1728 Isaac Newton Physics Pemberton Philosophy Gravity Laws Motion Light Plates

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Seller: antiquarian-collections (850) 100%, Location: Charleston, South Carolina, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202681284351 16th - 19th Century Fine and Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts, and Atlases Sir Isaac Newton(1643-1727)Henry Pemberton VIEWofSIR ISAAC NEWTON PHILOSOPHY Dedication to the Noble and Right HonourableSir Robert Walpole Poem on Sir Isaac Newton COPPER PLATES - (12) Twelve Engraved Full Page FIRST BOOK printed using Caslon Roman Type BOOKPLATE - Rev Dr William Wotton(Subscriber, theologian, author, linguist and friend of Newton and Pemberton) London1728 FIRST EDITION NEWTON, SIR ISAAC. - (1643-1727) - Pemberton, Henry (1694-1771) A View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy, bound with a Dedication to the Noble and Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole, and a Poem on Sir Isaac Newton. Original calf leather binding with leaves mostly clean and crisp. Engraved title page with vignette of an observatory within a border of instruments. Twelve (12) full page folding plates (163 figures) and historiated initials throughout engraved by J. Pine after J. Grison. Armorial designs of Sir Robert Walpole included to whom the work is dedicated. Complete with Poem on Sir Isaac Newton by R. Glover (15pp) and Subscriber's Names (16pp. including Isaac Newton's 12 books).Henry Pemberton, a physician who studied under Boerhaave was a member of the Royal Society to which he contributed many papers. His ability in mathematical problems impressed Newton who consequently employed him to superintend the third and definitive edition of his Principia Mathematica, 1726. The preface contains Pemberton's recollections of Newton, especially in his old age. Pemberton's View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy was considered one the earliest and most important commentaries on Isaac Newton's work and highly notable as the first book printed using Caslon's Roman type.Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) was an English mathematician, astronomer, theologian, author and physicist (described in his own day as a "natural philosopher") who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time, and a key figure in the scientific revolution. His book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica ("Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"), first published in 1687, laid the foundations of classical mechanics. Newton also made seminal contributions to optics, and shares credit with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz for developing the infinitesimal calculus.In Principia, Newton formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation that formed the dominant scientific viewpoint until it was superseded by the theory of relativity. Newton used his mathematical description of gravity to prove Kepler's laws of planetary motion, account for tides, the trajectories of comets, the precession of the equinoxes and other phenomena, eradicating doubt about the Solar System's heliocentricity. He demonstrated that the motion of objects on Earth and celestial bodies could be accounted for by the same principles. Newton's inference that the Earth is an oblate spheroid was later confirmed by the geodetic measurements of Maupertuis, La Condamine, and others, convincing most European scientists of the superiority of Newtonian mechanics over earlier systems.Newton built the first practical reflecting telescope and developed a sophisticated theory of colour based on the observation that a prism separates white light into the colours of the visible spectrum. His work on light was collected in his highly influential book Opticks, published in 1704. He also formulated an empirical law of cooling, made the first theoretical calculation of the speed of sound, and introduced the notion of a Newtonian fluid. In addition to his work on calculus, as a mathematician Newton contributed to the study of power series, generalised the binomial theorem to non-integer exponents, developed a method for approximating the roots of a function, and classified most of the cubic plane curves.Newton was a fellow of Trinity College and the second Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. He was a devout, but unorthodox, Christian who privately rejected the doctrine of the Trinity. Unusually for a member of the Cambridge faculty of the day, he refused to take holy orders in the Church of England. Beyond his work on the mathematical sciences, Newton dedicated much of his time to the study of alchemy and biblical chronology, but most of his work in those areas remained unpublished until long after his death. Politically and personally tied to the Whig party, Newton served two brief terms as Member of Parliament for the University of Cambridge, in 1689–90 and 1701–02. He was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705 and spent the last three decades of his life in London, serving as Warden (1696–1700) and Master (1700–1727) of the Royal Mint, as well as president of the Royal Society (1703–1727).SUBSCRIBER NAMESA)Monseigneur d’Aguesseau, Chancelier de FranceReverend Mr Abbot, of Emanuel Coll. Camb.Capt. George AbellThe Hon. Sir John Anstruther, Bar.Thomas Abney, Esq;Mr. Nathan AbrahamSir Arthur Acheson, Bart.Mr William AdairRev. Mr John Adams, Fellow of Sidney Coll. CambridgeMr William AdamsMr George AdamsMr William Adamson, Scholar of Caius Coll. Camb.Mr Samuel Adee, Fell. of Corp. Chr. Coll. OxonMr Andrew AdlamMr John AdlamMr Stephen AinsworthMrs AiscotMr Robert Akenhead, Bookseller at Newcastle upon TyneS. B. Albinus, M. D. Anatom. and Chirurg in Acad. L. B. Prof.George Aldridge, M. D.Mr George AlgoodMr AliffeRobert Allen, Esq;Mr Zach. AllenRev. Mr Allerton, Fellow of Sidney Coll. CambridgeMr St. AmandMr John AnnsThomas Anson, Esq;Rev. Dr. Christopher AnsteyMr Isaac AntrabusMr Joshua ApplebyJohn Arbuthnot, M. D.William Archer, Esq;Mr John Archer, Merchant of AmsterdamThomas Archer, Esq;Coll. John Armstrong, Surveyor-General of His Majesty’s OrdnanceMr ArmytageMr Street Arnold, SurgeonMr Richard ArnoldMr AscoughMr Charles AsgillRichard Ash, Esq; of AntiguaMr Ash, Fellow-Commoner of Jesus Coll. CambridgeWilliam Ashurst, Esq; of Castle Henningham, EssexMr Thomas AshurstMr Samuel AshurstMr John Askew, MerchantMr Edward Athawes, MerchantMr Abraham AtkinsMr Edward Kensey AtkinsMr AyerstMr Jonathan Ayleworth, Jun.Rowland Aynsworth, Esq; (B)His Grace the Duke of BedfordRight Honourable the Marquis of BowmontRight Hon. the Earl of BurlingtonRight Honourable Lord Viscount BatemanRt. Rev. Ld. Bp. of Bath and WellsRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of BristolRight Hon. Lord BathurstRichard Backwell, Esq;Mr William Backshell, Merch.Edmund Backwell, Gent.Sir Edmund BaconRichard Bagshaw, of Oakes, Esq;Tho. Bagshaw, of Bakewell, Esq;Rev. Mr. BagshawSir Robert BaylisHonourable George Baillie, Esq;Giles Bailly, M. D. of BristolMr Serjeant BainesRev. Mr. Samuel Baker, Residen. of St. Paul’s.Mr George BakerMr Francis BakerMr Robert BakerMr John BakewellAnthony Balam, Esq;Charles Bale, M. D.Mr Atwell, Fellow of Exeter Coll. OxonMr Savage AtwoodMr John AtwoodMr James AudleySir Robert Austen, Bart.Sir John AustenBenjamin Avery, L. L. D.Mr BalgayRev. Mr Tho. Ball, Prebendary of ChichesterMr Pappillon Ball, MerchantMr Levy BallRev. Mr Jacob Ball, of AndoverRev. Mr