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Seller: genejhsn (3,629) 100%, Location: Hazel Hurst, Pennsylvania, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 233078884737 Who doesn't like to swing a sword? It's just plain fun! This four DVD-ROM disk set is a comprehensive digital library of medieval weaponry and fighting techniques. With 299 files altogether, a number of fechtbuchs (fight books), some dating back to the 15th century are represented in this collection.These books show various techniques of combat using swords, pikes, daggers, shields, bucklers and more. The many videos give examples of how to perform various combat moves with these weapons. European Medieval Combat- 4 DVD-ROMs Boxed & shrink wrapped Click images to enlarge Description Who doesn't like to swing a sword? It's just plain fun! This four DVD-ROM disk set is a comprehensive digital library of medieval weaponry and fighting techniques. With 299 files altogether, a number of fechtbuchs (fight books), some dating back to the 15th century are represented in this collection.These books show various techniques of combat using swords, pikes, daggers, shields, bucklers and more. The many videos give examples of how to perform various combat moves with these weapons. Being of Swedish descent, I particularly like the video showing shield combat techniques used by the Norsemen and how it relates to the design of the Vikin sword with its small quillions. Then there is the "The flourish of the Döbringer codex HS 3227a," a fine set of moves with a longsword! Articles and books on sword types and sword construction and some DIY projects- including medieval metalworking to make helms and the like - are also included. While most of the material here is medieval an renaissance, there are 19th century manuals on the use of the saber and broadsword as well. A number of these titles are not in English, language is noted in the listing title. Also, if the title is obviously not in English,m the file will not be in english either. Careful now, don't go hurting yourself with pointy things! DISK 1 Codex Wallerstein Codex Wallerstein (part 1) - German Longsword.webm Codex Wallerstein (part 2) - German Longsword .webm Four Sections From Codex Wallerstein's Ringen.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 1_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 2_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 3_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 4_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 5_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 6_7.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques from Codex Wallerstein Pt. 7_7.webm The Reversed Hand in Codex Wallerstein (1_2).webm The Reversed Hand in Codex Wallerstein (2_2).webm Wallerstein longsword techniques.webm DIY Build a Dagohir Sword.pdf Buster Sword Plans.pdf Constructing a Sword Display Case.pdf Crafting a Medieval Helmet.mp4 How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial.webm How to make a Sword - Complete tutorial.webm How to make a Viking shield on a budget.mp4 How to make a Viking shield.pdf Making a LARP sword.pdf Padded Skein Sword.pdf Sword tempering notes.pdf Sword-Construction.pdf Fechtbuchs & Manuals 1410 Fiore Dei Liberi.pdf 15th Century English Sword Text MS 39564.pdf 193137534-Peter-von-Danzig-Tlumaczenia.pdf A new system of broad and small sword exercise.pdf A New System of Sword Exercise for Infantry 1876.pdf Acta Periodica Duellotrum vol1 2013.pdf Albrecht Durer's Fechtbuch 1910.pdf Arte Caballeresco de La Espada Larga (Sp.).pdf Axe Fighting 15c.pdf Bases de Lescrime a Lepee Longue de Joachim Meyer (fr).pdf Broad Sword and Single Stick (no illustrations).pdf Cod.HS.3227a Dobringer A5 Sidebyside.pdf Codex Wallerstein - revised intro by Grzegorz Zabinski.pdf Codex Wallerstein longsword by Bart Walczak and Radoslaw Ropka.pdf Codex Wallerstein Longsword Falchion Dagger.pdf Codice Wallerstein Anonimo a.pdf Compilation of German Longsword Masters.pdf Dobringer