10 Count of Rings for Air-Tite Coin Holder Capsules, Choose Your mm Size & Color

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Seller: jpscorner (79,092) 100%, Location: Monroe City, Missouri, Ships to: US, Item: 372031647873 Genuine Air-Tite Brand Rings to be used with Air-Tite Coin Holder Capsules Choose mm Size and either Color of Black or White Description: This listing is for a 10 count of Air-Tite RINGS ONLY (capsules are not included). Select your millimeter size and color choice of black or white. Features Rings are made of Volara, free of PVC and are also archival safe Sorry, any coins or collectibles in images are not included Understanding the Air-Tite Models When assembling a collection in Air-Tite Coin Holders it helps to have a basic understanding of the Air-Tite Models. Air-Tites are produced in Direct Fit and Ring Type Holders. The direct fit holders are designed for an exact fit of certain coin diameters. The ring type holders use foam rings to give the flexibility to fit any size coin, token or medallion. The reference chart below will help you identify capsules needed based on your coin diameter to the inside diameter of capsules available. Air-Tite Coin Capsule Reference Chart for Ring Type Holders Ring Type Model Diameter Inside Diameter Outside Depth Inside Depth Outside USA Coins Foreign Coins Additional Products Available I 42mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm Various Casino Tokens & Chips I 41mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm Various Casino Tokens & Chips France 50 Frances Silver Hercules (1974-1979) I 40mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm American Silver Eagle Dollar, US Dollars (1794-1839 * measure to make sure), Commemorative Gold $50 1 oz Panda Sterling, 1 oz Silver Libertad 1996 - to date, 100 Peso, 5 Peso Silver, 8 Spanish Reale (Pieces of Eight), Fiji Taku 1oz Silver, Barbados 5 Dollar (1973-1984), 1 oz Silver Brittania (1997-2012), Austrian Ducat I39mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm 1 oz Silver Rounds, 1 oz Copper Rounds, US Dollars (1794-1839 *measure to make sure), Standard Casino Chips, 1 oz Silver Buffalo 1 oz Silver Somalian African Elephant, Barbados 4 Dollar (1970) & 25 Dollar (1973-1983), 1 oz Silver Brittania (2013-2014). I38mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm Liberty Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower Dollars & Modern 1 oz Silver Commemorative Churchill Dollar, 1 oz Silver Brittania (2013-present) I37mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm $7 Silver Strike 1 oz Palladium Russian Ballerina, 1 oz Philharmonic Gold, 1 oz Philharmonic Silver, 100 Corona Gold, 50 Peso Gold, Barbados 2 Dollar (1973-1984) I36mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm 1/2 oz Silver Koala, 1/2 oz Silver Lunar Series 1, Canadian One Dollar (1935-1967) I35mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm Three Shillings I34mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm St. Gaudens Gold $20 1/2oz Silver Mape Leaf, 1/2 oz $1 Silver Wolf, 1/2 oz Gold Libertad, 1 Peso Silver (1957-1967) I33mm 46.17mm 51.59mm 2.92mm 5.7mm Gold $10 (1795-1804), First Spouse Bronze Coin 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf, 1/2 oz Silver Libertad, 1 oz Australian Platinum Platypus H32mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm 1 oz Gold Eagle $50, 1 oz Gold Buffalo, 1 oz $100 Platinum Eagle, US Half Dollars(1794-1836), 1/2 oz Silver Rounds, 1/2 oz Liberty Dollar 1 oz Gold Panda, 1 oz Gold Nugget, 1 oz Gold Kangaroo, 1 oz Lunar Gold Series 1, 1 oz Gold Brittania & Sovereign, Silver Half Crown, 1 oz Australian Platinum Platypus, Fiji