Edward Ballad, of Trin. Coll. CambridgeMr BallerJohn Bamber, M. D.Rev. Mr Banyer, Fellow of Emanuel Coll. CambridgeMr Henry Banyer, of Wisbech, SurgeonMr John Barber, Apothecary in CoventryHenry Steuart Barclay, of Colairny, Esq;Rev. Mr Barclay, Canon of WindsorMr David BarclayMr Benjamin Barker, Bookseller in London—— Barker, Esq;Mr Francis BarksteadRev. Mr BarnardThomas Barrett, Esq;Mr BarrettRichard Barret, M. D.Mr Barrow, ApothecaryWilliam Barrowby, M. D.Edward Barry, M. D. of CorkeMr Humphrey Bartholomew, of University College, OxonMr Benjamin BartlettMr Henry BartlettMr James BartlettMr Newton Barton, of Trinity College, CambridgeRev. Mr. BartonWilliam Barnsley, Esq;Mr Samuel BatemanMr Thomas BatesPeter Barhurst, Esq;Mark Barr, Esq;Thomas Bast, Esq;Mr Batley, Bookseller in LondonMr Christopher Batt, jun.Mr William Batt, ApothecaryRev. Mr Battely, M. A. Student of Christ Church, OxonMr Edmund BaughRev. Mr. Thomas BayesEdward Bayley, M. D. of HavantJohn Bayley, M. D. of ChichesterMr. Alexander Baynes, Professor of Law in the University of EdinburghMr Benjamin BeachThomas Beacon, Esq;Rev. Mr Philip BearcroftMr Thomas BearcroftMr William BeachcroftRichard Beard, M. D. of WorcesterMr Joseph BeasleyRev. Mr Beats, M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College, CambridgeSir George BeaumontJohn Beaumont, Esq; of ClaphamWilliam Beecher, of Howberry, Esq;Mr Michael BeecherMr Finney Beifield, of the inner-TempleMr Benjamin BellMr Humphrey BellMr Phineas BellLeonard Belt, Gent.William Benbow, Esq;Mr Martin BendallMr George Bennet, of Cork, BooksellerRev. Mr Martin Benson, Archdeacon of BerksSamuel Benson, Esq;William Benson, Esq;Rev. Richard Bently, D. D. Master of Trinity Coll. CambridgeThomas Bere, Esq;The Hon. John Berkley, Esq;Mr Maurice Berkley, sen. SurgeonJohn Bernard, Esq;Mr Charles BernardHugh Bethell, of Rise in Yorkshire, Esq;Hugh Bethell, of Swindon in Yorkshire, Esq;Mr Silvanus Bevan, ApothecaryMr Calverly Bewick, jun.Henry Bigg, B. D. Warden of New College, OxonSir William Billers—— Billers, Esq;Mr John BillingsleyMr George BinckesRev. Mr Birchinsha, of Exeter College, OxonRev. Mr Richard BiscoeMr Hawley Bishop, Fellow of St. John’s College, OxonDr Bird, of ReadingHenry Blaake, Esq;Mr Henry BlaakeRev. Mr George BlackSteward Blacker, Esq;William Blacker, Esq;Rowland Blackman, Esq;Rev. Mr Charles Blackmore, of WorcesterRev Mr Blackwall, of Emanuel College, CambridgeJonathan Blackwel, Esq;James Blackwood, Esq;Mr Thomas BlandfordArthur Blaney, Esq;Mr James BlewMr William BlizardDr BlomerMr Henry BluntMr Elias BocketMr Thomas BockingMr Charles Boehm, MerchantMr William BogdaniMr John Du Bois, MerchantMr Samuel Du BoisMr Joseph Bolton, of Londonderry, Esq;Mr John BondJohn Bonithon, M. A.Mr James Bonwick, Bookseller in LondonThomas Boone, Esq;Rev. Mr Pennystone, M. A.Mrs Judith BoothThomas Bootle, Esq;Thomas Borret, Esq;Mr Benjamin BossDr BostockHenry Bosville, Esq;Mr John BosworthDr George BoultonHon. Bourn M. D. of ChesterfieldMrs Catherine BoveyMr Humphrey BowenMr BowerJohn Bowes, Esq;William Bowles, Esq;Mr John BowlesMr Thomas BowlesMr Duvereux BowlyDuddington Bradeel, Esq;Rev. Mr James Bradley, Professor of Astronomy, in OxfordMr Job Bradley, Bookseller in ChesterfieldRev. Mr John BradleyRev. Mr Bradshaw, Fellow of Jesus College, CambridgeMr Joseph BradshawMr Thomas BlackshawMr Robert BraggeChampion Bramfield, Esq;Joseph Brand, Esq;Mr Thomas BranckerMr Thomas BrandMr BraxtonCapt. David BraymerRev Mr Charles Brent, of BristolMr William BrentMr Edmund BretJohn Brickdale, Esq;Rev. Mr John Bridgen A. M.Abraham Bridges, Esq;George Briggs, Esq;John Bridges, Esq;Brook Bridges, Esq;Orlando Bridgman, Esq;Mr Charles BridgmanMr William Bridgman, of Trinity College, CambridgeSir Humphrey Briggs, Bart.Robert Bristol, Esq;Mr Joseph BroadPeter Brooke, of Meer, Esq;Mr Jacob BrookMr Brooke, of Oriel Coll. OxonMr Thomas BrookesMr James BrooksWilliam Brooks, Esq;Rev. Mr William BrooksStamp Brooksbank, Esq;Mr Murdock BroomerWilliam Brown, Esq;Mr Richard Brown, of NorwichMr William Brown, of HullMrs Sarah BrownMr John BrowneMr John Browning, of BristolMr John BrowningNoel Broxholme, M. D.William Bryan, Esq;Rev. Mr BrydamChristopher Buckle, Esq;Samuel Buckley, Esq;Mr BudgenSir John BullJosiah Bullock, of Faulkbourn-Hall, Essex, Esq;Rev. Mr Richard BullockRev. Mr Richard BundyMr Alexander BunyanRev. Mr D. BurgesEbenezer Burgess, Esq;Robert Burleston, M. B.Gilbert Burnet, Esq;Thomas Burnet, Esq;Rev. Mr Gilbert BurnetHis Excellency Will. Burnet, Esq; Governour of New-YorkMr Trafford Burnston, of Trin. College, CambridgePeter Burrel Esq;John Burridge, Esq;James Burrough, Esq; Beadle and Fellow of Caius Coll. Cambr.Mr Benjamin BurroughsJeremiah Burroughs, Esq;Rev. Mr Joseph BurroughsChristopher Burrow, Esq;James Burrow, Esq;William Burrow, A. M.Francis Burton, Esq;John Burton, Esq;Samuel Burton, of Dublin, Esq;William Burton, Esq;Mr Burton.Richard Burton, Esq;Dr Simon BurtonRev. Mr Thomas Burton, M.A. Fellow of Caius College, CambridgeJohn Bury, jun. Esq;Rev. Mr Samuel BuryMr William BushRev. Mr Samuel ButlerMr Joseph Button, of Newcastle upon TyneHon. Edward Byam, Governour of AntiguaMr Edward Byam, MerchantMr John ByromMr Duncumb Bristow, Merch.Mr William Bradgate(C)His Grace the Archbishop of CanterburyRight Hon. the Lord ChancellorHis Grace the Duke of ChandoisThe Right Hon. the Earl of CarlisleRight Hon. Earl CowperRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of CarlisleRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of ChichesterRt. Rev. Lord Bish. of Clousert in IrelandRt. Rev, Lord Bishop of CloyneRt. Hon. Lord ClintonRt. Hon. Lord ChetwyndRt. Hon. Lord James CavendishThe Hon. Lord CardrossRt. Hon. Lord CastlemainRight Hon. Lord St. ClareCornelius Callaghan, Esq;Mr Charles CallaghanFelix Calvert, of Allbury, Esq;Peter Calvert, of Hunsdown in Hertfordshire, Esq;Mr William Calvert of Emanuel College, CambridgeReverend Mr John CambdenJohn Campbell, of Stackpole-Court, in the County of Pembroke, Esq;Mrs Campbell, of Stackpole-CourtMrs. Elizabeth CaperMr Dellillers CarbonelMr John CarletonMr Richard Carlton, of ChesterfieldMr Nathaniel CarpenterHenry Carr, Esq;John Carr, Esq;John Carruthers, Esq;Rev. Dr. George Carter, Provost of Oriel CollegeMr Samuel CarterHonourable Edward Carteret, Esq;Robert Cartes, jun. in Virginia, Esq;Mr William CartlichJames Maccartney, Esq;Mr Cartwright, of AinhoMr William Cartwright, of Trinity College, CambridgeReverend Mr William Cary, of BristolMr Lyndford CarylMr John CaseMr John CastleReverend Mr CattleHon. William Cayley, Consul at Cadiz, Esq;William Chambers, Esq;Mr Nehemiah ChampionMr Richard ChampionMatthew Chandler, Esq;Mr George ChannelMr ChanningMr Joseph Chappell, Attorney at BristolMr Rice Charlton, Apothecary at BristolSt. John Charelton, Esq;Mr Richard ChareltonMr Thomas Chase, of Lisbon, MerchantRobert Chauncey, M. D.Mr Peter ChauvelPatricius Chaworth, of Ansley, Esq;Pole Chaworth of the inner Temple, Esq;Mr William Cheselden, Surgeon to her MajestyJames Chetham, Esq;Mr James ChethamCharles Child, A. B. of Clare-Hall, in Cambridge, Esq;Mr Cholmely, Gentleman Commoner of New-College, OxonThomas Church, Esq;Reverend Mr St. ClairReverend Mr Matthew ClarkeMr William ClarkBartholomew Clarke, Esq;Charles Clarke, of Lincolns-inn, Esq;George Clarke, Esq;Samuel Clarke, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Reverend Mr Alured Clarke, Prebendary of WinchesterRev. John Clarke, D. D. Dean of SarumMr John Clark, A. B. of Trinity