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10.1'' LCD Screen For Acer Aspire One KAV60 KAV10 NAV50

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Seller: screenaid (451,339) 98.7% Top-Rated Plus, Location: North Brunswick,NJ, Ships to: US, Item: 180692082374 Contact Us About replies Payment Methods Shipping Policy Returns & Warranty 10.1'' LCD Screen For Acer Aspire One KAV60 KAV10 NAV50 17.3" LCD 17.0" LCD 16.0" LCD 15.6" LCD 15.4" LCD 14.1" LCD 14.0" LCD 13.3" LCD 12.1" LCD 11.6" LCD 10.6" LCD 10.1" LCD 8.9" LCD Click an image to Enlarge Ordering Tip: 1. This screen has the LED connector towards BOTTOM-LEFT (If facing the back of the screen). The issue of the opposite connector on this kind screen may occur sometimes. If any customer encounters this kind of problem, please feel free to contact us by email or phone, we will send the cable ,and a installation instructions by email . 2. Please make sure your original screen has the same SIZE, RESOLUTION, BACKLIGHT TYPE ! Unless described as 'Original', all items are produced by a 3rd party manufacturer(OEM) and not the original manufacturer.Original manufacturer Part Numbers(P/N)are provided for cross reference only, the actual part numbers on the product is different. Size: Radion Aspect: 10.1 Inches WSVGA , Wide Screen Resolution: Backlight Lamp: 1024 X 600 pixels LED Data Connector: Screen Type: Standard 40-pin TFT Active Matrix Finish: Inverter: Matte Not Include Condition: Warranty: Brand New, Direct From Manufacture Free 1 Year Instruction Contact Us Shipping Policy Returns&Warranty About replies About Feedback Payment Methods FAQ Work Time:Monday thru Saturday Package handling only takes 1 business days at our warehouse, so please make sure entering correct payment and shipping information before checking out. Once your payment is completed, we are not going to accept any more changes to your order. We ship out items to buyers paypal confirmed address from Brookly via USPS.Please check your shipping address carefully before checkout. Orders placed on weekend will be Shipped Within 2 days.Notification of shipment with tracking number will be sent to buyers. Ship within 2 business days once payment completed. Notification of shipment with tracking No. will be sent to buyer. We offer discounts for combine shipping. Please contact us first if you need combine shipping, and an invoice with discount will be sent to you. We offer discounts for combine shipping. Please contact us first if you need combine shipping, and an invoice with discount will be sent to you. Refunds given only if item DOA and cannot be replaced via PAYPAL. If so, Please reported within 5 days and return to us within 60 days from the delivery date for exchange or refund. PLS check the package once receiving. If the package damage during the freight, please refuse to sign for the package and it will return to us. Then contact us promptly. If you need return, please check twice to confirm the item not work and contact our customer service representative, let us know the detailed problem and send us some pictures for confirmation. Then get a unique address for return. Warranty covers replacement or repair. All NON-seller mistake returns for refund are subject to 20% re-stocking fee and buyer should pay for the return shipping fee. (E.g. you brought wrong model or wrong color). Please make sure the item have NO man-made sabotage. If you purchased in improper condition, please NOTE that the sipping and handling fee will not be refund, all return shipping fee should paid by the buyer unless item DOA. If you don't get response within 1-2 business days, pls check your My Messages in case your email provider has an overly-aggressive spam filterblocking eBay's emails. Please email us AGAIN. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please donot be quick to leave negative/neutral feedback. We work hard to make sure EVERY CUSTOMER 100% SATISFIED and resolve any problem for you and always leave positive feedback to all our customers. If you are satisfied with the product you received,please leave us positive feedback and5 scores DSR. 1.Determine your LCD screen model number 2.Upgrade or downgrade of the LCD resolution. Upgrading from CCFL to LED backlight 3.Steps for locating the right screen 4.Correct backlight type for your new screen 5.Matte and Glossy screen finish: almost the same and interchangeable 6.Understanding what is a compatible LCD screen 7.Ways of finding your screen resolution 8.Locating your laptop model number 9.What is the condition and quality of LCD screens sold? What comes with the new screen? 10.Measuring laptop screen size 11.Alternative glossy screen names by manufacturer 12.Laptop LCD Screens Quality Selecting the correct replacement screen: what is important? 