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Seller: desimone_1 (9,071) 99.4%, Location: Canada, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 372573750272 Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 This item is of legal provenance per ebay policy. I purchased this/these item/items in 2015/2016 in a large lot of coins from a dealer in Austria. The items were brought into this country legally per the laws in place at the time here in CANADA when it was imported. Official documents are available on request for ebay, please contact seller for more details. All items or coins listed here are the property of desimone_1. We have been selling ancient coins, items, and artifacts on ebay since around 1998 and buy our items ONLY from reputable dealers. All items are guaranteed to be authentic and as described. Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 If you have any questions or comments please email here! Check out our Ebay Store here ! or our site for better prices !!: nerocoins.com *Please Note* Please also *Completely* read over the auction as well before bidding so you fully understand what your bidding on as your:1 bid/Buy = 10 coin =$40.00 2 bids/Buys = 20 coins = $80.00 (All coins will vary in sizes/grades and all are sent out randomly) ONLY 300 left from this lot ! AMAZING UNCLEANED ROMAN COINS!! Hello everyone I wanted to personally thank you all for taking your time to look at our auctions!! .It seems that people have a fascination with coins and their history. I have been fortunate enough to find a good source for ancient coins.The age range of the coins are from about 100 A.D. to 500 A.D. or possibly Earlier (B.C.), the coins will be mostly Roman Imperial and Roman Provincial coins with some Greek, Byzantine, and other ancient coins as well. There have also been a number of Greek coins in the mix which do date older than the Roman coins or Empire and typically sell for $4.00 to $8.00 each here on Ebay. We have had one lucky person find and confirmed Greek Gold Coin worth over $4400!! ( if you look below! ). He had it certified by an ancient coin dealer in his area and he told our lucky bidder it was one of the finest uncleaned coin finds he had ever seen in his life!!. You will see MANY dealers online saying "it is not possible that you can find gold coins in uncleaned lots, that they are in fact just over cleaned bronze coins". Which might just be the truth of the coins they have gotten but not from our suppliers!!. Countless numbers of our coins have been identified and attributed by our bidders that bid on them and that tells you the period in which they were made plus also confirms the fact that there have been gold coins found!. So when you buy "low-end" coins you have "NO" idea as to the value of them whatsoever. Do not think that just because you may find a source or opportunity to buy them cheaply you have stumbled on a "The Bargain Of Your Life Time". There are a lot of bogus and "junk" coins out there that other sellers are trying to sell off to there bidders and you can buy these coins Very Inexpensively, but many of these "cheap OR junk" coins are generally worthless. SO DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! but please also remember you always get what you pay for in the end!!. Any ancient coins that cannot be identified by any means should be avoided at all costs. But what the Ancient Coin Dealers Won't Tell You! Is there is a lot to collecting ancient coins. For example dealers will not tell you weather the coins you buy were found by a metal detector in the soil or in large caches or hidden in pots or jars etc.... This makes a lot of the difference in value in the end, collecting, OR how your coins will look as well. A coin that has been in the ground for centuries is going to take on a lot of the minerals in the soil. It then starts to crystallize and then turns the metal to a very brittle piece of junk. It looks like a coin but it is no longer one in the end. SO BE CAREFUL! All the coins you are bidding on were found in pots or jars or caches, or hidden, etc... Some are all most clean and some are very dirt entrusted. Do not let the cheaper prices lure you into disappointment. . Please check my Feedback if you have any concerns or write to me if you have any questions. We have listed some feedback's below and we could list MANY, MANY more but this usually gets the point across a lot faster, that there are countless bidders that find valuable coins in these lots!!. Now the sizes will vary from 5 mm to 50 mm and up. I have personally removed all broken, bent, seriously chipped, or seriously misshapen coins out of our lots. Please beware that it is possible one or two of your coins will be a 1500+ year old slug under the dirt. It is part of the possibility you take with uncleaned coins.The cleaning instructions will be included FREE with every order by either email or a printed page. And for those who have a 0 feedback or are new to ebay please also note this auction you are bidding on is called a Dutch Auction where your bid is per item so please fully read the auction over!. If you have any questions at any time or concerns please email us at: jchcoins( AT )yahoo.com and we will reply as soon as possible some times within minutes. We do appreciate your honesty or comments in the feedback or in the emails however if there is any issues that would