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Seller: neetmok (6,038) 100%, Location: South Salem, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 153622901093 Subject Matter Featured/Illustrated in this Work (General/Partial Only, Please See Full Contents in Main Description Below): Nature’s Wonderland Nature Natural History Antique Four Volume Set Leather Binding Gilt Decoration Color Chromolithographic Plate Illustrations Wild Animals Mankind Races Biology Zoology Anthropology Victorian Science J. Sterling Kingsley Animal Life Spiders Scorpions Centipedes Insects Ants Wasps Bees Butterflies Moths Jellyfish Mollusks Sea Urchins Marine Life Lobster Crab Locust Grasshopper Crickets Dragonfly Beetle Fish Fishes Salamanders Frogs Toads Reptiles Snakes Lizards Turtles Crocodiles Lizards Birds Penguins Pigeons Birds of Prey Great Blue Shark Sturgeon Brook Trout Swordfish Bull Frog Boa Constrictor Anaconda Chameleon Tortoise Crocodile Ostrich Eagles Falcons Goatsuckers Hummingbirds Sparrows Mammals Bats Elephants Whales Primates Bushmen Hottentots Negro Races Southeast Kafirs Ovambos Africa Nile Central Africa Gallas Somalis Masais Arabs Nubians Berbers Sahara Fellatahs Abyssinia Sudan Australia New Zealand Melanesians Admiralty Islands Anchorite Islands New Britain Archipelago Solomon Islands New Hebrides New Caledonia Loyalty Islands Tasmania Fiji Micronesia Mulgrave Archipelago Caroline Archipelago Ladrone Marian Polynesian Tonga Samoa Union Islands Hawaii Society Islands Malaysia Lion Kangaroo Porcupine Mouse Rhinoceros Horses Wild Boars Hippopotamus Deer Wolves Giraffe American Bison Antelopes Whales Bears Polar Bears Fox Tiger Leopard Jaguar Cat Walrus Monkey Chimpanzee Gorilla Prehistoric Man Head Hunters Borneo Sumatra Malay Java Marquesas Islands Cook Islands South America Patagonia Tierra Del Fuego Gran Chaco Indians Native Americans North America Pacific Northwest Eskimo Asia China Chinese Tartars Japan Japanese Asia Asian Tibet India Romans Egyptians Amazon River Indians Mandan Indians Osage Assiniboine Piute Indians Medicine Man Cossack Russia Russian Poland Bedouin Cairo Gypsy Moors Arab Arabian Islam NATURE’S WONDERLAND Or Short Talks on Natural History for Young and Old. Complete in Four Volumes. By J. Sterling Kingsley. Published in 1894 by F.R. Niglutsch, Publisher, New York. Four 11” x 8” three-quarter leather bindings ornately decorated with gilt. Volume I =275 pages. Volume II = 272 pages. . Volume III = 140 pages. Volume IV = 156 pages. Condition: VERY RARE – VERY GOOD CONDITION. Four beautiful three-quarter leather volumes with only the slightest wear. Firmly bound. Bright pages, vivid illustrations. No torn, loose or missing pages. A remarkable surviving example of this scarce work in natural history. Description: This is the rare, lavishly decorated and profusely illustrated four-volume edition of NATURE’S WONDERLAND by J. Sterling Kingsley. A grand Victorian literary foray into the animal kingdom and the peoples and races of mankind. Natural history was a favorite topic of our Victorian predecessors. A spirit of discovery characterized the age, and the public’s hunger to learn more about the people, places and creatures of the earth was nearly insatiable. In NATURE’S WONDERLAND narrative and illustration combine to illuminate nature’s living marvels, all the things that swim, crawl, creep, fly and walk, from the lowliest life forms to man himself. This handsomely-bound four-volume set contains hundreds of illustrations, including numerous full-page scenes and a series of color chromolithrographic plates. It is a rare work almost never found in such good condition. Perfect for home or office library, or to adorn the shelves of a traditional drawing room. To give you a clearer idea of all the natural wonders awaiting you in NATURE’S WONDERLAND, I have furnished some helpful details below, starting with the full contents of all four volumes, followed by some of the amazing illustrations found inside. I hope you’ll take a moment to have a look. Contents Are: VOLUME ONE Chapter One ~ Animal Life Chapter Two ~ Protozoa Chapter Three ~ Sponges Chapter Four ~ Coelenterates Chapter Five ~ Worms Chapter Six ~ Mollusc-like Animals Chapter Seven ~ Acephals Chapter Eight ~ Gastropods Chapter Nine ~ Heteropods Chapter Ten ~ Pteropods Chapter