1.Determine your LCD screen model number To find out LCD screen model number you need to take the screen out of the laptop and check the back of the LCD screen. On the back side of the screen you can see one or several labels with numbers. 99% of the screens on the market today have manufacturer's code and screen size included in the model number. For example, screen model number LTN154AT07means that the screen is manufactured by Samsung and this screen's diagonal size is 15.4-inch. Below is a list of LCD screen manufacturers with their abbreviations: Acer - L AU Optronics - B Chi Me - N Chunghwa - CLAA HannStar - HSD Hitachi - TX IBM ( IDTech) - IT or IA LG Philips - LP LG Display - LP Matsushita - ED Mitsubishi - AA NEC - NL Quanta - QD Samsung - LT or LTN Sharp - LQ or LM Sanyo / Torisan - TM or LMJK Toshiba - LTM or LTD Unipac - UB If you have difficulty determining model number of your old screen please ask us. It would be helpful if you could upload a picture of the back of the original screen with labels in focus and numbers legible. Support team will send you a link to a correct screen. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the right number or to recognize it. Please submit picture of the back of your original screen for our review following these guidelines: 1. Full shot of the back of the screen 2. Focus on labels or printed numbers 3. Focus on connectors A picture of an LCD screen below is good enough to determine what kind of screen this is: The following are pictures of the LCD screen labels of such leading manufacturers as AUO, Chi Mei, LG Philips, Samsung and others: 2. Upgrade or downgrade of the LCD resolution. Upgrading from CCFL to LED backlight Upgrading from CCFL to LED backlight: All laptops in late 2010 use LCD screens: LCD screens require a backlight system to operate, there are two backlight systems in use today: CCFL and LED CCFL - Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light, is an older backlight method, which utilizes a daylight specter fluorescent tube and an inverter which powers it. LED - is a newer backlighting system which does not use an inverter, and instead of a fluorescent tube it uses a strip of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). So in essence there two types of laptop screens: LCD-CCFL and LCD-LED: these screens are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Upgrade or downgrade of the LCD screen resolution: In a nutshell - resolution of the replacement screen must be the same as resolution of the screen which is being replaced. We advise our customers against upgrading or downgrading of the screen resolution. Our company witnessed several cases where as a result of a resolution upgrade customer's video card had ceased to work properly or became completely unresponsive. A video card operates in a similar way to the CPU, the only difference lies in its purpose. Video card is used solely for image processing. Just like CPU, it can be overloaded when connecting to a screen that has a significantly higher capacity, as it will require more processing power. There are exceptions to this rule. There are some customers who have successfully changed their laptop screen resolution while upgrading their screens. It all depends on the brand and capacity of particular video card. Screen manufacturers will sometimes install different resolution screens with the same video card, although, we would strongly recommend against trying this type of an upgrade as there is a chance of damaging video card and the cost of repairs can be as high as replacing an entire motherboard, if the video card is integrated. 3. Steps for locating the right screen Important Note! It is absolutely necessary to know the SIZE, RESOLUTION and BACKLIGHT TYPE in order to purchase the correct screen for a particular laptop. Please, do not hesitate to email us your laptop make/model details if you are in need of assistance. Our customers are constantly amazed at how fast we reply. Certain laptop models come in different screen sizes, resolutions and backlights. For instance, Dell M1330 may have LED or CCFL backlight. IBM-Lenovo ThinkPad T60 was released with either 15.4" or 15" or 14.1" screen size and these screens are not interchangeable. Macbook Pro 15.4" screens come in different resolutions and they are not interchangeable as well. It is absolutely imperative that size, resolution and backlight of the original screen are the same as of the selected screen for purchase. Please examine carefully the screen description. If you are still unsure please, please ask us You may also upload pictures of the back of our original screen that you are replacing. Please focus on labels (so the numbers are legible) and connectors and also include full shot of the back of the screen. Manufacturers typically do not publish screen compatibility information and even if they do there are occasional mistakes in their manuals