1869 ANTIQUE Memoirs of the court of Elizabeth Queen of England BOOK 1558-1603

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Seller: waldoette (6,714) 100%, Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Ships to: US, Item: 382575104633 091818 Memoirs of the court of Elizabeth, queen of England by Lucy Aikin 1781-1864 Reprint of the 6th ed., revised and corrected London, Alex. Murray, 1869 Elizabeth, 1558-1603. Court and courtiers Although there may be reprints found, this is the only copy of this printing with the revisions and corrections I have ever seen, thus extremely scarce. This summer I visited Versailles. I had watched the Versailles series that was on TV in England. It was an amazing show that left me wanting to see the castle, the art, the gold, and all there was. This book takes you to the time when Elizabeth lived. People did write back then, there wasn't a TV, computer, telephone, or other intelligence gadgets that we have now. People wrote letters, kept diaries, and hand recorded so much. 300 years after Elizabeth this was written because there was enough information and we can read all about her and her court, you are there. I have a bit of the first page of Chapter 1 below. The Index that I have is computer generated. Computer generation creates typos but it also uses the exact spelling that was used in the 1800's. So I really am not responsible for typos. "Princess Mary persecuted.-The emperor attempts to get her out of the kingdom.-interferes openly in her behalf.-Effect of persecution on the mind of Mary.-Marriage proposed for Elizabeth with the prince of Denmark.-King betrothed to a princess of France. -Sweating sickness.-Death of the duke of Suffolk -Dudley pro- cures the dukedom of Northumberland.-The last earl of Northumberland.-Trial, conviction, and death of the duke of Somerset.- Christmas festivities.-George Ferrers, and his works.-Decline of the king's health.-Scheme of Northumberland for lady Jane Grey's . PARTIAL INDEX: succession.-Settlement of the crown on the lady Jane.-Subserviency , of the council.-Death of Edward concealed.-The princesses narrowly escape.-Conduct of Elizabeth.-Northumberland deserted by the army.-Lady Jane Grey imprisoned.-Northumberland arrested.-Mary mounts the throne. - . . .Page 65-75 1553 To 1554.-CH. VI.-Mary affects attachment to Elizabeth.- Earl of Devonshire liberated.-His character-Rejects the love of Mary-shows partiality to Elizabeth.-Elizabeth retires from court.- -sir T. Wyat.-His rebellion.-Elizabeth summoned to court.- Brought prisoner to court-examined-dismissed-brought again to t court-re-examined-committed to the Tower.-Influence of Mary's , iv. - CONTENTS. | * * s * |: * government-Reinstatement of the duke of Norfolk in honor and - office.-His retirement and death.-Liberation of Tonstal.-His after- h | fortunes.-Of Gardiner and Bonner.-Their characters.-The duchess #- : of Somerset and the marchioness of Exeter.-Imprisonment of the l: l Dudleys-of protestant bishops-of judge Hales.-His sufferings.- t: : Characters of sir John Cheke, sir Anthony Cook, Dr. Cox, and -l .. other protestant exiles - - . - .Page 76-89 T. t 554 AND 1555.-CH. VII.-Arrival of Wyat and his associates at the t Tower.-Mary's severity.-Duke of Suffolk beheaded.-Death of | #- * lady Jane Grey-of Wyat.-Trial of Throgmorton.-Bill for the ex- li . clusion of Elizabeth.-Parliament protects her rights-confinement of 3|| Elizabeth in the Tower.--Removed under guard of Beddingfield- #- * carried to Richmond-offered liberty with the hand of the duke # * of Savoy-carried to Ricot, thence to Woodstock.-Her be- t ; haviour.-Cruelty of Gardiner.-Verses by Harrington.-Marriage E. of the queen-Alarms of the protestants.-Arrival of cardinal Pole. # -Popery restored.-Persecution begun.-Earl of Devon travels into }: Italy-dies-Obligations of Elizabeth to Philip.-Is invited to court | -keeps Christmas there-returns to Woodstock-brought again to court.-Gardiner urges her to make submissions.-Is brought to the |#1. w queen-resides at one of the royal seats-settled at Hatfield.- t! - Character of Sir Thos. Pope.-The Harringtons.-Philip quits Eng- Fo * land.