Twelve ~ Pteropods Chapter Thirteen ~ Cephalopods Chapter Fourteen ~ Arthropods Chapter Fifteen ~ Crustacea Chapter Sixteen ~ Spiders, Mites, and Scorpions Chapter Seventeen ~ Centipedes and Millipedes Chapter Eighteen ~ Insects Chapter Nineteen ~ Bristle-Tails and Spring-Tails Chapter Twenty ~ Cockroaches, Crickets and Locusts Chapter Twenty-One ~ Dragon Flies and Their Allies Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Beetles Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Ants, Wasps and Bees Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Bugs Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Flies Chapter Twenty-Six ~ Butterflies and Moths Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Some Doubtful Forms Full Page Illustrations Include: Sponges * Dalmatian Sponge Fishery * Coralline Jelly Fishes * Mediterranean Medusae * Aquarium with Jelly Fishes * Group of European Sea Anemones * Jelly Fishes * Coral with Skate’s Egg attached * Cork Polyp * Red Coral * Living Crinoids * Star Fish * Star Fish and Worms * Sea Urchins * Marine Worms * Bivalve Mollusks * Land Snails * American Pond Snails * Paper Nautilus * Common Poulpe * Male and Female Cuttlefish * External anatomy of a Lobster * Common and Spiny Lobster * Hermit Crab * Megalops of Neptunus * Green Crabs * Spiders * Bird Spider * Garden Spider * Insect Life in early Spring * Mole Crickets * Migratory Locusts * Great Green Locust * Common Grasshopper * Dragonflies * Long Armed Beetle * Stag Beetle and Longicorn Beetle * Scarabied Beetles * Bugs escaping from a Freshet * Hercules Beetle * Carrion Beetles and flies * Water Boatman * Carabied Beetles * Red Ants * Palm Wasp * Honey Bees * Tropical Hemiptera * First May Bug * A Swarm of Flies * Erycinids * Birds pursuing Butterfly * Silkworm Moths * American Butterflies VOLUME TWO Chapter One ~ Vertebrates Chapter Two ~ The Tunicates and Lancelet Chapter Three ~ Lampreys and Hag Fishes Chapter Four ~ The True Fishes Chapter Five ~ Lung Fishes Chapter Six ~ Batrachia Chapter Seven ~ Salamanders Chapter Eight ~ Frogs and Toads Chapter Nine ~ Coecilians Chapter Ten ~ Reptiles Chapter Eleven ~ Snakes Chapter Twelve ~ Lizards Chapter Thirteen ~ Turtles Chapter Fourteen ~ Crocodiles and Lizards Chapter Fifteen ~ Birds Chapter Sixteen ~ Some Old Fashioned Birds Chapter Seventeen ~ Ostriches Chapter Eighteen ~ Penguins Chapter Nineteen ~ Swimming Birds Chapter Twenty ~ Wading Birds Chapter Twenty-One ~ Hoatzin Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Scratching Birds Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Sand Grouse Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Pigeons Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Birds of Prey Chapter Twenty-Six ~ Parrots Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Picarian Birds Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ Passeres Full Page Illustrations Include: Gray Kingfisher * Expectation * The Great Blue Shark * Saw Fishes * European Sturgeon * Paradise Fishes * Brook Trout * Flying Gurnard * Swordfish * Archer Fish * Skeleton of a Perch * Common Dab * Flat Fishes * Giant Salamander * Common Triton * Bull Frog * Boa Constrictor * Anaconda * Serpent Charmers * Viper or Adder * Serpent-Eyed Lizard * Flying Dragon * Iguana * African Chameleon * Soft Shelled Turtle * The Stello or Hardim * Galapagos Tortoise * Gavial or Genetic Crocodile * Black Caiman * Nest Building * A Snug Retreat * South American Ostrich * Cassowary * King Penguins * Tufted Bird * Great Black Necked and Herring Gull * Group of Titmice * A Tender Morsel * Cape Barren Goose * Black Necked Swan * Cranes * Moor Cock mating on the Heath * A Colony of Herons * Shoe Bills * Marabou and Secretary Bird * Feeding the Young * Siberian Wood Grouse * Argus Pheasant * Turtledoves * Northern Sea Eagles * Fish Hawk or Osprey * Kites * Falcons * Crossbills * Owls attacking Rabbits * Owl decoying Crows * Nestor Parrots * Arara Cockatoo * Macaws * Goatsuckers * Black Headed Bunting * Sparrow’s Nest * Goldhammer * Hummingbirds * Lyre Bird * Spotted Fly Catcher * Linnets * Wood Thrush * A Group of Warblers * Birds of Paradise * Starlings * Ravens * Common English Sparrows * Baltimore Oriole * Spanish Sparrows * Hedge Sparrows VOLUME THREE Chapter One ~ Mammals Chapter Two ~ The Duck Bill and the Echidnas Chapter