and specifications on their websites. Therefore the only sure way to get 100% correct screen is to check the size, resolution, and backlight. NOTE: Screens for Dell laptops must be chosen by the laptop model number ( i.e. Inspiron 1525 ). Choosing by the original screen model number can lead to wrong selection. Below are step by step instructions 4.Correct backlight type for your new screen All laptops in late 2010 use LCD screens: LCD screens require a backlight system to operate, there are two backlight systems in use today: CCFL and LED CCFL - Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light, is an older backlight method, which utilizes a daylight specter fluorescent tube and an inverter which powers it. LED - is a newer backlighting system which does not use an inverter, and instead of a fluorescent tube it uses a strip of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). So in essence there two types of laptop screens: LCD-CCFL and LCD-LED: these screens are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. The replacement screen must have exactly the same backlight type as the original (old) screen. Currently there are 2 major types of backlight for notebook LCD screens: 1. CCFL (Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) a) 1-CCFL - contains 1 bulb b) 2-CCFL - contains 2 bulbs 2. LED (Light emitting diode) IMPORTANT! CCFL and LED screens are NOT interchangeable! The CCFL backlight screens always need a high voltage inverter to power the bulb inside the screen. The LED screens use light emitting diodes to light up the screen. Most of the LED screens today require an inverter as well and the inverters of the two types are completely different. Inverters of the LED screens are attached to the bottom of the screen. One CCFL (also known as "single backlight") - has been and still is the most popular backlight type in laptop screens. The screen contains one bulb to light it up and has a pair of wires at the bottom finished with one white inverter connector that plugs into inverter board. See the picture right below: LCD screen with single CCFL backlight ( CCFL 1-Bulb ) Two CCFL (also known as "dual backlight") - contains 2 bulbs, has 2 pairs of inverter cables and 2 inverter connectors. This type of backlight is less popular than 1-CCFL and is used in laptop screens of size 15.4-inch and larger. See the next picture: LCD screen with dual CCFL backlight ( CCFL 2-Bulb ) LED is the new type of backlight which allows the screen to consume less power (which equals longer battery life), does not heat up as much as CCFL based screen, and is thinner and lighter. In LED screens backlight power is supplied in one of three ways: through video connection, through a flat ribbon cable or through an attached inverter. Also note that in LED screens of different resolutions the video connector can be entirely different. LCD screen with LED backlight ( Backlight Type: LED ) It is usually mentioned in the laptop specifications when the laptop screen has LED backlight. To determine which backlight type screen is in your laptop you can remove and examine the screen - this is the best way. Alternatively you can check your laptop manual, check specifications online at your laptop manufacturer's Support section, or contact your laptop manufacturer. LED screen can never be used to replace a CCFL screen. 5.Matte and Glossy screen finish: almost the same and interchangeable Glossy and matte screens are interchangeable, it is only up to you personal preferences which one to pick.The picture below illustrates the physical dissimilarities between the glossy and the matte screens installed on the same laptop: Laptop screens with glossy and matte screens are entirely interchangeable since the difference lies only in the type of the screen surface finish. Conventionally, laptop screens have had a matte, anti-glare finish, to scatter the reflected light. This characteristic, however, has aa number of side effects, which include scattering the light from the display and increasing the blur. Additionally, it results in reduction of the contrast ratio, color intensity, and viewing angle. Glossy screens use optical coating to reduce the amount of reflected external light. Their shiny surfaces reflect more light than matte displays, but they are less reflective than the uncoated glossy displays; reflections of external light sources are not diffused by glossy displays, so certain lighting conditions tend to favor a traditional, anti-glare screen. In controlled environments, such as darkened rooms, or rooms where all light sources are diffused, a glossy display may be more enjoyable for the viewer. Glossy displays generate increasingly saturated colors, deeper blacks, brighter whites, and sharper images. This makes these types of displays more appropriate for general public use, which commonly uses laptops for viewing photos, watching movies, or browsing the web. As a side note, in extremely bright conditions, where no direct light is facing the screen, such as outdoors, glossy displays can become more readable than matte displays due to their ability not to disperse the light around the screen. 