1830 antique CHEMISTRY everyday ARTS 803pg DYES BAKING FURNACE LIQUOR recipes

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Seller: Top-Rated Plus Seller antique.cottage (10,590) 100%, Location: Avondale, Pennsylvania, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 233129510885 . 1830 antique CHEMISTRY everyday ARTS 803pg DYES BAKING FURNACE LIQUOR recipesClick HERE to view or search ANTIQUE.COTTAGE listings.This listing is for the hardcover, leather over board, 8"x5", 3" thick, 803 pages plus additional engraved pages. Amazing that this describes the science and how things work with some recipes (see index below)The chemistry of the arts; being a practical display of the arts and manufactures which depend on chemical principles. With numerous engravings. On the basis of Gray's Operative chemist, adapted to the United States; with treatises on calico printing, bleaching, and other large additions. By Arthur L. Porter. 1830. IndexAcid Accum gasometer Acetate of alumine Acetate of potasses Acetate of silver Acetate, or pyrolignate of lime 708 Acetic acid 284 Acetic acid by charcoal 294 Aceto sulphate of alumine, or red liquor of the calico printer 706 Aerated kali 322 Ageing printed goods 720 Aikin's blast furnace 94 Air, or wind furnace 82 Air stoves 149 Aars 237 Alcohol 605 Ale 683 Alembics 193 Alkalies 315 Alkaline solution of alumine 735 Alumine 417 American grates for burning anthracite coals 116 American fire places for burning wood 121 American double fire place 122 Ammonia water Ammoniacal cheese 663 Annoyance of smoke 57 Andent cutlery 486 Ancient kitchen vessels 486 Ancient statuary 487 Ancient tools 485 Apparatus for fitting vessels 214 Apparatus for pneumatic distillsation 198 Aqua fortis 267 Aqua regis * 312 Areometrical beads 179 Artificial gems 409 Ash room of furnaces 43 Ash room entrance of furnaces 43 Assaying of gold ores 545 Assaying of silver ores 530 Barilla Baiytes Baiytes water 397 Baume's hydrometer for salts 174 Baume's hydrometer for spirits 176 Baume's lamp sand bath 104 Baume's lamp water bath 105 Baup's lamp furnace 105 Bell metal 486 Belper stoves 149 Benzoate of ammonia water 373 Benzoic acid 307 Berry yellow 745 Bicarbonate of ammonia water ' 373 Bicarbonate of soda 354 Biddery ware 470 Bismuth 562 Black arsenic 571 Black varnished iron * 525 Black's furnaceBlast of air to furnaces 59 Blast furnace 87 Black and whites 750 Black and white figures on a red ground 753 Black and yellow figures on a Turkey red ground 756 Black, resisting red, and green on a blue ground 794 Black, resisting red green, yellow, and white on a blue ground 795 Black, plum, resist yellow, and orange on a blue ground 795 Black, red, yellow, green, and white on a blue ground 796 Blanching liquor 694 Bleaching powder 382 Bleaching liquor 392 Bleaching 685 Bleaching of linen 702 Bleaching for calico printing 696 Bleach for madder dyeing, No. 40 calico 701 Blistered steel 520 Blow pipes 106 Blowing machines Blue verditer 496 Blue vitriol 495 Blue vat 762 Boerhaave's reverberatory 84 Boiled oil Boneasti Bone spirit Boracic acid Bottles Bottle glass Bottling porter Brandy Bread Bricks Brimstone Bronsecoloar Bronse medals Bronaediron Brown rosin Browned iron Buff colourBuff liquor for the block Buff figures on a bronse ground Buntens syphon Burgundy wines Butter Cake glue Calcining apparatus Calefacteur Lemare Calomel Calico printing Camphire Candle light Carbonaceous colours Carbonaceous matters