Three ~ Pouched Animals Chapter Four ~ Edentales Chapter Five ~ Rodents Chapter Six ~ Insectivorous Mammals Chapter Seven ~ Bats Chapter Eight ~ Elephants Chapter Nine ~ Conies Chapter Ten ~ Uggulates Chapter Eleven ~ Whales Chapter Twelve ~ Sea Cows Chapter Thirteen ~ Carnivores Chapter Fourteen ~ Primates Natural History of Man Chapter Fifteen ~ Anthropology and Its Object Chapter Sixteen ~ The Bushmen Chapter Seventeen ~ The Hottentots Chapter Eighteen ~ The Negro Races Chapter Nineteen ~ The Southeast Kafirs Chapter Twenty ~ The Ovambos Chapter Twenty-One ~ Tribes of the Interior of Africa Chapter Twenty-Two ~ The Peoples of the Nile Sources Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Negro Races of the Upper Nile Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Innermost Central Africa Chapter Twenty-Five ~ The Gallas, Somalis and Masais Chapter Twenty-Six ~ West African Coast Tribes Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ The Niger-Binue Negroes Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ The Arabs, Nubians and Berbers Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ The Sahara Peoples Chapter Thirty ~ The Fellatahs Chapter Thirty-One ~ Abyssinia and the Sudan Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Australia Chapter Thirty-Three ~ New Zealand Chapter Thirty-Four ~ The Melanesians Chapter Thirty-Five ~ The Admiralty Islanders Chapter Thirty-Six ~ The Anchorite Islanders Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ New Britain Archipelago Chapter Thirty-Eight ~ The Solomon Islanders Chapter Thirty-Nine ~ The New Hebrides Chapter Forty ~ New Caledonia Chapter Forty-One ~ The Loyalty Islands Chapter Forty-Two ~ The Tasmanians Chapter Forty-Three ~ The Fiji Islands Chapter Forty-Four ~ The Micronesians Chapter Forty-Five ~ The Mulgrave Archipelago Chapter Forty-Six ~ The Caroline Archipelago Chapter Forty-Seven ~ The Ladrone or Marian Islands Chapter Forty-Eight ~ The Polynesians Chapter Forty-Nine ~ Tonga Chapter Fifty ~ Samoa Chapter Fifty-One ~ The Union Islands Chapter Fifty-Two ~ The Hawaiian Islands Chapter Fifty-Three ~ The Society Islands Chapter Fifty-Four ~ The Malays Full Page Illustrations Include: Lion in the Corral * The Daw * Giant Kangaroo * The Great Anteater * The Porcupine * Harvest Mouse * Castor Beaver * Alpine Marmots * Indian Elephant * African Elephants * African Rhinoceros * Indian Rhinoceros * Combat between Horses * Russian Horses * Wild Boars * Hippopotamus * The Dromedary * Deer * Red or Spotted Deer * Combat between Elk and Wolves * The Giraffe * American Bison * Elk or Eland * A group of Antelopes * A group of African Antelopes * Kudu * Dogs attacking Wild Boars * Greenland Whale * Christmas in the Forest * Coati-Mundi * The Brown Bear * Polar Bears * Honey Bear, Sloth or Aswail * Hunting the Otter * The Glutton * A family of Foxes * Hunting Wolves * The Wolf * Hunting Dogs * Striped Hyena or Jackal * Royal Bengal Tiger * The Leopard * Barbary Lion * Lion in Captivity * Lion stealing upon a Caravan * The Jaguar * Domestic Cat * Wild Cat Entrapped * The Walrus * Green Monkeys * Javanese Macaques * Chimpanzee * Gorilla * Prehistoric Man * Warror of Guinga * Woman of the Sudan * A Kafir family on the March * Betchuana House * The doherty's description * Young warrior of the Ovambos * Somali * Chief of the Fans * Tam Tam Dance of Central Africa * Masai Warrior *African Village – Kiwanda * A King of the Niger Country * Children’s Torch Dance – Niger Country * Children’s Torch Dance – Niger Country * Kabyles * Negroes of the Sahara * Abyssinian Warrior * Abyssinian Blacksmith * Warriors of Upper Abyssinia * Arabs * Cannibals * Inhabitants of New Guinea * Fiji Islanders * A Fijian in Gala Dress * Samoan Islanders picking Cotton * Head Hunting Dyaks of Borneo VOLUME FOUR Chapter One ~ The Sumatran Malays Chapter Two ~ The Malays of Java Chapter Three ~ The Other Malays Chapter Four ~ The Marquesas Islands Chapter Five ~ The Cook or Hervey Islands Chapter Six ~ The Rest of Polynesia Chapter Seven ~ America Chapter Eight ~ South America (The People of Tierra Del Fuego) Chapter Nine ~ The Patagonians and Other Pampas Tribes Chapter Ten ~ The Araucanians Chapter Eleven ~ The Gran Chaco Chapter Twelve ~ The Indians of Brazil Chapter Thirteen ~ The Mundrucus Chapter Fourteen ~ The Guiana