (1919)Naval construction - R. Robinson (1917)Naval text-book, and dictionary, for the use of the midshipmen of the U.S. Navy - B. J. Totten (1862)Naval warfare - J. R. Thursfield (1913)Navies of the world ... Together with the latest developments in ordnance, torpedoes, and naval architecture - E. W. Very (1880)Notes on Shipbuilding & Nautical Terms of Old in the North - E. Magnusson (1906)Notes on the Theory of the Steam Engine - J. H. Cotterill (1871)Old seas wings, ways, and words, in the days of oak and hemp - R. C. Leslie (1890)On construction of the ark as adapted to the naval architecture of the present day - W. Radford (1840)On illustrations of progress in materials for shipbuilding and engineering at the royal naval exhibition - W. H. White (1891)On technological education and the construction of ships and screw propellers, for naval and marine engineers - J. W. Nystrom (1866)On the Action of Compasses in Iron Ships - article by J. Lilley (1866)Our ironclads and merchant ships - E. G. Fishbourne (1874)Papers on Naval Architecture and Other Subjects Connected with Naval Science - W. Morgan (1829)Papers on Naval Architecture and Other Subjects Connected with Naval Science - W. Morgan (1832)Practical ship production - A. W. Carmichael (1919)Practical shipbuilding - a treatise on the structural design and building of modern steel vessels - A. C. Holmes (1904)Prediction of sailing boat performance - E. C. Munger (1976)Present-day shipbuilding. A manual for students and ships' officers for their respective examinations; ship-superintendents, surveyors, engineers, shipowners, and shipbuilders - T. Walton (1907)Principles of Mechanics, and Their Application to Prime Movers, Naval architecture, ect. - W. J. Millar (1874)Proceedings of the International Engineering Congress, Division of Marine and Naval Engineering and Naval Architecture Vol. 2 (1894)Progress of naval architecture - D. Davison (1852)Report on the ship-building industry of the United States - H. Hall (1884)Rudimentary dictionary of terms used in architecture, civil, architecture, naval, building and construction - J. Weale (1860)Rudimentary treatise on masting, mast-making, and rigging of ships - R. Kipping (1854)Rudiments of Naval Architecture by J. Peake (1855)Sailing ships - the story of their development from earliest times to the present day by E. K. Chatteton (1909)Seagoing and other concrete ships by N. K. Fougner (1922)Ship construction and calculations, with numerous illustrations and examples for the use of officers of the mercantile marine, ship superintendents, draughtsmen, etc. by G. Nicol (1909)Ship erection (1942)Ship joinery (1942)Ship wiring and fitting by T. M. Johnson (1911)Shipboard vibration research in the U.S.A. - E. F. Noonan (1964)Shipbuilding for beginners - A. W. Carmichael (1918)Shipbuilding from its beginnings Vol. 1 by E. Von Konijnenburg (1913)Shipbuilding from its beginnings Vol. 2 by E. Von Konijnenburg (1913)Shipbuilding from its beginnings Vol. 3 by E. Von Konijnenburg (1913)Shipbuilding in iron and steel, a practical treatise - E. J. Reed (1869)Ship-building in iron and wood by A. Murray (1863)Shipfitting practice, instructor’s guide (1942)Ships & ways of other days - E. K. Chatterton (1913)Shipyard practice as applied to warship construction - N. J. McDermaid (1911)Shipyard rigging (1943)Some experiences in naval architecture - H. H. West (1889)Some ships of the clipper ship era, their builders, owners, and captains by State Street Trust Company (1913)Specifications for construction of steel cargo steamers by Columbia river ship building corporation (19--)Stability and equilibrium of floating bodies by B. C. Laws (1914)Stage building and ship carpentry (1943)Standardization of ship materials by F. T. Llewellyn (1919)Steam vessels and marine engines by G. F. Howell (1896)Steam-ships the story of their development to the present day by R. A. Fletcher (1910)Steamships and their machinery from first to last by J. W. C. Haldane (1893)Steamships and their story - E. K. Chatterton (1910)Steel ships, their construction and maintenance - a manual for shipbuilders, ship superintendents, students, and marine engineers - T. Walton (1901)Stem to stern; or, Building the boat by O. Optic (1886)Structural analysis and design considerations for cylindrical pressure hulls - J. G. Pulos (1963)Structural design of warships - W. Hovgaard (1915)Technical education in naval architecture - W. John (1884)Text-book of theorectical naval architecture by E. L. Attwood (1917)The Annual of the Royal School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (1871)The Blackwall frigates - B. Lubbock (1922)The boilermakers' and iron shipbuilders' companion - J. Foden (1892)The British merchant service; being a history of the British mercantile marine from the earliest times to the present day by R. J. Cornewall-Jones (1898)The building of a wooden ship - C. G. Davis (1918)The capability of steam ships, based on the mutual relations of displacement, power, and speed illustrated by tables, adapted for mercantile reference by C. Atherton (1854)The clipper ship era; an epitome of famous American and British clipper ships, their owners, builders, commanders, and crews, 1843-1869 by A. H. Clark (1910)The Clyde passenger steamer - J. Williamson (1904)The design and construction of ships Vol. 1 - J. H. Biles (1923)The design and construction of ships Vol. 2 - J. H. Biles (1923)The development of navies during the last half-century - S. Eardley-Wilmot (1892)The electric propulsion of ships by H. M. Hobart (1911)The Elements of Naval Architecture, Or A Practical Treatise on Shipbuilding - M. Duhamel du Monceau (1764)The elements of wood ship construction - W. H. Curtis (1919)The evolution of naval