6.Understanding what is a compatible LCD screen Different types of screens are used by notebook manufacturers when assembling a single model of laptop, as a result, more than one type of screen can be used in the same laptop model. Consequently, using the same screen model and/or part number is not as pivotal as one would assume. Furthermore, LCD screen manufacturers release new models of LCD screens every 3 to 5 months, and, as a result, one's original screen may be outdated and not available any longer. There are newer screen models on the market and they have better electrical and optical parameters, which one can check when comparing screen data sheets. The important part is to know whether the screen is compatible with original one or not. Laptop manufacturers avoid sharing compatibility information. They nudge you to purchase screens directly from them, in process, charging ridiculously high prices for the compatible screen. We have been informed by some of our customers that they were quoted up to 10 times of our price! Our research is based on our hands-on experience. We study compatibility to ensure that screens we offer are the exact replacements of our customer's laptop models or fully compatible equivalent types. Besides, selling a compatible screen model allows us to offer you a better deal. As a side note, if you are in need of a specific screen model for a project or specific application, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to ordering to make sure you get the exact part number you require. 7.Ways of finding your screen resolution Screen resolution is measured in horizontal and vertical pixels (ex.: 1024 x 768). It is important to confirm the screen resolution before submitting an order: the same laptop model can come with different display resolutions. If a laptop you are ordering a screen for works - turn it on and: - go to On-line Resolution Check OR - for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98: Right-Click on Desktop -> Properties -> then in Display Properties navigate to Settings - for Windows Vista and Windows 7: Right-Click on Desktop -> Personalize -> Graphics Options One way or another you are looking for something like this Letters on the right are the common abbreviations and can be used as resolution indicators. 640 x 480 (VGA, outdated) 800 x 600 (SVGA, outdated) 1024 x 576 (WSVGA) 1024 x 600 (WSVGA) 1024x768 (XGA) 1152x768 (WXGA) 1280x768 (WXGA) 1280x800 (WXGA) 1280x854 (WXGA) 1366X768 (WXGA HD) 1280x720 (SD+) 1280x1024 (SXGA) 1400x1050 (SXGA) 1440x900 (WXGA+) 1440x960 (WXGA+) 1600x1200 (UXGA) 1600x900 (WXGA++ HD+ ) 1680x900 (WSXGA+) 1680x945 (WSXGA+) 1680x1050 (WSXGA+) 1920x1080 (WUXGA) Full HD 1920x1200 (WUXGA) 2048x1536 (QXGA) Good luck and remember: we do not recommend upgrading or downgrading the screen resolution. 8.Locating your laptop model number Knowledge of the laptop model number is critical when one is looking for a laptop screen to purchase. You can check the packaging or manual that came with laptop. The most definitive way to find the model number of your laptop is to check the label with the model number on the laptop itself (most of the time - on the bottom). Yes, you can ask our knowledgeable technical staff as well. You need to submit new support ticket or send us an e-mail. Pictures are very informative, so, whenever possible, take a picture of the model number of your laptop and upload it into the ticket with your inquiry about the screen that you are looking for. Some pointers when inquiring pertinent to specific brands: - Apple - serial number - Dell - have Dell Service Tag Number - IBM-Lenovo - have Product Number (four numbers and three letters: 1234-ABC) - Sony VAIO - submit VGN number 9.What is the condition and quality of LCD screens sold? What comes with the new screen? Our company distributes brand new laptop LCD screens, just the way they come from manufacturer. No plastic frames, bezels, video cables, hinges, web cams etc are included. Those are separate parts and have nothing to do with the screen panel itself. One can swap and reuse the original parts with the new screen. Inverter is usually not included, but some screen models have inverter attached. If included, it is stated in the screen model description. Laptop's built-in web camera is a separate device from the display, it is never a part of the LCD screen and is not included. You can reuse your old camera with your new screen. Replacement screen which you will receive may contain surface protective film on it, which can be easily removed after installation. Some laptops have a clear cover on the LCD screen to make the screen look seamless with the laptop lid - it is also not included with your new screen. 