Tribes Chapter Fifteen ~ The Andes Tribes Chapter Sixteen ~ North America (Central America) Chapter Seventeen ~ North America (Mexico) Chapter Eighteen ~ North American Indians Chapter Nineteen ~ The Indians of the Northwest Coast Chapter Twenty ~ The Esquimaux Chapter Twenty-One ~ Asia Chapter Twenty-Two ~ The Chinese and Tartars Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Japan Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Tibet Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Farther India Chapter Twenty-Six ~ India Full Page Illustrations Include: A Pompeiian Flower Girl * A Venetian Festival * Tyrolean Types * Batavian Guards, Java * Arabian Musicians * Dancers of Singapore * Dancers and Musicians of Mesopotamia * Philippine Islanders * Boat roofed with Palm Leaves * Inhabitants of Sardinia * Roman Shepherd Boy * Return from the Hunt * A Fuegian Hunt * Tehuelts in Camp * Kavas in Cairo * Egyptian Water Carriers * Coajiro Indians * Chief of the Lipan Indians * Indians of the Amazon * Dance of the Mitons (Venezuela) * Peruvian Types * Mojos Indians of Bolivia * Mexican Haciendero * Mandan Chief * Chief of the Osage and Assiniboine Tribes * Indian Medicine Man * Piute Indians * Jutland Fisherman * A Cossack Prophet * Eskimo * A Russian Sleighing Party * Natives of Poland * Russian and Turkish Soldiers * Polish Fiddler * Peasant woman from the Government of Orel * Siberian Eskimo * Winter in the Woods * Mountaineers of Western Asia * Irregular Soldier of Asia Minor * Chinese Temple and Gardens * An Egyptian Princess * Japanese Types * A Japanese Lady * A Jewess of Tangier * Inhabitants of Thibet * A Grecian Mountaineer * Savages loading a Yak, Thibet * Bedouin of Cairo * Priest and Native of Guam * A Tonkin Pirate condemned to Death * A Tonkin King in State Costume * Woman of Tonkin * A Gypsy Girl * Women of Cashmere pounding Rice * Cashmere Soldier * Singing Dervishes of Turkestan * Bengali Water Carriers * Falconer of the Sheik of Gourek * Kurds of Hazon * Moorish Women * Arabian Dancers Remember folks, this is an 1894 original. These books are 124 years old. Check out all the RARE ANTIQUE BOOKS ABOUT THE INDIAN WARS, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE OLD WEST THAT I'M OFFERING ON EBAY THIS WEEK! Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers! Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. Click here to sign up for the NEETMOK NEWSLETTER! Winner pays for media mail shipping in the United States of America. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: All international bidders must pay by PayPal. © 2018-2019 by eBay seller neetmok. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAY’S VERO PROGRAM. Unauthorized use of Item Description Text or Images is a violation of eBay rules, as posted by eBay: "No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners." Auction page content (i.e., item description text; lists of contents, lists of illustrations/photos; scanned images, etc.) was written/compiled/formatted by eBay seller neetmok and, as intellectual property, is protected by copyright. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT INCLUDING SUMMARIES OF CONTENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ETC., PHOTOS OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY’S VERO DEPARTMENT FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION. Condition: VERY RARE – VERY GOOD CONDITION. Four beautiful three-quarter leather volumes with only the slightest wear. Firmly bound. Bright pages, vivid illustrations. No torn, loose or missing pages. A remarkable surviving example of this scarce work in natural history. -- CELL PHONE/APP/FIREFOX USERS: YOU MAY NOT BE SEEING MY COMPLETE LISTING. IF IT APPEARS NO DESCRIPTION ACCOMPANIES THIS AUCTION OR IF DESCRIPTION APPEARS TO BE INCOMPLETE: (1) CLICK ON “VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION.” (2) SWITCH TO CHROME BROWSER. OR (3) CONTACT ME., Year Printed: 1894, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Topic: Wildlife, Binding: Fine Binding, Region: World, Author: Kingsley, Subject: Science & Medicine, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Publisher: Niglutsch, Place of Publication: New York, Special Attributes: Color Plate Illustrations

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