Fechtbuch 1389 (Ger, Eng).pdf Dobringer Manuscript A5 Side by side.pdf Dobringer Translation Update.pdf Draw swords! In the horse artillery Fenn, George Manville.pdf Early European Longswords.pdf Ejercicios Para Principiantes Con La Espada Larga 1467 (sp).pdf Escrimeurs contemporains (Vol 1) Goudourville, Henry de (fr).pdf Escrimeurs contemporains (Vol 2) Goudourville, Henry de (fr).pdf European Dueling Sword Small Sword.pdf Falkner Dagger Class.pdf Fechtbuch (ger).pdf Fechtbuch.pdf Fencing (Wiki).pdf Fencing 1467 Talhoffer Medieval Fighting Manual.pdf Fencing foil class work illustrated Manrique, Ricardo Enrique.pdf Fencing.pdf Filippo Vadi de Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi.pdf Fiore Dei Liberi.pdf FlosDuellatorum.pdf Foamy Sword Fighting.pdf Foil and sabre a grammar of fencing in detailed lessons.pdf Fritz Leckuchner (en).pdf German Longsword.pdf Gladiatoria Half Sword Introduction.pdf Gladiatoria La Scherma Dei Cavalieri.pdf Gladitoria.pdf Hanko Doebringer cod HS 3227a 1389 (es).pdf Hans Talhoffer Fechtbuch 467 outstanding facsimile.pdf Historical Fencing Manuals Manuscript List Miscellaneous.pdf Historical Fencing Manuals Manuscript List Post 1650.pdf Historical Fencing Manuals Manuscript List Pre 1650.pdf Indigenous and imported Viking Age weapons in Norway.pdf Infantry Sword Exercise 1845.pdf Instructions for the Sword, Carbine, Pistol, and Lance Exercise Great Britain Adjutant General'.pdf Italian Longsword Guards.pdf Jakob Sutor fechtbuch 1849 (ger).pdf Jakob Sutor s Kunstliches Fechtbuch (ger).pdf Jakob Sutor's künstliches Fechtbuch zum Nutzen der Soldaten, Studenten und Turner (Ger) Jakob Sutor, Johann Scheible.pdf Jorj Wilhalm Fechtbuch 1522.pdf Kampfringen Medieval Combat Grappling Basics & Fundimentals.pdf London Tower Fechtbuch Copia (lat).pdf Long Sword Sequences form Paulus Hector Mair 1550.pdf Long Sword Techniques and History.pdf Longsword from Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch.pdf Longsword techniques and Outline.pdf Medieval Arms Armor & Tactics.pdf Medieval Combat Hans Talhoffer 1467.pdf Medieval Combat, A 15th C Illustrated Manual of Sword Fighting and Close-Quarter Combat.pdf Medieval Knife Fighting.PDF Medieval Longsword.pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_1 Grotowski Slowianie (Polish).pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_3 Liwoch (Polish).pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_4 Kotowicz (Polish).pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_6 czyz (Polish).pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_8_tereszczuk (Polish).pdf Medieval Militaria acta1_9_glinianowicz (Polish).pdf Medieval Swordsmanship.pdf Messer From the Glasgow Fechtbuch E 1939 65 341 25v 26v (Ger, Eng).pdf Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch 1612 (ger).pdf Notes and observations on the art of fencing, a sequel to 'Foil practice'. George Chapman.pdf Notes on Le Jeu de la Hache.pdf novati.pdf Pammachon Martial Art of the West.pdf Paulus Kal's Fechtbuch (BW, amazing illustrations!).pdf Period Fencing Manuals.pdf RCN Sword Drill.pdf Reinventing the Sword.pdf Ringeck Longsword (Sw, Eng).pdf Sacredpeak Handout beta(esp).pdf Saxo Grammaticus (excerpts).pdf Schools and masters of fence Middle Ages to the 18th century Castle, Egerton, 1858 1920.pdf Schools and masters of fence, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century Castle, Egerton, 1858 1920.pdf Secrets of the sword_ tr. from the original French of Baron de Bazancourt .pdf Squad Instruction for the Broadsword 1869 USN.pdf Street riot drill and sword exercise United States. War Dept.pdf Sutton Hoo.pdf Sword & Buckler.pdf sword dynamics.pdf Sword Fencing Old Sword Play.pdf Sword Forging.pdf Sword in Medieval Europe.pdf Sword Maintenance.pdf Sword Maintenence.pdf Sword Manual (K of C).pdf Swordplay through the ages (proposal).pdf Swords & Swordfighters in Bronze Age Europe.PDF Swordsman.pdf SZCZERBIEC (THE JAGGED SWORD).pdf Talhoffer 1459 Fight Manual COLOR facsimile.pdf