-Death of Gardiner. - . . - .Page 89-109 !" : 1555 To 155S.-CH. VIII.-Elizabeth applies herself to classical litera- !!! | ture.-Its neglected state.-Progress of English poetry.-Sackville !es : and his works.-His Mirror for Magistrates.-The contributors to this | M. collection.-Its popularity and merits.-Entertainment given to # ". Elizabeth by sir Thos. Pope.-Dudley Ashton's attempt -Elizabeth Gl innocent of his designs.-Her letter to the queen.-Returns to th London-quits it after refusing the duke of Savoy.-Violence of M. Philip.-Mary protects her sister.-Festivities at Hatfield, Enfield, T and Richmond.-King of Sweden's addresses to Elizabeth -Letter #! ofsir T. Pope.-Proceedings of the ecclesiastical commission.-Cruel # treatment of sir John Cheke.-Decay of the national prosperity.- t Loss of Calais.-Death of Mary. e . . .Page 110-126 get ncy SS65 ted and :6- id 1558 AND 1559-CH. IX.-Joy on the accession of Elizabeth- Views of the nobility-the middling and lower classes.-Descriptions of her person.>Her first privy council.-Parry and Cecil.-Death of Cardinal Pole.-The queen enters London-passes to the Tower.- Lord Robert Dudley.-Queen's treatment of her relations.-The Howards -Sir Rich. Sackville.-Henry Carey.-Lord Hunsdon.-- The queen's coronation.-Costume of the age.-Passes by water £ to the Tower-The procession.-Passage through the city.-Pageants.-The bishops refuse to crown her.-Religious sentiments of the queen.-Prohibition of preaching-of theatrical exhibitions. . . - . - . . .Page 127-141 1559.-CH. X.-Meeting of parliament-Counsel of sir N. Bacon.- The queen's titles-Her answer to an address praying her to marry. -Philip II. offers her his hand - The archduke Charles.-The king of Sweden.-The duke of Norfolk, lord R. Dudley, the marquis of Northampton, the earl of Rutland, made knights of the garter.- Queen visits the earl of Pembroke.-His character-Entertainment of a French embassy.-The London trained bands.-Tilt in Green- wichspark.--Band of gentleman-pensioners.-Royal progress to Dartford, Cobham Hall, Eltham, and Nonsuch.-The earl of Arundel entertains her.-Death of Frances duchess of Suffolk.-Sumptuary laws.-Fashions of dress.-Law against witchcraft. .Page 142-156 1560.-CH. XI.-Campaign in Scotland.-Embassy of viscount Mon- tacute to Spain-of sir T. Chaloner to the emperor.-Dudley and the queen -Dudley loses his wife.-Mysterious manner of her death. -Dudley and other courtiers aspire to the hand of the queen.- Tournaments in her honor.-Impresses.-Sir W. Pickering.-Rivalry of Arundel and Dudley. - . . - .Page 156-1651560.-CH. XII.-The Conduct of Elizabeth as head of the church- History of the reformation in England.-Notices of Parker, Grindal, and Jewel. * - * - *- e .Page 165-180 1561.-CH. XIII.-Tragedy of Ferrex and Porrex.-Translations of tragedies.-Death of Francis II.-Mary refuses to ratify the treaty of Edinburgh-returns to Scotland.-Enmity between Mary and Elizabeth.-Philip II. encourages the English papists.-Measures of rigor adopted against them.-The queen and Dr. Sampson.-St. Paul's struck by lightening.-Paul's Walk.-Precautions against the queen's being poisoned.-The king of Sweden proposes to visit her.-Steps taken in this matter - - - Page 181-186 1561 To 1565.-CH. XIII.-The succession-Lady C. Grey marries the earl of Hertford.-Cruel treatment of them.-Conspiracy of the Poles.-Law against prophecies-Sir H. Sidney -Defence of Harvre under the earl of Warwick.-Proposed interview between Elizabeth and Mary.-Plague in London.-Studies of the queen.-Proclamation respecting portraits of her.-Negotiations concerning the marriage of Mary.-Elizabeth proposes to her lord R. Dudley.-Hales punished for defending the title of the Suffolk line.-Sir N. Bacon and lord J. Grey on the same account.-Queen's visit to Cambridge.-Dudley created earl of Leicester.-sir James Melvil and his memoirs.- Marriage of Mary with Darnley.-Conduct of Elizabeth.-Sir N. throgmorton.-The puritans treated with greater lenity.Page 189-212 1565, 1566.-CH. XIV.-Renewal of the archduke's proposals-Dis- appointment of Leicester.-anecdote of the earl of Arundel.-Situation of the duke of Norfolk.