make you choose to leave a non-positive feedback we only ask that you contact us first before doing so, so we can have a chance to make things right to you and earn a better feedback rating from you our valued bidder. The Highest Quality Roman Coins On EBAY And The Best of Service on Ebay!! Just look what the bidders have to say! User: summagnus (14 ) Aug-18-03 13:44 PDT - Item: 3034196467 Praise:As advertised. Ordered 20 coins, received 29. I'd recommend to others. User: uvar12 (0 ) Aug-13-03 07:33 PST - Item: 3037386410 Praise:Great coins! Fast delivery! GOLD ! User: subotai6000 (41 ) Aug-14-03 22:56 PST - Item: 3039614974 Praise:quick delivery, coins look like they will clean up nice at least 2 are silver User: magik66 (131 ) Apr-09-03 20:15 PDT - Item: 3013850548 Praise:Excellent communication, fast shipping, nicely detailed coins, 1 Silver! A++ User: sea-cat-2 (35 ) Aug-14-03 15:59 PDT - Item: 3012682113 Praise:Fast Shipping, Great Communication, What Ebay Is All About!!! User: dagaming (38 ) Apr-10-04 15:15 PDT - Item: 3905869305 Praise:second time bidding & received a gold coin!!!! very fast shipper thanks!!!! User:klondike111 (11) May-07-08 23:20-Item: 290223857218 Praise:some cleaned up very nice. all are 4th cen a4 bronze.1st exp.clng.anct.coins.tks User: fairgo44 (260) May-07-08 09:41 - Item: 370038348418 Praise:More than happy User: dale39326 (2) May-04-08 20:07 - Item: 290223857218 Praise:ANSWERED ANY QUESTION I HAD, WAS VERY PROMPT AFTER SELL! THESE ARE EXCEPTIONAL UNCLEANED ROMAN COINS!!! You know I see that there are many others selling roman coins on Ebay for less than me but please remember you always get what you pay for in the end!. All our bidders are extra important to us than any one coin, so they first must pass a detailed test and then they will ALL go out to you our bidders. I normally will take out about 20-50% of our coins as they are not sufficient enough to go into our higher grade auctions. And it's funny that I do not see to many of those other dealers selling off their "lower grade" coins in a lower priced auction so if you think about it you then can assume that they send them all out just to get rid of them, including the low grade coins that they get with their batches from Europe. We have a large sell outs throughout the year once we save enough of them for you our valued bidders or as you can see we also give them away as "FREE STARTER" coins plus we have also in the past donated coins to schools because our children our the future and they should enjoy learning history!. But if you would like some of my "lower grade" coins I have those auctions listed at bargain prices under my other listings or just email us and we can sell you them. The coins will all be dirty and in need some kind of cleaning but that is the excitement of these coins!!, and these coins come directly form the excavation sites to you to clean!!. These uncleaned coins are a great experience and it is wonderful to watch the details emerge after being unseen for over a 1000+ years by the soil. Plus by looking at the coins many of them have very nice details when they are uncleaned. Some of the coins now have very high details showing now without any cleaning done on to them and some will need more cleaning then others but they all show really good potential!!. HOLDING A PIECE OF ANCIENT ROME IN YOUR HAND!! Throughout the ages people would bury their money and other valuables because there were no banks like today so there fortunes would be safe. Soldiers would go off to war and do the same thing but many would never return and there valuables would be lost throughout time until someone found them or tombs were robbed of their treasures. Most Roman soldiers also did this with their money and fortunes before they left for battles with plans of returning home to recover them after the battle. So as we all know countless numbers of them did not make it back home to "recover their fortunes" as they died in battle. So their coins lied there for over a millennium just waiting to see the day light again and now you have the chance to hold them in your hand. All of the items we sell are the lost treasures of along ago so while you have these coins in front of you try to think about who held it before you, they were lost throughout time and now you have them. If they could only speak to you imagine the stories they could tell, the places they have been, the civilizations that used them or maybe one might have been used to pay to watch the Gladiators fight, plus to think how they were made so long ago because in those times everything was painstakingly done by hand. It is almost like your holding a fine work of art in your hands at an affordable price and it is amazing to think that the coins in your hands are around over 1500 years old or older!!.The fun part of these coins happens to be that you never know what you will find; it's like opening a Birthday or Christmas present!. These coins can also be a good project for the young ones in school or your family because everyone can get involved in the fun, additionally the age ranges can be from a small child to an older person, to Seniors. EVERY one of these coins are uncleaned therefore that means they are covered in dirt and you will have to clean them to see the fine details on the coins. I will supply you with detailed cleaning instructions on how to clean your coins with