College, CambridgeMatthew Clarke, M. D.Rev. Mr Renb. Clarke, Rector of Norton, LeicestershireRev. Mr Robert Clarke, of BristolRev. Samuel Clarke, D. D.Mr Thomas Clarke, MerchantMr Thomas ClarkeRev. Mr Clarkson, of Peter-House, CambridgeMr Richard ClayWilliam Clayton, of Marden, Esq;Samuel Clayton, Esq;Mr William ClaytonMr John ClaytonMr Thomas CleggMr Richard Clements, of Oxford, BooksellerTheophilus Clements, Esq;Mr George Clifford, jun. of AmsterdamGeorge Clitherow, Esq;George Clive, Esq;Dr. Clopton, of BuryStephen Clutterbuck, Esq;Henry Coape, Esq;Mr Nathaniel CoatsworthRev. Dr. Cobden, Chaplain to the Bishop of LondonHon. Col. John Codrington, of Wraxall, SomersetshireRight Hon. Marmaduke Coghill, Esq;Francis Coghlan, Esq;Sir Thomas CokeMr Charles ColbornBenjamin Cole, Gent.Dr Edward ColeMr Christian ColebrandtJames Colebrooke, Esq;Mr William Coleman, MerchantMr Edward ColletMrs Henrietta ColletMr John ColletMrs Mary CollettMr Samuel ColletMr Nathaniel CollierAnthony Collins, Esq;Thomas Collins, of Greenwich, M. D.Mr Peter CollinsonEdward Colmore, Fellow of Magdalen College, OxonRev. Mr John ColsonMrs Margaret Colstock, of ChichesterCapt. John ColvilRenè de la Combe, Esq;Rev. Mr John CondorJohn Conduit, Esq;John Coningham, M. D.His Excellency William Conolly, one of the Lords Justices of IrelandMr Edward Constable, of ReadingRev. Mr Conybeare, M. A.Rev. Mr James CookMr John CookeMr Benjamin CookWilliam Cook, B L. of St. John’s College, OxonJames Cooke, Esq;John Cooke, Esq;Mr Thomas CookeMr William Cooke, Fellow of St. John’s College, OxonRev. Mr Cooper, of North-HallCharles Cope, Esq;Rev. Mr Barclay CopeMr John CopelandJohn Copland, M. B.Godfrey Copley, Esq;Sir Richard Corbet, Bar.Rev. Mr Francis CorbettMr Paul CorbettMr Thomas CorbetHenry Cornelisen, Esq;Rev. Mr John CornishMrs Elizabeth CornwallLibrary of Corpus Christi College, CambridgeMr William Cossley, of Bristol, BooksellerMr Solomon du CostaDr. Henry CostardDr. Cotes, of PomfretCaleb Cotesworth, M. D.Peter Cottingham, Esq;Mr John CottingtonSir John Hinde CottonMr James CoulterGeorge Courthop, of Whiligh in Sussex, Esq;Mr Peter CourthopeMr John Coussmaker, jun.Mr Henry Coward, MerchantAnthony Ashley Cowper, Esq;The Hon. Spencer Cowper, Esq; One of the Justices of the Court of Common PleasMr Edward CowperRev. Mr John CowperSir Charles CoxSamuel Cox, Esq;Mr Cox, of New Coll. OxonMr Thomas CoxMr Thomas Cradock, M. A.Rev. Mr John CraigRev. Mr John Cranston, Archdeacon of CloghorJohn Crafter, Esq;Mr John CreechJames Creed, Esq;Rev. Mr William CreryJohn Crew, of Crew Hall, in Cheshire, Esq;Thomas Crisp, Esq;Mr Richard CrispeRev. Mr Samuel CuswickTobias Croft, of Trinity College, CambridgeMr John CrookRev. Dr Crosse, Master of Katherine HallChristopher Crowe, Esq;George Crowl, Esq;Hon. Nathaniel Crump, Esq; of AntiguaMrs Mary CudworthAlexander Cunningham, Esq;Henry Cunningham, Esq;Mr CunninghamDr Curtis of SevenoakMr William CurtisHenry Curwen, Esq;Mr John Caswall, of London, MerchantDr Jacob de Castro Sarmento(D)His Grace the Duke of DevonshireHis Grace the Duke of DorsetRight Rev. Ld. Bishop of DurhamRight Rev. Ld. Bishop of St. DavidRight Hon. Lord DelawareRight Hon. Lord DigbyRight Rev. Lord Bishop of DerryRight Rev. Lord Bishop of DonneRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of DromoreRight Hon. Dalhn, Lord Chief Baron of IrelandMr Thomas DadeCapt. John DaggeMr Timothy DalloweMr James Danzey, SurgeonRev. Dr Richard Daniel, Dean of ArmaghMr DanversSir Coniers Darcy, Knight of the BathMr Serjeant DarnelMr Joseph DashPeter Davall, Esq;Henry Davenant, Esq;Davies Davenport, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Sir Jermyn Davers, Bart.Capt. Thomas DaversAlexander Davie, Esq;Rev. Dr. Davies, Master of Queen’s College, CambridgeMr John Davies, of Christ-Church, OxonMr Davies, Attorney at LawMr William Dawkins, Merch.Rowland Dawkin, of Glamorganshire, Esq;Mr John DawsonEdward Dawson, Esq;Mr Richard DawsonWilliam Dawsonne, Esq;Thomas Day, Esq;Mr John DayMr Nathaniel DayMr DeaconMr William DeaneMr James Dearden, of Trinity College, CambridgeSir Matthew Deckers, Bart.Edward Deering, Esq;Simon Degge, Esq;Mr Staunton Degge, A. B. of Trinity Col. CambridgeRev. Dr Patrick DelaneyMr DelhammonRev. Mr DenneMr William DenneCapt. Jonathan DennisDaniel Dering, Esq;Jacob Desboverie, Esq;Mr James Deverell, Surgeon in BristolRev. Mr John DiaperMr Rivers DickensonDr. George Dickens, of LiverpoolHon. Edward Digby, Esq;Mr DillinghamMr Thomas DinelyMr Samuel Disney, of Bennet College, CambridgeRobert Dixon, Esq;Pierce Dodd, M. D.Right Hon. Geo. Doddinton, Esq;Rev. Sir John Dolben, of Findon, Bart.Nehemiah Donellan, Esq;Paul Doranda, Esq;James Douglas, M. D.Mr Richard Dovey, A. B. of Wadham College, OxonJohn Dowdal, Esq;William Mac Dowell, Esq;Mr Peter DownerMr James DownesSir Francis Henry Drake, Knt.William Drake, of Barnoldswick-Cotes, Esq;Mr Rich. Drewett, of FarehamMr Christopher Drisfield, of Christ-Church, OxonEdmund Dris, A. M. Fellow of Trinity Coll. CambridgeGeorge Drummond, Esq; Lord Provost of EdenburghMr Colin Drummond, Professor of Philosophy in the University of EdinburghHenry Dry, Esq;Richard Ducane Esq;Rev. Dr Paschal Ducasse, Dean of FernsGeorge Ducket, Esq;Mr Daniel DufresnayMr Thomas DugdaleMr Humphry Duncalfe, MerchantMr James DuncanJohn Duncombe, Esq;Mr William DuncombeJohn Dundass, jun. of Duddinstown, Esq;William Dunstar, Esq;James Dupont, of Trinity Coll. Cambridge(E)Right Rev. and Right Hon. Lord ErskineTheophilus, Lord Bishop of ElphinMr Thomas EamesRev. Mr. Jabez EarleMr William EastSir Peter EatonMr John EcclestonJames Eckerfall, Esq;—— Edgecumbe, Esq;Rev. Mr EdgleyRev. Dr Edmundson, President of St. John’s Coll. CambridgeArthur Edwards, Esq;Thomas Edwards, Esq;Vigerus Edwards, Esq;Capt. Arthur EdwardsMr EdwardsMr William EldertonMrs Elizabeth ElgarSir Gilbert Eliot, of Minto, Bart. one of the Lords of SessionMr John Elliot, MerchantGeorge Ellis, of Barbadoes, Esq;Mr John Ellison, of SheffieldSir Richard Ellys, Bart.Library of Emanuel College, CambridgeFrancis Emerson, Gent.Thomas Emmerson, Esq;Mr Henry EmmetMr John EmmetThomas Empson, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;Mr Thomas EngeirMr Robert EnglandMr Nathaniel EnglishRev. Mr Ensly, Minister of the Scotch Church in RotterdamJohn Essington, Esq;Rev. Mr Charles Este, of Christ-Church, OxonMr Hugh Ethersey, ApothecaryHenry Evans, of Surry, Esq;Isaac Ewer, Esq;Mr Charles EwerRev. Mr Richard ExtonSir John Eyles, Bar.Sir Joseph EylesRight Hon. Sir Robert Eyre, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.Edward Eyre, Esq;Henry Samuel Eyre, Esq;Kingsmill Eyre, Esq;Mr Eyre(F)Right Rev. Josiah, Lord Bishop of Fernes and LoghlinDen Heer FagelMr Thomas FairchildThomas Fairfax, of the Middle Temple, Esq;Mr John Falconer, MerchantDaniel Falkiner, Esq;Charles Farewell, Esq;Mr Thomas Farnaby, of Merton College, OxonMr William FarrelJames Farrel, Esq;Thomas Farrer, Esq;Dennis Farrer, Esq;John Farrington, Esq;Mr FaukenerMr Edward FaulknerFrancis Fauquiere, Esq;Charles De la Fay, Esq;Thomas De lay Fay, Esq;Capt. Lewis De la FayNicholas Fazakerly, Esq;Governour FeakeMr John Fell, of AttercliffeMartyn Fellowes, Esq;Coston Fellows, Esq;Mr Thomas FellowsMr Francis FennellMr Michael FenwickJohn Ferdinand, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Mr James Ferne, SurgeonMr John Ferrand, of Trinity College, CambridgeMr Daniel Mussaphia FidalgoMr FidlerHon. Mrs Celia FiennesHon. and Rev. Mr. Finch, Dean of YorkHon. Edward Finch, Esq;Mr John FinchPhilip