Carbonaceous clarifiers Carbonate of potasse water Carbonate of soda or mineral alkali Carbonate of soda water Carbonic acid Carbonic acid water Cast steel Case hardened iron Cassius' purple precipitate Caustic soda Caustic soda water Cellular hot walls Ceromimene Chamber of furnaces Charopanie wines Charcoal Charcoal made pig iron Charcoal made tough iron Charred peat Cheese Chemical lutes Chemical preparations of ores Chemical, or spirit colours Chemical black Chemical black from logwood Chemical, or berry yellow Cherry-coalChimney of fumaces 52 Chinese white copper 480 China blue dipping . . 784 Chloride of lime, or bleaching powder Chocolate and buff on a blue groundChromates of potaseChrome Chrome yellowChrome orange Chrome yellow figures ona bronse groundChrome discharges 757 Crystallized tin plate 526 Citric add 301 CinnamonClaret 680 ClarificationClayed sugar 838 Close stovesCoal gas Coal nafta Coal tar Coal tar gasCoating Coarse potteryCochineal pinkCoffeeCogniac brandy Coke Coke made tough iron Colcother 529 Cold gilt copper or brass 492 Colours dyed with qucrdtron bark 737 Combustibles STG Common antimony 564 Common distilling apparatus 191 Common salt 355 Common rum 601 Comparison of lamps and candles 161 Condensed water pipes 139 Conical dome of laboratoriea 58 Copper 473 Copper plated with gold 492 Copper plated with silver 493 Copper still 71 501 Coppers 528 512 Corrosive sublimate 555 22 Cotton filters 185 658 Cox's apparatus 202 217 Cream of tartar 314 451 Crimson figures on a black ground 752 743 Crocus metallorum 566 744 Crucible ware 429 744 Crystallized verdigris 499 745 Cubic inch bottleCubic nitre 355 Cutting off the necks of glass vesselsDead lime De Butt's apparatus Delft ware* Detonating silver Devonshire white ale Dense simple combustibles 582 Diachylon .627 Dipping * 758 Disposition of furnaces in a laboratory 88 Distilled oils 612 Distilled vinegar 289 Distilled water 663 Discharges printed on padded groundDoctrine of definite proportions 221 Double-rimmed bottles 208 Draught of chimneys 54 Dr. Hempels oil or vitriol chamber ¦ 261 Dunging 722 Dutch brass 481 Dutch vermillion S53 Dutch wine vinegar 286 Dutch glue 667 Earths Eau de vie Emetic tartar Enamel colours Enamelled iron vessels English alum English brass English copper English nape wine English fruit wine English potash 319 English soft soap 634 Epsom salt 441 Essential oil of bitter almonds 608 Essential oil of plants 606 Essential salt of wood sorrel 313 Ether 610 Ethereal oil of wine 611 Ethereal oils 606 Extraction of bismuth from its oresExtinction of gold 546 Extraction of silver from its ore 534 Extraction of spelter from its ores 558 Fahrenheit's hydrometer 176 False silver 490 Fat lute 218 Farinaceotts substances G39 Feeding apparatus 195 Feeding apparatus for steam boilers 135 Feeding hole of fumacet 46 Fermented liquors 668 Filtering apparatus 183 Filtration throueh glass 185 Fire places, or Furnaces for healing rooms 109 Fire room of furnaces 44 Fire-works 337 Fired oils 618 First potash boilmg ' 693 Fust, or brown sours 694 fixt oils 615 Flannel filters 185 Flemish glue 667 Flexible gas pipes 213 Flint glass 405 Floating bricks 443 FlourFluoric acid 298 Foreign copper 473 Foreign starch 653 Forge 86 Foundery of pig iron 510 French alum 435 French bread 650 French evaporating furnace 95 French ghie 667 French portable soup 668 French reverberatory furnace 95 French sea biscuits 652 French soft soap 632 