Taku 1/2 oz Silver, Canadian One Dollar (1968-1986), 1 oz Gold Panda, 1 oz Gold Krugerrand H31mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm 1/2 oz Panda Sterling, Australian Penny & British Penny H30mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm US Half Dollars (1837-present) 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf, 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf, Canadian Fifty Cent (1908-1967) H29mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm Lg. Cent Lib Cap (1793 - 1796), Lg. Cent Bust (1796-1807), Lg. Cent Classic (1808-1814), Lg. Cent Cornet (1816-1836) 1/2 oz Gold Libertad, Ten Euro (Hercules), German 5 Reichsmark H28mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm Lg. Cent Wreath, Lg. Cent Cornet (1816-1836) 1/2 oz Philharmonic Gold, $2 Canadian, Two Dollar (1996-present), British 2 £, 2 Shilling, Barbados 1 Dollar (1973-1986) H27mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm 1/2 oz American Eagle $25 Gold, 1/2 oz $50 Platinum Eagle, Lg. Cent Chain, Lg. Cent Cornet (1837-1857), Quarters (1796-1828), $10 Gold (1838-1933) *Pre-measure your large cents to assure proper fit. Actual coin diameter may vary slightly. 1/4 oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/2 oz Gold Panda, 1/2 oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/4 oz Silver Libertad, 1/2 oz Gold Brittania, 1/2 oz Silver Brittania, 1/2 oz Gold Sovereign, Canadian Fifty Cent (1968-present), 20 Peso Gold H26mm 39mm 44.45mm 3.17mm 5.4mm Susan B Anthony Dollar, Sacagawea Dollar, Presidential Dollar, First Spouse Gold, Lg. Cent Chain, Lg. Cent Wreath Canadian One Dollar (1967) (1988-present), $1 Loon, Barbados 25 Cents (2008-2012) and Barbados 1 Dollar (1988-2008), Two Euro, 1/2 New Shegel T25mm 30.60mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm $5 Gold (1795-1829) 1/2 oz Gold Maple Leaf, 1/2 oz Koala, 1/2 oz Lunar Gold, $1 Australian, British 1/2 Penny, 5 Rubles, 1/2 oz Gold Nugget, 2 Reichsmark, Canadian One Cent (1908-1920) T24mm 30.6mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm US Quarters (1828-present), $5 Gold (1829-1834) Canadian Twenty Five Cent (1908-1952) (1953-present), British 1 Schilling, Australian Schilling, 5 New Sheqalim, Euro Fifty Cent, Bahama 25 Cent T23mm 30.6mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm Half Cents (1794-1857), Two Cent 1/4 oz Gold Libertad, 20 Marks Gold, 2 Rubles, Barbados 25 Cents (1973-2007), Bahamas 10 Cents, One Euro T22mm 30.6mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm 1/4 oz $10 American Eagle Gold, 1/4 oz $25 Platinum Eagle, Half Cent Liberty Cap (1793), 20 Cent Piece (1875-1878), $5 Gold (1829-1840), $4 Gold Stella 1/4 oz Gold Panda, 1/4 oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/4 oz Philharmonic Gold, 1/4 oz Gold Brittania & Gold Sovereign, 10 Peso Gold, 1/4 oz Silver Brittania, Euro Twenty Cent, German 50 Reichspfennig, Russian 10 Rubles, Russian 10 Rubles Gold (Nicholas) 1840-1929 T21mm 30.6mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm Liberty, Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels 10 Reichspfennig, Barbados 5 Cent, Bahamas 5 Cent, Bahamas 15 Cent, Euro Five Cent, Canadian Five Cent (1922-present) T20mm 30.6mm 36.50mm 2.03mm 5.1mm Shield Nickel, Gold $2 1/2 (1796-1828), $3 Gold 1/4 oz Gold Maple Leaf, 1/10 oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/10 oz Silver Libertad, 1/4 oz Lunar Gold Series 1, 1/10 oz Silver Koala, 1/4 oz Gold Nugget, $2.00 Australian, 1/4 oz Koala, Austrian 1 Ducat, British Farthing, Euro 10 Cent A19mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm US Cents (1858-present), Bust Dime (1796-1828) 1/10 oz