armament - F. L. Robertson (1921)The fleets of the world - F. A. Parker (1876)The forms of ships and boats Hints experimentally derived on some of the principles regulating shipbuilding - W. Bland (1868)The handbook of iron shipbuilding by T. Smith (1869)The Homeric catalogue of ships by T. W. Allen (1921)The magnetism of ships, and the mariner's compass by W. Walker (1853)The marvel book of American ships by O. P. Jackson (1917)The marvels of the ship; the story of the development of the ship from the earliest times by E. K. Chatterton (1921)The merchant's, shipmaster's and mate's manual - I. R. Butts (1858)The modern warship - E. L. Attwood (1913)The naval architect's and shipbuilder's pocket-book of formulae, rules, and tables and marine engineer's and surveyor's handy book of reference - C. Mackrow (1884)The naval constructor a vade mecum of ship design for students, naval architects, shipbuilders and owners, marine superintendents, engineers and draughtsmen - G. Simpson (1914)The romance of the ship; the story of her origin and evolution by E. K. Chatterton (1911)The science of ship-building, considered in its relations to the laws of nature - H. B. Willson (1863)The screw propeller - R. Wilson (1880)The seaman's friend - containing a treatise on practical seamanship, with plates; a dictionary of sea terms; customs and usages of the merchant service - R. H. Dana (1847)The seaman's manual - R. H. Dana (1841)The ship; her story - W. C. Russell (1899)The ship-builders' complete guide - comprehending the theory and practice of naval architecture, with its modern improvements - C. F. Partington (1826)The shipbuilding industry - R. W. Kelly (1918)The shipbuilding industry; its history, practice, science and finance - D. H. Pollock (1905)The theory and design of British shipbuilding by A. L. Ayre (1921)The theory and science of naval architecture familiarly explained and intimately blended with the art - I. Blackburn (1836)Theoretical naval architecture; a treatise on the calculations involved in naval design Vol. 1 by S. J. Pope (1877)Theoretical naval architecture; a treatise on the calculations involved in naval design Vol. 2 by S. J. Pope (1877)Traité de la construction des vaisseaux, avec des eclaircissemens & démonstrations touchant l'ouvrage intitulé Architectura navalis mercatoria - F. H. Chapman (1781) (French text)Traité élémentaire de la construction des bâtimens de mer, à l'usage des élèves du génie maritime, & propre aux marins, armateurs, etc. - H. S. Vial Du Clairbois (French text)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 18 (1910)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 19 (1911)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 20 (1912)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 21 (1913)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 22 (1914)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 23 (1915)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 24 (1916)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 26 (1918)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 27 (1919)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 28 (1920)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 29 (1921)Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. 30 (1922)Treatise on iron ship building - W. Fairbairn (1865)Treatise on marine and naval architecture, or, Theory and practice blended in ship building - J. W. Griffiths (1852)Treatise on the theory and practice of naval architecture - A. Creuze (1841)Two centuries of shipbuilding by the Scotts at Greenock (1920)War-ships - a text-book on the construction, protection, stability turning, etc. of war vessels - E. L. Attwood (1910)Wooden hull inspection & repair manual by United States. Coast Guard. Merchant Marine Technical Division (1900)Wooden shipbuilding a comprehensive manual for wooden shipbuilders, to which is added a masting and rigging guide - W. J. Thompson (1918)Wooden ship-building by C. Desmond (1919) An absolute must for anyone with an interest in ships, shipbuilding, naval architecture and marine engineering – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price! Quick Delivery – Free postage within the UK! All of the files are hi-resolution scans presented in pdf format, easy to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any modern Kindle / ebook reader that can read pdf files. All files can be printed or transferred between devices. For some devices you may need to convert the pdf files. A free program called Calibre can be used to do this and can be included on the DVD if requested. Please note that this is a data DVD disc that will contain all of the books, documents and material listed in this auction. It will work in a laptop or computer (including MAC) but will NOT work on a normal DVD player, X-Box or audio CD player. ** Main photo is for illustration purposes only – other photos are example pages from the books included on the disc ** Please check our other items for lots more rare specialist book collections! 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Files have been randomly watermarked with links to our ebay store to prevent resale. rare-book-collections - “providing the world access to collections of specialist rare, antique and out-of-print books, in modern formats, allowing them to be read anytime, anywhere” This unique compilation and its listing have been created by ‘rare-book-collections', all rights reserved © Free auction templates courtesy of AuctionInsights Non-Fiction Subject: Naval Architecture, Ship building, Ships, Boats, Author: Various, Language: English, Format: HQ scans of rare books on DVD, Subject 2: Engineering

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