French manufacture of oil of vitriol 257 Fuel improved by mixture 24 Fulminating quicksilver 555 Full chintz on a white ground 793 Funnels 208 Furnaces in general 39 Furnaces for chemical operations 61 Furnace for the sandpot and sandbath 63 Furible metal 563 Gahn's blowpipe 106 Gallic acid 308 Gas apparatus 211 Gas light 163 Gems altered by art 401 German bread 652 German tin 466 German steel 517 Gilding by powdered tin 469 Gilt copper 491 Gingerbread 649Glass 401 Glass beads Glass of antimony Glauber's salt Gold Gold coin and plate Gold refined by antimony Gold refined by cementation Grain tin Granulation of metals Grate of furnaces Greek gilding Green gold Green tar Gun flints Gun metal Gunpowder Guyton de Morveau's gravimeter 178 Hartshorn spirit Hassenfintz^s compound distillatoryHatmakers' glue Heating apparatus Hempel's syphon Homberg's areometer Home-made bread Hotbeds Hydrate of potasse Hydrogen gas Hydrostatical balance Ignited adapters 205 inflammable gases . 576 Influence of temperatufe on aluminous mordants 720 Infusions 664 Irish stoves 114 Iron 501 Italian alum 439 Italian wines 680 Japan work 618 Jayelle bleaching liquor 344 Kali 315 Keir's aqua regina 313 Keir's aqua regis ' 313 Kelp 348 Kermes mineral 567 Kerr's gas apparatus 204 Knight's furnace 93 Lamp furnaces 101 LAmp light 156 Lead 454 Lead shot 459 Leeson's gas bottles 211 Leaven 642 Lime 374 Lime acetate of copper 5O0 Lime lute 218 Liming Liquid hydro-sulphuric add 312 Liquid sulphurous acid 366 LithargeLondon society of apothecaries Laboratory 89 London Green 791 Lunar caustic 544 Luting with paper, or bladder 217 Macquer's l^thpgeo^osic furnace Macquer's neiilral arsenical salt Macquer's reverberating furnace Machine printings Madeira wine Madder dyeing Maddering MagnesiaMagnesia alba Malt liquors Malt spirit Malt vinegar Marbled Castille soap Mechanical preparation of metallic ores Melting furmace Metalic pencils Metals Method of starting a blue vat Microcosmic salt Mild pastes Milk, and its products Mills pyrometer Mineral alkali Mine block tin Mine Mixed colours Moire or crystalised tin plate Molasses spirit, or common rumMordant for Nos. 1 and 2, chocolate .715 Mordant for a purple 715 Mordant for a dark mulberry 715 Mordant for blue lavender (for the block) 716 Mordant for red lavender (for the block) 716 Mottled soap 634 Moulded gems 413 Muriate of lime 382 Muriate of tin 471 Muriatic acid Murray's balled pipes 202 Naples yellow Natrum 351 Natural steel Neat's-feet oil 629 Neutral paste 783 Nicholson's hydrometer 177 Nitrate of ammonia 369 Nitrate of copper 500 Nitrate of strontia 397 Nitre fixed by antimony 325 Nitric acids 266 Nitric solution of lead 465 Nitric solution of quicksi£rer 554 Nitric solution of silver 544 Nitro-ixvuriatic solution of gold 552 Nitrous acids 266 Oil of benzoin 615 Oil of birch bark 614 Oil of bonesOil of turpentine 608 Oil gas 581 Oil gas oil 612 Oil varnishes 617 Opening into the chamber in furnaces Oriental porcelain Ornament Oxalate of ammonia water Oxalate of potasse Oxalic acid Oxymuriate of potasse Oxymuriate of tin Oxyrmuriatic acid Oxymuriatic acid gas Padding Padded alkaline pink Pak fong Pale dr&t or oCve Paper filters Park olive Park cinnamon Paste lute Pearl ash Peat Pencil blue Percival's lamp furnacePewter Phosphate of salt Phosphorus Piercing glass and stone ware vessels Pit coal Pitch Plaster of Paris Plate glass Plati\num Plumbers' solder Portable fiimacea Portable soup