every bid whether you have bid on 1 or 1000 coins. So remember that these coins are over 1500 years old and will look little bit different from coin to coin. We also make sure that no broken or "holed" coins are in your lot as well plus I want to repeat that these are uncleaned coins so you will have to clean them!! Why Roman coins are a good investment, how to identify coins, & there Values Roman coins have been collected for about the last 100 or so years. Before 1960's there were few in numbers that were found and they were mostly sent to museums as it was very difficult for collectors to get them. But when electronic such as metal detectors came into usage the export began to grow. At first they came from Yugoslavia, Lebanon, and Eastern Europe. When Communism had ended and all borders were re-opened again they were found in huge numbers and exported from Eastern Europe . The prices at first were very low than they are today because of the larger numbers being found. Also during that time there were a few people who made a lot of money by buying millions of coins. Amongst these people were some US soldiers serving in Bosnia after the civil war there who smuggled huge numbers of cheap coins into the US when they returned home from the war.So over the past few years it has seen a larger increase in prices (plus of inflation's). There has been recently the threat of a shortage of coins because less and less are now being found so the prices are going up and up. There will always be a demand for Roman coins but it is more then likely that very soon there will be no more large numbers available to us. And when that time comes the prices will rise again because there will no longer the supply to fill the ever growing demand. And when those have been sold, the price will go up again to the point where it will not be affordable for anyone!. After the cleaning process is done on the coins it can then be identified. A book by David Sear or David Van Meter or using the web can often yelled the best results to identifying them. There were over 200 Roman emperors who made thousands of different coins over time and some types of coin have over 1,000 different variations on them. Every emperor and empress issued his or her own coins in numerous variations and values. The values in books of Roman coins and also on any web site can no longer be fully relied upon in today's market and the values which are given in any books are at least 3 to 5 years old which gives value anywhere from $10 to $10,000 or more but now to the lager number of hoards being found in Europe the normal values of coins these days are now within the $5 to $200 price range for nice not overly cleaned examples. But over the years there has been recently the threat of a shortage of coins because less and less are now being found so the prices will start going up and up over the next years. Remember there were only so many coins being made and that is all, once they have all been found there will be no more!. But you still have the chance of buying these High quality uncleaned Roman coins at a reasonable price. The Guarantee that make these a good investment comes from the fact that their value will increase over time faster than inflation. WHY SHOULD YOU COLLECT THEM? Some people invest their money in Roman coins or Ancient coins. They sell all there copies and then reinvest the money in more coins to increase the size of their collection. Those collections will never lose their value but will increase over time because Roman coins are a limited commodity, no matter how many are found as they will never be made again and some collect them just for interest of history. If you have any questions at any time or concerns please email us at: jchcoins(AT)yahoo.com and we will reply as soon as possible. THESE COINS ARE WONDERFUL GIFTS & ALSO MAKE LEARNING FUN FOR YOUR KIDS There really is no other way to get your kids interested in ancient history than sharing the experiences of cleaning an ancient coin with them since they can hold it in there hands other then just reading in some book!!. And just watching their eyes up light with amazement as the details of the coins start to unfold right in front of there own eyes after being hidden for hundreds or thousands of years. We have had numerous parents email us after they cleaned our coins with their children and they were so happy since their child now had a new interest for ancient history. Not only are they a super learning material they are also great for gifts. In addition to every bid I will give you detailed cleaning instructions on how to clean your coins. When the coin is finally cleaned and you can see the details on it, a good idea would be to buy a book on Roman coins to identify your coins or you can look around the web for some totally free sites that can help you out in identifying your coins. And I wanted to remind everyone that these are uncleaned coins so they will need to be cleaned once you get them!! Is it possible to find Silver and Gold Coins? Yes it is possible to find silver or gold coins in these lots. Silver coins are MUCH more frequent to find then gold, but we have just start taking steps as of 2003 to GUARANTEE GOLD COINS!. So as to whatever gold coins are found we will purposely add a REAL 100% GOLD COIN for every month or so of auctions of the uncleaned coins we sell, so one person will be