Fincher Esq;Mr Michael Fitch, of Trinity College, CambridgeHon. John Fitz-Morris, Esq;Mr FletcherMartin Folkes, Esq;Dr FootMr Francis ForesterJohn Forester, Esq;Mrs Alice ForthMr John FortheMr Joseph FoskettMr Edward FosterMr Peter FosterPeter Foulkes, D. D. Canon of Christ-Church, OxonRev. Dr. Robert FoulkesRev. Mr Robert Foulks, M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College, CambridgeMr Abel Founereau, MerchantMr Christopher FowlerMr John Fowler, of Northamp.Mr Joseph FowlerHon. Sir William Fownes, Bar.George Fox, Esq;Edward Foy, Esq;Rev. Dr. Frankland, Dean of GloucesterFrederick Frankland, Esq;Mr Joseph FranklinMr Abraham FranksThomas Frederick, Esq; Gentleman Commoner of New College, OxonThomas Freeke, Esq;Mr Joseph FreameRichard Freeman, Esq;Mr Francis Freeman, of BristolRalph Freke, Esq;Patrick French, Esq;Edward French, M. D.Dr. FrewinJohn Freind, M. D.Mr Thomas FrostThomas Fry, of Hanham, Gloucestershire, Esq;Mr Rowland Fry, MerchantFrancis Fuljam, Esq;Rev. Mr Fuller, Fellow of Emanuel College, CambridgeMr John FullerThomas Fuller, M. D.Mr William Fullwood, of HuntingdonRev. James Fynney, D. D. Prebendary of DurhamCapt. FysheMr Francis Fayram, Bookseller in London(G)His Grace the Duke of GraftonRight Hon. Earl of GodolphinRight Hon. Lady Betty GermainRight Hon. Lord GarletRight Rev. Bishop of GloucesterRight Hon. Lord St. GeorgeRt. Hon. Lord Chief Baron GilbertMr Jonathan Gale, of JamaicaRoger Gale, Esq;His Excellency Monsieur Galvao, Envoy of PortugalJames Gambier, Esq;Mr Joseph Gambol, of BarbadoesMr Joseph GamonsonMr Henry GarbrandRev. Mr GardinerMr Nathaniel GarlandMr Nathaniel Garland, jun.Mr Joas GarlandMr James GarlandMrs Anne GarlandMr Edward GarlickMr Alexander GarrettMr John Gascoygne, MerchantRev. Dr GaskethMr Henry GathamMr John GayThomas Gearing, Esq;Coll. GeeMr Edward Gee, of Queen’s College, CambridgeMr Joshua Gee, sen.Mr Joshua Gee, jun.Richard Fitz-Gerald, of Gray’s-inn, EsqMr Thomas GerrardEdward Gibbon, Esq;John Gibbon, Esq;Mr Harry GibbsRev. Mr Philip GibbsThomas Gibson, Esq;Mr John GibsonMr Samuel GideonRev. Dr Clandish Gilbert, of Trinity College, DublinMr John GilbertJohn Girardos, Esq;Mr John Girl, SurgeonRev. Dr. Gilbert, Dean of Exeter, 4 BooksMr Gisby, ApothecaryMr Richard GlanvilleJohn Glover, Esq;Mr John Glover, MerchantMr Thomas Glover, MerchantJohn Goddard, Merchant, in RotterdamPeter Godfrey, Esq;Mr Joseph GodfreyCapt. John GodleeJoseph Godman, Esq;Capt. Harry GoffMr Thomas GoldneyJonathan Goldsmyth, M. D.Rev. Mr William Goldwin—— Gooday, Esq;John Goodrick, Esq; Fellow Commoner of Trinity Coll. CambridgeSir Henry Goodrick, Bart.Mr Thomas GoodwinSir William Gordon, Bar.Right Hon. Sir Ralph Gore, Bart.Arthur Gore, Esq;Mr Francis GoreMr John Charles GorisRev. Mr William Gosling, M. A.William Goslin, Esq;Mr William Gossip, A. B. of Trin. Coll. CambridgeJohn Gould, jun. Esq;Nathaniel Gould, Esq;Mr Thomas GouldRev. Mr Gowan, of LeydenRichard Graham, jun. Esq;Mr George GrahamMr Thomas GraingerMr Walter GraingerMr John GrantMonsieur S’ Gravesande, Professor of Astronomy and Experim. Philosophy in LeydenDr GrayMr Charles Gray of ColchesterMr John GreavesMr Francis GreenDr Green, Professor of Physick in CambridgeSamuel Green, Gent.Mr George Green, B. D.Mr Peter GreenMr Matthew GreenMr Nathaniel Green, ApothecaryMr Stephen Greenhill, of Jesus College, CambridgeMr Arthur GreenhillMr Joseph GreenupMr Randolph Greenway, of Thavies innMr Thomas Gregg, of the Middle TempleMr Gregory, Profess. of Modern Hist. in OxonMrs Katherine GregorySamuel Gray, Esq;Mr Richard Gray, Merchant in RotterdamThomas Griffiths, M. D.Mr Stephen GriggmanMr Renè GrilletMr Richard GrimesJohannes Groeneveld, J. U. & M. D. and Poliater LeidensisRev. Mr GrosvenorMr Richard GrosvenorMr Joseph Grove, MerchantMr John Henry Grutzman, MerchantMathurin Guiznard, Esq;Sir John GuiseRev. Mr John GuiseMr Ralph GulstonMatthew Gundry, Esq;Nathaniel Gundry, Esq;Mrs Sarah GunstonCharles Gunter Niccol, Esq;Thomas Gwillin, Esq;Marmaduke Gwynne, Esq;Roderick Gwynne, Esq;David Gausell, Esq; of Leyton GrangeSamuel Grey, Esq;Mr J. Grisson(H)Right Hon. Earl of HertfordRt. Hon. Ld. Herbert, of CherburyRight Hon. Lord HerbertRight Hon. Lord HerveyRight Hon. Lord HunsdonJohn Haddon, M. B. of Christ-Church, OxonMr HainesMrs Mary HainesEdward Haistwell, Esq;Othniel Haggett, of Barbadoes, Esq;Robert Hale, Esq;Mr Philip HaleMr Charles HalliedAbraham Hall, M. B.Dr. HallMr Henry HallMr Jonathan HallMr Matthew HallFrancis Hall, Esq; of St. James’s PlaceRev. Mr HalesWilliam Hallet, of Exeter, M. D.Edmund Halley, L. L. D. Astro. Reg. & Profess. of Modern Hist. in Ox. Savilian.Edmund Hallsey, Esq;Mr John HamerseJohn Hamilton, Esq;Andrew Hamilton, Esq;Rev. Andrew Hamilton, D. D. Arch-Deacon of RaphoeMr William Hamilton, Professor of Divinity in the University of EdinburghMr John HamiltonMr Thomas Hammond, Bookseller in YorkMrs Martha HammondMr John HandRev. Mr Hand, Fellow of Emanuel College, CambridgeMr Samuel HandlyGabriel Hanger, Esq;James Hannott, of Spittle-Fields, Esq;Mr Han HankeyHarbord Harbord, of Gunton in Norfolk, Esq;Richard Harcourt, Esq;Mr Thomas HardeyJohn Harding, Esq;Sir William Hardress, Bar.Peter Hardwick, M. D. of BristolMr Thomas Hardwick, AttorneyRev. Mr Jonathan HardeyHenry Hare, Esq;Mr Hare, of Beckingham in KentMr Mark HarfordMr Trueman HarfordHon. Edward Harley, Esq;Capt. HarloweMr Henry HarmageMr Jeremiah HarmanHenry Harrington, Esq;Barrows Harris, Esq;James Harris, Esq;William Harris, of Sarum, Esq;Rev. Mr Dean HarrisMr Thomas HarrisRev. Mr Harris, Professor of Modern History in CambridgeMr Richard HarrisMrs Barbara HarrisonMr William HarrisonRev. Mr Henry HartMr Moses HartSir John Hartop, Bart.Mr Peter HarveyHenry Harwood, Esq;John Harwood, L. D.Robert Prose Hassel, Esq;George Hatley, Esq;Mr William HavensCapt. John HawkinsMr Mark Hawkins, SurgeonMr Walter Hawksworth, Merch.Mr Francis HawlingMr John Huxley, of SheffieldMr Richard Hayden, MerchantCherry Hayes, M. A.Mr Thompson HayneMr Samuel HaynesMr Thomas HaynesMr John Hayward, SurgeonMr Joseph Hayward, of Madera, MerchantRev. Sir Francis Head, Bart.James Head, Esq;Thomas Heames, Esq;Edmund Heath, Esq;Thomas Heath, Esq;Mr Benjamin HeathCornelius Heathcote, of Cutthoy, M. D.Mr James Hamilton, MerchantMr Thomas HasledenSir Gilbert HeathcoteJohn Heathcote, Esq;William Heathcote, Esq;Mr Abraham HeatonAnthony Heck, Esq;John Hedges, Esq;Mr Paul Heeger, jun. Merch.Dr Richard HeishamMr Jacob HenriquesMr John Herbert, Apothecary in CoventryGeorge Hepburn, M. D. of Lynn-RegisMr Samuel HerringMr John HetheringtonMr Richard Hett, BooksellerFitz Heugh, Esq;Hewer Edgley Hewer, Esq;Robert Heysham, Esq;Mr Richard HeywoodMr John HeywoodMr Samuel HibberdineNathaniel Hickman, M. A.Mr Samuel HickmanRev. Mr Hiffe, Schoolmaster at KensingtonMr Banger HiggensMr Samuel HighlandMr Joseph HighmoreRev. Mr John Hildrop. M. A. Master of the Free-School in MarlboroughMr Francis Hildyard, Bookseller in YorkMr HilgroveMr James HilhouseJohn Hill, Esq;Mr John HillMr Rowland Hill, of St. John’s College, CambridgeSamuel Hill, Esq;Mr Humphrey HillRev. Mr Richard HillMr Peter St. Hill, SurgeonMr William Hinchliff, BooksellerMr Peter HindBenjamin Hinde, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Robert Hinde, Esq;Mr Peter Hinde, jun.Rev. Mr Dean HintonMr Robert HirtCapt. Joseph Hiscox, MerchantMr William HoareMr William HobmanSir Nathaniel HodgesMr Hodges, M. A. of Jesus College, OxonMr Joseph Jory HodgesMr Hodgson, Master of the Mathematicks in Christ’s HospitalMr