-Leicester his secret enemy-The earl of Sussex.-Proclamation respecting fencing schools.-Marriage of s CONTENTS. lady Mary Grey-Sir H. Sidney deputy of Ireland.-Queen's letter to him.-Prince of Scotland born.-Melvil sent to Elizabeth.-His re- ception.-Motion in the house of commons for naming a successor. -Discord between the house and the queen.-She refuses a subsidy -dissolves parliament-visits Oxford.-Her reception. Page 212-224 1567, 1568.-CH. XV.-Terms on which Elizabeth offers to acknow- ledge Mary as her successor-rejected by the Scots.-Death of Darnley.-Conduct of Elizabeth.-Letter of Cecil-Of Elizabeth to Mary.-Mary marries Bothwell-defeated at Carberry-hill-com- mitted to Loch-Leven castle.-Interference of Elizabeth.-Earl of Sussex.-Letters from him.-Lord Buckhurst.-Visit of the queen to Fotheringatle.-Mary escapes from prison-raises an army- is .# England.-Conduct of Elizabeth.-Mary submits her cause to her-is detained prisoner.-Russian embassy- Chancellor's voyage to Archangel.-Trade with Russia.-Treaty with the czar.-Negotiations between Elizabeth and the French court- Marriage proposed with the duke of Anjou. - .Page 224:..245 1568 To 1570.-CH. XVI.-Proceedings of the commissioners at York in the cause of Mary.-Intrigues of the duke of Norfolk.- Mary's guilt disclosed.-Conspiracy for procuring marriage of Norfolk with Mary.-Conduct of Throgmorton.-Attempt to ruin Cecil baffled.- Norfolk betrayed by Leicester-committed to the Tower.-Mary given in charge by the earl of Huntingdon.-Leonard Dacre.-The earls of Westmoreland and Northumberland.-Their rebellion.-The Norton family.--Severities exercised.-The earl of Sussex.-Rising under Leonard Dacre.-His after-fortunes.-The earl of Sussex in Scotland.-Murder of regent Murray.-Influence of this event on the affairs of Elizabeth.--Campaign in Scotland.-Papal bull against the queen.-Attachment of the people to her government. Page 246-264 1561 To 1573.-CH. XVII.-Sir T. Gresham.-His exchange.-The queen's visit to it.-Cecil created lord Burleigh.-Jousts at Westmin- £ Oxford, Charles Howard, Sir H. Lee, sir Chr. Hatton-Negotiations for the marriage of Elizabeth with the duke of Anjou.-The intrigues of Norfolk.-His re-committal, trial, and conviction.-Death of Throgmorton.-Sonnet by Elizabeth.-Norfolk beheaded.-His character-Hostility of Spain.-Wylson's translation of Demosthenes.-Walsingham in France.-Treaty with that country.- Massacre of Saint Bartholomow. - Conduct of Eliza- beth.-Of Philip Sidney .. nexion of Leicester with lady Sheffield.-The queen and Mr. Dyer.- Queen suspicious of Burleigh.-Countesses of Lennox and Shrews- bury imprisoned.-Queen refuses the sovereignty of Holland.-Her speech to the deputies.-Alchemy.-Dr. Dee.-Frobisher.-Family of Love. -- Burning of two £ - -Walter earl of Essex.-His son Robert.-Letter of the queen to the earl of Shrewbury . . Spain-Succours the Dutch-is entertained by Leicester, and celebrated in verse by P. Sidney.-Visit to Norwich.-Letter of Topcliffe.-Sir T. Smith.-Magical practices against the queen.-Duke Casimir's visit to England.-Duke of Anjou urges his suit with the queen.- Simier's mission.-Leicester's marriage.-Behaviour of the queen.- A shot fired at her barge.-Her memorable speech.-First visit of Anjou in England.-Letter of Philip Sidney-Stubb's book.-Pun- . . . .Page 264-278 1573 To 1577.-CH. XVIII.-Letters of lord Talbot to his father.-Con- - - . - Page 278-291 1577 To 1582.-CH. XIX.-Relations of the queen with France and : Atter!)lism: CŞ0, l' : 213-2. AllOW. th of :th 9 -Cöll- #if !' my- i sub. y- With*rt- 234.4% York ar's will 3d- Mary -Thé -The ising # in 1 the tthe 146-2 The him. Chr, like and folk slä. that #A. 6-3 Oll. [.- WS- £er mily ty. to;8-3) ind :le. le. ir's of Ils ishment inflicted on him.-Sir N.Bacon.-Drake's return from his circumnavigation.-Jesuit seminaries.-French embassy.-A triumph. -Fulk Greville.-Marriage-treaty with Anjou.-His second visit.- His return and death. - . - - - - Page 291-317 1582 To 1587.-CH. XX.-Traits of the queen.-Brown and his sect.- Promotion of Whitgift.-Severities against the puritans.-Walsing- ham in Scotland.-Lord Willoughby.