Porter Port wine 680 Potash 317 Potasse 315 Potasse chromate of ahunine 575 Potasse water 325 Potato spirit 597 Potato starch 640 Potato flour, potato firina • 6S3 Potato tapioca 653 Pottery ware 418 Powder blue 568 Priming for percussion guns 347 Principles of constructing furnaces 41 Printers' type metal 459 Printers' varnish 618 Protacetate of iron, or iron liquor 712 Protecting, or mild pastes 777 Prussic acid 310 Prussian blue 743 Prussian steam blue 749 Pulverizing apparatus 181 Pure nitric acid 373 Purified fish oil . 627 Purified pearl ash 321 Purified rape oil 624 Purified wood vinegar 291 Pyroligneous ether 612 Pyroligneotif tar 613 Queen's yellow 553 Quicklime 374 Quicksilver 552 Quinine 398 Raisin spirit 602 Raising buff 740 Realgar S7S Reaumur's porcelain 414 Redeiving vessels 195 Red argol 314 Red arsenic 573 Red lead 460 Red precipitate 554 Red liquor of calico printers 706 Refined borax 363 Refined block tin 468 Refined sugar 636 Regulus, or repilus of antimony 564 Regulus of cobalt 567 Relative value of fuel 18 Reserve pastes 768 Resisting red 779 Resisting mordants 779 Resisting chocolate 781 Resisting yellow 781 Resisting black 78? Resisting buff 782 Retorts 192 Rererberatory furnace with a side chamber 85 Rochelle salt 365 Roman artificial pearls -380 Rooms of equal temperature 141 Rosins 615 Rough verdifris 498 Rouchette's hydrometer 181 Rum 601 Rumford's stores 109 Sal ammoniac 369 Sal enixum 326 Salt bo'der 69 Salt petre 326 Scheele's green 500 Sea biscuits 648 Second potash boiling 695 Sealing wax 626 Separatories 210 Sesqui carbonate of soda 354 Setting a blue vat 764 Shell flroe 577 Sherry 681 Sightening for the aluminous mordant silica, or siliceous earth 399 Stiver 529 Silver from muriate of silver 542 Silver refined by charcoal 541 Silver gilt pUte 544 Silver plate and coin 542 Silvered copper or brass 494 Silvering for globes 558 Silvering for looking-glasses 557 Silvering by powdered tin 469 Size . 667 Smalt, or powder blue 415, 568 Smoke flues for plant houses 130 Soaps 629 Soda 348 Soda alum '439 Soda water (double) 354 Soft wax kite 217 Solder for brass 485 Solder for copper 481 Soldering for iron 516 Solder for silver 544 Soluble tartar 346 Specific gravity 169 Speculum metal 489 Speiss 570 Spelter 558 Spirit of nitre 268 Spirit of sugar of lead 293 Spirit of verdigris 293 Spirit of wine 585 Spirit varnishes ' 616 Spirit colours 743 Spirit red, or peachwood washoff pink 745 Spirit, or wash-off purple 745 Splint coal 20 Staffordshire stove 115 Stahlian theory 236 Stained glass 411 Staining marble 377 Standara gum red 711 Standard paste red 711 Standard gum black 714 Steep (the) 689 Steam bath 75 Steam drying room 144 Steam heat 132 Steam pipes 137 Steam colours 746 Steam cochineal pink 747 Steam yellow 747 Steam black 748 Steam lilac 74S Steam orange 748 Steam cinnamon 748 Steam bronse 749 Steam chocolate 749 Steam deep brown 749 Steam deep brown (another) 749 Steam green 750 Stoking hole of furnaces 46 Stone ware 428 Stopper bottles 207 Stove holes 61 Strontia 397 Strong resisting red 779 Subliming apparatus 190 Succinate or ammonia 366 Succinic acid 309 Sugar 635 Sugar of lead 463 Sugar vinegar 288 Sulphate of ammonia 36S Sulphate of manganese 395 Sulphate of quinine 398 Sulphate of silverSulphate of zinc 561 Sulpho-chromate of potasse 575 Sulpher 582 Sulphuret of antimony with soda, (or orange crystals) 396 Sulphuric acid 245 Sulphuric acid firom copperas 246 Sulphuric acid from sulphur S49 Sulphurous add water 266 Syphons, or canes 208 Syrups 638 Table ale 684 Tar 612 tartaric 'acid ' 305 Tea 664> Thenard's proportional numbers 223 Theory of bleaching 702 Theory of chemistry 221 Thickening for the aluminous mordant 710 Throat of furnaces 48 Tiles 433 Tin 466 Tin glass 562 Tin plate 525 Tincal, or rough borax 363 Tinned copper . 