HodsonEdward Hody, M. D.Mr Thomas HookSamuel Holden, Esq;Mr Adam Holden, of GreenwichRogers Holland, Esq;Mr James Holland, MerchantRichard Holland M. D.John Hollings, M. D.Mr Thomas HollisMr John HollisterMr Edward HollowayMr Thomas HolmesRev. Mr Holmes, Fellow of Emanuel College, CambridgeRev. Mr Samuel HoltMatthew Holworthy, Esq;Mr John HookMr Le HookMrs Elizabeth HookeJohn Hooker, Esq;Mr John HooleMr Samuel HooleMr Thomas HopeThomas Hopgood, Gent.Sir Richard HopkinsRichard Hopwood, M. D.Mr Henry HorneRev. Mr John HorseleySamuel Horseman, M. D.Mr Stephen HorsemanMr Thomas HoughtonMr Thomas HouldingJames How, Esq;John How, of Hans Cope, Esq;Mr John HoweMr Richard HowHon. Edward Howard, Esq;William Howard, Esq;Rev. Dean Robert HowardThomas Hucks, Esq;Mr Hudsford, of Trinity Coll. OxonCapt. Robert Hudson, jun.Mr John HughesEdward Hulse, M. D.Sir Gustavus HumesRev. Mr David Humphreys, S. T. B. Fellow of Trin. Coll. CambridgeMaurice Hunt, Esq;Mr Hunt, of Hart-Hall, OxonMr John HuntJames Hunter, Esq;Mr William HunterMr John Hussey, of SheffieldIgnatius Hussey, Esq;Rev. Mr Christopher Hussey, M. A. Rector of West-Wickham in KentThomas Hutchinson, Esq; Fellow Commoner of Sidney-College, CambridgeRev. Mr Hutchinson, of Hart-Hall, OxonMr Sandys Hutchinson, of Trinity College, CambridgeMr Huxley, M. A. of Brazen Nose College, OxonMr Thomas Hyam, MerchantMr John HydeMr Hyett, Gent. Commoner of Pembroke College, Oxon(I)Right Hon. the Earl of IlayEdward Jackson, Esq;Mr Stephen Jackson, MerchantMr Cuthbert JacksonRev. Mr. Peter JacksonMr Joshua JacksonJohn Jacob, Esq;Mr JacobensJoseph Jackson, of London, GoldsmithRev. Sir George Jacobs, of Houghton in NorfolkMr Henry JacombMr John Jacques, Apothecary in CoventryMr Samuel Jacques, Surgeon at UxbridgeWilliam James, Esq;Rev. Mr David James, Rector of Wroughton, BucksMr Benjamin JamesMr Robert James, of St. John’s, OxonSir Theodore Janssen, Bart.Mr John Jarvis, Surgeon at Dartford in KentMr Edward JasperEdward Jauncy, of the Middle-Temple Esq;Rev. Dr Richard IbbetsonJohn Idle, of the Middle Temple, Esq;Mr Samuel JeakeMr Samuel JebbMr David JefferiesRev. Mr Joseph JefferiesBartholomew Jeffrey, of the Middle Temple, Esq;Edward Jeffries, Esq;Lady JekyllRalph Jenison, Esq; 2 BooksDavid Jenkins, L. L. D. Chancellor of DerryMr JenkinsMr Samuel Jennings, of HullLibrary of Jesus Coll. CambridgeJohn Ingilby, Esq;Martin Innys, of Bristol, Gent.Messieurs William and John Innys of London, BooksellersThomas Jobber, Esq;Robert Jocelyn, Esq;Rev. Mr Samuel JochamOliver St. John, Esq;George Johnson, Esq;Hon. James Johnson, Esq;James Jurin, M. D.Rev. Mr Rob. Johnson. S. T. B. Fellow of Trinity College,CambridgeMr Isaac JohnsonMr Michael Johnson, Merchant in RotterdamEdward Jones, Esq; Chancellor of the Diocese of St. David’sMr Jones, M. A. of Jesus College, OxonMr Jacob JonesRev. Mr James Jones, Rector of Cound, SalopMr Somerset Jones, A. B. of Christ-Church, OxonMr John Jones, SurgeonMr John Jope, Fellow of New College, OxonCharles Joy, Esq;Daniel Ivie, Esq; of Chelsea Hospital(K)His Grace the Duke of KingstonRight Honourable Gerrard, Lord Viscount KingsaleRight Reverend Lord Bishop of KillaleRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of KilldareRight Reverend Lord Bishop of KillmoreRev. Mr William Kay, Rector of Wigginton, YorkshireBenjamin Keene, Esq;Hon. Major General KellumMr Thomas Kemp, M. A of St. John’s College, OxonMr Robert KendallMr Clayton KendrickJohn Kendrick, Esq;John Kemp, of the Middle Temple, Esq;Mr Chidrock KentSamuel Kent, Esq;Rev Mr Samuel Kerrick, Fellow of Christ Church College,Cambridge.Mr KidbeyMr Robert KiddLibrary of King’s College, CambridgeBenjamin King, of Antigua, Esq;Mr Matthias KingMrs Jane KingHon. Colonel Pearcy KirkeMr Thomas KnapRev. Samuel Knight, D. D. Prebendary of ElyMr Robert Knight, jun.Francis Knowllyes, Esq;Mr Ralph Knox(L)Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount LonsdaleRt. Hon. Ld. Viscount LymingtonRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of LondonRight Rev. Lord Bishop of LandaffRight Honourable Lord LynJohn Lade, Esq;Mr Hugh LangharneMr John LangfordMr William LarkmanMr William Lambe, of Exeter College, OxonRichard Langley, Esq;Mr Robert LacyJames Lamb, Esq;Rev. Mr Thomas Lambert, M. A. Vicar of Ledburgh, YorkshireMr Daniel LambertMr John LampeDr. Lane, of Hitchin in HertfordshireMr Timothy LaneRev. Dr. Laney, Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambr. 2 BooksMr Peter de LangleyRev. Mr Nathaniel LardnerMr LarnoulMr Henry Lascelles, of Barbadoes, MerchantRev. Mr John Laurence, Rector of Bishop’s WaremouthMr Roger Laurence, M. A.Mr LavingtonMr William Law, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of EdinburghMr John Lawton, of the Excise-officeMr Godfrey Laycock, of HallifaxMr Charles Leadbetter, Teacher of the MathematicksMr James Leake, Bookseller in BathStephen Martin Leak, Esq;Rev. Mr LechmereWilliam Lee, Esq;Mr Lee, of Christ Church, OxonRev. Mr John LeeMr William LeekRev. Mr LeesonPeter Legh, of Lyme in Cheshire, Esq;Robert Leguarre, of Gray’s-inn, Esq;Mr LehuntMr John Lehunt, of CanterburyFrancis Leigh, Esq;Mr John LeighMr Percival LewisMr Thomas LewisNew College LibrarySir Henry Liddell, Bar. of St. Peter’s College, CambridgeHenry Liddell, Esq;Mr William LimberyRobert Lindsay, Esq;Countess of LippeRev. Dr. James LisleRev. Mr ListerMr George Livingstone, One of the Clerks of SessionSalisbury Lloyd, Esq;Rev. Mr John Lloyd, A. B. of Jesus CollegeMr Nathaniel Lloyd, MerchantMr Samuel Lobb, Bookseller at ChelmsfordWilliam Lock, Esq;Mr James Lock, 2 BooksMr Joshua LockeCharles Lockier, Esq;Richard Lockwood, Esq;Mr Bartholom. Loftus, 9 BooksWilliam Logan, M. D.Mr Moses Loman, jun.Mr LongleyMr Benjamin LonguetMr Grey LonguevilleMr Robert LordMrs Mary LordMr Benjamin LorkinMr William LoupRichard Love, of Basing in Hants, Esq;Mrs Love, in Laurence-LaneMr Joshua Lover, of ChichesterWilliam Lowndes, Esq;Charles Lowndes, Esq;Mr Cornelius LloydRobert Lucas, Esq;Coll. Richard LucasSir Bartlet LucyEdward Luckin, Esq;Mr John LudbeyMr Luders, MerchantLambert Ludlow, Esq;William Ludlow, Esq;Peter Ludlow, Esq;John Lupton, Esq;Nicholas Luke, Esq;Lyonel Lyde, Esq;Dr. George LynchMr Joshua Lyons(M)His Grace the Duke of MontagueHis Grace the Duke of MontrosseHis Grace the Duke of ManchesterThe Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount MolesworthThe Rt. Hon. Lord ManselThe Rt. Hon. Ld. MicklethwaitThe Rt. Rev. Ld. Bishop of MeathMr MaceMr Joseph Macham, MerchantMr John Machin, Professor of Astronomy in Gresham CollegeMr MackayMr MackelcanWilliam Mackinen, of Antigua, Esq;Mr Colin Mac Laurin, Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of EdinburghGalatius Macmahon, Esq;Mr Madox, ApothecaryRev. Mr Isaac Madox, Prebendary of ChichesterHenry Mainwaring, of Over-Peover in Cheshire, Esq;Mr Robert Mainwaring, of London, MerchantCapt. John MaitlandMr Cecil MalcherSydenham Mallhust, Esq;Richard Malone, Esq;Mr Thomas MalynMr John MannMr William ManDr. ManatonMr John MandeDr. Bernard MandevilleMr James MandyRev. Mr Bellingham Manleveror, M. A. Rector of MaheraIsaac Manley, Esq;Thomas Manley, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Mr John ManleyMr William ManleyMr Benjamin ManningRawleigh Mansel, Esq;Henry March, Esq;Mr John MarkeSir George MarkhamMr John Markham, ApothecaryMr William MarkesMr James MarkwickHon. Thomas Marley, Esq; one of his Majesty’s Sollicitors general of IrelandRev. Mr George MarleyMr Benjamin Marriot, of the ExchequerJohn Marsh, Esq;Mr Samuel