Talhoffer Fechtbuch 433pg.pdf Talhoffer Fechtbuch 1459.pdf Talhoffer Hans Fechtbuch (en).pdf Talhoffers Fechtbuch (gothaer Codex) aus dem Jahre 1443 Hans Talhoffer.pdf Talhoffers Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre 1467_ gerichtliche und andere Zweikämpfe darstellend. Hrsg. vo.pdf Thalhofer Hans Alte Armatur Und Ringkunst Thott 290 2 (facsimile, color).pdf The Amateur of Fencing_ Or, A Treatise on the Art of Sword Defence.pdf The art of fencing Senac, Regis.pdf The Art of Fencing The Use of the Small Sword L'Abbat, Monsieur (1734).pdf The double sword dance. Described and copyrighted November, 1895, Prof. H. N. Grant.txt The fencing master Dumas, Alexandre.pdf The horseman to which is annexed a sabre exercise Hershberger, H. R.pdf The Longsword Techniques 16th cent.pdf The Sword October Issue.pdf The Virtual Armory (proposal).pdf The Walpurgis Fechtbuch MS I 33 1320 (lat, eng).pdf Theory of fencing with the foil, in form of a catechism (1890).pdf Thorough Discussion of the Art of Fencing...(ger) Carl Timlich 1796.pdf Viking Combat.pdf Wallerstein.pdf WMA Bouting.pdf WMA Circle of Steel.pdf Gladitoria Gladiatoria Introduction Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 1_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 2_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 3_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 4_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 5_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Gladiatoria Part 6_6 Swordfight in Armour Hammaborg.webm Hammaborg Halbschwert Gladiatoria 13r + 13 v.mp4 Peter Falkner Mss Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 1_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 2_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 3_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 4_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 6_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 7_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm Hammaborg - Longsword Techniques (Pt. 8_8) Peter Falkner Manuscript.webm The Reversed Hand in Peter Falkner (KK 5012).webm Talhoffer Fechtbuch Man versus Woman from Talhoffer.webm Messer Techniques from Talhoffer.webm TV, movies Gladiator - First Battle in the Arena.mp4 Gladiator - Hispanicus Fight in the Arena.mp4 Greatest Japanese Movie Swordfight EVER!.mp4 Secrets of the Viking Sword (2012) full.webm Swords Complete History of Swords (Full Documentary).mp4 Weaponry A Guide to the Metallurgy of Edge Tools.pdf Ancient & Modern Laminated Composites.pdf Arms and Armor of Medieval Knights.pdf Beyond Discovery.pdf Bronze Age Wooden Sword.pdf Damascus Blades.pdf French Light Cavalry Sword 1822 Model A Classical Taste.pdf Hurstwic Newsletter Fall 2012.pdf Medieval Sword Types.pdf Medieval Sword Typology.pdf Medieval Sword, Records of the.pdf Medieval Swords Latvia 13th cent..pdf Medieval Swords & Their Inscriptions.pdf Medieval Swords (2).pdf Medieval Swords.pdf Messer Description.pdf Metallurgical Study of Viking Swords.pdf Naval Broadsword 1869.pdf Oakeshott Medieval Sword Typology (lecture).pdf On The Manufacture of Iron Inlays in Sword Blades.pdf Pattern Welded Steel.pdf Pattern welding in Early Medieval Swords.pdf Principles of squad instruction for the broadsword Corbesier, A. J.pdf Sword types.pdf Sword Typology (photo illustrated).pdf The Medieval Sword.pdf The Mystery of the Damascus Sword.pdf The sentiment of the sword_ a countryhouse dialogue. Edited, with notes Burton, Richard Francis.pdf The Sword in the Age of Chivalry.pdf Two Late Saxon Swords (blurry).pdf Viking Age Arms and Armor.pdf Viking Age Axes.pdf Viking Age Sword Types.pdf Vlfberht sword blades reevaluated.pdf DISK 2 Artes Belli, La faucille selon Paulus Hector Mair - 235r à 237v.webm Basic cuts used in Bolognese swordsmanship.mp4 Blade speed - Is one type of historical sword faster than another.mp4 Brawling in a Party room with Rapier, Smallsword _ Sabre.mp4 Combat médiéval full-contact tournoi de Paris.mp4 Conquest Roman Weapons.webm