-Transactions with the Czar. -Death of Sussex.-Adventures of Egremont Ratcliffe-of the earl of Desmond.-Raleigh-Spenser.-Prosecutions of catholics.-Burleigh's apology.-Leicester's commonwealth.-Loyal ssociations.- The queen of Scots.-Account of Parry.-The earl of Arundel-of Northumberland.-Leicester in J folland.-Death and character of P. Sidney-sir H. Sidney.-Return of Leicester.-War with Spain.- Babington's conspiracy.-Trial and condemnation of the queen of Scots.--Artful conduct of the queen.-Reception of the Scotch embassy.-Conduct of Davison.--Death of Mary.-Behaviour of . Elizabeth.-Davison's case.-Conduct of Leicester. .Page 317-366 1587, 1588.-CH. XXI-Small political effect of the death of Mary.- Warlike preparations of Spain destroyed by Drake.-Lord Beau- champ.-Death of the duchess of Somerset.-Hatton appointed chancellor.-Leicester returns to Holland-is recalled.-Disgrace of of lord Buckhurst.-Rupture with Spain-Preparations against the Armada.-The earls of Cumberland and Northumberland-T. and R. Cecil-earl of Oxford sir C. Blount-W. Raleigh-lord Howard of Effingham-Hawkins-Frobisher-Drake.-Leicester appointed general.-Queen at Tilbury-Defeat of the Armada.-Introduction of newspapers.-Death of Leicester. - - .Page 366-3871588 To 1591.-CH. XXII.-Effects of Leicester's death-The queen's affection for Essex.-Trial of Arundel.-Letter of Walsingham.- Death of Mildmay.-Don Antonio.-Expedition to Cadiz.-Behav- iour of Essex.-Traits of sir C.Blount.-Sir H. Leigh's resignation. Conduct of Elizabeth to the king of Scots.-His marriage.-Death of sir Francis Walsingham.-The earl of Essex and lord Burleigh.- Letters from Essex to Davison.-Inveteracy of the queen against Davison.-Robert Cecil appointed assistant secretary.-Marriage of Essex.-Anger of the queen.-Reform effected by the queen in the revenue.-Speech of Burleigh.-Parsimony of the queen.-Anecdotes. -Lines by Spenser.-Succours affordéd to France.-Of sir John. Norris-Essex's campaign in France-Royal # ment at Coudray.-E £ eath of sir Christo- £TTatton:Sir John Perrot =Puttenhams's Art of Poetry.- verses by Gascoigne.-Warner's Albion's England. .Page 388-424 1591 To 1593.-CH. XXIII.-Naval war against Spain.-Death of sir. Richard Grenville.-Notice of Cavendish.-Establishment of the East India company.-Results of voyages of discovery.-Raleigh and the queen.-Robert Carey-the Polles family.-Progress of the drama.--Dramatic poets before Shakespeare.-Notice of Shakspeare. -Proclamation respecting bear-baiting and acting of plays.-Censor- ship of the drama.-The Queen and Tarleton. - Page 424-437 1593 To 1597.-CH. XXIV.-A parliament.-Haughty language of queen. -Committal of Wentworth-of Morice.-His letter.-Act to retain subjects in their due obedience.-Debates on the subsidy.- Francis Bacon and sir E. Hobby.- Queen's speech -Francis Bacon Anthony Bacon.-Connexion of the two Bacons with Essex.-Francis disappointed.-Conduct of Burleigh.-Fulk Greville.-Conversion of Henry IV.-Behaviour of Elizabeth.-War in Bretagne.-The Queen and sir C.Blount.-Dr. Lopez.-Squire's attempt on the life of the queen.-Ferdinando earl of Derby.-The queen to lord Willoughby.-Sir Walter Raleigh.-His expedition to Guiana.- Unfortunate enterprise of Drake and Hawkins.-Death of Hawkins. -Character of Drake.-Letters of Rowland Whyte.-The earl of Hertford.-Anecdote of Essex.-Queen at the lord-keeper's.--Of the queen and bishop Rudd.-Of sir T. Arundel. ...Page 437-459 1595 To 1598.--CH. XXV.-Essex and Cecil factions.-Expedition to Cadiz.-Robert Cecil appointed secretary.-sir T. Bodley.-Critical situation of Essex.-Francis Bacon addresses to him a letter of advice -composes speeches for him.-Toby Matthew.-Outrages in London. -Death of lord Hunsdon-of the earl of Huntingdom-of bishop Fletcher.-Bishop Vaughan.-Book on the queen's touching for the evil. - - - - - . . . * .Page 459-469 1597, 1598.-CH. XXVI.-Expedition against Spain proposed.-Whyte's letters.- Raleigh reconciles Essex and R. Cecil.-Essex master of the ordnance.-The queen and Mrs. Bridges.-Lord, Southampton.-Ill success of the voyage.-Quarrel of Essex and Raleigh.-Displeasure of the queen.-Lord Admiral made earl of Nottingham.