MarshRobert Marshall, Esq; Recorder of ClonmellRev. Mr Henry MarshallRev. Nathaniel Marshall, D. D. Canon of WindsorMatthew Martin, Esq;Thomas Martin, Esq;Mr John MartinMr James MartinMr Josiah MartinColl. Samuel Martin, of AntiguaJohn Mason, Esq;Mr John Mason, of GreenwichMr Charles Mason, M. A. Fell. of Trin. Coll. CambridgeMr Cornelius MasonDr. Richard Middleton MasseyMr MastermanRobert Mather, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;Mr William MathewsRev. Mr MathewMr John MatthewsMrs Hester Lumbroso de MattosRev. Dr. Peter Maturin, Dean of KillalaWilliam Maubry, Esq;Mr Gamaliel MaudRev. Mr Peter Maurice, Treasurer of the Ch. of BangorHenry Maxwell, Esq;John Maxwell, jun. of Pollock, Esq;Rev. Dr. Robert Maxwell, of Fellow’s Hall, IrelandMr MayMr Thomas MayleighThomas Maylin, jun. Esq;Hon. Charles Maynard, Esq;Thomas Maynard, Esq;Dr. Richard MayoMr Samuel MayoSamuel Mead, Esq;Richard Mead, M. D.Rev. Mr MeadowcourtRev. Mr Richard Meadowcourt, Fellow of Merton Coll. OxonMr MearsonMr George MedcalfeMr David Medley, 3 BooksCharles Medlycott, Esq;Sir Robert Menzies, of Weem, Bart.Mr Thomas Mercer, MerchantJohn Merrill, Esq;Mr Francis MerritDr. MertinsMr John Henry MertinsLibrary of Merton CollegeMr William Messe, ApothecaryMr MetcalfMr Thomas Metcalf, of Trinity Coll. CambridgeMr Abraham Meure, of Leatherhead in SurreyMr John Mac FarlaneDr. John MichelDr. Robert Michel, of BlandfordMr Robert MichellNathaniel Micklethwait, Esq;Mr Jonathan Micklethwait, MerchantMr John Midford, MerchantMr MidgleyRev. Mr Miller, 2 BooksRev. Mr Milling, of the HagueRev. Mr Benjamin MillsRev. Mr Henry Mills, Rector of Meastham, Head-Master of Croyden-SchoolThomas Milner, Esq;Charles Milner, M. D.Mr William MingayJohn Misaubin, M. D.Mrs Frances MitchelDavid Mitchell, Esq;Mr John MittonMr Abraham de MoivreJohn Monchton, Esq;Mr John Monk, ApothecaryJ. Monro, M. D.Sir William Monson, Bart.Edward Montagu, Esq;Colonel John MontaguRev. John Montague, Dean of Durham, D. D.Mr Francis MoorMr Jarvis MooreMr Richard Moore, of Hull, 3 BooksMr William MooreSir Charles Mordaunt, of Walton, in WarwickshireMr Mordant, Gentleman Commoner of New College, OxonCharles Morgan, Esq;Francis Morgan, Esq;Morgan Morgan, Esq;Rev. Mr William Morland, Fell. of Trin. Coll. Cambr. 2 BooksThomas Morgan, M. D.Mr John Morgan, of BristolMr Benjamin Morgan, High-Master of St. Paul’s-SchoolHon. Coll. Val. Morris, of AntiguaMr Gael MorrisMr John Morse, of BristolHon. Ducey Morton, Esq;Mr MotteMr William MountColl. MoyserDr. Edward MullinsMr Joseph MurdenMr MustaphaRobert Myddleton, Esq;Robert Myhil, Esq;(N)His Grace the Duke of NewcastleRt. Rev. Ld. Bishop of NorwichStephen Napleton, M. D.Mr Robert Nash, M. A. Fellow of Wadham College, OxonMr Theophilus Firmin NashDr. David NattoMr Anthony NealMr Henry Neal, of BristolHampson Nedham, Esq; Gentleman Commoner of Christ Church OxonRev. Dr. Newcome, Senior-Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge, 6 BooksRev. Mr Richard NewcomeMr Henry NewcomeMr NewlandRev. Mr John Newey, Dean of ChichesterMr Benjamin Newington, M. A.John Newington, M. B. of Greenwich in KentMr Samuel NewmanMrs Anne NewnhamMr Nathaniel Newnham, sen.Mr Nathaniel Newnham, jun.Mr Thomas NewnhamMrs Catherine NewnhamSir Isaac Newton, 12 BooksSir Michael NewtonMr NewtonWilliam Nicholas, Esq;John Nicholas, Esq;John Niccol, Esq;General NicholsonMr Samuel NicholsonJohn Nicholson, M. A. Rector of DonaghmoreMr Josias Nicholson, 3 BooksMr James Nimmo, Merchant of EdinburghDavid Nixon, Esq;Mr George NobleStephen Noquiez, Esq;Mr Thomas Norman, Bookseller at LewesMr Anthony NorrisMr Henry NorrisRev. Mr Edward NortonRichard Nutley, Esq;Mr John Nutt, Merchant(O)Right Hon. Lord OrreryRev. Mr John OakesMr William OckendenMr Elias OckendenMr OddieCrew offley, Esq;Joseph offley, Esq;William Ogbourne, Esq;Sir William OgbourneJames Oglethorp, Esq;Mr William OkeyJohn Oldfield, M. D.Nathaniel Oldham, Esq;William Oliver, M. D. of BathJohn Olmins, Esq;Arthur Onslow, Esq;Paul Orchard, Esq;Robert Ord, Esq;John Orlebar, Esq;Rev. Mr George OsborneRev. Mr John Henry OttMr James OtteyMr Jan. Oudam, Merchant at RotterdamMr OverallJohn Overbury, Esq;Mr Charles OveringMr Thomas OwenCharles Owsley, Esq;Mr John OwenMr Thomas Oyles(P)Right Hon. Countess of Pembroke, 10 BooksRight Hon. Lord PaisleyRight Hon. Lady PaisleyThe Right Hon. Lord ParkerChristopher Pack, M. D.Mr Samuel Parker, Merchant at BristolMr Thomas Page, Surgeon at BristolSir Gregory Page, Bar.William Palgrave, M. D, Fellow of Caius Coll. CambridgeWilliam Pallister, Esq;Thomas Palmer, Esq;Samuel Palmer, Esq;Henry Palmer, MerchantMr John Palmer, of CoventryMr Samuel Palmer, SurgeonWilliam Parker, Esq;Edmund Parker, Gent.Rev. Mr Henry Parker, M. A.Mr John ParkerMr Samuel Parkes, of Fort St. George in East-indiaMr Daniel ParminterMr Parolet, AttorneyRev. Thomas Parn, Fellow of Trin. Coll. Cambr. 2 BooksRev. Mr Thomas Parne, Fellow of Trin. Coll. CambridgeRev. Mr Henry Parratt, M. A. Rector of Holywell in HuntingtonshireThomas Parratt, M. D.Stannier Parrot, Gent.Right Hon. Benjamin Parry, Esq;Mr Parry, of Jesus Coll. Oxon B. D.Robert Paul, of Gray’s-inn, Esq;Mr Josiah Paul, SurgeonMr PaulinRobert Paunceforte, Esq;Edward Pawlet, of Hinton St. George, Esq;Mr Henry Pawson, of York, MerchantMr PayneMr Samuel PeachMr Marmaduke Peacock, Merchant in RotterdamFlavell Peake, Esq;Capt. Edward PearceRev. Zachary Pearce, D. D.James Pearse, Esq;Thomas Pearson, Esq;John Peers, Esq;Mr Samuel Pegg, of St. John’s College, CambridgeMr Peirce, Surgeon at BathMr Adam PeirceHarry Pelham, Esq;James Pelham, Esq;Jeremy Pemberton, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Library of Pembroke-Hall, Camb.Mr Thomas PennPhilip Pendock, Esq;Edward Pennant, Esq;Capt. Philip PenningtonMr Thomas PennyMr Henry PentonMr Francis Penwarne, at Liskead in CornwallRev. Mr Thomas PenwarneMr John PercevallRev. Mr Edward PercevallMr Joseph PercevallRev. Dr. Perkins, Prebend. of ElyMr Farewell PerryMr James PetitMr John Petit, of AldgateMr John Petit, of Nicholas LaneMr John Petitt, of Thames-StreetHonourable Coll. Pettit, of Eltham in KentMr Henry Peyton, of St. John’s College, CambridgeDaniel Phillips, M. D.John Phillips, Esq;Thomas Phillips, Esq;Mr Gravet PhillipsWilliam Phillips, of Swanzey, Esq;Mr Buckley PhillipsJohn Phillipson, Esq;William Phipps, L. L. D.Mr Thomas Phipps, of Trinity College, CambridgeThe Physiological Library in the College of EdinburghMr PichardMr William PickardMr John PickeringRobert Pigott, of Chesterton, Esq;Mr Richard PikeHenry Pinfield, of Hampstead, Esq;Charles Pinfold, L. L. D.Rev. Mr. Pit, of Exeter College, OxonMr Andrew PittMr Francis PlaceThomas Player, Esq;Rev. Mr PlimlyMr William PlomerWilliam Plummer, Esq;Mr Richard PlumptonJohn Plumptre, Esq;Fitz-Williams Plumptre, M. D.Henry Plumptre, M. D.John Pollen, Esq;Mr Joshua PocockFrancis Pole, of Park-Hall, Esq;Mr Isaac PolockMr Benjamin PomfretMr Thomas Pool, ApothecaryAlexander Pope, Esq;Mr Arthur PondMr Thomas PortMr John PorterMr Joseph PorterMr Thomas Potter, of St. John’s College, OxonMr John Powel—— Powis, Esq;Mr Daniel PowleJohn Prat, Esq;Mr James PrattMr Joseph PrattMr Samuel PrattMr Preston, City-RemembrancerCapt. John PriceRev. Mr Samuel PriceMr Nathaniel PrimatDr. John PringleThomas Prior, Esq;Mr Henry Proctor, ApothecarySir John Pryse, of Newton Hill in MontgomeryshireMr Thomas PurcasMr Robert PurseMr John PutlandGeorge Pye, M. D.Samuel Pye, M. D.Mr Samuel Pye, Surgeon at BristolMr Edmund Pyle, of LynnMr John Pine, Engraver(Q)His