Drawing a sword from the back - Impractical, ineffective, dangerous.mp4 Dressing in Steel Part Two.mp4 Dual wielding swords - viable strategy or impractical fantasy.mp4 Explaining sword terminology Longsword, greatsword, arming sword, broadsword.mp4 Extreme moments in HMB (Historical Medieval Battle). Part 2.mp4 Fencing with the long sword 2012.mp4 Freestye Cutting Dual Sword Wielding Tutorial.mp4 French Small-sword.webm Half-swording - gripping a sharp blade with your hands.mp4 Hammaborg - Longsword bouts with Theresa Wendland.webm Heavy Armour Fighting.webm HEMA Longsword Training.mp4 Historical fencing - Dual wielding swords - overview and response to Lindybeige.mp4 How a Man Shall Be Armed.mp4 How to fence with Gold Medalist Mariel Zagunis.webm How to get into Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).mp4 How to Mount a Horse in Armor and Other Chivalric Problems.webm Japanese Katana vs European Longsword - Part 1, the material of their blades.mp4 Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword.webm Late 14th Century Knightly Harness Mobility Demo.mp4 Longsword Sparring.webm Longsword Techniques - Receiving Strikes on Flat.webm Longsword techniques from the Schrankhut (barrier guard).mp4 Longswords are not 'manly' and rapiers are not 'un-manly'.mp4 MEDIEVAL WEAPONS _ COMBAT The Longbow.webm MEDIEVAL WEAPONS _ COMBAT The Shield.webm MEMAG Longsword Solo Forms.webm MH3U - Advanced tips and tactics Long Sword.mp4 MMA in piedi, a terra e combattimenti.webm One Day Builds Customizing Adam's Hero Sword.mp4 TV, movies Best movie sabre duel.webm Best Sword Fights - Vol. 2 - Troy.webm Rob Roy - Final Duel.webm Vikings - Battle scenes Wardruna music.mp4 DISK 3 Knife vs Sickle Sparring.webm Nova Aetas l'arte de armizar.mp4 Nova Aetas Scrima - Tecniche di Combattimento.mp4 Nova Aetas vi augura un buon Natale 2013 !!!! (parodia ufficiale ).mp4 Ordine Del Lupo - Tecniche Di Scherma Medievale - Scrima.mp4 Paulus Hector Mair Exotica.webm Rapier vs longsword Mike _ Nick AHF Sparring.mp4 Rawlings synthetic sparring swords review.mp4 Reclaiming the Blade John Waller Royal Armouries.webm Review of the bronze Budget Khopesh by Neil Burridge.mp4 Review of the Darksword Armoury Feder practice sword.mp4 Roman Soldiers - Demonstration of Imperial Power.webm Saber Tutorials Basic Spin And Saber Flourish.webm Schielhau training.mp4 SdA - Fiore dei Liberi, Spada a doy man (Zogho Largo).mp4 smallsword (Assaut).webm Small-sword combative assault.webm Smallsword Fundamentals Guards.webm Some basic sword defenses - demonstration.mp4 Some basic tactics of sword vs. spear fighting.mp4 Some more beginner solo training for one-handed swords.mp4 Spear vs Sword and Buckler Nick vs Mike Sparring.mp4 Sword _ Shield Fighting with Roland Warzecha.webm Sword fight at 300 FPS.webm Sword Fighting As It Was For the Vikings.mp4 Techniques with the Pollaxe.webm Testing Swords Against Riveted Mail Armor.webm The flourish of the Döbringer codex HS 3227a.mp4 The 'Great Triangulation' in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).mp4 The Krumphau.webm The man who makes giant swords.mp4 The myth of the easy one-hit kill in sword fighting.mp4 The Rapier and the Scimitar.Medieval fighting styles.webm The Rose 3 Paurenfeindt's Wrath Cut longsword techniques.webm The spinning sword attack FAIL.mp4 The Sword and Buckler of Andre Lignitzer.webm The Truth of the Sword 1_2.webm The Truth of the Sword 2_2.webm The Viking Sword (720p).mp4 The Zornhau (Outdated Interpretations).webm The Zornhau (Wrath Hew).webm The Zwerchhau (Outdated Interpretations).webm There is no unbeatable perfect technique or martial arts style.mp4 TV, movie.webm viking sword (fr).mp4 DISK 4 Why the fancy reverse sword grip is not very effective.mp4 You Had to Be Strong Just to Wear the Armor as a Viking.mp4 Žehart - some longsword techniques according to Lichtenauer`s tradition.mp4 Payment The only form of online payment we are currently accepting is PayPal. 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