shipped that coin and it could be YOU, just think you could be the LUCKY ONE!, weather you buy 1 or 1000 coins you still have that chance to get one. And there have been many who in the past have found those coins so take a look at our feedback to see what our customers have to say!. If you would like to see the GOLD COINS that you could get, please click on the link below (Lucky bidder gold coins) once you see the picture just click on it to enlarger it. This is a Buy It Now auction So there is no need to bid or wait!! Just enter the total amount of coins you wish to buy into the bidding box below, and you will be directed to checkout page. So all the coins you "Buy It Now" will be on their way to you by the next business day unless the auction ends on the weekend, then they would be mailed out the following business day!. Credit cards are always accepted through PAYPAL, m/o OR currency sent in the mail will be shipped the same day we receive them. PayPal is best with international payments BUT you can send us a payment through the mail. If you have any questions at any time or concerns please email us at: jchcoins (AT ) yahoo.com and we will reply as soon as possible some times within minutes SHIPPING AND PAYMENT METHODS (please look below) International shipping is extra based on destination and how many coins you buy.. If you pay with a M/O OR Other payments Shipping is FREE (WITH IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY!). Payment must be made within 7 days!. Please remember to add your email address, shipping address, and ebay ID when mailing out your payment or your items will be delayed in the process. If you have any questions please email us at any time and one of us will reply as soon as possible *For the Bonus offer simply bid on 10 or more and get up to 5 Free Starter coins to try your cleaning.!!. *And as a special gift to our valuable bidders you will also have your items sent airmailing with all orders!!FREE (WorldWide). If you want better or faster posting (not included with Free S/H)For express post (usually) 7 to 12 business days add $20.00 (US with insurance! from 10 or coins) INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS Due to problems in the past that I have run into with international payments, I we will accept currency sent mailed out. International m/o's (payable in US funds are also accepted), w-transfers, or credit card payments through PayPal are acceptable as well. I apologize for any difficulty this may cause you. Shipping costs to any country are from $6.95 to $38.00 depending on how many coins you ordered and if you wanted insurance or not and we will ship world wide!. Your items can be mailed small package airmailing with insurance. Please do not pay Until we send the invoice!!. If you have any questions at any time or concerns please email us at: jchcoins(AT)yahoo.com and we will reply as soon as possible some times within minutes. **PLEASE NOTE** shipping is for Regular mailing and it may take 2+ to 4+ weeks depending on the running of the mail, where you live, and if it is the holiday season. Items may be returned provided the Entire Lot purchased is Returned Uncleaned for any reason within 10 days of receipt just please email us before you do plus these coins are all sold pieces. The grades of the coins are from good to Very Fine, Extra Fine, or better, etc... We personally guarantee that all the ancient coins we sell are authentic and they are guaranteed for life. If they are ever found not to be completely genuine, your money will be refunded 100%. These coins come to you as we get them from Europe, not picked over OR resold to others because we do not keep any for ourselves plus if you look around you will see others selling single coins that they have picked out to make more money but we will not. Please send your payment as soon as possible if your mailing out your payment, any payment not received within 7 days from your bid date will cancel the bid !!. I make sure that each and every bidders experience with us is a very enjoyable one!!. If you ever have any problems at all with your items PLEASE CONTACT US, as I CONTINUALLY go out of my way for my bidders and I will always make sure you are happy. Therefore please contact us if there are ever any problems!!. If you have any questions or if all the items do not sell please email at: jchcoins(AT)yahoo.com and we will reply as soon as possible some times within minutes Please look at the first picture as to what you will get!!. AND notice the coins in the second picture that we have cleaned!!. (please note that your coins will vary in size and grade once cleaned). Thank you for your bidding and we hope you enjoy your very own piece of history!! and too also please take a look at our other great Auctions that we have running now!! Condition: ONE BID IS FOR 10 High QUALITY UNCLEANED ROMAN COINS, VERY LIMITED IN NUMBERS!. All coins will vary in sizes/grades and all are sent out randomly, Cleaned/Uncleaned: Uncleaned, Modified Item: No, Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown, Certification: Uncertified, Date: 100 to 500 AD, uncleaned coins: Uncleaned, Ancient Coins: uncleaned, uncleaned roman coins, roman coins, Grade: Ungraded, Composition: Bronze, copper, silver, silvered, gold, Ruler: Various, Provenance: Ownership History Available

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