10.Measuring laptop screen size Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner (see below) (1 inch=2.54 cm): screen size measured in inches form corner to corner diagonally Laptop screens come in many different sizes with new ones being constantly added. Below you can see the most popular ones. 11.Alternative glossy screen names by manufacturer Each laptop manufacturer coined their glossy type screen monicker: Acer - CrystalBrite Acorn - Vybrio AG Neovo - NeoV Optical Filter Ahtec - Glare Alienware - ClearView Apple - Glossy ASUS - ColorShine Averatec - AveraBrite Dell - TrueLife Everex - DiamondBrite Fujitsu - CrystalView, SuperFine Gateway - UltraBrite HP-Compaq BrightView IBM-Lenovo VibrantView LG - FineBrite NEC OptiClear, SuperShine Packard Bell - Diamond View Sager - Super Clear SONY - XBRITE, XBRITE-ECO, X-black, ClearBright, ClearPhoto LCD Toshiba - Clear SuperView 12.Laptop LCD Screens Quality Our company distributes genuine laptop screens of the unsurpassed quality. The LCD screens that we sell are made by reputable manufacturers. We sell only genuine original laptop screens - no generic or fake. The quality of these screens is exceptional because they are the same as the ones that laptop manufacturers use in their current laptop models. The production of laptop LCD screen is a complex task that is why there are no generic or fake screens available on the market. Our huge stock of notebook LCD screens have been manufactured solely by large corporations like AUO, Chi-Mei, Toshiba, Hannstar, Chunghwa, Samsung, LG Phillips, Sharp, etc. They are globally recognized suppliers of electronic components. They manufacture an array of products, ranging from laptop internal cables, motherboards, LCD screens, hard drives, and DVD drives to keyboards. These manufacturers strive hard to maintain the highest quality of the LCD screens. Their LCD laptop screens are able to work in the most demanding environment. To learn more about these manufacturers, please check the official websites: AUO Chi Mei Optoelectronics Samsung Hannstar Toshiba LG Philips Sharp Hydis Hundai Please see our FAQ AND ARTICLES section for installation guides or for any questions related to Payment, Shipping, Warranty Policy etc. To learn more about LCD screen quality and settings: It is easy to take the quality of LCD screen for granted. But when you consider that you probably spend more time using your LCD monitor than any other component of your PC, you realize that the screen you stare at every day is a vital part of your computer system. What differentiates one LCD from another is image quality. Such parameters as, text readability, sharpness, grayscale range, color quality, or image uniformity are important. However, the most important tool (diagnostic equipment) to evaluate the quality of LCD screen is the human eye. The variables, such as, the light source, the viewing angle, and the system's graphics card can have a dramatic effect on an LCD's performance. Make sure that a display is adjusted to perform optimally, based on the manufacturer-recommended or default settings when possible. LCD screens often have trouble reproducing all of the levels of the grayscale (the range of grays between true black and true white). When producing a bright white image, many LCD screens oversaturate the grayscale: the lightest grays of the scale are lost in the white background. Oversaturation can also lead to loss of color range a poor color reproduction of a LCD screen at the brightest end of the scale, closest to white. A color-tracking error occurs when the intensity of red, green, and blue (RGB) do not adjust identically with signal-level changes for LCD screen. This lack of balance between the RGB channels affects color as well as grayscale, but it is most easily identified as a shift in color within shades of gray. Perfectly uniform backlighting across an LCD's entire display surface is difficult to achieve. It is not uncommon for an LCD to have bright or dim patches or subtler variations in color intensity, which give the appearance of shading across the screen, or variable color intensity on the LCD display. Additionally, using a dark screen is the easiest way to spot glare and reflection problems, both of which can have distracting effects when you're viewing an LCD screen. inkfrog terapeak i000000 Condition: New, Screen Size: 10.1 inch, Screen Finish: Matte, Backlight: LED, Resolution (Pixels): WSVGA 1024x600, Data Cable Pins: 40 Pins, Inverter & Data Cable: Not Included, Compatibility: 100% Compatible, Type: TFT Active Matrix, Diagonal Screen Size: 10.1 Inch Crossways, Aspect Rato: Wide Screen

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