Grace the Duke of QueenboroughRev. Mr. Question, M. A. of Exeter College, OxonJeremiah Quare, Merchant(R)His Grace the Duke of RichmondThe Rt. Rev. Ld. Bishop of RaphoeThe Rt. Hon. Lord John RusselRev. Mr Walter Rainstorp, of BristolMr John Ranby, SurgeonRev. Mr RandMr Richard RandallRev. Mr Herbert Randolph, M.A.Moses Raper, Esq;Matthew Raper, Esq;Mr William Rastrick, of LynneMr Ratcliffe, M. A. of Pembroke College, OxonRev. Mr John RatcliffeAnthony Ravell, Esq;Mr Richard RawlinsMr Robert Rawlinson A. B. of Trinity College, Cambr.Mr Walter RayColl. Hugh RaymondRt. Hon. Sir Robert Raymond, Lord Chief Justice of the King’s-BenchMr Alexander RaymondSamuel Read, Esq;Rev. Mr James ReadMr John Read, MerchantMr William Read, MerchantMr Samuel ReadMrs Mary ReadeMr Thomas ReddallMr Andrew ReidFelix Renolds, Esq;John Renton, of Christ-Church, Esq;Leonard Reresby, Esq;Thomas Reve, Esq;Mr Gabriel ReveWilliam Reeves, Merch. of BristolMr Richard Reynell, ApothecaryMr John ReynoldsMr Richard RicardsJohn Rich, of Bristol, Esq;Francis Richards, M. B.Rev. Mr Escourt Richards, Prebend. of WellsRev. Mr Richards, Rector of Llanvyllin, in MontgomeryshireWilliam Richardson, of Smally in Derbyshire, Esq;Mr Richard RichardsonMr Thomas Richardson, ApothecaryEdward Richier, Esq;Dudley Rider, Esq;Richard Rigby, M. D.Edward Riggs, Esq;Thomas Ripley, Esq. Comptroller of his Majesty’s WorksSir Thomas Roberts, Bart.Richard Roberts, Esq;Capt. John RobertsThomas Robinson, Esq;Matthew Robinson, Esq;Tancred Robinson, M. D.Nicholas Robinson, M. D.Christopher Robinson, of Sheffield, A. M.Mr Henry RobinsonMr William RobinsonMrs Elizabeth RobinsonJohn Rochfort, Esq;Mr RodriguesMr RockeSir John Rodes, Bart.Mr Francis RogersRev. Mr Sam. Rogers, of BristolJohn Rogerson, Esq; his Majesty’s General of IrelandEdmund Rolfe, Esq;Henry Roll, Esq; Gent. Comm. of New College, OxonRev. Mr Samuel Rolleston, Fell. of Merton College, OxonLancelot Rolleston, of Wattnal, Esq;Philip Ronayne, Esq;Rev. Mr de la RoqueMr Benjamin Rosewell, jun.Joseph Rothery, M. A. Arch-Deacon of DerryGuy Roussignac, M. D.Mr James RoundMr William Roundell, of Christ Church, OxonMr Rouse, MerchantCuthbert Routh, Esq;John Rowe, Esq;Mr John RoweDr. Rowel, of AmsterdamJohn Rudge, Esq;Mr James RuckRev. Dr. Rundle, Prebendary of DurhamMr John RustJohn Rustatt, Gent.Mr Zachias RuthWilliam Rutty, M. D. Secretary of the Royal SocietyMaltis Ryall, Esq;(S)His Grace the Duke of St. AlbansRt. Hon. Earl of SunderlandRt. Hon. Earl of ScarboroughRt. Rev. Ld. Bp. of SalisburyRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of St. AsaphRt. Hon. Thomas Lord SouthwellRt. Hon. Lord SidneyRt. Hon. Lord ShaftsburyThe Rt. Hon. Lord ShelburnHis Excellency Baron Sollenthal, Envoy extraordinary from the King of DenmarkMrs Margarita SabineMr Edward Sadler, 2 BooksThomas Sadler, of the Pell-office, Esq;Rev. Mr Joseph Sager, Canon of the Church of SalisburyMr William SalkeldMr Robert SalterLady Vanaker SambrookeJer. Sambrooke, Esq;John Sampson, Esq;Dr. SamudaMr John SamwaiesAlexander Sanderland, M. D.Samuel Sanders, Esq;William Sanders, Esq;Rev. Mr Daniel SanxeyJohn Sargent, Esq;Mr SaundersonMr Charles Savage, jun.Mr John SavageMrs Mary SavageRev. Mr Samuel SavageMr William SavageJacob Sawbridge, Esq;John Sawbridge, Esq;Mr William SawreyHumphrey Sayer, Esq;Exton Sayer, L. L. D. Chanceller of DurhamRev. Mr George Sayer, Prebendary of DurhamMr Thomas SayerHerm. Osterdyk Schacht, M. D. & M. Theor. & Pratt, in Acad. Lug. Bat. Prof.Meyer Schamberg, M. D.Mrs Schepers, of RotterdamDr. ScheutcherMr Thomas ScholesMr Edward Score, of Exeter, BooksellerThomas Scot, of Essex, Esq;Daniel Scott, L. L. D.Rev. Mr Scott, Fellow of Winton CollegeMr Richard Scrafton, SurgeonMr Flight Scurry, SurgeonRev. Mr Thomas SeekerRev Mr SedgwickMr SelwinMr Peter SerjeantMr John Serocol, MerchantRev. Mr Seward, of HerefordMr Joseph SewelMr Thomas SewellMr Lancelot ShadwellMr Arthur ShalletMr Edmund Shallet, Consul at BarcelonaMr Archdeacon SharpJames Sharp, jun. SurgeonRev. Mr Thomas Sharp, Arch-Deacon of NorthumberlandMr John Shaw, jun.Mr Joseph ShawMr SheafeMr Edw. Sheldon, of WinstonlyMr ShellMr Richard ShephardMr Shepherd of Trinity Coll. OxonMrs Mary ShepherdMr William SheppardRev. Mr William Sherlock, M. A.William Sherrard, L. L. D.John Sherwin, Esq;Mr Thomas SherwoodMr Thomas ShewellMr John Shipton, SurgeonMr John Shipton, sen.Mr John Shipton, jun.Francis Shipwith, Esq, Fellow Comm. of Trinity Coll. Camb.John Shish, of Greenwich in Kent, Esq;Mr Abraham ShreighlyJohn Shore, Esq;Rev. Mr ShoveBartholomew Shower, Esq;Mr Thomas Sibley, jun.Mr Jacob Silver, Bookseller in SandwichRobert Simpson, Esq; Beadle and Fellow of Caius Coll. Cambr.Mr Robert Simpson Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of GlascowHenry Singleton, Esq; Prime Sergeant of IrelandRev. Mr John SingletonRev. Mr Rowland SingletonMr Singleton, SurgeonMr Jonathan SissonFrancis Sitwell, of Renishaw, Esq;Ralph Skerret, D. D.Thomas Skinner, Esq;Mr John SkinnerMr Samuel Skinner, jun.Mr John SkrimpshawFrederic Slare, M. D.Adam Slater, of Chesterfield, SurgeonSir Hans Sloane, Bar.William Sloane, Esq;William Sloper, Esq;William Sloper, Esq, Fellow Commoner of Trin. Coll. Cambr.Dr. Sloper, Chancellor of the Diocese of BristolMr SmartMr John SmibartRobert Smith, L. L. D. Professor of Astronomy in the University of Cambridge, 22 BooksRobert Smith, of Bristol, Esq;William Smith, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;James Smith, Esq;Morgan Smith, Esq;Rev. Mr Smith, of Stone in the County of BucksJohn Smith, Esq;Mr John SmithMr John Smith, Surgeon in Coventry, 2 BooksMr John Smith, Surgeon in ChichesterMr Allyn SmithMr Joshua SmithMr Joseph SmithRev. Mr Elisha Smith, of Tid St. Gyles’s, in the Isle of ElyMr Ward SmithMr Skinner SmithRev. Mr George SmythMr SnablinDr. Snell, of NorwichMr Samuel SnellMr William SnellWilliam Snelling, Esq;William Sneyd, Esq;Mr Ralph SnowMr Thomas SnowStephen Soame, Esq; Fellow Commoner of Sidney Coll. Cambr.Cockin Sole, Esq;Joseph Somers, Esq;Mr Edwin Sommers, MerchantMr Adam SoresbyThomas Southby, Esq;Sontley South, Esq;Mr SparrowMr Speke, of Wadham Coll. Ox.Rev. Mr Joseph SpenceMr Abraham SpoonerSir Conrad Joachim SpringelMr William StammersMr Charles StanhopeMr Thomas StanhopeSir John StanleyGeorge Stanley, Esq;Rev. Dr. Stanley, Dean of St. AsaphMr John StanlyEaton Stannard, Esq;Thomas Stansal, Esq;Mr Samuel StantonTemple Stanyan, Esq;Mrs Mary StanyforthRev. Mr Thomas Starges, Rector of Hadstock, EssexMr Benjamin SteelMr John Stebbing, of St. John’s College, CambridgeMr John Martis Stehelin, Merch.Dr. SteigerthalMr Stephens, of GloucesterMr Joseph StephensSir James Steuart of Gutters, Bar.Mr Robert Steuart, Professor of Natural Philosophy, in the University of EdinburghRev. Mr Stevens, Fellow of Corp. Chr. Coll. CambridgeMr John Stevens, of Trinity College, OxonRev. Mr Bennet StevensonHon. Richard Stewart, Esq;Major James StewartCapt Bartholomew StibbsMr Denham StilesMr Thomas Stiles, sen.Mr Thomas Stiles, jun.Rev. Mr StillingfleetMr Edward StillingfleetMr John StillingfleetMr William StithMr Stock, of Rochdall in LancashireMr Stocton, Watch-MakerMr Robert StogdonRev. Mr Richard StonehewerThomas Stoner, Esq;Mr George Story, of Trinity College, CambridgeMr Thomas StoryWilliam Strahan, L. L. D.Mr Thomas StratfieldRev. Dr. Stratford, Canon of Christ Church, OxfordCapt. William StrattonRev. Mr StreatSamuel Strode, Esq;Mr George StrodeRev. Mr John StrongHon. Commodore StuartAlexander Stuart, M. D.Charles Stuart, M. D.Lewis