-Essex is declared hereditary earl-marshal.-Reply of the queen to a Polish ambassador-to a proposition of the king of Denmark.-State of Ireland.-Treaty of Mervins.-Agreement between Cecil and Essex. -Essex and the queen.-Their quarrel.-Essex to the lord-keeper.- Burleigh and Essex.-Agreement with the Dutch.-Character of Burleigh.-The queen and the king of Scots, and their correspond- ence.-Sir Roger Ashton and the queen.-Archbishop Hutton.- Death of Spenser.-Hall's satires.-Sir John Harrington-his note- book . - s . - . . . - .Page 469-487 1599 to 1603.-CH. XXVII.-Irish affairs.-Essex appointed lord- deputy.-Letter to the queen.-Markham to Harrington.-Departure of Essex.-Letter to the privy council-conferences with Tyrone- unexpected arrival at court.-Behaviour of the queen.-State of parties.-Sir J. Harrington.-His letter of submission-Relentlessness of the queen.-Sir John Hayward's history.-Second letter of Essex. . -Censure passed upon him.-Anecdote of the queen.-Essex liberated.-Reception of a Flemish ambassador.-Discontent of Raleigh. -Traits of the queen.-Sir Robart Sidney to sir John Harrington.- Crisis of the fortune of Essex.-Conduct of lord Montjoy.-Proceed- ings at Essex-house.-Revolt of Essex.-He defends his house.-Is committed to the Tower-His trial and that of lord Southampton.- Conduct of Bacon-Confessions of Essex.-Behaviour of the queen. -Death of Essex.-Fate of his adherents.-Reception of the Scotch ambassadors.-Interview of the queen and Sully.-Irish affairs.- Letter of sir John Harrington.-Parliament summoned.-Monopolies. -Quarrel between the Jesuits and secular priests.-Conversation of the Queen respecting Essex.-Letter of sir J.Harrington.--Submis- sion of Tyrone.-Melancholy of Elizabeth.-Story of the ring.-Her death.-traits of her character.-Her eulogy by bishop Hall. Page 487 526 CHAPTER I. 1533 To 1563. Birth of Elizabeth.-Circumstances attending, the marriage of her parents.-Public entry of Anne Boleyn into London.-Pageants exhibited.-Baptism of Elizabeth. -Eminent persons present.-Proposal of marriage between Elizabeth and a French prince.-Progress of the reformation.-Henry persecutes both parties.-Death of Catherine of Arogan.-Disgrace of Anne Boleyn.-Her death.-Confesses an obstacle to her marriage.-Particulars on this subject.-Elizabeth declared illegitimate.-Letter of lady Bryan respecting her-The king marries jane Seymour. ON the 7th of Sept. 1533, at the royal palace of Greenwich in Kent was born, under circumstances as peculiar as her, after-life proved eventful and illustrious, ELIZABETH daughter of king Henry VIII. and his queen Anne Boleyn. Henry had for years been obstructed by delays and difficulties equally grievous to the impetuous temper of the man and the despotic habits of the prince, in the execution of his favourite project of repudiating, on the plea of their too near alliance, a wife who had ceased to find favour in his sight, and substituting on her throne the youthful beauty who had captivated his imagination. At length his passion and his impatience had attained a pitch capable of bearing down every obstacle. With that contempt of decorum which he dis- played so remarkably in some former, and many later transactions of his life, he caused his private marriage with Anne Boleyn to precede the sentence of divorce which he had resolved that his clergy should pronounce against Catherine of Aragon; and no sooner had this judicial ceremony taken place, than the new queen was openly exhibited as such in the face of the court and the nation. An unusual ostentation of magnificence appears to have attended the celebration of these august nuptials. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE THANKS FOR LOOKING AND HAPPY BIDDING !) Condition: Please see photos., Year Printed: 1869, Modified Item: No, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Topic: Europe, Binding: Hardcover, Author: Lucy Aikin, Subject: Biography & Autobiography, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Publisher: Alex. Murray, Place of Publication: London, Special Attributes: 1st Edition

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