Panda Sterling, 1/2 oz Gold Sovereign, Canadian One Cent (1920-present), Israeli 5 Agorot, Russian 50 Kopeks, Australian Six Pence, 1 Rand, Barbados 1 Cent, 5 Peso Gold, Euro Two Cent A18mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm US Dimes (1829-present), Nickel Three Cent, Gold $2 1/2 (1840-1929), Gold $2 1/2 Capped Head to Left (1829-1839) 1/10 oz Gold Panda, Canadian Ten Cent (1908-present), 5 Reichspfennig, Barbados 10 Cents, Russian 5 Kopeks, 5 Rubles Gold (Nicholas II) A17mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm Russian 10 Kopeks, Israeli 1 Agora, German 1 Reichspfennig, Bahama 1 Cent A16mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm American Eagle $5 Gold, 1/10 oz $10 Platinum Eagle, Half Dime (1794-1805) 1/20 oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/20 oz Silver Libertad, 1/10 oz Gold Libertad, 1/10 oz Gold Kruegerrand, 1/10 oz Lunar Gold Series 1, Three Pence, 1/10 oz Koala, 1/10 oz Gold Nugget, 1/10 oz Philharmonic Gold, Euro Cent, 1/4 oz Panda Sterling, 1/10 oz Gold Brittania, 1/10 oz Gold Sovereign, 1/10 Silver Brittania A15mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm Half Dimes (1829-1873), Commemorative Gold $1, Gold $1 (1854-1889 Type 2 & 3) 1/10 oz Gold Maple Leaf, Russian 1 Kopek A14mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm Silver Three Cent 1/20 oz Gold Maple Leaf, 1/20 oz Gold Panda, 1/20 oz Lunar Gold Series 1, 1/20 oz Gold Nugget, Canadian 5 Cent (1908-1921) A13mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm Gold $1 (Type 1) 1/20 oz Gold Libertad, 2 Peso Gold A12mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm A11mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm A10mm 26.49mm 30.93mm 1.57mm 4.9mm X44mm 47.62mm 53.80mm 3.96mm 7.2mm 1 oz Silver Lunar (Series 2) X43mm 47.62mm 53.80mm 3.96mm 7.2mm X40mm 47.62mm 53.80mm 3.96mm 7.2mm X39mm 47.62mm 53.80mm 3.96mm 7.2mm X38mm 47.62mm 53.80mm 3.96mm 7.2mm 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1 oz Sterling Silver Maple Leaf, $5 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver, $5 Canadian Birds of Prey Series Silver (Peregrine Falcon), 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop, 1 oz Silver Canadian Bald Eagle, $8 1.5 oz Silver Canadian $8 Polar Bear X40mm Deep 47.62mm 53.79mm 7.2mm 10.5mm 2 oz. Ultra High Relief Elemental/Privateer, Cleopatra Goddess of Olympus (limited mintage - Perth Mint) X39mm Deep 47.62mm 53.79mm 7.2mm 10.5mm Scottsdale Stacker (2 oz only), Biblical Series Medallions X38mm Deep 47.62mm 53.79mm 7.2mm 10.5mm 1.5 oz $8 Silver Canadian Wildlife Medallion Y50mm 64.99mm 71.37mm 5.49mm 8.9mm 2 oz Silver Lunar (Series 1) Y47mm 64.99mm 71.37mm 5.49mm 8.9mm Visit JP's eBay Store for lots of other Coin & Currency Collecting Supplies. Be sure to check out additional items that we have available for Air-Tite Products. Just click on any of the following items to take you directly to them in our store. Air-Tites, Coin Display Boxes, Easels, AirTite Albums, Guardhouse Capsule Storage Boxes and Storage Tubes JP's is a major supplier of Coin and Currency Collecting Supplies serving collectors worldwide since 1999. You will always get fast friendly service from one of our experienced staff members. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you again! Images sell! Get Supersized Images & Free Image Hosting Attention Sellers - Get Templates Image Hosting, Scheduling at Auctiva.com. Condition: New other (see details), Condition: Brand New Air-Tite Rings, Archival Safe: Yes, PVC Free: Yes, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Brand: Airtite, Material: Volara

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