StuclyMr John Sturges, of BloomsburyMr Sturgeon, Surgeon in BuryHon. Lady SuassoMr Gerrard SuffieldMr William Sumner, of WindsorSir Robert Sutton, Kt. of the BathRev. Mr John SuttonMr Gerrard SwartzMr Thomas SwayneWilliam Swinburn, Esq;Rev. Mr. John Swinton, M. A.Mr Joshua Symmonds, SurgeonRev. Mr Edward Synge(T)His Grace the Archbishop of TuamRight Hon. Earl of TankervilleRt. Hon. Ld. Viscount Townshend, One of His Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of StateRight Honourable Lady Viscountess TownshendRight Hon Ld Viscount TyrconnelThe Honourable Lord Trevor Charles Talbot, Esq; Solicitor-General.Francis Talbot, Esq;John Ivory Talbot, Esq;Mr George Talbot, M. A.Mr TalbotThomas Tanner, D. D. Chancellor of NorwichMr Thomas TannerMr Tateham of ClaphamMr Henry TathamMr John TatnallMr Arthur TayldeurMr John TayleurArthur Taylor, Esq;Joseph Taylor, Esq;Simon Taylor, Esq;Rev. Mr Abraham TaylorBrook Taylor, L. L. D.William Tempest, Esq;William Tenison, Esq;Dr. TenisonRev. Dr. Terry, Canon of Christ Church, OxonMr Theed, AttorneyMr Lewis TheobaldJames Theobalds, Esq;Robert Thistlethwayte, D. D. Warden of Wadham Coll. OxonRev. Mr ThomlinsonRichard Thompson Coley, Esq;Rev. Mr William ThompsonMr William Thompson, A. B. of Trinity Coll. CambridgeMr ThoncasMr Thornbury, Vicar of ThameSir James Thornhill, 3 BooksMr ThornhillWilliam Thornton, Esq;Mr Catlyn ThorowgoodMr John ThorpeWilliam Thorseby, Esq;Mr William Thurlbourn, Bookseller in CambridgeMark Thurston, Esq; Master in ChanceryRev. Mr William Tiffin, of LynnEdmund Tigh, Esq;Right Hon. Richard Tighe, Esq;Mr Abraham TilghmanMr George TilsonRev Mr TilsonMr William TimsRev. Mr John TisserCapt. Joseph TolsonMr TomkinsMr William TomlinsonRichard Topham, Esq;Dr. ToreyGeorge Torriano, of West-Ham, Esq;Mr John TorrianoMr James le TouchRev. Mr Charles ToughMr John TowersRev. Mr Nehemiah TowgoodMr Edward TownJoseph Townsend, Esq;Charles Townshend, of Lincoln’s inn, Esq;Hon. Thomas Townshend, Esq;Mr TownsonJohn Tracey, of Stanway in Gloucester, Esq;Capt. Richard TraceyMr Samuel Traverse, MerchantMr Charles Trelawny, Student of Christ ChurchFredric Trench, Esq;Mr Edmund TrenchMr Samuel TrenchRichard Trevor, Esq;Hon. Thomas Trevor, Esq;Hon. Mr John TrevorMr Trimble, Merch. in Rotterd.Rev. Dr. Trimnell, Dean of WinchesterThomas Trotter, L. L. D.John Trubshaw, Esq;Mr Thomas TrumanDr. Daniel TurnerRev. Mr. Robert Turner, of ColchesterMr John TurtonMr William TurtonJohn Twistleton, near the City of York, Esq;Col. TyrrellMr William TysonMr Samuel TyssenCapt. Edward Tyzack(V)Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount VaneRev. Mr Thomas ValentineMr Vallack, of PlymouthMr John VanderbankMr Daniel VandewallMr John Vandewall, MerchantMr Edward VausHon. John Verney, Esq;William Vesey, Esq;Rev. Mr John VeseyWilliam Vigor, of Westbury College near BristolMr George VirgoeMr Frederick Voguel, MerchantMr Thomas VickersRobert Viner, Esq;(W)Rt. Hon. the Earl of WinchelseaRt. Rev. Lord Bishop of WinchesterRev. Mr WadeSir Charles WagerRev. Mr WagstaffeRev. Dr. Edward WakeMr Jasper WakefieldMr Samuel WalbankMr WalbridgeMr WaldronEdmund Waldrond. M. A.Mr Walford, of Wadham Coll. OxonRev. Mr Edward WalkerMr Samuel Walker, of Trinity College, CambridgeMr Thomas WalkerHenry Waller, Esq;William Waller, Esq;Mrs WallerMr John Waller, of Lincoln’s-innMr George WallisRev. Mr William WallisMr Edward Walmsley, 2 BooksEdward Walpole, Esq;Mr Peter WalterJohn Walton, Esq;Peter Warburton of Ford in Cheshire, Esq;Richard Warburton, Esq;John Ward, jun. Esq;Michael Ward, Esq;Edward Ward, Esq;Knox Ward, Esq;Mr John Ward, Professor of Rhetoric in Gresham CollegeWilliam Ward, L. L. D.Mr Richard WarringMr Jacob WarneckMr Richard WarnerMr Robert WarnerWilliam Wasey, M. D.Rev. Mr Washington, Fellow of Peterhouse, CambridgeMr Edward WastfieldMr WatkinsRev. Mr Thomas Watkis, of KnutsfordRobert Watley, Esq;Mr Joel WatsonMr John WatsonMr Thomas WatsonRichard Watts, M. D. 2 BooksMr Thomas WattsRev. Mr Isaac WattsMr William WeamenMr Thomas WearMr William WeathersEdward Weaver, Esq;Anthony Weaver, M. D.Mr WebbMr Willam Webb, A. B. of Trinity College, CambridgeMr Humphrey Webb, M. A.Rt. Hon. Edward Webster, Esq;William Wenman, of Edwinstowe, Esq;Mr Samuel Wesley, jun.Gilbert West, Esq;Rt. Hon Richard West, Esq; late Lord high Chancellor of IrelandThomas West, Esq;Dr. Thomas WestMrs Anne WestDaniel Westcomb, Esq;Herbert Westfaling, Esq;Messieurs Werstein and Smith, Booksellers in AmsterdamMr Western, in Dover-StreetMr Matthew WestlyMr Tho. Weston, of GreenwichMatthew Weymondefold, Esq;Mr Edward WhartonMr Stephen WhatleyMr James WhatmanGranville Wheler, Esq;Rev. Mr William WhistonDr. William WhitakerTaylor White, Esq;Mr Charles WhiteMr Edward White, Scholar of Caius College, CambridgeMr John WhiteMr Joseph WhiteMr Nicholas WhiteMr William WhiteheadRev. Mr Whitehead, Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge 6 BooksJohn Whitfield, D. D. Rector of DickleburghRev. Mr WhitfieldMr Nathaniel WhitlockMr John WhitteringRobert Wild, Esq;Mr William WildmanRev. Mr Wilkes, Prebendary of WestminsterDr. WilkinMr Wilkins, BooksellerMr Abel WilkinsonMr William WilksJohn Willes, Esq;John Willet, Esq; of the Island of St. ChristophersJohn Williams, Esq;William Peer Williams, jun. Esq;Rev. Mr Philip Williams, B. D.Mr Williams, B. A. of Jesus College, OxonMr Francis WilliamsHon. Coll. Adam WilliamsonMr Robert WillimottJohn Willis, Esq;Edward Wilmot, M. D.Mr Robert WillmottMr Joseph WilloughbyWilliam Willys, Esq;Mr John Wilmer, MerchantMr John Wilmer, ApothecaryMr Wilmott, Bookseller in OxfordRichard Wilson, of Leeds, Esq;Rev. Mr Daniel Wilson, Prebendary of the Church of HerefordWilliam Winde, Esq;Mr Samuel Winder, jun.Sir William Windham Bar.Mr John WindsorLibrary of Windsor CollegeMr WinningtonMr WinnockMr Abraham WinterbottomWill. Withers, of Gray’s-inn, Esq;Mr Conway Withorne, of the inner-TempleRev. Mr John WitterJacobus Wittichius, Phil. D. & in Acad. Lugd. Bat. Prof.Mr John WittinghamRev. Mr John Witton, Rector of Howton Witton, CambridgeMr Thomas WoodThomas Woodcock, Esq;Thomas Woodford, Esq;William Woodford, M. D.John Woodhouse, M. D.Mr J. Woods, of Bramshot, Merch.Rev. Mr Benjamin Woodroof, Prebendary of WorcesterMr Joseph WoodwardJosiah Woolaston, Esq;Mr Woolball, MerchantFrancis Woollaston, Esq;Charlton Woollaston, Esq;Mr William WoollastonWight Woolly, Esq;Library of the Cathed. of WorcesterJosias Wordsworth, jun. Esq;Mr John Worster, MerchantRev. Dr. William WottonMr John WowenEdward Wright, of the Middle-Temple, Esq;Henry Wright, of Molberly, in Cheshire, Esq;Samual Wright, Esq;William Wright, of offerton, in Cheshire, Esq;Mr WrightMr William Wright, of Baldock, HertfordshireRev. Mr Wrigley, Fellow of St. John’s College, CambridgeRt. Hon. Thomas Wyndham, Ld. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, of IrelandMr Joseph WyethThomas Wyndham, Esq;Rev. Mr John Wynne(Y)Mr John Yardley, Surg. in Coven.Mr Thomas YatesMrs Yeo, of Exeter, BooksellerSir William YongeLady YorkNicholas Young, of the inner-Temple, Esq;Hitch Young, Esq;Rev. Edward Young, L. L. D. PAYMENT - CREDIT CARDSDISCOVER - MASTERCARD - VISA - AMERICAN EXPRESSSHIPPING - USPS / FEDEX Year Printed: 1728, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Topic: Physics, Binding: Leather, Region: Europe, Author: Pemberton, Subject: Science & Medicine, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Place of Publication: London, Special Attributes: 1st Edition

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