494 Tobacco pipes 429 Tow filters 185 Triple pnissiate of potasse 346 Trona 351 Turkey red 734 Turners patent yellow 466 Turpethum nunerale 553 Twere of furnaces (the) 42 Tweedale's hydrometer 180 Ultramarine blue 415 Use of the proportional numbers 232 Uses of sulphuric acid 265 Uses of muriatic acid 280 Vent of furnaces 51 Ventilation of prisons, ships^ &c. 241 Ventilation of rooms 237 Ventilation of rooms heated by close stoves 239 Vinegar of wood 289 Violet metal 490 Volatile alkali 366 Volatile salt 372 Water bath 75 Watt's air holder 212 Wax lamps 158 Welter's safety pipe 201 West Indian rum 601 Wheat starch 653 Whiskey • 600 White argol 314 White arsenic 572 White Castille soap 629 White curd soap 632 White figures on a red ground 753 White figures on a chocolate ground 753 White figures on a bronse ground 754 White lead 460 White vitriid 561 White wax 623 Whitening of brass pins 495 Whitened copper 490 Whiting 380 Window glass 404 Wie cooper's cane 210 Wood 20 Wollaston's blow pipe 107 Yellow arsenic 573 Yellow figures on a Turkey red ground 755 Yellow figures on a drab or yellow ground 756 Yellow, pink, purple, and blue figures on a bronse ground 755 Yellow rosin 615 Yellow soap 634 Warwick's green Zaffre ZincZinc (white) CONDITION: Scroll FULL DESCRIPTION to see MORE PHOTOS. **front board & front end-paper reattached with bookbinders glue. back board strengthened with glue** ; rear spine edge cracked losses to leather on lower spine edge; leather on spine & boards nicked, rubbed, scuffed & scratched; fine vertical surface cracks on spine leather; previous owner's name on small book-plate inside front board; foxing spots, small stains & age toning throughout entire contents; text block tight; Cover has been touched up with leather dye which a little has seeped onto some pages at the hinges. - Pennsylvania residents to pay 6% sales tax.- International buyers are responsible to pay VAT or other Taxes to their countries as required. LOC: LOC2: BOOKBOX02-TMK Powered by SixBit's eCommerce Solution Condition: Scroll FULL DESCRIPTION to see MORE PHOTOS. **front board & front end-paper reattached with bookbinders glue. back board strengthened with glue** ; rear spine edge cracked losses to leather on lower spine edge; leather on spine & boards nicked, rubbed, scuffed & scratched; fine vertical surface cracks on spine leather; previous owner's name on small book-plate inside front board; foxing spots, small stains & age toning throughout entire contents; text block tight; Cover has been touched up with leather dye which a little has seeped onto some pages at the hinges., Subject: Science & Medicine, Topic: Chemistry, Original/Facsimile: Original, Binding: Leather, Publisher: Carey & Lea, Special Attributes: 1st Edition, Place of Publication: Philadelphia Pa, Year Printed: 1830, Author: Arthur L. Porter, Modified Item: Yes, Modification Description: repaired hinges, Region: North America, Language: English, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Original/Reproduction: original

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